Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/28/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/28/17


Episode # 11202 ~ Jack targets Brash & Sassy; Jordan confides in Chelsea; Billy tries to help Victoria.

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Billy: I swear to God, Vick, if we lose this case, we should sue Cane for endangering the company, claw back whatever damages we owe out of his salary.

Victoria: Thank you for your input.

Cane: I'm so sick of this. I did not pressure that woman to sleep with me in exchange for anything!

Billy: See what you do there? You're like a pro, because you don't actually deny having sex with her.

Victoria: Stop it! Both of you, okay? We need to present a united front. Anything that detracts from that only hurts us.

Cane: If you need me, I'll be working from home for the rest of the day.

Phyllis: Well, hello to you, too.

Jordan: Sit.

Lily: I can't. I'm freaking out.

Jordan: The doctors that admitted Juliet say that they won't know anything for a while.

Lily: All I want is for her to be okay. How bizarre is that?

Jordan: It says a lot about you as a person. All good.

Lily: Well, you know what? I'm glad you think so, because honestly, I'm not feeling great about how I yelled at her before she fainted.

Jordan: Juliet put you through a lot.

Lily: It's not an excuse.

Jordan: Does she have any family nearby that we can call?

Lily: The only person who would have the answer to that is cane.

Jack: I have been admiring your online postings. I'm telling you, you missed your calling. You should have been a travel photographer.

Jill: Well, it's kind of impossible to take a bad picture of Machu Picchu.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I want to give you credit for that, too. Boy, that's a lot of stairs, a lot of altitude. I mean, after...

Jill: What? After my heart attack? You can say that, you know. It's not a secret. When the bus took us up to the ruins, I was huffing and puffing like the other flatlanders. But Colin, he took care of me. He made sure I didn't overdo things. And, you know, when you have a crisis like that, you come to accept your limitations.

Jack: How long you in town?

Jill: It's my three-month checkup with my cardiologist, yeah. So as soon as I get a take on my recovery, I'm out of here. I'm on to the next spot on my bucket list.

Jack: Good for you. You look great. This time off has done a world of good for you.

Jill: Hmm. Sometimes I think that having a heart attack is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Jack: You're definitely looking like you're better off.

Jill: Wish I could say the same for you. I came back here fully expecting that you and Phyllis would have patched things up.

Jack: No, you weren't expecting it. You were hoping it so that Billy wouldn't be with her.

Jill: [Chuckles]

Billy: Hey. I didn't know you were out here. What's up?

Phyllis: Well, I just had a wonderful tête-à-tête with your mother.

Billy: I have been avoiding her all day. What happened?

Phyllis: Well, you know, just more of the same, that I don't deserve you, that Victoria's the end game, and that I might as well bow to the inevitability of it all.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Blah, blah, blah.

Billy: Yeah, tell me about it. Hey, I'm sorry about that.

Phyllis: It's okay. Jill's Jill.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: But if you're interested, I just had a brainstorm in the elevator.

Billy: I'm always interested in your brainstorms in the elevator.

Phyllis: You and me taking an escape, going away. You know, I mean, we talked about it after the L.A. Trip, and nothing materialized.

Billy: A lot materialized in L.A.

Phyllis: I know, I know. And it's a lot calmer now. You know, Lauren told me about a bed and breakfast that is gorgeous this time of year. I mean, we could take a walk in the woods, or we can, you know, rent a sailboat or stuff our faces with cherry pie. What do you say?

Billy: Honestly, that all sounds amazing. It's just... it's not the best time right now.

Chelsea: Oh. Gosh. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Oh, my god. Hello? This is Chelsea. Uh, yes. It's almost ready. I am going to have it waiting in a dress box, and I am going to need you to deliver it to Lauren Fenmore in the jabot offices. It's a very important delivery, uh, so I'm gonna have to make sure that you deliver it to her, specifically her hands, okay? Great. It'll be waiting for you. Okay, bye-bye. [Sighs]

Jill: So the ship has really sailed for you and Phyllis?

Jack: Over the horizon and sunk without a trace, probably swallowed by a sea monster.

Jill: [Chuckles] It's very definitive.

