Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/24/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/24/17


Episode # 11177 ~ Ashley adopts a new strategy to deal with her family issues; Noah is suspicious of Tessa; Abby keeps a secret.

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What happened between us in Tokyo was a mistake. And I want you to know that I'll never forgive myself for what I did. [Breathes deeply]

Juliet: I'm sorry. I'm normally not this emotional. It's just... I'm worried about the company, losing my job.

Cane: You don't have to be sorry. I'm worried, too.

Juliet: Is there anything we can do to help fix this?

Cane: No, this is out of our hands now.

[Guitar strumming]

Tessa: Nice! Nailed it, yeah.

Reed: Thanks. Mind if we take a fiver?

Tessa: Yeah, sure.

Reed: Cool. Yo, barkeep! Mind getting us a couple waters?

Noah: Yeah, come and get 'em.

Reed: Hey, it's really cool of you to let us use the underground to practice.

Noah: Oh, happy to do it.

Tessa: All right, so... let's run through that chord I taught you, okay? So, it's a cadd9, okay?

Reed: Yeah.

[Off-key note plays]

Tessa: Oh. Damn it. Uh...

Reed: You know, I think I got it.

Tessa: No, I want you to listen and then play.

Reed: O-okay.

[Off-key note plays]

Reed: You know, it's cool. I --

Tessa: Just give me a few minutes. Okay?

Reed: Um, yeah. I'll just...be in the back.

Noah: Everything okay?

Tessa: Yeah. I just can't get these stupid chords right.

Noah: Oh, okay. Come on, Tessa. We both know it's not about the chords.

Tessa: Then what is it about?

Noah: Are you still upset about the guy giving you a hard time the other night? I mean, the whole thing had you pretty freaked out.

Tessa: Look, I'm just having a bad day.

Noah: Why you lying to me?

Abby: Why did you want to meet me after all these years?

Dina: Mm, blunt and direct -- I like those qualities.

Abby: I expect the same.

Dina: Your mother didn't want me to see you, dear. She kept us apart.

Abby: If you had any interest in meeting me, you could've reached out. When I was in boarding school in Europe, when I lived with mom in London, not too far away from your home base in Paris.

Dina: Dear, you're absolutely right. I... I have no excuse. But to tell you the truth... I was afraid.

Abby: From what I've heard, nothing frightens you.

Dina: Your mother does.

Ashley: Hey.

Jack: Hey!

Ashley: You look happy.

Jack: I am ecstatic. You should be, too.

Ashley: Did I miss the latest sales report? No. So this has to do with Billy and the hockey-league fiasco, right?

Jack: Now that brash & sassy has been put in the penalty box, we're gonna have to turn up our offense and put a biscuit in the basket.

Ashley: Put a what in the what?

Jack: It's a hockey term.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: Put a puck in the net.

Ashley: Just really great, jack.

Jack: Score a goal!

Ashley: Okay! Enough with the sports lingo, please. And besides, you shouldn't be dancing on somebody's grave until you actually know there is one. Victoria's in Toronto. She's trying to fix this horrible mess. Last time the two of you tangled, you got ejected from the game.

Jack: The hole's been dug, the dirt's been shoveled.

Ashley: And we have moved on to funeral metaphors, apparently.

Jack: Only a matter of time before the headstone's engraved.

Ashley: You want to see brash & sassy go completely out of business.

Jack: I would not shed a single tear. And protest all you will, I doubt you would, either.

Lily: Mattie? Charlie? Anyone home? I need some help, please.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Oh. Oh, gosh. Oh. Hello? Uh, no, not interested. Oh, my gosh.

Mattie: Looking for this?

Lily: Hey, honey.

Mattie: Hi.

Lily: Wow. You're loaded down today.

Mattie: Tons of studying. How come everything is always due on the same day? Don't teachers ever talk to each other?

Lily: [Chuckles] You'll get it done. You always do.

Mattie: But I don't like to just get it done. I like for everything to be perfect.

Lily: Listen, I am happy that you set the bar so high for yourself, but please try to cut yourself some slack, okay?

