Y&R Transcript Monday 7/17/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/17/17


Episode # 11215 ~ Victor & Nick's feud reaches its breaking point; Jack plays hero; a juicy story falls into Hilary's lap.

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Scott: You were sensational, Nikki. Your performance was inspiring.

Nikki: Oh, well, thank you very much. It was a wonderful evening for the research center, and everybody living with M.S.

Scott: Yeah, I was blown away when I saw the preliminary numbers, you know? There's so much left tonight for us to do, and people are still donating.

Nikki: It's very exciting.

Scott: Oh, yeah.

Nikki: Could you excuse me just a moment? I need to talk to Victoria for a second.

Scott: Certainly. Yeah. Congratulations again.

Nikki: Thank you. What's wrong?

Victoria: Have you seen dad?

Nikki: No. Not for the last few minutes. Why?

Victoria: Nick's not the only one who's gone missing.

Nick: [Sighs]

Victor: You're not going anywhere. You and I aren't finished yet. You thought you could ruin this event, destroy your mother's evening?

Nick: Don't do that. Don't pretend like this was about mom. This is about you and getting control and getting mom to take you back, as always, and just asking us to get right back in line. Well, enjoy your little triumph while you can, dad, because it is not gonna happen this time.

Billy: Thank you, Hannah. Good night! Okay. It's high time Johnny and Katie get acquainted with the special woman in my life.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] I love that idea, but has Victoria signed off on that? I have to know -- I have to know.

Billy: Okay, look, she doesn't want the kids spending the night with us at our place, which makes sense. We haven't been together all that long, and it's probably best not to confuse them.

Phyllis: I totally agree.

Billy: But she didn't say anything about not, you know, hanging out here with them. So... make yourself comfortable.

Phyllis: Billy... are you sure about this?

Billy: My children are very important to me. You are very important to me. I want them to know how much you mean to me, and Victoria's at the concert for her mother, so it's a perfect night to hang out. Okay? Johnny! Katie! Come here.

Nikki: If your father and Nicholas are together...

Victoria: Yeah, we could be hearing the explosion any minute now.

Nikki: Oh, they wouldn't dare cause a scene, not tonight. It's too important for many reasons.

Victoria: All right, well, if you're not worried, then I won't worry, either. I'm just gonna get back to doing my bit, representing the family.

Nikki: Try to have a good time.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Fake it till you make it.

Nikki: [Chuckles] Abby! Have you seen your father?

Abby: Uh, no, I'm sorry. I haven't.

Nikki: Okay. Have fun.

Abby: Thanks. [Laughs]

Victor: You had a problem with me, didn't you, son? Did you come to me? No. You used your mother who practiced so hard for this concert. You set out to destroy this event!

Nick: Mom was the only person I was thinking about because I was protecting her from you! You couldn't see what you were doing to her because you were so focused on getting what you wanted. Mom dared to tell the great victor Newman what she thought of him. You're arrogant and heartless!

Victor: [Grunts]

Kevin: We need to get out of town as soon as possible, go somewhere victor and dr. Harris can't touch us.

Chloe: Good luck with that.

Kevin: I don't need luck. You know why?

Chloe: Because you're good at what you do?

Kevin: No, I'm the best at what I do. Remember how I told you I got somebody set up at witness protection? Well, I'm using what I learned there to build you a fake identity. And as soon as I get done with that, we go to Oregon, and we can live a normal life. What do you want your new name to be?

Chloe: Hmm... uh... well, when I changed my name from "Kate valentine" to Chloe, it was because I felt it didn't fit. It wasn't glamorous enough. Fashionable.

Kevin: Okay, well, that's kind of the opposite of what we're going for.

Chloe: Right.

Kevin: We can't have any connection to your old life. People think Chloe Mitchell is dead. We have to keep it that way.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Kevin: How do you feel about Helen?

Chloe: Helen... yeah. I like it. As long as it's not Maggie, I'm good.

Kevin: Okay. I will give you a common last name so it'll be harder to track online. Helen Jones. That's you.

