Y&R Transcript Friday 7/7/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/7/17


Episode # 11209 ~ Nick asks Nikki to cancel her concert; Abby and Scott vie for Victor's approval; Chelsea reaches out to Sharon for help.

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Michael: You're moving to Oregon?

Kevin: Portland. It's a nice city.

Esther: And you're gonna just pack up Bella and head off on your merry way?

Kevin: I'm sorry for just dropping this on you guys, but it's what I have to do. I need a new start.

Michael: Then do it here. You have before.

Kevin: I need something new. I'm sorry. It's my life, my choice.

Esther: And this is the way to do it -- moving 2,000 miles away?

Michael: Look, you make all these plans to go to Tahiti, and then, out of nowhere, you change your mind, head west, don't tell anyone what you're up to. And now you want to turn your whole life upside down?

Kevin: I know this is a surprise.

Michael: It's not a surprise. It's nonsensical. What's really going on, Kevin?

Sharon: Care to tell me what's going on in that mind of yours?

Mariah: Sorry. What?

Sharon: Is it the usual brownie-versus-scone debate?

Mariah: Do you think you ever get over the love of your life?

Sharon: Wow. I was way off base.

Mariah: Do you?

Sharon: The short answer? Yes.

Mariah: And the long one?

Sharon: You know, I always believed that nick was the love of my life, and then, when our marriage ended, I realized that... he was a love of my life. A person can have more than one great love. And I've been lucky to have a few, like what I had with Dylan.

Mariah: Or what you might have with Scott?

Sharon: Mm, it's way too soon. Don't go there.

Mariah: Right. I guess it's hard to get over the past and move on.

Sharon: Whose love life are we talking about here -- yours or mine? Are things not going that well with Devon?

Abby: Okay. I think you need to push it a little bit more that way. Perfect. Love it. Thank you. Hey. I think we're in decent shape -- just a few last-minute details.

Scott: There always are.

Abby: There is the florist, the caterer, who is driving me crazy about the champagne choice, and lighting design. Pick your poison.

Scott: Why don't you choose? I'll just take whatever's left. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do.

Abby: Wait. Since when are you so mellow and team-spirited?

Scott: Since there's only one more day left of this and we can get back to our real jobs. You know, I don't know who's gonna be happier about seeing this concert finally happen -- victor or me.

Victor: [Exhales sharply]

Nikki: "Victor, I'll be back in a few days. Need to clear my head. Nikki."

Nick: [Sighs] Tessa, you are my mother's assistant. You really haven't heard from her? You don't have any messages, anything?

Tessa: No. I'm starting to worry she's not gonna show up for the concert tomorrow.

Nick: I don't think she's gonna show up 'cause she doesn't want to do it.

Tessa: Or can't.

Nick: "Can't"? What do you mean by that?

Nikki: Hello?! Is anyone home?!

Sharon: Are you worried that Devon is still in love with Hilary?

Mariah: No. I-I didn't say that. I just -- oh, hey! Look who's here! Hi, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hi! I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Mariah: No. You know, actually, I was gonna make a phone call, so, uh, I will let you two talk.

Chelsea: Bye.

Mariah: Bye.

Chelsea: It's good to see you. Did you have fun at the club? That was a really fun fourth of July party, wasn't it?

Sharon: Yeah! I really enjoyed myself, too, in spite of nick and Scott butting heads.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was a lot of... male ego going on. Hopefully they got it out of their system.

Sharon: Well, what can I get you to drink? It's on the house.

Chelsea: Oh, that's really sweet, but, actually... I'm looking for more than a latte.

Sharon: Oh?

Chelsea: I have a proposition for you.

Abby: Now, this should be everything you need to deal with the caterer.

Scott: What's your preference?

Abby: Oh, great. The bubbly? Anything French, from the champagne region, I'll be good with -- superexpensive.

Scott: Got it.

Abby: I know that event planning isn't really your thing, but I kind of love it -- all the logistics involved to make a magical evening. It's kind of a neat challenge, and I feel like I'm good at it.

Scott: Well, then, I'll gladly cede control over to you for all future occasions that involve overpriced booze and a fancy dress.

Abby: All right. Dad, hi!

Victor: Well, hi, sweetheart.

Scott: Victor.

Victor: So, Scott... everything set for tomorrow night?

Abby: Yes. We're just divvying up the few last-minute details.

