Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/27/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/27/17


Episode # 11223 ~ Devon & Mariah's romantic getaway is derailed; Jordan & Hilary discuss the state of their relationship; Chelsea is reminded of her past.

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Billy: Whoo! Good job, buddy! Look at that! You're like a big boy, swimming in the deep end! First time without your floaties. How was that?

Johnny: Good.

Billy: Fun, right?

Chelsea: Hi!

Billy: Hey, Chels. How are you?

Chelsea: Good! Good.

Billy: What's going on?

Chelsea: Uh, not much. I thought I'd give Connor some after-dinner play time, hopefully wind him down a bit.

Billy: Yeah? Where he is?

Chelsea: Downstairs with your little Katie in the kids' club.

Billy: Yeah, Johnny insisted on having a little pool time. Right? You remember Connor's mom. Say hi.

Johnny: I know how to swim in the deep end!

Chelsea: You do! [Laughs] Well, congratulations.

Billy: Champion! Yeah!

Charlie: Mom? I'm sorry for being mean to you.

Lily: It's okay. I know you're upset with your father.

Charlie: Aren't you?

Lily: I am disappointed and extremely hurt.

Charlie: But you act like...

Lily: Act like what, Charlie? Like he's still your father and my husband? You don't just give up on a marriage.

Charlie: I mean, mom, he cheated on you and he got that woman pregnant. It's like, how do you forgive dad for that? How can you even stand to be in the same room as him?

Victoria: I'm not trying to destroy your life, Cane. You did that all by yourself.

Cane: Well, jack didn't hire me, but, see, you already knew that because you're the one who went there and told him not to do it. Right? You know, I'm actually standing here, waiting for you to deny it. No? Okay. So, let me ask you this -- why are your lies more acceptable than mine? Why?

Noah: So, there are a lot of college towns without decent music venues.

Nick: So you're researched this?

Noah: Yeah, I'll text you the list. Then I'm thinking we put together a scouting trip. We find locations for our underground chain, and then we make offers on available spaces that fit our --

Nick: Whoa! Noah, no. Whoa. That's not the way I want to do this at all.

Mariah: Hey. Looks like your brain's on overload.

Tessa: Are you sure you're okay with me coming to the music festival with you and Mariah?

Devon: Why wouldn't I be?

Tessa: Well, maybe you were envisioning a romantic escape, and here I come, ruining the mood?

Mariah: Oh, easy fix! If you're stressing about being a third wheel, then we'll just have Noah come with us.

[Footsteps approaching]

Hilary: Jordan?

Jesse: Not Jordan. I'm Jesse. Hi.

Hilary: Uh, hi. Can I help you?

Jesse: Is Howard around?

Hilary: No, I'm sorry. He's left for the day.

Jesse: [Sighs] I was supposed to meet with him this afternoon about the cameraman job, but my flight got delayed.

Hilary: Well, I am the executive producer of "the Hilary hour." Do you have your résumé on you?

Jesse: Sure. Yeah. Thank you for taking the time.

Hilary: Yeah, no, not a problem.

Jesse: Here.

Hilary: Wow. Looks like you have a lot of L.A. Credits on here. Why leave los Angeles for Genoa city?

Jesse: Well, I've worked with Howard on a few gigs, and we kept in touch. You know, he said you're the next big thing. More so now that your show's nationally syndicated.

Hilary: [Laughs] Well, your résumé is very impressive, and if Howard thinks that you will be a worthwhile member to this team, then let's do this.

Jordan: Wait, wait. Hold on. Right there. It's a real bad idea to be talking to this guy.

Hilary: You two know each other?

Jordan: Jesse shot the behind-the-scenes footage for brash & sassy! In L.A. With lily, Billy, and the hockey players.

Hilary: The footage that aired on my show? Wow, well, that's interesting. You left that off your résumé.

Jesse: Because it was a one-day shoot. But I did what I was hired to do.

Hilary: That shoot caused a lot of trouble.

Jordan: Brash & sassy! Had to scrap the commercial and almost lost the hockey deal because of what you shot.

