Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/27/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/27/17


Episode # 11201 ~ Jill returns home to an unpleasant surprise; Colin steps up to help Cane; Lily faces off with Juliet.

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[Engine shuts off]

[Car door closes]

Jill: [Chuckles]

Billy: Wow. Did not expect to see you here like this.

Jill: [Chuckles] Hmm! Billy, my love! I missed you so much. Was the worst part of an otherwise fabulous trip. Of course, I come back to Wisconsin and I get this cold.

Billy: Yeah, it'll do it to you. Well, you look great. Well rested, strong.

Jill: Well, I didn't want to walk into my three-month checkup any other way.

Billy: I wish you would have told me you were coming in. I would have picked you up at the airport with a limo full of heart-healthy snacks and imported French seltzer.

Jill: Oh, ha ha ha. No, the wireless connections on the last leg of our trip were spotty at best. So how are you, darling? How is Victoria? Please, Billy, tell me you spotted this in the gutter on the way here and picked her up out of pity.

Phyllis: Ha! Jill! Such a treat to see you, too. I'm glad to see you and your sunny sense of humor are still alive and kicking. Thank you, handsome man, for your kind, kind pity. That gutter was getting awfully cramped.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: [Sighs] Perfect. Hi, dad. What? No. How could I know that? No. Nothing. Not -- not a word. Well, yeah, of course that worries me. [Sighs] Let me see what I can find out.

Nick: [Sighs] Good morning.

Chelsea: Good morning. Coffee.

Nick: Hmm. It smells delicious, just like you.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] No, no, don't! Don't drink it! I left you a surprise in the foam.

Nick: Hmm. Ah, yes, there it is. It is a frog. Ribbit. It's adorable.

Chelsea: No, it's not a frog. It's -- it's upside down.

Nick: Oh, yes. An upside-down frog. Now it's even better. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: No. It's a heart. I saw it on some stupid morning show. They made it look so easy.

Nick: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Maybe I should have just kept it simple and just told you I love you.

Nick: Well, I will take it any way I can get it from you.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Nick: And I love you, too.

Chelsea: Hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Of course.

Nick: Let it go.

Chelsea: It's okay. It's okay. Get it, get it, get it.

Nick: [Sighs]

Chelsea: It's fine.

Nick: Ah, it's Vick.

Chelsea: Go for it.

Nick: All right. Sorry. Hey, Vick. What's up? Ooh, hey, slow down, slow down. What's wrong? Beyond is a natural pet food

Nick: I guess Vick will be here any minute.

Chelsea: She didn't even mention what this is about?

Nick: No, she said, uh, "I can't get into it over the phone." She sounded pretty freaked out.

Chelsea: Okay, well, make yourselves home here. Hash things out. Connor's with the nanny, and I have a very important business meeting to get to.

Nick: Oh, what's going on?

Chelsea: It's a potential game changer. It could really shake things up for me in a good way.

Nick: All right. Well, I want to hear all about it.

Chelsea: Well, you're just gonna have to wait.

Nick: Hmm.

Chelsea: I got to go. Got to go, got to go. I'll see you later.

Nick: See ya.

Chelsea: Oh, hey, Victoria.

Victoria: Hi.

Chelsea: Hope everything's okay. Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nick: All right, Vick, what's up?

Victoria: Okay, so dad called me demanding to know where mom is.

Nick: Are you sure this isn't just another one of his stunts to keep us in his orbit?

Victoria: No, I think he truly has no idea where she went, and neither do I. I've tried to reach her. It goes straight to voicemail. Nobody knows where she went. She's taken off, nick, to god knows where.

Neil: How about Nikki's charity concert for the new hospital wing? Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Jack: You mean victor's charity concert? Nikki is merely a featured performer.

Neil: You make it sound like he forced her to play.

Jack: Well, practically. Actually, it's more like manipulation. It's victor in his typical control mode, only this time it's disguised as altruism, so it's all the more nauseous. I just hope it doesn't make Nikki truly sick.

