Y&R Transcript Friday 5/26/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 5/26/17


Episode # 11179 ~ Nick and Chelsea join forces to avenge Adam's death; the walls close in on Cane; Victoria makes a tough decision at Brash & Sassy.

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Victor: Hello, Scott.

Scott: Victor. Good morning.

Victor: And to you.

Scott: It's beautiful, isn't it?

Victor: It is beautiful, indeed.

Scott: Perfect location to host a Nicole Newman research center opening reception. I hear the acoustics in the chancellor park pavilion are great. So, cocktail reception in this area, then followed by the performance in the pavilion, where the flowers will be in full bloom.

Victor: Well, you could have told me all that, Scott, in the office, couldn't you?

Scott: Coffee's better here, and so is the view. What do you think?

Victor: My wife was close friends with Katherine chancellor, and I think she would have approved. Your instincts are right on.

Scott: That's the key, isn't it? Nikki being pleased. This isn't just some act of charity. It's more.

Victor: If you're fishing for a story, there is none, okay?

Scott: Whatever you say.

Victor: Whatever I say.

Chelsea: Our mother's death really came as a shock, and my sister Chloe, she deserves her fair share of her inheritance. So there must be some way to find out exactly where she is. I'd be glad to help with any, um, administrative costs. Whatever it takes to find my sister.

What exactly are you suggesting?

Nick: She's suggesting a bribe.

Victoria: Hi! Is anybody home?

Reed: Hey, mom! Welcome back. [Laughs]

Victoria: Oh! Mmm. Well, I wasn't expecting that.

Reed: I just missed you, is all.

Victoria: I missed you, too. Where's Johnny and Katie?

Reed: Billy took them to school.

Victoria: Oh! Oh, what was he doing here?

Reed: Um, he gave Hannah the night off, I guess, so he spent the night here while you were in Toronto.

Victoria: Aww, that's so wonderful. I don't know why I didn't think to ask him in the first place.

Reed: 'Cause you knew exactly what would happen.

Victoria: Why, did something go wrong?

Reed: Mom, you don't have to cover for me. I'm not Johnny and Katie.

Victoria: What do you mean, cover for you?

Reed: Billy and Phyllis. I know that they're a thing.

Victoria: Ah. He told you.

Reed: He didn't have to tell me. I caught them making out right over there.

Juliet: Billy, have you heard anything?

Billy: I got the same group text as everybody else -- meet in the conference room, first thing. You okay?

Juliet: I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't even think straight at this point.

Billy: Well, Victoria should be here any minute with an answer from the hockey league.

Juliet: That is what I am afraid of.

Lily: Okay, breakfast is ready when you are.

Cane: Oh, I don't have time. I have to get to the office. Victoria's back and she wants to meet.

Lily: Did she say if the deal with the hockey league is back on?

Cane: Uh, no, just to get there as soon as possible. I think she wants to tell everybody at the same time.

Lily: Okay, go, but please eat something when you get there.

Cane: I will.

Lily: All right, and call or text me if you know anything.

Cane: I will. I will.

Lily: Okay.

Mattie: Have you seen my -- never mind. Found it.

Cane: Hey. I love you.

Mattie: I love you, too, dad.

Cane: I love you girls. Bye.

Lily: Bye.

Mattie: Is this what you shot in L.A.?

Lily: Yeah. Do you want to watch it with me?

Mattie: Yes!

Lily: Okay.

Reed: For Billy to stay here and act like he's a part of this family, and then be all over Phyllis like that...

Victoria: Billy is a part of this family, okay? And, yes, he's seeing Phyllis. [Sighs] I should have told you.

Reed: Why didn't you?

Victoria: I don't know, because you have such a nice relationship, and I didn't want to ruin that, especially with your father being away in Europe. I feel like you need an older guy in your life, someone that you can turn to at your age.

Reed: Mom, you don't need to protect me. You should have told me so I could look out for you.

Victoria: Thank you, baby. Your concern means a lot to me.

Reed: I just don't want anyone to hurt you.

Victoria: No one's gonna hurt me. I'm perfectly fine.

Reed: [Chuckles]

Victoria: Now, I have to get to the office.