Jesse: I'm not sure why that's my fault.

Jordan: I'm gonna say this again -- I don't think that you should have anything to do with this guy.

Hilary: You were a freelance hire for the shoot, right?

Jesse: That's right. Cane brought me in.

Hilary: Oh, no, I'm sorry, Jesse. We cannot hire you.

Jesse: Okay, look, maybe if you talk to Howard, we can...

Hilary: Yes, I will definitely be talking to Howard about this because he should have known your history with brash & sassy! And he should have know that hiring you would have been a problem. I am sure that you are an excellent cameraman, and I'm sorry that you came all of this way for nothing. Thank you.

Nick: Why would we open up multiple branches of the club at the same time?

Noah: To generate buzz, you know, social media hype.

Nick: Yeah, but if they crash and burn, it's gonna be nearly impossible to recover.

Noah: Unless we do it right, which we will.

Noah: No, I want to focus on a slow rollout, one new location in a new city...

Noah: Dad, that's...

Nick: ...Get that up and running, make sure it's a success, then we go on to a new location.

Noah: And then we lose all our momentum. Plus, we're giving other bars the opportunity to duplicate our formula and move into more profitable towns before we can.

Nick: Yeah, but then we don't over-extend ourselves. We minimize our risk.

Noah: I think you're being too cautious. Look, the reason why chains work is because the stronger venues offset the weaker ones. We can fix the weaknesses of the less-successful clubs while still making a profit on the ones that are taking off.

Nick: Yeah, but you're thinking they're all gonna be successful as soon as they open.

Noah: And you're thinking they won't be.

Nick: Well, there's a very real possibility of that, son.

Noah: Dad. Are you, like, having second thoughts about this, or what?

Nick: Noah, I...

Noah: Look, if you want to re-think this partnership, just -- you need to tell me now.

Chelsea: Oh, thanks.

Billy: Hey.

Johnny: Can I go in the pool?

Billy: Yeah? You ready to go back in the pool? Okay, look, I want you to stay right here where the lifeguard is, okay?

Johnny: Okay.

Billy: All right, have fun!

Chelsea: He is such a good kid. I can't believe he's already swimming. I mean, where does the time go?

Billy: Regrets?

Chelsea: No. No. Letting you and Victoria raise him was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Billy: Well, we're grateful, especially seeing the kind of mother you turned out to be. I mean, that wasn't an easy decision, was it?

Chelsea: No, of course not. I mean, it was a turning point for me, though. I wasn't ready to have a family at that point, and you and Victoria were.

Billy: Were. I'm sure you didn't see Victoria and I getting divorced when you gave us Johnny, or you didn't see Johnny's dad not living with him or his sister or his mother.

Chelsea: Listen. He gets to be with his father. That's what matters. You get to, you know, take him swimming and show him how much you love him.

Billy: It's gonna be hard knowing Connor's not gonna have that with Adam. I'm sorry, Chels. I shouldn't have said that.

Chelsea: It's okay. Connor has an amazing life, and nick is really wonderful with him.

Billy: How's nick's little kid with Connor? Are they -- they good?

Chelsea: Yeah, they're great. When Connor and Christian are together, happiness abounds.

Billy: It's like they already know they got that family bond, right? You know, since they're cousins.

Chelsea: Right.

Billy: Well, take it from me, if you don't have family, you don't have anything.

Lily: Charlie, come here. Come on. Sit down. [Sighs] Look, it hasn't been easy trying to forgive your dad, but when you love someone, you stick with them for better or for worse.

Charlie: Could you be more g-rated?

Lily: What's that supposed to mean?

Charlie: A lot of my friends have divorced parents. It's not that big of a deal.

Lily: It is a big deal, and I think your friends would think so. Look, your dad know what he did was wrong, and he loves you. He loves all of us. He's just trying to make things right.

Charlie: You just don't have to pretend like everything's okay.

Lily: I'm not pretending. I'm just giving us time. We want to work this out, you know? And in the meantime, it's important to us to keep the family together.

