Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/15/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/15/17


Episode # 11193 ~ Sharon & Scott's relationship heats up; Nick defends Victoria; Abby jumps into the dating pool.

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Juliet: You can't be here, Cane. I'm calling security.

Cane: Hey. Please. Don't do that. Just hear me out, all right? My life is falling apart, and you are the only person who can help me.

Lily: Victoria. Hi. Come on in.

Victoria: Thank you.

Lily: Uh, this is a surprise.

Victoria: Uh, are Charlie and Mattie around?

Lily: No. Why? What's wrong?

Victoria: I need to speak with cane. We need to clarify a few details about the closing of the Asian deal in Tokyo.

Lily: He's not here. Is this about the case? 'Cause he was sure it'd be thrown out today.

Victoria: Yes, well, it wasn't, and we're heading to trial. And, fair warning, things could get really ugly and fast.

Phyllis: It is a horrible situation, and I understand that you really care about brash & sassy!, But no more. Not tonight. No more thinking or talking about the harassment case. You know why? Because we're celebrating! And I managed to cram your vinyl collection and your sporting gear into every closet and cupboard that we have in our apartment, emphasis on our.

Billy: You are a miracle worker. And I will spend the rest of the night showing you just how grateful I am. Let me start by buying you a drink. Come with me, young lady.

Phyllis: Oh! Okay. Hey there.

Chelsea: Hey.

Phyllis: That's romantic, bringing your stylish girlfriend to work.

Nick: Yep.

Billy: Phyllis and I are here celebrating. Being back together. This is us celebrating being back together.

Chelsea: Congratulations.

Billy: Thank you.

Phyllis: Thanks, Chelsea.

Nick: What, is it my turn?

Phyllis: I didn't think we needed your blessing, nick.

Nick: You know what, after all the grief this guy's put my sister through, I'm gonna tell you the exact same thing I told her. You can do better.

[Door opens]

Mariah: Hey!

Sharon: Hey.

Mariah: Cute dress. Is it new?

Sharon: What, this? Um, yes. What are you doing home? I thought you had a date with Devon.

Mariah: I do. I just came back to change. Is that your cheese soufflé that I smell? Wait, wait. New dress. Table set for two. Is something special happening tonight?

Scott: Heard about your new project. A dating app? Wow. With something that original, you know, how could it not be a big money-maker?

Abby: Well, we're just about to beta-test now. In fact, you should be involved.

Scott: Mm.

Abby: You could use all the help you can get finding a woman to put up with you.

Scott: Thank you for looking out for me, but I don't need to rely on swiping my cell to get a date.

Abby: Oh, of course! Yeah, I'm sure women are just flocking to self-righteous egotistical men. Yeah, and our app -- it's not just another online romance platform. It's next-generation, it's innovative, it's highly personalized, but as good as it is, it's not a miracle worker.

Scott: Mm.

Abby: I mean, it can't find dates for the undateable. Sorry.

Scott: Ouch! Cool burn. But I'm actually seeing someone tonight.

Abby: A blind date, I'm sure, and I use that term loosely. I'm just shocked that you're not slaving away at home on your little online magazine trying not to lose our little challenge.

Scott: You were serious about that? You really want to see whose project can be more profitable?

Abby: I don't joke.

Scott: No, I'm painfully aware of that. Okay, then. Game on. I wish you all the best with the naked matchmaker, and I'm sure your reputation will make it a huge success.

Abby: You know, your little obsession with the "naked heiress" thing -- it's getting a little bit creepy. But I guess it's better than obsessing over hashtag, 'cause then you'd have to realize that anyone with a browser can look up whatever news they want at any time. But wait -- but wait! Yours is gonna be different because -- and let's hold for the anticipation!

Dun, dun-dun-dun-dun, duhhh you're gonna charge for a subscription! Oh, my gosh! How amazing! Go get 'em, tiger!

Zack: Abby. Glad you're still here.

Abby: Zack! Hello, hello, hello. This is Zack. Zack, this is Scott. Zack is the one responsible for the next great boom in romance.

Zack: I thought I'd pick you up on our way to our date.