Victor: Look at this. I had a feeling the two of you would work well together.

Abby: Uh, well, Nikki's piano was just delivered. When is she gonna come by and test it out?

Victor: I doubt she will.

Abby: Really? I thought she'd want to get a feel for the lighting design, the stage, all that stuff.

Victor: Normally, performers would like to do that, you know, but Nikki does things her own way.

Scott: Whatever works. I'm impressed she's doing it at all. I mean, getting out there in front of all those people -- I couldn't.

Abby: Really? You're an investigative journalist, but getting on stage and playing a little tune is too much for you?

Scott: It's a different kind of pressure, especially if you've never done it before. If it were up to me, I'd be running for the hills.

Nick: Tessa, I need to know. Is there some reason why my mother wouldn't be able to perform?

Tessa: I don't know why I said that. I should go.

Nick: Just hold on. Hold on. Look, I know we are both concerned about the amount of stress my mother's under right now. But if there's something more, something worse, as to why she can't do this, then I need to know. Tessa, whatever it is, my mother shouldn't be facing it alone. You know that. So, please, I'm begging you.

Tessa: Nikki was in a lot of pain before she left.

Nick: What kind of pain? Is -- is it her M.S.?

Tessa: She had a flare-up. The doctor came and gave her some medicine, but before I knew it, she left.

Nick: And you have no idea where?

Tessa: I don't. And that's the truth.

Nick: Okay. Thanks.

Tessa: Please don't tell victor. Nikki did not want him to know. She made me swear, nick.

Nick: When I see my mom, I'm gonna have to get into this with her. I'm not gonna tell my dad anything, except that there is not gonna be any concert.

Kevin: Look, I know it's a lot to take in, but there's no cause for alarm.

Michael: Are you kidding? There's plenty of cause.

Esther: This is such a rash decision. You don't even know anyone in Portland, do you?

Kevin: No. That's the point -- a new place, make a new start, meet new people, make new friends.

Esther: The best thing for you to do is just to stay here and get your life back to normal.

Kevin: Esther, nothing about this situation is normal.

Michael: Starting with you bailing on Tahiti. How does that even happen?

Kevin: Well, I was at the airport, waiting to check in, and, uh -- and it hit me. How can I -- how can I go to the place where Chloe and I were supposed to honeymoon? I just couldn't do it. So I went up to the counter, and I asked the ticket agent if I could exchange my ticket. The next flight was to Portland, so I grabbed a seat. Spent the next few days wandering around the city, and a sense of calm came over me. It's hard to put into words, but you know when, like -- you know when you're holding your breath and then you finally take a breath again? It was like that.

Esther: You know, I know that these past few weeks have been really difficult, but moving all that way and uprooting that precious little girl...

Kevin: Kids are resilient. This is gonna be good for both of us.

Michael: Listen... you're a single parent, on your own. You need family.

Kevin: I love you all. Mike, you know that. There's just too many bad memories here. Even here -- here, the place where Chloe and I didn't get married, the last place I saw her alive. There's -- there's just so much pain. I can't do it anymore.

Esther: Kevin, I hate the thought of never seeing you, and Bella is my only grandchild. She needs us, too.

Kevin: She needs her father more. And I can't be a good parent if my head isn't on straight. Please tell me you understand and that you're gonna let me do this and not make this any harder than it already is.

Chelsea: I know you originally stopped working for me at Chelsea 2.0 because you needed to run this place, but it looks like it's a well-oiled machine now, so...

Sharon: Well, I've had really good luck with assistant managers lately.

Chelsea: Well, I'm delighted to hear that, because... I want you back. Part-time, full-time, basically all the extra hours you have to spare, so, um... do you have any interest? Please say yes.

Sharon: That is the last thing that I expected to hear today.

Chelsea: Well, you know, I miss having you around the studio -- a lot. It's nice having someone that you can count on. You know what I mean? So...what do you say? Will you help me?

Esther: I know that it is not my place to tell you what's best for you and your child, but do you really think that this is gonna give you the peace of mind that you're looking for?

Kevin: I know it will. This isn't some crazy impulse. I've been thinking about this for weeks.

Esther: Okay. Well, Bella should be waking up from her nap soon, so maybe I should just --

Kevin: Oh, no need! Bella, come here! Hi, sweet girl! Oh, gosh. Daddy missed you so much. Hi. [Smooching]

Michael: You know what? Why don't we take Bella to the park? You'd like that, Bella, wouldn't you? I know I would.