Mattie: All right. Thanks, mom.

Tessa: Don't call me a liar, Noah. I'm allowed to have a bad day now and again.

Noah: I didn't mean to upset you... any more than you already are.

Tessa: [Chuckles]

Noah: That's what I was looking for.

Tessa: I'm sorry. I guess I'm not as good at hiding things as I think I am.

Noah: Are we still on for tonight?

Tessa: Actually, uh... tonight's not gonna work.

Noah: Really? Why?

Tessa: You know, with the benefit coming up, Nikki's gonna need my help, so...

Noah: Benefit stuff, huh?

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Sure it's not because of whatever's got you in this funk? Hey, we're closed.

Kendall: Oh, it's cool. I'm with reed. Well, I'm looking for him. Is he here?

Tessa: He's in the back.

Kendall: Oh. I'll go find him.

Tessa: Reed! He's coming out.

Kendall: Thanks. You're so helpful.

Reed: Yeah? [Chuckles] Um...hey, Kendall. What's going on?

Kendall: Oh, Zoey told me you'd be practicing here. Thought I'd get a private show.

Reed: Uh, she's not with you?

Kendall: Nope. Just me. I haven't seen you since I found your wallet and dropped it off at the ranch.

Reed: Yeah, I've been in loner mode.

Kendall: Oh. Working on your music. I get it. But Zoey hates it.

Reed: Yeah, but she's been busy, too. I mean, with studying and cheerleading and volunteering...

Kendall: If you're done with your lesson, let's go catch a movie. We certainly had a good time with the last one.

Reed: You know I'm still going out with Zoey, right?

Kendall: I just want to hang out -- as friends.

Reed: Yeah, that'd be fun. Um...maybe we could get a group together and go catch a movie next weekend.

Kendall: Yeah. Sounds fun.

Reed: I'm gonna get back to my lesson.

Kendall: Oh. Cool.

Tessa: Bye.

Noah: Do you know what my favorite part about being a bartender is?

Tessa: Mm, free pretzels?

Noah: Ooh, close. Listening to other people's stories.

Tessa: Noah...

Noah: There's just something about... opening up to a stranger that makes things a little better, so imagine how it must feel opening up to somebody who actually cares about you.

Juliet: No, that's a rumor. Ms. Thompson, I agreed to speak with you -- [Breathes deeply] No comment.

[Ringtone chimes]

Ashley: I didn't like it very much when brash & sassy took over my lab, and I haven't liked it very much having them in the building, frankly. But wishing them into extinction, I think, is taking it too far.

Jack: After Billy's latest debacle, we will pick up a giant chunk of their market share. I thought you'd be all over that.

Ashley: We all know how you feel about Billy. Yes, we know he's made his fair share of mistakes --

Jack: He's made more than his fair share.

Ashley: He's our brother. We need to wish the best for him, not the worst.

Jack: What is bad for Billy and brash & sassy is good for us and jabot. Oh, and while you're feeling protective of your family, maybe you could offer the same protection to our mother.

Ravi: Greetings. Got the updated info, as you requested.

Jack: Ashley will look at that for you.

Ashley: You can just put it on the desk, Ravi, thank you.

Ravi: Uh... forgive me for being presumptuous, but I see a dark cloud over your head. Now, before it starts pouring rain, I'd like to offer my services as a metaphorical umbrella.

Ashley: Don't you dare say that you want to try meditation, because what's banging around in my head right now, nothing can help that.

Ravi: How can I help?

Ashley: Could you create an app to make my mother disappear?

Dina: Despite what you may have heard... I have feelings, too. And after the decision that I made... it haunts me every day of my life.

Abby: Why? Why did you leave your family?

Dina: I was young and immature, and I wasn't fit to be a mother. I wanted my own life. And... by having kids, I couldn't have that. I was selfish. And... I just [Sniffles] Took the easy way out.

Abby: Have you explained that to mom?

Dina: Many times, and it falls on deaf ears. But I don't think there's anything I could say to ease her pain... and my guilt.

Abby: So, that's why you didn't contact me? You were afraid of upsetting her.

