Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/20/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/20/17


Episode # 11196 ~ Victor pits Abby against Scott; Jack offers Gloria an intriguing assignment; Nikki's behavior troubles Sharon.

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Victoria: I told you last night I'm fine. I don't need a pep talk before the deposition.

Billy: Yeah, well, maybe I need one.

Victoria: [Sighs] Why?

Billy: How do I testify about cane and not make him sound like a slimeball?

Victoria: Seriously? Can you two just table this for one day?

Billy: No, Juliet knows that we can't stand each other, and I'm sure she's given her lawyer plenty of ammunition. I don't want to slip up and, you know, hurt the company.

Victoria: I wouldn't worry about that.

Billy: Really? Why is that?

Victoria: Because Juliet's case hinges on one lie, that cane promised to promote her career in exchange for sex with him. Once Michael gets her to admit that that's not true, then her case is toast and we can all move forward.

Billy: I wouldn't be too sure.

Michael: Now, we'll be in a conference room instead of a courtroom, but you'll still be under oath. I'll be questioning Juliet, looking for ways to punch holes in her case.

Cane: While Leslie does the same to me. Okay.

Michael: All right, that's what discovery's for.

Cane: What's she gonna focus on?

Michael: Tokyo. She'll want to know every detail of your time spent with Juliet, what was the name of the bar where you had drinks, how long were you there, did the conversation get personal, when you passed her the sake menu, did your fingers brush hers. She'll try to get you to say you said something that could be construed as sexual, so you stay on your toes. Right? So the whole point of this is to find out all about their evidence and the strategy they're planning.

Cane: Well, all Leslie has is Juliet's claims.

Michael: Hmph. Well, we have a whole team to refute them. We should be going. Is lily ready?

Cane: [Sighs, sniffs] Uh, no. She's not coming.

Michael: Yes, she is.

Cane: No, no, she's not. No, absolutely not. No, no.

Graham: You dined alone last night and this morning.

Dina: Well, I thought you could fend for yourself.

Graham: Dina, please. Talk to me. What have I done to offend you?

Dina: I think you know perfectly well.

Graham: Oh, is this about Ashley? I explained. That was nothing.

Dina: Nothing? Seemed pretty cozy to me.

Graham: She was on a fishing expedition. Your children don't understand our relationship or why I'd want to spend time with you.

Dina: Why do you, graham? Hmm? And what's in it for you?

Ashley: [Sighs]

Jack: Come on. You won't even consider it? Come on.

Ashley: Who does that? How can you pimp out your own sister? Gross.

Jack: I'm desperate.

Ashley: I am not hitting on graham to make Dina jealous.

Jack: Look, if we are gonna pry that man away from our mother, we're gonna have to pull the heavy artillery.

Ashley: It's not that easy, jack. She relies on him for everything. She doesn't want him out of her life.

Jack: Sometimes people don't know what's best for them until you help them to realize it.

Ashley: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Victor: Yes? How about convincing your colleagues to buy tickets, as well? Good! I owe you one, Howard. Right on. Bye-bye.

Abby: Hi, dad. We need to discuss what the -- what's that?

Scott: The poster for Nikki's concert.

Victor: Looks good. Thank you.

[Piano playing]

[Music stops]

Nikki: [Sighs]

[Piano resumes]

[Sour notes]


[Piano playing]

[Music stops]

[Crowd booing]

You suck!

Victor: I told you.

You are nothing without me.

Sharon: Nikki? I just saw bonnie outside. She told me to come in.

Nikki: Oh, that's fine. Um, what can I do for you, Sharon?

Sharon: Well, faith left her sweater here on her last visit.

Nikki: Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh, I just saw that somewhere.

Sharon: I think there it is right there.

Nikki: Oh! How about that? Right in front of me. I didn't even see it. [Clears throat]

Sharon: You seem preoccupied.

Nikki: Well, I guess it's just one of those days.

Sharon: I hear you're giving a concert. That sounds glamorous.

