Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/4/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/4/17


Episode # 11206 ~ Nick questions Tessa about Nikki's whereabouts; Chelsea plays peacemaker; Kevin's world explodes.

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Scott: For once, the place to be is actually where I am.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Scott: Is it like this up here all summer?

Sharon: Just tonight. Normally, Devon and Neil are not pouring free booze and offering free taxi rides home.

Scott: I applaud them. Throwing down free drinks while wearing as little as possible, that's a 4th of July tradition.

Sharon: Well, you're old-fashioned.

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: The fireworks will be starting soon.

Scott: Well, we could start them a little early if you want.

Sharon: Noah! Hello.

Noah: It's okay!

Sharon: Scott and I were just...

Noah: I know. I'm just glad to see you taking a night off.

Devon: Hey, you.

Abby: Hey!

Devon: How you doing?

Abby: Good! How are you?

Devon: Good.

Neil: Hey, hey, hey, everybody! Happy 4th of July!

[Cheers and applause]

Neil: Are we all having a good time?


Neil: Okay, good. A lot of beautiful people here. My name is Neil winters, if you don't know, and this is my son, Devon.

Nick: Yeah!

Mariah: Yeah!

Neil: And we want to welcome you -- thank you, thank you. We want to welcome you to the first annual Hamilton-winters independence day celebration.

Devon: That's right.

[Cheers and applause]

Tessa: Ow!

Devon: For my dad and me, our newly minted company, I believe, is the very embodiment of the American dream.

Neil: That's right. Now, our goal is to pay the dream forward by primarily focusing on businesses founded by ladies and minorities, okay? We want to help those companies thrive and reach their full potential. So, look, enough about business. We want to party -- do we want to party?

[Cheers and applause]

Neil: Okay! So, we got a lot of food, we got an open bar, we got fireworks, we got music, right?

Devon: We got music. The music is courtesy of our newest venture, Mergeron streaming, and, please, everybody remember that we have a fleet of complimentary taxis for the ride home...

Neil: Yeah. Got to be safe!

Devon: ...So have a good time, and let's party.

[Cheers and applause]

Mariah: Yeah!

Devon: Let's raise a glass and have a toast to independence and freedom!

Neil: Whoo!


Chloe: Why did you say Kevin's not coming back? What did you do to him?

Dr. Harris: Calm down. Everything is gonna be all right.

Chloe: Answer me!

Dr. Harris: You don't need Kevin anymore. We are better off without him.

Chloe: I'm not! He went to Genoa city to bring my daughter back here. That's -- that was the plan! You agreed!

Dr. Harris: Okay, but plans have changed. I'm sorry, sweetie. [Sighs] Kevin won't even make it to the airport, Maggie.

Chloe: Maggie? What are you talking about? That's not my name.

Chloe: Doc, why did you just call me Maggie?

Dr. Harris: It was a slip of the tongue. Telling you about my daughter stirred up a lot of memories, many of them painful, but some very happy ones, too.

Chloe: Okay, we can talk about that later. First, I need to know what you did to Kevin. Did you drug him?

Dr. Harris: No. No, no. I did nothing to Kevin. But there is an unfortunate problem with his car.


Kevin: [Scoffs] What the hell?

Mariah: Hi! I am so proud of you.

Devon: Oh, thank you! I heard you leading the cheers and applause, and I really appreciate that.

Mariah: Well, what kind of number-one fun would I be otherwise? Besides, it looks like Hamilton-winters is about to make this a yearly event.

Devon: Well, I'm glad you approve.

Mariah: I'm all for a holiday that lets you rebel against tyranny. I do it every day on "the Hilary hour."

Abby: Wow! Hey, you two!

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi!

Abby: When did this happen?

Devon: Um, Mariah and I have been dating for about, what, a couple months?

Mariah: Yeah.

Abby: Wow! I guess I need to leave the office and find out what's going on with my friends. [Chuckles] Why didn't I hear about this on social media?

Mariah: Well, we're not big on publicizing our private lives.