Reed: Okay. But before you do, um, heads up. You're not the only single one around here. Zoey and I are through.

Victoria: Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that, honey.

Reed: Don't be. Caught her all over this jock from walnut grove. Pretentious jerk from a pretentious school.

Victoria: Oh, come on! Walnut grove? I mean, your father loved that school. I'm sure he would be thrilled if you were going there.

Reed: Not a chance. Turns out, you have to be a total tool to go there now.

Victoria: Mm, well, if a child is a tool, it might not be because of the school. It might be because of the parents.

Mattie: This is, like, your big break. Is that what they call it in Hollywood, a big break?

Lily: No, it's just one commercial, you know? And I haven't seen the final version yet, so --

Mattie: Mom!

Lily: What?

Mattie: You're rambling. There's no reason to be nervous. I'm sure you're stunning.

Lily: Thank you. And I'm not nervous! I just -- I don't want to get built up over something that might air on national television, you know? I think it's normal for someone in my position to feel that -- okay, I'm rambling.

Mattie: Because you're nervous.

Lily: Maybe a little bit. Let's just watch it. Let's just do this.

Mattie: Oh! Horrible timing. I'm so sorry. Oh, my god, I didn't realize it had gotten so late. We need to go.

Lily: What, you have time before the first bell rings.

Mattie: No, I specifically set an alarm in case I was running late today. I have a quiz I need to prep for and notes I want to organize, so...

Lily: Okay, okay, we'll watch it later. Let's go organize some notes. Here.

Mattie: Thank you.

Nick: Please excuse my wife. She's not thinking clearly. Sweetheart, we talked about this. This is no way to try and find your sister.

Chelsea: Okay, so I should stay home and just be cooking you dinner instead?

Nick: No, you should stay smart and stop trying to bribe medical professionals.

Under no circumstances are we allowed to divulge information on any of our patients. I intend to comply with this rule.

Chelsea: Uh, what are you doing here, husband?

Nick: Well, I remember you saying how much it meant to you that we were in this together. After you left, I realized how much I needed to be with you. As in right here.

Chelsea: Playing the role of my husband?

Nick: As someone who disapproves of you trying to bribe people. You're not in this alone, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, unfortunately, I'm not any closer to finding Chloe. That administrator would not budge.

Nick: Okay, then, we regroup. We come up with a different plan.

Chelsea: And what if that doesn't work, nick?

I can tell you about Chloe. For the right price.

Billy: If anybody can handle the hockey league, it's Victoria. She can roll in here and announce that the deal's back on.

Juliet: If it were good news, she would have let us know by now.

Billy: Come on, Victoria's a pro. She's not gonna shoot us a text with a bunch of smiley-face emoticons.

Cane: Hey. Victoria here yet?

Billy: She should be here any minute.

Cane: Okay, how you doing? You holding up all right?

Juliet: At this point, I'm overloaded on caffeine and anxiety.

Cane: Okay, all right, then before she gets here, we have to come up with some ideas on how we're gonna spin the cancellation of this hockey deal, okay?

Billy: I like the positive attitude, cane. That's good.

Cane: Actually, Billy, it's called being rational. Unless you want us to stand around, cross our fingers, and hope for the best. 'Cause the league already said no, they said "take a hike," so Victoria's trip to Toronto was a hail Mary. So if we were smart, we'd start trying to figure out how we're gonna deal with this fallout. Then again, considering the fact that you managed single-handedly to embarrass the entire sport, we can't really just sweep that under the rug, now, can we, Billy?

Juliet: Okay, things happen. People make mistakes.

Billy: No, no, no, no. Not saint Ashby. I mean, he's pure as German snow. He doesn't do anything wrong.

Cane: Okay, so you're gonna try and put this on me now, is that what you're trying to do?

Juliet: Okay, can you guys just please stop? I mean it, just get away from each other. Victoria doesn't need to walk in on a brawl.

Billy: Well, Victoria's not gonna give up without a fight. She's turned around bigger disasters than this.

Cane: Oh, really? You want to bet on that? Do you? What do you want to wager? Do you want to wager what's left of your career? Is that what you want to do?

Victoria: You can all stop fighting. Right now. The verdict is in.

