Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/14/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/14/17


Episode # 11192 ~ Neil fears his family will be torn apart; Reed clashes with Charlie; Victoria refuses to settle with Juliet.

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[Knock on door]

Scott: Pardon the interruption, but your gatekeeper's away from her post, and I have a ton of ideas I want to run by you, if that's all right.

Abby: [Chuckles] Scott! Hi. Wonderful to see you, too. Yeah, my dad's in a business meeting, so all those ideas of yours will have to wait. Unless you want to run them by me first.

Scott: Pass, but thanks.

Abby: Wait! Not so fast. Please.

Scott: Oh, can I help you with something?

Abby: Actually, yes. Thank you so much for asking. Yes, here is a list of companies. It's about a dozen. I need some research done on them. Very easy, very basic, but very urgent.

Scott: Of course it is.

Abby: Well, I'd have my intern do it, but she's only allowed to work eight hours a day.

Scott: Then you might want to alert the top, uh, business schools about the unpaid labor shortage, 'cause I won't be pitching in on that or any of your other little projects.

Neil: Afraid I do not have an appointment.

Victoria: Oh! Oh, Neil, it's so good to see you.

Neil: It's good to see you, too. You look great.

Victoria: Thank you. And I mean that. It's not just because I know the only reason you're here is because you heard about the lawsuit.

Neil: Lily told me what's up, and, um, I've been trying to reassure her.

Victoria: As any good dad would.

Neil: Thanks. I wanted to check in with you before I blow much more sunshine in that direction.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure that lily told you that Michael Baldwin is representing us.

Neil: Yes, and you are in excellent hands.

Victoria: Of course. And at this moment, he's petitioning the judge to throw out the entire suit.

Neil: Wouldn't that be nice.

Victoria: Yes, and warranted. Michael said that his arguments were well-received yesterday, and he's cautiously optimistic, and so am I.

Neil: Then for the moment, count me in. Especially when the alternative is watching my family get torn to pieces.

Mattie: Dad, are you okay?

Cane: Yeah, baby. Of course I am.

Mattie: I know something's wrong.

Cane: Okay. And how do you know that?

Mattie: Because every time I walk into a room when you and mom are talking, you both immediately change the subject and paint these huge smiles on your face. And I've never seen anyone stare that intently at a cup of coffee.

Cane: I'm just waiting for it to cool down.

Mattie: Dad, it's empty.

Cane: Hey, um, you never told me about your, uh, evening at the underground. How'd that go?

Mattie: And there it is! Don't do that, dad!

Cane: What am I doing?

Mattie: Changing the subject. The underground was cool, but we were talking about you. Are you and mom really okay?

Cane: Yeah, baby, we're okay.

Mattie: Because I think something's off. You know you can tell me, right?

Hilary: Juliet, what are you doing here?

Juliet: I just checked in.

Hilary: I thought that Leslie told you to keep a low profile until the trial.

Juliet: She did, but then she called me last night and said to come back. Apparently things have accelerated.

Hilary: As in you might go to court?

Juliet: Maybe. Maybe not.

Hilary: Maybe not ? Meaning that you might back out of this? Why? Why didn't you call me?

Juliet: I was driving all night. There wasn't really any time. But Leslie did say we might be in a position to settle...for a very big check.

Hilary: That is unacceptable, Juliet. You can't settle, not now. I won't let you.

Leslie: Your honor, despite Mr. Baldwin's entreaties to the contrary, I assure you my client's complaint against brash & sassy is quite legitimate. It's true at the time of the sexual harassment --

Michael: Please, your honor.

Leslie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Alleged sexual harassment, my client's employment by the company was as an independent contractor. However, this, in no way, lessens the crucial role miss Juliet Helton played in Tokyo on behalf of brash & sassy. She was responsible for securing the firm's partnership with a top Asian distributor, pulling it from the jaws of disaster after Mr. Ashby's behavior thoroughly botched the deal. Miss Helton is a highly respected, young businesswoman who, quite logically, hoped her contribution to such a vital international undertaking would lead to an offer of full-time employment. Now, it's correct to say Mr. Ashby never claimed miss Helton's hypothetical hiring would be his decision, but it was in his power to eradicate any chance of brash & sassy hiring miss Helton based on his recommendation or lack thereof to miss Newman. Thus he was able to manipulate miss Helton by promising her his endorsement in exchange for sexual favors.