Nikki: It's hardly glamorous. It's a lot of hard work. I spend every free moment practicing.

Sharon: So, how's that going? You feel ready?

Nikki: Well, I'm, uh, definitely outside of my comfort zone. But this neurological center is victor's baby, and he donated an awful lot of money, so I can't let him down.

Sharon: I know it's hard for you being under that much pressure. And I saw you holding that bottle of liquor when I walked in.

Abby: Okay, dad, what should I tell legal? Should I have them execute the contracts, or should I have them wait?

Victor: Right now I just want to focus on Nikki's concert, okay? It's important it's totally sold out.

Scott: I'm sure she'll appreciate that.

Victor: Yes, I have a list of likely donors, people I've been acquainted with for years. I'm sure you two will get those seats filled in no time at all.

Abby: Wait, I'm -- I'm sorry. You want us to sell tickets, like door-to-door salespeople?

Scott: As much as I'd like to help, I, uh, I've got my hands full with hashtag.

Abby: Wait, he's just running a little digital media company. It'll be much easier for him to make time.

Scott: You always say how great you are at multi-tasking. Now's the time you get to prove it.

Victor: In case I wasn't clear, this is not a request.

Abby: But, dad --

Victor: All I ask is that you both spend some time on this charity. It's for a worthwhile cause. Am I clear? I'll e-mail you both a copy of the list. Divvy it up as you see fit.

Cane: No, I don't want lily anywhere near the depositions. No. No!

Michael: All right, cane, listen to me. I understand you wanting to spare your wife any discomfort given the subject matter. But it is critical the brash & sassy team present a united front.

Cane: Billy and Victoria will be enough to rattle Juliet. We don't need lily.

Lily: Don't need me for what?

Michael: I want you at the deposition. Your husband is opposed.

Cane: Because she doesn't have to be there 'cause she's not testifying.

Lily: Do you think it'll help if I'm there?

Michael: The point is to intimidate Juliet. Nothing will shake her up more than seeing your face as she contemplates lying about a sexual encounter with him.

Cane: Don't let him guilt you into this, okay?

Lily: No, cane, he's not. I want to be there. I want to let Juliet know that she can't lie about you. And I want to see her face when you're vindicated.

Billy: Even if I don't sink the case, you know who could. The man himself, Mr. Cane Ashby.

Victoria: I wish that cane would have said something about Juliet having to salvage the deal with Mr. Sato.

Billy: No, he didn't want to make himself look bad. Instead, Michael gets blindsided. And for his next trick, he goes --

Victoria: I know, I know. He never should have gone to Juliet to try to convince her to drop the case. I know that.

Billy: That was stupid. And it makes me think that he's hiding something else.

Victoria: Come on. I know that cane has made mistakes, but he's never even looked at another woman. I mean, we both know how devoted he is to lily.

Billy: Come on, Vick. Men can love their wives and still end up cheating on them.

Victoria: I mean, think about it. Have you ever seen cane mistreat a woman, including Juliet? I mean, he was her biggest supporter. And now she's turned on him. And it's appalling, Billy.

Billy: You know there's a knife sticking out of your back, too.

Victoria: I know. I went out of my way for Juliet. I mentored her. I tried to give her interesting and challenging assignments. And then when I was forced to fire her, I tried to help her. I gave her a decent severance package, and I told her I would give her a glowing recommendation, and this is how she repays me? You know what, Billy? I am going to teach that woman a lesson. I don't want her to just drop this lawsuit. I want her to be humiliated.

Dina: You know, you're my closest friend and most trusted adviser. The only person in the whole world that I can truly count on. Unlike my children, who still want to wallow in all the pain I caused. [Sighs] Graham, I need to know that I can count on you.

Graham: Always. I can't believe you would ever doubt that.

Dina: Well, after all, you are a young man. And why would you want to hang out with an old gal like me...

Graham: [Chuckles]

Dina: ...When you have such a wonderful social life? You could have it.

Graham: No, I'm happy and content. And I know that you need me.

