Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/22/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/22/17


Episode # 11198 ~ Nick & Phyllis discuss their past; Jordan sees a new side of Hilary; Lily is faced with a tough decision.

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Nick: Cat video. Father-daughter dance?

Phyllis: What?

Nick: Just trying to figure out what's got you so riveted.

Phyllis: I'm just waiting for an update from Billy about the Brash & Sassy case.

Nick: Yeah, Vick told me there was a lawsuit.  She didn't give me any details.

Phyllis: A former employee has claimed that she was sexually harassed.

Nick: Billy?

Phyllis: Why would you assume that? Why would you say that?

Nick: The dude has shown a stunning lack of judgment, so I just assumed --

Phyllis: And that would make you an ass.  Cane is the one who's named in the lawsuit.

Nick: Cane?

Phyllis: Yes. Look, whether he did it or didn't do it, everyone around him is paying the price, and it's all coming to a head today.

Leslie: Now, Cane, can you tell me, did Miss Helton spend the night in your room? Yes or no?

Cane: I guess she did. Lily. Lily. Michael, please.

Michael: Perhaps we can adjourn to a later time?

Leslie: Of course. And, um, if you'd like to revisit the idea of a settlement, we might entertain that.

Cane: Lily, wait! Wait! Please, please. Talk to me. Talk to me.

Lily: What do you want me to say?

Cane: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Lily: Don't even. I want to know exactly what happened in your hotel room that night!

Jordan: Looks like a fabric hurricane ripped through this place.

Chelsea: I know. I know. I'm so far behind on my latest collection, and it's even harder now that I'm on my own. No partner, nobody to bounce my ideas off of.

Jordan: I'm sorry about Chloe. I've been thinking about you ever since I heard the news, hoping that you're okay.

Chelsea: Thanks. So, was that why you came over? To check on me? Or is this about something else?

Jordan: You always had a great knack for reading people.

Chelsea: Well, it still comes in handy. So, talk to me. What's the real reason you're here?

Dina: As you can see, jack, I got your message.

Jack: I wasn't sure you'd come. Things got a little awkward yesterday after you announced that you and graham were a package deal.

Dina: I know how hard this is for you and Ashley to accept, but I will not tolerate any interference. Graham is a part of my family.

Jack: Only he isn't. And your actual family is around now. So why lean on him when you can lean on us?

Nick: Listen, uh, I just can't see cane using his position to force a woman into having sex. And the idea of him cheating on lily?

Phyllis: Right. What kind of despicable man would betray his wife?

Nick: [Sighs] Yes, I know. I don't get to throw any stones here. I'm just making an observation.

Phyllis: Well, cane wouldn't be the first happily married man to screw up. For lily's sake, I hope that, you know, he's innocent, but I just want this lawsuit to wrap up so we can all just move on.

Nick: We ?

Phyllis: Yeah, we. I am embroiled in all of this drama by association. I mean, it's got Billy just tied up in knots. He's worried about the office, he's worried about Victoria, and he's just -- he's taken on more work, more stress, more pressure at the office, with the kids. And quite honestly, he's doing everything he can to make life easier for your sister.

Nick: Yeah, well, him taking care of his kids doesn't earn him any favors. That is the definition of being a father.

Phyllis: You will not give him any credit.

Nick: You give him enough for both of us. Look, it's obvious his attention to Victoria is making you a tad insecure.

Phyllis: That is ridiculous. I am not threatened. I'm annoyed. Look, she pushed Billy away because she was yelling at him about boundaries. Now suddenly she doesn't have any. Billy's going above and beyond, and Victoria is happily letting him.

Nick: You've seen this movie. You know how it ends. I bounced back and forth between you and Sharon. Billy's doing it with you and Vick. I was a jerk. Billy's certainly a jerk. Surely you have to see that.

Phyllis: Billy is committed to me as much as I am to him. We have a future. Can you say the same about you and Chelsea? Exactly. Here's some advice from your ex. You stop judging my relationship. Take care of your own.

Chelsea: You seem a little on edge. Are you in some sort of trouble?

Jordan: If I was, I wouldn't drag you into it.

Chelsea: Well, I appreciate that. So what's going on?