Jack: Maybe it's time you start letting go of your fantasy about Billy and Victoria getting back together. They have tried umpteen times and have never made it pan out. Maybe it's time to let it go.

Jill: Yeah, maybe you're right. But oh, my god. It's Phyllis. Billy could do so much better than Phyllis. So could you have, by the way.

Jack: Well, no one's ever accused me of being a whiz with romance. As for Billy and my ex, maybe they deserve each other.

Jill: Come on, jack. He's my son. Do you blame me for worrying about him? I mean, his personal life is veering off on the wrong course. And he and Victoria are under siege with this sexual harassment suit. Boy, that Juliet's out for blood. I really don't see this ending well.

Billy: Look, this could go to trial soon, and right now's just not the best time.

Phyllis: I know you have to be there for Victoria. I'm -- I'm just stating a fact.

Billy: Come on. Don't do that. It's just right now all hands on deck.

Phyllis: I get it. I get it. I know exactly where you're coming from.

Billy: Phyllis, come here a second. Between you and me, I'm actually worried that Victoria is setting herself up for a big fall.

Phyllis: How so?

Billy: Well, if this does go to trial and we lose, punitive damages could bankrupt the company.

Phyllis: But she was fired for cause. I mean, she was given severance.

Billy: Trust me. This could happen.

Phyllis: If you say so.

Billy: And it's not that I don't want to go away with you. It's just right now is not the best time. If I do leave, it would be very irresponsible of me, and right now I have to make sure that Victoria knows what's at stake.

Phyllis: All right. I'll leave you to it.

Billy: Phyllis.

Phyllis: I'm fine. Go. Good luck.

Billy: [Sighs]

Victoria: No, not -- not -- I understand. Okay, thank you, Michael.

Billy: Was that about the case?

Victoria: We were discussing the next steps before the trial.

Billy: Damn it, Vick.

Victoria: What is wrong?

Billy: I was just hoping that you'd finally come to your senses.

Jordan: You can always call the office instead of cane. Hr might still have her emergency contacts.

Lily: [Sighs] No, he should know that she was rushed to the hospital. He should hear it from me. [Sighs]

Cane: [Sighs] Hello? Anybody home? Lily?

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: Hey, I just got home. Where are you?

Lily: I'm at the hospital.

Cane: Is everything okay?

Lily: Juliet passed out or something at the GCAC.

Cane: What?

Lily: We followed an ambulance over here.

Cane: Who are you with?

Lily: I'm with Jordan.

Cane: Listen, I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? Even Hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to...

Gloria: ...That department.

Phyllis: Gloria? Are you busy? I need your help with something.

Gloria: Are you talking to me? Is this some kind of prank?

Phyllis: Chelsea stopped by earlier to propose, uh, well, a line that she's exclusively designing for Fenmore's. And, you know, Lauren wasn't here, so she ran it by jack and me, and jack wasn't that bowled over about it, but I think it was a fantastic idea, and I want to get it past the goal posts.

Gloria: I like how you mixed the sports metaphors. Very clever. Or sloppy. One of the two.

Phyllis: It's a terrific idea. I was hoping you could persuade jack to stand behind it.

Gloria: Like I have any pull with that man.

Phyllis: [Scoffs] Yes, you do. I've seen it. If anyone has his ear, it's you.

Gloria: How naive do you think I am?

Phyllis: I was giving you a compliment. I realize you don't get many.

Gloria: Well, why don't you just run along so I can finish my report before lunch? Go on. Shoo, shoo.

Jack: Oh, these harassment lawsuits are such a nuisance, such a drain on everybody.

Jill: Hmm.

Jack: Listen, I am a pretty good listener if you want to vent about that or Billy or, well, anything else.

Jill: Yeah, well, maybe I'd better not discuss it in public. You never know who's listening, huh?

Jack: Yeah, I get it, I get it. Hard to imagine anything like this happening while you were still in charge.

Jill: You got that right. Anyway, I better run. I'm gonna be late for my appointment. God, it was so nice catching up with you.

Jack: It was. You take care.

Jill: You do the same. Bye.

Jack: "Brash & sassy lawsuit." [Sighs]

Victoria: I think I've made it pretty clear how I feel about settling.

