Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17


Episode # 11176 ~ Billy scrambles to recover from a scandal; Lily spreads her wings; Dina turns to Victor for help.

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Billy: This is some triumphant return. Our awesome, extremely expensive commercial may never see the air, unless Victoria can save the day.

Phyllis: I know the waiting is tough, but you've got to keep hoping for the best.

Billy: Come on. I mean, I was joking, but even kidding around with professional athletes about betting on a championship game -- what was I thinking? Especially with a guy shooting video. I didn't mean it. It wasn't meant to be taken serious. It shouldn't have been this huge scandal.

Phyllis: Well, I just hope Victoria can convince the board of governors to let this go.

Billy: Victoria doesn't want me there, which I don't blame her. I mean, I've stepped in it enough already.

Phyllis: I have a feeling that she is going to make a strong case to turn this around. Hey. You're gonna get through this. You're not gonna have to do it alone, okay?

Juliet: Oops. My bad.

Phyllis: Nope, that's okay. I was just getting ready to go to work. If you need me...

Billy: [Sighs] You don't look so good.

Juliet: That makes two of us.

Billy: [Sighs] Why is this happening? How, off an innocent joke, can everything go to hell so fast?

Cane: Still no news from Victoria.

Lily: Maybe no news is good news.

Cane: Isn't that what they say before bad things happen?

Lily: Honey, come on.

Cane: [Sighs] Okay, there was a plan. All they had to do was stick to the plan, but no, everyone gets cute, and everyone thought they'd improvise.

Lily: But Juliet's contact said it was okay to air that footage on Hilary's show.

Cane: But the league hadn't finished watching the footage yet, okay? This is like the perfect storm of miscommunication. If I had known that Victoria was gonna air the clips on a live broadcast, I would've said no, don't do it, stop, stop, don't do it.

Lily: Wait. The idea was to promote what we've all been working so hard on. Why would you want to stop that?

Chelsea: See? You show up without carbs and I still just let you in.

Nick: You're in a good mood.

Chelsea: Yeah, I have reason to be.

Nick: Ah, the hospital in California -- you found someone to talk to you about Chloe.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, they weren't gonna talk to me over the phone or give me any information, so I flew to san Francisco and met with the administrator in person.

Nick: Wow. You don't waste any time.

Chelsea: No. I told her I was not gonna leave that office until she gave me some answers, so we are one step closer to finding out where Chloe really is.

[Intercom buzzes]

Victor: Yes? Who? Oh, my goodness. Let her in. My goodness.

Dina: [Laughs]

Victor: If it isn't... how nice to see you. Come in.

Dina: Thank you.

Victor: Dina Mergeron, the haute couture lady from Paris. My goodness, my goodness.

Dina: Well, it's good to be back, Victor.

Ashley: Nine years, Jack. That's how long it's been since mother has deigned to visit Genoa city. Now she breezes back into town because she wants to parent us again? How gullible can you be?

Jack: She is the only mother we have. I'd like to hear what she has to say.

Ashley: Why? Do you enjoy getting burned? Because that's what she does to us, over and over and over again.

Jack: To me, it is worth the risk.

Ashley: Okay, you know what? Do whatever you need to do, then, but just leave me out of it, okay?

Jack: Come in.

Phyllis: Want you to know I'm back working out of the office.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Phyllis: Yeah, me too. I mean, I needed that rest. That was a nasty virus.

Jack: I'll bet the weather in los Angeles helped, too.

Hilary: I want to air my piece with Julie Chen as soon as possible.

Mariah: I am incredibly envious. Landing an interview with somebody like that?

Hilary: Well, what about you? I saw your piece with Dina Mergeron. It was done remarkably well.

Mariah: Wow. I thought I was gonna get this whole tutorial on how you would've done it differently and better and how I'm never allowed near an important guest again.

Hilary: Well, if you want some constructive criticism, I can --

Mariah: No, no. I really don't.

Hilary: I figured.

Mariah: You should go to L.A. More often. I've never seen you this mellow. When you were doing that interview with lily, I was like, "whoa. What happened? Are they friends or what?"

Hilary: [Scoffs] Hardly. Playing nice with that woman made my skin crawl. But I am a professional, so whatever it takes to get the job done.