Jordan: Anyone tell you about this lawsuit that's going on with brash & sassy?

Chelsea: No.

Jordan: Guess they're keeping it under wraps. This woman got fired, and now she's suing for sexual harassment.

Chelsea: Not because of you. You -- you said that --

Jordan: No, no, not me. See, Hilary, she -- she got her hands all in this. She's the one who encouraged this woman to sue. It's real ugly. And I-I got a feeling it's only gonna get worse.

Chelsea: So what do you want from me, Jordan?

Jordan: What's your take on Hilary?

Chelsea: Oh, uh, well, she seems like a complicated woman. High energy, high maintenance.

Jordan: You got that right.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] I mean, she's caused her fair share of drama, but she's also been on the receiving end. Hilary tends to put herself and her show first. Everybody else comes second.

Jordan: She knows that I work for brash & sassy, but still she has no problem with slamming the company just to get some juicy story for her TV scandal sheet. [Sighs] And she'll spin that, too, do whatever it takes to trash lily and cane.

Chelsea: Lily and cane? That's who she's going after?

Jordan: No, we got into a fight. She's gonna kill the story.

Chelsea: But you don't believe her that she's gonna kill it?

Jordan: It's like I'm looking at her through a whole new set of eyes.

Chelsea: And you're not liking what you see.

Jordan: Look, she's not a saint. Hell, I'm far from one, too. But this new side of her, it's like she's got this vengeful thing going on, and she's aiming straight at lily.

Chelsea: You know, you seem to be awfully protective of lily. Are you sure she isn't more than just a friend?

Lily: You lied to me.

Cane: No.

Lily: You lied to me from the moment you landed in Japan.

Cane: No, I didn't.

Lily: I just saw video footage of a woman leaving your hotel room the morning after god knows what!

Cane: It's not what it looks like.

Lily: Did you invite her in?

Cane: No, you saw the footage! I was so drunk, I could barely walk!

Lily: Then before that at the bar. What were you saying to her when you were so drunk that you forgot about your wife and kids?

Cane: Baby, I didn't forget --

Lily: Did you talk her into sleeping with you?!

Cane: I swear to you I didn't. I --

Lily: How would you even know?!

Cane: 'Cause I know. I know I didn't do it.

Lily: I want to know exactly what happened in your hotel room!

Cane: We passed out. And I woke up, and I was alone, and I -- you called, and I talked to you, and I was so embarrassed I got that drunk and I was that hung over. And then I didn't even know she stayed over till later when she told me.

Lily: [Scoffs] [Sighs] So you knew, but you didn't tell me. You wouldn't have said anything if Leslie hadn't found that security footage!

Cane: I didn't tell you, but I didn't want to hurt you.

[Buttons slamming]

Cane: I knew how much it would hurt you and the kids, and I didn't want to hurt you like that. I promise you. Believe me. I promise you.

Lily: Why should I believe anything that you say?!

Cane: I'm telling you the truth. I promise you. Lily, please. Lily, please. Please. [Sighs deeply] [Inhales, exhales deeply]

Leslie: I'm sure you have a lot to discuss with your clients. Keep me posted.

Victoria: Oh, my god, Michael.

Billy: That lying -- it's on tape? I'm gonna kill him.

Victoria: No, Billy! Don't you go anywhere! We need to figure out what our next move is gonna be.

Billy: [Sighs]

Juliet: I had no idea you had that security footage. Why didn't you tell me?

Leslie: I'd requested it from the hotel. Wasn't sure it'd come through.

Juliet: Cane's face when he saw it, when he knew he couldn't lie anymore?

Leslie: Cane's credibility has taken a huge hit. Our case is that much stronger.

Juliet: Do you think they'll settle now, make it all go away?

Leslie: If they're smart, they will, but sometimes when people are backed into a wall, they want to dig in their heels even more, so we'll see. Why don't you go back to the hotel, get some rest, try to relax? I'll call you as soon as I hear from Michael.

Juliet: If you hear from him.

Leslie: Trust me. He'll make sure Victoria understands what a huge hit their defense has taken. Brash & sassy can't afford this public relations nightmare, especially not after their problems with the hockey league.

