Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/25/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/25/17


Episode # 11221 ~ Nick defends his family; Victoria is pushed to the limit; Cane scrambles to repair his reputation.

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Nick: Hilary! Where is she? Hilary!

Hilary: Hi, nick.

Nick: How dare you.

Hilary: Excuse me?

Nick: Don't play innocent with me. That footage of me and my dad, where'd you get it?

Hilary: Oh, well, that's called good journalism.

Nick: Oh, the hell it is. You shot it without us knowing, and then you used it to embarrass me and the rest of my family. You got a hell of a nerve. I'm gonna sue you and shut this place down.

Hilary: Oh, now, that's a little harsh, don't you think?

Nick: My dad gave you an exclusive to shoot the event, not an exclusive to invade our privacy. You are shameless.

Hilary: Shameless? [Scoffs] I'm not the one who tried to ruin my mother's big night or got into knock-down, drag-out with my father. All I did was tell the truth. You don't like it, look in the mirror.

Jack: Hey! I was just on my way to see you.

Phyllis: Well, it looks like I just saved you a walk. What do you need? You gonna make me guess, or are we gonna play 20 questions? 'Cause I don't have time for games today, Jack. Okay. I will see you later.

Phyllis: I thought you might be interested in a little meeting I just had.

Phyllis: You have meetings every day.

Jack: Not with Cane Ashby, I don't.

Phyllis: I'm listening.

Jack: He said that if I was willing to hire him...

Phyllis: Wait. He came to you for a job?

Jack: ...He would be more than willing to share with me the inner workings of brash & sassy!

Phyllis: "The inner workings," such as?

Jack: You know, future campaigns, areas of weakness... I think he'd spill the whole ball of wax if given the opportunity. You don't seem surprised.

Phyllis: I'm not.

Jack: Really?

Phyllis: Why should I be?

Jack: Didn't you just hear what I said?

Phyllis: I think you need to look at the whole picture, Jack.

Jack: Gee, I thought I was.

Phyllis: Cane is upset with Victoria. He's flat-out pissed. Of course the guy's motivated to "help" jabot.

Jack: I think he's even more motivated to see his old company crash and burn. Victoria may have had good reason to fire him. My god, I think she's gonna regret it.

Lily: So, what brings you by, if it's not Cane pitching himself for a job at your company?

Devon: [Sighs] Well, I did want to see you, but, yeah, there is that, too. He didn't, uh... he didn't update you?

Lily: No, not yet.

Devon: Well, um, Neil and I spoke, and we decided that we're gonna have to turn him down. I hope you understand.

Cane: Hey.

Victoria: What brings you back here?

Cane: Well, it's a big building, and you only control one floor.

Victoria: Let me guess -- you were at jabot meeting with Jack, or is "interviewing" more accurate?

Cane: I don't know. You know, last time I checked, I was, uh, free to meet anybody I please.

Devon: You know, Neil and I really did spend time considering whether or not to hire Cane, and we weighed all the pros and cons, and...

Lily: Look, I -- I appreciate it. Obviously the cons outweigh the pros.

Devon: Well, I mean, it just -- it came down to the fact that we're a new company, and we have a vision of standards that we're trying to uphold, and... Cane's actions at brash & sassy! Made him a risk that we're not willing to take. I'm sorry.

Lily: No, I'm sorry that Cane screwed up his career.

Devon: It's very difficult for me to forgive him for hurting you and the kids the way he has.

Lily: [Sighs] Look, right now, I'm just trying to keep the family together.

Devon: Yeah. How you really doing?

Lily: I mean, it's tough with Cane not working, you know? We need him to contribute to the family.

Devon: Well, you know, I'm sure that he's gonna find something soon. You don't have anything to worry about.

Lily: I hope he does, 'cause the sooner he does, then the sooner we can return to some sense of normalcy, especially for the kids' sake.

Devon: Yeah. Do they know about the pregnancy?

Lily: Yeah, they know about Juliet -- everything.

Devon: I don't have to ask how that went.

Lily: Not well, but I reminded them that Cane loves them, and he'll always be their father.

Devon: He always gonna be your husband?

[Door unlocks, opens]

Devon: I should, uh, probably get going.

Cane: Why, 'cause you and Neil aren't gonna hire me? Seriously, don't worry about it, all right? It's not a big deal. I'm over it.

