Y&R Transcript Friday 6/16/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/16/17


Episode # 11194 ~ Ashley plots her next move; Michael delivers bad news; Devon has a warning for Cane.

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Mariah: So, that assignment you gave me -- the lawsuit filed against Brash & Sassy! - I did some digging.

Hilary: And?

Mariah: There's been a filing at the courthouse but no names or allegations yet.

Hilary: Okay. Well, keep at it.

Mariah: I did.

Hilary: Oh.

Mariah: I have a source.

Hilary: Who?

Mariah: Well, you may know him. Devon. I also know the parties involved -- cane and Juliet.

Hilary: Really? Wow.

Mariah: You knew all about this. I also know you're the one who advised Juliet on what lawyer to hire. You weren't counting on me digging up that little nugget, were you?

Lily: Hilary is helping Juliet? Why am I not surprised? What woman loves messing with me.

Neil: You know, I thought you'd be a lot angrier than this.

Lily: Well, it's because I know something Hilary doesn't. Juliet is dropping the lawsuit. According to cane, it's over.

Victoria: Michael would have called if Juliet dropped the case.

Cane: Okay. Don't worry. He's gonna call soon. It's gonna be official.

Billy: Why are you so positive that Juliet changed her mind?

Cane: Because I went last night and saw her. We hashed the whole thing out.

Billy: What?!

Victoria: That is the worst possible thing you could have done!

Cane: [Sighs]

Sharon: Scott?

Scott: Hey. Coffee's on, juice is poured, and, uh, frittata's in the oven.

Ashley: No last-minute bon-voyage call from Dina?

Jack: No. It appears our mother will be staying on in Genoa city.

Ashley: Yeah, at the athletic club, I hear.

Jack: Because she has no interest in staying in the family home.

Ashley: No, she has no interest in leaving graham behind at the hotel. Obviously, she's trying to keep him happy.

Devon: So, you're not flying back to Paris?

Dina: Well, I'm so enjoying my time here with the family that, uh, I see no harm in staying a bit longer.

Graham: You don't seem pleased.

Devon: Oh, no. I'm -- I'm -- I'm just surprised.

Graham: Perhaps your new partner is concerned this might alter things.

Dina: I don't like the word "partner." Devon and Neil have bought the company. I merely retain a seat on the board. That's it, Devon. We should make full use of graham. I'd hate to see his skills go to waste.

Scott: I forgot about the eggs.

Sharon: We'll make more.

Lily: So, after cane spoke to Juliet and he was telling her --

Neil: Whoa. Wait. Cane saw her alone?

Lily: Yeah, I know. Victoria and Michael won't be happy.

Neil: Nor should they, Lily.

Lily: Look, I had the same reaction when he first told me, but it worked. He told her that she's punishing him, me, our family, when, really, it's the company that she resents. I know it was risky, but, somehow, he got through to her.

Neil: Are you sure?

Lily: Yeah. Cane is confident it's only a matter of time before the lawsuit is dropped and this is all over.

Victoria: I told you to stay away from her, and you ignored me, on top of the news that I just got.

Cane: Wait. What news do you have?

Victoria: From Michael. It came out in the judge's chambers that you almost blew the deal in Tokyo and Juliet had to come to your rescue.

Billy: Are you gonna deny that, too?

Victoria: You kept us from it, cane. And then you went to see Juliet. How am I supposed to trust you?

Cane: I am sorry for what happened in Tokyo, okay? It was wrong. But I can't change it. I can't make up for it. All I can do is just apologize to you and promise you that it will not happen again. That's all I can do.

Billy: Cane, it already has.

Victoria: Direct order.

Cane: I had to go to her and try to shut this down. That's what I had to do.

Victoria: That's why we're paying an attorney.

Cane: But he hasn't managed to stop it, has he? So I went to her, and it worked, 'cause I told her that I understand why she's angry and she has every right 'cause of the way she was treated, okay? But she can't accuse me of sexual harassment when it didn't happen, and she agreed.

Billy: Okay. So, hold on a second. What if she's just saying exactly what you want to hear?

Cane: No. No. She called Leslie before I left the room.

Billy: Where's Leslie? And why are we hearing this from you and not Juliet's lawyer or ours?

