Y&R Transcript Friday 6/23/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/23/17


Episode # 11199 ~ Ashley gives Jack a reality check; Sharon demands the truth from Nick; Nikki surprises Victor.

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Sharon: Oh, it's way too early to look serious.

Scott: Not in Stockholm.

Sharon: I am a mess. [Giggles]

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

Sharon: [Gasps] Oh, you bad boyfriend!

Scott: A beautiful, hot [Smooches] Mess.

Sharon: So, how's the new digital-media company going?

Scott: I feel so lucky.

Sharon: It's not luck. You're brilliant. Victor entrusted this to you because you deserve it.

Scott: Well, I'm not just talking about the job.

Graham: Good morning.

Dina: Oh, good morning. I see you're ready for a workout, hm?

Graham: In a bit. I just wanted to see if you'd spoken with jean-marc.

Dina: I did. We had a lovely conversation. I wish all lawyers were as charming as he is.

Graham: And is he e-mailing all the documents pertaining to the Hamilton-winters acquisition of Mergeron?

Dina: Yes, he is.

Graham: And is he handling the other matter?

Dina: You mean my will?

Jack: [Sighs] Hey, it's me. Uh, I know you're dealing with a lot right now. I'm worried about you, Nikki. Give me a call, okay?

Ashley: She does have a husband, you know.

I hope the massage helped, Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: Yeah. Yeah, I'm starting to feel a little better.

You're still carrying a lot of tension, though.

Nikki: I know. That's why I thought a few minutes in the sauna would be good.

Well, are you sure that's okay for your M.S.?

Nikki: You know, we're not all heat-sensitive. I've cleared this with my doctor.

Oh. Well, enjoy, then. And I will make myself available whenever you need me.

Nikki: Thank you.

Nick: Mom? Mom!

Victor: She's not home. You can't avoid your father forever, son.

Nick: [Sighs]

[Laptop chimes]

Scott: [Sighs]

Sharon: Mm... do you have to get that?

Scott: Hey, I'm a boss now. I, uh -- I got to learn how to multitask.

Sharon: [Giggles]

Scott: Mnh-mnh. Hold on. Hold on.

[Sharon laughs]

Scott: Get over...

Sharon: [Laughing]

Scott: Oh, no. [Sighs]

Sharon: What is that?

Scott: It's an e-mail about, uh, transferring over the ownership of the company. I got to run this by victor.

Sharon: Oh. Well, are you going into the office?

Scott: [Sighs] He's actually working at home today.

Sharon: Well, that's lucky for you, because we live on the same property.

Scott: If I walk over there, he's gonna put it together where I spent the night. Are you ready to get that kind of, uh, scrutiny?

Sharon: You know what, I think victor's ego is so big, he's gonna assume that you drove all the way out here just to see him.

Scott: You make a good point.

Sharon: And you have a question.

Scott: I'm just curious about why you still are in such close proximity to your former in-laws.

Sharon: Well, it's because it's good for faith. You know, this is her home. She needs to be near her father, near nick, near her grandparents.

Scott: And...?

Sharon: And, you know, it's good for me, too. Victor and Nikki, they don't seem to have any problems with it. I mean, so far they've -- they've allowed me to be here.

Scott: Well, I'll do my best not to destroy any of that goodwill.

Sharon: That's kind of assuming that you're going to be spending a lot more nights here. Don't you think that's presumptuous?

Scott: I prefer to think of myself as an optimist.

Sharon: [Laughs]

Jack: Yes, I have been checking in on Nikki periodically.

Ashley: Why the sudden interest in your ex?

Jack: Because I'm worried about her. She's practicing nonstop for this upcoming charity event. They are dedicating a wing of the hospital that victor has named for Nikki.

Ashley: I am aware of the concert. Abby sold me some tickets. But that doesn't explain your fascination with Nikki.

Jack: I am looking out for her because her husband is not. He doesn't have a clue what's going on with her. To do that, he'd have to give a damn.

Ashley: Well, whatever you say about victor, I know that he loves Nikki deeply.