Victoria: [Sighs] [Exhales sharply]

Billy: Hey. How you doing?

Victoria: Peachy.

Billy: You sure about that?

Victoria: Well, I've had better days.

Billy: Is it fallout from your family's exposé on "the Hilary hour?"

Victoria: I'm sure the tidal wave hasn't even begun.

Billy: What else has you down?

Victoria: I had a little run-in earlier.

Billy: Don't tell me it was a disgruntled ex-employee.

Victoria: You'll never guess what Cane was doing in this building.

Billy: No way.

Nick: Yeah, there were a lot of mistakes that night, but they were our mistakes. They weren't for you to exploit, to get ratings for your television show.

Hilary: It was a newsworthy event. We covered as such. That is what we were hired to do.

Nick: You went above and beyond what my dad contracted you to do and you know it. What you filmed was done without our permission. Do you have any idea how upset my mom is right now?

Hilary: And I feel for her, okay? I had no intention of hurting Nikki. But we were hired to cover the entire event. That's what we did. End of discussion.

Nick: No, it's not the end. Not for me. Not by a long shot.

Hilary: You know what? I think that you're just worried about your image and your reputation. After all, you are the one who came off looking like a hotheaded jackass.

Nick: [Scoffs] Hilary, I don't give a damn that people know I'm on the outs with my father right now. What I care about is how this affects my family, and my mother and sister are dealing with the fallout.

Hilary: Well, I'm just the messenger, so don't blame me.

Nick: You are messing with the wrong family. I can't wait to see what happens when my dad gets his hands on you. He will make you pay for humiliating him.

Hilary: It's funny that you say that. See, your dad, he actually already paid me. He paid me a compliment for the job that I did, and he told me that we can air the footage exactly the way that we shot it.

Nick: [Scoffs] You are lying.

Hilary: Oh, then whey did he send me this after the show aired? See, your daddy, he wasn't scared of the truth. He wanted the whole world to see what went down after that concert. Unedited and uncensored.

Nick: He wanted to embarrass me in front of the largest audience possible. My own father did that.

Hilary: Well, if it's any consolation, he didn't come off looking much better.

Nick: Oh, like he cares. He just used you to further his own sick agenda. Discredit your challengers by any means necessary, even if it's on some stupid tabloid TV show.

Hilary: Whoa. That was the old "GC buzz." "The Hilary hour" is a pop culture content platform and lifestyle brand, nationally syndicated and streaming worldwide in hd. If you'd like to tell your side of the story, I'd be happy to do an interview with you right now.

Nick: That is never gonna happen. Don't get too caught up in my dad's games. If you want to keep your little show here, don't become a shill for my dad. I will sue you for defamation.

Hilary: If it's true, it's not defamation.

Nick: See, you probably think you got this big coup here by trashing my family. You're just a low-level vulture who would sell her soul for a ratings bump. You don't care who you hurt. People like you give journalists a bad name. Someday, somebody's gonna take you down, Hilary.

Devon: Hey, nick, you need to take it easy, man, all right? Even if you didn't like the end of her piece, she had every right to air it.

Nick: How do you know that?

Devon: Because Mariah told me that Victor said "go for it."

Nick: It doesn't make it right. Hilary should have had some editorial discretion or judgment or class, which clearly she has none of.

Devon: Okay, dude, your issues with your dad go way beyond that footage, all right? Don't take your frustrations with that out on Hilary. All right? Let's not do this here. Relax.

Hilary: Thank you.

Jack: Yes, I have a dream for jabot. A rapid climb to the top of the high-end cosmetics market. An upward line on the sales chart that corresponds perfectly with brash & sassy!'S downward slide.

Phyllis: Where did you leave it with him?

Jack: Well, I told him I'd be in touch.

Phyllis: I'm surprised you didn't drag him into human resources.

Jack: Well, there's the matter of title and salary and factoring in Cane's desperation at having just been axed, I think it's pretty much in the bag that we will have him for a lot less than Victoria paid.

Phyllis: Well, making them sweat always saves you a bundle, but you know that. You've always been a shrewd player.

Jack: As have you. I mean, Billy has no idea that you've been moonlighting as a headhunter for jabot, does he?

Phyllis: Let's be clear. I only told you that Cane was available.