Charlie: Don't stay with dad for Mattie's and my sake.

Victoria: I have no intention of lying to you, but I'm late for an appointment, so I suggest that we talk about this some other time.

Cane: Okay, and I suggest you stop trying to put me off, 'cause if someone pulled this crap on you, you wouldn't let it slide, would you?

Victoria: Fine.

Cane: Okay, fine.

Victoria: Yes. I spoke with jack.

Cane: And...? You told him not to hire me.

Victoria: What makes you think that I would be okay with you working at jabot and giving away all of my company's secrets to jack and Ashley?

Cane: I don't need your approval anymore 'cause you fired me, which means I'm free to go and have other job opportunities.

Victoria: And I am free to defend what's mine.

Cane: Okay.

Victoria: I'm sure that jack would love to eliminate the competition...

Cane: But you can't stop me from working at other companies.

Victoria: I can use my influence to stop you from working at jabot.

Cane: And what about after that, the other job prospects?

Victoria: As long as it's not my competition.

Cane: 'Cause it seems to me that this is more than just trying to punish me for not being honest with you about what happened in Japan, okay? You're trying to blackball me.

Victoria: That's not true.

Cane: Oh, really? Do you understand that I have a family I'm trying to support? Do you understand that?

Victoria: You know, maybe you should have thought of that before you slept with Juliet and got her pregnant.

Cane: Oh. Okay.

Victoria: You're a liar and you're a cheater who betrayed this company and your own family.

Cane: And you're a stone-cold bitch.

Victoria: I think this conversation is over, and I think you should leave before I call security.

Cane: Sure.

Nick: Hey, what can I get you, man?

Bourbon and soda.

Nick: Bourbon and soda.

Hey. It's you, isn't it? The guy off the TV. Nick Newman. Damn, that was a mean punch that your father threw at you. So, when's the episode where you punch your dad?

Nick: Never. Thank you. [Sighs]

Noah: Uh, hey, we need some more tequila from the back.

Nick: Yeah, I'll get that. Listen, um... I've really enjoyed running this club with you.

Noah: Me, too. I mean, look, even if we don't do the chain thing together.

Nick: Look, when the fight with my dad aired, one thing became very clear to me, you know? I have to get away from my dad, and instead of being known as the angry son, I think I'd like to be known as the guy who runs a bunch of cool clubs featuring hot new musicians, and I really want to do that with my son.

Noah: Listen, dad, if you want to do a slow rollout, we'll do a slow rollout.

Nick: Eh! Hey, your strategy seems sound. Let's do it your way. We'll talk more later.

Noah: All right. Can't wait.

Tessa: Can't wait about what?

Noah: Oh! So... my dad is on board to turn the underground into a chain.

Tessa: Noah! Oh, that's amazing! Are you serious? Oh, my gosh! So, I know how we're gonna celebrate.

Noah: Ooh! All right. How?

Tessa: By going to the music festival in san Francisco.

Noah: Okay, I just don't --

Tessa: Devon invited both of us to join him and Mariah, and we get all-access passes -- the works!

Noah: Wait, what?

Tessa: Yeah, and we get to fly there on his private plane.

Noah: The jet?

Tessa: And a huge luxury hotel suite.

Noah: Oh, come on. That's -- that's fantastic, I mean...

Tessa: Devon's got to be the most generous guy, like, ever.

Mariah: You are seriously the most generous guy in the whole world. The four of us are going to own this music festival. All of the indie bands... ...or not. Wait, did I blow it by inviting Tessa and Noah without checking with you first?

Devon: Well, I -- I did want to have some alone time with you.

Mariah: I'm so sorry.

Devon: It's okay.

Mariah: I'm so sorry. I was being impulsive, and not in a good way.

Devon: It's okay.

Mariah: You know what, I'm gonna go -- I'm gonna go un-invite them.

Devon: No. No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that. You can't do that, especially when you're right.

Mariah: I -- I am?

Devon: You are. I would be crazy not to jump at promoting Tessa at the festival. And, you know, if Noah comes along, they can do their thing, and we can do our thing. It's fine.