Neil: I think she's gonna blow everyone away. And I will make sure to let her know that she's gonna have a lot of support in the audience. The Hamilton-winters group, we bought a fat block of tickets.

Jack: As did jabot. Hey, don't get me wrong. I think Nikki is going to throw herself into this performance. It's just you and I both know, as strong as Nikki is, her one true weakness is victor.

Jordan: Nice, nice! Right there! Good job.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Lily: [Sighs] God.

Jordan: You okay?

Lily: In the last half hour, have I given you anything that you can use? Please just be honest with me.

Jordan: Well, with you, I'm always honest.

Lily: So?

Jordan: So, the product's called dare. But today it's more like "dire." Sorry. Look, I told you I'd be honest. You got a real "I don't care" vibe coming off right now.

Lily: No, that's the problem. I care too much. I'm aware that everyone thinks I'm an idiot for sticking by cane. Even if they don't say it to my face, I can feel their judgment.

Colin: Maybe you and lily should take a holiday, hmm?

Cane: Um, I don't think lily and I can go anywhere right now. Not to mention my last trip almost ruined my life.

Colin: You need to talk to these travel agents of Jill's. These guys, they work miracles.

Cane: Well, I don't think they can work the miracle I kind of need right now, though.

Colin: Maybe I can help you.

Cane: Well, I wish someone could. But, dad, I got to talk to somebody about this 'cause I'm hanging on by a thread right now.

Phyllis: We'll pick that up later at home. Welcome back, Jill. You're sounding and looking so healthy.

Billy: Yes, Phyllis and I are back together. Yes, we're living together. Yes, Victoria knows. And yes, she's fine with it. And I hope one day you will be, too.

Chelsea: Tch, tch, tch, tch.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, Chelsea. You waiting for jack?

Chelsea: Actually, I'm supposed to have a meeting with Lauren. We're supposed to start right now.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure she'll be right along. I'd offer you a beverage, but jack asked Gloria to put a lock on the kitchen refrigerator. He is convinced that brash & sassy are sneaking sodas after hours.

Chelsea: Ah. Well, it's fine. I'm okay.

Phyllis: Okay. You know, I should take this chance to thank you for the other night at the underground. It was very nice of you to defend Billy to nick. I mean, it had a lot more clout than what I could have said at the time.

Chelsea: For what it's worth, nick considers you a really close friend. That's why he gets overprotective.

Phyllis: I know. I mean, they're really terrific guys, Billy and nick.

Chelsea: They really are. I just wish they could find a way to get along.

Phyllis: Oh, wouldn't that be nice? Just a lot of complicated history there.

Chelsea: Some of which I played a part in, but that was in the past. Not really proud of it.

Phyllis: Uh, that was a long time ago, and you've changed. I'd like to think we all have. Besides, I see that you are making nick very happy these days, which he does deserve.

Chelsea: Well, ditto for you and Billy.

[Cell phones chime]

Chelsea: Oh. Lauren needs to postpone.

Phyllis: Uh, she's probably having a crisis at the store.

Chelsea: Why do you say that?

Phyllis: Because she just sent me a text, too. "I am having a crisis at the store. If you see Chelsea, please apologize for me."

Chelsea: Okay, well, I guess you just did. I suppose the pitch will have to wait.

Phyllis: You know what? Let me hear it. I always love a good pitch session.

Jack: I'll actually be escorting my mother to Nikki's concert.

Neil: Well, Dina will love that.

Jack: Yeah, one would think. I'm not sure what she loves these days, or who.

Neil: Jack, I know first hand how tough it can be reconnecting like this as an adult. Dina's still here. And what more reason could she have besides her own children?

Jack: I was thinking that. Now I've moved on to a mild case of Abby-induced guilt.

Neil: Give yourself some more credit, okay? And Ashley, too.

Jack: You know what I am surprised by? Mother's guard dog, graham, has actually agreed to let her stay here.

Neil: Why wouldn't he?

Jack: I get the feeling this guy would like nothing more than to whisk my mother back to Paris far away from any potential heirs to her considerable fortune.

Neil: Whoa, hold on. Graham after your mom's money?