Lily: You really think my interview would've been enough?

Cane: Well, for the first part of the campaign, yeah, 'cause all we needed was you, brand ambassador, talking up the, uh, the campaign and dare with the hockey tie-in. I mean, we didn't need the behind-the-scene footage until the next part of the campaign, which is for online, so...

Lily: Yeah, that makes sense.

Cane: Well, that was the plan. Then the league goes and sees its two star players talking on camera with Billy about betting on their own games, and now everything's just gonna go... [Sighs]

Lily: So what's the worst-case scenario?

Cane: There's no hockey tie-in, give us bad press, we spent all this money on this commercial that no one's gonna see. I mean, that's what I'm upset about. And for you, I just feel bad for you, doing all this hard work and now it's gonna go down the tubes.

Lily: No, no. Look. I'm worried about brash & sassy. You know, if my commercial doesn't run, that would be a bummer, but I, uh, I may have some other options now.

Cane: What do you mean?

Lily: I met with Barry Strickler, the agent. He met with Hilary last year.

Cane: Really? When did that happen?

Lily: Yesterday.

Cane: In L.A.?

Lily: Yeah, at the hotel rooftop bar.

Cane: Why did you tell me about it after it happened?

Lily: Well, just everything that was going on, it just didn't seem like the right time.

Cane: So what did he have to say?

Lily: That he wants to sign me. He thinks that I could do more than just model. I could maybe host a TV show or even act.

Cane: I didn't know you were interested in those things.

Lily: I didn't either -- until now.

Cane: Wow. Looks like I'm, uh, kind of out of the loop on more things than I realize.

Lily: No, no. Look. I would never make a decision this big without talking to you about it first. You know, and I told Barry I would let him know. He knows my home is here. So... what do you think?

Ashley: You went to los Angeles without telling anybody?

Phyllis: What's the big deal? I got the work done. What does it matter where I do it?

Ashley: How did you figure it out, Jack?

Jack: You mean besides the tan? No, the real giveaway was when I heard Phyllis was ill enough to have to work at home. I wanted to be a nice guy and I sent her some chicken soup. Three times they tried to deliver it. No one was home. Started to connect the dots after that.

Phyllis: You sent me soup? That's awfully sweet of you.

Jack: Well, you were very sick. Flat on your back, I think you said.

Ashley: What happened to not sneaking around anymore? I thought your relationship with Billy was out in the open.

Phyllis: I wasn't sneaking. I was doing a lot of surprising, actually.

Jack: As long as you were there, you could clear something up for me. I saw a little snip on Billy on "the Hilary hour."

Ashley: Yeah, exactly. He was casually mentioning betting to those players. What was he thinking?

Jack: He wasn't, as usual.

Phyllis: He was joking. It was taken out of context. People are making a big deal of this.

Jack: Just how bad is it? I mean, it's gonna come out eventually.

Ashley: The media's all over it.

Jack: Yeah, there's some hesitation here.

Ashley: So it must be very bad.

Jack: Yeah, it looks like it.

Phyllis: Look. This could do a lot of damage to Victoria's company and Billy's future.

Victor: Here we go. Unless you prefer something stronger.

Dina: Oh, no, no, no. Water is just fine. Thank you very much.

Victor: Please have a seat.

Dina: Thank you.

Victor: So, Dina, I guess congratulations are in order. You sold your company to Neil and Devon.

Dina: You're not miffed that I didn't approach you, are you?

Victor: [Laughs] Why didn't you?

Dina: Oh, don't be coy with me, Victor. It was you who reached out to me.

Victor: I did no such thing.

Dina: Well, not personally, but someone from Newman phoned my direct line.

Victor: Whoa.

Dina: Yes.

Victor: I didn't know about that. I'll have to look into that.

Dina: Oh, well, it was probably, you know, some little, young employee who wanted to get a leg up in the company. But if I had sold to you, I'm afraid it wouldn't have gone over very well, you of all people, with my children.

Victor: How did your children react to you coming back to town?

Dina: Well, I saw Jack, and we had a decent conversation, but Ashley... you know, I don't think she ever will get over how things ended with john, my leaving him. It was terrible.

Victor: Yeah. You know, I remember how devastated she was when she found out who her real father was.