Billy: So, what did the league have to say?

Victoria: Well, I explained the situation, that due to a series of unfortunate events and because we were so excited to share the behind-the-scenes footage, the video aired without them seeing all of it and without them being able to voice their very valid opposition to certain moments.

Billy: And how did they respond?

Victoria: I explained to them that our relationship is mutually beneficial. And they agreed to not let one stupid mistake ruin something so promising. So the deal is still in place.

Cane: Thank god.

Victoria: But we shouldn't get excited too quickly. A mistake was made, and the partnership was damaged, and in order to keep this deal in place, I had to make some fairly major concessions.

Cane: Okay, such as what?

Victoria: The league wants to erase any thought of the video footage that aired during "the Hilary hour," which means we have to scrap the entire commercial. It'll never air.

Billy: All that time, all that money?

Cane: And that talent. Lily was excited about this.

Victoria: Yes, I know, well, lily will still be our brand rep, and her face will still be out there. [Sighs] But I'm afraid to say that someone will not be a part of brash & sassy! Anymore. The league is insisting that the person responsible for this mistake be terminated.

Victor: Scott, I don't know what other information you need regarding this event. Just keep doing your job.

Scott: Well, I can see why security is so tight as Newman tower. It starts from the top.

Victor: Did you expect any less?

Scott: Honestly, victor, I don't know what to expect from you. When I interviewed your kids for the book, they all mentioned your penchant for testing them -- their loyalty, their common sense, their business acumen -- which I can relate to because every single part of this job has felt like a test, from the job offer to the assignments to even figuring out what is or isn't a test.

Victor: Scott, I hired you because I trust my instincts, okay? So you just do your job.

Scott: Which is what, exactly? I don't think keeping an eye on your daughter is the best use of my experience or expertise. I mean, call it the journalist in me, victor, but I need to know more.

Victor: What else do you need to know?

Scott: You canceled the biography shortly after Nikki told me to back off. You've been on several solo business trips where you've been all but unreachable. And this concert for your wife is clearly more than just a hospital benefit.

Victor: So, what are you asking me?

Scott: Is Nikki okay?

Phyllis: Oh, I just saw Nikki the other day. She looked perfectly fine. But maybe that had to do with the fact that she was in the arms of another man.

Chelsea: You knew Chloe?

Nick: Were you friends with her?

Chelsea: Please, anything you can tell us about her at all...

Nick: Look, you mentioned money, all right? We're willing to pay you whatever you want for anything you might tell us.

Chelsea: No one needs to know anything that you said.

Nick: That's right, we don't know your name, we won't ask. There's no way that this will come back to bite you, I promise.

Dr. Harris released her.

Nick: Dr. Harris. Who is that? Is that the doctor who treated Chloe?

Until he retired.

Chelsea: You know what, you probably don't want to talk to us about this right here, so why don't we meet you after work? Any place that you feel safe.

Nick: Yeah, we could bring you cash, or I could wire money directly into your account. Whatever you want.

I'm not Chloe. I'll never get out.

Chelsea: Wait, you're a patient here? If you can just --

Nick: Chelsea! Chelsea. I mean, she's a patient. Can we believe anything she just told us? Chelsea?

Chelsea: When she's the only thing we've got, damn right, we do.

Victor: You know, Phyllis, it is not surprising that you see a tawdry relationship wherever you look.

Phyllis: [Laughs] You keep those journalistic skills sharp. Nothing is ever as it seems with victor Newman.

Scott: We're here to go over some details for a benefit concert.

Phyllis: I'm sorry to interrupt. Although, I have to say I am concerned about you and Nikki, victor. Are you having trouble in paradise?

Victor: So nice of you to be so concerned. Or are you talking about your own sorry life?

Phyllis: Oh, no, my personal life is doing fine.

Victor: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victor: Wow.

Phyllis: I'm gonna let the two of you get back to business.

Victor: I would appreciate that, thank you.

Phyllis: But I just wanted to let you know something. I just saw Nikki nestled in the arms of her ex-husband, jack.

Victor: Really.

Phyllis: You have a good day.

Victor: All right.

Scott: Does she always take so much pleasure in needling you?