Jack: Believe me, this travesty he is forcing her into is about anything but love. No, this is about him putting on a show so that he comes off the hero, the great philanthropist and the wonderful husband. He hasn't given any thought to what this is doing to Nikki.

Ashley: Well, why didn't she just say no?

Jack: Victor made that virtually impossible.

Ashley: How so?

Jack: By announcing his grand plan in front of the dean of the medical school. With Nikki there. And it's the first she heard of it. Then he starts waxing philanthropic about how she'll be an inspiration -- they'll raise so much money, that her performance will give hope to so many M.S. Patients. And she can't let go of that. Or won't. She's completely obsessed and completely stressed.

Ashley: Well, what do you think you're gonna do about it, jack?

Jack: I can offer her a shoulder to lean on. Since her husband is emotionally MIA. Keep her going from going overboard, keep her from taking that first drink. 'Cause believe me, she's on the brink.

Victor: Are you expecting congratulations for your successful detective work in Louisiana?

Nick: [Scoffs] Do you have any idea what you've done to me, mom, and Vick? Doing everything we can to -- to keep your role in this tragedy from being discovered.

Victor: That was your choice.

Nick: One you put on us. To protect the family. 'Cause you didn't want your secret to get out. Well, dad, well, I think you're safe, because Chloe's dead, so it never will. But you set this whole thing in motion. You have to accept some responsibility for Adam's death, and now for Chloe's.

Victor: You damn well know that I've accepted responsibility for Adam's death.

Nick: [Scoffs] So what do you expect? You want us to just forgive you? To forget until it happens again?

Victor: If, as you claim, you stand by this family, then you would help me end hostilities, for your mother's sake.

Nick: Tell me this isn't what it looks like. I mean, mom hasn't taken you back into her life, has she?

Victor: No, she has not.

Nikki: Ohhh. [Sighs]

[Piano music playing]

Victor: I told you, you are nothing without me.

Nikki: [Gasps] [Sighs]

Nick: You probably think we're all just gonna get worn down, you know, and everything's gonna go back to the way it was before.

Victor: Son, I have moved heaven and earth to provide for my family. I've gone to the ends of the world to provide for my family, made some questionable deals. Now, the least I can expect is that my family will back me up, that you will help me.

Nick: Yeah, 'cause it was so great then. That's 'cause mom let every awful thing you did slide, no matter what it cost her. So, what, do you expect me to help you do that to her again?

Victor: I don't expect you to do a damn thing except to help me heal the family.

Nick: Why would you force her into that?

Victor: I'm not forcing her to do a damn thing. I'm allowing her to play music, which she loves doing, and helps her deal with M.S.

Nick: You must have pressured her.

Victor: I did not pressure her, son. She loves playing music. Which was evident when she performed at your club.

Nick: Dad, that's two different things. That was mom accompanying someone on an open-mike night. There wasn't any pressure in that.

Victor: I promise you, when your mother has finished performing at that fundraiser, there'll be cheers and applause, and she will realize that I'm the only one who can give her what she needs.

Nick: You know, the sad thing is you may be right. Your manipulations could work. Until you do something else to hurt mom, and then she's gonna feel betrayed all over again.

Victor: If you continue to criticize me, and openly despise me, then I don't need you.

Nikki: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Gloria: Ah! Nikki! What a nice surprise.

Nikki: Oh, Gloria. For heaven's sake. Um, actually, I-I was just getting ready to leave. [Groans, inhales sharply]

Gloria: Nikki? You okay?

Nikki: Oh, yeah. I'm just... a little tight. I've been overdoing it, I guess. I'm sore.

Gloria: Yeah. Heard all about the concert coming up. Jack told me. You know, he is quite your personal cheerleader.

Nikki: Jack and I are very good friends. Without benefits.

Gloria: Is that a dig I detect?

Nikki: No. I didn't mean it that way. It's just that sometimes relationships like that, it's hard to stay attractive.

Gloria: Well, what I feel for jack is protective.

Nikki: Sometimes he can be his own worst enemy.