Dina: And that's why I kept my distance -- keep the peace. But, Abby, you are a lovely, intelligent woman. And you can decide who you want to have in your life.

Abby: Are you saying that you want us to have a relationship?

Dina: Do you think it's possible for the two of us to spend more time together?

Abby: I, um... I-I don't know. Maybe it's too late.

Dina: Oh, it's never too late. Never. Abby... Abby, you are an intelligent, beautiful woman. And victor Newman, well, he's so proud of you to be part of his company.

Abby: I know you talked to dad about me.

Dina: Well, yes, and he has the greatest admiration for you and your loyalty to the company.

Abby: Well, you and my dad certainly have a history, don't you?

Dina: Oh, we sure do. We go way back.

Abby: Not all good.

Dina: Why do you say that?

Abby: I called your office the other day on behalf of Newman.

Dina: That was you?

Abby: And you seemed pretty upset at the thought of my dad buying your company.

Dina: Well, when it comes to victor and I and business negotiations, we don't always see eye to eye.

Abby: I know the feeling.

Dina: Oh?

Abby: Never mind.

Dina: It mustn't be easy, being an Abbott amongst Newmans.

Abby: I try to honor both of my families and not get in the middle of the feud between my dad and uncle jack.

Dina: Well, what about the Newman kids? Do they accept you?

Abby: We're a family in all sense of the word. We laugh together, we cry, we -- we fight.

Dina: Oh?

Abby: Victoria and I have been...butting heads recently.

Dina: About?

Abby: She's jealous that dad chose me to succeed him at Newman. She feels that Newman is her entitlement.

Dina: Well, sibling rivalry aside, I'm so glad that you have a happy, loving, supportive family, dear. That's been missing from my life. I definitely want to rectify that. And, please...please don't say it's too late.

Ravi: Did I say "storm"? You know, it sounds like a category 5 hurricane. I mean, I can't believe she went to your ex-husband to get you to forgive her.

Ashley: Yes. She's a master of manipulation. And I don't care who she tries to get to change my mind. It's never gonna work. You know, every time I'm around her, I just revert back to that same little girl that she abandoned. I feel so scared and alone and confused. She knows exactly what buttons to push to make me feel that way, and, honestly, I think she does it on purpose sometimes. What kind of a person, what kind of a parent would do that to their child, Ravi? I mean, I would never do that to Abby, not ever.

Ravi: It's obvious you two have a different, much healthier relationship than you have with Dina. Considering the childhood trauma you experienced, it's remarkable but not unexpected. You're an amazing, intuitive woman. Just trust your gut when it comes to dealing with your mother. You'll know if what she's saying is false or not.

Ashley: You... are an excellent umbrella. Thank you for understanding why I'm a little reluctant to believe one word out of my mother's mouth.

Ravi: I do understand.

Ashley: I wish my brother did. He thinks I'm too mean to Dina. He thinks I should let go of the past. And yet, how ironic, every time I tell him he needs to forgive Billy, he just wants to seek more revenge. Now, you tell me, who's the real hypocrite here?

Jack: Didn't I tell you it was only a matter of time before things would blow up in Billy's face?

Cane: You were right, jack. You were right.

Jack: Everything you wanted -- Billy out of brash & sassy. I have to admit, it happened sooner than I thought it would. So, how did things go off the rails so quickly?

Cane: Well, he thought there was a mix-up and that the league had approved the behind-the-scenes footage.

Jack: And obviously, he thought wrong, or the footage of him with the players talking about gambling would never have seen the light of day. Am I correct in assuming that?

Cane: I would say so, because what aired on "the Hilary hour" was not meant to be seen by the public.

Jack: Classic Billy. Give him enough rope, he will hang himself every time.

Cane: Well, let's just hope he doesn't choke the company in the process.

Jack: No, no, no. Victoria's not gonna let that happen. She will cut all ties with Billy if she can get that deal back, which puts you in the perfect position. She's gonna need a strong right hand that she can count on. Best of all, you didn't have to get your hands dirty. Billy did this all on his own.