Michael: May I remind your honor and opposing counsel that there's no proof that this alleged quid pro quo was ever offered by Mr. Ashby or indeed ever existed anywhere except in miss Helton's mind?

Judge Hazen: And may I remind you, Mr. Baldwin, that you've already stated your objections to this case, and I would appreciate you offering the same courtesy to plaintiff's counsel.

Leslie: Thank you, your honor.

Once upon a time

Abby: So was that your childish way of telling me that you quit?

Scott: No and no.

Abby: Okay, meaning what? I don't have time for riddles.

Scott: Or the skill required to solve them.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Scott: So I'll clarify. No, I wasn't being childish, and no, I haven't quit.

Abby: So my dad fired you? Or laid you off or, um, put an end to your verbal contract. However he wanted to phrase it to spare your enormous yet oh-so fragile ego.

Scott: Victor isn't overly concerned with sparing anyone's ego.

Abby: Except maybe his own. And maybe he thought it was better to cut you off now before he had to admit to everyone that he grossly overestimated your sustainability here in the business world. That's to put it a kind way.

Scott: If that's what kindness looks like around here, then yeah, he really messed up bringing me in.

Abby: Okay, let's play the whole sensitive card. You don't have the stamina to make it here in corporate life. You're better for flitting around the globe.

Scott: Flitting ?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Scott: Someone got a thesaurus for Christmas.

Abby: Or hiding behind your keyboard or blogging or whatever you do. That's your thing, right?

Scott: Again, your kindness is overwhelming, and I'd love to just continue yakking with you. But I'd rather focus on my new promotion that was handed to me by Victor. Oh, no! Daddy didn't mention that to you? Oh.

Abby: I guess he didn't find it very newsworthy.

Scott: Then I'm happy that I can be the one to share it with you that I'm officially now in charge of Newman's recently acquired digital news company.

Abby: What are you talking about?

Scott: My new job. Publisher and editor-in-chief of hashtag.

Abby: [Sighs]

Sharon: Here you go. Sorry for the wait. Sometimes that machine's a little temperamental.

Zack: Oh, no problem at all. Thanks.

Sharon: Oh, you're Abby Newman's friend.

Zack: Well, someday maybe, but right now we're just business partners. Zack.

Sharon: I thought I recognized you. You two are working on that dating app. How's it going?

Zack: Well, I know you were skeptical about the whole thing, but it's actually coming along nicely. Helps when you partner with a Newman.

Sharon: Yeah, that can open a lot of doors.

Zack: But I've already said too much. Abby will be here any minute, and she's very strict about confidentiality.

Sharon: Didn't you bring the project to her?

Zack: Can't say.

Sharon: Don't worry. I got you.

Tessa: What are you doing in Genoa city? What do you want from me?!

Cane: All right, sweetheart, I love you're concerned, okay, but there's nothing to worry about.

Mattie: Maybe I should decide that for myself.

Cane: Look at you all grown up, huh? Okay. I'll tell you.

Mattie: Finally.

Cane: It's nothing. It's nothing. It's just boring work stuff.

Mattie: But what kind of stuff? Are your jobs on the line?

Cane: No, no, no, sweetie. No, everything's fine. It's just, you know, just office politics. You know, who's the boss of who and...

Mattie: Whom. But what's gonna happen?

Cane: I don't know. It'll blow over. And, uh, everything will be fine, and, you know... but listen, I want you to promise me that you're not gonna worry about my work problems, okay? Can you do that for your dad?

Mattie: I guess we can make that deal.

Cane: Oh. You're gonna make a deal with me, huh? You little operator.

Mattie: I'll let you handle whatever's going on, and I won't worry about it.

Cane: Deal.

Mattie: As long as you take your own advice.

Cane: Which is what?

Mattie: The same thing you always tell me when I'm about to have an academic meltdown.

It's not as bad as it seems, and it'll look better in the morning. Every time I say it, it turns out to be true.

Cane: I like that. I'm gonna write that down, and I'll keep it in my pocket, okay? Come here. Come here. Oh, baby, it's gonna be okay.