Nick: Why should we ever talk about the truth, huh? I know we're supposed to just ignore it, no matter how bad or destructive it is. Because it's for our own good. Because it comes from a good place. Because you just love us so damn much! Even you can't keep using that tired excuse!

Nikki: Hey! Hey! Hey! My god! Guys! What are you doing? Stop it! What is going on?

Victor: Your son nearly ruined your concert.

Nikki: What are you talking about?

Victor: Tell her, son. Come on. Tell her. Tell her!

Nick: I shorted out the sound board. I hated seeing what this was doing to you. I didn't want to see you harm yourself anymore.

Nikki: How dare you. You had no right to do that.

Nick: I saw how much you were suffering. Dad, who claims to love you so much, didn't care that every single note you were playing was causing you more pain.

Victor: There is no justification for what you did. None!

Nikki: I don't understand you, Nicholas. How could you go behind my back like that when I told you how much I was looking forward to this concert?

Nick: I did it to save you.

Nikki: I don't need to be saved, not by you or anybody!

Victor: And you damn well know that!

Nikki: I told you that I could handle this concert. Not only handle it. I wanted to do it! I needed to do it! This wasn't your place!

Nick: You get so caught up in this game he plays, you were willing to ignore what it was doing to you. I wasn't!

Victor: You wanted to get back at me, and you didn't mind using her to do so! You nearly ruined her concert!

Nick: You didn't ask mom about doing this concert. You put her in a position where she couldn't say no. And watching you speak to everyone about what a noble and perfect family we are at this cause, it made me sick.

Victor: You just crossed a line. I'm sick and tired of your self-righteousness and your hypocrisy.

Nick: I won't be a part of this charade anymore.

Victor: As of tonight... you're no longer my son.

Nick: You got sucked right back in, and I'm not gonna watch it anymore.

[Engine starts]

[Tires screeching]

Victor: Are you all right?

Nikki: Yeah, I'm fine.

Victor: You know, tonight was a great success. I wasn't about to have our son ruin your accomplishment. Um, they're probably wondering at the party where we are, so why don't we go back in?

Nikki: Okay. I -- I just need a minute, okay?

Victor: Okay.

Jack: You okay?

Nikki: Oh, jack. Please get me out of here.

Jack: Yeah. Here. Here.

Billy: You two remember my friend Phyllis, right? Hmm? She's very special to me.

Phyllis: Uh, we kind of met before, but it's nice to make it official. So, do you guys want to draw, or do you want to play some games?

Billy: Hey, come on. Be nice. She's talking to you. You want to play some games, or what?

Phyllis: It's fine. It's good. Don't worry about it. They obviously want to spend all their time with you, so I'll tell you what. The three of you go do whatever you want to go do, and I will keep myself busy right over here with a cool new game I just bought. It's about dancing elephants, but...

Billy: Wow...

Phyllis: You know, feel free to come check it out if you get bored, or whatever.

Billy: Hmm? Dancing elephants...

Kevin: I've entered your alias into a government database. We'll get you a new I.D., Transfer your medical records, come up with a whole life for Helen Jones. Now we just need to come up with a fresh backstory for you.

Chloe: What about Bella and what about you?

Kevin: I don't have to change anything. No one thinks I'm deceased. As far as everyone in Oregon is concerned, I'm Kevin fisher from Genoa city, and I just moved to town with my daughter and my beautiful new girlfriend.

Chloe: I just really wonder how safe this is.

Kevin: Look, as long as victor doesn't know you're with me, we're fine. And dr. Harris has too much to lose, his list of crimes piling up -- fraud, obstruction of justice, attempted murder -- not to mention the guy's completely lost it. He thinks you're his dead daughter.

Chloe: So creepy.

Kevin: Yeah, okay, look, bottom line, it's best for those guys that their role in this never comes to light. They want us to disappear.

Chloe: You make it sound so easy, and it's not. I mean, these guys are not dummies.