Michael: This isn't the first time a client has withheld crucial information, but I thought cane was smarter.

Victoria: Yeah, well, so did I.

Billy: Why do we keep defending this chump? Honestly, I mean, he lied to his wife, he lied to Michael, he's lied to you. He's going down. He's gonna take the company with him. I mean, we all saw the tape, didn't we?

Victoria: Juliet entered and left his hotel room hours apart. That doesn't mean she was harassed or coerced.

Billy: But it proves that he's a lying sleazeball. Vick, you got to settle the case, okay? We can't keep going on like this. We have no idea what the next bombshell is gonna be!

[Door closes, keys jingle]

Cane: You didn't say anything in the car on the way home.

Lily: I was thinking of what to say.

Cane: And what about now?

Lily: You deceived me. And not just me, but Michael, Victoria. She had your back the whole time, and you lied to her face, to my face every day since that night in Japan.

Cane: I may have drank too much, but I didn't betray you, baby.

Lily: Then why did you lie about it?

Cane: I was ashamed. I got hammered like some dumb college kid, and that's not who I am. I'm a grown man. And I just wanted to forget it happened. And I was hoping she would, as well, and that's -- that's all it is.

Lily: [Scoffs] Well, obviously she didn't. She held on to that information until the right time to use it. And to hear her talk about your night together, I mean, she was convincing. I was so sure what she was claiming was a lie until I heard her testify. And now I'm wondering how much of Juliet's story was true.

Cane: There is nothing that is more important to me than you and our marriage and our family, and I would not throw that away because of some stranger.

Dina: Graham and I are very close. Thank you, dear. He knows things about me, and my blood family doesn't. And he's very loyal.

Jack: He is on the payroll, mother.

Dina: That means he must be in it for the money. Is that what you think?

Jack: No, I am saying he has insinuated himself in parts of your life he doesn't belong. He has taken advantage of your loneliness, your isolation, your age, and he's going to want something in return.

Dina: [Chuckles] When I'm dead, you mean.

Jack: Mother.

Dina: We've gone over this before. That's not about to happen anytime soon.

Jack: Well, I'm counting on that. In the meantime, I don't want anyone, including someone who seems devoted to you, to take advantage of you.

Dina: I'm not soft, jack. I'm not some lonely, old woman grateful for the smallest acts of kindness.

Jack: No one sees you that way.

Dina: I know exactly what my relationship is like with graham. Arrangement, actually.

Jack: Wait, what does that mean? What kind of arrangement? Even Hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to...

Jack: What kind of agreement have you made with this man?

Dina: Thank you. Well, I'm there for him, he's there for me like any strong relationship between two people.

Jack: If it's that platonic, why not rely on me and the girls?

Dina: Graham was there for me when I was alone. And I needed someone, and you weren't.

Jack: Yes, you made it clear you didn't want us, but we're here now.

Dina: I am not going to abandon graham. I'm just not gonna do it.

Jack: Look --

Dina: Now, why is that such a problem for you?

Jack: I don't trust the man.

Dina: That is your problem. He has always proven himself to me.

Jack: How has he proven himself?

Dina: He's never let me down, jack. Not ever.

Jack: And we have?

Dina: We haven't been part of each other's lives, and I accept and regret my part in it.

Jack: We can change all that now.

Dina: But, jack, we have changed. I am so grateful to have my children back in my life.

Jack: Are you? Because it seems to me your number-one priority is graham!

Dina: You are my son. Graham is a good friend. And one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Jack: And what about his family? Why does it seem like you're the only person in his life?

Dina: What are you afraid of? What is it that threatens you about this man?

Jack: I am not threatened.

Dina: Is it money? Your inheritance?

Jack: No one in your family needs or wants your wealth. We also don't want to see you exploited or taken advantage of. No, we weren't there for you when you came upon graham. You weren't there for us, either. But we're all together now. I can't let this go, because I care. You're the only mother I have.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Come in!

Dina: Jack.

Graham: Hope I'm not interrupting.

Chelsea: It wasn't an accusation. It was just a question. From one friend to another. No judgment.

Jordan: It's not like that between me and lily. She -- she's married. We work together. That's it.

Chelsea: I'm hearing a lot of labels and not a lot of emotion. I am asking you, how do you feel about lily?