Victor: She likes to stir up trouble.

Scott: [Chuckles]

Victor: Let me ask you something. Are you sleeping with her?

Reed: Geez! You just walk right into people?

Mattie: You're not the only person in the --

Reed: Um, I'm sorry. That was -- that was really my fault.

Mattie: No. I was texting. It's my fault.

Reed: You know, at my school, they had a video about texting and driving. Should really make one about walking, too.

Mattie: [Chuckles] Someone should start a club, get community service credit for making a campaign? You've got a guitar. You could make a catchy jingle.

Reed: Yeah, well, I'm not really the catchy jingle type, but...

Mattie: Oh, yeah, I know. I was totally kidding.

Reed: It's cool.

Mattie: So, I'm gonna...

Reed: Yeah, um, I'm -- I'm gonna get a -- a coffee.

Mattie: Okay, cool. Sure.

Reed: Yeah. Hi. Uh, just a black coffee. Um, you know -- do you want one? Um... I'm sorry, um, I always hate when people do that to me, but, uh...

Mattie: So, you did it to me so that I could hate it, too?

Reed: I did it to ask you if I could buy you a coffee. Um, for running into you and now this.

Mattie: I'll take A...latte?

Reed: Reed. My name's reed.

Mattie: Hi, reed.

Juliet: But you just said it was a series of events, no one person is at fault.

Victoria: The league wants blood. They want somebody to be held responsible. The only way that I was able to keep this deal in place is if we abide by their wishes. We've already lost our total financial investment in the commercial and the behind-the-scene footage, and we cannot afford to lose any more.

Juliet: Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Cane: Well, just -- just hang on a second. Let's talk about this.

Victoria: No, there's nothing left to talk about, cane. Now, I need to speak with Billy alone.

Juliet: Victoria's going to fire her ex-husband, the father of her children?

Cane: Yeah, well, he did bring this on himself, didn't he?

Victoria: You know what we should be doing? We should be in san Diego enjoying ourselves right now instead of dealing with this. Thank you, by the way, for hanging out with the kids instead of Hannah. I'm sure they loved it.

Billy: Yeah, of course, I mean, we always have a good time. There's actually something else that you should know about, your oldest son and what he saw.

Victoria: Yeah. Reed. I know. He saw you and Phyllis. I heard.

Billy: Yeah. Phyllis showed up, and he saw us kissing, and it kind of threw him for a loop because he didn't know that Phyllis and I are...

Victoria: I just never told him. I guess I didn't know what to say.

Billy: Well, I guess that means I'm 0 for 2, both personally and professionally. Let's just do this, okay? It was my big mouth that got us into this mess, so I think it's only fair that I fall on my sword. So, Victoria Newman, I respectfully tender my resignation.

Juliet: I can't believe Billy is getting cut as we speak. It was his idea for the partnership. He conceived the marketing, the commercial -- all of it. He shouldn't lose his job over an innocent joke.

Cane: Well, if it was an innocent joke, we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, would we? Listen, don't feel bad for him. Okay? Because if he didn't tank this deal with some gambling scandal, he would have found another way to do it, all right? We are better off without him, and so is the company. And deep down inside, Victoria knows it, and now she just has to face it head on.

Billy: I'm gonna make this official. I can text you my formal resignation, right?

Victoria: Oh, Billy, stop.

Billy: And I will tell the league myself, unless, of course, you want to. But most important is we keep the relationship with the league, or I'm sorry, you do and brash & sassy! Does.

Victoria: Billy, will you just for once --

Billy: And I will do everything I can to repair the damage to this company.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: I'm sorry that I let you down again.

Victoria: Stop! Please. Just listen to me for one second. Yes, you made a very careless, stupid, and incredibly irresponsible joke, but I'm not accepting your resignation.

Billy: Vick --

Victoria: Not yet.

Billy: I blew it, okay? The league wants me out. This screw-up only reinforces everything that jack told him when he tried to snake the deal in the first place!

Victoria: I know, I know! The league is not your biggest fan, but they left the decision up to me, and I wanted to hear what you had to say for yourself, and now that I have, I'm gonna talk to the rest of the team.