Abby: Ah, yes, well, take it from someone formerly known as "the naked heiress," an online sensation, it's probably smart.

Mariah: Well, I'm gonna go say hi to Tessa and Noah. I'll give you two a chance to catch up.

Devon: Okay, babe. See ya.

Abby: Bye. I wanted to thank you for buying Mergeron. Because you did, I have a grandmother in my life.

Devon: That's right. She's been around. How's that going for you?

Abby: Amazing. I mean, it's great getting to know her. She's an awesome lady.

Devon: She's a hell of a negotiator, too. [Laughs]

Abby: Oh, she didn't make it easy for you?

Devon: Anything but.

Abby: Well, she drove a hard bargain, but you still got the prize.

Devon: This is true.

Abby: So, um, you and Mariah.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Are you two serious?

Devon: I mean, it's -- it's looking that way. I take it you're not her biggest fan.

Abby: It's not that, okay, exactly, I -- I'm sorry, I just don't see you two together.

Devon: Well, then it's a good thing you're not the one dating her.

Chelsea: Hey, guys!

Hilary: Hey.

Chelsea: You two look like you're having fun.

Hilary: Yeah! Why wouldn't we be? Oh! Did Jordan tell you about our little issue?

Chelsea: No, uh, he mentioned you went through a bit of a rough patch, but he didn't get into any of, like, your personal business or anything.

Jordan: It's okay, Chels. You're my friend, and friends listen to each other when they have a problem, am I right, Hilary?

Hilary: Yeah, of course. There's nothing wrong with that. And I am dying to hear how this friendship started before either of you were even in Genoa city.

Chelsea: We met in new York during fashion week.

Hilary: Ahh!

Jordan: A long, long time ago.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Very long.

Jordan: Nothing to tell, really.

Hilary: Or nothing that you

want to tell, anyway.

Chelsea: I'm sorry?

Hilary: Oh, it's just that the way that the two of you are acting, it's pretty obvious that you're leaving out the juiciest part of the story.

Chelsea: No, like Jordan said, there really isn't more to the story, so... you know what, I think Nick is looking for me, so I'm gonna go. Great seeing you guys, as always. Bye.

Jordan: [Exhales sharply]

Hilary: And there she goes. So, there's nothing that I have to worry about there, is there?

Jordan: Me and Chels? You're kidding, right?

Hilary: Seems like you guys had something serious.

Jordan: Not even. We've known each other back in the day, that's it.

Hilary: "Back in the day?"

Jordan: Yeah. So...

Hilary: Back in the day, Chelsea was a con artist.

Jordan: She was?

Hilary: I'm surprised that you didn't know that.

Jordan: Come here.

Hilary: [Laughs]

Scott: [Sighs] That was nice.

Sharon: Yeah. Let's go, uh, find a place to sit down.

Scott: As long as it's far away from those two. I don't want to give Nick and excuse to mark his territory. [Chuckles]

Sharon: You are taking this way too seriously. He doesn't really have a problem with you.

Scott: [Laughs] Good one.

Dr. Harris: Making yourself upset, Chloe -- it's not good for you.

Chloe: I'm not upset. I just want to know what you did to Kevin's car.

Dr. Harris: Do you need your medication?

Chloe: No! I don't need drugs. I just want to make sure that Kevin is okay, so... if we could just call him, that would make me feel so much better.

Dr. Harris: Don't you remember? Kevin left his phone in the safe so that people who were trying to hurt you couldn't trace him. There is no way to reach him, and there really is no need. I promise you.

Chloe: I don't understand. What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?

Dr. Harris: By doing what?

Chloe: Hurting Kevin! Please! Please don't.

Dr. Harris: Everything I do is to protect you.

Chloe: You don't need to protect me. Kevin would never try to hurt me. He loves me. God, I never should have asked him to come here.

Dr. Harris: No, you shouldn't have, but now that I've fixed the problem, everything can go back to the way it was, just you and me.

Chloe: Is Kevin going to die?