Zoey: Is reed gonna be at the underground for a while?

Kendall: Probably. He was still practicing when I left. Why?

Zoey: Remember that hot lacrosse player from walnut grove?

Kendall: The one we met at Astrid's party?

Zoey: Mm-hmm. He wants to hang out with me.

Kendall: Cool.

Zoey: So, I will text him to meet me here.

Kendall: What about reed?

Zoey: What about him?

Kendall: You're dating.

Zoey: It's more of a casual thing.

Kendall: That's not what reed thinks.

Zoey: Well, that's his problem. Want to grab a drink? I'm thirsty.

[Ringtone chimes]

[Guitar strumming]

Reed: We done?

Tessa: Yeah. Unless you want to practice more.

Reed: No, I'm gonna head over to crimson lights and meet up with a couple of friends. All right. Later.

Tessa: Later.

Reed: See ya.

Noah: You don't have to leave.

Tessa: If I stay, I'm not talking.

Noah: Fine with me. You want a drink?

Tessa: I'm not blowing you off.

Noah: What? Do you want --

Tessa: I'm not blowing you off --

Noah: Sorry. You first.

Tessa: I'm not blowing you off. I'm just not the...share-y, feely, touchy type.

Noah: Yeah, I got that about you. But I thought that you had a good time on our date.

Tessa: I did. Listen... you're a cool guy... and I'm just a weird chick who's never had many friends, but... tonight's not about you or that guy who heckled me. I just... god, I overreacted, and I went all crazy on him.

Noah: If you need extra cash... we could use a bouncer.

Tessa: Is everything just a joke to you?

Noah: I didn't -- I don't --

Tessa: Look, sometimes you need to defend yourself, 'cause no one else is gonna do it for you, okay?

Noah: Okay. Whoa. Look, first, you tell me that you're fine, then you're biting my head off. Tessa, what is going on?

Tessa: I'm leaving Genoa city.

Juliet: Hello? Hilary?

Hilary: Juliet, hey. Come over. How are you?

Juliet: Ah, frazzled.

Hilary: Yeah, of course. I'm sorry. Stupid question. Go ahead, sit, sit.

Juliet: So, your text said you wanted help with the brash & sassy problem?

Hilary: I actually think that I can be a little more useful to you, personally.

Juliet: I don't follow.

Hilary: I went to brash & sassy earlier to talk to Billy, but he wasn't there. But you were there with, uh... cane, and I overheard the two of you talking. It was a total accident, I swear. I cannot believe that you spent the night with him in Tokyo.

Dina: It's wonderful that you and Ashley are so close.

Abby: But it's not always sunshine and rainbows. We do argue and disagree sometimes.

Dina: [Chuckles] Well, I've had my share of knockdown-dragouts with your mother, too. But john and Ashley...

Abby: You know, I really do think that she wishes that she had that kind of relationship with you.

Dina: Oh, you're just saying that, dear.

Abby: No, I'm not. I'm being sincere. Just like I believe that you really are serious about making amends.

Dina: Oh, I am, Abby.

Abby: Anything I can do to help, I will.

Dina: Oh, you have no idea how much that means to me. And thank you for accepting my invitation and coming by.

Abby: I'm glad I finally got to meet my, um... okay. What should I call you?

[Both laugh]

Dina: Well, I don't know. I haven't even thought about it.

Abby: Um, okay. What about "grandma"?

Dina: Ah, don't you dare.

Abby: [Laughs]

Dina: Call me Dina, honey.

Abby: Okay -- Dina.

Dina: Oh.

Lily: You're already studying? You just got home.

Mattie: It's for the AP bio test.

Lily: Isn't that next week?

Mattie: If I want a 5 on the placement test, I have to start studying now.

Lily: Honey, you're a sophomore. You don't have to worry about college or placements for a while.

Mattie: If I was as gorgeous and as perfect as you, I could skip college and become a model. But since that's not going to happen, I need my grades to be perfect.

Lily: Why would you say that?

Mattie: Charlie got the looks, and I got the brains. It's no biggie.