Billy: Look, okay, I agree with you in principle, but cane has completely destroyed his credibility. I don't see how we come out of this with a win.

Victoria: Oh, I do.

Billy: How?

Victoria: Well, Juliet's out of a job. Her bills are piling up. The severance that I gave her isn't gonna last very long. I don't see her being able to hang in there indefinitely.

Billy: You think we can?

Victoria: I have deeper pockets, Billy. I know that makes you uncomfortable, but I am not giving up. Juliet can come at us with whatever she wants. I'll plain outlast her.

Cane: So any word yet?

Lily: No. None.

Cane: Okay, so what happened?

Lily: Well, Jordan and I were at the club. Juliet approached us, so we're talking, and then she just collapses to the floor, so Jordan calls an ambulance, and we followed over here, and we've been here ever since.

Cane: Thanks for taking care of her.

Jordan: No worries, man. Now that you're here, I'll take off. Let me know what the story is?

Cane: Yeah, we will. Come here. So, you were talking to her, then -- then what happened?

Lily: Yeah, and it turned into a fight. I didn't touch her, but things escalated, and she collapsed or fainted or something.

Cane: I can guess what you were arguing about.

Lily: I should have just walked away, but I couldn't help myself. We've just all been under so much pressure lately.

Cane: I know. What are you doing here? How'd you hear about this?

Jill: Hear about what? I'm here to see my doctor. But as long as I found you, oh, honey, come on, what were you thinking?

Lily: Okay, Jill, before you start hurtling accusations, cane did nothing wrong! Nothing!

Cane: [Sighs] There's no way to hide

Jack: Hey, there.

Victoria: Oh. Hello, jack. What can I do for you?

Jack: Well, I'll keep this short and sweet. Is Billy around?

Victoria: No, he went down to marketing, but he should be right back.

Jack: Oh, good. I actually wanted to talk to you.

Victoria: A visit from the competitor. All right. So, what's on your mind?

Jack: I just wanted you to know I have some idea of what you're dealing with.

Victoria: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: You don't have to be coy. You don't have to pretend you're not under a lot of pressure. I get it.

Victoria: What pressure? I'm -- I'm not sure what you mean.

Jack: I know about the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Victoria: [Sighs] Damn it.

Jack: I gather you were trying to keep that under wraps.

Victoria: [Sighs] So how did you find out about it, jack?

Jack: Word gets out.

Victoria: Well, it shouldn't. That case is sealed. It's not for the public record.

Jack: We're in the same building, Victoria. Hard to keep a secret like this.

Victoria: Okay, so now you know. I hope you're not gonna take advantage of that information.

Jack: No, of course not. I'm sorry you're in this mess. But you can't say I didn't warn you.

Victoria: Warn me about what?

Jack: The one thing my brother has always excelled at is creating headaches for people around him. I just want to say I sympathize.

Victoria: Wait a second. Hold on a second here. You think that we're being sued because of something that Billy did?

Jack: You're not?

Billy: Sorry to burst your bubble, jack, but cane's responsible for this particular mess, although it's very cool of you to come down here and talk trash to Victoria about me. Nice job.

Jordan: Just seen a messenger leaving with a big, ol' box.

Chelsea: Oh, well, I'm sending Lauren a gift. Part of the new collection I'm designing. I'm hoping that Fenmore's will market it exclusively.

Jordan: Oh, very cool.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Actually, the next time you do something like that, give me a heads up.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Jordan: Hell yeah. I can get someone to model the dress and snap some photos, and we could send them out with the messenger.

Chelsea: Why didn't I think of that?

Jordan: I can probably still catch the guy.

Chelsea: No, no, it's fine. Besides, we don't even have a model.

Jordan: Come on, girl. I see one right in front of me.

Chelsea: Oh, stop, you! No, the dress is already out the door. Plus I just have to breathe and trust that it is in Lauren's very capable hands.

Jordan: Fine.

Chelsea: So, why'd you stop by? Not just to talk shop, I assume?

Jordan: I wanted to pick your brain about something, an area where you have a certain expertise.

Chelsea: Go on.

Jordan: Remember how I was telling you about that sexual harassment suit?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. The one involving Hilary?