Jack: I believe that with everything in me. And I need your help to prove it to her.

Nick: Well, at least she left a note.

Victoria: Yes, a very cryptic one with no hint of where she was going or how long she would be gone. Didn't leave dad feeling very comforted, I'll tell you that much.

Nick: Oh, poor dad. Look, I'm worried about mom.

Victoria: I know, but she's just been so focused on rehearsing for this charity concert. It seems strange that she would just drop out of sight.

Nick: Unless she panicked.

Victoria: Do you think that's what happened? Have you seen her in the last couple of days?

Nick: I went over to see her yesterday, but, you know, I ran into dad instead.

Victoria: Oh. How'd that go?

Nick: Oh, it was great. You know, he told me he didn't need me in his life if that's what I wanted. But I think he thinks he's gonna get mom back pretty soon, so who knows what kind of emotional pressure he's been putting on her?

Victoria: Well, that's reason enough to stay the hell away from him and get the hell off the ranch.

Nick: Yeah, I get that, but, I mean, you think mom should be alone right now? Why wouldn't she come talk to us about this?

Victoria: Hmm. I don't know, but I will tell you this. This couldn't be the worst possible time for me.

Nick: Yeah, the lawsuit. I mean, the last time we were together, I don't know, I thought maybe the case was fizzing out 'cause the accuser couldn't prove her case.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I thought so, too. Then cane doused it with gasoline and lit a match.

Nick: Whoa. What happened?

Victoria: [Sighs] I found out that cane's been lying to me the whole time.

Cane: Now you know the same as everyone else, but the question is how long it's gonna take before it finds its way to the internet and the tabloids.

Colin: Well, Juliet's running a scam. Fortunately for you, your dear, old dad knows every scam in the book. Plus a few that aren't. I need all the facts. What exactly happened in Tokyo?

Cane: I already told you nothing happened in Tokyo.

Colin: I understand two things. Firstly, where there's smoke, there's fire. That's common sense. But I also know when my son's not leveling with me. That's written all over your face.

Cane: I didn't do anything.

Colin: Good. Excellent. Good on you. That means that Juliet's lying and that'll eventually be proven. I mean, it takes a hell of a talent to sell it, a lie that big. I mean, they are all lies, right? I mean, there's not a shred of truth to any of her claims?

Nick: So, because cane isn't man enough to own up to his mistakes, it could cost the company millions.

Victoria: That's right. Well, hopefully the only one we'll be paying is Michael Baldwin.

Nick: So you're back to being optimistic?

Victoria: We haven't lost yet. I know that cane has been careless, but I believe him when he tells me that he didn't sexually harass Juliet.

Nick: Well, Vick, you know I'll do anything to help you, but it sounds like you know what you're doing.

Victoria: Just the idea of settling with that woman and... [Sighs] I am not gonna roll over and just open my checkbook just because she spouts off some threats. I refuse to be exploited because of my last name.

Nick: It's the double-edged sword of dad's legacy. It gives and it takes. I just hope that sword hasn't cut mom too deeply this time.

Jack: I need dirt on graham. You and Devon have spent more time with him than anyone else in this town. I will accept anything that's remotely suspicious.

Neil: And I'm telling you, my friend, there is no dirt. At least nothing he's let us pick up on. His defining trait is knowing a lot about every division at Mergeron. I think that's why Dina defers so much to him. He's actually an excellent resource.

Jack: So he's just an all-around great guy, huh?

Neil: Hey, if you are worried about that man siphoning off your mother's money, don't. I have checked all the books. Jack, look at me. I have checked them thoroughly, and they're clean. My advice -- follow your mother's lead on this one, okay?

Jack: There is something off about this man. I feel that every time I'm around him. He's not to be trusted.

Jill: Why is it that every single time I leave Genoa city, I come back and everything has just fallen apart? Billy! Billy. You and Victoria were healing. I know you were. You were getting closer. I thought I'd come back here to a wedding announcement.

Billy: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Phyllis hasn't popped the question yet.

Jill: That isn't funny.