Noah: Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt. I just -- dude, inviting us to the, uh, the festival, I can't thank you enough, man.

Devon: Oh, yeah. It's gonna be a blast.

Reed: I'm sorry I didn't double-check the movie times. I really should have. And because I screwed up, we missed your rom-com and had to sit through the car chases and explosions, which I know you hate.

Mattie: Who said I hated the movie?

Reed: Come on, I saw your face throughout the whole thing.

Mattie: That was me hanging on to every frame. Headline -- I love action movies.

Reed: [Scoffs] You didn't laugh or scream or...

Mattie: Or go all terrified damsel on you?

Reed: I could have handled a little more of that. [Chuckles]

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: [Sighs] I'm sorry things didn't work out with Charlie.

Cane: Wait, you spoke to him?

Lily: Yeah, I just thought that you guys could hang out, work on football drills, work things out, but clearly I was wrong.

Cane: Hey. You have a huge heart, and I love you for it. But I'm the one who should be apologizing to you.

Lily: Look, you didn't want any of this to happen, and like I told Charlie, we have to just move forward.

Cane: Yeah, well, Victoria's gonna make that difficult for me, so...

Lily: Why? What happened?

Cane: I went to brash & sassy! To talk to her, but she didn't want to hear anything I had to say.

Lily: Well, what did you expect?

Cane: I don't know. I mean, maybe some compassion and understanding because she's the one who went to jack and talked him out of giving me the job.

Lily: I don't believe that.

Cane: Well, you don't know her the way I do 'cause she'd be just as vindictive as her father.

Lily: Well, I get why she wouldn't want you working for the competition in the same building. That doesn't mean that you can't work at a different type of business. I mean, with your experience, people would be eager to hire you.

Cane: Yeah? Well, no one's gotten back to me, have they?

Lily: I'm sure they will. Uh, on the other hand, I heard from my agent, Barry.

Cane: Wow, you're still pursuing that, huh?

Lily: Yeah. I had a blast doing that commercial in L.A., And I think I could earn some extra money.

Cane: Because you don't think I'm gonna work again.

Victoria: Sorry, I was running a little bit behind. I got waylaid on my way out of the office, and if my blood pressure's elevated, that's probably why.

DR. Carlisle: Pressure's normal, but you fainted earlier?

Victoria: Yeah, well, you know, I -- I was dehydrated 'cause I hadn't had anything to eat, so I got a little woozy on the elevator. I was just only out for one minute.

Dr. Carlisle: I'm glad you came in. Have you felt dizzy at all? Any headaches?

Victoria: Yeah, I -- I had a headache the other night after I was at a party and I tripped.

Dr. Carlisle: How much did you have to drink?

Victoria: No! No, no, no. It wasn't like that. No, I -- I got into it with my sister and I fell.

Dr. Carlisle: Hit your head?

Victoria: Yeah, I bumped it a little.

DR. Carlisle: Any loss of consciousness?

Victoria: No, none.

DR. Carlisle: When was this?

Victoria: [Sighs] A couple day ago.

Dr. Carlisle: I wish you would have come in sooner.

Victoria: I just bumped my head a little...

Dr. Carlisle: Yeah, it's with lingering and accelerating symptoms. I'm ordering a ct scan for you immediately.

[Keyboard clicking]

Chelsea: I'll take a blue cockroach. Two cherries, no olives. Lemon, not lime. And three ice cubes, please.

Nick: Uh-huh. I think I'm gonna need to see some I.D.

Chelsea: Really?

Nick: You look pretty young.

Chelsea: [Gasps] Wouldn't you know it, I left my I.D. At home.

Nick: Really? That's the one you're going with?

Chelsea: I swear I'm over 21. I promise.

Nick: Well, you better be, or I'm gonna get in some big trouble. [Chuckles] You know, you better enjoy this blue cockroach while you can. I guess my bartending days are soon to be over.

Chelsea: Do tell.

Nick: I guess I'm going into business with my son.

Chelsea: Really? What kind of business?