Jordan: Right. The woman that filed it, Juliet, lily and I ran into her at the athletic club.

Chelsea: Yikes. I bet that was fun.

Jordan: Not exactly.

Chelsea: What happened?

Jordan: Something really weird.

Chelsea: Cat fight?

Jordan: No, but I was afraid it was heading that way.

Chelsea: Listen, I wouldn't blame lily if she wanted to claw that woman's eyes out after everything she's put her through.

Jordan: But that's not really lily's style, though.

Chelsea: So what did happen?

Jordan: The ladies, they -- they got into it, arguing, starting to get nasty, and then Juliet out of the blue just collapsed.

Chelsea: Collapsed at the athletic club?

Jordan: Yeah. It's like she fainted or something. Her body just went limp. Legs were like rubber and on the floor.

Chelsea: That's awful. That's -- that's bizarre. Is she sick?

Jordan: Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know.

Chelsea: Hmm. I'm sensing that you're leaning towards maybe not.

Jordan: I'm wondering if it's a scam, if she's been running a long con against everyone at brash & sassy and this is just part of it.

Chelsea: You think Juliet's faking an illness?

Jordan: I have to wonder. All this time, and it's so damn convenient.

Chelsea: Well, why would she do that? I mean, what would she have to gain?

Jordan: I don't know. That's why I'm here -- looking for answers.

Chelsea: You seem very involved in all this.

Jordan: Whatever Juliet's up to, it's gonna hurt a lot of people, lily most of all, and she's the last one who deserves it.

Jill: This woman who is suing the company ends up in the E.R., And nobody knows what's wrong with her?

Lily: Pretty much.

Jill: Wow. Well, it sure says a lot about you that you're here waiting under the circumstances.

Lily: I just wanted to make sure she was okay.

Jill: And nothing led up to this collapse of hers?

Lily: I just -- I didn't see it coming. We were having an intense conversation, and, you know, I said some mean things. I'm not proud of it.

Cane: Don't do this to yourself.

Jill: He's right. Don't blame yourself. You're not responsible for this. You are the innocent party here.

Cane: Listen to her. She's right.

Jill: But as for you --

Cane: Please don't. Please. Please don't.

Jill: Don't what? State the obvious? You made a bad situation so much worse by lying.

Lily: Jill, he messed up. Rubbing his face in it is not gonna help anything.

Cane: I lied about Juliet coming to the room 'cause I didn't want to hurt lily. So it's not the same as lying about the rest of it.

Jill: Sweetheart, I know you see it that way, but the jury's not going to. They're gonna see that you partied all night with an employee.

Cane: She was an independent consultant.

Jill: Well, it doesn't matter. She was still your subordinate. Getting so drunk she had to help you to your room?

Cane: Well, thank you for your support.

Jill: Oh, baby.

Lily: Jill, you're forgetting we know nothing about this woman, whether she's ethical or not. What we do know is that her timing is suspect. She doesn't come forward with this until she gets fired? What does that say about her motives? She was dying to get a job at brash & sassy, and then she gets one and she messes it up. And then she's saying that cane coerced her into bed when obviously from the video that is not what happened.

Jill: God. I'm sorry, darling, if I'm too hard on you. I know how committed you are to your family. But there's no excuse for lying.

Cane: I know. I know this.

Dr. Lang: Jill! Hi! Good to see you!

Jill: Hello.

Dr. Lang: I was just going over your file. Do you want to head back with me and we can get started on your checkup?

Jill: Uh, yeah, sure. Sure. You just listen to how your wife just defended you. Do not ever take this one for granted.

Dr. Lang: I'm gonna be sending you downstairs for an echocardiogram, but I want to go over a few things first.

Jill: Ooh. Should I be nervous?

Dr. Lang: Not at all. Your cardiac rehab providers have given me stellar reports.

Jill: Good, because I have worked very hard getting back into shape. I followed your diet instructions to the letter, taken my meds as prescribed.

Dr. Lang: Oh, hard to believe you're the same patient who refused to believe she'd had a heart attack. Uh, what was it? Acid reflux, I believe you insisted it was?