Jordan: She's a friend, Chels, one of the very few that I have. My only mixed feelings are for Hilary.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, she didn't follow through with her plan to pursue the story, so no harm done.

Jordan: I'm not so sure about that.

Chelsea: Yeah, I get it. It's difficult when you disagree with somebody you care about a big issue. I think the question here is how serious are you about Hilary?

Jordan: I thought we had a shot long term. She's smart, driven, funny, a realist. Yeah, I know about her past, but it's not like I don't have my own baggage, too, you know?

Chelsea: Listen, she almost made a bad choice, but she didn't because of you. So obviously she cares about what you think and what you say.

Jordan: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Jordan, you just need to make a decision. Is what you and Hilary have worth fighting for or not?

[Doorbell rings]

Chelsea: Hold on. Hi.

Nick: Hey. Glad I caught you. Is this a bad time?

Chelsea: No, no, not at all. You know Jordan, brash & sassy's photographer?

Nick: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I've seen your work.

Jordan: You have?

Nick: Yeah. You got a great eye.

Jordan: Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Chelsea: Nick's sister owns brash & sassy.

Jordan: Oh. Nick Newman.

Nick: Yeah.

Jordan: Got it. Nice to finally meet you, man.

Nick: Likewise.

Jordan: So, uh, I should take off. Thanks for the talk.

Chelsea: Yeah, of course.

Jordan: Take care, nick.

Nick: Yeah, see you.

Chelsea: See you.

Nick: [Sighs] What's, uh, going on? Are you gonna use him for some Chelsea 2.0 shoots or something?

Chelsea: No. No, we were just chatting.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Okay, you know what? [Sighs] I'm sorry. Jordan and I go way back.

Nick: I thought you, uh, you just met him that night at the underground.

Chelsea: Well, I let you believe that, because I wasn't being fully honest with you.

Victoria: I can't even think about settling the case, not until I talk to cane.

Billy: Why? So he can lie to you some more? That's a great idea. Will you back me up here? Cane just proved that he'll do everything to cover his own ass. He doesn't care what this lawsuit is gonna do to the company. Why do we care about him?

Michael: All right, today was damaging. The hotel footage looks bad, makes the case harder to win.

Billy: Thank you for being honest.

Michael: But Victoria is also right. That footage does not prove Juliet's claims of harassment. An overnight stay, yes. Coercion and quid pro quo sex, no. The film does not back her up, no matter how Leslie wants to spin this.

Billy: But it proves that cane is incapable of telling the truth.

Victoria: Okay. Thank you, Michael. And, Billy, I understand how you feel, and I appreciate you looking out for me and my company. But like I said, I need to talk to cane. So, Michael, I will call you when I have made a decision.

Lily: [Voice breaking] I know what it's like to make the wrong decision, to be so filled with shame and regret and guilt. But I admitted what I did. So for you to lie to me and deceive me...

Cane: The idea that I pressured Juliet into having sex with me is a lie. And she's only doing it 'cause she wants a big pay day and she knows it, which is why she was going to drop the case until Leslie called her and talked her back into it. [Sighs]

Lily: You were so eager for Victoria to hire her. Was it because of that night?

Cane: No. No. No, I thought she'd be an asset for the company. I mean, she was... she was good in Japan and helped me close the Asian deal, and she was -- she was better than I let anybody know.

Lily: Yeah, that's right. Something else you didn't tell me.

Cane: Come here. Listen. We can get through this. After everything we've gone through together, sweetheart, we can get through this. Don't let this woman break us up. Just tell me you know that we can do this.

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: [Sighs] Sweetheart.

Lily: Go ahead. Answer it.

Cane: [Sighs] It's Victoria. Hey. All right. I don't have to leave right now.

Lily: No, go. Don't keep her waiting.

Cane: You gonna be okay? Hey.

[Door closes]

Lily: [Sobbing]

Graham: I hope you two have been having a pleasant visit.

Jack: Yes, we have. My mother was just singing your praises, telling me what an excellent employee you are. It does surprise me, though, with her here that you're not back in Paris seeing after her affairs.