Scott: Victor, here are the latest figures. The tech crew will be coming through in a little bit to set up the sound and lighting boards. Everything's right on schedule. Nick, hey. We're almost finished.

Nick: Yeah. I need to talk to my dad -- alone.

Scott: He's all yours.

Victor: All right, Scott.

Scott: Yeah.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here? You've shown zero interest in helping to prepare for your mother's concert.

Nick: We both know mom's out of town. She has no interest in showing up to this concert of yours.

Victor: If she had had no interest, she would have let me know.

Nick: She had to get away from you because of all the stress you're putting on her. She's not gonna put herself on display just so you can play the noble benefactor.

Victor: You know why I'm putting this on? To show the world how much I admire your mother's determination to overcome her M.S. And give this performance. But you wouldn't know about that because you have nothing but contempt for your father.

Nick: Yeah, well, you're gonna change your tune tomorrow night. You're gonna have a pavilion full of people, and mom's not gonna be able to perform because you made her life so intolerable.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. Hi, you two!

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nick: Oh. There is so much going on back here.

Abby: I cannot wait for you to see the setup on stage. It's uberdramatic.

Nikki: Oh. Well, I have to confess, I did take a little peek at the front of the house on my way back here. It's so beautiful. And I'm so appreciative of all the hard work you've put in, especially you, victor. Thank you again for arranging this event. I just can't wait till tomorrow.

Victor: Glad to hear that.

[Indistinct conversation]

Nikki: Ohh.

Nikki: I can't remember the last time I was so excited.

Victor: I'm glad to hear that.

Abby: Would you like to the piano a trial run -- get a feel for the stage?

Scott: 9-foot concert grand, freshly tuned.

Nikki: I know. I am familiar with that piano. It is beautiful -- beautiful tone -- but I think I would rather go home by myself in my own living room and practice. That's where I was headed now. I just decided to come and say hello.

Victor: All right. I'll see you at home?

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Okay.

Abby: Bye.

Nikki: Bye.

Scott: Bye-bye.

Victor: Son, if you don't mind, I'd like to finish our conversation.

Scott: You know what? I had a couple questions about how the piano's being mic'D. Do you mind?

Abby: Yeah. Let's go and check it out.

Scott: Sure.

Victor: You saw how good your mother looks. She's ready and prepared for tomorrow night's concert, proving once again that you're presumptuous when you assume that you know your mother better than I do.

[Cell phone chimes]

Sharon: Chelsea, I am so flattered, but I'm gonna have to say no. Between crimson lights, my university courses, volunteering at the crisis hot line, raising my daughter, and trying to save a sliver of time for Scott, I just can't. I wish I could. I mean, it's a really wonderful offer.

Chelsea: I'm disappointed, but I understand. I'm actually in the same boat.

Sharon: Thank you for being so gracious.

Chelsea: I just really want to take my brand to the next level, you know? And I need the right people to do that. [Sighs] I just don't know who to turn to for help.

Sharon: Everything's gonna be okay. You've been so strong and you have accomplished so much. Nothing is gonna stop you from getting what you want.

Bella: Look at all the flowers.

Kevin: I know. You see? Look. See over there? All the pink ones -- why don't you go check those out? But stay where I can see you, all right?

Michael: Now that we're alone... the truth. The day you left, you were a mess. Now suddenly you're back here, all full of this crazy energy, ready to take Bella and go off and start some new life somewhere else.

Kevin: What's wrong with that?

Michael: Nothing. I get exactly what you're doing. But it takes time. You don't get there overnight.

Kevin: It wasn't overnight. It was several nights of some serious soul searching.

Michael: Kevin, nothing about this...seems a bit impulsive?

Kevin: When something in your gut feels right, why wait? I don't want her growing up with the baggage of being Chloe Mitchell and Kevin fisher's daughter. And I may have cleaned up my act, but it's not like people have forgotten my past.

Michael: [Chuckles softly] I remember that day, all those years ago, when you first came into my office, up to your ears in trouble.

Kevin: Gee, Mikey. Aren't you happy to see me?

Michael: No. Not in the least.

Kevin: Wow. That hurts.

Michael: So, what's with your face? You fall down the stairs or something?

