Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17


Episode # 11182 ~ Nick threatens to expose Victor; Ashley hosts a tense family dinner for Dina; Cane makes matters worse with Juliet.

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Victor: Do you realize what you have done? When this comes out, son, your mother will be devastated.

Nick: We're all gonna be hurt by this once the truth comes out. But Chelsea --

Victor: Do you honestly think you're doing Chelsea a favor by finding Chloe? When you do find her, it'll create a rift.

Nick: All right, just stop trying to pretend you care about anyone being hurt by this but yourself.

Victor: We just agreed as a family not to let the story come out! You don't mind betraying your family, do you?

[Receiver slams]

Nikki: They found Chloe, didn't they?

Chelsea: Oh, no! Chloe! Chloe, wake up! Chloe, wake up. Chloe! Oh, god. Oh, my god. No. Oh, god, no! Chloe, wake up! Chloe, wake up!

Hilary: Thank you. I was just thinking about you.

Lily: Oh. Well, that can't be good.

Hilary: Now, tell me this -- if a commercial gets canceled, does the model/wannabe actress still get paid?

Lily: You're so funny. You know, you joke about this, but it's actually serious. The league wants all traces obliterated. They even pressured Victoria into firing Juliet.

Hilary: Yeah, I heard about that. It's unfortunate.

Lily: I mean, yeah, she messed up, but was it really that bad?

Hilary: Well, it depends on your point of view. Some people might say what Juliet did was unforgivable.

Juliet: Hey.

Cane: Hey. How you doing? Sit down.

Juliet: Uh, hanging in.

Cane: Yeah. [Sighs] Look, I want you to know, I'm sorry about how all this turned out, okay?

Juliet: Mm. Well, that makes two of us.

Cane: And I want you to know that I spoke to Victoria, and I made it very clear that what happened was Billy's fault, and he should've been handed the walking papers, not you.

Juliet: So... you didn't attempt to save my job so much as you tried to get Billy fired.

Traci: Hello! Ashley?

Ashley: Hi. Hi! [Laughs]

Traci: Oh, my goodness.

Ashley: I'm so glad you could make it.

Traci: Hello. Thank you.

Ashley: Come on in.

Traci: This couldn't have worked out better.

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: My mind is numb from going over manuscripts with my editor in Chicago, and I don't have to be to Milwaukee until tomorrow for a meet-and-greet at a book store. So, perfect timing.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, is there any such thing as perfect timing when the event is dinner with our mother?

Traci: Oh, my gosh. I-if you feel this way, why did you arrange this?

Ashley: I'm starting to ask myself the same exact question, trace.

Dina: Jack! What a nice surprise.

Jack: Well, yes. I thought I would give you a lift to dinner at the house.

Dina: Oh, how lovely. You know, I was so surprised when Ashley orchestrated this dinner. And I'm just thrilled about it.

Jack: Uh, well, yes. So am I.

Dina: Darling, I will text you when I'm ready to be picked up.

Graham: I'll be waiting.

Dina: Okay. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Dina: Oops. Lawyers. I better take this.

Jack: I hope you understand this affair is just for family.

Graham: Just don't keep the lady out past her curfew.

Jack: Knowing my mother, I'm sure we'll all be struggling to keep up with her.

Ashley: Believe it or not, Ravi's the one that kind of made this happen.

Traci: Wow. Convincing you is kind of a skill.

Ashley: Ha, ha.

Traci: What did he say? [Laughs]

Ashley: He said that I was giving Dina my power by letting my anger dictate my actions.

Traci: I knew when I met him that he was wise beyond his years.

Ashley: He suggested that I try killing Dina with kindness.

Traci: As opposed to sort of killing her with poison meatloaf?

Ashley: [Laughs]

Traci: Sorry. Writer in me. Um, but I-I honestly am very glad to see you curb some of your anger toward our mother.

Ashley: I mean, how do you do it? Do you never let your anger and bitterness towards her get to you?