Graham: Well, it's true. There are some things that need to be dealt with. I just spoke with jean-marc, Dina. He's anxious to hear from you.

Jack: Jean-marc?

Dina: My attorney.

Graham: Those documents are ready for your signature. There's still paperwork to be filed and completed regarding the Mergeron sale.

Jack: Well, I'm surprised you're not past all that.

Graham: As a businessman, surely you realize there are always details to be finalized after a transaction of this magnitude.

Jack: And I'm sure you're happy to handle those...details.

Dina: Graham's business acumen is invaluable, as always.

Graham: I learned from the best.

Dina: [Chuckles]

Graham: Are you sure you two don't need more time?

Dina: No, we must get to those papers. I'll see you later, jack. I'll be in touch. If you'll excuse us.

[Door closes]

Jack: It's jack Abbott. I need to see you. It's urgent.

Chelsea: It was back in the day, and I was, you know, doing my thing, bartending and scamming and pulling cons, all that stuff. But Jordan, he wasn't like that. He was, um, a photographer.

Nick: I feel like there's a "but" coming.

Chelsea: Well, let's just say he took the kind of photos that you wouldn't want to put on your résumé.

Nick: Ooh.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. But he's totally legit now.

Nick: Fine. Uh, I hope you know, though, that you could have just told me that.

Chelsea: I know. I think Jordan just didn't want people knowing, you know, about his checkered past. So promise me you'll be discreet.

Nick: Yeah, no worries. There is something I kind of need to know, though.

Chelsea: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, he didn't take any photos of me.

Nick: Okay, good. Um, and were you two, uh, you know...

Chelsea: No. No. We were just, um, work involved, work related. But I would like that to stay in the past, as well, because right now I have my hands full with the present, as you can see.

Nick: Oh, yes, thanks to my father's checkbook.

Chelsea: You know, I-I know you wish I would give your father the money back, but that money is really gonna help me take my company to the next level.

Nick: No, Chelsea, I want what you want. You know, uh, I don't want to argue about my dad's gift anymore. So what are you gonna do first?

Chelsea: I don't know. I mean, I have so many ideas, you know? I have, like, too many ideas, and I need to figure out which ones are real and which ones are caffeine hallucinations. I mean, I need to hire people. I need to hire a staff. Everything is virtually on my shoulders right now, and I'm gonna need help.

Nick: Well, get out there and get some résumés, tiger.

Chelsea: Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do. It's exciting, you know, that this is my passion and I love it and I've missed it.

Nick: Hmm. I thought I was your passion.

Chelsea: Well... oh, you are. You are, just in a different way. Plus I don't think that you really care about women's design.

Nick: No. But I do dig the designer.

Chelsea: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: You know, I have been thinking about you and your work at the underground.

Nick: [Chuckles] Why?

Chelsea: No, no, just 'cause we were talking about passion, and, like, I feel like you like it, but I don't feel like you're passionate about it.

Nick: Well, I've never really been passionate about any of my jobs, you know. Uh, for me, it's all about my kids, my family. I'm not like my dad and sister. I don't feel a need to be a superstar in business.

Chelsea: I feel like I do. I do have that need. Does that horrify you?

Nick: Not even a little bit. In fact, I think it's kind of hot.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Nick: I like seeing this fire in your eyes. It works for you.

Chelsea: Well, it feels really good.

Nick: All right, well, that feels like something we should be celebrating.

Chelsea: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Ooh, what's...

Nick: Hey, whoa. Whoa. Patience. It's, uh, you know, a little something for you to show you how much you mean to me.

Lily: Can I get you something to drink?

Jordan: Just came by to check in to see how the deposition went. Lily, what happened? Juliet didn't drop the suit.

Lily: [Sighs] It's worse. The case against cane is stronger than we knew.

Billy: How stupid is cane? Honestly? And how dumb does he think we are?

Phyllis: Well, he withheld information, but that doesn't mean he's guilty of sexual harassment. We have no idea what went on in that room.

Billy: Okay, you can go with that if you want.

Phyllis: All right, it's unlikely that they took a long nap, but it's a big leap from consensual sex to coerced sex.

Billy: He lied about what happened that night. I mean, if you could have seen lily's face and Victoria's.

Phyllis: How is she handling it?