Kevin: Hey, can we just focus on the future? Our future. I told everyone here we were moving to Portland, right? But we don't have to live in the city proper. We could find a nice suburb or someplace out in the boonies, get a cottage.

Chloe: One of those tiny little houses, so adorable...

Kevin: Yeah. Bella will go to preschool, we'll become friends with other parents, join a book club, live a very forgettable and normal life.

Chloe: It all sounds kind of great.

Kevin: It does, doesn't it?

Chloe: Yeah, you're right. We need to get out of here and we need to start that life before something or someone whose first name starts with v walks in and ruins everything.

Kevin: Yeah, that's why we're gonna leave tonight. Leave all of this behind us. There's just one thing I have to do first.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Noah: Well, dad's not in the back, he wasn't in the kitchen. I don't know where he could have gone. He was really on edge at the concert. He just didn't seem right.

Tessa: Go track him down, talk to him.

Noah: I don't want to leave you here all alone while I search the building.

Tessa: Hey, stop being such a gentleman and go do what you need to do. I might duck out anyway. It's a been a crazy day.

Noah: Well, if I don't see you, tonight was fun.

Tessa: It was, uh... interesting. Always is with your family.

Noah: Yeah. I'll call you.

Tessa: Go find your dad.

Noah: Okay.

Ravi: May I have this dance?

Dina: Oh! Yes, young man, you certainly may.

Victoria: Dad, where have you been? What happened to you? Where's nick?

Victor: He's gone from this event and he's gone from my life.

Victoria: What does that even mean? Dad...

Victor: You know your brother tried to sabotage tonight's event?

Victoria: How?

Victor: By deliberately screwing with the sound board wanting to destroy it so there couldn't be a concert.

Abby: Dad! Hey, there you are! Where'd you go? People have been asking for you.

Victor: Everything is fine. I'm all right. I'll be right back.

Abby: Oh.

Scott: Victor.

Victor: Scott.

Scott: Sharon and I are taking off.

Victor: Before you go, I want to thank you for your loyalty, you know? You have been more loyal than... some members of my family.

Scott: Anything I can do?

Victor: No. It's been handled. But thank you. Have a nice evening.

Scott: Yeah. You, too.

Howard: Can you believe how those two were going at it? Your ratings will be through the roof!

Hilary: I know, I know, it is juicy as hell.

Howard: [Scoffs] It's beyond juicy. "We've pulled back the curtain to show you what's behind the polished exterior of the rich and powerful Newman family. Genoa city, you won't believe your eyes!"

Hilary: Okay, I can write my own copy, Howard. Thank you very much.

Howard: Okay. Well, you are gonna run with this, right?

Hilary: I don't know. It's -- it's dicey.

Howard: So? When has that ever stopped you?

Hilary: Victor hired us to cover the event in a responsible way.

Howard: Yeah, and what just happened in that parking garage is part of it! Reporting it to your viewers, totally responsible. It's your civic duty, even. What?

Hilary: [Sighs]

Mariah: Hey.

Neil: Hey.

Mariah: Where were you guys?

Hilary: Why?

Mariah: I wanted to see if you needed help with anything...

Hilary: Uh, no. No, we have everything handled. Thanks.

Neil: "Handled," huh? That could encompass a lot of things.

Mariah: Where were you? What were you doing?

Howard: Getting ratings gold! [Clears throat]

Mariah: I couldn't help but notice that victor disappeared along with the star performer of the evening and their son. Would it have anything to do with that?

Hilary: I'm sorry, I can't say.

Devon: Oh, until you're ready to tell on your show.

Mariah: Our show. So give it up, Hilary.

Abby: Why won't you tell me what's going on?

Victoria: You know as much as I do.

Abby: Uh, I seriously doubt that. Where's nick?

Victor: None of your concern, okay?

Abby: Oh. Okay. I see. I'm only a member of this family when it's convenient.

Victor: I didn't mean to say that.

Victoria: Now is not the time. If you want to be helpful, then just go and mingle with the guests.