Billy: Look, mother, okay. I tried really hard with Victoria. I did. And for a moment there I thought we were gonna, you know, make it work and do it the right way. But she puts walls up, and I keep running into them. And it's like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. I can't ever do anything right. She just doesn't trust me enough to let me into her life, and I can't do that anymore, okay? I couldn't. I just -- I couldn't live like that anymore.

Jill: Yeah, but trust can be rebuilt if you're willing to work at it, Billy. Is she seeing anyone else?

Billy: I don't know. And it doesn't matter, okay? Victoria loves me as a co-parent, as a co-worker, but I don't think she likes me much anymore.

Victoria: Well, at the moment, I like you better than certain other executives. Hi, Jill. You look wonderful.

Jill: Thank you, darling.

Billy: I am going to go check on lily in the park.

Jill: Ah, ah, ah, ah. Not so fast, young man. And I need a moment of your time, too.

Victoria: You know, Jill, we are just so busy --

Jill: I want to know who these employees are that you're not happy with and why everybody around here is acting like they're at a funeral.

Victoria: Well, I'm sorry it's not the party atmosphere you were expecting, but I happen to be in the middle of a very serious legal issue.

Jill: Really? Who is?

Billy: We had a new employee, and we had to let her go. In turn, she excused cane of sexual harassment.

Jill: [Laughs] She's obviously lying.

Billy: See? I told you. My mother would never waste time on facts.

Jill: Well, I don't need to. Cane is the last man around here who'd ever be mistaken for a sexual predator.

Billy: Wow. Thanks for that. But unfortunately, cane is more like his old man than you're willing to admit. They try and lie themselves out of bad situations and then dig themselves into deeper ones.

Cane: You have to understand that when I woke up alone in that hotel room in Tokyo, I was so hung over. I don't even remember drinking or the karaoke bar or the fact that I...that I cheated on my wife with a co-worker I just met. I didn't remember.

Colin: But obviously she told you, right?

Cane: No, she didn't say anything until she came back to Genoa city to interview for this job, which I told her I didn't even have the power to give her.

Colin: What happened when Juliet revealed all of this?

Cane: I started remembering what she'd been describing. And I don't mean the feeling of it. I mean the fact that I did it.

Colin: But that's all it was, right?

Cane: What do you mean, that's all it was?

Colin: That's all she said. She mentioned the indecent proposal.

Cane: No, she said don't tell anybody about it, but every time I look at lily, I want to tell her, but I can't because I know it's gonna rip her heart out. And then when Juliet got fired, this -- this thing became more than just a drunken mistake.

Colin: Suddenly you extorted sex from a powerless underling. My son wouldn't do that. Now, Victoria should see that. She should pay this little tart off and get her the hell out of town.

Cane: Yeah, okay, but she's not gonna do that because she doesn't think that I would dangle a job in front of a woman in return for sexual favors.

Colin: Because you wouldn't.

Cane: Now brash & sassy's gonna go and fight this in court, and I'm gonna risk losing my family, my reputation, and my marriage and my children.

Colin: I think they're solid enough to withstand even a bogus claim like this.

Cane: Dad, I made a mistake. And I can't blame this on the alcohol. This was my fault. And I've started this chain reaction that's now gonna drag me down into hell.

Phyllis: Oh, my -- [Laughs] I would wear all of this constantly.

Chelsea: Great. I'm -- I'm so thrilled that you love my new lines. I wanted to ask you something. Do you remember not too long ago Lauren's proposal to make Chelsea 2.0 a Fenmore's exclusive?

Phyllis: Yes, and I remember you weren't too keen on committing to that idea.

Chelsea: I-I wasn't, really. I didn't see the advantage. I was focusing on autonomy. I didn't think it would be beneficial to make the brand specifically for one chain.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, you do know that Fenmore's is not just any chain, and that is especially true right now. Our virtual dressing room app was really a game changer for us.

Chelsea: I know. It completely revitalized the entire -- the entire chain.

Phyllis: But I'm curious what you came up here to pitch.

Jack: Well, that would make two of us, then.

