Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/21/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/21/17


Episode # 11197 ~ Damaging evidence spells trouble for Cane; Nikki asks Tessa to keep a secret; Victoria loses patience with Juliet.

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[Cell phone buzzing]

Leslie: Uh, shall we take this moment for a short break?

Michael: Oh, that's fine by me.

Leslie: Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Hi.

Billy: Well, that was intense.

Victoria: No, no. She needs to know that we will not be intimidated. We're gonna win because we have the truth on our side.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Sweetheart. Come in.

Abby: Wow! Nikki looks fabulous.

Victor: Yeah, she does, doesn't she?

Abby: I can tell by the way that you were looking at the poster how much you love her.

Victor: Mm.

Abby: So, did Nikki flip out -- in a good way -- when you showed her the poster?

Victor: She hasn't seen it yet. I will show it to her later on at home.

Abby: Oh. You know, I haven't seen Nikki recently. Is she okay?

Victor: Why wouldn't she be?

Nikki: [Groaning] Oh, God...

Tessa: Nikki? Nikki! Nikki, Nikki, what's --

[Nikki groaning]

Tessa: Nikki, Nikki, what's wrong? Nikki? Uh...uh...I'm gonna call 911.

Nikki: No, no, no, no! No!

Tessa: What?

Nikki: No 911. No 911.

Scott: Sorry I'm late. Video conference with my staff at hashtag.

Lauren: Hashtag... now, how do I know that name?

Scott: It's a digital-media company Victor recently snapped up.

Lauren: And I'm sorry, did you say your staff?

Scott: Victor put me in charge of it.

Lauren: Wow! That's amazing.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty cool of the guy.

Lauren: It's a news site, though, right?

Scott: It is. I'm finally doing something that matters, you know? I'm gonna be the voice for people who can't speak out. Exposing fake news. I got tons of ideas.

Lauren: I'm happy for you. I know that Newman wasn't a good fit, and that Genoa city wasn't in your long-term plans.

Scott: Actually, I was wondering if I could, uh, keep crashing in the guest room just for a little bit longer, till I find my own place?

Lauren: Does that mean you're staying?

Scott: We're gonna be moving, uh, hashtag's headquarters to Genoa city, so while other journalists are out in the world, in the middle of all the action, I'll be making editorial decisions right here from Newman tower. So, the only danger I'll be in, according to you, is if I keep seeing Sharon.

Sharon: Anything else I can get you?

Zack: I'm good. Thanks.

Sharon: You're welcome.

Zack: Something I can do for you?

Sharon: I'm sorry. I was just remembering that you told me your name was Zack, and I don't think I ever really introduced myself to you. I'm Sharon. I own this place.

Zack: Best coffee in town.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. So, how's the dating app coming along?

Zack: Oh, you mean the one you're "not that into"?

Sharon: Did I say that?

Zack: Yep.

Sharon: Well, you know --

Zack: It's fine. Online dating's not for everybody. But for the sake of my bank account, I wish it were.

Sharon: [Laughs] So, um, how do you like Genoa city?

Zack: Well, it's definitely not the provincial little village I expected it to be.

Sharon: Yeah, when I moved here, I didn't know a single soul. But at least you know Abby. That's good. She can show you around. She can introduce you to tons of people. And -- and I think you know my son's friend, Tessa porter.

Zack: How come you're so interested in who I know, Sharon?

Leslie: Yes, excellent work. I'm so glad you found it. Send it to me right away. Thank you. Ready to continue if you are, counselor.

Michael: Yes, I am. And so are my clients. Billy?

Billy: Let's do this.

Michael: Cane?

Cane: Sure.

Michael: Who would you like to speak to first, Leslie?

Leslie: Lily winters Ashby.

Lily: Me?

Cane: Wait a second. Can she do this?

Michael: She's not on the witness list.

Leslie: She is now. Judge Hazen approved it.

Michael: I'd like it on the record that I was not given time to prep ms. Ashby regarding protocol.

Leslie: Of course. Noted.

Lily: Do I have to do this?

Michael: Yes.

Dr. Myers: The steroid shot should ease the pain.

Nick: Yeah, I know. But it's not enough to alleviate the flare-up. I know.

Dr. Myers: Correct.