Abby: Oh! Great. Your timing couldn't be more perfect. I am so ready to get out of here.

Scott: Can I have you a sec?

Abby: I'll be right back. What?

Scott: You're going on a date? With him?

Abby: And that's your business because?

Scott: Technically, he's your subordinate.

Abby: So?

Scott: Does it say nothing about that in the Newman handbook?

Abby: Okay, why don't you just go run and tattle on me to human resources, and maybe while you're down there, you can get one of them to subscribe to your little online news magazine? So innovative! Ready? Come on.

Billy: Yeah. I'm a screw-up. I made one mistake after another. I know that's virtually impossible for you to relate to, 'cause every relationship you've been in has been smooth sailing...

Phyllis: I don't think this is a really good idea.

Chelsea: We don't need to do this. Like, at all.

Billy: And yet we do it anyway.

Phyllis: Okay, so, with this little foursome we've got going on here, no one has the moral high ground, correct?

Nick: I'm gonna go check on Noah.

Noah: I posted this the other day. You're gonna love this band. They're on a Midwest tour right now.

Nick: Ah, look at this. Shades of your music industry days. Uh, let me ask you, son. Will you be doing any bartending tonight? 'Cause we could really use someone, like, now.

Chelsea: Take a break, Noah. I'm in the mood to shake up some magic.

Nick: What is you're gonna be making?

Chelsea: Something strong enough to make you ease up on your son, and everybody else in this place.

Juliet: Leslie said I shouldn't speak to you or anyone connected to the case. You should not be here, cane.

Cane: Okay. All right. Michael said the same thing to me, but they're lawyers, and we're friends, so I don't understand. Why are you doing this to me when you know I didn't sexually harass you? Did Hilary put you up to this? Is that what happened?

Juliet: This lawsuit was my decision. I was the one who was fired unjustly.

Cane: She's a user and she exploits people. She's not your friend. I was your friend. Lily was your friend. And if you do this, you are going to destroy our family. Do you understand that?

Victoria: I'm sorry. I don't want to add any extra stress to your life.

Lily: "Things could get ugly and fast." That's exactly what you said.

Victoria: Lily --

Lily: How is that not gonna add extra stress? The accusation of sexual harassment is traumatic enough, but if this goes to trial, this could ruin every aspect of our lives. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to snap at you. I just --

Victoria: It's okay. I understand.

Lily: What exactly did the judge say?

Victoria: Well, he feels like there's enough evidence to move this case forward. I'm surprised that cane didn't tell you.

Lily: No, he -- he must be freaked out by this.

Victoria: Yeah, well, we're all a little freaked out. But we're handling it the best that we can.

Lily: Will cane have to testify?

Victoria: This entire case hinges on his word against Juliet's. He needs to call her out for the liar that she is.

Lily: So you're -- you're still supporting cane?

Victoria: Yes, of course I am. Why would you ask that?

Lily: I don't know, I just -- I wanted to make sure that you were still on his side, that you had his back.

Victoria: Juliet is clearly looking for revenge or an easy payday.

Lily: Yeah.

Victoria: Now, lily, I have to ask -- are you having doubts?

Phyllis: Ignore nick.

Billy: Oh, I learned to do that a long time ago.

Phyllis: Mm. You know what, make your move now. Get our drinks, and then we'll get on with our night.

Billy: Done.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey.

Nick: No. I don't want to get into this with you.

Phyllis: I want you to listen to me. I want you to lay off Billy. Victoria is a big girl. She doesn't need you to fight her battles. And what was all that "Billy put Victoria through hell" stuff? You think I had a fun time waiting for you to decide whether you were gonna choose me or Sharon?

Nick: [Scoffs]

Phyllis: Nick, you're not a saint. Is anyone warning Chelsea away from you? No.

Nick: What, have you been holding onto that for a while?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, maybe I have, and now that Billy's living with me...

Nick: What --

Phyllis: Yeah. You heard me right. He's living with me, and I would appreciate it that you don't get in his face every time you're in the room together. Okay. I'll take your silence as a yes.

Nick: For you, I will try, but don't expect a housewarming present.