Lauren: Have I told you lately how much I love our breakfast conversations?

Michael: I'm sorry.

Lauren: Mmm.

Michael: Just drowning in legalese here.

Lauren: I understand, believe me.

Michael: Just like I understand why you keep checking your phone.

Lauren: Well, now it's because --

Michael: It's Scott. You're worried about him.

Lauren: He didn't come home last night.

Michael: Sweetheart, when your son is a grown man, he may have other places to stay every now and then.

Lauren: I understand that, but Sharon? Really?

Michael: Why not Sharon?

Lauren: Have you forgotten... about Christian? That woman essentially stole a child.

Michael: We both know why you're zeroing in on this. What happened with Scott and Sheila has nothing to do with this.

Juliet: Tell your client I don't want any more surprise visits.

Michael: Why would Victoria --

Juliet: Cane stopped by my room last night. You know how that's going to look in court, right?

Ashley: Dina and graham both have suites at the GCAC. Clearly, she doesn't want him to leave her side. That tells us exactly how he rates with her.

Jack: I have yet to get a real answer from Dina about this guy or from anything you've told me. One thing we do know -- he can't be too thrilled that Dina's decided not to go back to Paris just yet.

Ashley: And yet he's not happy just having her to himself at the hotel. He wants an ocean between her and her children. Why?

Jack: I hope you are not planning another confrontation.

Ashley: No. Are you kidding? That did not go very well. I'm gonna have to find a new approach if I'm gonna figure this guy out -- what he wants with our mother.

Devon: Dina, if you don't mind me asking, what talents of graham's, uh, would you hope to see me use?

Dina: Well, personally, I find graham to be an invaluable adviser, and I feel quite certain we'll be able to find a proper place for him within the company.

Devon: Right. Well, that's something that I would have to run by Neil, of course.

Dina: Well, of course! Of course!

Graham: Devon, let me reassure you... Dina has more than enough personal business to keep her busy here in Genoa city. She'll be giving you and your father all the space you need to run the company as you see fit. Our only goal is to be supportive.

Devon: Well, that's -- that's great to hear, and my goal is to manage all the tools that I have at my disposal to make this venture a success.

Dina: Oh, Devon reminds me so much of my granddaughter Abby -- all that wonderful drive and special enthusiasm and purpose.

Devon: I've always admired Abby. She's a great friend of mine.

Dina: I remember.

Devon: And you know what? I'm sure she's thrilled that you're staying in town. If you'll excuse me, I'm ready to take off.

Graham: Sure.

Dina: Well, young man, do talk to Neil and keep us posted how things are shaping up with my -- with your -- company.

Devon: Of course. Okay.

Graham: I'll make sure he follows through. We need to protect your interests. You seem distracted. Are you thinking about your talk with jack last night?

Dina: I hurt him by not accepting his offer to stay at the house.

Graham: Well, you hardly need me to point this out, but you're in much better hands with me.

Dina: I know. [Clears throat] I really feel I should go see jack and clear the air.

Graham: Just...don't let him talk you into anything.

Dina: I won't.

Hilary: Juliet asked me for a recommendation, so I gave her one.

Mariah: And then you had me dig into the lawsuit, knowing exactly what I would find.

Hilary: Why would I --

Mariah: So no one could accuse you of having a stake in this.

Hilary: The only stake in this is news for my show. And when everything that cane did comes out in court -- oh, news.

Mariah: Nobody has proven that cane did anything.

Hilary: You know what? I think you're a little too emotionally invested. I'm taking you off the story. I'll take it from here.

Mariah: [Chuckles softly] Do you really think that cane cheated on Lily and then used his position at brash & sassy! To get what he wanted from Juliet?

Hilary: It doesn't really matter what I believe. If it's news, we cover it. And when this lands in court, oh, you are gonna be so sorry that I am the one on the national news feed and not you. Mm.

Mariah: [Softly] Lily.

Lily: Mariah. Hey. What's up?

Mariah: You didn't hear it from me, but, um, watch your back.

Lily: [Scoffs] Okay. That's cryptic. Why are you whispering?

Mariah: I'm at work. You know what Juliet's claiming, right?

Lily: How did you find out?

Mariah: The news isn't public yet, but that may soon change, and the coverage may not exactly be...objective.