Jack: And I owe you for that. I would like to be a fly on the wall to see Billy and Victoria when they realize just how hot Cane is to come back to jabot. Poor Victoria, I almost feel sorry for her. She thought she'd gotten rid of the problem by just firing him.

Phyllis: Well, Victoria has other problems that beat out Cane at the moment, that is for sure.

Jack: Oh, really? And what are they?

Phyllis: Ahh. You haven't seen it yet.

[Keyboard clicking]

Billy: The nerve of this guy. He's like a bad penny we can't get rid of.

Victoria: He's talking to Jack about a position at jabot.

Billy: Did he admit that?

Victoria: No, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there's two cosmetics companies in this building, and the lobby security people confirmed it.

Billy: Well, good job on the cash bonuses last Christmas.

Victoria: [Scoffs] Look, we have to put a stop to this.

Billy: Yeah. This can't happen. If Cane gets a chance, he's gonna leak like a sieve. I mean, product in the pipeline, marketing strategies, finances... last time I saw him, it was clear that he made you the villain in his unwell brain.

Victoria: Well, then I guess he and Jack are a match made in hell because Jack also seems dead-set on wrecking my life, in all arenas.

Billy: You're talking about the fact that he's hanging out with your mom?

Victoria: No, there's more. Not only did Abby catch your brother making out with my mother yesterday. It turns out that after the blow-up between dad and nick, mom fled the scene in jack's car and they spent the night in your family's cabin. This is a real thing.

Billy: Come on. Hold on a second. Now, they have a long history, I understand that, but, I mean, for years, they've only been friends, okay?

Victoria: Yeah, well, dad walked out on mom. He's away from GC until further notice.

Billy: Wow. Jack's not only playing with fire, this is dynamite. Hell, this is plutonium.

Victoria: I know. My parents' marital issues are not new, and they're complicated, but there was Jack, just waiting to swoop in and take advantage...

Billy: Just like he's about to do with Cane.

Victoria: I may not have a say in my mother's love life, but Cane working at jabot? Jack's not gonna get away with it.

Hilary: What are you smiling about?

Devon: I was just thinking about how far you've come since you got Victor all riled up that one time, when you made him look bad on "GC buzz" and he almost sued us off the air.

Hilary: Yes. Us, taking a crash course on tabloid TV. It feels like so long ago.

Devon: It's so clear in my head, it could have been just yesterday, actually.

Hilary: Well, I actually remember having fun in between some of those arguments.

Mariah: Hey!

Devon: Hey!

Mariah: Isn't this the best surprise?

Hilary: I know, isn't it?

Devon: Are you ready for another one just like it?

Mariah: Yeah, I'll take all the good vibes I can get today.

Devon: Well, in that case, I got us tickets to a musical festival in san Francisco. It's called crush fest, and it's on the grounds of this beautiful vineyard.

Mariah: What?

Devon: And the lineup is almost as good as the scenery.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. You remembered that I love these bands.

Devon: Yeah, of course I do. I remember everything you say. I put it in a little folder up here. [Chuckles] So, I can have the jet ready to go this Friday, if you want to go, or if you're available.

Mariah: What do you say, boss? Can I have the weekend off? Please, please, please!

Devon: Please?

Hilary: I insist.

Mariah: Thank you! Thank you, thank you! And thank you for being the most thoughtful guy ever.

Devon: Of course. Mmm.

Hilary: Well, you know how those musical festivals are -- bunch of wasted fans screaming in your ear, picking your pockets, the bathroom lines longer than the band's set.

Devon: Yeah, no, we're not gonna be dealing with that. I got VIP access all the way, 'cause I'm gonna be scouting artists for the new streaming service.

Mariah: I will text you from the merch booth. Any t-shirt you want, on me.

Tessa: Oh, hey.

Noah: Hey, yourself!

Tessa: So, how do I look?

Noah: Fantastic, as usual.

Tessa: Well, thank you. I hope Devon agrees.

Noah: Well, I'm sure he will, but, uh, you know, he signed you for your talent and your sound, which are also amazing.

Tessa: Well, I know his streaming service is all about the music, but it would be dumb to think that image doesn't play a huge role in artist's career nowadays.

Noah: Like I said, you got the whole package.

Tessa: Thank you for opening early so we could do this here. I feel way more comfortable than performing new songs for him at some fancy office.