Traci: I think I channel it into my writing.

Ashley: So have you forgiven her?

Traci: For leaving us? No. No. But, you know what, it was in the past. And we can't change that, so why belabor it?

Ashley: Because sometimes I can't help myself.

Traci: I was so young when she left, it was just easier for me. I grew up just realizing I was never gonna have a mother around.

Ashley: Unlike me, who remembers every ugly minute of it like it was yesterday.

[Door closes]

Ashley: Well, here goes nothing.

Traci: Yeah.

Ashley: Oh, it's you. I'm so happy.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Dina's not here yet? [Gasps] Aunt Traci! Aaah!

Traci: [Laughs] Ohh!

Abby: I'm so happy you're here.

Traci: You look happy.

[Both laugh]

Abby: Why wouldn't I be? Whatever Mrs. Martinez is cooking smells delicious. I get to spend time with my mom, my aunt, my uncle, and my grandmother -- who wants me to call her Dina, by the way. [Chuckles] This should be a night to remember.

Ashley: Oh, my daughter the optimist.

Abby: Hey, just appreciating what I've got. We can't take family for granted.

Graham: I'll await your text.

Dina: All right, darling.

Jack: Shall we go?

Dina: Uh, just a minute, jack. I was wondering, were you as surprised as I was about the dinner tonight? I'm so excited about it.

Jack: I was a little -- a little thrown by it. But I shouldn't have been. Ashley always comes through when family's concerned.

Dina: Hmph! Well, if my daughter considers me family, I'll take it.

Jack: Let's hope for the best and expect...

Dina: The worst?

Jack: ...An interesting evening.

[Dina chuckles]

Jack: Shall we?

Dina: You first, dear.

Jack: Okay.

Nikki: Is it all coming out now? Because if it is, we have to prepare ourselves.

Victor: What do you mean "we"?

Nikki: Well, this isn't just gonna fall on you. You'll have your set of consequences, and the family will have theirs.

Victor: Doesn't seem to bother your son very much, does it?

Nikki: Oh, please. I don't even want to talk about him.

Victor: Well, he made his choice.

Nikki: But he cares very much about Chelsea, and he doesn't want to see their relationship tainted with mistrust. God knows he has seen enough of that to last a lifetime. You should be proud that you have someone in your family with such integrity.

Chelsea: [Crying] Chloe... oh, god. Please, Chloe. Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. Okay... okay. It's gonna be okay. Wake up, please. Please wake up.

Dr. Harris: What did you do to her?

Chelsea: She -- um, she was like this when I found her. You have to help her.

Dr. Harris: Just get back.

Chelsea: Please do something.

Dr. Harris: Chloe? Chloe, come on.

Chelsea: [Stammering] Do you feel anything? Tell me she's alive. Right?

Dr. Harris: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Doctor.

Dr. Harris: She's gone. Yeah. This is dr. Harris. I, uh...need to report a possible suicide. A young woman. In my home.

Lily: You know, you really shouldn't assume the worst of Juliet. She's worked really hard, and has shown that she's an essential part of the team.

Hilary: Yeah. I'm sure that cane values all of her contributions. Now he needs to find a way to get on without her.

Lily: Yeah, I think she's smart, you know? She'll figure out her next move, and she'll be better for it. I'm sure of it.

Cane: I reminded Victoria that, when we were in Tokyo, that the whole Asia deal would have fallen apart if it wasn't for you.

Juliet: Yeah, a lot of good that did me.

Cane: You know, I keep thinking to myself, maybe if I kept a closer eye on the confusion during the whole video-footage thing, or... I mean, there's no way I would have let Hilary have that footage before the league approved it.

Juliet: In other words, none of this would have happened if you were doing my job.

Dina: So good to see my baby.

Traci: Oh. Welcome back.

Dina: Oh, thank you. And you again, miss Abby. Oh! [Slaps back]

[Both laugh]

Dina: Oh, Ashley, thank you so much for doing this this evening. It means the world to me. Just the whole wide world. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Well, Mrs. Martinez said that dinner is almost ready, so why don't we all go into the dining room?