Lily: Hilary?

Mariah: Who else?

Lily: [Sighs] Thanks for the heads up. Damn it. How did I not see this coming?

Cane: All right, look -- we're gonna hear from Leslie soon, but, in the meantime, here -- would you like the honor of calling Michael and telling him the case is dead?

Billy: No, 'cause we don't know that that's gonna happen, and Michael should be the one telling us that.

Victoria: I'll see what he says.

Michael: No, Leslie. Emotions are running high, but I'm not gonna let you blow this out of proportion. Now, listen -- hello? You went to Juliet's hotel, alone?

Cane: [Sighs]

Victoria: What did Leslie say?

Michael: What do you think she said? You just handed her a huge present -- a winning case all wrapped up in a nice, shiny bow.

Sharon: That was amazing.

Scott: It's just eggs.

Sharon: But you cooked.

Scott: Well, you impress easily.

Sharon: I assure you that I do not, but this morning I have been impressed by many things.

[Cell phone chimes]

Scott: From victor. "Where are you?" Sounds like he doesn't appreciate my playing hooky.

Sharon: Ooh, shocker.

Scott: "Having...breakfast... with A...major rainmaker. Sorry. Can't talk. Hit you later." Send.

Sharon: Ticking off victor Newman -- risky.

Scott: It's worth it. Come here.

Sharon: So, what else do you cook?

Scott: Uh, this is pretty much it.

Sharon: Hmm.

Scott: What?

Sharon: I get this is your go-to morning-after menu, isn't it?

Scott: Uh, some more coffee?

Sharon: Oh, admit it. I'm not the first woman you've cooked this up for.

Scott: On occasion, perhaps. But...this is the first time that I've ever really put my heart into it.

Michael: You handed Juliet's lawyer a lethal weapon. Leslie is gonna paint that visit as a back-channel attempt to pressure Juliet into dropping the suit!

Cane: That's not what happened. All I did was go there and appeal to her conscience.

Billy: No, what you did is turn this from a crisis into an all-out disaster.

Cane: When I left there last night, Juliet was prepared to forget about all this. I don't know what happened. Maybe Leslie saw these billable hours evaporate so she decided to double down.

Billy: You're gonna blame the lawyer? That's not a good idea.

Victoria: Okay, look -- enough. You compromised us by going out on your own, and I am furious right now. But we need solutions, not arguments. I think we should revisit your idea about expediting the discovery phase.

Cane: Wait. What does that mean?

Michael: In a civil suit, before the trial begins, all potential witnesses are questioned under oath before the judge is present.

Cane: You mean depositions?

Michael: It's a chance for all sides to learn what evidence the other side has.

Cane: Well, how is that gonna help us?

Victoria: It could expose just how little Leslie has to work with.

Michael: Or maybe help convince Juliet that her best bet is to settle privately or perhaps even drop the case completely.

Victoria: Michael can grill Juliet and make her back up her so-called claims.

Cane: That means I have to testify, too, right?

Victoria: That's right, especially since you're the only one who can refute what Juliet is claiming.

Michael: It's your chance to prove she lied on the record.

Hilary: Lily.

Lily: I have had it with you. You have officially gone too far.

Hilary: Haven't we had this argument already?

Lily: It is one thing to nudge Juliet towards filing a lawsuit, but if you go on air with baseless claims about cane, you'll be the one getting sued.

Hilary: If cane is innocent...

Lily: "If"?

Hilary: ...Then you will have nothing to worry about. If he's not, then you'll have bigger problems than me -- a shaky marriage, a shiny new spokesmodel career on the line. Ohh.

Lily: See, you think everyone is as shallow and vapid as you are. I'm not even thinking about my job. But all of this will be gone after our slander suit.

Hilary: [Scoffs] It ain't slander if it's true.

Lily: It's not true, and you know that.

Hilary: Really? I mean, you're not even a little bit suspicious? Because I would think that cane would be entitled to a little something on the side, especially since you cheated on the man.

Lily: Are you that determined to lash out at me that you would drag my family through hell with these lies? Have you even thought about Charlie and Mattie?

Hilary: Maybe your husband should have thought about his family before he instructed Juliet on how to "get ahead" in her career.

Lily: You are disgusting.