Billy: To do what? To see what they have to say? No. Okay? I am going to take the fall for this.

[Cell phone chimes]

Billy: You hear that? That ding right there? That's my resignation.

Cane: Hey. Can I come in?

Victoria: Yeah, come in.

Cane: Um, I know letting Billy go wasn't easy, but you know, it was the right thing to do.

Victoria: Why would you say that?

Cane: Well, you know, he's been a liability since day 1, especially on this deal, you know, and with him gone, his image can't hurt future endorsements. Listen, without him here, brash & sassy! Will bounce back twice as fast. It's gonna be okay.

Victoria: That's interesting. It seems like you've thought about this just as much as I have.

Cane: Yeah, I have, because this company, and you know, how it's perceived in the business place, it matters to me. It does. So, I want to talk to you about something else real quick. Lily's got this new agent, and, uh, he wants to see, like, footage of her, and she wants to give him, you know, the behind-the-scenes stuff from "the Hilary hour." Is that okay?

Victoria: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Cane: No?

Victoria: No, absolutely not. I mean, the league wants that footage erased from existence.

Cane: Oh, okay.

Victoria: Lily's just gonna have to use something else to impress the agent. In fact, I want you to tell her to make sure that that video clip never sees the light of day.

Cane: Okay. All right. Understood.

Lily: Yeah, I love all those ideas, Barry. I mean, if we can get even a few of those opportunities, I'd be thrilled. Yes, you're right. I know. Shoot for the moon. Yeah, I will send you the interview from "the Hilary hour." Hilary delivered the file personally, so I will make sure it's decent quality, and then I'll e-mail it to you right away.

Scott: You do realize I don't owe you any answers about what I do when I'm on my own time or with whom I do it.

Victor: Let me make something clear to you. Phyllis Abbott would like nothing more than to see me drawn and quartered. If she has managed to seduce you, it is my business, indeed.

Scott: Why? Because you think I might, uh, betray the man who my mom went to for help?

Victor: Why?

Scott: Then you don't know me at all, victor!

Victor: It comes down to trust, Scott.

Scott: 100%.

Victor: And trust has to be earned. So you show me that you deserve it, all right?

Scott: By doing what, victor? By giving you a list of the women I have drinks with? By spying on your other kids? By playing back-up for Nikki on harmonica?

Victor: Let's end this right now. Let me tell you that I would like a list of all the concerts that were performed at the park pavilion and kindly put that list on my desk by end of day, all right?

Chelsea: This has to be it. This has to be dr. Harris' house.

Nick: According to public records and the internet and this guy's social media pages, I feel like I know him.

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, he's so much younger than I expected. When I hear "retirement," I think 65. So this guy either saved his pennies or he came into some serious cash.

Nick: Well, if he does have this kind of money, a bribe may not work in this situation.

Chelsea: Well, I'll just work him like I do any mark.

Nick: Chelsea, just be careful, okay? We don't know this guy. We don't know what we're walking into.

Chelsea: Listen, if he treated Chloe, he's got some good information on her.

Nick: Well, I'm sure he does, which is all the more reason to play this smart. Just know I have your back, okay? Whatever you need.

Chelsea: Thank you, nick. I mean, none of this is easy, but it makes it a lot easier to have you by my side.

Nick: There is nowhere I would rather be.

Chelsea: [Exhales sharply] Okay. It's time to get some answers. Dr. Harris. Thank god you're home. We really need your help.

Chelsea: It was so awful when they sent my sister away, but I knew that Chloe needed help.

Dr. Harris: Which we made sure she received. You know, I -- I got to know Chloe well, but I don't recall her ever mentioning a sister.

Chelsea: What? [Sighs] That's really hurtful because we were very close.

Nick: Sweetheart, that was just the illness, all right? Chloe always loved you.

Chelsea: I want my sister back. So, doctor, if you could tell us where she was headed after you signed her release...

Dr. Harris: I'm sorry, how do you know that I was the one that released her?

Chelsea: Uh, well, you know, I think that Chloe had mentioned it briefly when we spoke one time, but she did not tell me where she was headed, so...

Nick: Did anyone ever visit her regularly, even after she was released?