Nick: Noah has persuaded me to turn the underground into a chain.

Chelsea: Wow.

Nick: Wow good, or wow bad?

Chelsea: Just confused wow. I mean, I can understand you wanting to go into business with your son -- you're a family man. But you're not really a gambling man. Isn't that a risky thing to do?

Nick: [Laughing] It's super risky.

Chelsea: So what's changed?

Nick: Getting kicked out of my father's life.

Mariah: So, with the four of us going, we don't have to see all the same acts. We can split up. Or, better yet, we can have the guys cover the musical festival, and then you and I can go explore san Francisco!

Tessa: Oh! I've always wanted to see Haight-Ashbury.

Mariah: Oh, my god. Me, too.

Tessa: Oh, because it was once the center of the music universe?

Mariah: No, because it was once the center of all things hippie. Or we could just go to fisherman's wharf.

[Both laugh]

Hilary: I understand that it is not standard procedure for talent to send their audition directly to the casting director, but I don't have representation at the moment. True, people do know me. Thank you. Thank you very much. Um, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Okay. Bye-bye. [Sighs] Well, dinner was delicious. Thank you again for treating me.

Jordan: Wanted to get you in a better mood after dealing with that drop-in job hunter guy.

Hilary: I cannot believe that Howard actually suggested that he be my cameraman. When I get to L.A., I am dropping him -- again. 'Cause I need someone who's a little more plugged in to what's happening.

Jordan: So you're still dreaming big, huh?

Hilary: Yeah. Of course. I never stopped. In fact, I'm actually expanding my goals. I'm thinking about getting into acting.

Jordan: Like lily? I hope she gets that commercial. At least she has that agent now, helping her out. With everything that's going on, she could use a run of good old good luck.

Hilary: Well, there's a lot of stiff competition for lily. I wouldn't count on her booking that audition.

Jordan: [Exhales sharply] Somebody sounds a little jealous.

Hilary: [Scoffs] Of what?

Jordan: Of lily! She got herself an agent now, and she just auditioned for this big national commercial...

Hilary: Okay, yeah, I guess. I'll admit it -- I was a little jealous at first. But then I realized something.

Jordan: What's that?

Hilary: That I don't need anyone to help me get where I'm going.

Dr. Carlisle: Good news. The scan was normal.

Victoria: [Sighs] Yeah. I thought it would be.

Dr. Carlisle: However, I suspect that you suffered a minor concussion due to your fall.

Victoria: But I barely bumped my head.

Dr. Carlisle: It doesn't take much. Look, if you would have come in right after, it would have shown up on the ct scan. The first 24 hours after a concussion are critical. There's a protocol that would have been followed. You're very lucky that you're okay.

Victoria: So, the concussion -- that was what was causing my headaches?

Dr. Carlisle: It probably contributed to them. And your lack of sleep, dehydration, and lack of food. I recommend that you get plenty of rest, eat at regular hours, stay hydrated.

Victoria: Yeah.

Dr. Carlisle: And take some time off from work.

Victoria: Oh! Yeah. Yeah. A vacation -- that sounds nice. But I'm C.E.O., So... it's a very challenging time for my company.

Dr. Carlisle: In that case, I advise to work a normal workday.

Victoria: But, I --

Dr. Carlisle: No. No excuses. No late nights. And try to minimize your stress. If there's any change or progressions in your symptoms, I want you back here immediately for an exam.

Victoria: Yeah. I promise.

Dr. Carlisle: For now, your risk appears to be minimal. If you follow these instructions, I suspect you'll have a slow and steady return to normal.

Victoria: Oh, good. Thank you, Doctor. Okay. I'll see you soon. [Sighs]

Juliet: Victoria. Is everything all right?

Victoria: Uh, yeah. Everything's fine.

Juliet: I just had an ultrasound.

Victoria: Well, is Cane here?

Juliet: No, he's not here, but I just saw our baby for the first time.

Lily: You'll get another job sooner than you think, but there's nothing wrong with me pursuing my career, too.