Chelsea: On the house.

Billy: Oh, be careful, the boss might hear you say that.

Chelsea: Can't blame nick for caring about his sister. Plus, he's got a lot on his mind these days.

Billy: Chloe. Look, Chelsea, I'm sorry about everything that you've gone through. In spite of it all, I know that you two were close. It's heartbreaking, what happened to her. It must have been hell for you and nick to find her the way that you did.

Chelsea: I loved her. She was like a sister to me. But that kind of betrayal...

Billy: She wasn't well, Chelsea. She never recovered from Delia's death.

Chelsea: I know. And as much as I wanted justice for Adam, I would never want Bella to grow up without her mom. Or Kevin to not have the love of his life.

Billy: Yeah, I didn't go to the funeral out of respect for Kevin.

Chelsea: That was a really smart move because I did, and I dragged nick there, and it was a complete disaster. Kevin was livid. You know he left town, right? I guess he just needed to get away from all of it.

Billy: Take some time to process.

Chelsea: How are you processing it all?

Billy: I picture Katherine, I picture Chloe, and I picture Dee Dee having a little tea party up there in heaven.

Chelsea: You're a good dad.

Billy: [Clears throat] Well, I try, you know? I try to see the kids as much as I possibly can. Victoria doesn't like them staying the night now that Phyllis and I are moved in together. Yep. So you want to call nick over here to rip into me some more?

Chelsea: No, I'm just a little bit surprised. I mean, didn't you guys just get back together?

Billy: Look, if I learned one thing in the last little while here, is that life is too short. I'm not gonna sit around and wait to be happy. So, what about you? How come you and saint nick aren't shackin' up?

Chelsea: I don't know, I mean, we have, you know, Christian and Connor and faith to think about. We're just trying to take things slow.

Billy: Well, be careful. Sometimes you can take things so slow, you end up moving backwards.

Devon: These guys have a great sound, a lot of social media. Are they, uh -- are they self-produced and unsigned?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, and imagine this group with the force of your company behind them.

Devon: Oh, absolutely. Mergeron has the streaming service, and I, uh -- I have the producers I could definitely put with them. They might be a great fit. I say "might" because I won't make any guarantees, but I'll definitely have someone come out and check them out.

Noah: Cool. Thank you, Devon.

Devon: For sure. For sure.

Noah: Hey! Tessa!

Tessa: Hi! Hi. Hi, Devon.

Devon: Hey. How you doing?

Tessa: Um, I'm sorry to interrupt, but, Noah, can we...

Devon: No, I'll actually casually just excuse myself.

Tessa: Uh...

Noah: What's up?

Tessa: I, uh, wanted to clarify something. That guy from Chicago, the one I told you about? I ran into him again.

Noah: Is he following you?

Tessa: No, he's in town for some new business deal, not because of me.

Noah: So you're not packing up to leave town?

Tessa: Yeah, I guess I freaked out for nothing. And, uh, I know you told your mom, but seriously, it's no big deal. So, yeah, I'm sticking around.

Lily: I refuse to believe that any part of Juliet's charges are true.

Victoria: If you have any concerns...

Lily: No, I'm concerned for cane's reputation. We went through this before with Hilary already, and it just makes me furious to deal with these lies all over again.

Victoria: It helps that you'll vouch for cane's character.

Lily: Of course I will. I know him better than anyone. He would never use his position for sex. He wouldn't do that to me, the company, or any woman, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Victoria: Do you know when he'll be back?

Lily: No, he's not answering any of his texts. I just wish he were here, so I could tell him that we can get through this.

Victoria: Look, I have to go. But when cane does get back, I want you to tell him that we're all behind him, and that he and I need to talk as soon as possible.

Cane: I can't lose my family over this.

Juliet: I'm not trying to hurt you or your family. My issue is with brash & sassy!

Cane: Then why is it my name that's on the complaint? This is gonna destroy my credibility, my reputation, who I am as a man, as a father, and a husband. You know me. I've wanted to help you. I was your biggest champion. You know this.

Juliet: But when things went south, I was the one who took the fall.