Nikki: Thank you so much for making this house call, doctor. I-I haven't had an episode like this in years. It caught me totally off guard.

Dr. Myers: Have you been under any particular stress lately?

Nikki: Well [Sighs] I am scheduled to perform a concert coming up, benefiting the new neurological center. So, of course, I am a little nervous about that. But I-I couldn't really say no. It was my husband's idea, and it's such a good cause.

Dr. Myers: I strongly advise you to take it easy, and eliminate the source of your stress.

Victor: I guess Nikki has been so busy practicing for the concert that no one seems to have seen her.

Abby: Well, I can't wait to hear her play. Speaking of, you know that list of donors you gave Scott and me to sell tickets to?

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: Good news is, is I won.

Victor: You did?

Abby: Mm-hmm. Scott and I had a friendly competition to see who could sell the most tickets...

Victor: Really?

Abby: ...And I totally crushed him.

Victor: You did? What was the bet?

Abby: Well, he has to buy me coffee for a week.

Victor: For a week?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Have him buy you coffee for a month.

Abby: [Laughs]

Victor: Anyways, so, uh... thank you for selling all those tickets.

Abby: Well, that's not the only thing I crushed this week. The incubator project and the warehouse are officially part of Newman.

Victor: Any issues?

Abby: I had to pay a little more for the warehouse than I did initially.

Victor: Anything else?

Abby: Well, I'm moving forward with the dating app, and I am still looking for other tech startups.

Victor: Maybe you should ask Scott to help you with that.

Abby: I can handle it.

Victor: Sweetheart, that's not a request. I want you to make use of his expertise.

Lauren: Look, as much as I'd like to think otherwise, I can't tell you who you can and who you can't date. Or who you should be staying far, far away from.

Scott: But you can not-so-subtly hint at it.

Lauren: Scott, I'm telling you...

Scott: No, Mom. Mom. Mom!

Lauren: ...This woman -- what?

Scott: The Sharon you warned me about doesn't exist anymore. The Sharon I know has gone back to college, and she's studying psychology. She volunteers at a crisis hotline. She's committed to making her life better. She's caring and thoughtful. And I enjoy spending time with her. A lot. So, please? If you could, for me, just retire the anti-Sharon campaign?

Lauren: Look, I-I think it's great that she's doing all this wonderful stuff, but there has to be someone else here that --

Scott: Dating Sharon makes me happy, okay, mom? And if you can't deal with that, you're gonna be seeing a lot less of me.

Lauren: Okay. Well, then, maybe I should see this transformation for myself. We should all get together soon.

Scott: Great. How about tonight? We can have a big old Fenmore-Baldwin-Fisher-Grainger "welcome to the family" dinner.

Lauren: Well, honey, I-I think Kevin is still out of town, and Michael has a deposition, and God knows where Gloria is.

Scott: Mom. I was kidding. However, would I like you to spend some more time with Sharon, get to know the person she is now? Yes. But I'm not gonna force the issue.

Lauren: Thank you. And, um... I promise not to interfere with your relationship anymore.

Scott: Really?

Lauren: I promise.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I saw you and Tessa here the other day, and she told me that you two knew each other from Chicago.

Zack: Oh, we used to hang out with the same group of people. I wouldn't say we were particularly close friends or anything.

Sharon: Oh, are you a musician too?

Zack: Not even. Business is my art, so to speak. Specifically, being a matchmaker for the millennials.

Sharon: I'm curious, what makes your site different from the other dating sites?

Zack: Well, instead of relying on the users to set up their dates, my site has a unique concierge service, and our advanced algorithm takes info from both profiles and arranges a location, a time, and a day for their dates, all expertly and accurately suited for each user. I'll give you a promo code for one free month premium access if you sign up today.

Sharon: Oh, no, no. That's okay. I just -- I actually am dating someone. I'm seeing a great guy.

Zack: Well, you never know what the future holds, though. Let me know if you ever need my services.

Sharon: No offense, but this one's a keeper. I will not be needing a dating site anytime soon.

Leslie: Would you say you consider Juliet a friend?

Lily: I did. Until she accused my husband of sexual harassment.

Michael: I'm sorry. Uh, you're doing great. Let's just try and keep your answers to a simple yes or no.