Gloria: Yeah, and he's been acting really strange lately. Now that his mother's come back to town.

Nikki: In what way?

Gloria: He suggested that I seduce his mother's companion, graham.

Nikki: [Laughing] Are you kidding?


Gloria: Oh, well, I'm glad somebody finds this amusing.

Nikki: Oh, I'm sorry! I shouldn't laugh. I'm very sorry. It's just... wow. This is obvious that, uh, Dina's influence is really pushing jack's buttons. When his mother left, he was very young. And even now, after all these years, I think he is still confused about his adult responsibilities to her, for her.

Gloria: Well, I'm just afraid he wants something that that woman just can't give him.

Nikki: Well, unfortunately, some damage can never be undone.

Graham: You intended to sign the will before we left Paris.

Dina: Well, the trip came up so quickly. But no worries, darling. I'll get to it.

Graham: You know, I wish I had known then what awaited us here.

Dina: Are you sorry that you came with me?

Graham: Absolutely not. I wouldn't have wanted you to come alone. I made a promise to you. I intend to keep it.

Dina: Then what's bothering you?

Graham: Jack and Ashley. Although, Ashley has turned out to be somewhat pleasant. But your son, who claims to want to reconnect with you, seems intent on rehashing old grievances, and trying to make you feel guilty.

Dina: Well, I know he's been rude to you.

Graham: Openly hostile.

Dina: I'm sorry.

Graham: It's okay. I can deal with it. I just hate seeing how it affects you.

Dina: Jack just doesn't understand.

Graham: No. He doesn't.

Ashley: Boy, oh, boy. You are all over the place.

Jack: Why? Because I disagree with victor?

Ashley: No. I mean, forget victor. But you're letting your personal feelings cloud your judgment. That's what you do.

Jack: Now you're exaggerating.

Ashley: Didn't you just try to make me seduce graham so that I could drive a wedge between Dina and him?

Jack: I never used the word "seduce."

Ashley: You were trying to pimp out your sister, and we both know it.

Jack: Okay, it wasn't my finest hour.

Ashley: Ya think?

Jack: Makes me wish I hadn't said anything to Gloria.

Ashley: You asked Gloria, too?!

Jack: I may have mentioned something.

Ashley: And you're accusing victor of being oblivious to other people's feelings?

Jack: Haven't you noticed that things are a little off with victor and his family?

Ashley: Well, jack, maybe it has to do with Adam's murder. They could be trying to grapple with the after effects.

Jack: No, no, no. If victor were mourning Adam's death, Nikki would feel compassion for him instead of...

Ashley: Instead of what? Well, victor either did something bad or he didn't.

Jack: Something happened. I don't know what it was, but it has put a strain on Nikki and their marriage.

Ashley: Oh, and you want to take advantage of that and try to use it against him.

Jack: No! But I am not going to let him hurt her again. I'm not.

Ashley: You might be shocked to learn that victor actually showed some compassion regarding the Dina situation.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. What did you tell him?

Ashley: That we have some suspicions about graham.

Jack: And?

Ashley: He agrees. He think that graham's motives are even more concerning, because he knows that Dina is not easily manipulated.

Jack: It's a good thing you have Ravi investigating him. Any updates there?

Ashley: Just confirmed that graham was indeed born and raised in the Midwest. And then he moved to Hollywood to pursue a dream.

Jack: He's an actor?

Ashley: [Laughs] Yeah. Not a very successful one, however. Some extra work, a few bit parts. That was almost 20 years ago.

Jack: And now he's using his thespian skills to con our mother. But, no, Dina said that he'd only been part of her life for the last year or so. What about the years in between?

Ashley: Didn't find out that much. But his online profile at Mergeron says that he is the executive vice president of "corporate strategy." What the hell is that?

Jack: The only thing he's strategizing is how to separate Dina from her money.

Ashley: Well, Jackie, what is it you think we can do?

Jack: Michael says unless we can get her power of attorney, our hands are tied.

Ashley: So I'm thinking maybe we should back off.

Jack: Back o-- no, we're not backing off.