Lily: Yes, it is a biggie. You are gorgeous.

Mattie: Mom...

Lily: Okay. I'll stop. [Sighs] No text from Charlie. Where do you think your brother is?

Mattie: Probably with some poor, unsuspecting girl who's soon going to realize that worshipping him only leads to heartache.

Reed: Hey, Kendall. Um, where's Zoey at?

Kendall: Oh, she's on the patio. She's been there a while.

Reed: Thanks. I'll be back. What the hell, man?!

Charlie: Back off, dude! You know this freak?

Reed: I'm her boyfriend.

Charlie: You're dating this guy?

Zoey: We went on a few dates.

Reed: Zoey, what's going on?

Zoey: You'd rather spend more time playing music than hanging out with me. I'm sick of competing with your stupid guitar.

Charlie: Oh, that's got to sting. Tell you what, man. You go back to band practice, and, uh...I'll take care of things here.

Reed: Zoey, who is this blockhead?

Charlie: Name's Charlie, dude. You got a problem with that?

Juliet: You must have heard wrong.

Hilary: Cane said that he would never forgive himself for what happened that night in Tokyo.

Juliet: That. No, he was just embarrassed because he offended the distribution executive and almost lost the Asian market deal.

Hilary: I'm not an idiot. I know that that's not what he meant. Look, I'm not here to judge you, okay? God knows I've been in the exact same situation. I want to help you. But in order for me to... give you any advice, I kind of need to know what happened. So...how long has the affair been going on?

Juliet: It's not an affair. Cane and I had sex one time.

Ravi: Why do you think jack feels so differently towards your mother than you do?

Ashley: Because he was always her favorite. And I'm sure that's why he has a soft spot for her now. Although he's just as scarred as the rest of us.

Ravi: You think you're scarred?

Ashley: Are you kidding? Have you taken a peek into our personal lives? Jack has gone from one failed marriage to the next. I'm not too far behind. God, I just avoid personal connections and spend all my time at work.

Ravi: Well, not all your time.

Ashley: True. And you do get a lot of credit for making me experience new things. However, even you have to admit, sometimes it's an uphill battle.

Ravi: Well, if it means introducing you to new experiences, that is a battle I will gladly fight.

Dina: Ashley!

Ashley: Hello...mother.

Hilary: I'm a little surprised. I mean, cane and lily... they seem happy, solid.

Juliet: They are. Look, it was no big deal. It just happened. Drinks were involved. And, yes, I know how that sounds, but it's true. We were celebrating and partied a little too much. Cane was out of it, so I helped him back to his room... and one thing led to another. I left after he went to sleep, and when I met him for breakfast, he had a grade-a, number-one hangover. His mind was a total fog. I'm not even sure how much he remembered, which was fine with me, because it meant nothing. I have zero interest in cane.

Hilary: But after you had sex with him, you got the job at brash & sassy. So do you think that sleeping with him had something to do with that?

Juliet: No. That is an awful thing to suggest.

Hilary: Well, I'm just giving you an onlooker's perspective. But either way... it doesn't look very good.

Juliet: This isn't a gossip-show scandal, Hilary, so if you're planning to mention it on your show, don't bother. I will deny everything, and so will cane.

Hilary: "The Hilary hour" does not do salacious gossip anymore. But I do want to empower women to live their best life. So if there's a supervisor who's taking advantage of you...

Juliet: He's not.

Hilary: ...Or a wife who's being cheated on, then I feel like it's my responsibility --

Juliet: Okay. No. Stop right there. Don't even think about telling lily.

Lily: So, did you have any time with grandpa Neil while we were in L.A.?

Mattie: Yeah, he told me all about the new business him and uncle Devon bought.

Lily: I hope that's not all you guys talked about.

Mattie: We played some hoops. But I kept asking about his new business, so Charlie got bored and bailed. I can't help it. Business management is one of my electives, so I got curious. If aunt Olivia had stayed with us, I would've asked her all about medical school since I want to become a surgeon.

Cane: Wait, wait, a surgeon? I thought you were gonna become a C.E.O. And take over the world like your dad. Come here.