Leslie: You spent a lot of time with her at brash & sassy, and in L.A., Correct?

Lily: Yes.

Leslie: Did you ever hear her tell a lie?

Lily: Not that I know of.

Leslie: Your impression, though, is that Juliet is a truthful person?

Lily: I mean, I-I guess so, but how would I really know that?

Leslie: Did your husband, cane, tell you about the deal he worked on in Tokyo with Mr. Sato?

Lily: Yes. He was very proud of it.

Leslie: Did he mention Juliet's contribution?

Lily: She was the liaison and translator. Sorry. Yes.

Leslie: Did your husband mention that the deal was called off that night because he gave Mr. Sato a "bro hug"?

Lily: No.

Leslie: Then I assume he didn't tell you that ms. Helton was the one who convinced Mr. Sato to come back to the table.

Lily: No, he didn't.

Leslie: So, your husband took full credit for closing the Asian deal, but never mentioned how close it came to falling apart because of his faux pas. Is that correct?

Lily: Yes, I guess so.

Leslie: Now, who would you say is the liar here?

Tessa: You feeling any better?

Nikki: Yeah. Yeah. The steroid shot the doctor gave me is working wonders.

Tessa: It's a good thing she could come so fast.

Nikki: Yeah.

Tessa: Why didn't you want me to call an ambulance?

Nikki: Because the image of me being doubled over in pain, wheeled into the ER is not something that I want to get leaked to GC buzz. And it wouldn't be very good press for the benefit, now, would it?

Tessa: Guess not.

Nikki: When you're a Newman, you want to present a certain image to the outside world. But none of this really matters, because it all worked out. I'm fine.

Tessa: The doctor said you could have another flare-up.

Nikki: Did you also hear her say that this was most likely due to stress?

Tessa: I missed that part.

Nikki: So, I will just lighten up my rehearsal schedule, and I'll schedule a spa day. Crisis averted.

Tessa: Nikki, the doctor recommended you not perform.

Nikki: That's not an option.

Tessa: Sure it is. I'm sure you know a ton of musicians who'd be willing to step in at a moment's notice for such a good cause.

Nikki: Tessa, I told you, I will be healthy enough to perform as scheduled.

Tessa: What if they find you on the floor of your dressing room like I did earlier?

Nikki: All right. You know what? I am done. I am done with this conversation. We're not talking about it anymore. Nothing can make me not do this concert.

Tessa: Maybe we should tell Victor, just in case.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! He is to never know about this. Do you hear me?

Tessa: Sure.

Nikki: Now, this is serious. And unfortunately I find myself in the position of having to trust you. So you must promise me that you will never tell Victor about this flare-up. Got it?

Abby: Won't Scott be busy with the shiny new toy you bought him? He won't be able to stick his nose into my project.

Victor: So you heard about that, huh?

Abby: Oh, yeah. Of course. He couldn't wait to tell me he doesn't have to report to me anymore.

Victor: Uh-huh. I still want the two of you to work together, darling.

Abby: Dad, I don't need his help. I'm on top of things.

Victor: You and Scott working together is good for business, okay?

Abby: Oh, really? So -- so you like when we compete?

Victor: You bet. You know why? It's good for the bottom line.

Abby: Well, I just figured now that Scott's running hashtag, he'd be traveling the world again -- it would keep him out of my hair.

Victor: No, he's gonna be working from here.

Abby: Great.

Victor: You're jealous of him?

Abby: What? [Stammers] No. God, no.

Victor: You know, he has great potential.

Abby: To be annoying and insufferable.

Victor: No. To be my prodigy. Maybe for a future executive position at Newman.

Abby: Dad, this is a family company. Scott is not family.

Michael: When you moved to Genoa city, you signed a three-year lease on a car?

Juliet: That's correct.

Michael: Do you have student loans?

Juliet: I do.

Michael: Credit-card debt?

Juliet: I had to charge a lot of things when I moved. Relocating from Tokyo is expensive.

Michael: So is making a costly mistake at work.

Leslie: That's not a question, Michael. Please don't editorialize.

Michael: Noted. You were given a very generous severance package by brash & sassy, weren't you?

Juliet: I wouldn't exactly call it "generous."

