Y&R Transcript Monday 7/3/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/3/17


Episode # 11205 ~ Neil & Devon host a July 4th bash; Kevin & Chloe hatch an escape plan; Hilary & Jordan clear the air.

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[Indistinct chatter]

Jordan: This seat taken, ma'am?

Hilary: Not yet. But after the way you've been treating me lately, you might want to think twice before getting too close.

Neil: So, that is my plan for Hamilton-winters for the fourth quarter. I have our financial prospectus planned so that we maintain a steady cash flow. And at the same time, we're gonna go after two, maybe three lucrative acquisitions. So, you know, it's win-win.

Devon: Sounds good. You are by far the smartest businessman I know, dad. But you've also been hustling 24/7, so I think, as of right now, no more work for today. We have a party to get ready for, right?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: And since we're sponsoring it, you need to relax and enjoy yourself. It'll be good for you.

Neil: Yeah. Cheers to that. Try my best. It's not the same without lily, though, you know?

Devon: Yeah. Um... I need to tell you something about that whole situation.

Neil: Mm-hmm?

Devon: Juliet is pregnant.

Neil: How'd you find out?

Devon: I overheard her talking to Hilary about it. You know, though? How did you find out?

Neil: I found out from lily. I could strangle cane. So, wait, that means that Hilary is in the loop.

Devon: Yes.

Neil: I'll bet you she's working on a segment for her show, to drop the bomb, go after the ratings, bring lily that much more trauma in her life. I can't stand this.

Devon: Actually, I asked her not to do any of that.

Devon: Oh, yeah, and I'm sure she listened to you.

Devon: She did listen to me. She assured me she's not gonna run the story.

Neil: Son, you may feel like you got through to her, but Hilary will always do what's best for Hilary.

Nick: Hey, Shar.

Sharon: Nick, hey. Happy 4th. What's up?

Nick: And to you. Are you going to the big bash later?

Sharon: I sure am, after I lock up here.

Nick: Cool. Chelsea and I will see you there.

Sharon: It's kind of nice, isn't it? You and I are both in a really good place right now.

Nick: I mean, for me it's a little strange, you know, but definitely nice.

Sharon: Strange?

Nick: Yeah. Still trying to get used to the idea of, you know, you and Scott.

Sharon: Well, I'm happy, Nick, so you can just be happy for me. I know you've already made it clear that you think this is all kind of fast, but trust me, it's not.

Nick: You sure about that?

Scott: Hey, Paul.

Paul: Hey, Scott. How you doing?

Scott: Good.

Paul: Thanks for meeting me. Um...

Scott: Of course.

Paul: I wanted to ask you, have you heard anything from Kevin since he left on his trip? He was due back by now, and, uh, there's been no sign of him so far.

Scott: You know, he hasn't been in touch with me, or anyone else as far as I know. I haven't reached out to him. I've been trying to give him some space. Kevin's got a lot to process after losing Chloe like that.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, he does.

Scott: Were you just looking for an update, or are you, uh -- you worried about him?

Paul: No, I'm definitely worried. Kevin's been gone a little too long, and I just can't help thinking that... [Sighs] Something isn't right.

Kevin: This is ridiculous, locking us in from the outside. What if there's a fire? Oh, we would burn to death. When did dr. Harris say he'd be back?

Chloe: He's coming back soon. Look, he just went to get groceries. Come on. Why don't you just come and sit? Come on. Relax. You don't want Doc finding you at the door.

Kevin: Why not?

Chloe: Because it's just gonna make him upset, Kevin.

Kevin: I don't care about upsetting dr. Harris, Chloe. I can't do this.

Chloe: I know you don't like confined spaces --

Kevin: No, no, no. Nobody should have to live like this, all windows and doors locked. It's summer, time for fresh air and sunshine, and we're trapped inside.

Chloe: We have to follow the rules, Kevin. I know. This situation blows. But you agreed to stay on dr. Harris' terms.

Kevin: I agreed to those terms because of you. This was never meant to be permanent. We have to get the hell out of here. Now.

Nick: Look, I'm just wondering if maybe this is a bit...soon.