Kevin: Yeah, something like that.

Michael: Don't tell me. You got beat up.

Kevin: There's this guy, if you must know, and he insists on --

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's always "this guy," "for no reason," Mr. It's not my fault. Where the hell did you pop up from?

Kevin: I've been in Genoa city for a while, just not traveling in the same circles as you, I guess.

Michael: Dear lord, why? Why -- why would you come here?

Kevin: I figured my brother loves it. There must be something about the place. After all, we are so much alike.

Michael: Don't ever say that. Don't ever say that.

Kevin: Listen, um, I'd like to chat all day, but, uh, I need a lawyer to get me out of some trouble. Do you know a good one?

Michael: [Chuckles] That is the same old Kevin. You get to make the mess, and someone else gets to clean it up.

Kevin: Hey, whoever I am is partly your fault.

Michael: My fault?!

Kevin: Yeah, your fault. I swear, if you don't help me out here, Mikey, I will make you wish that you had, okay?

Michael: What happened to that guy? [Chuckles]

Kevin: Beats me. Man, you were pissed, having to deal with me again.

Michael: We had a-a big mountain to climb, learning how to be brothers, but we did it. And now we've got Gloria back, and she has made a shockingly decent effort to be a better mother and grandmother.

Kevin: She has. I give her a lot of credit.

Michael: I mean, we're never gonna be that all-American, apple-pie-eating family you see in TV commercials. You know, but by Baldwin/fisher standards... we come damn close.

Kevin: Yeah. [Inhales deeply, clears throat] [Voice breaking] I owe you a lot.

Michael: You don't owe me anything. You're my family. And you don't just have Gloria and me to rely on here. You've got Esther and you've got Scott and you've got Lauren, too. I understand your feeling like running. But is it the right answer? You've got to know that Genoa city is still the best place for you and Bella.

Kevin: What I know is that I'm not staying here. And nothing you say or do is gonna change my mind, mike.

Abby: I'm glad Nikki had a chance to look around before her performance.

Victor: I was a little concerned during her absence. I wondered if she wanted to perform at all.

Abby: She seemed enthusiastic to me.

Victor: Yeah. I was relieved to see that. You know, I meant this to be a gift to Nikki, not a burden.

Abby: Dad, now that we're having this heart-to-heart, I wanted to talk to you about something. This is the first big Newman event that we've had in a while, and we haven't had a Newman family dinner in forever. Nick, Victoria, Nikki -- none of them drop by the office like they used to. And I don't know if I was imagining things, but there seemed to be some tension between you and nick. And more than once recently, you've seemed a little down, and, well, I wanted to ask you about it, but... I don't want to pry.

Victor: You're a member of this family. You have a right to know.

Chelsea: Thank you, Sharon -- and not just for the coffee, for the encouragement, as well.

Sharon: Any time, and thank you for the offer.

Scott: Ladies.

Sharon: Hey!

Chelsea: Hi.

Sharon: How's everything going with the big event?

Scott: Actually, better than expected. The venue looks great.

Chelsea: You talking about for Nikki's benefit concert?

Scott: Yeah, tomorrow night. It's sold out. Are you going?

Chelsea: I wouldn't miss it.

Scott: Excellent.

Sharon: Oh, I just love the chance to hear her play, and the acoustics are amazing.

Scott: Yeah. The tech guys were doing their first sound rehearsal right as I was leaving, and nick and Nikki came to check out the scene.

Chelsea: Do you know if nick is still there, actually?

Scott: You know, he might be. I'm not sure.

Chelsea: Did you guys get into it again?

Scott: We were on our best behavior. You could almost call it "cordial-ish."

Chelsea: Okay. Good to hear. I'm gonna go see if I can catch up, but good luck with everything.

Scott: Yeah, thank you. See you at the benefit.

Chelsea: Yeah, sure.

Scott: Hi. Alone at last...

Sharon: Here.

Scott: ...Sort of.

Sharon: Make yourself useful.

Scott: I can do that.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Scott: Thanks.

Sharon: So, you and nick managed to play nice?

Scott: Oh, yeah. We're best buds now. It actually, uh, helped that we didn't have a chance to actually talk.

Sharon: Well, I imagine you were both pretty busy getting ready for Nikki's big night.