Michael: Because it didn't dig you out of the financial hole you got yourself into?

Leslie: If this were a formal setting --

Michael: Moving on to that night in Tokyo. When Mr. Sato finally agreed to the deal, how did the division-manager position come up in conversation?

Juliet: I asked cane to put in a good word for me with Victoria.

Michael: And how did he respond?

Juliet: He told me he would talk to her on my behalf.

Michael: Were there any caveats to Mr. Ashby's offer?

Juliet: He said Victoria was the boss. It was her call.

Michael: Her call in regards to...?

Juliet: Who was hired for the position.

Michael: Oh, so Mr. Ashby made it perfectly clear that he did not have the power to hire you at brash & sassy?

Juliet: Yes.

Michael: Doesn't that negate your claim that Mr. Ashby demanded sex for employment -- quid pro quo -- since he didn't have the ability to hire you?

Juliet: No, it doesn't. Without cane's recommendation, there was no guarantee that Victoria would even give me an interview. In order to get a shot, I felt I had to go along with what Mr. Ashby wanted. And it was perfectly clear what he wanted. I tried to keep things professional, but... that was not going to happen.

Michael: What do you mean?

Juliet: I discussed my qualifications, even asked for advice on how to approach the interview. But he shut me down. Basically said, "we can talk about the job later. Right now, let's have some fun."

Cane: Aaah!

Juliet: Let's switch to sake. Less potent. [Laughs]

Michael: Did you talk about the job later?

Juliet: Yes. After we had sex.

Abby: Dad, I understand it's important to bring new blood into the company, but that doesn't mean they should be in contention for the big chair. Especially not Scott Grainger. He doesn't care about business, he doesn't care about this company, and you keep giving him chances after I've proven myself to you over and over and over again. Why do you keep making me jump through hoops?

Victor: You know I held your siblings to high standards. Why would I hand this to you on a silver platter? You wouldn't want that, would you?

Abby: No, I-I don't want that. But with me, it feels like you expect more.

Victor: Why do you say that?

Abby: Because I'm not just a Newman -- because I'm an Abbott, too. Dad, you shouldn't have to question my loyalty.

Victor: I don't, sweetheart. But I question your loyalty to jack Abbott.

Abby: Why?

Victor: Because he can't be trusted. He'll insinuate himself into the project without you knowing.

Abby: He wouldn't do that to me.

Victor: Oh, yeah, he would. That's who he is.

Abby: Dad, he knows that that would tear the family apart. He's focusing on bringing us back together.

Victor: What, because of that Dina Mergeron, or what?

Abby: Yeah, now that she's back in town, he wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

Victor: Well, good for him.

[Cell phone buzzes]

Abby: I have an appointment.

Victor: Okay.

Abby: But dad...

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: ...I am gonna prove myself to you. I'm gonna prove that I'm a capable businesswoman. Sooner rather than later. Promise.

Victor: Have a nice day.

Sharon: Would you like a-another cup of coffee? On the house.

Zack: Uh, I'm gonna pass for now. I'm feeling a little wired.

Sharon: You mind if I ask you a few more questions about your app?

Zack: I'm pretty busy...

Sharon: Just a couple.

[Cell phone rings]

Zack: Oh, sorry. I got to take this.

Sharon: No problem.

Zack: What's your progress? That's not good enough. We need to speed things up.

Abby: Right on time.

Zack: [Sighs] That's... commendable.

Abby: You look surprised to see me. Did the app not send you a reminder about our coffee date?

Zack: Oh, there it is. Guess I didn't hear the notification.

Abby: Oh, well, it says, "crimson lights, 4:00. Latte and croissant for Abby. Black coffee and blueberry muffin for Zack." I love how specific it is. You did a great job.

Zack: Thanks.

Abby: But I do have some notes that I wanted to discuss with you.

Zack: Why don't we move out there? Wouldn't want anyone to overhear what we're working on.

Abby: Smart. I knew you weren't just a pretty face. [Laughs]

Michael: So, how long did you "have fun" at the bar?

Juliet: I don't know. Until around 2:00 in the morning, maybe?

Michael: And what happened when it was time to leave?

Juliet: Cane tried to stand, and he almost fell backwards, so I steadied him and helped him up to his room. When we got there, he insisted I come in.