Victor: I didn't mean to say that, Abby.

Victoria: I'm sorry, dad. I'm sorry.

Victor: [Breathes deeply] It's all right.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. No, the concert came off. I'm sure my dad is gonna be there preening until the last guest leaves. [Chuckles] Yeah. Uh, hey, I see my son. I really need to talk to him. Can I call you back? Okay. Bye, Chelsea.

Noah: Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. I was worri-- what the hell happened to you? Where'd you get that bruise?

Nick: Just, you know, had a discussion with your grandfather.

Noah: Grandpa did that to you?

Nick: It's fine. It's not a big deal.

Noah: It's not fine. What is going on with you guys?

Nick: It's just my dad being dad.

Nikki: I'm sorry I dragged you out there like that. I -- I just couldn't stand another second.

Jack: Don't you apologize. Please. You did what you had to do to take care of yourself. I'm glad I could help.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: So, where do you want to go?

Nikki: I don't care. Anywhere but home.

Jack: I have an idea.

Devon: Hilary, I know that look. You caught someone doing something they weren't supposed to be doing, right?

Howard: It's our job, Devon. We were hired to cover the function, no restrictions. It's not our fault if we happen to witness a not-so-pretty sight.

Hilary: Calm down, Howard. Devon's just concerned. He wants to make sure that I'm being responsible. That's the way you like me, right, Devon? Responsible?

Devon: Well, it's just a new side of you that I'm not really used to.

Hilary: Well, change is good.

Neil: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure. If it's really change and not just window dressing.

Hilary: O ye of little faith.

Howard: This footage is dynamite! Okay, I'm heading back to the studio.

Hilary: Okay, you go. I will pass by later. We can check out what we got, okay?

Howard: Okay, see you then.

Mariah: Hilary, if this is about victor, please watch yourself. He's not someone that you want as an enemy. You crossed him once before. Do you remember how that went? He might not let you off so easy this time.

Hilary: Thank you, Mariah, for those pearls of journalistic wisdom. Did you have anything to add?

Devon: I keep saying you're not my problem anymore.

Hilary: Great.

Devon: All right, well, this party seems to be winding down. Would you, uh... would you like to come back to my place?

Tessa: Hey, are you guys heading home? Could I bum a ride?

Mariah: Yeah, actually. I was just going to ask Devon to drive me home.

Devon: You want to go home?

Mariah: Yeah, I'm pretty wiped. I have to get up early, you know.

Devon: Sure. Okay. Um, I could drop you off at the ranch if you want, then.

Tessa: Oh, yeah! I should probably avoid the main house.

Mariah: Oh, you can stay at Sharon's.

Tessa: Are you sure?

Mariah: Yeah, faith is away at sleepover camp, and you can use her room.

Tessa: Awesome.

Mariah: And I'm sure that you would like to avoid any more drama. [Laughs]

Tessa: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Dina: [Chuckles] Thank you. Where in the world did you learn to dance like that?

Ravi: Growing up, my parents made sure I had all the proper skills, which included dance lessons.

Dina: Well...

Ashley: Sorry to interrupt, but I just got a text from jack and he had to leave. He sends his apologies.

Dina: What? Jack left without me?

Ashley: It's okay. Something urgent came up, and he wanted to make sure that Ravi and I got you home safely.

Ravi: We'd be happy to drop you off whenever you're ready.

Dina: Oh, no -- excuse me. Just for a moment.

Ravi: Um, a little surprised jack would just leave without mentioning.

Ashley: I think the whole evening's been kind of weird, don't you?

Ravi: Yeah. You know, I also noticed our host isn't looking nearly as happy as he did earlier.

Ashley: Hmm. That's weird.

Chloe: You know, when daddy gets back, we're gonna hop in the car and we're gonna go on an adventure. We're gonna go this magical place -- it's called Oregon. Yeah. And you know what it has? It has the most beautiful trees and mountains and big, blue skies and an ocean. It's gonna be so neat. We're gonna have all these new places to explore and things to do. You know, maybe you'll even have a brother or a sister. [Gasps] You know, we're so lucky that we have daddy.