Noah: Hey, happy to do it.

Tessa: Oh! I got you something.

Noah: Ooh!

Tessa: You --

Noah: Um... I hope you didn't pay too much for this because somewhere in the back, we got a crate with, like, 500 of these.

Tessa: All right, smart mouth, turn it over.

Noah: Oh! Come on. [Sighs] All right, I love it, but, you know, "soon" might be a bit misleading.

Tessa: No, it's not. You're gonna do this. I just -- I just know it. So, did you bring up the chain idea to your dad?

Noah: I brought it up on the 4th, but he was a bit too distracted to get into it, and I'm kind of thinking now might not be much better.

Tessa: Why, because of the stuff with your grandfather?

Noah: Yeah, and more. Get a load of this --

Tessa: What?

Cane: Your lemonade is great. It is always a highlight of summer. [Exhales sharply]

Lily: Thank you. So, I'm still a little dazed as to how fast things turned around for you on the job front.

Cane: Me, too.

Lily: So you went right from talking to my dad to a job interview?

Cane: Mm-hmm. Yeah. It looks like timing was on my side for a change. Look, it's not a huge shock that your dad and Devon didn't hire me at Hamilton-winters group, okay? But it worked out for the best because the place I interviewed at -- well, we're the perfect fit.

Lily: That's great. Are you gonna tell me where?

Cane: Jabot.

Lily: Jabot?

Cane: Your dad and Devon may not have any use for me, but you know what? Jack Abbott is fascinated with what I have to offer.

Phyllis: What did I tell you?

Jack: Boy, "the Hilary hour" does manage to wrangle some riveting exclusives. Uh, if you want a meeting with me, you can arrange it with my assistant.

Victoria: Yeah, well, Gloria's not at her desk, and this can't wait. Phyllis, would you please give us some privacy?

Phyllis: Not a problem. Jack, you have all the pertinent information.

Jack: And then some. Thank you, Phyllis.

Victoria: Let's just get right to it. I know you met with Cane, and you're probably planning to hire him.

Jack: He's a highly qualified executive that knows this business.

Victoria: Yes, not to mention every detail about your chief competitor.

Jack: Oh, the one that fired him and forced him to go job-hunting?

Victoria: I'm warning you, Jack. You don't want to do this.

Tessa: Oh, wow. Hilary's show? That's --

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: That's awful.

Noah: I know, you see what I mean about postponing the, uh, expanding-the-business chat with my dad?

Tessa: Yeah, well... devil's advocate? He might enjoy the distraction that's something that's not involving this.

Nick: Hey. What's going on?

Noah: Dad! Hey.

Tessa: Um, would you mind if I use the office to practice?

Noah: No, I don't mind. Cool with you?

Nick: Yeah, of course.

Tessa: Thanks.

Nick: Uh, I know you've been waiting to talk to me.

Noah: Hey, whenever you're ready. I don't want to pressure you, all right?

Nick: Did you see the segment on "the Hilary hour?"

Noah: Yeah, I did. I also heard that you tried to stop the concert from grandpa.

Nick: I felt like it was something I needed to do. You know? Your grandfather tried to twist it into something underhanded.

Noah: Hey, come on. I know you, all right? I know you had to have a pretty compelling reason.

Nick: I did. Your grandmother's health. She had a very serious M.S. Flare-up right before the concert, one my dad didn't know about. I mean, she basically forced herself to play.

Noah: I had no idea.

Nick: Well, that's because she swore me to secrecy. I mean, dad didn't know, Vick, Abby -- no one. I did everything I could to talk her out of performing, but she wasn't hearing it. So I felt like I had to do something drastic. I mean, looking back... yeah, I should have come up with a different way to keep her from performing.

Noah: Hey, I'm not gonna judge you. If I'd have known, I'd have done the exact same thing. Okay? And I'll tell you what -- I would follow your lead over grandpa's any day.

Nick: Well, that is the best news I've gotten all day, bud. Appreciate that.

Noah: Look, it's obvious there's more going on between you and grandpa than he let on. I mean, I picked up on that a while ago. When you're ready to tell me that stuff, I know you will. In the meantime, don't stress about me, okay?

Nick: I can't make any promises. I would hate it if we ended up the way me and my dad are. But I respect you too much. You know, I've always tried to encourage and support you.