Cane: Things in L.A. Didn't work out as planned. We know this. We all do. And Billy is the one who should have been fired, and when I thought he was, I went to Victoria and I said she made the right decision.

Juliet: But she didn't. Her ex with a gambling problem makes a joke about betting, and I'm the one who gets fired instead? How is that fair? I busted my butt 24/7, and I get blamed for someone else's mistake.

Cane: I know it wasn't fair. You traveled halfway across the world for a job that's now gone, but this is not the answer, 'cause if you go ahead with this, irrespective of the verdict, we will both lose.

Juliet: I know what you want me to believe, but I am not afraid to testify. I'll tell the truth about what happened between us. Will you?

Zack: So far, so good?

Abby: Yeah. Not bad at all. We have the best table in the house. I've been here a gazillion times, and the maître d' is being extra nice. Now, are these perks standard on the app, or did you pull some strings?

Zack: I'm still exploring the concierge aspects of the programming, but that's what beta testing is for, right?

Abby: Okay, that's not really an answer, but... either way, I'm impressed.

Zack: Good. [Exhales sharply] It's tricky dating someone I work for. I have to be at the top of my game.

Abby: Yeah, but this "date," I mean, it really is just a test. Of the platform, I mean.

Zack: Technically speaking. But aren't all first dates "test" dates?

[Both chuckle]

Sharon: Hmm.

Sharon: I need a lip color.

Mariah: This one.

Sharon: Ah!

Mariah: [Giggles]

Sharon: Let's see. [Humming]

Mariah: [Laughs] Sometimes I think it's really, really unfair having a mom that's so gorgeous.

Sharon: What? What are you talking about? You are beautiful. But I'm not sure about this lip color.

Mariah: Sharon. You look amazing.

Sharon: You're being really sweet. What's wrong?

Mariah: Nothing! I am happy for you. For this date. It's nice to see you excited and upbeat. You were pretty much a wreck after Dylan left.

Sharon: Yeah. I was. I really didn't know how I would ever get past that.

Mariah: But now you're bouncing back.

Sharon: I guess going back to school helped.

Mariah: Oh. Yeah, that's the only thing that made the difference.

Sharon: Well, I'm, you know, working at the crisis hotline...

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And, all right, I'll admit Scott may have helped a little bit...

Mariah: [Laughs]

Sharon: He changed my perspective.

[Doorbell rings]

Mariah: Oh, I got it! Perfect timing! I was just leaving.

Scott: That's flattering.

Mariah: All right. I am staying over at Devon's, so don't wait up for me. You two, play nice. Got to go. Bye.

Scott: Bye.

Cane: You want to talk about the truth? Under oath? We both know that what happened in Tokyo could not suggest or be construed as sexual harassment.

Juliet: That's a matter of interpretation.

Cane: I was plastered. Because of sake and jet lag, I could barely walk let alone coerce you into sex.

Juliet: I suppose you want to tell me, again, you don't remember any of it. Just my earring and my camisole. How'd they end up in your room? It happened, cane, even if you wish it hadn't.

Cane: I know what happened, and I'm devastated that I betrayed my wife, but you and I both agreed it was a consensual mistake, and you said it meant nothing.

Juliet: Because you wanted it to mean nothing. I respected that. I respected your family. And what did I get in return? The minute I'm fired, you, my friend and champion, tell me to pack my bags and head back to Tokyo.

Cane: Because I thought that without the marketing job here in Genoa city, you would be happier in Japan.

Juliet: Be honest, cane. You wanted me far away so you can keep pretending you're the perfect husband.

Cane: That's not true. I genuinely care about you as a person, and you got a raw deal. That's just what happened.

Juliet: Did you even try to talk Victoria out of firing me? No.

Cane: Oh, okay. So, you think Victoria's gonna listen to what I say, do you? Do you have any idea who her family is? They are the Newmans. Do you know how powerful they are? And she's about to take all that power and direct it straight at you, 'cause brash & sassy! Is her baby, and if she thinks it's gonna be threatened, you are going to lose, and there is nothing I can do to stop that. Trust me.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nick: Hey, Vick! What's up?