Billy: Like a champ, as always. She's got her battle gear on. She's with cane right now. I just hope she takes my advice and cuts the guy loose, end this madness once and for all.

[Knock on door]

Cane: Hey. Listen, um, on the drive over, I've been trying to figure out how I could explain to you what happened.

Victoria: I know you lied to me. I specifically asked you about that night in Tokyo. I told you you could tell me anything and I would understand as long as you were telling the truth. But you didn't. Maybe you can't. I don't know.

Cane: I should have told you that Juliet passed out in my room.

Victoria: Yeah, you sure as hell should have! And then I find out that you almost blew the Asian deal. Juliet's the one who had to save it. You downplayed how drunk you got that night, then you let us get blindsided in a legal proceeding! [Sighs] I just can't. I mean, I don't know. I don't even know why I bother with you. Is there anything else that you want to tell me about that night, cane? You better think about it before you open your mouth. Do not lie to me, because I am giving you one more chance to tell the truth.

Jack: Thank you for coming by so quickly.

Michael: Yes, I'm expecting a phone call from another client, and it's time sensitive, so I apologize if I have to leave abruptly.

Jack: No problem. I'll make this very short. I need to know what my options are in terms of controlling my mother's finances and holdings.

Michael: Controlling? Uh, none. Unless Dina plans on giving you power of attorney, and I assume that's not about to happen given her general good health.

Jack: Maybe there's some kind of loophole.

Michael: She's an adult of sound mind. You two have been estranged until recently, but there's no loophole for that.

Jack: So this graham can insinuate himself in every facet of her life? Maybe we could get in touch with her attorney, jean-marc. I don't know what his last name is. Wait, he was involved in the sale of Mergeron to Hamilton-winters.

Michael: Jean-marc delcambre. Yes. Are you suggesting that I approach him behind your mother's back?

Jack: Or put me in touch with him.

Michael: Yeah, well, I could do that, but it probably wouldn't bode very well with Dina.

Jack: Michael, if Gloria were being robbed blind, wouldn't you want to know?

Michael: Yeah, she's already been robbed blind. And trust me, I would love to have put a stop to it.

Jack: Then you know why I need your help.

Michael: Believe me, jack, I do. But my hands are tied. I'm sorry, but the only thing I can offer you is good luck and advise you to be careful, because when love and money are involved, people do strange things.

Jack: That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

Graham: This happens too often. He's upset you.

Dina: I'm not upset.

Graham: You're not yourself. You rarely are after seeing jack and Ashley because you reach out to them and they shut you down.

Dina: Jack has been more than gracious, and he's invited me to stay at the house with him and Ashley.

Graham: And we both know why that's not a good idea. Deep down, you know that jack will never put his resentment aside. Even now when you've chosen to stay in Genoa city, extending your stay, it's not enough for him. He demands more of your time and attention, and he's upset when you don't give it to him. Jack isn't a child, Dina. He's a grown man who can't accept that you had a good, full life before he came back into it.

Dina: I want my son jack in it. And I'm sorry if this is trying for you, graham.

Graham: I'm not thinking about myself. Am I happy we're here? No. I think it's a mistake. But I'm content to follow you wherever that may be. I made a commitment to you, one that your children would never make. I intend to keep it.

Cane: That's it. That's the whole story. Two people who got drunk and passed out, but there was no harassment, and I didn't dangle a job in front of her so I could convince her to have sex with me. It never happened. I was an idiot. I know that. I regret my behavior, but I promise you, what she's saying, it's not true.

Victoria: I wish you just would have come to me first and Michael instead of letting us get ambushed by the security video. You know, Billy thinks we need to settle with Juliet. He thinks that more secrets are gonna come out.

Cane: Listen, if I could go back and change what I did --

Victoria: Let me just be clear with you, cane. I don't know if you had sex with Juliet, and honestly, I could care less. But this lawsuit is about sexual harassment. Can you swear to me absolutely that there is nothing whatsoever to support Juliet's claim?

Jordan: For him to cheat on you and let you find out this way? He doesn't deserve you.

Lily: No, he swears nothing happened. He said they got drunk and passed out and that all the accusations of harassment are a lie. And he begged for me to believe him, and I... I really want to believe him.