Noah: And you do. And I was hoping that you'd want to continue that trend regarding my recent proposal to, uh, open more undergrounds.

Nick: Right. Yeah. I remember you mentioning something about that.

Noah: When you're ready, maybe we could sit down and have a more serious conversation about it. Sound good?

Nick: How does right now sound?

Phyllis: So, why would Victoria storm into jack's office and demand privacy?

Billy: To try and talk Jack out of hiring Cane.

Phyllis: That was fast. How'd you guys find out?

Billy: Victoria ran into him in the elevator. She put two and two together, and he didn't deny it.

Phyllis: Did he confirm it?

Billy: He didn't have to. It wasn't hard to put together. So she stormed up there and she went to confront Jack. I couldn't stop her.

Phyllis: But you tried to.

Billy: Yeah, I tried to. Hell, it was against every impulse to go up there and do it myself. I just thought it would be worse for Victoria.

Phyllis: Jack doesn't respond well to demands, especially from the competitor.

Billy: Well, that's true. But maybe he'll listen to you.

Phyllis: Who? Jack? No. Not anymore.

Billy: Come on, I don't know about that.

Phyllis: My influence on his decision making ended the day he filed for divorce. And, besides, technically, I work for jabot's merger partner, and it might look the slightest bit hinky, me trying to protect brash & sassy!, Trying to convince him not to hire Cane. And it won't be much time at all before he turns his fury on you, and that I do not want.

Billy: But you got to admit, this is rotten. I mean, even for Jack. This is worse than him trying to snake the hockey deal from me by going to his buddy at the league and telling him I was a gambling addict. At least that, he had a reason for that vendetta. But trying to snake Cane to work at jabot? That feels like a personal attack on Victoria, and I'm not gonna stand for that. She doesn't deserve my sadistic brother kicking her when she's down. With everything that she's got going on in her family, it's not a coincidence this has jack's grimy little fingerprints all over it.

Phyllis: Okay, I understand everything you're saying, I do. But Victoria is tough enough to take care of herself.

Jack: Can I pour you some? It might calm you down.

Victoria: You know, I would chill right out if you would take my warning seriously.

Jack: You know, I think it's the wording. You said I don't want to hire Cane. You're the one that's against it. I think it's a marvelous idea.

Victoria: Well, you know, you might change your mind if you knew all the baggage that he comes with.

Jack: Oh, the one-night-stand that spawned the, uh, bogus lawsuit? Well, you know, people make mistakes. I'm pretty confident Cane won't make this one twice.

Victoria: Yeah, I had faith in him, too, until I realized that he can't be trusted.

Jack: It seems to me he'd work all the harder to prove you wrong, only to the betterment of jabot.

Victoria: Then let's not talk about how this is gonna affect your business. Let's focus on what this hire is gonna cost you, personally.

Cane: [Sighs] You know, you haven't said anything since I told you about the interview. I was hoping you'd be as excited about it as I was.

Lily: Isn't working at jabot a conflict of interest?

Cane: Well, Jack views my time at brash & sassy! As a plus.

Lily: Yeah, so he can one-up his top rival.

Cane: All right, sweetheart, he said it was business.

Lily: Cane, there's more at stake here than just cosmetic sales. I mean, do you really want to declare war against Billy and Victoria? Because that's what you'd be doing.

Cane: I'm not declaring war against anybody. All I'm trying to do here is find out some way I can support my family, okay? Jabot -- it is my best and it's my only option now.

Lily: Even though Victoria and Billy are still my bosses?

Cane: Well, for now, I mean, but you're gonna be destined for bigger and better things, and I just want us to have the careers that we deserve, all right? Look, you have listened to me complain for so long about working at brash & sassy! And how I don't feel appreciated. I know it's frustrating. I know it's exhausting for you. I do. I just keep thinking that this chance at jabot, it could be a fresh start for us. So, please, if Jack gives me the offer, will you just accept it and will you just support me, please?

Hilary: FYI, Victor pre-approved the story that I ran.

Sharon: I don't believe for one second that Victor wanted that out in the world.

Hilary: Well, he did, and I already got a lecture from nick, so all I need from you is a non-fat latte to go.

Sharon: Except I don't need three bucks. Not enough to serve you.