Sharon: You're not asking me any questions that I haven't already asked myself. Am I ready for this? Am I on the rebound? Is this just about missing Dylan, or is it really about caring for someone else?

Nick: And what'd you come up with?

Sharon: Dylan's been gone for months. The divorce is final. And god knows I was not looking for anyone else, but there was Scott. And it was just friendly at first. Nothing more. He helped me with a term paper. Which, by the way, I got an "A" on. Scott is very smart.

Nick: Good.

Sharon: And because he's a journalist, it's allowed him to travel the world. He's seen it all. Nothing shocks him. Which works out well for me, with some of my baggage. And it's so good being around him. It does not feel rushed. It feels...you know... good.

Nick: Okay. Does Faith know about this?

Sharon: I am not ready to bring a new person into our daughter's life.

Nick: Well, I'm glad to hear that you're making our daughter a priority.

Sharon: Of course. I always have. She always will be a priority in my life, as she will be for you. Believe me, you do not have to worry on that account.

Nick: [Skeptically] Okay. You know, just, uh, worried about my kid. And my kid's mother.

Sharon: Well, you know, of course you'd be interested in my romantic life. That's only natural.

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, I kind of have to be now. I mean, Scott is, like, best friends with my dad now.

Sharon: Does that bother you?

Nick: I just know how my dad operates, you know? He likes to control people's lives. You know that.

Sharon: I really don't see that happening with Scott. Look, he's a good man. He's just looking to build a new future for himself. I promise you, you don't have to worry about it.

Paul: For Kevin to be gone this long without contacting family... I mean, not even Bella? Something is off here.

Scott: I don't know. I mean, how do you measure the recovery time on something like this?

Paul: I'm just afraid that Kevin is not gonna find the peace he's looking for.

Scott: No. I mean, one trip won't do that. But I'm hoping he'll find a-a good start in it, at least.

Paul: Having lost someone like Kevin lost Chloe... being alone is not the answer.

Scott: He might be trying to keep, uh -- keep it from Bella that he's so upset.

Paul: Yeah. I-it's quite a thing when you, uh... when you lose someone you love. Someone who has done something terrible. I mean, you are convinced that... you could've saved them if you just had more time.

Scott: And who was that for you?

Paul: My son. Ricky. He was mentally ill. He was damaged and, uh, dangerous. I was his father. The one person who should've been able to save him. Guilt-pain-anger is a bad combination, period. I mean, Kevin never had it easy. And something like this can just... knock his pins out from under him again.

Scott: You know, well, that won't happen. Because we're gonna be here to support him. Help him however he needs. And if anything, we're gonna keep up our belief that he's gonna pull it together for Bella's sake.

Paul: I hope you're right. Listen, keep me posted if you hear anything, will you?

Scott: Try not to worry about it too much, Paul. Kevin won't stay away any longer than he needs to.

Paul: Hope you're right.

Chloe: I thought being here with me made you happy.

Kevin: Hey, I love being with you. Are you kidding? But this place? I only agreed to this because this is where you felt safe, with your doctor and the medication, and where you knew that nobody was looking for you. But now you are doing great, mentally and emotionally. I can see that. It is time for us to be a family with Bella. We cannot do that here. We have to leave if we're gonna have a normal life.

Chloe: [Sighs] There is no normal anymore, Kevin. If certain people find out that I'm alive, they're gonna try to throw me in prison.

Kevin: No one is gonna find you. No one is looking for you. We had a funeral, remember? Nick and Chelsea were there. This is the time for us to start over, somewhere incredible. Far away from here. Far away from Genoa city.

Chloe: You're talking like it's actually possible.

Kevin: Because it is.

Chloe: I'm just trying to make this work, all right? If -- if staying here means that it's gonna keep me out of prison, I am okay with a locked door or two.

Kevin: Chloe, no, no, no, no, no. This -- this is no place for Bella. We have to leave, start over. When Harris gets back, I'm gonna tell him it's time for me to go home and get Bella. I will leave out the part where, once I have her, I'm taking both of you away from this place for good.

Chloe: You're talking about doing that right now? Like, that soon?