Ashley: I've had a change of heart. I think when I sat down with graham, he was actually being sincere.

Jack: Ashley, he's an actor! The way he fawns all over mother.

Ashley: Whatever. They're consenting adults.

Jack: What, so you're fine now? You trust this guy?

Ashley: I didn't say I trusted him. I don't even necessarily like him. But our mother does. And he treats her like she's the most important thing in his life, which evidently she is. And our mother adores him. Isn't what's important, that she's happy? It's her life. Her choice.

Graham: I worry that the longer we stay here, the more your children will try to convince you to move in with them. And we both know where that will lead. They won't let you live your life the way you want.

Dina: Well, how can they stop me?

Graham: They can attempt to take away your power by claiming all sorts of things.

Dina: Oh, nonsense. I won't let that happen.

Graham: Dina, I know you still carry a lot of guilt from abandoning your family. But trust me, jack and Ashley would have no qualms about abandoning you. They're not invested in your well-being. I am.

Dina: [Sighs] Print those documents for me to sign, will you? Including my will. [Sighs] And, you know, you're right. I should have signed it before we left Europe.

Victor: I'm through trying to win you over, son.

Nick: I didn't ask you to.

Victor: However, I ask you to bring faith to your mother's concert, okay?

Nick: Faith won't be there.

Victor: What do you mean she won't be there?

Nick: Well, she's gone away to sleep-away camp. She'll be gone for about a month.

Victor: I didn't know about that.

Nick: Well, it doesn't really concern you.

Victor: Is this your way of trying to keep her away from me?

Nick: No. Faith actually wanted to go to camp.

Victor: So you let her leave without saying goodbye?

Nick: Look, it's not like we didn't try, you know. We were running late, and we couldn't find you. Faith did ask me to tell you she's gonna miss you.

Victor: Son, what is this all about, really? I don't remember you ever liking Adam.

Nick: Look, he did a lot of things I didn't like. You know, he was complicated. Felt like I was just beginning to understand him. But then he died, and we both know why that happened.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that you couldn't stand your brother? Your outrage is nothing but hypocrisy!

[Door closes]

Scott: Sorry to interrupt. Victor. Nick.

Victor: It's all right, Scott.

Scott: The office said you were working from home.

Victor: I'm glad you made it.

Scott: Yeah, well, I try.

Victor: Please sit down.

Scott: Got some, uh, time-sensitive agreements to expedite regarding hashtag.

Nick: What's hashtag?

Victor: It's a digital-media company which I purchased, and Scott will run it. Besides running that company, he also helped put together this fundraising concert.

Nick: Well, that's a 180 from when you first came back to town. You know, you seemed to have really embraced the Newman enterprises lifestyle.

Scott: You know, at that point, I didn't expect to be sticking around Genoa city for long, but now I have a reason to. Your father's given me a great opportunity. Paragraph five. [Clears throat] They seem to be, uh -- they seem to be over-reaching. And then again on paragraph se--

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. One second. One second. One second. One second.

Scott: Sure. That's just a question of wording. Just change it, okay? What else?

Jack: I'm just saying maybe you think Dina deserves to be screwed over by this guy.

Ashley: That's a disgusting thing to say, jack.

Jack: Maybe she has it coming after what she did to our family.

Ashley: You know what, if that was the case, then I wouldn't have asked Ravi to do an extensive internet search on graham, and I wouldn't have sat down with graham to find out who he really is and what he wants with our mother.

Jack: Then you forgive Dina.

Ashley: I didn't say I forgave her, either. You know, I'm a fairly decent person, and I don't want to see her get hurt. But guess what? She seems happy.

Jack: Okay. Okay, I get it.

Ashley: And maybe you need to stop micromanaging her life, because it's actually none of your business.

Jack: What, I'm not allowed to care? I'm not allowed to want what's best for her?

Ashley: Of course you can. But ultimately it's her choice how she lives her life, and with whom.