Chelsea: Good morning, jack.

Jack: I'm also dying to know why you're making this pitch to Phyllis instead of me. Thanks for the ride around

Lily: [Sighs] Thank god we're here and not at the studio where people can't see me being unprofessional.

Jordan: With what you got going on at home, most models would have just straight up canceled.

Lily: I'm sorry I'm not focused. And I should be, given the fact that cane and I worked through everything.

Jordan: That's good to hear.

Lily: No, we did. We did. We worked everything out. I mean, we're -- we're gonna be fine.

Jordan: Going to be? Like in the future? What about today?

Lily: No, we are fine. We are fine. I mean, cane's not the reason I'm useless out here. It's other people judging me for sticking by him.

Jordan: Look, you got my word. I'm not one of those people. I'm behind you no matter what.

Lily: I know. Thank you. I meant other people.

Jordan: Like Hilary.

Lily: Devon, my dad, Victoria in private, I'm sure. And I know I shouldn't let it get to me. You know, I can't just give up on my marriage, on my family.

Jordan: I've never taken you for a quitter, lily.

Lily: Thanks. [Sighs deeply] Okay, let's try and salvage the day by getting one photo you can use.

Jordan: Okay. All right, um, here's what I'm thinking.

Lily: I know. How about I close my eyes and pretend like I'm sleeping, right? We can call it "dare to dream." Even I can't mess that up, right?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Billy: Mess what up?

Jordan: Billy, good to see you, my man!

Billy: Don't let me interrupt here. It looks like you're killing it.

Lily: What? You mean the product line, the budget, or your will to live?

Jordan: Hey, um, I'mma go get my lenses out the car.

Lily: I'm really sorry. I know this isn't the top of your to-do list. I'm sure you're here to talk about cane.

Billy: Well, you got me. But my agenda is not about cane. It's about my mother. She pounced on me in the jabot parking lot. Hasn't let me out of her sight for hours.

Lily: Well, sounds like she's feeling better.

Billy: Oh, yeah. Fully recovered. Now she's got the time and energy to diagnose and cure every ailment in my life.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Billy: You were my reason to flee.

Lily: Oh, well, I'm happy to help.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Good. So when I text you with a secret code that says "stop Jill," you'll call her from an untraceable burner phone?

Lily: [Laughs] What?

Billy: Oh, yeah. You need to pretend that you're, like, a Chinese cruise director letting her know that she left valuable jewels on the yacht that she rented and they're way too expensive to mail back. She's just gonna have to come all the way back to china and pick them up in person.

Lily: Yeah, that's only gonna work once, I think.

Billy: Oh, you have no idea how many jewels this woman travels with.

Lily: [Laughs]

Billy: I mean, they drip -- drip off of her.

Lily: I can see that.

Jordan: Now that's more like it. There you go.

Lily: Oh.

Jordan: All right, there you go.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Jordan: Yeah! Yeah.

Cane: I tried this scam that would get Billy kicked out of the company.

Colin: What did you do?

Cane: I wanted Victoria to see Billy for who Billy really is. I just thought I'd sabotage him, but it goes off the rails. The next thing you know, Juliet gets axed, and now she wants revenge.

Colin: [Sighs] So you're the one that finished up getting flushed. [Chuckles] Karma's a bigger bitch than Juliet.

Cane: But you know what, dad? She's not like that. She's not. She knows she just got this raw deal because of my actions, and now I deserve everything that's happening to me.

Colin: Hey, oh, hey. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You made a couple of mistakes.

Cane: Yeah.

Colin: But you're a good guy.

Cane: That's nice of you to say that.

Colin: You deserve a bit better than this, okay?

Cane: Well, I don't see how that's gonna happen now, do you?

Colin: [Scoffs] If I didn't know better, I'd say you were seeking fatherly advice.

Cane: [Scoffs] I would take any advice that I can get.

Colin: All right. Firstly, stick to your story. Right? Victoria and lily have already bought it. That means your lying skills have been grossly underestimated.

Cane: Oh, isn't that a plus. That's great.