Dr. Harris: Sweetie, I -- come on, I hate seeing you so upset. I know what will make you feel better. Here. Open it, Maggie.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Abby: Look, I don't want you to think I still have a problem with Mariah. It's not that. I'm just surprised you guys are a couple.

Devon: I don't know what's so surprising about it. We have a great time together, she makes me laugh, she gives it to you straight, and, uh, we've always gotten along.

Abby: I guess I just don't buy that whole fantasy, that suddenly you realized you're meant to be with your best friend. I mean, the attraction's either there or it isn't.

Devon: Well, Abby, no offense, but I mean, are you the best person to be giving relationship advice? I'm just playing. I'm playing, okay? I'm genuinely happy right now, so, you know, whatever your rules of attraction are, maybe you ought to rethink them. Excuse me.

Scott: Oh! Hey, uh, Abby. Happy, uh, 4th of July.

Abby: Problem?

Scott: No, I'm just deciding whether or not to recite the star spangled banner. Enjoy.

Noah: I need to grab my dad for a minute. I'll be right back.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Is everything okay between the two of you? Thought I felt a chill in the air, and it's not just 'cause I'm underdressed.

Tessa: Well, everything was great, I thought, until your brother told me that he wanted to "put on the brakes."

Mariah: What? No. That doesn't make any sense.

Tessa: He wanted for us to take our time until we really get to know each other before things get too serious. I mean, that's what he said, anyway. But I guess he's just not as into me as I thought.

Mariah: Look, Tessa, you have to understand, Noah has a history. He falls easy and he falls hard, and he's been hurt before. Things get funky and messed up, and I don't think that he was making excuses. I think what he meant was that he really cares, and he doesn't want to mess this one up.

Tessa: How many meanings can there be for "let's take things slow?"

Mariah: Look, if it makes you feel any better, I can talk to Noah. I can do some reconnaissance and come back to you with a full report.

Tessa: Okay, but I don't want to cause any trouble.

Mariah: It's no trouble. None at all. I'm happy to do this for a friend.

Tessa: I'm so glad you're here. I feel a little lost in the wilderness, you know?

Mariah: The wilderness?

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Here? [Laughs] This is the wilderness?

Tessa: I mean, out of my element. I didn't even really want to come here tonight, but there's no way in hell I would blow off a party that my music mogul boss is sponsoring.

Mariah: Well, I'm very glad you're here. It's good to have a friend. My only other friend is out of town, trying to put the shattered pieces of his life back together.

Kevin: Ah! Hallelujah. [Sighs] Damn it.

Dr. Harris: Go ahead and open it, sweetie. Did your dad ever steer you wrong?

Chloe: A dress. Do you think that a dress is going to make me forget about Kevin?

Dr. Harris: It's for your graduation, sweetie. You have to look special when you become a doctor. Try it on.

Chloe: No, I -- I don't want to.

Dr. Harris: I realize I'm no fashion expert, but... this really should have been your mother's job. But it's your favorite color. Right? Put it on. I've waited so long for this day. And this time, there won't be any drunk-driving accident. This time, daddy stopped that man from hurting anyone.

Chloe: Are you talking about Kevin? Because you know he had nothing to do with what happened to your daughter. You know that, don't you?

Nick: Hey, Tessa.

Tessa: Hey.

Noah: Hey, uh, my dad's a little worried about grandma. No one seems to know where she is. You happen to know anything?

Tessa: Uh, your dad was actually asking the same thing, uh, and all I can do is tell you what I told him. Nikki didn't say anything about leaving. Sorry.

Nick: Did she seem stressed? I mean, is there anything else going on I should know about? Look, I promise you, whatever you tell me will stay between us.

Tessa: I honestly don't know. Maybe Nikki thought some rest and relaxation was the best way to prep for the show.

Nick: I hope that's all it is.

Devon: How you doing, man?

Noah: Hey! Hey, remember when you and I teamed up a while back?

Devon: Of course I do.

Noah: I've always admired your drive and commitment.

Devon: Oh, back at you, man. Now look at us -- we're both working alongside our fathers.

Noah: Well, yeah, I guess so, but you can't really compare running a multi-national conglomerate with our little club.