Jack: [Sighs]

Ashley: And guess what? If you don't start accepting the fact that graham is an important part of her life, and stop trying to cause trouble between the two of them, she's gonna end up resenting you. And she's here now. You have a real shot at having a relationship with her. So if she wants to pay for his lavish lifestyle, which she can well afford, then let her. There's nothing we can do. And I know you don't want to lose her again.

Jack: I do want time with her. It's why I invited her to stay out at the house. She's family. Why can't that mean something more?

Ashley: Aww. Jackie. Just give it some time.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: Hm. Ashley Abbott. Yeah. Okay. Um... I can be there right now. Okay, thanks. Bye.

Jack: Who was there?

Ashley: It was Dina.

Jack: What does she want?

Ashley: I don't know. I'll tell you when I find out.

Nikki: I haven't worked out in a while. You know how that goes.

Gloria: Which is why I swear by yoga. Never felt so limber. [Groans] It's all about the chakras, Nikki. You open up those suckers, it'll change your life.

Nikki: I'll keep that in mind. Okay, well... oh! Oh. Good to see you. [Groans] See you later. I'm fine. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hey. Thanks for calling me back. How are you?

Nikki: Jack, I really need you. Please come.

Scott: It may not be the short route to a quick profit, but it could win us the long game if we just focus on stories and not clickbait. You know, tell real investigative reporting, from world events to pop culture.

Victor: Yeah. Uh, just prepare a formal presentation. I'll submit it to the marketing department. Okay?

I was expecting more resistance. Uh, that you might think it was not commercial enough.

Victor: That is the responsibility of the marketing department to decide. All right?

Scott: You know, I... [Sighs] I hope your son didn't leave on account of me.

Victor: My son and I don't have the best of relations right now. In fact, I'd rather talk to my two daughters. They love business.

Scott: You know, nick's running a successful business with the underground. I can relate to his desire to do his own thing.

Victor: Yeah. Well, he's as stubborn as you are, Scott. I'm gonna head over to the chancellor pavilion, see how that venue's coming along for the concert. You see yourself out, okay?

Scott: Thank you, victor.

Sharon: Okay. Spill it. What's up?

Nick: Had an unexpected run-in with my dad. I thought he was gonna be at the office.

Sharon: [Scoffs] Are things really that bad between you two?

Nick: I'm just -- I'm over it. I'm over him always trying to control everyone and everything.

Sharon: Well, that's nothing new, nick.

Nick: Dad told me he's expecting faith to be at mom's concert.

Sharon: Mm. That's gonna be a little difficult to do.

Nick: Yeah. He was pretty annoyed that I said she wasn't gonna be there.

Sharon: Doesn't he know that she went off to summer camp?

Nick: I hadn't told him.

Sharon: Neither had I. I guess I just assumed Nikki would.

Nick: Well, mom's dealing with her own stuff.

Sharon: Yeah. She's getting ready for her performance.

Nick: [Sighs] Yeah.

Sharon: I tried to talk her out of it. I tried to talk her into canceling, but she's determined to get on the stage that night, so this must be something she wants to do.

Nick: Did she say anything else?

Sharon: Um... just...that she's a little worried about being the poster child for living with M.S.

Nick: How did she seem?

Sharon: Um... I think a little worried that she wouldn't live up to your father's expectations.

Nick: [Sighs] That is the last thing she needs to be worrying about.

Sharon: You know, I tried to convince her that no one's gonna care if her performance isn't perfect, but I don't think she took much comfort in that.

[Knock on door]

Scott: I got to grab my computer before I go to the, uh -- oh. Hi. Again. So, I guess this is where you went.

One final signature.

Dina: Mm. The will?


[Stamp clicks]

Anything else you need notarized?

Graham: No. That's all. Thank you.


Graham: Ashley.

Ashley: I guess my mother didn't tell you that she called me.

Ashley: What's all this?

Graham: Uh, those documents are related to Dina's finances in the wake of the Mergeron sale.

Dina: Yes, and we finally executed them.

Graham: You arrived at the perfect time, Ashley. I'll leave you two to talk while I send these off to our attorney. And if you need anything, I'll be down in the spa.