Colin: Forget about the back talk. Buck up the little fib here. It's yours. And your future depends on it.

Victoria: Oh. Hi, Jill. I didn't realize you were still here.

Jill: Well, I couldn't leave without learning all I could about this ridiculous lawsuit. It's a shameless cash grab by this ungrateful, little wretch.

Victoria: Yep, that about sums it up. And it's really slowed our progress here to a crawl, so if you don't mind, I have a backlog of things that I --

Jill: Victoria, are you not gonna ask my opinion on this, one businesswoman to another?

Victoria: All right. You know what? Sure.

Jill: Settle it. The sooner, the better.

Victoria: Why? Do you doubt cane's innocence?

Jill: Of course I don't. But the jury sure will. Once they have seen that security footage of those two sake hooligans staggering into his room at night and her emerging next morning on her walk of shame. Just pay her off and let her move on to her next Romeo.

Victoria: Absolutely not. The question here is, did cane coerce her into bed with the promise of a job? That tape does not prove harassment. That tape does not prove that they even had sex.

Jill: That doesn't matter. He was a drunk, married man out of the country on business. The minute the jury sees that he allowed an attractive, younger subordinate into his room, they will believe that he's capable of anything.

Victoria: Yes, but they're gonna want proof, and they have none. If I settle with Juliet now, it makes cane look guilty and it makes my company look very weak. It's a game about willpower and blackmail, and I'm not playing, and I sure as hell am not paying.

Jill: You just sounded like victor. Good for you.

Chelsea: If Lauren's still open to it, I am proposing a specially designed collection more for Fenmore's than jabot.

Phyllis: And, jack, since she designs clothing and not makeup, you don't have to worry about anybody edging you out or doing anything behind your back.

Jack: Well, thank you for that assurance. Phyllis and I were married, and she does know a lot about working behind my back.

Phyllis: I love the pitch, and I will share it with Lauren just as soon as I can. Now, I cannot speak for her or issue any green lights, but I think she'll be just as excited.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Jack: Lauren might be wise to withhold her decision making powers.

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Chelsea, you are a top-notch designer. There are other variables to consider, though.

Chelsea: I understand.

Jack: Among them, what is your goal here? Is it an influx of cash?

Chelsea: It's more just that I would love the luxury to be able to focus on designing, you know, not have to deal with promotions, marketing.

Phyllis: Areas where Fenmore's have been excelling recently, so...

Chelsea: Right. Uh, with the power of jabot behind them [Chuckles] Though. Jack, you know how I feel about your company. Jabot has been so supportive of me from the very beginning, so I feel like it would almost be like coming back to my roots.

Jack: Well, I will give it the utmost consideration. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be in touch.

Phyllis: And Lauren will be contacting you, too.

Chelsea: Great. All right, well, thank you both. I think this could be beneficial for all of us. So, thank you.

Phyllis: Good. Thank you.

Jack: I am stunned that you would try to negotiate a deal that big on your own.

Phyllis: Oh, "negotiate." I stood in for my boss, taking a pitch!

Jack: Jabot may not have a controlling interest in Fenmore's, but something that big needs my input.

Phyllis: Input. Not the same as approval. Even without controlling interest, you want to just control everything, don't you?

Jack: That is neither appropriate nor any of your business.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Jack, I didn't do this to insult you! I simply suggested that Lauren should handle the design, okay? Look, you got enough on your plate already, don't you think?

Jack: Don't underestimate me. I can manage to juggle multiple commodities at the same time. Nikki, uh -- hey, it's me. Give me a call as soon as you can.

Jack: Hey, nick. Come on in. Nice to see you.

Nick: Yeah, uh, I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Jack: It's all right. What's on your mind?

Nick: Mom. She took off out of town somewhere. She didn't tell anyone where she was going.

Jack: Took off for where?

Nick: I take it from that you don't know where she is, either.

Jack: No, not a clue. I saw her yesterday. She didn't say anything about a trip.

Nick: [Sighs] You know, she left a note for dad. It was short, no details. Now when I call her cell, it goes straight to voicemail.