Hilary: It's not my problem that you don't know how to keep your husband satisfied.

Lily: Did you really just say that to me?! Did you really just say that to me?!

Jordan: How many times do I have to wrestle you two?

Hilary: Keep that crazy girl away from me.

Lily: Fine.

Jordan: Dang.

Jack: I wasn't expecting you, mother.

Dina: Well, I guess I should have called first.

Jack: No, you're always welcome here. I am a little surprised to see you, though.

Dina: Well, I was concerned about the way we left things.

Jack: You mean when you decided to stay at the hotel suite rather than at home with your family?

Dina: Well, I hope you understand how much it meant to me -- that invitation.

Jack: Apparently not enough for you to accept my invitation.

Dina: Well, I-I-I think it's the best decision.

Jack: You think or graham thinks?

Dina: Why does it always have to be about graham?

Jack: I don't know, mother. You tell me.

Dina: It's not about him.

Jack: No?

Dina: No.

Jack: Then why do I get the feeling that you are not comfortable unless he is constantly at your side?

Dina: I depend on him.

Jack: Yes, you've said as much. And you prefer that to depending on your children.

Dina: I have no experience depending on my children, just as my children have no experience depending on me.

Jack: W-- I-is that what this is about? This is why you can't come home? Is it the memories?

Dina: Memories? [Voice breaking] What memories, son? That house reminds me of all the special moments I could have had and I didn't. And there's no one to blame... but me.

Scott: The next time you think I've run out on you, you know... think about it.

Sharon: I will, because I know better.

Scott: Because I fed you?

Sharon: Because that's not the kind of person you are. You know, from the moment we started talking at crimson lights, when you decided to help a poor student who was freaking out over a paper she had to write, there was nothing in it for you, but you decided to help.

Scott: Well, turns out there was something in it for me, after all.

Sharon: [Chuckles softly] When Dylan left, it was -- it was just very sudden, so it was hard for me to imagine what would be next for me. It was actually easily to think that nothing would ever happen. And then you snuck up on me.

Scott: Like you do with me. I just meant to come home and recuperate for a few weeks and then get back out there, cover more stories, but... you gave me a good reason to stick around. I'll call you.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Scott: Bye.

Jordan: Lily, hang on one second. You still think Hilary pushed Juliet into filing the lawsuit?

Lily: Ask her if she got a finder's fee for supplying Juliet with a lawyer.

Jordan: Are you kidding?

Lily: No. She'll put a spin on that. She's great at that. Oh, and, by the way, I'm sorry that you won't get a chance at destroying my family. Juliet's dropping the case. Cane didn't do any of the things that you're accusing him of. And, by the way, our marriage is still strong.

Jordan: Is that true?

Hilary: About me helping Juliet? Okay, please. It's hardly some conspiracy. The woman asked for a recommendation, and I gave her one. What's the crime in that?

Jordan: And you get a jump on the juicy story.

Hilary: Well, according to Lily, it's a non-story.

Jordan: That you would have exploited.

Hilary: I'm a reporter, okay? And a case with brash & sassy!? What, do you want me to just not do my job?

Jordan: Depends on how well you do it.

Hilary: Now you're not making any sense.

Jordan: No?

Hilary: No.

Jordan: Let's see if I got this right. Juliet gets fired, and then, suddenly, she starts talking a lawsuit after you came along, conveniently hooking her up with a lawyer, and then when this thing hits, you get the exclusive.

Hilary: That is not what happened, okay?

Jordan: I'm pretty sure that's exactly what happened. You're hurting Billy. You're hurting Victoria. Hell, I work for brash & sassy! You're hurting me, too. And all for what -- to get some boost in your ratings? [Sighs] I hope you're happy with yourself. [Sighs]

Hilary: Jordan, stop.

Billy: Could this be a mistake, rushing in to something like a deposition?

Victoria: [Sighs] Maybe.

Michael: With this thing potentially going public, we're on a ticking clock here.

Victoria: Well, we need to come up with as much ammunition as we can before that happens. Michael, has your investigator been able to turn up anything on Juliet?

Michael: Unfortunately, no. Juliet is completely clean. Her prior consulting clients can't say enough good things about her. She's never made any accusations of this nature or had any ethical breaches.

Billy: Until now.