Hilary: This isn't the only coffee in town.

Sharon: No, but it is the best one. You don't seem to understand, Hilary. We have a problem, you and me.

Hilary: Really, Sharon?

Sharon: Yeah, you belittle Mariah. You have taken her for granted. You upstage her every day.

Hilary: That's your interpretation?

Sharon: I don't need to interpret, I see it every day on the show.

Hilary: I put her on a show that is seen around the world. How many people in Genoa city get a job like that? The rest is all in her head.

Sharon: No, that's a lie. You've been messing with my daughter for months, and now my ex-husband nick?

Hilary: [Scoffs]

Sharon: You think that you had Victor's blessing for that, but, trust me, he was just using you to make a petty point. And what do you get out of that nasty story on nick and his family?

Hilary: Advertisers, going viral, national attention -- oh, and you know, there's that dramatic spike in ratings.

Sharon: And an equal number of enemies.

Hilary: Oh. Can you be more specific?

Sharon: Well, let's see. Yeah, um, everyone named Newman? Except Victor. Oh, and me.

Hilary: Is that supposed to scare me?

Sharon: It's just a suggestion that you watch yourself, Hilary, and I don't mean on TV. Now get out of my coffeehouse.

Hilary: [Scoffs]

Noah: So, there it is, that's our market -- small and medium-sized cities, college towns like GC with no decent music venue. I've looked into this. There are a ton of towns that fit the bill. We could have our pick.

Nick: Underground as a brand. It's intriguing.

Noah: And we don't just stop with a bunch of clubs with the same signage and drink menus. We could create our own tours by booking artists across our entire circuit, complete vertical integration.

Nick: Look, the short answer is "I like it," but, son, you got to be careful with expansion. There are always added expenses or problems that come up. I mean, I don't know if you remember, but your mom and I tried to open up more crimson lights. We added one in Milwaukee with the hope to add more. We were only able to keep that one open for a few months.

Mariah: Hand to god, I had nothing to do with that horrible piece.

Noah: We know.

Mariah: I just feel awful about not warning you. I kept thinking that Hilary was gonna have a moment of clarity or sanity or I'd be able to stop the tape somehow, but...

Nick: Mariah, don't worry about it, all right? I know that wasn't your fault in any way.

Tessa: Hey!

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: You didn't tell me you were coming.

Mariah: Well, I didn't want to make any promises considering there was a good chance an angry pro-Newman mob was gonna burn down the "GC buzz" building with me and the other host inside.

Tessa: [Laughs]

Nick: Uh, excuse me, I'm just gonna talk to Devon for one second.

Noah: Uh, shoot. Our distributor's trying to get ahold of me. I better check the beverage inventory first. Hey! For the last time, dad knows the deal. He's not gonna blame you for what Hilary did, all right?

Tessa: Hey. Noah's right. Okay? From everything you've told me about Hilary, there's nothing you could have done to keep that segment off the air. You were caught smack-bang in the middle.

Mariah: That's kind of where I seem to be most days -- caught between Hilary and the people that love to hate her. Or hate to love her. Or both, I don't know.

Tessa: Well, you're not back to thinking that he's still into Hilary, are you?

Mariah: No, there's a big improvement since I bared my soul to Devon, and... he just got me this killer surprise.

Tessa: Mm!

Mariah: Look.

Devon: Nick, you don't have to apologize to me.

Nick: No, I do, and I want to. You know, I'm sorry if you felt like that any of that attitude at the studio was directed to you. It wasn't. I'm sorry for the shrapnel. I also apologize that you had to see me going off on your ex like that.

Devon: We are more than cool 'cause I know that when I choose to be around Hilary, there is a high risk of crossfire. You know? She can turn the coolest person in the world into a maniac. She's done it to me more than once.

Tessa: On a private jet? That's supposed to be my life! But in, like, 20 years after non-stop work and numerous big breaks, but... you're living it right now!

Mariah: It's a cosmic accident, I promise, but maybe it's better you don't see who got added to the program today.

Tessa: Oh, show me.

Mariah: Okay.

Tessa: Oh! That's my girl! I've never seen her live! Not once!

Lily: Cane, look, I don't want you clinging to unrealistic expectations.

Cane: Hey, look... if you mean that I'm hoping that we can be back together as a family again one day...