Dina: I do. I really do. Oh, you know, it was so hard for me to see you with Ashley. She's -- she is so beautiful and so much younger.

Graham: No, I'm not interested in other women. My only care is protecting you. And your children would like nothing better than for me to pack up and get on a plane back to Paris alone.

Dina: Oh, no. Please. You mustn't do that.

Graham: I won't. I promise. I'm not gonna let Ashley or anyone else dictate what I can and can't do.

Jack: Mother is a proud, territorial woman. The minute she suspects that graham is succumbing to your charms, she will drop him like that.

Ashley: You are certifiable. I say that with all the love in my heart. But you are crazy if you think I'm gonna do a little flirting with graham.

Jack: What is the problem?! He's intelligent, he's urbane, he's not too bad on the eyes.

Ashley: It's immoral, and it's also illogical.

Jack: What is illogical about this?

Ashley: Okay, say I went along with it. First of all, our mother would hate me forever. She would never forgive me. Second of all, graham's not gonna fall for it. He's not gonna kill the golden goose, jack. Why is he gonna show interest in me if he knows how Dina's gonna react? Hello!

Jack: Because he's a man.

Ashley: Eww. I will continue reaching out to graham as a friend. And if I find out he's using our mother in any way, I will expose him. The end!

Jack: Fine. I still think I have the better idea, but --

Ashley: I know that look. Should I even ask?

Jack: I just figured out how to make this work...without your help.

Victoria: I can't wait to get this over with.

Billy: Makes two of us. It looks like the gang's all here. Lily, didn't expect to see you.

Lily: Yeah, Michael wanted me here. And I'm here to support cane and the company and to show my former friend she's not fooling anyone with her phony story.

Victoria: I love it. I'm glad you're here.

Michael: Listen up. Before the other side gets here, I have a few rules.

Billy: Let's hear them.

Michael: As angry as we all are at Juliet, do not get emotional. Answer only the exact question asked. Listen very carefully to how Leslie words things, because if she can, she will trip you up, so you keep your answers short and direct. Do not elaborate. Do not speculate. If you're not testifying, keep your mouth zipped. And do not react. Any questions? All right, there are pads and pens on the table. If you have a significant question or comment, write them down and bring them to my attention on the break, and only then. I cannot speak to you during the proceeding. While Leslie is conducting her interviews, I will not say a word unless I have an objection. And if I do object, I will probably tell you to go ahead and answer the question, as it is on the record and I can object later on to its later admission into court.

Victoria: Well, we're not going to court. My goal is to get Juliet to drop this ridiculous lawsuit.

Michael: Let's hope that it turns out that way.

Cane: Do you have any other words of wisdom?

Michael: It's okay to admit that you don't remember, if you really don't. What you cannot do is lie. You are being held to the same standard as you would if a judge were present. If you fail to tell the truth, you may be charged with perjury and go to prison.

Leslie: Good morning, everyone.

Michael: Leslie, Juliet.

Leslie: I'm surprised to see so many people here.

Michael: Oh, they'll all be sitting in on the entire proceeding.

Leslie: That's an intimidation tactic.

Michael: My clients have every legal right to be present.

Leslie: You should have provided me with notice. I can call the judge right now, ask for an emergency protective order to limit the number of attendees.

Juliet: They can stay, including lily. I won't let them get to me, although I'm sure they'll try.

Abby: I'm up to my eyeballs in actual work, and now I have to unload all these tickets to Nikki's vanity project.

Scott: I'll admit it's beneath our pay grade, but, you know, it's kind of impressive that victor's doing this for his wife. Pretty, uh, romantic, actually.

Abby: Yeah, if he weren't pawning all the work off on us.

Scott: Well, think about it like this. It's a gorgeous summer day, and we're not stuck inside.

Abby: Can you please stop looking on the bright side? It's super annoying.

Scott: Look, this shouldn't be that hard. And as a journalist, I've developed an aptitude for building a rapport with people.

Abby: Oh. Are you implying that I don't have that aptitude?

Scott: I'm just saying that I'll probably have an easier time finishing than you.