Ashley: I feel like I've lost myself, and when I try and think of what I'm a product of, of the two people I'm a product of... [Sniffles] ...It's a mother who has just made mistake after mistake, who tried to murder a man to protect me. I mean, what kind of a woman is that, Victor? And a father who I don't know except that he was some golden boy at the country club probably making it with half of the rich women there. And that is my natural father. And those are the people that I'm a part of. I mean, is it any wonder why I'm afraid? Is it any wonder that I don't know who I am or what I'm going to become? Tell me. Don't I deserve to be terrified?

Victor: Took her a long time to get her life back in order.

Dina: Well, uh, are you two still close?

Victor: No. Sadly enough, not as close as we once were. Wish it were otherwise, but, um, we are civil with one another, and we share our beautiful daughter, you know. Abby.

Dina: Oh! What's she like?

Victor: Wonderful.

Dina: Is she? Oh!

Victor: You know she works for my company.

Dina: Mm. In management, I'm sure.

Victor: Well, she is lucky to have inherited, you know, both her parents' business acumen, and her mother's beauty. What I find most admirable is the fact that she seems to balance being both a Newman and an Abbott.

Dina: You mean she's loyal to both families?

Victor: Can you imagine that?

Dina: No, I can't. But, you know, I'm glad that the story ended so happily.

Victor: What story is that?

Dina: For years, Ashley let everybody believe that Abby was brad Carlton's daughter, not yours.

Victor: Well, Ashley wanted a baby at the time. Didn't want to complicate my life, and once the truth came out about the whole thing, she and I mended fences, and we put it behind us.

Dina: Well, that's because you were able to forgive her. But the way Ashley deceived you, why would she be do judgmental of other people's sins?

Victor: Why do I get the feeling that you want me to help you bridge the gap between the two of you?

Nick: So Chloe did check herself into the psychiatric hospital when she said she did?

Chelsea: Yep. Then she came here on a pass and tried to run down Adam.

Nick: Then the judge sent her back because it was either that or prison.

Chelsea: It was an involuntary commitment. The other place wasn't secure enough, so they decided to ship her to a new place and allowed her to bring Bella.

Nick: How come we never heard about her being transferred?

Chelsea: I have no idea. I mean, you would think at the very least they would've told Esther, but I don't know. And you know Chloe. She's a master at keeping secrets.

Nick: Chloe or whoever's been helping her this whole time.

Dina: You know, even with all of my success in life, there still is a huge void in my life. My own children. I barely know them. And Abby's a complete stranger.

Victor: I know how you feel. Mm-hmm. For years there was a rift between Adam and me.

Dina: Oh, I heard. Oh, and the boy died so young. Oh, Victor, you must've been devastated.

Victor: Not a day goes by when I don't regret that we didn't heal our wounds when we had a chance.

Dina: Does that mean you'll help me?

Victor: [Laughs] I will think about that, okay?

Dina: All right. I'm sure it would've put you in a very difficult position where Ashley is concerned, but I had to ask.

Victor: Well, I would've been disappointed if you hadn't.

Dina: [Laughs] Well, I hope to see you again before I leave town. Oh, hi, graham. Just checking in, darling.

Cane: Barry Strickler is a big name. He can help you go places.

Lily: I know, right?

Cane: Yeah, so you should talk some more. Go for it, okay? It's a good idea.

Lily: Are you sure?

Cane: Yes. Listen. You are going to be a star, okay? And this is your shot. Go for it.

Lily: Really?

Cane: Really.

Lily: Oh, my gosh. Thank you. You are amazing.

Cane: All right. Um... I'm gonna head to the office. See if there's any word. Okay?

Lily: Okay. Hey, try not to be so hard on the others. You know? Everyone's blaming everyone else when, really, this was just an honest mistake.

Cane: Yeah.

Juliet: Are we doing the sunscreen copy in-house or farming it out to the ad agency?

Billy: Wasn't there a memo on that?

Juliet: I can't find it in my e-mail.

Billy: [Sighs]

Juliet: Need some aspirin?

Billy: That's not gonna help. I want to call Victoria so bad to find out what's going on. But she's not gonna pick up, either because she's too busy or she's still pissed off at me.

Juliet: She could be making us wait until she's back so she can yell at us in person.