Michael: She graduated top of her class. She never got in trouble in college.

Cane: What about personal problems -- you know, ex-boyfriend, stuff like that?

Michael: If you're hoping she turns out to be a stalker, forget it. There's nothing like that.

Victoria: Social media?

Michael: No drunken photos, no embarrassing posts. [Laughing] To be honest, she would make a phenomenal witness, especially if this ends up in front of a jury.

Billy: And what do we got? The ultimate bad boy. I mean, she's gonna look like a saint when they start picking apart your past.

Cane: Yeah, well, lucky she's not accusing you. It would be a lot worse, wouldn't it?

Billy: As opposed to what we're in right now?

Victoria: Stop, right now. I am trying my hardest to keep this company solvent, and it's hard enough to do with you two sniping at each other.

Michael: If we're moving up discovery, the two of us need to carve out some time to prepare. We don't want Leslie to catch us with our pants down, figuratively, of course.

Cane: I am sorry. Talking to Juliet's made this worse, and I am -- I'm sorry. Michael, I will -- I will sit down with you and I'll prep whatever you need from me, but right now, I just -- I need to go and talk to Lily and tell her this case is back on. Excuse me. [Exhales sharply]

Dina: Why do you keep thinking there's a competition between you and graham?

Jack: Gee. I wonder why, mother.

Dina: Well, there's not.

Jack: There's not?

Dina: No.

Jack: If you believe that, you are in denial. That man is competing for your attention and your affection, and right now, he's winning.

Dina: [Chuckling] Oh, I didn't know that I had to make a choice between my son and that man who --

Jack: That man who what? Go ahead. Finish that.

Dina: Well, it wasn't easy. It -- [Sighs] It was a tough decision to sell the company, and not knowing whether it was the right time or not --

Jack: So, graham talked you into that decision?

Dina: No, he didn't. He listened and he helped me sort out the realities.

Jack: What realities?

Dina: Darling, I am a woman in my 70s, and there are certain facts that go along with that.

Jack: Oh, mother, don't be morbid.

Dina: I'm not being morbid. My sell-by date is a long way off.

Jack: Well, I am counting on that.

Dina: Well, that's something, darling, I can't control. But there's no reason to worry.

Jack: Yeah. I'm wondering about that.

Dina: I was hoping my decision to stay would be a positive one for you.

Jack: Well, you kept repeatedly insisting on going back to Paris.

Dina: Well... I changed my mind. It's a woman's prerogative.

Jack: Or is it possible graham agreed to let you change your mind?

Dina: Graham will do anything that will make me happy, and my spending time with my children and my granddaughter makes me very happy right now.

Ashley: I'm not going to belabor this. I'm not sure what I think I'm gonna accomplish in this encounter, but now that my mother's gonna be here a while, I do think there are things that need to be said.

Graham: Um...should I make this a double vodka?

Ashley: You're always so charming.

Graham: [Scoffs] While you are always so...

Ashley: Not?

Graham: [Chuckles softly]

Ashley: Okay. I guess it's up to me to somehow rectify our recent animosity and put it behind us, so... I am sorry, graham, again.

Graham: That's what you said? Thank you for translating.

Ashley: Honestly, I never anticipated feeling protective over Dina, after everything she's done to me and my siblings, but she is still my mother, and it makes me uneasy knowing nothing about her constant companion and what you want with her.

Graham: So, you assumed? Younger man, older woman...

Ashley: I don't care about that, really. That's your business. I do seem to care about her welfare, however. I would just like to have some kind of peace with the one man who has more access to my mother than anybody, or at least coexist.

Graham: I mean, I'm grateful you tried... even if your heart wasn't in it. Uh... stay for a coffee, anyway.

[Door closes]

Mariah: So, let me guess -- Scott went home early and you stayed up all night with the books.

Sharon: We had a very lovely evening.

Mariah: [Gasps] Do I detect a certain glow about you?

Sharon: He makes me very happy.

Mariah: Good. You deserve that.

Sharon: And he cooked for me.

Mariah: Edible?

Sharon: 5-star.

Mariah: Wow. Maybe he really is a keeper.

Sharon: You know, Scott is very different than the other men that I've been involved with. He's not rescuing me or protecting me or... [Sighs]

Mariah: He's wooing you.