Jill: Yes, well, this patient has her head screwed on right now.

Dr. Lang: [Chuckles] And your heart thanks you for it. So, talk to me about the stress. That was a problem before.

Jill: Yeah, yeah. Well, I've come to an understanding with Colin where I don't want to strangle him quite as often as I used to.

Dr. Lang: [Laughs] Well, that definitely sounds like an improvement.

Jill: But the really big change is that I've put my executive team in charge of chancellor. So now we're traveling all over the world, overseas. Colin and I are spending time together. We're seeing all the places I wanted to see.

Dr. Lang: Sounds fantastic. I envy you.

Jill: A lot of people have said that. Yeah, I've also taken up yoga, learned to meditate. And although I admit I cannot "ohm" myself out of every situation, I'm a little more relaxed than I used to be.

Dr. Lang: Oh, that all sounds wonderful. So, tell me -- how have you been feeling? Any symptoms from the medications? Any muscle aches, shortness of breath, heartburn, dizziness, memory or cognitive issues?

Jill: Maybe just a little heartburn, but that's it.

Dr. Lang: There's an over-the-counter prescription for that. Um, it'll be in your appointment notes.

Jill: Okay.

Dr. Lang: So if you add anything to your regimen, just let me know. Do you have any other questions, concerns?

Jill: I don't think so. Mnh-mnh.

Dr. Lang: Well, I think it's time to get some real data. You ready for your echo?

Jill: [Sighs] Let's do it.

Gloria: Have I done something to make you think I'm willing to cooperate with you? If so, apologies for the miscommunication.

Phyllis: I know you don't like me very much.

Gloria: Most perceptive. You hurt jack. And now you're living with his brother. Not only tacky -- it's disrespectful. Jack has too much class to show it. But deep down, it's got to be humiliating.

Phyllis: You care about him, don't you?

Gloria: He's been good to me.

Phyllis: And you've been very protective of him. But you do realize none of that is being reciprocated.

Gloria: For someone who's trying to get me to help --

Phyllis: I didn't mean to say that to be bitchy.

Gloria: No, you can't help yourself because that's your super power.

Phyllis: Gloria. I know you want people to take you seriously and you're not interested in being an assistant for the rest of your life. I can relate to that. But, you know, you worked for Chelsea. You have real expertise in the fashion realm. If there is anyone who could convince jack that this exclusive design line is a no-brainer, it's you. And, you know, when the profits roll in, that's gonna be a real feather in your cap. And jack will see that you have true vision, something jabot needs now.

Gloria: Nice. Trying to butter me up. But like I said before, Phyllis --

Phyllis: Don't give me that crap that you don't have any pull with jack. You do. I know that you have to bring something to the party. We all laughed our backsides off when you were hired. We thought that you would last one week. The fact that you're still here says everything. So kudos to you. If you don't want in on this and the leverage it's gonna bring you --

Gloria: All right, shh. You really think this could be a money-maker?

Phyllis: Oh, I wouldn't suggest it otherwise.

Gloria: Then maybe, just maybe, I'm being selfish for not trying to sell jack on this just because it's you who's doing the asking.

Phyllis: Well, we all know that that's the last thing you want is to be selfish. Have a good day.

Billy: Let me guess. You took what little my mom said, made your own assumptions, and you ran with it.

Jack: Assuming the worst about you has always paid off more often than not.

Victoria: Well, I guess you no longer sympathize.

Jack: No matter who is named, these sexual harassment lawsuits are difficult. I speak as someone who has been falsely accused.

Billy: Hold on a second. Are you talking about "Clarissa" or whatever pet name you have for Gloria? Because our situation's a teensy bit different. But I do like how you handled it. Yeah, hire Gloria, then sleep with her for real. Stay classy, jack. No, our situation's different because we have one ex-employee who got the boot, and now she wants a payout.

Jack: Juliet Helton, your marketing exec.

Billy: Ex-executive. Yes, that is the one. And if you don't mind, jack, we got a lot going on, so see you later.

Jack: I assume you'll be fighting this.

Victoria: Yes. To the bitter end.

Jack: Good for you. Fight for your rights.

Billy: See, if he's giving you advice, I highly recommend that you reconsider.