Michael: How exactly did he "insist"?

Juliet: He told me to help him get into bed. It was obvious he couldn't manage on his own, and I didn't want him to fall and hit his head, or hurt himself in some other way.

Michael: So you were just being a good friend?

Juliet: Yes.

Michael: So, you took him up to his room, got him into bed. What then?

Juliet: He grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. Kept thanking me for helping with Mr. Sato, and for showing him around Tokyo.

Michael: Did you try to remove yourself from the situation?

Juliet: I did. But he insisted that if I wanted any help in getting the position at brash & sassy, that I shouldn't be in a rush out the door. I didn't know what to do. I really wanted that job. Everything he said led me to believe that if I didn't have sex with him, I didn't stand a chance. So I did it. And I have never been so ashamed.

[Soft melody playing]

Nikki: Ow! [Hisses]

Tessa: Why don't we try knocking off for the day?

Nikki: I told you, I've already lost too much rehearsal time.

Tessa: Then let's kick back until the steroids start doing their thing and the pain goes away?

Nikki: Okay. Okay.

Victor: Hi.

Nikki: Oh! Victor.

Victor: Hello, Tessa.

Tessa: Hello, Mr. Newman.

Victor: I want to show you something. I can hardly wait for your reaction.

Tessa: Whoa! Nikki, looking hot!

Victor: What do you think?

Nikki: Goodness. Oh, the wonders of hair and makeup, right? Little retouch here, retouch there. It's a wonderful thing.

Victor: All now we need is a banner across that says "sold out." Abby and Scott have sold out all the tickets. So I have a feeling this concert is gonna be quite a success. And your performance will be a showstopper.

Victor: No doubt, Mr. N. She's killing it on those ivories.

Victor: Love to hear a preview.

Tessa: Trust me, she sounds amazing.

Victor: No, but I'd like to hear for myself.

[Cell phone rings]

Tessa: Sorry, I got to take this.

Victor: All right.

Nikki: Yeah, go ahead.

Victor: So, uh... why don't you show me how you're "killing it"?

Nikki: Oh, Victor, I am so exhausted. I've been practicing all day.

Victor: So what's matter?

Nikki: Nothing's the matter.

Victor: Well, then why don't you play for me?

Nikki: [Sighs] All right. All right. A few notes. That's it.

Scott: Hey.

Sharon: Hey!

Scott: Hi.

Sharon: Shouldn't you be at work?

Scott: Is that your way of telling me you don't want me around?

Sharon: Not at all. In fact... I wouldn't mind if you played hooky every day of the week.

Scott: Oh. Well, what if I just move my office into that booth over there?

Sharon: That would be fantastic. Except I don't think you would get any work done, and neither would I.

Scott: Good point. Why are you torturing that poor little rag? Bad tipper? Muffin shortage?

Sharon: You know, it's Abby's new business partner, Zack.

Scott: What about him?

Sharon: I just think he's hiding something. The guy seems a little shady.

Abby: I love how the app picked a low-key place for our second date.

Zack: You do?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, it didn't just pick this place out of the blue -- it went by my profile preferences.

Zack: You mean you didn't mess with the matrix to make it match mine?

Abby: What are you talking about?

Zack: Come on. Abby Newman, a date in a coffeehouse? In what universe does that happen?

Abby: You think I'm a date snob.

Zack: I mean...you're champagne and caviar. This place is coffee and carbs.

Abby: Okay, why would I want to mess with the testing phase? The app will only be successful if it actually works. That's why we're doing these test dates.

Zack: So you're telling me you would be okay if I brought you here on a real date? I mean, hypothetically speaking.

Abby: You're smart, handsome, inventive. Yeah, any girl would be delighted to be here with you.

Zack: Any girl? Not you?

Abby: Look, uh... I don't like to mix my business life with my personal life. And since we work together, a real date, I-it's out of the question.

Zack: Guess we'll just have to keep booking test dates, then. Even though they feel pretty real to me.

Abby: Yeah. I mean, that's just a testament to how great the program is. [Chuckles nervously] Not my level of interest.

Zack: Uh-huh. So, are you down for a third date?

Abby: Absolutely.