Sharon: And I'm really falling for him.

Scott: Hi, mom.

Lauren: Hey! You're home early. How are things going with victor?

Scott: Oh, fine.

Lauren: You know, Scott [Sighs] We never get a chance to catch up anymore, about all sorts of things.

Scott: That may be a record.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Scott: "All sorts of things." That's code for "Sharon." You want to know where things stand, don't you?

Lauren: You know, honey, you don't answer to me. Date who you want to date.

Scott: Gee. Thanks.

Lauren: Just know what you're getting into.

Scott: You mean... do I know that Sharon has a past or a history? I think everyone in this town does.

Lauren: Well, Sharon's particular history is unique.

Scott: She filled me in on how she discovered that her baby wasn't her biological child and that she had a really difficult time giving him up.

Lauren: [Chuckles] Wow. That's a very interesting interpretation of what happened.

Scott: I mean, what's more fair -- judging Sharon on her past or who she is now? I mean, because who she is now is pretty great, and don't forget that I have a history of my own, dark places of my own, which Sharon accepts... and likes.

Lauren: You never --

Scott: When I wanted to leave Genoa city, you were extremely vocal about me making a life here. So, now that I'm doing that, you just got to give me some space so I can live it.

Lauren: But, honey... you're right. I-I apologize... for, uh...

Scott: Being a mom?

Lauren: Yeah.

Scott: Come here.

Lauren: [Chuckles] Just promise me -- promise you're gonna keep your eyes open.

Scott: Wide open. Trust me.

Ashley: So, how would you feel, graham, if your mother was taking advice and relying on what we perceive to be a total stranger instead of her own family?

Graham: Well, at least you can see that I have a mother...

Ashley: [Chuckles]

Graham: ...Even if it is wrapped in your usual assumptions about how I control Dina's life.

Ashley: Don't you?

Graham: Anyone who knows Dina knows that she doesn't allow herself to be controlled by anyone. [Chuckles] You're not saying it, but you're thinking, "unless that person is Dina's lover." Believe me or don't. That's not our relationship. I love your mother, but not in the way you're presuming.

Ashley: Okay. Well, I guess I'll just have to take your word for that. You know, this whole thing was a lot easier when I was just angry at Dina. Anger is easy. Looking out for my mother's best interests after everything that's happened -- let's just put it this way. I never thought I'd be wrestling with this issue a year ago.

Graham: [Chuckles softly]

Ashley: And yet I find myself caring about her... even though I keep seeing that cartoon playing over and over and over again in my head -- you know, the one where the little kid takes the football away right when the other little kid is about to kick it? I feel like I'm just setting myself up for disappointment all over again. You think I sound ridiculous.

Graham: No, no.

Ashley: Yes, you do.

Graham: No, not at all. Fear of disappointment, that's -- that's natural.

Michael: So far, Juliet is the only name on Leslie's witness list. That means it's her word against all of yours.

Victoria: Okay. So, one person against a united team.

Billy: And I'm all for that. But should we be rushing in to this?

Michael: I think we should get to Juliet's testimony before Leslie has a chance to coach her too much. If I can tap in to her emotions, maybe her story will fall apart.

Billy: Is there a chance we're underestimating Juliet and Leslie?

Victoria: You're being very cautious. You usually like to dive right in.

Billy: Yeah. I don't want to dive right in and suddenly find our heads under water.

Michael: It's up to you, Victoria. Whatever you decide, cane's testimony will be critical.

Billy: So, all of this hangs on Ashby?

Michael: Pretty much. But I need a decision. Do we move on this and, with any luck, blow Juliet's claim out of the water, or do we wait and take our chances?

Cane: Can I get a soda water, please?

Devon: Hey, cane.

Cane: Hey.

Devon: How you doing, man? I heard about the, uh -- the lawsuit.

Cane: How did you find out about the lawsuit?

Devon: Neil told me about it. But I want to hear that you squashed it.

Cane: Well, I thought I had, and I told Lily I had, but, uh, apparently, it's back on.

Devon: Wow. Well, that's quite the accusation.

Cane: [Chuckles softly] Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't use my position to try to get a woman into bed.

Devon: Yeah. I'd, uh -- I'd be pretty upset if I were you.