Neil: You know, I was talking to lily last night, seeing the massive weight of this lawsuit hanging over her, just waiting to crush her if this thing goes the wrong way, you know? Maybe I was more reassuring than I should have been. A lot of factors go into a lawsuit in a case like this, especially if there's no evidence.

Victoria: That's why I'm confident we're gonna win. Juliet's story is absurd. No reasonable person would take her side. And cane would never propose an arrangement like this. It's just not him. Unless there are facts that I don't have, in which case I'm sure you would give them to me. Right?

Neil: I am not withholding any bombshells here. I've seen cases like this. All you can do is walk in there armed with as much information as possible. The last thing you want is any surprises.

Victoria: I think it all boils down to this. Juliet has some very compelling reasons to want to shake down brash & sassy. She's disgruntled, she was fired, and she's in debt, whereas there is no conceivable reason why cane would have done what she proposes he did. It's that simple, and I think it's being thrown out of the court as we speak.

Leslie: In cane Ashby's hotel room, miss Helton surrendered her dignity and struck a devil's deal with brash & sassy and its representative, cane Ashby. When she was passed over a short time later for the full-time position of division manager for Asia, something highly unusual happened. An entirely new position with lesser title and pay, but still full-time, was created and offered to my client the very same day. Quid pro quo in action, your honor. But despite her outstanding job performance, she was still fired for another male superior's error, just as cane Ashby had been planning from the moment he'd finished with her in that Tokyo hotel room.

Michael: The only actual fact, your honor, in that strikingly creative story ms. Shelby just told is that her client, Juliet Helton, was fired from brash & sassy. Everything else, particularly the, uh, personal agenda and motivations ascribed to Mr. Ashby, is total conjecture.

Leslie: I maintain Mr. Ashby's agenda. The removal of miss Helton from the workplace was hardly private. We have a witness prepared to testify who heard Mr. Ashby tell my client to move back to Tokyo.

Michael: Nevertheless, the complaint is sexual harassment. And ms. Shelby's offered no proof that a sexual encounter ever occurred, much less any actionable proposal.

Leslie: Oh, rest assured, Mr. Baldwin, I fully intend to present admissible evidence that will fully back up my client's claim. I'll begin immediately and continue until your honor's ready to rule.

Judge Hazen: I'm prepared to rule now, counselors.

Zack: You really need to pull it together and stop the freak-out. The nice people here are gonna think you have a screw loose.

Tessa: Answer my question. Why'd you follow me here?

Zack: Oh, save it for an angry ballad, okay? I had no idea you ended up here, and I really don't care.

Tessa: Like I believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

Zack: Look at me. I'm an entirely different person, a respectable, young entrepreneur. A billion-dollar blue-chip company just backed my new project, and I never think about Chicago. Those years don't even seem real to me.

Tessa: Maybe for you. But some things are just too horrible to forget.

Zack: Then fake it and move on. I have a real life now, and I don't want you in it.

Tessa: And I'm not in it. So let's just agree this is the last conversation we'll ever have. Sharon! Hi. How are you?

Sharon: I can't complain. But are you okay?

Tessa: Me? Yeah, I'm great.

Sharon: Really? Because it seemed like you were in a weirdly stressful conversation over there. Do you know that guy?

Reed: [Sighs]

[Cell phone chimes]

Reed: [Sighs] Hey, Mattie. Um, it's so cool that you're here.

Mattie: Hey. [Chuckles]

Reed: I wanted to text you, but I didn't have your digits or chat handle or your name. [Chuckles]

Mattie: I, uh, don't give my personal information to strangers.

Reed: I thought we were friends, or at least becoming.

Mattie: I agree with the latter part of that sentence.

Reed: Just the second?

Mattie: What can I say? I'm a cautious girl.

Reed: That's good.

Mattie: With a very strong dad and a jock for a brother.

Reed: [Chuckles] Okay, um, also good. It's good to have people looking out for you.

Mattie: Yeah. [Chuckles] Um, what about you?

Reed: Oh, my little sister practices karate, so I'm all set.

[Both chuckle]

Juliet: Okay, explain what would be so wrong with a cashier's check dated this week, no public inquisition required. It's a win/win.

Hilary: It's a lose/lose, and here's why. First, you will only get a fraction of what you deserve.