Kevin: Yes. I'm ready for us to be a family like we always dreamed of.

Jordan: I went ghost on you for a while.

Hilary: Really? Hm. I hadn't noticed. It was just six texts, three voicemails later.

Jordan: I needed some time to think.

Hilary: Yeah, well, me too. And, um, I don't appreciate you accusing me of wanting to go after lily and cane's relationship, even after I made it perfectly clear that I am stepping away from all of that.

Jordan: After I called you out on it.

Hilary: But I backed away, Jordan. That's the point. I had a wrong instinct. I didn't follow through because you pointed me in the right direction. But you still felt compelled to judge me anyway. Mm.

Jordan: I got the feeling that you still wouldn't mind watching lily's marriage blow up.

Hilary: If there are any problems in that happy household, it is not on me. It is all on cane.

Jordan: Yeah, there are some things that I could say about that jerk. But this is about me and you.

Hilary: Really? Thought it was about you and lily.

Jordan: So can we have a real conversation, or you want to just get all your shots in?

Hilary: [Sighs] Okay. Fine. Fire away.

Jordan: It was tough for me, seeing this vindictive side of you. I'd been warned, but I never thought that this was who you were.

Hilary: "Warned." You'd been warned by who, I wonder?

Jordan: The Hilary I believed that I knew was always unpredictable and passionate. She did whatever she wanted, and to hell with what other people thought. I admire those things. But I don't care too much for the woman whose first instinct is to go after someone just to cause them pain.

Hilary: Okay, there is no love lost between lily and me, okay? She brings out the worst in me. [Sighs frustratedly] Damn it, I -- I listened to you. I heard you. But if that's not enough, if you can't -- I need a drink. I need a drink.

Jordan: Hilary!

[Melody concludes]

Tessa: Well, what do you think? Should I record it?

Mariah: [Claps] Yes! Definitely yes. I mean, Devon has final say, of course, but I'm -- I'm in. I love it.

Tessa: Yeah?

Noah: I'm not sure. No offense.

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: None taken.

Tessa: [Sadly] Yeah, none at all.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Noah: I'm sorry, okay? It came out wrong. Look. It's a great song for open-mike night or to record later on, but... the first song you record needs to be powerful, you know? This is your introduction. You want the world to take notice. Look, you're all about passion in your music. I know you have songs that make the listener feel more in their bones, their hearts, their brains. That's the first track you should lay down. Just my opinion. Use it or lose it.

Tessa: Well, consider it used. I appreciate the honesty.

Noah: Well, I'm nothing if not honest.

Tessa: Well, that's just one of the things that I like best about you.

Mariah: Oh-kay. Uh, I have to meet Devon at the club. Am I gonna see you two there?

Noah: Oh, yeah. You bet. And then we'll come back here, and we'll light off all the fireworks that I bought.

Tessa: Did you get those roman candles? And those giant sparklers?

Noah: Sure did.

Tessa: [Gasps] I love those!

Mariah: Okay. Well, you know what, I'm gonna head out, and, uh, I will see you two there. Or, you know, if you don't make it, that's fine. No pressure. You two have a good time.

Tessa: Oh. Well, did we chase her away? She didn't have to rush out.

Noah: Oh, I think she picked up on the vibe.

Tessa: What vibe?

Noah: I really wanted to spend some alone time with you.

Scott: Hey.

Sharon: Hey! Um, I thought I saw you out there with Paul.

Scott: Happy 4th.

Sharon: Yeah, you too.

Scott: Nick.

Nick: What's up? Oh, I see you everywhere now -- my dad's place, Sharon's, now here.

Scott: Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? I, uh, work for Newman. I'm dating Sharon. Or is there someplace else you'd rather me be?

Sharon: Um, Scott, I think what Nick means --

Nick: No, what I mean is that, you know, I see you all over town now, ever since you came back to Genoa city. This from a guy who, uh, you know, is used to traveling to the far corners of the world.

Scott: You trying to make a point?

Sharon: Chelsea, hi!

Chelsea: Hi, guys. How gorgeous is this day?