Abby: Want to bet? Here is a list from my dad's e-mail. Whoever takes longer to sell all their tickets has to buy the other one coffee for a week.

Scott: Not everything has to be a competition.

Abby: Afraid to lose?

Scott: Make a note. I take my cappuccino with two shots of espresso.

Abby: [Laughs] Okay.

Nikki: Sharon, you're really making way too much of this.

Sharon: You were tempted to take a drink. That's a big deal.

Nikki: Do you think that I would sacrifice my sobriety because I'm nervous about a concert?

Sharon: Do you really expect me to believe that that's all this is about, you being nervous?

Nikki: I have never performed in front of that many people before.

Sharon: You used to take your clothes off for a room full of strange men. Why would playing the piano at a charity event freak you out?

Nikki: My dancing was a whole different thing, and it was a long time ago!

Sharon: You know, I've been volunteering at a crisis hotline, and I've been trained how to talk to people when they're feeling low and help them with their issues. Maybe I can help.

Nikki: Well, Sharon, I think that crises are your expertise, but, uh, at the moment, I don't really need an armchair psychologist, thank you.

Graham: I didn't mean to upset you more, but I had to be honest. I don't think jack and Ashley will ever truly accept or trust me.

Dina: [Chuckling] Well, they sure have a lot of questions.

Graham: Well, they don't understand our relationship, and that's fine by me. What we have works for us. We shouldn't have to explain ourselves to anyone.

Dina: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll make it perfectly clear that they will not cause us any trouble. [Chuckles]

Ashley: So graham is from the Midwest, just like he said.

Ravi: Yeah, but it's his early career that surprised me. He was a professional actor for a while. Not a lot of credits.

Ashley: I see that. So he started as an extra, did a little work in the states, and a short film overseas. At least he made some money.

Ravi: Not enough. His last credit was from 1999.

Ashley: So what else did you learn about his past?

Ravi: Not much. I mean, for someone working such a high-profile company like Mergeron, there's really not a lot about him online. Just a few business ventures from the early 2000s. How long has he been working with your mother?

Ashley: He said about a year. And he also said he does have business experience.

Ravi: It's possible, but I did a dive, and that's not showing up in my search.

Ashley: So how does a wannabe actor end up being the right hand to a woman of my mother's stature?

Ravi: I suppose he has the right skills for her needs.

Ashley: [Laughs]

Ravi: I didn't mean it like that. [Chuckling] Though, actually, that probably is why. Never mind. It's fine.

Ashley: Don't be embarrassed. I basically asked graham the same thing, and he denies that they were ever lovers.

Ravi: You believe him?

Ashley: I don't know. I don't really care. The only thing that matters is that he holds sway over my mother. And she's very possessive of him. It's weird. Jack's trying to find something to drive a wedge between the two of them so that maybe she'll send graham away.

Ravi: Think it'll work?

Ashley: I think we're gonna find out soon enough.

Jack: I realize you were a little upset with me yesterday. I am sorry. I did not mean to make you feel like you'd been tossed out.

Gloria: I'm the one who should apologize for being so needy. It's always sad to see a good thing end. And we both know how good it was. I'm ready to move on.

Jack: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that.

Gloria: Oh?

Jack: Well, you're a woman who enjoys the company of men, and there are plenty of eligible men nearby to, uh, enjoy your company.

Gloria: Hmm. Got somebody in mind?

Jack: Mother's companion, graham Bloodworth. What do you think?

Gloria: I'm trying to decide. Do I kiss you or slap you?

Leslie: When Mr. Ashby and ms. Helton informed you the contracts for the Asian distribution deal had been signed, how did you respond?

Victoria: I was ecstatic. I told them they should go out and celebrate.

Leslie: Can you be more specific?

Victoria: I suggested that they should have dinner on the company and go out and see Tokyo and enjoy the sights of the city.

Leslie: I obtained a copy of their expense reports for the evening, which you approved. In addition to some other alcoholic beverages, they ordered three bottles of sake. Is it typical for employees to drink that much on a trip?