Juliet: I don't need it to be huge. Just enough to help me relocate, pay off my debts, get my life moving forward again.

Hilary: You don't need to be a lawyer to know that you've been used. You've been taken advantage of in the most demeaning way. You suffered emotionally because of what cane did to you. And you deserve adequate compensation for your pain and your suffering.

Juliet: [Sighs] I'm just so tired of fighting.

Hilary: Don't, don't. Don't you do that. I understand that you are tired, but you can't give up, okay? Not now, not when you are -- when you are this close.

Juliet: I'm not giving up. I want brash & sassy to pay, but I still don't get what's so wrong with a settlement. Then this would all be over.

Hilary: A settlement out of court, it's a Victory, yes. You were right, and cane was wrong, so Victoria will have to open up her purse strings.

Juliet: Hilary, I know all of that.

Hilary: But even though you win, not many people will see it that way. They will look at you taking a settlement meaning that you don't have a case. The company, they just paid you off just to get rid of you. And you know what that makes you? A shakedown artist. That means that you were just after the money.

Juliet: That is so unfair!

Hilary: And it is untrue. So do you want brash & sassy to get a free pass, or do you want the truth to come out?

Juliet: But once I pull the trigger, anything could go public. I can't count on any part of my life staying private. My reputation could end up permanently slimed.

Hilary: I understand that it's a gamble, but I think that the reward, it justifies the risk.

[Cell phone rings]

Juliet: It's Leslie. The judge must have ruled.

Cane: Is there any word?

Victoria: No, nothing. Michael said that they'd resume the hearing first thing this morning.

Cane: It's probably still going on. Leslie's in high attack mode.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that may be true, but she doesn't have a case. I predict this whole ordeal ends with a phone call from Michael. Michael, hey. Is the hearing over?

Cane: What did the judge say?

Michael: He refuses to dismiss the suit. I'm sorry. We're going to trial.

Victoria: Michael, how could you let this happen?

Cane: [Sighs] I can't believe the judge sided with Juliet.

Michael: He didn't side with her.

Victoria: Or us, obviously.

Michael: This wasn't about taking sides. He's not allowed to. He's a judge. This was merely a formality to allow the case to move forward.

Victoria: Yes, well, last night you thought he would throw it out.

Michael: Not many of Leslie's cases are thrown out, and this morning I was reminded why she has this...incredible ability to captivate judges and juries. She takes facts such that she has, sometimes none at all, and she weaves them into these expertly crafted stories that make them feel however it is she wants them to. She is a spellbinder.

Cane: Juliet's covered, and we've got you.

Michael: If you would care to vent, go ahead. I have developed an incredibly thick skin. But, however, if you'd let me continue, I was going to say that for this trial, Leslie has to show evidence. She has already promised judge Hazen she would.

Cane: How is that even possible?

Michael: It isn't.

Victoria: Because Juliet's allegations are all lies.

Cane: Well, that's not gonna stop her from accusing me of sexual harassment, and in hours, the world's gonna believe her baseless accusations.

Michael: Cane, cane, let's focus on what's gonna destroy this idiotic lawsuit -- no evidence. Leslie may be an excellent attorney, but she doesn't have magical powers.

Leslie: That might not be true, Michael. If you and Victoria want me to, I can make that big, harsh media spotlight on brash & sassy disappear.

Reed: Thanks again for your number. Um, I promise I won't call you all the time.

Mattie: Wait, you want my number, but you won't call?

Reed: Not all the time. Like, I won't hound you. I'm not some stalker or something.

Mattie: [Chuckles] Okay, um, good to know.

Reed: So what is this waltzing Matilda you put underneath your number?

Mattie: It's my personal handle.

Reed: Oh, cool. Does it have a meaning?

Mattie: It's a song.

Reed: That's awesome. I don't think I've ever heard it.

Mattie: Yeah, it's Australian. My dad's originally from there.

Reed: No way. That's really cool.

Mattie: My real name is Matilda, but I don't waltz. And heads up -- it's Mattie, never Matilda.

Reed: Got it.

Mattie: What are you doing?

Reed: Getting ready to learn waltzing Matilda. Sing it for me.

Mattie: [Chuckles] Not gonna happen.