Devon: Well, why not? You need to think big about that place. It might just be one club now, but, you know, you could do a lot with it.

Noah: Like what?

Devon: I don't know, you ever think about expanding it, or make it into a chain or franchise or something? I mean, Nick has the capital for it.

Noah: Yeah, you know what? Would you believe I've been thinking along those same lines?

Devon: Yes, I would believe it because you and I share the same vision when it comes to stuff we're passionate about. And there's no better time to do something than right now.

Noah: Hey, dad, can I pitch you an idea real quick?

Nick: Uh-oh. Sounds like this could cost me some money.

Noah: Uh, I think it's gonna make you some money. What do you think if we opened up another underground, and then a whole chain of them?

Nick: A chain of undergrounds? Why would I want to do that? It sounds like a lot of work.

Noah: Because we can.

Nick: [Laughs]

Hilary: What? [Giggles]

Neil: The divorce is final, right?

Devon: Yes, the divorce is final. I'm just curious -- Hilary was saying that she and Jordan were having some problems, but it looks like they made up faster than she and I ever did.

Neil: Mm. So that's the famous Jordan, huh?

Devon: Yeah, you haven't met him before, huh?

Neil: No.

Devon: I'll introduce you. Hey, guys.

Hilary: Hey, um, the Hamilton-winters group. Thank you for the party.

Devon: Absolutely. I'm sorry to interrupt, but Neil just wanted to meet Jordan.

Neil: Well, young man. Big fan. Big fan of the shots you're taking of my daughter.

Jordan: Thanks, man, but that's -- that's all lily. I just push the button.

Neil: I got to thank you for being such a good friend to lily. Especially during the last few weeks.

[Cell phone rings]

Neil: Excuse me. Oh, I got to take this. Hey, people. Keep your eyes on the skies.

Jordan: And, uh, I'll go get us some more refills.

Hilary: Okay.

Jordan: All right?

Devon: I'll go with you.

Jordan: Cool.

Neil: All right! It's about to go down! The moment we've all been waiting for. It wouldn't be a show without them. We ready?

[Cheers and applause]

Jordan: Hey. Good to finally meet your old man. He seems like a chill dude.

Devon: Oh, he's the best.

Jordan: Hey, and thanks for doing all of this. It's a killer party.

Devon: Sure. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Jordan: Yeah. Look... Devon, I-I know you didn't follow me over here to make sure your drink order is right, so what's up? What's going on?

Devon: [Chuckles]

Jordan: Come on, man. I know you have something on your mind.

Devon: I... you know what it is, man? I'm just a little surprised that you and Hilary patched things up so quickly, 'cause I really thought you guys were headed for, like, a rough patch. But it looks like it's a full-on love fest going on.

[Fireworks exploding]

Jordan: Oh!

Devon: Wow!

[Cheers and applause]

Neil: Look at that! Are you ready for major pyrotechnics?

[Cheers and applause]

Mariah: What are you thinking, saying those things to Tessa? Are you trying to scare her away?

[Cheers and applause]

Scott: Yeah! No date tonight? Looks like the, uh, naked heiress is losing her touch.

Abby: What's your damage?

[Cheers and applause]

Nick: Hey, you got to do me a favor. You got to keep that Scott dude away from me the rest of the night.

Chelsea: I don't think I can do that.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: Because I plan to do just the opposite.

[Cheers and applause]

Chloe: [Thinking] Oh, Kevin, dear god. What did he do to your car? What's happening? I'll get out of here somehow. I'll find you.

[Sighs] Please be okay.

Dr. Harris: What were you saying? And why are you so sad? Maggie...

Chloe: Dr. Harris, you know that I'm not Maggie, right?

Dr. Harris: Of course. Just like you know that Bella's not really Delia. [Sighs] But she fills the void. Do you want to know what haunts me most? What keeps me awake at night?

Chloe: Please. I want to know.

Dr. Harris: Why did this happen to her? It's just -- it's so wrong. Maggie was exceptional. She was bright. She was talented. She had a natural gift for healing. She was top of her class in medical school.