Dina: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Graham: Of course. My pleasure. You know that.

Ashley: Well, he seems like he's in a particularly good mood, doesn't he?

Dina: [Chuckles] Now you know why I like having him around.

Ashley: I'm glad you called me. I wanted to talk to you about graham.

Dina: What about him?

Ashley: Well, jack is a little... disappointed. He's having a hard time dealing with what appears to be that graham has a monopoly on your life.

Dina: Oh, that's just absurd.

Ashley: Maybe. But when you decided to stay in town longer, jack was hoping that you'd move into the house and spend time with him.

Dina: Just him?

Ashley: I would come there sometimes.

Dina: [Chuckles] Therein lies the problem. You know I love spending time with jack. But seriously, Ashley, would you want me under the same roof? Hm?

Ashley: Well, it's a very big roof.

Dina: [Chuckles]

Ashley: It even has a guesthouse, so we wouldn't have to share a bathroom.

Dina: Not that we ever did. Do you ever regret that? Not having those kind of mother-daughter moments?

Dina: Well, I'm very glad that you and Abby have had them, and I really admire your closeness with your daughter.

Ashley: That doesn't really answer my question.

Dina: You're a good mother, Ashley. A wonderful mother. Everything that I wasn't to you.

Nick: When you showed up at my dad's place, I just assumed your meeting with him was really important, and that's why you drove all the way out here. But I guess you were already in the neighborhood.

Sharon: Um... nick and I were just talking about the concert.

Nick: Which apparently you had a hand in putting together.

Scott: Victor asked me to find a venue, make some arrangements.

Nick: Well, then, could you give me some insight as to what my dad is thinking or doing?

Scott: The event is to celebrate the dedication of the new research center in Nikki's name.

Nick: I think it's more like a celebration of victor Newman's massive donation to the medical school.

Scott: Yeah, well, there's that, too. But from what victor told me, there was a time when Nikki's disease prevented her from playing the piano. So he's using this as a way to celebrate her, uh, moving forward with that. And it's going to be a compelling example for those who suffer from the disease. But it's your family. I don't want to step on your toes or get in your territory or anything like that.

Nick: Hey, no. You're not.

Scott: Great. I'll, uh, see you later?

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: [Scoffs, laughs]

Jack: Hey.

Nikki: Oh, jack! Thank you for rushing over.

Jack: Well, thank you for calling me. What's wrong?

Nikki: [Sighs] Well, you were on my mind a lot after I ran into Gloria at the sauna.

Jack: Bet that was relaxing.

Nikki: Oh, she's all right. In small doses. But she is genuinely concerned about you.

Jack: Please tell me that is not why you needed to see me.

Nikki: No, I -- [Groans]

Jack: Nikki, look what you're doing to yourself.

Nikki: It's just a rough day, that's all.

Jack: Because you insist on going through with this concert.

Nikki: Yes, I do. And you're the only one I can talk to about it.

Jack: Okay, I'm here. Talk to me.

Nikki: I-I'm terrified. I mean, I-I stay at home every minute, and I practice and I play and I work and I --

Jack: The stress is too much, Nikki.

Nick: I-I know. I realized that I was putting myself under too much pressure, and I-I didn't really need to do that, so I had a massage, I went to the spa. Just trying to find some relief.

Jack: Okay, spas are great. Did you see your doctor?

Nikki: Yes, of course I saw my doctor, jack. She gave me steroids for the swelling and for the pain. Oh, my god. The pain is so intense. And what she gave me is helping, but I-I just wish that I could get something that would work more long-term.

Jack: How about postponing this concert?

Nikki: I cannot do that.

Jack: Nikki --

Nikki: Look, you know, to be realistic about this, it's not Carnegie hall. I mean, it's just a couple of tunes at a fundraiser. It's nothing.

Jack: You joke all you want. I know what this is doing to you. Victor may not see it or care, but I do.

Ashley: It's kind of surprising, hearing you compliment my parenting skills.

Dina: Well, the proof is in Abby. You know, I adore her. In fact, I see quite a bit of myself in her. I hope that doesn't bother you, dear.