Bella: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: I know. We're so wonderful that we have him.

Bella: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: [Chuckles] I'm not gonna make any mistakes. Not anymore. I'm gonna be a good person from now on. I'm gonna be the mommy that you deserve.

Billy: "Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child under the sun." Look at that. Look at how long her hair is. "When she was 12 years old..."

Phyllis: Yes!

Billy: "...The enchantress shut her into a tower which lay in the forest."

Phyllis: [Giggles]

Billy: "It had neither stairs nor a door..."

Phyllis: Hi! Want me to teach you how to play? Okay, so what you have to do is you got to flip these peanuts, and you got to get them into the elephant's mouth. Then when his tummy's all full, he will do a pirouette.

Johnny: What's a pirouette?

Phyllis: [Giggles] It's when he twirls on his leg, and the other one is just... okay, you know what? Here. You try.

Billy: See the little birdy?

Katherine: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah? Hey, now! What's going on, nobody wants to hear the rest of my story?

Phyllis: Hi! [Giggles] Oh! [Laughs] Isn't that silly?

Katherine: Hey!

Phyllis: Yeah. Get it! Get it!

Reed: Do you know where grandma went? I didn't get a chance to say bye. And, also, why did uncle nick leave so early?

Victoria: It's an issue between your grandpa and nick. Nothing you need to concern yourself with, honey. It's fine.

Abby: I'm sorry that I've been so distracted, but... things got weird, and I can't really put my finger on why.

Zack: Silver lining -- your stepmother and the university both had a terrific night.

Abby: Yeah, but whatever happened with my dad, I mean, it upset him. I wanted to talk to him, to see how I could help, but then Victoria dismissed me. Victoria. Hi, can I have a word?

Victoria: [Sighs]

Abby: I am sick of being patronized by you. I am sick of you making me feel like I'm not a part of this family.

Victoria: Oh, boy, he comes the paranoia.

Abby: I am sick of you treating me like I am 6 years old.

Victoria: Well, then stop acting like one! [Gasps, screams]

Reed: Mom!

Abby: Oh, my god. Victoria, I am so sorry. I was just so upset.

Reed: It looks like you hit your head, mom. Are you okay?

Victoria: It's okay. I'm fine. Just help me up.

Abby: Are you sure?

Victoria: [Sighs] Yes. I'm fine. I just feel more ridiculous than anything.

Abby: I feel terrible. Absolutely hideous.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I've had better days myself. Honey, I want to say goodbye to your grandfather before we leave, okay?

Reed: Okay, um, should I drive?

Victoria: Sure.

Abby: Victoria, again, I am so sorry.

Victoria: It's okay. I'm fine. Good night.

Abby: Night. What is wrong with me?

Zack: You were frustrated. Stuff happens.

Abby: No, but Victoria falling -- I mean, you saw, it was an accident. I didn't mean to make her fall.

Zack: 100%.

Ashley: I wonder what's taking my mother so long. I'm gonna go check the ladies' room, I'll be right back.

Ravi: Okay, I'll wait here. [Sighs]

Dina: Hello, Ravi.

Ravi: Hey, Ashley just --

Dina: This is all very, very upsetting. It just isn't like graham.

Ravi: Graham? You mean --

Dina: Well, I mean, how could he just walk out and leave me all alone?

Ravi: Uh...

Ashley: Hey! Well, there you are! I must have just missed you.

Ravi: I think we should get your mother back to her suite.

Dina: Yes. Please. I've had more than enough here. I want to go back.

Ashley: Okay.

Dina: Thank you.

Ravi: Shall we?

Dina: Yes.

Ashley: Well, this party's definitely over. Good night.

Victor: Good night. Thank you for coming. Anyway, I think it was a great night for the entire family. I'm glad you were here for your grandmother's performance.