Chloe: She meant everything to you.

Dr. Harris: She was my world. My life. When she died...

Chloe: A part of you died, too.

Dr. Harris: [Sighs] But now you're back. That drunk driver couldn't take you from me forever. Now you're home. Sweetie, life is good again.

Chloe: I'm so happy to be back with you.

Dr. Harris: I knew it would happen somehow.

Chloe: And now it has.

Dr. Harris: Finally, I-I get to see my beautiful girl become a doctor. Your graduation ceremony is today.

Chloe: It is?

Dr. Harris: It is. Please. You have to get ready. Please put on the dress.

Chloe: [Sighs] I love it. It's just what I need, dad.

[Trunk closes]

Kevin: [Sighs]

[Engine starts]


Chloe: [Thinking] The key. Where is it? Or a phone. I have to get out. [Sighs]

Dr. Harris: Maggie, let me see my girl. Wow. I've never seen you look prettier.

Chloe: You picked out the dress. [Sighs]

Dr. Harris: I did good, huh?

Chloe: I love it so much. Shouldn't we get going? I don't want to be late for my graduation.

Dr. Harris: Oh, no. Don't worry about that. We won't miss a thing. We can have the ceremony here.

Chloe: Here?

Dr. Harris: I need to get your diploma.


[Cheers and applause]

Devon: You know, with her involvement in the lawsuit against cane, I just thought you'd finally gotten a taste of the real Hilary, you know?

Jordan: She's complicated. But you've been there before, man. Not an easy woman to stay mad at. Am I right? Especially tonight.

[Cheers and applause]

Noah: Hey, what -- what is wrong with you? Why are you mad at me?

Mariah: Because you can be a real jerk sometimes. You know that?

Noah: Oh. That explains it.

Mariah: So, you're not into Tessa, right?

Noah: What are you talking about?

Mariah: That's what she thinks.

Noah: Where would she get an idea like that?

Mariah: From you! From what you said!

Noah: [Sighs] I-I was just trying to be straight with her. Knowing me like I do, I just thought it was better if we take things slow. I-I have a bad pattern of moving too fast.

Mariah: Yeah. You know that and I know that, but she thinks that you're two steps away from dumping her.

Noah: [Chuckles] No! No way.

Mariah: Yes, way.

Noah: I-I didn't mean that. I didn't even know she was upset.

Mariah: Open your eyes. Tessa is crazy into you, but she needs to know that you're into this, too.

Noah: What do -- what do I do? How do I make this better?

Mariah: [Sighs] Noah, I know Tessa may seem tough, but I have a feeling that she's been hurt before. Badly. She is protecting herself. She's not gonna let you see her be all teary and emotional.

Noah: She told you that?

Mariah: No. [Chuckles] But look at her eyes! Listen to her music. Pay attention. I mean, if I can see this, why can't you?

Abby: I don't need a man to validate my presence anywhere. I am here to spend time with family and friends that I never get to see because I'm always at the office, busting my butt, doing real work. Those fireworks up there -- they weren't just celebrating the nation's independence. They were celebrating me and my independence as a single, feminist woman. So whatever I choose to wear or not wear, that is my decision. It is my life, and I call the shots.

Scott: Actually, the only reason I mentioned you being alone was this unoccupied chair across from us, which I was going to offer to you.

Abby: Right. Yeah. Um...I knew that. Yeah, uh, I'll pass on the chair, but, um, happy fourth.

Scott: Happy fourth.

Sharon: Wow.

Scott: Mm.

Abby: Hey, stranger.

Neil: Hey. Look at you -- beautiful as usual.

Abby: Oh, thank you. That's very sweet. No cane and lily tonight?

Neil: No, they've had a lot going on at brash & sassy!, You know? I told them to beg off. How are things at Newman?

Abby: I keep thinking about that conversation that we had -- the reason why you left Newman is because you kept hitting too many ceilings over the years.

Neil: Right, and I wised up to the realities. A family-owned company -- they always put relatives first.