Sharon: Yeah! You must be here to pick up Nick and take him to the club. Like, now.

Chelsea: Yeah. I sure am. I need to go work on my tan. With sunscreen, of course. So, uh, are you ready?

Nick: Yep. See ya.

Scott: See ya.

Sharon: Have a good time.

Scott: Does your ex have a problem with me, or is it just that I'm the new man in your life?

Sharon: You see, Nick and I were high-school sweethearts, so we've always been very involved in each other's lives our entire adulthood.

Scott: So you're okay with, uh, nick's protectiveness?

Sharon: I think he just wants what's best for me, and I want that for him. Not just for his sake, but also for our kids. You know, thinking back on the last few years, honestly, I am amazed that Nick and I can even communicate at all. We have been through some really tough times. And now I know that Nick and I will always share a bond. So I hope that's not gonna be a sticking point for you.

Scott: No, it -- it won't be, as long as Nick doesn't look at me as the intruder at the gates. And not just with you, but with victor, also.

Sharon: Well, you know, not that long ago, you were knee-deep in researching victor Newman, so you should have an idea of how complicated those family dynamics are. As in, very.

Scott: That much, I do know.

Sharon: Well, Nick'll get used to you. You know, once he gets to know you.

Scott: Mm...

Sharon: And he'll relax.

Scott: Somehow, I doubt it'll be as easy as you're making it sound.

Sharon: That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Scott: Yeah. Bye.

Nick: It is hot out here.

Chelsea: Oh, so it is hot. Unlike the frost in the air I was feeling crimson lights earlier.

Nick: Hmm.

Chelsea: You are on a roll, my friend. First you go all gorilla macho on Phyllis and Billy, and then today with Scott and Sharon. Is this just something you do with your exes, or...?

Nick: You know, I don't know what you're talking about. But I think somebody's gonna need some lotion on their body soon, so I'll just go get us some towels.

Chelsea: Yeah. You do that.

Hilary: Couldn't they staff more bartenders on the busiest day of the summer?

Jordan: Come back and talk to me. No liquid courage required.

Hilary: I will be the judge of that, thank you.

Jordan: Look at me. Please.

Hilary: [Sighs] All right. I'm looking.

Jordan: I'm not walking away. I'm not saying goodbye. I'm saying the hate that you have for lily just weirded me out.

Hilary: But you're okay with how much she hates me?

Jordan: I'm not with her. I'm with you. What you do affects people, Hilary. It affects me. I don't want to be in the middle, having to choose between a friend and the woman of my dreams.

Hilary: [Scoffs] "The woman of your dreams"? Laying it on pretty thick, huh?

Jordan: I'm telling you how I feel, because I feel what we have is pretty good. But I bet we could be pretty great if we let it. I want to see where this goes. Know what I'm sayin'?

Hilary: Bartender, I'm gonna need a couple of drinks. One for me... one for my man.

Neil: [Sighs] Look at this.

Devon: Yeah, right?

Neil: Yeah. So, uh, you ready to grab some chairs?

Devon: Um...yeah. You actually go on ahead. Happy independence day, you two.

Hilary: You too, Devon.

Devon: Have you guys seen, uh, Mariah?

Hilary: No. But, um, I -- I wasn't looking. Know what? When the drinks come, find me. I'm gonna need some help for those hard-to-reach places.

Jordan: All right. So, how's the day treating you so far, Devon?

Devon: Not too bad. It's not too bad at all. It's, uh, looking like it's going better than expected for you.

Jordan: I don't follow.

Devon: Well, last I heard, you weren't too happy with Hilary.

Jordan: You know, we talked it through. Got to the next level. You know, Hilary and I know exactly what we want, and we're willing to work for it now. So...it's all good. But thanks for your concern, man. I really appreciate it.

Devon: Oh, yeah. For sure. You're welcome.

Dr. Harris: We have got burgers and hot dogs, and even some sparklers for after it gets dark. Everyone will be distracted then. No chance of you two being spotted.

Kevin: Well, unfortunately, I won't be able to stick around for the celebration. I have to head back to Genoa city. It's time.

Dr. Harris: You're leaving now?