Jack: Oh, by all means, listen to the man who almost lost you the hockey tie-in. Hey, come to think of it, that's why you had to fire miss Helton -- so you could save Billy and still have the deal. Is that what you mean by classy? No wonder she's ticked off.

Billy: Yes, yes, okay? I have a big mouth.

Victoria: Yeah, I think the less said to our competitor, the better.

Billy: Do you agree with him? Do you think that I'm responsible for this disaster?

Victoria: I made it clear how I felt when I fired Juliet instead of you, didn't I?

Billy: Do you trust me, Vick?

Victoria: Is that a real question?

Billy: I think I just need a little bit more evidence. You ask everybody else what to do. Mom, cane, jack. But I give you advice and you blow me off. Think about it.

Jill: Thank you. Hi.

Dr. Lang: Have a seat. I was just looking over the results of your echo.

Jill: What? Already?

Dr. Lang: Your ejection fraction, which is the measure of your cardiac function, has improved to 72%, which is outstanding. You should be proud of yourself.

Jill: I am.

Dr. Lang: Overall, things are trending at a positive direction. You keep it up, and over time, you should get close to full function again.

Jill: Fantastic. I'm very motivated, then. What about my other tests, those labs that I had done last week?

Dr. Lang: Your LDL cholesterol is down due to the statins. Your HDL, which is the so-called good cholesterol, is slightly up due to the change in your eating habits and exercise. And your triglycerides and blood sugar are in the normal range.

Jill: Well, you got to love that Mediterranean diet, especially when eating in the Mediterranean.

Dr. Lang: [Chuckles] Are you headed out there again soon?

Jill: Well, that's the plan, you know. Although there's some issues that brought me back here that still need my attention.

Billy: Phyllis? Phyllis!

Phyllis: Are you hungry?

[Apple thuds]

Phyllis: Let me interest you in something from the dessert menu.

Gloria: And your 3:00's been moved to 8:00 tomorrow.

Jack: Fine.

Gloria: I understand Chelsea pitched a line for Fenmore's.

Jack: Not now. This is more important. Close the door.

Gloria: What's going on?

Jack: I want you to do a little digging for me. Find out all you can about this woman that Victoria canned after the debacle with the hockey league.

Gloria: Juliet.

Jack: Wait. You know her?

Gloria: I saw her around the building before she was let go. Why are you so interested?

Jack: Simple. I may want to hire her.

Jordan: I don't know. Could be some truth to what Juliet's claiming. Not harassment, exactly. But she and cane did the deed. Now she's embellishing 'cause she's mad, which means the guy is a dog and lily deserves better.

Chelsea: What's your other theory?

Jordan: It's all a setup and it has been since Tokyo. This -- this bit about keeling over in public in front of lily, kind of strange, no?

Chelsea: [Scoffs] I'm not a mind reader, Jordan.

Jordan: But you can spot a con from a mile away.

Chelsea: Especially this one. I ran it myself once out of Myanmar. Story for another day. I mean, basically what you do is you get the guy out of his comfort zone, especially a foreign country, you have a few drinks, and then you mess with his memory later on.

Jordan: Then it's possible it is a scam?

Chelsea: Devil's advocate? The timeline. From what I hear, Juliet excelled at her job for months. And she didn't go after brash & sassy until Victoria cut her loose. Most people that are really conning someone, they want a quick fix, you know? They want a quick score. This seems like it's anything but. Plus if she really wanted a settlement from cane, wouldn't she just have gone after him right after that trip they took or -- or tried to blackmail him to keep quiet? You know what I mean? Something along those lines.

Jordan: Which opens up a third option. Juliet's case against cane is legit and he's a liar.

Chelsea: I don't know. I think you just need more information.

Jordan: Yeah. They're all just theories.

Chelsea: Why do you care so much?

Jordan: I work for brash & sassy now. If we tank, then so does my job.

Chelsea: Hmm. That's true. That's interesting. What I also find interesting is this is the second time in a couple days that your main concern seems to be lily.

Lily: I keep thinking you should go.

Cane: Why? Because of the lawsuit?

Lily: I mean, you already got in trouble once for being around Juliet. I think more contact is a bad idea.