Mattie: Hi, dad!

Cane: Hey, baby. Oh.

Reed: This is the kind of guy you want to be seen with? A dimwitted jock?

Charlie: You need to stop coming at me with all that noise, Mozart.

Reed: Mozart played piano, dillweed.

Charlie: I'm gonna knock some teeth out of that mouth if you don't bounce.

Reed: I'd like to see you try. Don't get twisted, brah. You can have her. I'll bounce. Thanks a lot. I hope you're happy.

Noah: So, when did you decide to leave town?

Tessa: Well, I never said that I was staying forever. Need some cash, and now it's time to hit the road.

Noah: That's it, huh? What about reed's lessons or grandma's benefit or -- I don't know -- whatever this is.

Tessa: I'm replaceable, Noah.

Noah: No, you're not. You're a one-off.

Tessa: Barely know me.

Noah: And I guess I'll never get the chance to since you're running away again, like you did with your family.

Tessa: Cheap shot, Noah.

Noah: Yeah, well, guess what -- I don't have a problem fighting dirty, especially when I'm trying to convince somebody to stick around that I actually care about.

Dina: Hello. I'm Dina Mergeron.

Ashley: This is Ravi Shapur. He's our... he's our lead software designer.

Dina: Oh, you're the brains behind all those innovative apps, hmm?

Ravi: Well, I just wrote the code. Your daughter came up with the concepts.

Dina: Oh, yes, but far more complicated than that, young man.

Ashley: Listen to her closely. She knows complicated.

Dina: Is jack here?

Ashley: No, he's not. And I don't know when he'll be back.

Dina: Well, I probably should've called first, but I just wanted to pop in and surprise him. And turns out, I get to see you again -- and meet your friend.

Ashley: He's my colleague.

Dina: Oh, like graham and me?

Ravi: I'll give you guys some privacy. Uh, if you need any notes or need an umbrella, I'll be in my office. It was a pleasure, ma'am.

Dina: Likewise. Ooh-hoo-hoo! La-Dee da-dee doo. Seems like you have a young man in your life. Well, I guess we have more in common than I thought.

Ashley: You can wait in here for jack. I have a report to read.

Dina: I had a delightful visit with Abby earlier.

Ashley: You what?

Dina: You know, my granddaughter is just as attractive and smart as her mother.

Ashley: You stay the hell away from my daughter. I will not let you destroy her life the way you destroyed mine.

Dina: You know, Ashley, I regret everything I did to you, but I will not stand here and let you trash my character when you have done the same thing in your life.

Ashley: What the hell are you talking about? I never abandoned my child.

Dina: No, but you lied about her paternity.

Ashley: You're comparing what you did -- what you did -- to what I did? I never cheated on brad. I never lied to the man that I loved for years. Brad always knew that Abby was not his child, mother.

Dina: Well, you weren't very forthcoming, dear.

Ashley: Well, at least Abby and victor have a relationship. And at least she was never burdened with the secret as to her true paternity. So don't you dare stand there and judge me, you self-righteous --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey! What the heck is going on here?

Ashley: Get her out of here! She doesn't belong here.

Jack: Mother?

Dina: Well, I came to see you with wonderful news.

Jack: Oh?

Ashley: Don't, jack. Don't go down the rabbit hole, please.

Jack: I think we should hear what she has to say.

Ashley: I've heard enough to last a lifetime.

Dina: [Crying]

[Door slams] Oh, thank you, son.

Jack: That was a real row I walked in on. Care to explain?

Dina: Well, Ashley's angry and hurt, and I don't blame her one bit, but let's just leave it at that, please.

Jack: You said you had some news.

Dina: I do. I met Abby.

Jack: How did that go?

Dina: Oh, it was wonderful. She seems to feel like she wants to forge a relationship with me.

Jack: You really want to reconnect with everyone.

Dina: I want my family together again. All of us. Is that what you want?

Jack: A part of me.

Dina: Just a part?

Jack: It's gonna take some time, mother.

Dina: Well, of course. I mean, all the wounds that I've inflicted on you and your sisters... I'm so sorry.