Dr. Harris: No.

Nick: No. Uh, any friends at the hospital? Maybe another patient she might have confided in, someone she could go to for help, even now?

Dr. Harris: I believe Chloe was heading back to her hometown, but given the emotional triggers associated with that place, she may have decided to go elsewhere. Once a patient is deemed ready for release, there is no follow-up care.

Nick: Well, there should be, because my sister-in-law did go back home, for the sole purpose of revenge. After you declared her sane, doctor, she -- [Sighs] She came back home and murdered a man.

Phyllis: So, Victoria did not tell you either way? To put you out of your misery?

Billy: I gave her an out. I handed her my resignation.

Phyllis: So you willingly are the fall guy?

Billy: Yes, because it's the right thing to do. Look, I'm the idiot who made the wise crack about betting, okay? But she didn't accept it. At least not yet.

Phyllis: Would it be so horrible if you left brash & sassy!?

Billy: I don't know why you'd ask me that, okay? The deal with the hockey league is still on. It was my idea, I made it happen. Yes, I screwed up, but that doesn't change how much I put into this campaign, how much I put into this company, okay? It matters to me.

Phyllis: Okay. I hear you. I understand. But it's a little complicated there right now. You said yourself that Victoria runs hot and cold. I mean, it's tough with an ex, okay? Especially when that ex is signing your paychecks. I know all about that!

Billy: Victoria and I are in a good place. We work well together. We compliment each other's skill set. If it wasn't for cane, it'd be an ideal work environment.

Phyllis: And yet she did not accept your resignation. The league wants a fall guy, and in your eyes, it's your responsibility. But why is Victoria keeping you around? What is her real reason?

Victoria: Come in. Juliet, I just wanted to hear your take on what happened in los Angeles. You know, now that some time has passed, do you have anything to add, any information on why things went so horribly wrong?

Juliet: It's all I think about. I've replayed it over in my head a million times. I was -- I was trying so hard to be on top of things, anticipate everyone's needs. "The Hilary hour" was last-minute and very rushed. Cane and Billy were both pushing to get the behind-the-scenes footage over to the league ASAP for immediate approval. And when I called to get the league's thumbs up, I reacted too quickly. It was a terrible mistake. I will not make that again.

Victoria: I appreciate you saying that. And I did make the case to the league that it was just an unfortunate series of events and not one single person's fault. But professional sports deal in wins and losses, black and white.

Juliet: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: There are no shades of gray. So, I have your take on things, and I also got Billy's take on things, and even though his face was on the screen, it's obvious that you made the major error.

Juliet: What's hap-- what's happening here? Didn't you just fire Billy?

Victoria: No. I did not.

Reed: So, what are you studying for?

Mattie: A quiz my teacher postponed.

Reed: When's the make-up?

Mattie: I don't know.

Reed: You're studying for a quiz that might not happen?

Mattie: It'll happen eventually.

Reed: Some serious dedication. I don't think I've seen you around. What grade are you in?

Mattie: Sophomore.

Reed: Me, too. It's funny, I figured I'd, like, run into you in the halls or something. That'll explain it. [Chuckles]

Mattie: What does?

Reed: Walnut grove. My dad's an alum, but the music program at GC high is better. Are you into music?

Mattie: Ed Sheeran is kind of great, Kendrick Lamar...

Reed: You've got some pretty cool taste. I figured you'd say something like one direction, or...

Mattie: [Laughs] Private schools aren't your thing, and neither are boy bands. Noted.

Reed: Yeah, but I can appreciate them and realize that they work for some people.

Mattie: That's big of you.

Reed: Well, um, I guess I'll let you get back to studying for your non-quiz.

Mattie: Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the coffee.

Reed: Yeah. Were you ever planning on telling me your name?

Mattie: Oh, yeah, it's, uh, Mattie.

Reed: Well, Mattie, if we crash into each other again, you can get the next round.

Cane: Oh, damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Hey, baby! You here?

Lily: Hey. Your meeting's over? What happened? What did Victoria say? Cane? Hello? Can you talk to me? What are you looking for?

Cane: Uh, I'm looking for that flash drive that Hilary gave you with the video on it. Have you seen it?