Jack: Shall we?

Dina: That sounds lovely. But, you know, I remember, back in the day, when you and your sister always vied to sit at the head of the table when your father was out of town.

Jack: Well, guess what? Those fights still go on.

Dina: Thank you, son. Only now not in the dining room but in the boardroom, right?

Ashley: Well, you know, just a little friendly sibling competition. Right, jack?

Dina: Ahh. Well, I'm not so sure.

Jack: Don't believe everything you read in the trades, mother.

Dina: Ohh. I've been away a very long time, but I know you and Ashley always had sibling rivalry. I mean, that's something a mother just doesn't forget.

Dina: Oh!

Ashley: You remember Mrs. Martinez?

Dina: Yes.

Mrs. Martinez: It's good to see you, ms. Mergeron.

Dina: Oh, thank you, dear. Good to see you, too. Mmm! The last time I was here, it was Mamie who was our housekeeper.

Ashley: Mamie was much more than just a housekeeper, of course. I mean, she basically raised us. My mother and, uh, Mamie never really got along much.

Dina: Well, this doesn't have to be awkward. It's -- it's the truth.

Traci: Hm.

Jack: Uh, so, when are, uh... Hamilton-winters going to announce their first Mergeron board meeting?

Dina: Well, I think it'll take a while. They're still -- still doing logistics.

Ashley: And then you'll be heading back to Paris, I assume?

Dina: Well... you know, I'm really so rejuvenated just being here. So, uh...I'll have to ask graham.

Traci: Who's graham?

Dina: Well, he watches over me. And he dotes on me.

[Dina and Traci chuckle]

Oh, Mrs. Martinez. This not only smells good, but it's delicious.

Mrs. Martinez: Aww, I'm glad you're enjoying it. [Chuckles]

Dina: Thank you.

Ashley: I think we're all kind of interested to hear about graham.

Dina: Because of his age, dear? Well, I'm sure you get similar questions about your young friend. Ravi, isn't it?

Traci: Tell me, how did you meet graham?

Dina: Ah. At work. Yes. And, you know, being a career woman, I'm -- I've heard that's where it often happens.

Abby: It is, yeah. Uh, is graham from the U.S.?

Dina: Yes, he is. But he's been with me in France for quite some time.

Abby: Mm.

Dina: Graham is a dear friend, and a trusted associate. And he watches over me. He dotes on me. [Chuckles]

Dr. Harris: Yes, that's correct.

Chelsea: [Sobs quietly]

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Hey. How's it going? Did you find Chloe?

Chelsea: [Crying] Nick, I need you to come over here.

Nick: Chelsea, what's wrong? Are you okay?

Chelsea: I don't think so.

Dina: Well, surprisingly, from that conversation, I came away realizing that your ex-wife still is very protective of you.

Jack: Phyllis and I have found a way to work together.

Dina: Oh.

Ashley: Phyllis only cares about Phyllis.

Abby: Okay, maybe we should shelve that topic.

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Why? What's wrong with pointing out that jack is much better off without having Phyllis in his life? Nothing.

Dina: On that point, I agree with you, Ashley. [Chuckling] Cheers. Are you dating anyone, Abby?

Abby: Mm. Well, right now, I'm married to my work.

Dina: Ah.

Jack: Abby's doing amazing things over at Newman.

Dina: Oh, I'm so proud of you -- and so I've heard. Your father is just thrilled to pieces that you were able to bridge the gap by being both a Newman and an Abbott.

Jack: Mother, you haven't even asked Traci how she's doing.

Traci: Oh, that's all right. I'm not feeling ignored at all. I'm just...very happy that we're all here together.

Dina: Well, I was just being very polite, because I'm your biggest fan, dear. [Laughs] How's the edit on the new book coming along?

Traci: Very well, thank you.