Victoria: I wouldn't say it's typical, but it's not unheard of.

Leslie: When you saw the expense reports, did you question Mr. Ashby about his alcoholic purchases and how it affected his behavior on the trip?

Victoria: NO.

Leslie: You are aware that heavy alcohol consumption is frequently a precursor to sex.

Michael: Objection. Calls for speculation. You may answer.

Victoria: I'm not an expert on the statistics of alcohol in terms of its influence on sexual relations.

Leslie: After returning from his trip, did Mr. Ashby recommend that you hire ms. Helton full time?

Victoria: Yes.

Leslie: For what job?

Victoria: Division manager for Asia.

Leslie: Would you describe Mr. Ashby's recommendation for a woman he had worked with only once as enthusiastic?

Victoria: I would.

Leslie: Did you invite ms. Helton to fly in for an interview from Tokyo?

Victoria: Yes.

Leslie: How'd that go?

Victoria: [Sighs] Very well.

Leslie: Did you offer her the job?

Victoria: No, I didn't.

Leslie: Why not?

Victoria: I needed somebody with more experience.

Leslie: I see. How did, uh, Mr. Ashby respond to the news that ms. Helton didn't get the job?

Victoria: He was disappointed, but he understood my reasoning.

Leslie: But you were impressed enough with her that you created a new position as marketing executive.

Victoria: Yes.

Leslie: Based here in Genoa city.

Victoria: Correct.

Leslie: Did you consider anyone else for the job?

Victoria: No, I did not.

Leslie: You were obviously very impressed with ms. Helton's skill set. And you believed she'd be an asset to the company.

Victoria: I did...then.

Leslie: How did Mr. Ashby react to the news that he'd be working so closely with ms. Helton?

Victoria: He was surprised.

Leslie: No longer enthusiastic?

Victoria: He stood by his endorsement, but he didn't think that Juliet would want to relocate from so far away.

Leslie: Or perhaps he'd hoped she'd stay far away from his workplace and his wife.

Sharon: I think that there are issues other than the concert that are bothering you.

Nikki: And why would you say that?

Sharon: Well, I've noticed things have been a little different lately. I know that nick is upset with victor, and he won't say why. But I've also noticed that you two don't invite faith over here as much.

Nikki: Well, we want her to adjust to living with her parents again.

Sharon: You want me to stay out of your business.

Nikki: Would you please?

Sharon: Nikki, believe it or not, I really do care. And we are still family. You know, for a little while, I thought maybe you and victor were having problems again. But then when he donated all that money to the university for a medical building in your name, and then he set up this concert for you to star in, I-I assumed I must have been wrong.

Nikki: Well, I just wish he'd asked me if I wanted to do a concert before he offered my services.

Sharon: So victor's forcing you to do this? Why would he do that?

Nikki: You know victor and his grand gestures. He booked the concert and then told the university that I would be the entertainment before he ever told me.

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Excuse me. Hi, darling.

Victor: Been awhile since you've called me that.

Nikki: Yes, well, I have company.

Victor: I just want you to know that the tickets for the concert have gone on sale. I'm sure it'll be a sold-out crowd.

Nikki: I knew you would fill it to capacity.

Victor: Well, I'm sure it'll be a night to remember.

Nikki: Okay. Thanks for calling. What? Problem?

Sharon: [Sighs] Let me ask you something. If victor had just asked you to perform in advance, what would you have answered?

Nikki: I would have passed. I have no interest in being the poster child for ms.

Sharon: You know, you're doing remarkably well.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I don't have to prove it by playing piano in public.

Sharon: Why don't you just say that to victor? Why pretend the way you just did?

Nikki: Because he wants to remind me who I am and who I'm not.

Sharon: I don't know what that means.

Nikki: Victor thinks it's the same thing of me sitting here playing the piano just for fun as it is doing a concert for lots of people, and he thinks because my last name is Newman that I will be magnificent, I will be brilliant. He just doesn't understand. I'm an amateur. I just like to tinker around at home for fun.