Jack: Yeah, I just left a message for her myself.

Nick: You were trying to reach her, too?

Jack: When I saw her yesterday, she seemed really stressed. I chalked it up to pre-performance jitters.

Nick: I mean, you think that's it? There's nothing else going on?

Jack: Like what?

Nick: Well, I don't know. But if there is something else going on and you know about it, jack, I expect you to tell me.

Jack: I could ask the same of you.

Nick: Meaning what exactly?

Jack: Well, it just seems you're not telling me the whole story. Just the fact that you're here in my office asking about your mother tells me things aren't warm and cozy at the Newman ranch. What's really going on?

Phyllis: Oh, Jill! Let me guess. You brought us a housewarming gift. The security downstairs wanted to x-ray it first?

Jill: Knock it off, Phyllis. Look, Billy has made it very clear that he wants to be with you.

Phyllis: Well, now that we have that settled, I need to get some work done.

Jill: No, no, no. Can I please have one quick minute? Because I sincerely want to understand what this relationship is about between you and my son.

Phyllis: Okay, maybe I can help you.

Jill: Perfect. Perfect, okay. Just so I've got this straight, you are committed to Billy, yes?

Phyllis: Yes. The feeling is mutual. I want to make Billy happy.

Jill: Good. Same commitment you had to jack when you cheated on him with Billy. You wanted to make nick Newman happy before you trashed your vows to him and slept with Ronan Malloy, yes? So just as a mother, I'd like to know if I have to watch out for anybody, if Billy should watch out for somebody, or have you already gone through every male in Genoa city?

Phyllis: Have you forgotten that when you were married to john Abbott, you had a torrid affair with his son, your then-stepson, jack?

Jill: No, I haven't forgotten.

Phyllis: So I don't think you need to throw stones. That's what I think.

Jill: I have come to terms with the mistakes I've made in my life, and there have been many.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jill: But I, my dear, have learned from them. You, on the other hand, are going down the same tortured path as before! You know, I understand you perfectly. I see a barracuda, because I used to be a barracuda. I used to be you. But I have changed. You, on the other hand, have not. Is there any line you will not cross?

Phyllis: There's one I'm thinking of right now, yeah.

Jill: Well, good. Then listen to some advice here, okay? Look very, very carefully at Billy's history. He always goes back to Victoria. She is the mother of his children. She is the love of his life. You simply can't compete.

Victoria: Hi, mom. It's me calling again. Um, just call me or send me a text. I want to know that you're alive and well, or call nick. Just call, okay? Love you. Bye.

Cane: Um, I have those product reports you asked me to compile.

Victoria: Thank you. Look, cane, it's not gonna be business as usual around here. I support you in this lawsuit. I know that you didn't sexually harass Juliet. But a trust has been broken.

Cane: Well, I intend on regaining that trust.

Victoria: Well, that's not gonna be so easy. And since you almost torpedoed the Asian distribution deal and decided not to fill me in on that, I don't want you to make any moves that are very important unless you run it past me or Billy.

Cane: Understood. Listen, I swear to you, I'll do whatever it takes to prove myself to you. These are the reports.

Billy: And since lily's a good friend and an employee, I suggest you start by proving that you're a good husband to her.

Jordan: To the most drastic turnaround in photo shoot history.

Lily: [Chuckles] Cheers. I'm just happy you got a shot you could actually use.

Jordan: After you talked to Billy, everything became gold.

Lily: Thank you. And thanks for the celebration, which you don't have to expense. It's on me.

Jordan: Nice!

Lily: [Chuckles]

Jordan: See, I knew you'd turn it around, lily. It's what you do.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Jordan: Look, forget her. Just ignore her, take the high road, all right?

Lily: Too late. She's already coming over here.

Juliet: Lily.

Lily: You have some nerve even speaking to me. I should have my brother ban you from this place.

Juliet: There's something I have to say. Please let me.

Lily: I don't want to hear anything you have to say.

Juliet: Not even the truth?

is not doing this for victor.