Reed: Fine. I'll just learn it on my own time. Maybe I'll headline the open mic with it. [Laughs]

Tessa: Yeah, I do know that guy from Chicago. Uh, it's the one I told Noah about.

Sharon: The dating-app guy? He's the ex-boyfriend who had you so shaken up?

Tessa: Uh, he was never really my boyfriend. Just a face from the past. I saw him, I was a little stunned. But seriously, it's no big deal.

Sharon: Really? Because Noah said it seemed like you were afraid to be in the same city with him, almost as if you would pack your bags and go.

Tessa: Well, Noah's sweet to worry. It's nice to have someone look out for me.

Sharon: He's like that.

Tessa: Noah's got nothing to be concerned about.

Scott: [Sighs]

Abby: What's this?

Scott: Caffé mocha. Peace offering.

Abby: Thank you.

Scott: You changed seats.

Abby: You know what? Who am I kidding? Do you know the hoops that I had to jump through to get my dad to sign off on my incubator project? [Scoffs] And you, you've been here less than six months, and my dad basically hands you a gift-wrapped digital media company. So he's made it very clear which child he wants sitting in his chair. Oh, wait! You're not even his child.

Scott: Abby, the hashtag thing only happened because of you, from your list of top potential media acquisitions. He picked your first choice.

Abby: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Scott: Yes?

Abby: Well, it's not doing it for me, so can you please just go? I can't even look at you right now.

Scott: Abby, why are you mad at me? Were you hoping that your dad was eyeing digital media for a new place for you? I mean, how does that even make sense?

Abby: I was hoping that I could be involved in another way other than compiling lists like some intern in the research department. I thought maybe he'd let me decide how I wanted to contribute, from building it from the ground up.

Scott: With respect, I've spent my entire career preparing for this. You have zero experience.

Abby: That couldn't be further from the truth.

Scott: What, then? [Scoffs] Please tell me you're not thinking of dredging up your naked heiress days.

Abby: Yeah, I am, and I will.

Scott: That's your media experience? Pop-up nakedness?

Abby: Much like you, Scott, my nudity was a tool.

Scott: Ah.

Abby: I was an activist. I staged protests. I brought awareness to the plight of thousands of animals. And it worked. Unless you think suffering only counts when you can speak and walk upright.

Scott: No, and completely off point.

Abby: You know what? Go ahead. Go ahead. Laugh it up with my dad. Take tequila shots. But I am going to prove to him my value when I make this company a fortune.

Scott: Probably. But don't you think the credit should go to the creators and the engineers of these startups, not their landlady?

Abby: It's called teamwork. A brilliant idea mixed with vision and investment. That makes a profitable reality. It sounds a lot more difficult than crossing out semicolons. Don't you think?

Scott: FYI -- you're referring to a copy editor. I'm a news editor. And I'm willing to bet that you and a semicolon aren't exactly on speaking terms.

Abby: [Scoffs] My incubator is going to dominate your digital media company in success and revenue. Semicolon, game on.

Victoria: So this is when the highway robbery begins. That's why you're here, isn't it?

Leslie: It's called negotiating a fair settlement. Why put yourselves through the time and expenses of a trial when we can wrap this up cleanly and privately?

Cane: You and I worked together at jabot. Have you ever seen me behave like this with an employee ever?

Leslie: Sexual harassment usually takes place behind closed doors. That's why so many women don't come forward -- fear of not being believed.

Victoria: Okay, well, I support all women who have the courage to speak up about something like that -- when they're telling the truth.

Michael: Just to be clear, how much are we talking about here?

Victoria: No, Michael, please. I already gave Juliet a very generous severance package. [Laughs] You've got to be kidding. That's more than she would earn in a decade working here.

Leslie: Maybe next time you'll have stronger protections in place for the women you employ.

Cane: Leslie, hang on a second. Please, please, please. Believe me, she's lying. She's lying, okay? I promise you she's lying.

Leslie: Discuss and get back to me.

Cane: [Sighs]

Victoria: What do we do?

Cane: It's obvious what we do. You need to settle.

Scott: What a great idea. This is exactly what I needed today. Hello?

Sharon: What's your professional stance on weird coincidences?

Scott: Oh, okay. I wasn't expecting that. Um, nothing ironclad. In general, I would say the weirder, the fishier. Why do you ask?