Sharon: Then go at it with that attitude. You know, this is a charity event. Nobody's gonna think any less of you if you're not letter perfect. You just go out there, you have fun, and if you make a mistake, you shrug your shoulders. You smile about it. Don't put this kind of pressure on yourself. It's not good for you.

Nikki: You're probably right. Just need to get rid of my jitters and I'll be okay.

Sharon: Yeah. Everything will be okay, Nikki. You have a lot of people rooting for you.

Nikki: You know, maybe this, um, therapeutic thing is up your alley. You might be pretty good at it. If you don't mind, I got to get back to the piano.

Sharon: Okay. I'll get out of your hair.

Nikki: Okay.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Scott: Yeah, it's gonna be a spectacular evening. Thank you. Bye.

Abby: So, how'd it go?

Scott: I sold most of my tickets. Won't be long till I can cross off all the names on the list.

Abby: Hmm. That's good.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Not as good as this, but... [Chuckles] Done and done.

Scott: Congratulations. But you did have a bit of an advantage. The society types already know you.

Abby: Uh, no, actually, most of them were strangers, although they won't be for long. I'm going to the dog park with Harold Greely. He has a shih Tzu, and since I'm thinking of getting one myself...

Scott: No, you're not.

Abby: And then I'm playing in a mixed doubles tennis tournament at the country club with George Randolph. Can't stand the guy, and I haven't played tennis in years, but hey, it's for charity, right?

Scott: Did you even bother to talk about the, uh, the cause?

Abby: It came up, but the key to sales is selling the salesperson, not the product. I just figured out what we had in common, and I went from there.

Scott: So in other words, you flirted with a bunch of rich, older guys.

Abby: Ah, don't act like you didn't lay the charm on really thick with all those rich, old women. And don't diminish my accomplishment just because I'm better at something than you are.

Sharon: Excuse me. You two need a referee?

Jack: So that's the whole plan. What do you think?

Gloria: I can see why Ashley hates the idea, but now you're asking me to do it, make nice with a man I hardly even know.

Jack: I saw the little twinkle in your eye the day you met graham.

Gloria: He's handsome. So what?

Jack: What could be so bad about this? You get to know him a little better. You stage a seduction so that my mother washes her hands of this clown.

Gloria: This guy's really got you that worried, jack?

Jack: Yes, he's got me worried. Graham Bloodworth is a gigolo. He's insinuated himself into my mother's life so he can get his hands on her money. He saw an older woman alone, and he played on her emotions so well that she now considers him family. I hate that mother is being exploited by him. Please. Please help me out.

Gloria: Hmm. I can see where you're coming from. And I feel for you, jack. But this little scheme you are proposing is reckless, even for you. Sorry. Can't get involved.

Ashley: Thank you for all the work you did on this.

Ravi: Of course. If you need me to do any more digging or anything else, let me know.

Ashley: I appreciate it. And by the way, jack does, too.

Ravi: I know you're concerned about the hold this graham person has on your mom.

Ashley: It's just so strange. The Dina I know would never let any man or woman call the shots.

Graham: Are you sure you're all right now?

Dina: I'm just fine. And so are we.

Graham: I'll call you later.

Dina: Okay. Bye.

Graham: Jean-marc. Graham Bloodworth. Fine, thank you. I'm glad I caught you before you left for the day. Madame Mergeron wants to make sure her legal situation is squared away now that she's decided to stay in Genoa city. She wants to finalize her will immediately. No. She doesn't want to change anything from what she told you in Paris. She would like to sign it as soon as possible.

Leslie: So your contention is that you fired ms. Helton for cause?

Victoria: Juliet was careless. She passed on misinformation that caused us to lose a very lucrative tie-in deal with a professional sports league. But firing the person responsible was a non-negotiable condition for maintaining that deal.

Leslie: How did Mr. Ashby react to ms. Helton being fired?

Victoria: He was upset. He told me that I made the wrong call.