Kevin: You know, the thing is, everybody back home thinks I'm on vacation. So if I don't show up soon, they're gonna start asking questions, start looking for me. The last thing we want is for them to send out a search party.

Dr. Harris: So tell them you need more time to think. I'll let you text them.

Kevin: I won't be gone long. I just need to take care of a few things. Then I'll get Bella, so she can come back here and live with us.

Chloe: You see how much better I am now that Kevin's here. Now just quadruple that once Bella's with me. I need my daughter, Doc.

Dr. Harris: Of course you do. I-I just... [Sighs] Kevin leaving now, I don't -- I don't know.

Chloe: He is completely trustworthy, okay? He is never gonna tell anyone that I'm alive. He would lay down his life to protect me. Don't make us wait to be a family.

Kevin: Chloe's right. I would lay down my life for her. But as it stands, I've only had to live like a prisoner for a week, abiding by your rules. Why? Because I love Chloe, and I love Bella, and now it's time for us to be a family. You know it's what's best for Chloe.

Dr. Harris: Okay, look, you were never a prisoner. You were free to leave at any time. You only had to ask.

Kevin: [Scoffs] Well, in theory, I could leave. But because Chloe can't leave, I can't leave.

Dr. Harris: Because if the world knew that she was alive, she would be a wanted fugitive. This is the only place that she is safe.

Chloe: Exactly. Okay? Everyone is safe here. And Bella will be, too. Once Kevin goes to get her.

Dr. Harris: [Sighs] Look, o-o-of course. A-a-a parent needs to be with their child. I was caught off guard. Um... but if Kevin wants to leave now, then, by all means, you are free to go. I won't stand in your way.

Kevin: Thank you. I wasn't sure you'd be okay with this.

Chloe: Doc wants whatever's best for me. You always have. Right, doc?

Dr. Harris: [Sighs]

Kevin: Well, I'll need my things from the safe, doc.

[Keys beeping]

Dr. Harris: [Sighs]

Kevin: And my phone, too.

Dr. Harris: I'd rather keep that here.

Kevin: I... don't understand why.

Dr. Harris: Because you're driving to the airport, you're flying to Genoa city, then you're coming right back. If the phone is here and turned off, no one can trace it.

Kevin: I'll only turn it on if I need it.

Dr. Harris: And I've already explained to you that you won't need it.

Chloe: Okay, look, it's just a precaution, okay, to keep us safe. You'll be back before you know it. Please, Kevin.

Kevin: Fine.

Dr. Harris: I'll give you two a moment to say goodbye.

Chloe: Thanks, doc.

Kevin: I will be back here as soon as I can. I will cover with everyone at home. You do the same here. And just play along. Don't do anything to arouse his suspicions.

Chloe: Okay. I just want you to be careful. You and Bella are my entire universe. If anything happens...

Kevin: Hey, I'm a badass, remember?

Kevin: Okay.

Chloe: Okay.

[Lock clicks]

Tessa: I'm just really excited that Devon's giving me such an amazing opportunity.

Noah: Devon's a businessman. He knows you're gonna make him money.

Tessa: Well, eventually. But... before that, some things are gonna have to change.

Noah: What do you mean?

Tessa: Well, after the concert, I'm gonna move off the ranch so I can concentrate on music full time.

Noah: So, what, are you worried that she's gonna hold it against you?

Tessa: I just don't want Nikki to think that I took advantage of her kindness and bolted. And I don't want either of you to think that I don't appreciate everything she's done for me.

Noah: Look, Grandma knows that it's not your life goal to be her assistant, all right? She's gonna be proud of you.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Noah: You're not going far, are you? I mean, unless you change your mind about leaving town again.

Tessa: Oh, I never should've said that. It was stupid. I'm not going anywhere. I promise.

Noah: You know, Tessa, you don't owe me any promises. Your life is your own. You have to make the best decision for you. I need to learn how to back off.

Tessa: Oh. Uh... what do you -- what do you mean?

Noah: Well, it's just I pushed you to stay in town, and then I questioned how and why you took out that heckler at the bar. And, um, I got in your business about the guy from your past. It's -- [Sighs] It wasn't my place, and I know it made you uncomfortable.