Cane: I'm not gonna leave you here alone to deal with all this, okay?

Lily: Who are they gonna release her to?

Cane: The way you're doing right by her and the way you defend me to Jill, you're amazing. You know that?

Lily: Well, why wouldn't I defend you? Yeah, you messed up, but you didn't do what she's saying you did. And people want me to think the worst of you. But I can't.

Jordan: If you've seen all the stuff go down that I have, then you would be worried about lily, too. She's the real victim.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Well, I hope it all works out in the end. You know what? I might need a favor from you.

Jordan: Oh, yeah? What's up?

Chelsea: That new collection I was telling you about, I might need some extra incentive in order to get Fenmore's and jabot to say yes.

Jordan: What are you thinking?

Chelsea: I'm thinking I create a look book that highlights some of the new collection, you know, so Lauren has something tangible she can bring to jack if he needs a little extra nudging.

Jordan: If you need pictures, I'm your man. And I have an idea.

Chelsea: What's that?

Jordan: Since you're the embodiment of the customer that you're after, why don't you model the designs yourself? Career woman and a busy mom with a great sense of style.

Chelsea: Flatterer.

Jordan: Well?

Chelsea: I'm in.

Jordan: All right. [Chuckles]

Victoria: [Sighs] Look, if you're looking for Billy, he left early, which is just as well, because he does not agree on how I'm handling this lawsuit, and I'm under enough stress as it is already, okay?

Jill: Well, if you hadn't served him up to Phyllis on a platter, he would be on your side and you'd be fighting this together.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Jill: But it's not too late.

Victoria: Please. I have a business to run.

Jill: There is more to life than business, you know. I had to learn that the hard way. This company is not the be all and the end all. You, my girl, need love, you need passion, and your children need their father. Why won't you see that? Why won't you fight for what's rightfully yours?

Victoria: Because I have some self-respect. I'm not gonna go chasing after a man who's not interested in me.

Jill: How blind are you? Of course he's interested in you! He just can't figure out from moment till moment how you feel about him! So he grabs on to the closest shiny object in a skin-tight dress. You can turn this around, but you've got to do it now, Victoria. Please come to his rescue!

Victoria: Billy hardly needs rescuing.

Jill: Oh, from Phyllis? Yes, you bet he does. You better get moving or you're gonna lose your chance with him.

Billy: Mmm.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Billy: That's amazing.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Did you make that?

Phyllis: No. Picked it up at the French bistro down the block.

Billy: [Sighs] What happened to cooking classes?

Phyllis: Hmm, I gave that up when I made the soufflé you never ate.

Billy: Is that right?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Billy: So, uh... what's up with the apron?

Phyllis: Well, you know, you've been getting it from all different sides, and I-I know you might be hungry, so you know what they say. If you want some heat, you better stay in the kitchen.

[Silverware clatters]

Gloria: I don't get it. Why would you hire a woman who makes a huge mistake and then turns around and sues the company who fired her for doing it?!

Jack: Juliet has her knives out for brash & sassy, and she has intimate knowledge of their marketing plan. That's one mean combination.

Gloria: You are losing your Machiavellian touch, jack. If you really want to stick it to Billy, there are easier ways to do it.

Juliet: You brought reinforcements.

Lily: Well, I wasn't gonna desert you. I'm not unfeeling, you know.

Juliet: I never said you were.

Lily: Well, you look pale, but you can stand. Does that mean you're okay?

Juliet: Okay? You mean as in is anything wrong?

Cane: All right, you don't have to be sarcastic. You can just tell us what the doctor said 'cause we waited to see how you are.

Juliet: Because you care so much. Maybe you think I'll be so touched I'll drop the lawsuit.

Cane: No, we're hoping you drop the lawsuit 'cause it's bogus.

Juliet: I was prepared to settle. Victoria is the one who's pushing this.

Cane: That's because she doesn't like being lied to.

Next on "The Young and The Restless"...

Dina: Well, I'll be damned. Jill Abbott.

Hilary: Well, at least Lily knows the truth now. Cane cheated on her.

Lily: Just don't lie to me! Tell me the truth!

Cane: We had sex.

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