Cane: So, uh, how far have you gone with this acting stuff?

Lily: Well, Jordan helped me shoot a self-tape that Barry wants to submit for an upcoming commercial.

Cane: Yeah, well, fingers crossed that you get it.

Lily: [Laughs] I think it's rare for someone to book the first audition they go on.

Cane: Oh, please. They would hard-pressed to find someone as beautiful or as talented as you.

Lily: Well, if I get it, then the extra money would be nice.

Cane: Yeah, then you can support both of us, huh?

Lily: We support each other. We're a partnership -- or is that only true if we're both working?

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: Cane Ashby.

Jesse: Hey, Cane! It's Jesse, your favorite cameraman. I need your help. Cane? You there?

Cane: I told you not to bother me again. Okay?

Lily: Who was that?

Cane: [Sighs] This telemarketer who won't take no for an answer.

Lily: Okay. Um, I'm gonna make it an early night. I have a photo shoot first thing in the morning.

Cane: Hey. I'm happy you got your first audition. And I hope there's a lot more to come, okay? I just want to get back to work. That's it.

Lily: I know.

Reed: You seriously call that embarrassing?

Mattie: Well, it wasn't pleasing!

Reed: I've been humiliated way worse than that.

Mattie: Impossible.

Reed: All right. 8th grade, there's this girl I'm totally crushing on, right?

Mattie: She liked you, too?

Reed: No. She didn't even know my name. And I'm being all cool, like walking up to the top of the bleachers in the gym. And splat!

Mattie: Splat? [Laughs]

Reed: Face-plant!

Mattie: She saw?

Reed: Yeah! It was right in her lap! [Laughs] Looks like we're having a little too much fun for that guy over there.

Mattie: Whatever. It's his problem, not ours. Now, onto undeniably, immensely, beyond-the-extreme embarrassing moments.

[Reed and Mattie chuckle]

Victoria: So, everything looks good with your ultrasound?

Juliet: The baby was turned, so I don't know the sex yet, but here's a photo.

Victoria: Thank you, Juliet, but... good luck with everything.

Juliet: Victoria. When you offered me that job at brash & sassy!, I had all sorts of plans. Not only was I going to rise through the ranks, I was going to become invaluable to you. I enjoyed getting to know you, getting drinks together... I never imagined I would end up fired and pregnant with Cane's child.

Victoria: What do you want me to say, Juliet? You sued me and my company, and you walked away with a lot of money by claiming that you were sexually harassed.

Juliet: It's just -- I can't stop thinking about the event that led to my firing. If it hadn't been for that miscommunication in L.A., If that freelance cameraman hadn't stopped filming before it was clear that Billy was joking about betting on the hockey game... I'd still have a job.

Victoria: I have to wonder why you would miss a job where you were sexually harassed. So, how are things between you and Cane?

Juliet: He's promised to help take care of our child financially.

Victoria: I wonder if you'll even be able to rely on him for that. He's not someone that you can count on.

Nick: Ever since my father, uh, you know, pushed me out of his life, I've felt freer. You know, I haven't felt like victor Newman's waiting in the corner to tell me what I'm doing wrong or the fact that none of my accomplishments will ever match up to his...

Chelsea: I mean, are you sure this whole thing isn't about victor? Have you really wanted to always be a bar-music mogul?

Nick: You could say I was inspired. By you.

Chelsea: By me?

Nick: Yeah! Your passion to grow Chelsea 2.0 is very cool.

Chelsea: Well, that's very sweet. I'm sure you're also excited about the prospect of working with your son.

Nick: Yeah. You know, I'm proud of him. And when he talked to me about expanding the underground and turning it into a chain, I was kind of proud of myself, too.

Chelsea: Yeah, you should be. You built this place from scratch.

Nick: Well, after years of doing so many things, I think I'm finally ready to just not be victor Newman's son or to just be another member of this very ambitious family.

Chelsea: Okay. It's just the timing of all this -- you're sure this isn't about that fight?