Reed: Yeah, I'm glad I am, too. It was really cool. Grandma was amazing.

Victor: Wasn't it great?

Reed: Yeah.

Victor: Yeah. Glad you came.

Reed: Well, I'm gonna wait by the elevator for you.

Victoria: Okay, I'm right behind you.

Reed: Great seeing you, grandpa.

Victoria: I'll talk to nick. He didn't think through his actions.

Victor: He knew exactly what he was doing, sweetheart. He had his own agenda. He didn't care. I just hope for his sake that his own son will not treat him with such utter disrespect.

Victoria: Okay, dad, the night turned out fine, all things considered, so let's just focus on that, okay? Good night, daddy.

Victor: Good night, sweetheart.

Victoria: I love you.

Victor: Okay. Thank you.

Noah: This thing between you and grandpa -- it feels worse somehow.

Nick: Well, according to him, I'm no longer his son. So there's that.

Noah: Yeah, but he's just spouting off, right? I mean... wasn't he?

Nick: Look, ever since, you know, we found out Chloe killed Adam, a lot of stuff has come up, and I took a lot of that out on you tonight. And, uh, I'm sorry. You know, you were just trying to help.

Noah: I thought I was. The way that you reacted... it made no sense.

Nick: Noah, you saved the concert. You did the right thing. I was wrong, and I am very sorry.

Sharon: Justin's going to clean up, so we can take off whenever we want.

Scott: Let's hit it.

Abby: Good! You're still open!

Sharon: Oh! Do you need a caffeine fix?

Zack: She needs a place to chill.

Scott: Yeah, it's been kind of a bizarre night.

Abby: Big time. Yeah. But the concert was a huge hit, the party was a success, and everything went great until I came unglued on my sister, which I don't know what was up with that.

Devon: Hey. You guys open late?

Sharon: Um, you know, it looks that way.


Devon: Hey.

Scott: Welcome to the party after the after-party.

Devon: Thanks. Can I get an espresso?

Sharon: Sure. You know what? Grab a seat. I'll bring it to you.

Devon: Okay. Thank you.

Scott: You want me to get it?

Sharon: Okay. Thanks.

Scott: Yeah. No problem. Excuse me.

Sharon: So, what happened with Victoria?

Abby: [Sighs] It's so stupid. I got pissed off at her, and I threw a drink in her face.

Sharon: [Gasps]

Abby: I know, real classy, but... she lost her balance and she fell, and I feel horrible.

Zack: It was an accident, Abby.

Abby: I just -- I wanted to find out what happened with my dad and nick. They both disappeared, and then my dad came back to the party. He was clearly upset, but, of course, he wouldn't tell me what happened.

Scott: Well, nick seemed determined to screw up this night. What kind of son does that to his parents?

Sharon: Well, let's not speculate, please. None of us saw what happened.

Hilary: So, uh, where's your date?

Devon: She went home. She got tired and wanted to go to sleep.

Hilary: Well, it's been a really stressful night. Especially for the Newmans, huh?

Devon: Mm, yeah. I'm sure you and Howard got some great footage.

Hilary: I will handle it responsibly. Don't worry, Devon.

Devon: I'm not worried. It's like I said, it's not my problem anymore.

Hilary: Well, speaking of problems, you may have to do some damage control with Mariah.

Devon: Why do you say that?

Hilary: The way that you've been looking at me tonight? Devon, your girlfriend, she may talk tough, but she has insecurities just like everyone else.

Devon: You know it was nothing like that. Okay? If Mariah had a problem, she would say something.

Hilary: Uh-huh.

Devon: She doesn't play games with me, which is actually what I like about her the most. She appreciates the fact you and I can be civil with each other. She's cool with it.

Hilary: Yeah?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: You think she'd be cool with the way you're looking at me right now?

Devon: [Scoffs]

Tessa: Whew.

Mariah: Here you go.

Tessa: Thank you.

Mariah: Stop thanking me. I'm glad you're here.