Dina: Good. Oh, good. Well, I'm sure it's going to be a smash hit just like your first.

Ashley: And her second and her third and her fourth. I mean, you are aware that Traci has written several books, right?

Dina: Well, yes. That's -- that's what I meant.

Traci: Um, I-I brought along a-a copy of my latest hardcover for you, mother.

Dina: Oh! Well, thank you! Well, you know, as a mother, if I had known that I'd have all these perks, I would have come back a long time ago.

Ashley: [Scoffs, coughs]


Cane: Now, look. Here's a list of headhunters. I'll e-mail you the direct link. And just know, I will write you a stellar reference.

Juliet: This is really helpful, cane. Thanks.

Cane: Anything I can do to help you, okay?

Juliet: We both know prospective employers will want to know why I left brash & sassy. And when it comes out that I was fired for cause...

Cane: And now they'll question your reputation. I know.

Juliet: I'm just being realistic.

Cane: Um... look, this kind of brings me to the whole point of all of this. [Sighs] You know, maybe you should just go back to Japan, you know? It'll give you a fresh start. I mean, no one's even heard of the hockey league there, and Hilary Curtis, she's gonna be a distant memory.

Juliet: What does Hilary have to do with any of this?

Cane: Well, she knows about us. And as long as she knows that, I mean, she's dangerous.

Juliet: I told you I-I handled it.

Cane: No, no. You may think you handled it, okay, but we're talking about a woman whose life mission is causing trouble.

Juliet: And Hilary can't cause you any trouble if I'm 6,000 miles away.

Cane: I'm not talking about me here. I'm talking about us.

Juliet: Suddenly this push of yours to get me to move back to Tokyo makes perfect sense. Maybe you're thinking Victoria picked the right person to fire after all.

Cane: No.

Lily: Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Juliet, how are you holding up?

Chelsea: Thank god you're here. [Sniffles]

Nick: I never should've let you come here alone. We should've come up with a different way to get dr. Harris out of the house.

Chelsea: I don't think that would've made a difference.

Nick: But you've been through so much already. And to walk into this...

Chelsea: I was just supposed to confront her. I just gonna confront her, and she would get defensive, and then we'd -- we'd call the police and she'd go to jail. I didn't want this.

Nick: I know. I know.

Dr. Harris: [Clears throat] The, uh, EMTs have some questions. Come with me.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: What?

Nick: Chloe's dead.

Victor: What are you talking about? Are you joking or what?

Nick: I've never been more serious about anything in my life, dad. Chloe's dead. She killed herself.

Victor: I guess you had to play the knight in shining armor, help Chelsea find Chloe. She probably got panicked.

Nick: I'm sure the first thing that came to your mind was you're off the hook. Chloe died before she could implicate you.

Victor: That is not true, all right? This is a totally unnecessary tragedy, son.

Nick: Well, this is what we've got, dad. And before you rest easy and think that you aren't gonna be facing any criminal charges, just know this -- Chelsea came out here because she needed justice for Adam and closure for herself. Which she still needs... desperately.

Victor: What are you saying?

Nick: Chloe may not be able to tell Chelsea the truth. But I can.

Cane: I was just telling Juliet how unfair all this is, and that all I would like to do is help.

Lily: I know. I'm really sorry that you lost your job. Although, my brother and father just launched their own company, and they're looking for good people. I think you'd be a perfect fit. Should I put in a word for you?

Juliet: How thoughtful. I'd appreciate that. However, your husband seems to think I would be better off in Tokyo.

Lily: What? Cane said that you love it here. You don't have to move away, do you? I mean, I'd hate to see you go.

Juliet: At least someone would.

Lily: You're talking about Victoria. Listen, she didn't want to fire you. The real villain here is the hockey league. Insisting that someone get fired in order to keep the deal in place? I mean, that's just wrong. They're overreacting to everything.

Juliet: What do you mean?