Victoria: Oh, you know, just the usual. Another day of misery and angst. I wanted to see some friendly faces. You guys are friendly faces, right? Well, at least that's on par with the rest of the day.

Scott: I hope this goes with whatever smells so good in the kitchen.

Sharon: Well, here's my strategy -- drink a little wine first, and then that way, later on, food isn't such an issue.

Scott: That won't work with me. I bet you're pretty good in the kitchen.

Sharon: Mm, I try, but trust me, this will help.

Scott: You know, I haven't seen your place. I haven't really looked around.

Sharon: Mm!

Scott: It's, uh...

Sharon: [Giggles] What? Um, floral? Domestic?

Scott: Comfortable. Welcoming. Personal.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure it's a big change from the way you've lived the last few years, and I'm sure that I am quite a change from the kind of women you've dated all over the world.

Scott: And how would that be a bad thing, being different from other women? The life you have is intriguing to me. You have roots, family, friends, a home. I haven't been part of a real community in a long time.

Sharon: Then, by all means, just jump right in. You know, faith's school is having a bake sale. We need brownies and blondies, and, you know, cupcakes always go over very well, too.

Scott: Okay. Now I'm starting to see the appeal in putting down some roots.

Sharon: I'm a pro at it. I still leave here in a house that's on my ex in-law's property.

Scott: Maybe we could find a little, uh, middle ground there.

Sharon: [Giggles] You think we could balance each other out?

[Kitchen timer buzzes]

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: Welcome to domestic life. [Giggles]

Mariah: Sharon had this new dress on and this smile on her face, and it was like an actual smile. I think she really like this guy.

Devon: Well, I'm surprised you didn't stick around to chaperone.

Mariah: Are you kidding? I practically knocked Scott over trying to get out of that place. No, I want Sharon to be happy. She deserves that. I just hope this Scott guy treats her well. Or else.

Devon: This is such an interesting side to you. [Chuckles]

Mariah: What, protective?

Devon: No. Romantic. 'Cause you're always talking about how romance is cheesy and everything, so I'm wondering what happened?

Mariah: Well, at the risk of sounding even cheesier, you happened. And if you tell anyone I said that, I'm gonna kick your butt.

Devon: Oh, that's more like it. That's my girl. [Laughs]

Noah: Hey! Don't mind us.

Mariah: Hey!

Tessa: Oh! Thank you.

Devon: Hey, Tessa. It's actually really good that you're here. I wanted another chance to get to talk to you about signing with the company. Um, I just wanted to make sure that if you had any concerns at all about losing creative control, that's not gonna be the case at all, 'cause I have no intention of turning you into some auto-tuned pop princess or anything like that.

Tessa: You don't have to sell me. I would be an idiot to say no. That's my way of saying yes. Also, I could never turn into a bubble-gum princess, so if you're in, I'm in.

Devon: I am very much in. This is great. [Laughs]

Noah: This calls for a toast.

Mariah: Yes!

Noah: You're buying!

Devon: All right. You got it.


Billy: What? Too fast? Too slow? What is it?

Phyllis: Depressed.

Billy: Victoria.

Phyllis: Yeah. Look, I know it's her brother's bar, but I thought the idea was not to talk about work or the lawsuit --

Billy: Nothing's changed. No lawsuit. Not anymore. Not tonight.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, you look distracted and you look worried. Why don't we see if there's any news, and then maybe we can go home. What do you say about that?

Billy: Home sounds good.

Phyllis: Good. Come on.

Billy: Hey. So, are you raising a glass because Juliet decided to drop the suit?

Victoria: No. No change.

Phyllis: Victoria, Billy filled me in. The situation sounds pretty nasty.

Victoria: Well, you know, hopefully it will be over with soon. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your evening.

Billy: No. It's, uh... it's fine. So, I guess I'll just come into the office tomorrow morning, and we can work on a strategy.

Victoria: No. It's really okay. I can handle it. You should go and enjoy your night.

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: Okay. Good night.

Victoria: Good night.

Chelsea: It's a double.

Victoria: Thanks. That's a start.

Juliet: What is this? You try to get sympathy for your family, and when that failed, you're using threats?