Tessa: I'm not used to people being interested in my life.

Noah: Of course I'm -- I'm interested... in you, Tessa, I just... I don't want you to feel like you have to be a certain way or live up to some kind of unrealistic expectations, because, to be honest, I don't have any expectations where you're concerned.

Tessa: Oh. Um...

Sharon: Oh! I'll be right with you.

Scott: Okay, boss lady. I'll barista, and I'll start on the orders from the patio while you handle those two, okay?

Sharon: What? Are you joking?

Scott: Well, it's packed out there. I mean, any reason I can't help you?

Sharon: Um... yeah, I could use the extra pair of hands.

Scott: They're all yours. Just, uh, tell me what to do.

Sharon: Okay. I need two iced lattes.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Sharon: One almond-milk mocha with an extra shot, and one soy caramel with three hits of hazelnut.

Scott: Is that even coffee?

[Both laugh]

Sharon: You know, we don't judge here. We just serve. So, what do you think? Are you up for it or...? Feel free to back out.

Scott: No way. I mean, if I can handle working for victor Newman, I can handle this. Oh, boy. Okay. Oh!

Neil: Hey, thanks so much for coming. Yeah, you too. Well, look at y'all. Getting that suntan on, huh?

Chelsea: Hi. I see we owe this spectacular event to you and Devon. Thank you both.

Nick: Yeah, the Hamilton-winters group is already making its mark.

Neil: You know what it is -- sky's the limit, you know? Feels good to have something go so well.

Nick: It sure does.

Chelsea: Cheers to that.

Hilary: Devon's over there with Jordan.

Mariah: Hello to you, too. My hair? Why, yes. It's extra bouncy today. It's a new shampoo. Thanks for asking.

Hilary: Hm. No swimsuit? On a day like this?

Mariah: It's under my cover-up.

Hilary: Oh, well, don't be shy. It is 4th of July. Or maybe I should just rip it off of you.

Mariah: Maybe I don't need to get half naked to feed my deep hunger for constant attention. Hey, there you are. Hi, Jordan.

Jordan: Good to see you. I tipped the bartender well enough that the next round should go faster.

Devon: I'm glad you're here. I was about to come find you myself.

Hilary: So, it looks like we're finally getting the party started. I hope you two enjoy yourselves. I know I sure will.

Chelsea: [Sighs] It's such a beautiful day. We finally have our summer. [Sighs] It's heavenly, isn't it?

Nick: I hear ya.

Chelsea: Hello.

Nick: You know what I was thinking?

Chelsea: I have a vague idea.

Nick: I think...

Chelsea: Yes?

Nick: ...That we should...

Chelsea: Go on.

Nick: ...Jump in the pool. I'll beat you there.

Chelsea: Wha-- beat me? Oh, I'd like to see you try!

[Chelsea and Nick laughing]

Mariah: [Laughs] Anyway. Uh, Tessa's song is gorgeous, but so are all of her songs. And if I'm being completely honest, I think that Noah had a point when it came to her first recording song. I mean, it should be something that grabs people by the heart. It should be powerful and intense. Not that I would ever tell Noah that, uh, he's right. Hey!

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi. You with me?

Devon: Hi. Yeah. Yeah. I, um... I think that between the contract advice and the song advice, you should just make it official and sign on as her manager, that's what I think.

Mariah: [Laughs] No, not me. I am just a fan. Think of me as your cheerleading section. You and Tessa's. You know, music has always been your thing. Even building this company, you -- you've stayed connected to what really makes you tick, and I think that's important.

Devon: Yeah, you're absolutely right. It is very important to me. And this might sound premature, but I actually feel like everything I've ever wanted is coming together right now. Uh, I'm gonna get some drinks.

Jordan: You're all covered now.

Hilary: All right. Wait, wait, wait. Not so fast.

Hilary: My turn.

Jordan: Oh, okay.

Hilary: Now, I can't wait to get my hands on you.

Jordan: Wow.

Tessa: No expectations. We can just go back to being friends.