Lily: Well, they didn't just scrap the commercial. They want all the evidence deleted. I can't even use the footage from "the Hilary hour" for my reel.

Juliet: Yeah. That's tough. You were right. This is all...so unfair.

Victor: [Grunting]

Nikki: God, I could hear you hitting that thing all the way down the driveway.

Victor: [Grunts] [Breathing heavily] Chloe Mitchell is dead.

Nikki: What? How?

Victor: She killed herself.

Nikki: Did she... oh, of course. She realized that Chelsea and Nicholas were getting close.

Victor: She was with her doctor in Louisiana. I paid that guy to take care of her. Protect her, treat her. I thought it was the best way to -- to deal with her.

Nikki: And all this time you pretended that you didn't have any idea where she was.

Victor: Had you known, you would've been implicated down the road. I didn't want that to happen, to you or anyone else.

Chelsea: When I came in, she was unconscious. Um, so, I-I felt for a pulse. I-I-I thought she was breathing, but... she wouldn't wake up. And that's when I saw the pills.

We'll be moving the body to the hospital morgue.

Dr. Harris: Yes.

And, uh, you'll need to come to the hospital as well, doctor.

Dr. Harris: To sign the death certificate?

And attest to the fact that this was a suicide.

Dr. Harris: Of course.

Chelsea: "Of course"? You just...fill out a form, and it's just another day at the office? Are you gonna tell anybody that you were secretly hiding a killer?

Dr. Harris: You need to understand that I had no idea that she had done something so horrible. That's probably why Chloe killed herself. Because she knew you had gotten close, and you probably weren't gonna give up.

Chelsea: What did she say after we left?

Dr. Harris: She was alarmed.

Chelsea: Well then why didn't you --

Dr. Harris: I had no idea that it would go this far. She had never shown any signs of wanting to kill herself, otherwise I never would have left her.

Chelsea: She was staying with you for weeks. You must have noticed some signs.

Dr. Harris: I took Chloe in because I wanted to right the wrong that I made when I originally signed her release papers. [Sighs] I never should have let her out of my care to begin with.

Chelsea: You should've told me that she was staying here.

Dr. Harris: I wish I had. Because then you wouldn't have lured me out of my house, Chloe wouldn't have panicked, and she would still be alive.

We're ready to transport, doctor.

Dr. Harris: Will you want the body taken back to, uh, Genoa city?

Chelsea: Um, y-- uh, yes. The family will handle the arrangements.

Nick: [Sighs] You okay?

Chelsea: This isn't the way it was supposed to end.

Dina: Thank you so much, Mrs. Martinez. That was a meal to remember. Mwah!

[All chuckle]

Jack: Thank you. Shall we?

Dina: Yes.

Ashley: Traci.

Traci: Hm?

Ashley: You didn't buy it when mother said she'd read your other books, did you?

Traci: I know that it goes against every instinct, but why don't we just give her the benefit of the doubt?

Ashley: Because like you said -- instinct.

Dina: We spent so many wonderful nights in this room all those years ago.

Abby: Mm.

Dina: We would build a fire, and then we would all sit around and -- and I would sing to the children.

Abby: Oh, wow. That sounds lovely. Do you remember that, mom?

Jack: Well, I do. Uh, I'm kind of surprised that you do, mom.

Dina: I'll always remember something like that.

Ashley: I think she just sang to you, jack. She did not sing to Traci and me. Did she?

Traci: Uh...not that I recall.

Dina: Huh. Well, maybe you girls were just -- just too young. Or that, uh, you don't remember the good times anymore because

[Voice breaking] I caused you so much pain. I love you to the moon and back on a beam of light from a zodiac I love you just the way you are my little shooting star ooh!

Together: I want to give you a pocket full of wishes a heart full of hope, and all of my love follow your dreams to the end of the stars I'll be where you are wherever you are [Chuckles] Ohh.

Abby: That was beautiful. I've never heard that before.