Nick: Look, these past few weeks, I've made a lot of mistakes. I hate it that my fight with my father was made public. I also went behind my mom's back to try and end that concert. I can't change any of those things, but what I can do is stop trying to help everyone in my family. I can start focusing on my own happiness.

Chelsea: Okay...

Nick: You don't think I can do that, do you?

Chelsea: Not if your mom needs you or Victoria or Abby.

Nick: Well, then I'll step up, like I would for my kids. You know, my family... they're my family, so I'll always be there for them, but that doesn't just include people who I'm related to. You know, that also includes people who have come into my life. People who I love. People who love me back.

Mariah: Thank you.

Devon: Mm-hmm. You happy?

Mariah: Very.

Devon: Yeah? You know, I consider san Francisco to be a very romantic city.

Mariah: Do you now?

Devon: Oh, absolutely.

Noah: I'm sorry.

Tessa: What?

Noah: I -- I just can't stop smiling, I'm sorry.

Tessa: Well, good. I don't want you to.

Noah: You know, um, going to this festival with you...

Tessa: Hmm?

Noah: Doesn't get any better.

Tessa: Well, I feel the same way.

Noah: And this, uh, kind of a big step for us.

Tessa: Agreed, but it doesn't have to be a big deal.

Noah: Mnh-mnh.

Tessa: We could just be all California chill, and... ...go with the flow.

Noah: Just see where life takes us?

Tessa: Exactly.

Noah: I'm liking where it's going now.

Reed: I had a really great time tonight. I hope you did, too.

Mattie: I stopped thinking about all the insanity that's going on with my family and about starting my internship tomorrow. So, yes, I did. This was a pretty good date.

Reed: Is there any chance for a repeat, you think?

Mattie: Yeah. I'd like that.

Reed: Well, I'll call you. Night, Mattie.

Mattie: Night.

Charlie: Congrats on that first kiss, sis.

Mattie: You were spying on me? You perv!

Charlie: Like you're spy-worthy. I live here. All I did was come home.

Mattie: That better be the truth.

Charlie: Yeah, and that better be your last date with that loser.

Mattie: What's wrong with reed?

Charlie: His mom fired our dad? Going out with him will only make things worse. Dump him. Now.

Victoria: All right, Johnny and Katie are all squared away in the kids' club.

Billy: So, what'd the doctor say? How mild is a mild concussion?

Victoria: My ct results are normal. I just need to take better care of myself.

Billy: You need to take a break.

Victoria: How did you know that they...

Victoria: Oh, I see, you're bluffing me.

Billy: You're under doctor's orders to take a vacation, aren't you?

Victoria: Well, that's not possible right now. Not with the state of the company. I have to bring our sales figures up, Billy.

Billy: I'll handle that. Since when has brash & sassy! Become more important than your health?

Victoria: Well, right now, my health is causing me fewer problems than my ex-employees.

Billy: What'd Cane do now?

Victoria: He dropped by the office earlier. He's...blaming me for preventing him from getting another job.

Billy: Does that mean it worked? You persuaded jack not to hire him? Good one. What did he expect?

Victoria: I don't know! I've been asking myself the same thing! I mean, as long as he's not working for the direct competition, I couldn't care less where he works, and I'm too tired and I am too busy to get involved in Cane's job hunting.

Billy: Did you say that to him?

Victoria: He doesn't believe me, and if he wanted to get on my good side, calling me a stone-cold bitch is not the way to go.

Billy: Did he say that to you?

Victoria: He's angry, and he's desperate right now.

Billy: He's about to get punched out.

Victoria: Really? So you would defend my honor?

Billy: Yes. I would. Plus, I've been wanting to punch him for a while now, so it kind of works both ways.

Victoria: Well, you can hold off on that because I handled the situation.

Billy: You're gonna spoil my fun?

Victoria: Seriously, Billy. I don't need you escalating this conflict.

Billy: Okay. Fine. Whatever I can do to alleviate your stress.

Victoria: All right, maybe you can get Juliet to move out of town. I ran into her when I was leaving the hospital.

Billy: Oh, yeah? What's she doing, looking for a job?