Abby: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, not at my job anymore. My dad has been bedazzled by a non-Newman with zero corporate experience. Enter Scott Grainger. Yeah, Newman's new golden boy.

Neil: Abby, your dad may like Scott. It may ever seem like they're part of the "good ol' boys" club, but let me tell you something -- at the end of the day, there's only one Newman at that company that's next in line for the throne. And, baby, I'm looking right at her. So, do yourself a favor. Be easy on yourself. You're golden.

Abby: Thank you.

Chelsea: Be nice. Hi, guys!

Sharon: Oh!

Chelsea: Happy independence day!

Scott: Chelsea.

Sharon: How nice to see you both.

Nick: Sharon. Scott.

Scott: Hello, Nick.

Sharon: Um, this is such a posh pool party. I mean, they're handing out glasses of champagne.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. If you know which bartender to tip.

Nick: I think she means bribe.

Chelsea: Well, we thought it would be nice, you know -- come. Sit, sit, sit -- to toast Scott's new job, huh, at Newman's digital news network. That's exciting.

Sharon: That is such a lovely thought, isn't it, Scott?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, that's, uh -- that's very kind of you, Chelsea. And Nick. So, are you a hashtag follower?

Nick: Nope. I get my news the old-fashioned way -- from late-night TV.

Chelsea: So, who wants champagne?

Sharon: Ooh! I do!

Chelsea: It's delicious.

Sharon: Cheers.

Nick: You know what? Let's just leave these here for them, and then we can take off.

Sharon: Um... I think Nick is just trying to be funny. You know, he has a very unique sense of human.

Scott: Well, let's ask him. Nick, what's the joke? What is your, uh -- your issue with me?

Nick: My dad's using you, dude, and you're either too stubborn or too proud to admit it. Or maybe you're using my dad. Which is it?

Chelsea: Okay, guys, let's not waste our time fighting. Let's not ruin the party.

Nick: No, no, no. I answered his question. I'd like him to answer mine.

Sharon: What is it that you would like to know, Nick?

Nick: We all know dad treats life like it's his personal chessboard. He just moves us pieces around to gain an advantage.

Scott: That's not a question.

Nick: Do you think you can outwit the master? My dad is gonna rook you, dude.

Scott: I'm not trying to outwit anyone. Are all you Newmans so proprietary? Even when it comes to something you're not even interested in yourselves.

Nick: I just want to know what you're after from my family.

Scott: Look, my only goal right now is to clear the air between you and me. I'm not trying to scam your father or your ex-wife. I know it must feel like I'm encroaching on your, for lack of a better word, territory. So I get it that you want to be possessive, protective, especially when it comes to the mother of your kids. So as far as I'm concerned, we're good. So... the rest is in your court, man.

Nick: You're right about one thing. I do have a protective streak. And when it kicks in, it drives everything I do. Personally, I don't have a problem with you. But if that changes, if you hurt someone I care about, things will change fast.

Scott: Fair enough.

Sharon: Okay, then we have a truce. Can we just get back to the holiday now?

Chelsea: Sounds like a great idea to me. [Chuckles]

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Scott: I'm in.

Chelsea: Nicholas?

Nick: Cool. Let's go.

Chelsea: Enjoy your champagne.

Scott: Thank you.

Sharon: Oh, thank you so much.

Chelsea: Bye, guys.

Nick: He can get his own.

Chelsea: Nick...

Sharon: Oh!

Noah: Listen, I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding. It's my fault for not being clear. It's just that, for me, taking it slow is not about -- it's not about pushing you away or an excuse to...blow you off. It's, um -- it's exactly the opposite. You're important to me, Tessa. And I just don't want to screw it up.

Tessa: I just hate feeling insecure. And I hate people seeing me that way. My first instinct is to run.

Noah: Well, you don't ever have to run. Not with me. Listen, why don't we go back to the ranch, and maybe you'll come up with a new song while we light up the fireworks I got.

Tessa: I don't think there'll be a shortage of inspiration.

Scott: Come on.

Sharon: Oh, thank you.

Scott: Of course.