Dina: Oh, well, it's -- it's ancient. Sort of like me. Heh. But my father used to sing that to me every night when I was a little girl. It's my favorite song.

Jack: One of my favorites, too. I haven't thought about that song, I haven't heard that song for decades.

[Dina chuckles]

Jack: Amazing, isn't it, how those words come right back to you?

Dina: Yes, it is. I just wish you girls had the memories that jack has. Because they're moments that I will never forget. You know, I wasn't sure what to expect from this evening. But I am so grateful. Thank you so very, very much. And the big thanks go to you, Ashley. I know how difficult it must be for you... given our relationship.

Ashley: We don't really have one, do we?

Dina: No.

Traci: Well, it's never too late. Um...

[Dina chuckles]

Traci: And what better 21st-century way to commemorate a moment than with a selfie?


Jack: "Selfie"?

Traci: Abby taught me all about this. So, Abby, do the honors.

Abby: All right. I'm good at these.

Dina: Oh, my, my, my.

Traci: Come on, let's take a picture. Let's all -- Ashley.

Abby: One of my many talents, guys.

Traci: Ashley, come on.

Jack: Ash?

Abby: Mom.

Dina: Please, Ashley.

Abby: Get in, please. Okay, here we go. Everyone in here together? One, two, three!

Victor: I had this dr. Harris take care of Chloe. Yeah, I thought he would be better than her being put into some state institution. [Sighs] Anyway, none of that matters now. She's dead.

Nikki: Victor, I'm not saying that you're heartless, but you have always been very pragmatic, and I'm sure it hasn't escaped you that you're now in the clear because Chloe isn't around to implicate you.

[Velcro rips]

Victor: Do I have to remind you that our son Nicholas knows that I brought Chloe back to Genoa city to go after Adam? I certainly didn't mean for her to kill him. But our son just reminded me that Chelsea has been longing for closure. So do you think for one minute that Nicholas is not telling her the whole story?

Nick: Our flight's not for a few hours. What can I do? Is there, uh, anything I can do for you?

Chelsea: The last time I was in this room, I was going to confront the woman that I hated for killing my husband. But seeing Chloe laying there, and she was so still... [Sighs] I loved her, too, you know.

Nick: I know. I know.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Oh, god. And she loved me. She did. She thought that she was protecting me. She thought that she was saving me from Adam. Ohh, god! [Sniffles] Oh, god.

Nick: Hey. Hey.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Why didn't I see it? Oh, my god. I told myself -- I told myself that she was better, that she was healthy. But I knew her. I should've known. I should've known she was never gonna be okay after what happened to Delia. I should've known that! That kind of grief is so overwhelming. She was never gonna be okay.

Nick: Chelsea, you don't get to do this, all right? You don't get to re-write history to make yourself responsible.

Chelsea: She knew that I was gonna come for her. She did. And she knew that I was gonna find her, and that I was gonna have her put away.

Nick: So, what? You think she was that afraid of some knock-down-drag-out with you that she just had to give up?

Chelsea: Look at this picture, nick. This is what she wanted. This is what she wanted. A life with Bella and Kevin and her mom. She knew if I found her, she was never gonna have this again.

Nick: What about you, and what you wanted? Justice for your husband. I mean, do you feel like you were cheated?

Lily: Juliet's taking this hard.

Cane: Yeah. She's probably not used to being fired.

Lily: She's not mad at you, is she?

Cane: No. No, why would she be?

Lily: Well, I know it doesn't sound rational, but things seemed a little tense when I got here.

Cane: Yeah, I think she's just upset at the situation, you know? And, hey, who can blame her? You know, relocating from Japan to Genoa city probably left her strapped for cash.

Lily: Yeah, which only adds to the stress.

Cane: Yeah. No, she'll get over the shock, and she'll get her mind straight, you know, and then she will just come to terms with the situation. She'll be okay.

Lily: She's lucky to have you looking out for her. You're a good friend.

Cane: I'm trying.

Juliet: Thanks for meeting me.