Michael: You claim you had sex with Mr. Ashby because you believed it was the only way he would recommend you to Victoria. Is that your testimony?

Juliet: Yes. He made it clear -- if I wanted his support, I would have to sleep with him.

Michael: He used those exact words?

Juliet: Not verbatim, but the threat was implicit.

Michael: You were both drunk, weren't you? Three bottles of sake, correct? I could have the court reporter read over the testimony if --

Juliet: No, if that's what the receipt said, then it must be right.

Michael: After three bottles of sake, how could you expect any coherent word to come out of cane's mouth, much less something as explicit as quid pro quo sex?

Juliet: I -- [Sighs] All I can say... he said it.

Michael: You drank as much as cane, didn't you?

Juliet: Yes.

Michael: Would you say you were intoxicated?

Juliet: Yes.

Michael: So, if you were also impaired, how could you possibly understand intent much less remember exact words?

Juliet: What he proposed was so inappropriate and shocking... I was stunned. It was like being hit by a thunderbolt. I never expected something like that from cane. Time kind of stood still. I will never forget that moment.

Michael: So, in that moment -- when time stood still -- you sobered up enough to understand everything that happened that night.

Juliet: Yes. Exactly.

Michael: Let's talk about the morning after. Before cane took that flight home. You met him for breakfast?

Juliet: I did.

Michael: Mm. Was it awkward?

Juliet: Not really.

Michael: But a little?

Juliet: Only when he gave me back my earring.

Michael: Your earring?

Juliet: It must have fallen off while -- he found it in his bed.

Michael: Do you have any proof? Did anyone witness cane returning this earring to you?

Juliet: Not that I know of.

Michael: Well, even though you were ashamed of your sexual encounter with cane, you did not hesitate to accept the lesser position offered to you by ms. Newman, did you?

Juliet: I wanted to work at brash & sassy. I was eager to accept whatever was offered. It was still a good job.

Michael: Weren't you afraid that the sexual harassment that you claim happened in Tokyo would continue in Genoa city?

Juliet: I needed the money.

Michael: Yeah. The money. It always seems to come back to that -- the money -- doesn't it? In fact, there was no sexual encounter, was there? Sex in exchange for a job -- I'm sorry, a recommendation -- that was your fantasy, designed to get you the payout you so desperately need. Isn't that the truth, ms. Helton?

Sharon: So, Zack claims that he and Tessa are just acquaintances, but my instincts tell me, seeing them together, there's more to the story.

Scott: Oh, your instincts, huh? Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Well, you can laugh all you want. But you know what? I'm gonna keep digging until I find out what's really going on.

Scott: Why are you so invested in this?

Sharon: Because I don't want my son getting mixed up in their drama. And without any concrete evidence, Noah's not gonna listen to me.

Scott: Is this what all mothers do? They go Defcon 4 when their son starts dating?

Sharon: [Laughs] Is that your way of telling me I am being overprotective?

Scott: I would never do that. It's just when there are instincts involved... well, Abby seems to be enjoying his company. But that's no shock there. Since I met him the other day at Newman, I knew right off he was her type.

Sharon: Oh, really? And -- and what is her type?

Scott: Oh, you know. Good-looking. Uh, driven. "Alpha male."

Sharon: Mm... I think that's what he wants everyone to think he is.

Scott: But you don't.

Sharon: I just have a feeling that there's something more to the guy, and it's something that he doesn't want people to know.

Abby: You like music.

Zack: All kinds.

Abby: You like concerts.

Zack: The proof is in my closet. A large number of the t-shirts I own come from "merch" tables. What are you doing?

Abby: I am just inputting some data to test the app. And...done! It worked! This app is amazing.

Zack: A benefit concert featuring Nikki Newman? Isn't she your stepmother?

Abby: Yeah, she is. And my dad's organizing the event.

Zack: You want our third date to be a night out with your family? Sorry.

Abby: You "decline"?!

[Soft melody playing]

[Song ends]

Victor: Beautiful.

Nikki: [Sighs] Are you happy now?

Victor: Yeah. You're gonna be quite happy when you realize what I've planned for the gala.

Nikki: Now, wait a minute, Victor. No grand gestures. You've done quite enough.

Victor: You just worry about yourself, okay? Anyway, I'm gonna go down to the stables and work out. Tessa, nice to see you.