Abby: I couldn't help but notice you hanging out with the new rising star of Newman enterprises.

Nick: I mean, the guy goes from writing dad's autobiography to having his own division at Newman. Are you kidding me?

Abby: That bugs you, huh?

Nick: Yeah.

Abby: Well, I can't stand the guy, either, but... I don't know. Scott's more altruistic than he is calculating. He's smug and irritating, but he's not a suck-up. If he were, he wouldn't be dating Sharon. I mean, that wouldn't get him in dad's good graces.

Nick: Yeah, you're probably right about that.

Abby: It's very refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't think Scott Grainger walks on water.

Nick: Just keep an eye on him.

Abby: Don't you worry. I fully intend to.

Chloe: Oh, my god!

Dr. Harris: What is it? Is something wrong?

Chloe: [Chuckles] I'm just -- I'm so excited that I'm finally graduating from med school.

Dr. Harris: You certainly are.

Chloe: It's all so overwhelming. It's a wonderful feeling, too.

Dr. Harris: I know what you mean. I couldn't be any prouder of you, Maggie.

Chloe: You know, I have the most incredible idea.

Dr. Harris: Tell me.

Chloe: Now, since I'm graduating from med school and I'm gonna be a doctor, just like you, why don't we go into practice together?

Dr. Harris: [Chuckles] Wait, after your residency, you want to work with me?

Chloe: What could be better, dad?

Dr. Harris: [Chuckles]

Chloe: Just picture it -- Drs. Harris and Harris, MDs. It would be a dream come true for me, dad.

Dr. Harris: I mean, it's -- it's what I've always wanted. We're so lucky to have found each other again.

Chloe: I know. Why don't you go into the study and grab your diploma, and then we can put them up together, side by side.

Dr. Harris: Yes, let's do that, okay?

Chloe: [Sighs]

Sharon: Well, um, I'm sorry that my ex spoiled our first major holiday together.

Scott: You know, I got to give the guy credit. He loves and cares for you and your kids. But, no, despite him, I had the best time. Happy fourth of July, Sharon.

Sharon: You know, I-I wouldn't have pegged you for a guy who likes to celebrate holidays.

Scott: What? Are you kidding me? I love an excuse to party.

Sharon: When was the last time you were in the country for independence day?

Scott: [Sighs] You know, wherever I happened to be on the fourth, I always found time to just think about the day and what it really means. But...the company's much better this year.

Chelsea: Thank you guys so much for having us.

Neil: Hey, absolutely.

Devon: Glad you guys could make it.

Chelsea: It was awesome.

Nick: Thank you, dude.

Neil: Okay, guys. Enjoy the complimentary taxi. That's on us. Get home safe. You know how much we love you.

Chelsea: All right.

Nick: Thanks, man.

Chelsea: Have a good one.

Neil: Yeah.

Hilary: Okay, well, we're -- we're taking off.

Devon: Oh, well, I hope you two enjoyed yourselves.

Jordan: Oh, tonight was amazing, man. Neil.

Neil: Yeah.

Jordan: Great to meet you, sir.

Neil: Jordan, good meeting you, too.

Hilary: And I have to say that I thought that it would be a little awkward, celebrating with my exes at a party sponsored by their new company, but...it wasn't. I guess we're finally moving on.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, it's happening.

Abby: I got to hand it to you.

Mariah: For what?

Abby: Well, helping Devon get over Hilary. I thought those two would be circling each other forever.

Hilary: [Laughs]

[Indistinct conversation]

Dr. Harris: It gives me such great pleasure to present the degree of doctor of medicine to the valedictorian of her graduating class. Ladies and gentlemen... my daughter... dr. Margaret Harris, M.D.

Chloe: Thank you, dad.

Dr. Harris: [Claps]

[Chuckles] I'm so proud of you, sweetheart. Wait right there.

[Exhales sharply]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: You want to reform me? Show me how.

Cane: I need to go and see Juliet today.

Lily: Are you kidding?

Victoria: Before I give you this check, Juliet, there's something I need from you.

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