Hilary: I was surprised to get your text. You said you had a question?

Juliet: I do. It's about something you mentioned the last time we spoke.

Hilary: Ahh. That you have more power than you realize.

Juliet: What did you mean by that?

Hilary: Come on, Juliet. It's no big mystery. You're smart. You're capable.

Juliet: Out of work.

Hilary: Yes. But not out of options.

Juliet: Mm. Well, according to cane, my best option is to move out of the country.

Hilary: He said that?

Juliet: He's not usually that obvious, but...

Hilary: Well, I wouldn't do that if I were you. 'Cause then you would be out of jurisdiction.

Juliet: Jurisdiction?

Hilary: For the lawsuit. The very big, juicy lawsuit that you have. You do know that, right?

Juliet: I was fired for cause. I made a super-dumb mistake that is costing brash & sassy hundreds of thousands. I would never win a wrongful-termination suit.

Hilary: I am talking about sexual harassment. Now, that's a suit that you will win. Slam. Dunk.

Dina: Graham, this is my daughter Traci.

Graham: Pleasure.

Traci: How do you do?

Dina: [Laughs] I'm so proud of you.

Traci: [Laughs]

Dina: Thank you. Thank you, Ashley. [Sniffles] This was such a wonderful evening. I'll never forget it. [Chuckles] Bye, baby. Ohhh. Mm!

Jack: Shall we?

Dina: Ohh. Oh, heh, everyone just hold on. This is just a respite. By tomorrow, we'll be up to our regular shenanigans again.


Dina: Good night. Sleep tight.

Jack: Well, that went a lot better than I expected.

Abby: Yeah. It's so nice getting to know my grandmother. My only living grandparent.

Jack: That was interesting. She's been talking to Victor about you.

Abby: Yeah, um... about that.

Jack: Everything all right?

Abby: I wasn't planning on getting into this until now, and, um... well, since we're alone. I made a decision, and it involves you.

Jack: It involves our side partnership?

Abby: I hate lying to my dad. And those nice things he told Dina, it only made me feel more guilty. I'm gonna come clean to him. I'm gonna tell him I went behind his back, and the tech-incubator project is moving forward.

Ashley: Would you like a nightcap? God knows I could use one.

Traci: [Sighs] I better not. But there is something that's nagging at me, Ashley.

Ashley: Concerning our mother? Let me count the ways.

Traci: [Scoffs] Didn't you notice...?

Ashley: Notice what? What do you mean?

Traci: She has changed.

Ashley: Well, of course she has. We all have.

Traci: Uh, right. Right. I know. Th-that's very true. But [Stammers] I just can't quite put my... there is something very different about our mother.

Nikki: Nicholas did make it very clear that he didn't want to keep up this lie any longer. But to actually go to Chelsea and tell her everything -- do you think he would do that?

Victor: Yes, he would. I don't trust him anymore.

Nikki: And why are you telling me this? Do you expect me to go to Nicholas and intercede and ask him to keep quiet?

Victor: I don't expect a damn thing from you. You have told me, made it perfectly clear you're not gonna help me anymore. All this is because of me! You think I give a damn whether Nicholas tells Chelsea about the story? I don't care anymore! I've lost everything. I've lost my family!

Chelsea: I guess that's it, then. [Sighs] Chloe's gone. Ohh! [Sniffles] And nothing's gonna bring her back. I guess that's some form of justice. [Voice breaking] At too high a cost. [Sighs]

Nick: [Sighs] Chelsea, I'm so sorry.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Thank you for -- for standing by me.

Nick: Always.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I guess there's something I can cling on to. Besides you.

Nick: What's that?

Chelsea: Maybe... Chloe and Adam are someplace better now. [Sighs] They both had such terrible demons. Now they're free of them.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Traci: You're little soiree was so successful, she might never want to leave.

Dina: Before you school me in boardroom 101, just remember who you're talking to.

Chelsea: I'm so sorry. Chloe's dead.

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