Sharon: Well, Abby's new partner for the startup, Zack, is the same guy who almost ran Noah's friend Tessa out of town. Scott: Oh. You know, I see your weird coincidence and I raise you one more. Abby was just now laying it on pretty thick about how much of the green stuff she was gonna be making from that exact same startup. But you think this guy could be trouble?

Abby: I cannot tell you how eager I am to launch our online dating app revolution.

Zack: Especially now that we're cleared for beta testing.

Abby: Yeah, real-world users. How exciting.

Zack: A limited but very real pool of not-bots.

Abby: Well, I'm not a robot, and I'm single. Sign me up. It's okay if I'm part of the testing pool, yeah?

Zack: It's better than okay. In fact, why don't we dive in together?

Abby: Hmm. My, my, my. This guy is definitely a cut above the usual online-dating suspects. [Laughs]

Zack: And with one swipe, the concierge will set up your date.

Leslie: Hey, Neil.

Neil: Hey, hey, Leslie. Thank you so much for joining me. You look great.

Leslie: Thank you. Your voicemail was a pleasant surprise.

Neil: Yeah?

Leslie: You know, I'll amend. Definitely pleasant, not so surprising. Given the timing, I'm sure this isn't a meeting about contributing to one of your foundations.

Neil: [Chuckles] You're funny. Well, you know that we're always accepting contributions, but no. That's not what this is about.

Leslie: Okay, listen, Neil, I understand the allegations concerning your son-in-law are upsetting, but you know I'm just doing my job, right? It's nothing personal.

Neil: Yeah, well, when it comes to my family, it's always personal. You know what a good relationship I have with cane, right? And he's very adamant that these charges are completely false.

Leslie: I respect your judgment and your commitment to family. But you know I'm also bound by attorney/client privilege.

Neil: This I am well aware of. You can't talk about it. But I'm just curious. How did you end up with this case?

Leslie: It was a referral from Hilary Curtis.

[Cell phone chimes]

Leslie: Excuse me.

Sharon: I only know Zack as a customer at crimson lights. And he seemed charming and successful. Tessa's given me no reason to doubt that. She says that they barely know each other and Noah's simply exaggerating about her reaction to seeing him in Genoa city for the first time.

Scott: Yeah, but you're not buying it.

Sharon: I only know what I saw today. Tessa and Zack were in what seemed like an intense conversation, though, mind you, I couldn't hear them.

Scott: Well, that's not really much to go on.

Sharon: Well, I also saw him with Abby, and she seems -- she feels pretty solid about him. But, I mean, how dangerous can he be? The guy makes a dating app for a living.

Scott: Wait. Abby's cutting-edge, mega-million-dollar project is a dating app? [Laughs]

Sharon: The only reason why I'm butting into this is out of concern for my son. If the problem isn't Zack, then it's Tessa, and I want to be supportive of my son's relationship.

Scott: But you think something's off with that girl.

Sharon: It's a mother's intuition.

Scott: A mother with bad vibes about the women her adult son chooses to date. Now, why does that sound so familiar?

Sharon: I'm just looking out for my son. Please don't bring Lauren into this.

Scott: All right.

Abby: So, why not sample our product with the guy who knows it best. That's what you're trying to say, right?

Zack: That seems like the logical choice. Can't hurt to find out if the creator of this app is a halfway decent date.

Abby: Okay, then. Let's swipe.

[Both laugh]

Leslie: Thanks for lunch, Neil. It's always good to see you.

Neil: Always good to see you, too. Hey. We'll talk soon, all right?

Leslie: Yep.

Neil: Bye. Hey. How'd you get in the middle of all this?

Hilary: Middle of what, Neil?

Neil: Don't play me. I know that you hooked up Leslie with Juliet.

Hilary: So?

Neil: So... when are you gonna stop trying to tear my family apart?

Cane: If Leslie has no evidence, the judge should've dismissed the case.

Michael: All right, listen to me. As I said, she is a spellbinder. Leslie will make sure that you guys have another scandal on your hands.

Cane: All the more reason to settle.

Victoria: Oh, really? Do you think it's worth that amount right there? Do you?

Cane: Oh, my God. They're both out of their minds.