Scott: You know, I don't want to -- I'm not looking for trouble here, Sharon, but... the guy's attitude sucks. I mean, he walked in, glances around, and we're all just scrambling, and he doesn't even lend a hand. And he hasn't once asked to help out for this concert -- I mean, not even for the afterparty or the fundraising. If he could just pick up a phone and make a couple calls and maybe collect a couple checks -- it's not that hard. I just -- he seems like he doesn't really want a part of it.

Sharon: Well, you're half right.

Tessa: Nikki's gonna be so mad.

Mariah: At you? Why?

Tessa: I told nick something that she wanted to keep private. Don't ask me what it is. I feel bad enough already.

Mariah: Okay. Fine. I won't push. But why did you tell nick?

Tessa: I don't know. I just...blurted it out.

Mariah: Nick wore you down. I know how that goes. [Laughing] I know.

Tessa: Nick said he wouldn't repeat it to his dad. What if he does?

Mariah: Look, nick is a good guy, and he's more loyal to his mom than he is his dad.

Tessa: Loyal, like I should have been.

Mariah: Hey! Stop that! You have been incredible to Nikki, and she knows it. If you had a good reason for telling nick, I'm sure she's gonna understand.

Tessa: Look, I know you're trying to help, Mariah, but I really don't think it's gonna be that simple.

[Door opens, closes]

Nick: Mom.

Nikki: Hi.

Nick: I'm glad you're home. I was so worried.

Nikki: Oh, honey, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you or upset you. I just was wound up so tight, I needed some space before the concert. That's all.

Nick: Where were you?

Nikki: I was in one of my very favorite spas in the country, in Colorado, for a little r&R.

Nick: We both know there's more to it than that. Tessa told me that you had a flare-up.

Nikki: She wasn't supposed to tell anybody. If victor finds out about this --

Nick: Dad has no idea, all right? He is wrapped up in himself as always. And please don't be mad at Tessa, okay? She only told me because she is as concerned about you as I am.

Nikki: Well, I'm fine.

Nick: How 'bout your pain?

Nikki: Honey, I just told you I was at a very famous wellness center in boulder. In fact, I tried some holistic treatments. They did a world of good for me. I did yoga. I had massages every single day. I went for long walks. I just blotted out the whole rest of the world like it didn't exist. It did me so much good.

Nick: I'm glad, mom, but if you have another episode like this, you have to tell me and Victoria so we can help you. There's no more hiding the truth from us.

Nikki: All right, son. Listen, this was a one-time, stress-related issue. I've taken care of it now, so I am ready to walk out on that stage tomorrow.

Nick: No. You're not doing that.

Sharon: Finding out that Chloe killed Adam dredged up a lot of painful feelings for nick.

Scott: Anger, I imagine, too.

Sharon: Yes. And even though he adores Nikki and he completely supports her, he's put some distance between himself and victor.

Scott: That explains a lot.

Sharon: I imagine Victoria feels the same way.

Scott: Can't blame 'em. I definitely feel empathy for anybody who wants to stay far, far away from the whole thing until it's over. It's for a great cause. I just prefer to spend my work time elsewhere.

Sharon: And yet you stepped up, and Abby, too.

Scott: [Sighs] Poor kid. She tries so hard to get victor's approval. When I went over there to interview her for victor's biography, it was obvious she doesn't feel as secure about her place in the family as Nikki's kids.

Sharon: Since when are you so concerned about Abby's feelings?

Scott: I was just thinking about how I was raised without a father, and I never had to really please him, you know, or be held to unrealistic expectations. I just don't have a clue what that's like, you know, or what he might have thought of me.

Sharon: I'm sure that dr. Grainger would be very proud of the person you've become.

Abby: Finding out Chloe murdered Adam, it had to be awful.

Victor: It reopened some old wounds, but, you know, without you and Scott, nick wouldn't have done this. You did it all without Nicholas or Victoria lifting a finger.

Abby: Well, I just want it to be a great night for you, for Nikki, and for the M.S. Research center.

Victor: It's so sweet you came. [Sighs] It means a great deal to me. I just -- I can't stand... this family being apart. I want nothing more than all of us to get along and be a family again.

Nikki: After I stopped being so furious with victor, I became determined to prove to him that I can do this... that he wouldn't have to swoop down and save me... like he thinks I need him to do because I'm just so helpless without him. But, you know, since I had some time away -- I don't know -- my perspective has changed.

Nick: How?