Tessa: [Laughs]

Mariah: I was kind of... lying to Devon when I told him that I was too exhausted to go home with him.

Tessa: Oh. Why?

Mariah: 'Cause it was easier than lying to him in his house. In his bed. I know Devon likes me. I just see the way that he looks at Hilary. Please don't try to tell me that I'm crazy.

Tessa: I won't. I saw it, too.

Mariah: Yeah. Devon has been working very hard to try to convince himself that he's over Hilary. He had me convinced, too. It's not that I think that we're soul mates or anything like that, or even that I believe in that sort of thing. I just know that when he's with me, he's not really with me. I thought that I was okay with that, being the rebound girl. I mean, we got together pretty quickly after the divorce, and I thought it would change, but... it hasn't. And I'm not okay with it. [Voice breaking] 'Cause I -- I know that I deserve... [Sniffles] It just -- it hurts. It hurts so much.

Tessa: It's okay. [Cries]

Billy: Out like a light.

Phyllis: Both of them?

Billy: Yes. Must have been coco the dancing elephant that wore them out.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] It's bobo, but you're welcome.

Billy: You were great. They had a blast with you.

Phyllis: It was the game. I researched every cool game that children love at that age. You know, I was preparing for the day that this might happen. I don't really hang out with preschoolers all that much.

Billy: Come on. It wasn't the game. It's you. Why wouldn't they love you?

Ashley: So...

Ravi: Would you like us to see you to your room?

Dina: Oh, no. No, thank you. The elevator's right here.

Ashley: Okay, well, good night, mother.

Dina: Good night.

Ashley: Take care.

Dina: Thank you.

Ashley: You know, I thought it was kind of rude, how jack ditched her. Dina handled it a lot better than I would have.

Ravi: It definitely threw her, big time.

Ashley: Why do you say that?

Ravi: Your mother seemed a little...confused at the party.

Ashley: Don't you think the whole evening was a little confusing?

Ravi: Dina referred to jack as graham -- a couple times. Now, I know she meant jack...

Ashley: You know what? It was late. Maybe she had too much to drink on top of that? I don't know.

Ravi: Yeah. Yeah. I'm probably just overreacting. Shall we?

Ashley: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Why are you calling so late? This had better be important.

Dr. Harris: Chloe escaped. I don't know where she is.

Victor: When?

Dr. Harris: Not long.

Victor: You better find her, bring her back to the house.

Dr. Harris: They tied me up and they stole my car.

Victor: What do you mean, "they?"

Dr. Harris: Kevin fisher is with her.

[Knocks on door]

Chloe: Hi. Bella's sleeping.

Kevin: Hi. Oh, okay. Uh, look what I got. Official birth certificate for Helen Jones. Pretty authentic-looking, huh? Okay, we've got photo I.D. and a social security card.

Chloe: Wait, how did you get all that?

Kevin: Don't worry about it, but if anyone ever runs a check, it's all gonna come up legit. [Sighs] This is everything we need to start our new life. We pack up the car, we leave tonight.

Chloe: This is such a relief.

Kevin: Yeah. There's just one last thing. [Chuckles] I love you. I always have, I always will. I don't want to spend another minute being alone. Will you marry me, Helen Jones? [Laughs]

Chloe: Yeah.

Kevin: [Sighs] I don't know that we could ever make it official because I think it would create too much of a paper trail. But I'll make you a vow -- another vow. I will always keep you safe.

[Crickets chirping]

Jordan: No better place to relax.

Nikki: Your family's cabin. What an inspired idea.

Jack: Whenever I'm here, I can quiet the noise inside my head. Think. Find some peace. A lot of memories here. Some bad, some... some very good.

Nikki: Well, I am very happy to be here with you. You've been like a rock for me, jack. Actually, I don't know what I would have done without you tonight. [Sighs] I'm sorry, I --

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Billy: I just want to make sure that you're really okay with this.

Nikki: [Gasps] Jack, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.

[Knocks on door]

Kevin: Who is it?

Victor: Your worst nightmare!

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