Nick: All right, without getting too much into my parents' marriage, I do wish my father knew when to back off sometimes.

Jack: Your mother confided in me how this, uh, concert came into being. Obviously I'm team Nikki. Judging from what you just said, the same is true for you.

Nick: I don't know why my dad pressures her into situations like this.

Jack: For what it's worth, your mother was adamant that she is not doing this for victor. She's doing this for other M.S. Patients and herself. She needs to feel that she, not victor, is in control of this event.

Nick: Hey, I'm all for that. I just wish my mom would apply that to every other facet in her life.

Phyllis: You know, Jill, if you are so confident that Billy and Victoria should end up together, why are you wasting your time with such an annoying, little bump in the road like me?

Jill: Trying to spare you some misery, you know, trying to cut a little drama out of my life and my family's.

Phyllis: [Laughs] That's good. That's a good one.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Yeah, you see, you will never stop trying to control Billy. You have gone to outrageous lengths to try to get Victoria and Billy together, and it doesn't work. Something always goes south. Have you ever thought maybe they're just not meant to be?

Jill: Oh, but you and Billy are?

Phyllis: It's kind of looking that way right now.

Jill: I think you're delusional. You and Billy will never go the distance, no matter how much time you invest in your dirty, little fling.

Phyllis: You know what's really funny is that most people, they change after a life-threatening event like a heart attack. But not you. Even after you could have died, you didn't care what your son wanted. The only thing you cared about is what you wanted. Now, I think you need to let that go, Jill. You need to stop trying to push Billy and Victoria together, because if you don't, you will lose him! And then who's gonna take the front-row seat at our wedding?

Jill: [Scoffs]

Cane: I am warning you to stay out of my marriage, okay?

Billy: Happily, if it wasn't about to destroy this company.

Victoria: Okay, listen, you two. As of today, we're still a functioning company, so both of you, please act like it. Billy, how was the photo shoot?

Billy: It was great, because lily's a pro, even though it's clear that cane's lies are killing her.

Cane: I told you to back off.

Billy: You know what? I'm not gonna do that, okay? I can buy the fact that you didn't harass Juliet into it, but there's no doubt in my mind that you slept with her in that hotel room in Tokyo.

Cane: Just because you can't stay faithful to any relationship, Billy, it doesn't mean the rest of us can't put our marriages first.

Billy: That's actually good. You should practice it --

Victoria: Okay, both of you, stop it! I mean it! I don't want to hear another damn word about this lawsuit! Juliet lied. There was no sexual harassment. That's why she's gonna lose.

Billy: At what cost, Vick? Look, cane, I don't care if you laid a hand on her or not, but your deceit and your rotten judgment left this company wide open for an attack! Any damage she does, it's on you!

Jordan: Ladies, you don't want to do this right here. It's a very bad idea.

Lily: No, I would love to hear what sort of fantasies you're playing off as truth today.

Juliet: Lily, I am so sorry about hurting you. I never wanted that to happen.

Lily: Really? What did you think would happen?

Juliet: I just wanted things to come out fairly and honestly. Since the deposition, I have felt so sick.

Lily: Yeah, you should feel sick. Slandering my friends for a payout?

Juliet: I promise you, it is not just about the money.

Jordan: Now, come on now, ladies. Neither one of you should be having this conversation right now, okay? This is very bad for the case.

Lily: How can it get any worse? She's crucifying cane! You know, if you wanted money that badly, you should have just asked me. Actually, you know what? I'll help you out right now.

Jordan: Lily, hey, no, no.

Lily: Here you go. This what you want?

Juliet: Lily.

Lily: Go ahead. Pick it up. You know it's all you care about.

Juliet: Lily, please stop.

Lily: Pick it up!  Go ahead!

[Juliet collapses on the floor)]

Next on "The Young and The Restless"...

 Chelsea: You think Juliet's faking the illness?

Jordan: I have to wonder.

Billy: You ask everyone else what to do, but I give you advice, and you blow me off.

Gloria: Juliet? Why are you so interested?

Jack: Simple. I may want to hire her.

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