Tessa: Later, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Yep.

Cane: Juliet may have been instrumental in bringing Mr. Sato back to the table, but I'm the one who closed the deal.

Leslie: When Mr. Sato left, that's when you brought up the division-manager job?

Cane: No. No. Juliet's the one who brought that up.

Leslie: Was she excited about the job?

Cane: Yes, absolutely. She said she would love to have that job.

Leslie: And you offered to put in a good word for her?

Cane: Yes, I did.

Leslie: So you do remember the details of the exchange.

Cane: Yes.

Leslie: But you told Juliet you didn't remember how her earring got into your bed, is that right? Let's see what else you don't remember.

Michael: Come on, Leslie.

Leslie: Did you have trouble standing up in the bar?

Cane: The booze hit me harder than I realized.

Leslie: Is that a yes?

Cane: Yes.

Leslie: How did you get back to your hotel room?

Cane: Juliet helped me.

Leslie: And when you arrived, did you invite her in?

Cane: No, I did not invite her in. She came in on her own. Look, do we have to go over this? We've already just gone over this.

Michael: Just stay calm and answer the question.

Cane: I can't calm down, 'cause I'm not guilty of sexual harassment, 'cause I didn't offer her sex for a job at brash & sassy!

Leslie: So you're saying, for the record, categorically, that you and Juliet never had sex in Tokyo? Come on... you can do it.

Abby: Well, the good news is, is that all functions on the app are working -- even the "decline" button. So, uh, great job. Yeah. I actually have to get back to the office, so, um --

Zack: Abby, hold up. Are -- are you mad at me for not wanting to go to the concert?

Abby: Of course not.

Zack: It's just...meeting your family for the first time on our third date?

Abby: It's not a date date. It's work.

Zack: Well, you and I know that, but if you show up to some big fancy party with me -- or with any guy -- don't you think your family would just assume it's more than a work thing? That's why I turned you down, so you wouldn't have to spend the whole night explaining who I was.

Abby: I want to. I want everyone to know that you are the guy that's gonna make Newman a ton of money.

Zack: [Sighs]

[Cell phone chimes]

Abby: "Accept"?

Zack: From what I've read, your family throws one hell of a party. I'd be crazy not to see it for myself.

Sharon: I have known some bad boys in my life, and Zack definitely has that vibe.

Scott: Huh. What kind of vibe do I give off?

Sharon: Mm, let's see. Trustworthy. Rugged.

Scott: Oh.

Sharon: And combustible.

Scott: "Combustible." Is that even a trait?

Sharon: It is for you. Because one smoldering look can bring up all these feelings. And I'm not the only one who's affected by it, because I actually saw that happen the other day.

Scott: Oh, and what lucky lady was on the receiving end of this smoldering look?

Sharon: Abby Newman.

Scott: [Laughs] Hate to break it to you, but, uh, your vibe's a big ol' bust on that one.

Sharon: Okay. Well, if you say so. Seemed to me there was a little heat there.

Scott: No. What you saw was nothing more than white-hot dislike for each other.

Sharon: Okay, fine.

Scott: Jealous?

Sharon: No, I'm not jealous.

Scott: I have no interest in Abby. Here. I'll prove it.

Tessa: You're still in pain.

Nikki: Getting better.

Tessa: You should follow doctor's orders.

Nikki: I am not gonna let anything stop me from doing this concert, so get that idea out of your head.

Tessa: I'm just looking out for you.

Nikki: I promise you, by the time of the benefit, this whole attack will be a distant memory.

Tessa: But if Victor keeps pushing you like he was earlier, it could cause another flare-up. It could take a lot off your plate if you just tell him why he needs to back off.

Nikki: He doesn't think I can do anything on my own. He thinks that I need him for every little thing. And I need to do this to prove to him that's not true. I am not gonna let him win.

Leslie: You don't have to answer, Mr. Ashby. It's obvious your memory of that night is a little foggy. I'll be happy to help refresh it for you.

Michael: Wait a minute. What's this about?

Leslie: The reason we're here, Michael. To let you know what evidence we have. Hotel footage from the night in question. Footage from the next morning. The time stamp shows 7:13 a.m.

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