Leslie: During your conversation with ms. Helton when you let her go, did you tell her, "no one ever has to know the real circumstances surrounding your termination"?

Victoria: Or words to that effect.

Leslie: Sounds like you were trying to cover something up.

Michael: Objection.

Leslie: I'll rephrase.

Victoria: Your implications are not true at all. You're taking my remarks out of context.

Leslie: Well, then please put it in context for me.

Victoria: I promised Juliet that I would give her a good recommendation so that she could claim that she left of her own accord so that the trajectory of her career would not be harmed.

Leslie: If she made such a costly, embarrassing mistake, why would you do that for her?

Victoria: At the time, I thought she was a decent human being.

Leslie: One last question. Are you willing to state for the record with absolute certainty that cane Ashby could not have used his position at brash & sassy to coerce Juliet Helton into a sexual relationship?

Scott: Victor obviously thought it was amusing as hell assigning us both a project that he knew would piss us both off.

Abby: [Chuckles] Scott and I made a little wager on who could sell the most tickets in the least amount of time. And he is a very sore loser.

Scott: Oh, so now you're the gracious winner?

Abby: I guess we're both a little frustrated with my dad and taking it out on each other.

Sharon: Sounds like a truce.

Abby: I will take that coffee now, though.

Scott: And how would Madame take it?

Abby: A little bit of cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Scott: Sharon, since I'm offering.

[Cell phone rings]

Abby: Ooh, um, I better take this. This is another ticket sale. It's my new sailing partner. We're going out on lake Michigan this weekend. Hey, Jim.

Sharon: Yeah, I would love some coffee, especially if I'm not the one who has to make it.

Scott: Yeah, it wouldn't be much of a treat if you did.

Sharon: [Chuckles] So is it true what she said? You're a sore loser?

Scott: It's probably one of my more embarrassing character flaws. And yes, it is ridiculous that I got so worked up over something like this. This shouldn't be a source of, uh, of tension.

Sharon: True. Although, you know, when victor gets involved, even if he has the best of intentions, he still ends up making things harder for everyone.

[Piano playing]

[Music stops]

Nikki: [Groaning] Damn it. Stop, stop! [Exhales sharply]

[Glasses clatter]

Nikki: [Sobbing] Help! Aah! Somebody help me! [Gasping] Oh, my god. [Gasps] [Sobbing] Help me! Ah, some-- please. Help me. [Sobbing]

Leslie: Would you like me to repeat the question?

Victoria: No, that won't be necessary. I believe my colleague.

Leslie: But you can't be 100% certain that nothing sexual happened in Tokyo between Mr. Ashby and ms. Helton, can you?

Victoria: Well, I wasn't a fly on the wall there, but I can state for the record what I see now -- a disgruntled ex-employee who's lying, looking for a big cash settlement.

Leslie: That'll be all, ms. Newman --

Victoria: No, that will not be all, damn it!

Michael: Victoria, please. Please stop. Victoria, stop.

Victoria: If Juliet was so traumatized, why didn't I hear about this alleged harassment before? You had plenty of opportunity to come to me without cane being around. The night we went out, one on one, that would have been the perfect opportunity.

Michael: Do not say another word. Victoria, listen to me!

Victoria: Aren't you ashamed of yourself? How does it feel to look at the man that you wrongfully accused with his wife, two people who considered you their friend?! Look at me! I'm talking to you! You know, when I first interviewed you, I liked you. I wanted to create a position for you in marketing. And it wasn't in the budget. Did you know that? I had to move money around from a different division in order to make room for you. I befriended you. I went out of my way for you. And when I was forced to fire you, I gave you severance because you had to move here from so far away! I actually cared about what happened to you, and this is how you show your appreciation?! End this now, Juliet! Stop lying while you can still live with yourself!

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: It's Abby's new business partner, Zack. I just think he's hiding something.

Zack: You want our third date to be a night out with your family? Sorry.

Abby: You decline?

Michael: What's this about?

Leslie: Hotel footage from the night in question.

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