Cane: I'm not upset, Devon. I'm terrified, 'cause I don't know how this is gonna play out, and I don't know if the truth is even gonna matter.

Devon: Well, the good news is that word hasn't spread. But my advice before it does is you be completely straight with my sister.

Cane: I already have been.

Devon: I mean, like, 100% honest with her, 'cause if there's one thing that can come out in that trial that she doesn't know about, I really think it's best if she hears it from you. Okay? I got to take off, but good luck with everything.

Cane: Thanks. Come on...

Jack: You say you're happy here now. What does that mean? Is this all temporary?

Dina: Son, I never said I'd stay here permanently.

Jack: So, what -- do you have an agenda? You and graham have decided how much time you're gonna allot to your family before he whisks you off again?

Dina: No one tells me where I go and when -- not you, not your sisters, and certainly not graham.

Jack: I didn't mean to upset you, and I'm very glad you decided to stay.

Dina: I just don't know how many opportunities I still have in this lifetime. I just think it's time for me to be around the people that I love.

Jack: And that includes graham.

Dina: Graham has meant more to me than you can possibly understand. I just don't know how to put it into words.

Graham: I'm glad we talked.

Ashley: Yeah. Honestly isn't always easy, but it does pay off.

Graham: Of course, that honesty is a one-way street, isn't it? I mean, you and your brother only see me in the context of your mother. It's as if you feel time began for me the day I met Dina and it'll end once we're no longer in each other's lives.

Ashley: Well, is that how you feel?

Graham: Nothing could be further from reality. I had a full life before Dina entered it, filled with the usual successes and failures and hurt, not unlike the hurt you keep talking about. Not that you'd be interested.

Ashley: Who says I'm not interested?

Juliet: Can we talk?

Hilary: Uh, yeah. Here. Come with me. What -- what do you need?

Juliet: I just came from a meeting with Leslie. She is concerned with me being her only witness during depositions. I thought you would make a good character witness.

Hilary: Me? Testify for you? Juliet, I-I hardly know you.

Juliet: But we've talked.

Hilary: Briefly.

Juliet: Do I need to remind you about everything you know and how you learned it? You were the only one I told about what happened with cane before I was fired.

Hilary: Okay, you can't -- you can't ask me to do this.

Juliet: There's no one else. Without you, it's just he said/she said.

Hilary: Well, you're gonna need to figure something else out. I'm sorry, okay? But I can't help you any more than I have.

Juliet: You were the one who pushed me to do this in the first place.

Hilary: I am rooting for you. Trust me. But from this point on, you're on your own, sweetie.

Michael: Shall I start prepping cane to testify?

Victoria: Usually my instinct would be to proceed slowly, but not in a case like this. We're being attacked -- that's the bottom line -- and we have to defend ourselves. How long before this leaks out and spreads all over on social media? It's gonna be detrimental to brash & sassy!, So we need to -- we need to fight. We need to not wait, and we need to start the discovery process and expose Juliet for the liar that she is.

Lily: Jordan. Hey.

Jordan: Look, I came to apologize for what Hilary's been putting you through.

Lily: Come on in. Why would you owe me an apology?

Jordan: I should have listened to the warnings you gave me about her. We've had a great time, but here lately, I've seen a side of her that -- that kind of scares me.

Lily: Yeah, she scares me, too, although I wouldn't tell her that. I just really believed that when she and Devon got divorced, we'd be done with her, but it wasn't enough for her to wreck my father and my brother's life. Now she's coming after me, too, and using cane to do it. [Sighs] It's a nightmare.

Jordan: You're -- you're gonna be okay, Lily.

Lily: It just -- it hurts, you know, all of these ugly, unfounded allegations against cane.

Jordan: You believe in cane. You two have a great marriage. You'll -- you'll be okay. [Sighs] Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Lily: Yeah, but do you believe that?

Jordan: Yes.

Lily: Really?

Jordan: Yes, I do.  Come here.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley (to Graham): I think we've made enough wrong assumptions about each other.  What do you say about starting over?

Phyllis (to Billy): Victoria's emotional well-being -- that's not your problem.

Victoria (to Michael): I just wish I was as confident now as I was going into this.

Cane (to Lily): You're lucky you have such a good friend.

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