Victoria: Ultrasound. I would not shed any tears if Juliet and Cane were out of my life for good.

Nick: Sorry. So, uh, you were saying you ran into Billy?

Chelsea: Yeah. At the pool with Johnny. He's such a happy little boy. With two very loving parents.

Nick: You know, you never talk about it, but how is it when you're around Johnny?

Chelsea: Victoria's his mother, and she has been since the day he was born. They're his family.

Nick: You know, earlier when I was talking about family, that includes you and Connor.

Chelsea: I know. And my family includes you and Christian.

Hilary: I am almost ready to go. What?

Jordan: That not-so-subtle kiss-off you just gave me.

Hilary: Jordan, I was teasing.

Jordan: You were drawing lines, Hilary. I know you believe you don't need anyone to achieve your goals, but that can get lonely.

Hilary: Well, then, why don't you stick around? There is plenty of room for two on my throne.

Jordan: I'm serious.

Hilary: Yeah, I know. Hmm?

Jordan: Hold on, what are you doing?

Hilary: [Scoffs] I'm just trying to keep things fun and light. You're just being so...

Jordan: Because that's all that we are?

Hilary: Jordan, can we not with this again?

Jordan: Look, I'm not going anywhere. You should know that.

Hilary: For now. The truth is, I am the only one who's in charge of my life and my dreams. And if there's one thing that I learned the hard way, it's that I can't control men in my life.

Jordan: You're right. You can't control me.

Hilary: I know.

Jordan: Hang on. The truth is, I don't want my heart broken any more than you do.

Hilary: So, where does that leave us?

Jordan: I support your ambition, but you're just gonna have to understand -- I have dreams of my own. Look, I'll always have you back. But will you have mine?

Hilary: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Victoria: Ahh.

Billy: Here you go.

Victoria: I'm so relaxed. Thanks to you, I'm very hydrated.

Billy: Yeah, well, I know you. Relaxation is not gonna last.

Victoria: You know, it's too bad that we didn't get to take that trip to san Diego with the kids.

Billy: Yeah. If only that project in L.A. hadn't tanked.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: That was the start of brash & sassy!'s problems.

Victoria: Mm.

Billy: I regret that it was my idea to go out to L.A. And shoot that commercial. And that it was my big mouth that flipped out the hockey league.

Victoria: Not your fault. Juliet shouldn't have rushed that footage to air without complete confirmation from the league.

Billy: It still pisses me off that the cameraman stopped filming right when we were very clearly joking about betting.

Victoria: It's ironic, isn't it? That video screw-up was brash & sassy!'S only problem that didn't have to do with Cane.

Jesse: Hello?

Cane: All right, what do you want?

Jesse: Oh, work's dried up. I need cash. Quick.

Cane: Well, sadly, you've come to the wrong person because we had a deal. You don't get anything more. You remember that?

Jesse: Then I guess you don't care if I go public with what I was really hired to do.

Maybe I'll take my story to "the Hilary hour." I think everyone who lost serious money because of that, uh, incident might be interested in hearing how you bribed me to delete the footage I actually shot, all to make your colleague look bad.

Cane: I won't be blackmailed by you, okay?

Jesse: Then we'll call it a payment for services continuing to be rendered.

Cane: And how much do you want for these services?

Jesse: I believe my continued silence is worth at least, uh... 25 grand.

Cane: You did hear that I was fired from brash & sassy!, So, you know, the secret's worthless now.

Jesse: You sure about that? Does your wife know that her big commercial got scrapped because of what you did?

Cane: I'll get you the money, all right? I just need a few days to put it together, and then I'll wire it to you.

Jesse: I'll save you some steps. I'm in Genoa city.

Cane: What are you doing here?

Jesse: Makes things more convenient, don't you think? I'll pick up that payment from you -- in person, cash.

Cane: [Sighs]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Tessa: Uh, wait. Before we go, there's something I need to confess.

Charlie: Our whole family's falling apart because of your mom. If you care about Mattie, you'll leave her alone.

Mattie: Can I help you?

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