Ashley: I'm not sure how that makes me feel. But I actually have more, um, pressing concerns where you're involved.

Dina: Well, you did mention jack's worry about graham. And are you concerned, as well?

Ashley: A little bit.

Dina: Well, that's just because you keep jumping to very unflattering conclusions. That's quite prevalent when a younger man meets an older woman of means.

Ashley: I'm trying very hard not to do that.

Dina: Well, it's so easy to assume that he's trying to take advantage, that he's trying to steal my fortune. No worries, Ashley. Graham is not about to steal.

Ashley: Why, is he the heir to some other massive fortune?

Dina: [Chuckles] Not quite, dear. But he is extremely well-rewarded for his service and his loyalty, and he has a life that most people can't even imagine. But more importantly, he is my good friend, and he has my best interests at heart. He looks out for me.

Ashley: And I'm sure you don't want to be alone.

Dina: Oh, well, it's much more than that.

Ashley: What if he meets somebody and leaves you?

Dina: Oh, come on. He won't. [Laughs]

Ashley: How do you know that?

Dina: Because graham and I have a deal.

Graham: Hello. Gloria, right?

Graham: [Sighs] You remember.

Graham: Of course. Graham.

Gloria: I remember.

Graham: Uh, you're just leaving, or...?

Gloria: I was thinking about making more steam. Do you mind?

Nick: So, you and Scott... that was fast.

Sharon: No. Not really. We have been spending a lot of time together. He's a great guy.

Nick: Yeah, dad seems to think so, too. Says he's real smart and talented.

Sharon: Yeah, victor made him the head of his new digital-media company.

Nick: Well, looks like he has a reason to stick around now. I just hope he realizes he's being used.

Sharon: [Scoffs] Nick, Scott is a world-class journalist. He puts his heart and his soul into all of his work. Victor is lucky to have him.

Nick: I just -- I don't get it. I mean, he spends millions of dollars to bring this guy home, and throws him into a new career, gives him a position that's...

Sharon: That's usually reserved for family members? Except none of the Newman children want to work with victor right now, except for Abby. So why don't you tell me what's going on?

Nick: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sharon: Yeah, you think you're fooling everyone with this happy-family act, but, nick... I can see right through you. I can see right through Nikki.

Nick: There's nothing, Sharon.

Sharon: You don't want anything to do with victor right now. Neither does Nikki. You think you're hiding it, but it's plainly obvious to anyone who knows the players. And, nick, you don't have to pretend with me. You can be honest. What's going on with the Newmans? Why are you all putting on this big act?

Jack: All victor wants is to bask in the glory of your performance, and turn the entire event about him. Don't play into that. Walk away from the man. Leave him standing there with nothing. Let him see what that feels like. You said this was about proving something to him.

Nick: No, to me. I'm sure he feels so very clever, springing this on me the way he did. And he only did it to prove that he still has the power to make big things happen and orchestrate our lives. And I have to tell you, jack, it galls the hell out of me.

Jack: Then why do it?

Nikki: Because I am not going to let him take my confidence away from me. I can't ever let him do that again. And no matter what happens between the two of us, I am not going to lose myself. So, to me, this concert is a way of trying to find a true part of me again. Ow! [Inhales sharply]

Jack: Nikki?

Nikki: [Groans] Oh, god, jack, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have had you come here. I got to go. I have to go home.

Jack: Oh, here...

Nikki: I'm okay. [Groans]

Jack: Whatever I can do.

Nikki: I know. You've already done it by being such a good friend. Thank you. Ow! [Sniffles]

Jack: You all right?

Nikki: I'll be fine.

Jack: Yeah?

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, uh, I-I -- I'm fine. Don't worry. Heh. I'll see you later.

Victor: What in hell do you think you're doing with my wife?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: Are you sure you want to sign your life away to this guy?

Nick: There's something that I need to tell you. I'm just worried that it might change the way you feel about us.

Cane: I am warning you to stay out of this, 'cause I will not let you destroy lily and my family.

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