Noah: Whoa. No, no, no. That's not what I meant. I'm -- I'm sorry. Look, this just came out wrong. Um... look, I care about you, Tessa, all right? And I know that I pushed to move things along. And that's on me, all right? This is just a habit that I have to break. I get in too deep too fast.

Tessa: Well, it happens.

Noah: I just think we should move things a little slower. You know, get to know each other a little better, and just make sure that it's what we both want.

Tessa: Yeah, well... I have to concentrate on music, anyway, so it's good for both of us.

Chloe: Okay, the groceries are all put away. We're gonna need to get some cereal once Bella gets here. And cheddar. She loves that for her grilled cheese. You know, I've... I've seen you looking through that photo album before, but you always put it away before I can ask about it.

Dr. Harris: Come sit. [Sighs] This is Maggie. My daughter.

Chloe: Wow. It's... [Chuckles] It's kind of wild. Kind of look alike.

Dr. Harris: Yeah, you do.

Chloe: You never mentioned that you had a daughter. Where does she live?

Dr. Harris: She died. Um...

Chloe: Oh. Oh, my god. I'm...so sorry.

Dr. Harris: She was, uh... she was about to finish med school, on her way to being a doctor. And she and her mother were killed by a drunk driver. Maggie was young and joyful and ready to take on the world. Instead, her life got taken [Sniffles] In an instant.

Chloe: That's why you've been so great to me. Because you understand what I went through when I lost Delia.

Dr. Harris: That's true, but there is more to it. You remind me of Maggie. And that's why I feel so protective of you. I need to keep you safe in a way that I never could for my own daughter. Plus, with you here... it's like having my Maggie back.

Hilary: This day turned out a lot better than I had expected.

Jordan: Me too.

Hilary: And I have to admit that I am... I'm happy that you're not angry with me anymore. It bothered me... more than I had expected. But it made me realize something. I could really fall for you, Jordan.

Sharon: What?

Scott: Goodbye, you half-caff, almond-soy, caramel-amaretto wackos.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Scott: Ugh!

Sharon: Did you just call my customers wackos?

Scott: So much coffee. All those gaping maws of need. It's -- it's exhausting. Ugh!

Sharon: Well, I could make you a skinny mocha if you need a pick-me-up.

Scott: No, no. I think I'm -- I think I'm off of coffee for good. Or at least until tomorrow, if I survive until then.

Sharon: I take it you've never worked in the service industry?

Scott: War zones, yes. But this insanity? Never. But look at you, on the other hand. You look like you've been in a spa day, all fresh and glowing and... I bow down to your, uh, energy and your work ethic.

Sharon: Well, all work and no play is not fun, so come on. You ready to go to the club?

Scott: Not yet. Not. Yet. I've been waiting to get you alone all day.

Dr. Harris: [Sighs] Just a little tart.

Chloe: Mmm! It's delicious. Thank you.

Dr. Harris: No, thank you. [Sighs] Having you here has been special for me. I... you know, I feel like I have a purpose again in life, uh... I feel more like myself than I have in a very long time.

Chloe: Well, yeah. That's how I feel about Kevin. He's my center. But I know that no one can make us whole. We can only do that for ourselves.

Dr. Harris: Look, human beings need each other. It's a fact of life.

Chloe: Yeah, well, that's why I can't wait for Kevin to get back here. With Bella. [Sighs] They'll be here before we know it.

Dr. Harris: Chloe, uh, my dear... I'm afraid that won't be happening.

Chloe: What? Why not?

Dr. Harris: Um... keeping you safe has required a lot of planning, contingencies. I knew today would come, when Kevin would have to leave. I...anticipated his departure, and prepared for it accordingly.

Chloe: I-I don't understand.

Dr. Harris: I'm sorry. But Kevin is never coming back. He's gone.

Chloe: What did you do? What did you do?!

[Loud thump]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: I am dying to hear how this friendship started before either of you were even in Genoa City.

Abby: Problem?

Scott: No, I'm just deciding whether or not to recite "The Star Spangled Banner."

Neil: Are you ready for major pyrotechnics?

[Cheers and applause]

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