Lily: No, I -- I didn't say that.

Cane: It's all I have to keep going, sweetheart, is hope. That's all I've got. You know, they say that a man is not measured by his mistakes but by how he copes with them.

Lily: They do, huh?

Cane: They do. And I know it may be too soon for you to forgive me, and maybe you never will, okay? But I just want you to know, sweetheart, I am just trying.

Lily: Look, if Jack makes an offer, I'll support you accepting it.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: I know you'll do great things about jabot, like before. And I know that you would love being back there.

Cane: That's 'cause you still know who I am.

Victoria: This is one of those times when your appetite for winning has impaired your common sense.

Jack: If we could get to the point, Victoria, sometime...

Victoria: I know all about you and my mom.

Jack: You know that your mother asked me to help her escape from the party her husband forced her to attend.

Victoria: Yes, and that a cabin deep in the woods was your sleepover hideout of choice.

Jack: And that's what we did. Sleep. Your mother's honor is intact, Victoria. She needed friendship and support, and that's what I gave her, and given that your family's dirty laundry is once again all over the internet, I'll probably do it yet again, as any good friend would.

Victoria: Yes. A true friend. A true friend who is seen kissing his platonic pal right here in this very office, and don't bother with the lame denial, I already got one from mom.

Jack: Okay, maybe you have forgotten -- I have cared a great deal about your mother for many, many years.

Victoria: I'm not disputing that. Aside from my father and me, you know my mother better than anyone else. So you should ask yourself -- do you really see my mother wanting to rekindle some romance with a man that's out to destroy her daughter's company? Because I can't see it. In fact, I can't even see her wanting to be friends with someone who would do something so vicious.

Devon: So, I get to hear some new Tessa songs today, and I've been thinking about that since I woke up this morning.

Tessa: Oh, you're sweet. You know what I've been thinking about?

Devon: Huh?

Tessa: Don't mess up in front of Devon."

Devon: Oh, please.

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Tessa is scared that you're gonna go to wine country, see some other artists, and think less of her -- as if!

Devon: Get out of here. I'm gonna have your performing on those stages next year.

Mariah: Yeah!

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: Yeah, I think that's very doable. And you know what? We could give her a taste of what that'll be like if we bring her with us on Friday.

Noah: Listen, dad, if, uh... if you're not feeling my plan to clone the bar, don't worry about it.

Nick: I'm really interested in your scheme for world domination, but I'm only gonna do it if it's a guaranteed success.

Noah: [Chuckles] Well, um, I'm not really sure it works that way.

Nick: It takes so much planning, bud, all right? You have to come up with a strict budget, and you have to stick to it. That is the biggest problem we're gonna face. Can you handle that?

Noah: Can I?

Nick: Well, yeah, you are the one I'm doing this with, right?

Noah: Uh, yeah. Uh... damn straight.

Nick: All right, I'm in. Let's do it.

Noah: Yes!

Nick: [Chuckles]

Noah: It's gonna be awesome.

Nick: Yeah, bud.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. I think you need an X-ray. Your muscles seem to have been replaced by PVC.

Billy: I'm sorry. I can't relax. I'm nauseated by my brother. I mean, Jack thinks he's so superior. Why doesn't he just try and make better product and sell more than us instead of trying to steal our business plan by hiring an ex-employee who was fired for cause?

Phyllis: Listen to me. I have no doubt -- no doubt -- that you and Victoria will save this company, no matter what Jack and Cane throw your way.

Billy: Thank you.

Jack: Hello? Cane?

Cane: Hey, Jack. I'm glad you called.

Jack: Don't be. I can't give you the job, Cane.

Cane: I thought that you and I were in sync.

Jack: Then I realized hiring you would have certain repercussions I hadn't considered.

Cane: Okay, listen, um... I don't understand, Jack. What do you mean?

Jack: It's just not gonna work, Cane. I, uh -- I wish you only the best. Uh, I have to go. Goodbye.

Cane: [Scoffs] That was Jack.

Lily: You didn't get the job?

Cane: I didn't get the job.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: Seems to me I'm kind of doing your dirty work here. If they spend less time together, it certainly makes things nicer for you, doesn't it?

Jordan: The fallout from what Cane did is still falling.

Hilary: There's more?

Juliet: Thank you.

Charlie: You're welcome.

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