Michael: All right, of course she's gonna come out strong. Let me talk to Leslie. I think I can put a healthy dent in this.

Victoria: Then what, Michael? What about the public's perception? This brand is gonna be damaged beyond repair, and I am not gonna let this company become a target for future blackmail from the next employee who gets fired or laid off. I'm not gonna let that happen. They want to battle? Fine. We'll fight, and we'll win. I'm sorry, cane. I'm sorry that you and your family are put in the middle of this, but we're gonna be redeemed.

Cane: I need to go and be with my family. Excuse me.

Victoria: All right, let's discuss our options.

Michael: I can file a motion to expedite discovery, force Leslie's hand. She claims to have a strong case. We'll force her to present it.

Victoria: Michael, it's imperative that we keep this very quiet and make as little noise as possible moving forward.

Michael: I have to say, uh, you sounded a lot like your father just now.

Victoria: Well, if that's what it takes.

[Both laugh]

Mattie: Wow. You really did just learn waltzing Matilda.

Reed: Yeah.

Mattie: [Chuckles]

Reed: Actually, I kind of downloaded it, so I guess I cheated. But, uh, do you know all these amazing musicians covered it, like tom waits and Johnny cash?

Mattie: Wilf carter, burl Ives. Jimmie Rogers even had a number-one hit with it in 1959.

Reed: Yeah, all those guys. You know, the retro theater over by the university's having a cult film festival if you want to go sometime.

Charlie: Hey, where you been? I've been looking all over for you.

Mattie: Oh, um, reed, this is Charlie.

Charlie: What? What are you doing hanging out with indie poser dude?

Mattie: Wait, you two know each other?

Reed: Yeah, I know him! This is the jerk I caught making out with my ex-girlfriend! H-how do you know him?!

Charlie: Dude, if Zoey was your girl, she sure wasn't advertising it.

Mattie: Oh, my God. Is reed the one that you were talking about at dinner the other night, the one that you almost got into a fight with?

Charlie: Yeah. And by the way, Zoey doesn't miss you one bit.

Reed: Like I care. What -- what were you doing having dinner with this sweat sock?

Charlie: We don't have time for this. I got to drop you off at home before practice.

Reed: What is he doing dropping you off at home? What -- what am I missing?

Mattie: Sorry, reed. I, um, I need to go with him.

Reed: No, you don't. I could give you a ride.

Mattie: No, um... Charlie is my twin brother.

Scott: I admit, I was a little thrown by my mom's reaction to seeing us together. I felt like I was in high school all over again.

Sharon: Yeah, I think I made Noah feel the same way in front of you.

Scott: Must be a mom thing. But if I could just, you know, offer up one piece of advice? Trust your son to make his own decisions.

Sharon: I think that's very good advice.

Scott: [Chuckles] But back to us and how you made my unscheduled homecoming so much more than I could have ever expected.

Sharon: Well, that's mutual. You've made the past few months so much better than I could have ever imagined.

Scott: Hey.

Sharon: And for that, you deserve a home-cooked dinner.

Scott: Oh.

Sharon: I'm pretty sure Mariah's spending the night at Devon's, and faith is with her dad this week.

Scott: So, apart from Newman security, we'll have the whole place to ourselves?

Sharon: If you're down with that.

Scott: Yeah. Entirely.

Sharon: Well, then it looks like we have every direction covered.

Hilary: Juliet and I happen to be friends. She asked me if I knew any good lawyers, and I thought of Leslie.

Neil: Hilary, I know you're really enjoying this, but is this what you really want?

Hilary: Okay, save the vitriol for your son-in-law. I know that cane might have the perfect-husband routine down cold, but that is so far from the truth. Open your eyes, Neil.

Michael: Trust me. I will dig up everything I can on miss Juliet Helton.

Victoria: I do not care how private or shameful it is. I will do anything to get to the truth, Michael.

Michael: [Chuckles] I knew there was a reason we always got along so well. Oh. There was something else Leslie revealed in chambers today that you neglected to tell me.

Victoria: And what is that?

Michael: Cane. He almost torched your Asian deal. Juliet salvaged it?

Victoria: Michael, I had no idea. This is the first I'm hearing of it.

[Knock on door]

Juliet: One second!

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