Jack: You are not to blame for every horrible thing that has happened in our lives. I hope you can take that to heart.

Tessa: There was this guy.

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: This guy I used to know from Chicago. And I saw him at the coffee house. He didn't see me. And...I need to keep it that way.

Noah: Was he a friend, ex, or...?

Tessa: Something like that.

Noah: Well, the guy must be pretty bad news if you... would rather leave town than run into him. What did he do to you?

Tessa: Nothing like that. It... he's a nice guy at first. And then he's not.

Noah: Did you date the guy?

Tessa: Not in the way you think. Look... we just... we ran in the same group for a while.

Noah: Just... did -- did he give you trouble? Was he abusive?

Tessa: I've already said too much, all right? I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Noah: Okay. That's cool. I respect that. Listen, maybe the guy's just passing through. Maybe he's already left town.

Tessa: I can't chance that.

Noah: Well, if he's dangerous, you're better off just sticking around here.

Tessa: That's not what I meant.

Noah: Okay, look. You're clearly freaked out by this. You shouldn't have to live in fear, Tessa. You deserve better than that. Now, I won't let anything happen to you. I promise. But you have to trust me, okay? Can you do that?

Juliet: Lily is a good friend. I know you don't like her, but if you tell her I slept with her husband, if you rip her family apart... that would cross a line that you could never come back from.

Hilary: Calm down. I never said that I was gonna tell lily or anyone else, for that matter. It's your secret.

Juliet: It was strongly implied.

Hilary: You're being a little overly dramatic, don't you think?

Juliet: If you tell anyone about what happened in Tokyo, I will personally make sure you live to regret it. How's that for dramatic?

Mattie: So, how'd the shoot go? When do I get to see my mom starring in her first commercial?

[Cell phone chimes]

Mattie: Oh. I'm sorry. That's mine. I set a timer to remind me to do my French homework.

Lily: Okay. Here you go.

Mattie: A bientot.

Lily: A bientot. Any word from Victoria? Do we still have a campaign with the hockey league?

Dina: You were always so special, son. Such a sensitive child.

Jack: I'm not sure anyone would believe that these days.

Dina: Mothers see what no one else does.

Ravi: Hey. Your mother leave?

Ashley: No. She's in there with jack. I had to get out of there.

Ravi: I'm guessing buttons were pushed?

Ashley: She met with my daughter behind my back. She said they had a delightful conversation. I know exactly what she's trying to do. She's trying to fill Abby's head with her version of events, and that's exactly what she's doing with jack right now, and she's not gonna leave until she has him in the palm of her hand.

Ravi: Hey. Breathe. Now, I apologize for being direct, but...

Ashley: You're gonna give me advice, aren't you? And I'm not gonna like it.

Ravi: Yeah, actually, on both accounts. Right. You can't get angry. When you get angry, it gives your mother the upper hand. But if you're calm and -- and you swallow your pride and you show a little kindness...

Ashley: Mm.

Ravi: ...You take the power back. Think how good that'll make you feel.

Cane: Looks like the future of brash & sassy is still hanging in limbo.

Lily: Well, let's just keep this to ourselves. I don't want to stress the twins out. I mean, Mattie already puts so much pressure on herself as it is. How different can twins be, huh?

Lily: Everything comes see easily for Charlie. Doesn't have a care in the world. Unlike us.

Cane: Look, even if we lose this hockey deal, it's gonna be a setback for the company, but we'll survive.

Lily: I wish I had your confidence.

Cane: Well, in that case, I will have to have enough confidence for the both of us. Because, no matter what happens, we have our family, and we have each other.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Cane: I love you.

Lily: I love you, too.

Hilary: How long has the affair been going on?

Juliet: It's not an affair. Cane and I had sex one time.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: This is a little worrisome. What has victor done now to make you talk like that?

Mariah: Is that it? Tomorrow's big story?

Juliet: Hilary knows about our one-night stand. and I promised never to embarrass them but they're grown and I'm enjoying my life and I'm not worried about being so upright.

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