Jordan: Does that mean you don't?

Chelsea: Stop fooling around. Show me what you got me.

Nick: Man, you are so impatient. All right, first let's start with the classic.

Chelsea: They're beautiful.

Nick: So are you. Then we're gonna go with this right here.

Chelsea: Doughnuts?!

Nick: Well, that would be too obvious.

Chelsea: But I love doughnuts.

Nick: Tell me something I don't know. Just open it.

Chelsea: Oh. [Chuckles] It's adorable. You're adorable. I'll wear it with pride.

Nick: Sweets for my sweet.

Chelsea: Okay, the gifts are great. The corny jokes, not so great.

Nick: So let the gifts speak for themselves.

Chelsea: Correct.

Nick: Done. Okay. Well, uh, let's try this guy right here.

Chelsea: Tickets to the water park.

Nick: Yeah, the water park. We've been talking about getting together with the kids. This is a must. You know, we can do the water slides, chill on some rafts. You'll be in a bathing suit. I mean, it's gonna be a good time. We'll eat some bad food. Let's do it. It's gonna be awesome.

Chelsea: It is awesome. But you didn't have to do all this. You don't have to impress me.

Nick: Yes, I do. Because this, what we have, us, means a lot to me. And I don't take it for granted. And I never will.

Billy: Thank you for listening to all my drama.

Phyllis: Oh.

Billy: And for everything, really.

Phyllis: I'm not sure what everything really is.

Billy: Well, I've -- I've been focused on this lawsuit and just making sure that Victoria gets through it, survives. I've been preoccupied and I've been distant, and I know it hasn't been a cakewalk for you, but here you are with me.

Phyllis: Which is exactly where I want to be.

Billy: You were right. Victoria's emotional well being is not my responsibility. And she made that clear to me, as well.

Phyllis: Victoria and I see things the same way? My goodness, that is a first!

Billy: But you are my number-one girl. The only woman in my life.

Phyllis: I know that. I still like to hear it, though.

Billy: Oh, well, I'll keep saying it. I'll say it a lot and I'll mean it.

Phyllis: Ooh, good. What do you think's gonna happen with this case? I mean, I'm sorry that I have to ask, but...

Billy: I don't know. Victoria's not gonna give up. She's not gonna give in. It's not in her. I just hope that she realizes her best option is to cut a check and stop the bleeding.

Phyllis: Well, writing a check for that many zeroes is gonna stain, but it's a lot better than seeing this lawsuit play out, and finally it would be over.

Billy: Well, for the company, yeah. For cane and lily, I don't know. I think this pain is just beginning.

Lily: I spent a lot of time with cane and Juliet. But I never saw an attraction or flirtation. Did you?

Jordan: No. But that doesn't mean that they didn't. Look, lily, what's happening here, it's -- it's not right. If I had a wife like you, there wouldn't be any wondering or guessing. No way would some other woman spend the night in my bed. Hell, not even in my room, no matter how much I had to drink. Look, cane did this to you, made you question him and yourself. [Sighs] That pisses me off. Then again, I'm not married to the guy. You are. So I guess you have a really big decision to make. Are you gonna put your faith in cane and forgive the dude? Or have you had enough?

Cane: I did not sexually harass Juliet. I know you have every reason to doubt me, but I swear to you I am telling you the truth.

Victoria: You were very drunk, cane. Are you sure that you didn't imply something? Maybe you made a stupid joke or something.

Cane: No.

Victoria: How could you be so sure?

Cane: It's obvious this whole thing is being contrived since she was fired. Before that, she had no complaint and she had no issue.

Victoria: That much is true. That will be all. Thank you.

Cane: Okay. [Sighs] Listen, are you -- are you going to take Billy's advice and settle? 'Cause maybe it is best if we just -- just make this whole thing go away.

Victoria: It all comes down to credibility. Yours versus hers. Off him.

Next on "The Young and The Restless"...

Dina (to Graham): Print those documents for me to sign, will you? I should have signed it before we left Europe.

Victor (to Nick): You can't avoid your father forever, son.

Jack (to Nikki): I know what this is doing to you. Victor may not see it or care, but I do.

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