Cane: I'm not trying to threaten you. I just want you to think about this and just think it through because you may feel like filing this lawsuit, okay, is gonna vindicate you, but it's not. All it's gonna do is put Victoria on the defensive, and she's gonna come after you. She will dig up all the dirt on you she can find, and she'll share it with companies, and there's gonna be nothing that I can do to stop her from doing that.

Juliet: What she did to me wasn't right.

Cane: I know. Listen, you didn't deserve what happened to you, but my wife and my kids, they don't deserve it, either. 'Cause in war, there's casualties on both side. I know you're hurt. I know you're angry. And for good reason. But you have to think about what is gonna come next and if it's worth risking your future and mine.

Juliet: Leslie? We need to meet. Things have changed.

Cane: [Exhales sharply]

Lily: Cane! Finally! Victoria was here. She has more questions. Why didn't you tell me the judge ruled in Juliet's favor?

Cane: It's okay. It's --

Lily: No, it's not okay! How are you so calm right now?

Cane: Juliet's dropping the suit, and the case is over. It's not gonna go to trial.

Lily: What? How -- how do you know?

Cane: 'Cause I just went and saw her, and she told me.

Lily: What? Victoria said don't be alone with that woman. Why would you do that?

Cane: I know this, but I knew if I could just go and talk to her without the pressure of other people being around, I could tell her she's making a mistake, and I was right. It worked.

Leslie: Why? What happened in the last few hours that could have possibly changed your mind?

Juliet: It's too much. I can't do it. Fighting the Newman family? I'd never win.

Leslie: The Newmans have gone down in court more than once. They're not invincible, Juliet.

Juliet: They have money and power. They'll drag my name through the mud, get me blackballed over the world.

Leslie: Okay, where -- where is all this coming from? Did Victoria threaten you? Because so help me --

Juliet: No, no, no, no. There were no threats. Cane just really wanted me to think about what the fallout could be.

Leslie: Wait. Cane came here? To see you. Alone? That man just made the second-biggest mistake of his life.

Mariah: So, how much vodka does a music deal require? I think a substantial amount, considering that Tessa is about to be a huge star.

Noah: She's talented, no doubt about that.

Mariah: Okay. Then why do you seem so "meh" about it all of a sudden? I thought you wanted her to accept Devon's deal.

Noah: And I'm excited for her, I am, but personally, between us, there is just some things I can't quite shake off.

Mariah: Because you've been burned before. I get it. Tessa's the first girl that you've bothered with since Marisa and her boatload of secrets...

Noah: And before that, it was Adriana with her duffel bag of secrets -- her stolen drug money.

Mariah: That sounds like quite a story.

Noah: Or quite a pattern. Pretty girl. Kind of mysterious. I fall too fast.

Mariah: Noah, Tessa is different.

Noah: Is she? I don't know anything about her -- where she's from, where she worked, who she dated, and then the guy comes into town who she claims was never her boyfriend, and now she's ready to leave town to avoid him. And now she's staying -- I'm glad. I just have these questions, you know?

Mariah: Okay. But here's the thing. You grew up with that. A loving family. Healthy, normal parents.

Noah: I'm a Newman, okay? There's always, drama. You know that. My parents have been married, divorced, remarried again -- that's not healthy, let alone normal.

Mariah: But you had a mother and father who loved you more than anything, and I'm guessing Tessa didn't.

Noah: She left home young. She told me that much. She doesn't keep in contact with her family, but that's all the information I have. Why? What happened between them?

Mariah: Well, look, I don't go blabbing to everybody about my troubled childhood, either.

Noah: Oh, so, Devon doesn't know about that cult, or that creepy guy?

Mariah: That's different. Everybody in town knows about that. It's not a big secret.

Noah: Exactly!

Mariah: Noah, please give her time. She cares about you a lot, and she will tell you her story when she's ready. Cut her some slack. She's worth it.

Abby: Thanks. Well, the complimentary dessert was a nice touch.

Zack: It was, wasn't it?

Abby: But I still don't know. Is that a standard date, or did you boost the experience?