Lily: Why? What's going on?

Cane: Do you know where it is? Do you know where that flash drive is?

Lily: Okay, now you're really worrying me.

Cane: Okay, just tell me you haven't sent it to your agent.

Cane: Okay, so, the deal with the hockey league is still a go, but if someone sees the footage that's on this flash drive with Billy making jokes with the players about betting on their own games, then we're toast.

Lily: Well, I was gonna send it to Barry, but I hadn't had a chance to check it out yet.

Cane: I'm sorry this has happened to you, all right? I expressed the same thing to Victoria.

Lily: I know. I'm just -- I'm sad that no one's gonna see my commercial and that I can't send it to Barry.

Cane: I hate that this has happened, okay? This kills me for you. But you are going to have other interviews, and there will be other commercials, okay?

Lily: I guess stardom will have to wait a little while longer. Well, what are you gonna do with it?

Cane: Well, there's no such thing as too safe, given what's in this file.

Billy: I think you're looking into this a little bit too much, okay? Despite what happened, Victoria knows how committed I am to this campaign and to this company. That being said, she can still give me the boot.

Phyllis: She's not gonna accept the resignation, but she's gonna fire you?

Billy: Yet. She's not gonna accept my resignation yet.

Phyllis: Oh, that's comforting.

Billy: Look, even if she does keep me on, what ulterior motive do you think she has?

Phyllis: Maybe she wants to keep you close.

Billy: We have two kids together. She doesn't have to give me a job to keep me close.

Phyllis: Maybe she wants to punish you.

Billy: Okay, you need to rein it in a little bit here.

Phyllis: Maybe. Tell me, why wouldn't she want to just keep you off-balance, you know, remind you who's boss?

Billy: Because that's not who Victoria is, okay? She might have some of her father's killer instinct, but she's not vindictive. She's been nothing but fair and straightforward with me.

Victoria: Billy made a careless joke in poor taste.

Juliet: But yet you didn't fire him? I'm confused.

Victoria: He offered his resignation.

Juliet: But you refused.

Victoria: [Sighs] Look, the public would have never seen that clip if you would have handled things properly.

Juliet: I thought I did, but things were moving so quickly, and the interview was going live any minute, that I -- look, I'm not trying to stand here and make excuses for myself. What's done is done. That can't be changed. But going forward --

Victoria: Juliet. Listen, you're a hard worker. You are creative and you're clever, but you made a rookie mistake and you need to learn from it.

Juliet: Victoria, please, just hear me out.

Victoria: I've heard enough. I am going to give you a glowing recommendation, and I am gonna make sure that no one knows the details of your termination.

Juliet: Termination?

Victoria: Yes. Juliet, you're fired.

Chelsea: Chloe confessed to me that she did go home for a brief period of time and that she did take a man's life. So she's very damaged and very destructive.

Dr. Harris: Look, this has never happened to me before. I -- if Chloe is still out there alone, untreated, dangerous... you have no idea where she might be?

Nick: None. That's why my wife and I came to see you, dr. Harris. Do you know anyone who might know where Chloe currently is?

Dr. Harris: Look, I -- I have no idea where she might be right now. [Sighs] Look, please, if you find her, let me know. I wish you both luck. I hope you find Chloe soon.

Nick: Thanks.

Chelsea: So do we.

Nick: What now?

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: What are you calling me for?

Dr. Harris: She was here, the woman you warned me about. She pushed a story about being Chloe's concerned sister. And she wasn't alone.

Victor: Who was she with?

Dr. Harris: Some young man. He claimed that he was her husband, but I didn't see a ring on him.

Victor: Did you get rid of them?

Dr. Harris: I did.

Victor: And no mention of my name or of our connection?

Dr. Harris: Not a word. But this is not what I signed on for, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Listen carefully. This is exactly what you signed on for. Chloe Mitchell is the reason I pay you so handsomely. You do as I ask.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: Drinks are on me tonight, and if you want to vent, I'm here to listen.

Dr. Harris: I told them that I didn't know where you were, and they believed me. They are gone now. There's no reason to be upset.

Nick: We could try again, you know? It's not too late.

Chelsea: Let's go back inside.

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