Nikki: For one thing... I don't really give two hoots what victor thinks. I'm gonna do this performance for me, for charity, for... the center that has my name on it.

Nick: Well, let me ask you a question. Would you have ever in a million years agreed to do this concert if dad hadn't pressed you into it?

Nikki: Absolutely not. Playing a concert for a charity benefit? That would never have entered my mind. And I-I had let my passion for my music go dormant, which was a shame, because if I had pursued it -- who knows? -- I might be playing all over the world, raising millions of dollars for M.S. Research.

Nick: I never heard you express an interest in performing before, you know, charity or otherwise.

Nikki: No, you didn't. But I'm looking at the bigger picture. This is about much more than just one event. This is about me having the guts to spread my wings and fly a little bit. So, I am making this concert my jumping-off point to the rest of my life. It's my goal, Nicholas. It has nothing remotely to do with your father.

Nick: He still has you brainwashed. You just don't see it.

Nikki: I resent that.

Nick: Mom, I am not trying to insult you, okay? It's just I'm very, very worried about you. From what Tessa said, this flare-up was really bad. It was so bad that you felt like the only thing you could do was to leave town and cut yourself off from everyone. Now, I can see how you might want to try and turn that into some victory, but this is not the way.

Nikki: Honey, I hate to see you so distressed like this. So let me prove it to you right now that I am up to the challenge.

Michael: You're really going, aren't you?

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Michael: Okay. Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.

Kevin: You know I'm gonna call, right?

Michael: Yeah. You better -- often.

Kevin: I need you to trust that I'm doing the right thing here, okay?

Michael: [Scoffs, chuckles] If you say so. Okay. All right.

Kevin: Okay.

Sharon: So, do you feel like you missed out, growing up without a father?

Scott: You know, you can't miss something you never had.

Sharon: You know, I don't talk about my father much, either. Actually, not at all.

Scott: Why is that?

Sharon: Because he abandoned my family when I was young. It was just me and my mom.

Scott: That's something else we have in common.

Abby: Wow. A Chelsea 2.0 original?

Victor: You think Nikki will approve?

Abby: Yeah! She's gonna love it -- and the bling. My favorite color -- sparkly.

[Both laugh]

Victor: You're so cute.

Abby: Oh, boy! Wow. When you want to find a new way to tell your wife you love her, you do not mess around.

Victor: I never saw the point.

Abby: [Laughs] Well, it's beautiful, and Nikki is gonna look gorgeous on stage.

Victor: Yeah. Let's just hope that the concert will help to bring the Newmans back together again.

[Mid-tempo piano music playing]

[Music stops]

Nikki: Well... how was that? Not a wrong note, was there?

Nick: You sounded great, mom.

Nikki: Thank you, honey. And now I'm afraid I have to kick you out because I need some space so I can practice myself.

Nick: You win. I'll leave you to it.

Nikki: I love you.

Nick: I love you.

[Music resumes]

[Sour note plays, music stops]

[Inhales deeply]

[Music resumes]

[Sour note plays, music stops]

[Inhales deeply]

[Exhales sharply]

Kevin: Are you excited about our adventure?

Bella: Yeah.

Kevin: And you're gonna keep our little secret, right?

Bella: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi. What -- your face. What happened?

Kevin: Oh, I fell off a cliff. It's nothing.

Chelsea: Hey, there, Bella. It's so good to see you. It's really good to see you, too, Kevin. I've been thinking a lot about you.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Chelsea: I'm so sorry about what happened at Chloe's funeral. I wasn't thinking straight that day. I never should have showed up like that.

Kevin: I-I could have handled things better myself. The whole thing was just really overwhelming, surreal... not that I need to explain that to you.

Chelsea: You two look like you're doing well.

Kevin: Yeah. [Smooches] Better than you would think, huh?

Chelsea: I'm really glad. Hi, sweet girl. You having fun with your daddy? Huh?

Kevin: What do you say? Is it time that we take off?

Bella: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Okay.

Chelsea: Where are you going?

Bella: We're gonna go see mommy!

Kevin: [Chuckles nervously]

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Cane: Victoria had to let me go.

Mattie: Wait. She fired you?

Victoria: I'm sorry that it had to go down that way, but cane left me no choice.

Victor: You show up at the concert on your best behavior.

Nick: This concert is not for her, it's for you. Cancel it.

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