Zack: I might have pulled out a few extra stops to make the night truly memorable, but that doesn't mean they couldn't become part of the platform. I have to see what works and what doesn't. I mean, they call it beta testing for a reason.

Abby: Either way, I'd have to say it was a success. Well done.

Zack: The app? Or me? I mean, business-wise, you clearly think we're headed in the right direction. But as an actual subscriber of the service, how would you say I rate? As a date.

Abby: Oh, wow. You want me to rate you? Hmm.

Zack: I mean, user feedback is key to improvement in the beta phase.

Abby: Okay. Well, you're user-friendly, accessible, well-designed... 4. No, I'm sorry. Wait. 4.5 stars.

Zack: [Chuckles] Why did you take a half-star off?

Abby: Well, there's always room for improvement.

Zack: Mm.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Scott: That was a perfect soufflé. Extraordinaire! You know, I would have taken a picture of it, but, uh, I devoured it before I thought of that.

Sharon: Well, most of the time, my cheese recipes involve boiled macaroni.

Scott: There's nothing wrong with a solid mac-and-cheese.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Scott: Maybe I'll get to try yours sometime.

Sharon: Maybe you will. Oh! Oh, no. Don't get up. Here. You worked all day.

Scott: Well, then, you should sit because so did you. Are you sure about this? Come here.

[Silverware and dishes clank]

Mariah: What's wrong? Who called?

Devon: Neil. Um, he called to give me a heads up that cane has been accused of sexual harassment.

Mariah: The brash & sassy! Lawsuit.

Devon: How do you know about it? It hasn't hit the news.

Mariah: No, not yet, but Hilary found out and she wants me to do a story on it.

Devon: Are you kidding me?

Mariah: She doesn't want her fingerprints all over it, but the thing is, we couldn't even vet anything because it's so under wraps.

Devon: Damn, that woman wants to do nothing, I swear, but make trouble for people, 'cause Neil just told me that she even went as far as recommending an attorney for Juliet. The music's about to start.

Mariah: Hey, hey.

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: We have all night. We can talk about this as much as you want.

Devon: I appreciate it.

[Cheers and applause]

Noah: Welcome to the underground, gang. I see some fresh new faces in here tonight. You guys are in for a special treat. Welcome to the stage the next big thing, Tessa.

[Cheers and applause]

Juliet: Cane was just trying to save me from myself. That's all. He got me to see what this fight could do to everyone. Including me.

Leslie: What cane did is manipulate and intimidate you. Once again, he got you to do exactly what he wanted. Last time, it was sex. This time, it's dropping the suit. No! His friendly visit was evidence of more harassment. You can't cave now. Your so-called friend just made your case much stronger.

Lily: How can you be sure Juliet will back off, especially now, when the judge has given her the go-ahead?

Cane: Because I reminded her that ever since she moved here, all I've tried to do is look out for her, and this lawsuit is a mistake, and it's her anger, and for everyone's sake, it just has to stop. Look, I saw her face. She gets it, sweetheart. She does.

Lily: [Sighs] I don't know, maybe she was just trying to get rid of you.

Cane: No. She called Leslie right in front of me. She said she changed her mind. So it's over.

Tessa: [Sings] Let me be the one you hold on to when fear creeps in and conquers you when you're just a man without a prayer call me, I'll be there let me be the sun to kiss your skin the rain to wash you clean again when everything is broke beyond repair call me, I'll be there all I want is to be your girl to hold your hand make you smile all I want is to take your time to know your heart and give you mine all I want is to be your girl to hold your hand make you smile all I want is to take your time to know your heart and give you mine let me be the one you hold on to when fear creeps in and conquers you when you're just a man without a prayer call me, I'll be there call me, I'll be there call me 

Cane: Come here. It's over, baby. It's over.  It's finally over.

Next, on "The Young & the Restless --

Dina: I feel I should go see Jack and clear the air.

Graham: Just don't let him talk you into anything.

Lily (to Hilary): If you go the air with baseless claims about Cane, you'll be the one getting sue.

Michael (to Victoria): You just handed her a huge present -- a winning case, all wrapped up in a nice, shiny bow!

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