Billy: Yeah. Way to stay optimistic.

Juliet: Even if Victoria pulls off a miracle with the hockey people, she won't just pretend this never happened. When a situation goes this bad, someone needs to take the fall.

Phyllis: Well, they almost pulled the whole deal, to be honest with you.

Ashley: Victoria must be livid.

Chelsea: Yes. She's in Toronto doing damage control.

Jack: After all the resources she invested. Boy, that'd be a real shame.

Chelsea: You see, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking brash & sassy got a hit, and that is such good news for jabot. Especially even if it takes Billy down. You know what? You tried to sabotage his original deal. You are playing dirty pool.

Jack: Billy and Victoria won that particular battle. I had nothing to do with his latest debacle. I don't really want to fight with you.

Ashley: Okay, guys, I think we all have work to do, so maybe we should just get to it, huh?

Phyllis: Fine by me.

Jack: Well, how about that? Our reckless brother is hoist on his own petard again, and I got a front-row seat. [Chuckles] Outstanding.

Abby: Dina's in town? My grandmother?

Victor: Yep. You just missed her.

Abby: Wait. Was that her in reception? I think I just passed her.

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: Unbelievable.

Victor: Does that upset you?

Abby: No. No. Um... it doesn't. What'd she want, anyway?

Victor: Well, you know, she and I go way back. I knew her many, many years ago. And she just wanted to touch base, told me she sold her company, and then, uh... she wanted to talk about your mother and you.

Abby: Me? Really?

Victor: Yeah. I thought you might want to know.

Abby: I guess, yeah, um... a part of me is glad that she cared enough to ask, but... mostly, I feel like she has no right.

Victor: Now you sound like your mother.

Abby: So?

Victor: Sweetheart, you don't even know her. Why don't you get to know her and then form your opinion?

Abby: Dad, um... did she ask to meet me?

Victor: Uh... she was curious about you, but she did not ask to meet you, no.

Ashley: So you can forgive the woman that abandoned us when we were children, but you can't forgive your brother? What's wrong with this picture?

Jack: You know, I could turn that question around on you.

Ashley: Oh, there's no comparison, Jack.

Jack: Well, it depends on who's doing the comparing.

Ashley: You know what, clearly we can't talk about this.

Jack: I guess not today, anyway.

Ashley: Yeah, I guess not today, so I'll leave.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Hilary: Since when do you need a demo reel?

Lily: Since my agent, Barry Strickler, told me to start working on one. He wants me to get a copy of my appearance on your show.

Hilary: Well, I'm surprised he took you on as a client.

Lily: I know, you must be kicking yourself that you passed.

Hilary: Not at all.

Lily: Aww, don't pretend.

Mariah: Ladies, neutral --

Hilary: I know that you're all puffed up because you were on that billboard across from the hotel, and now you had your first Hollywood meeting, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

Lily: Really? Why's that?

Hilary: Well, L.A. Is filled with pretty faces, and you just happen to be the latest one. People, they -- they promise the world, but it doesn't mean that you're gonna get it.

Lily: Well, Barry actually thinks I can go out for all kinds of things, not just modeling.

Hilary: [Scoffs] Acting?

Lily: And hosting. I mean, clearly, anyone can do it.

Hilary: No, no, no. See, this job takes talent and creativity -- things that you simply don't possess.

Lily: Then maybe you should tell Barry that. Actually, you probably shouldn't. You'll embarrass yourself because he knows more about this business than you ever will.

Hilary: Well, I believe that he will get disenchanted when he realizes that you can't book more than a commercial that is handed to you on a silver platter by your doting husband.

Mariah: Okay, guys. Guys, guys, guys, guys. Hey, hey! You both had big successes this week, all right? So let's focus on the good stuff. Your interview with lily got a ton of hits online, so it's a win-win, right?

Lily: Actually, we would have been better off just skipping it.

Hilary: What in the world are you talking about now?

Billy: Victoria didn't say anything about anybody getting fired.

Juliet: Yet. My conversation with the league representative. I have played it over in my mind again and again. Why didn't I call back and confirm he'd reviewed all the footage?

Billy: Because you thought you said he had.

Juliet: It was sloppy. I don't do sloppy. That's not how I operate, okay? I should have asked for a confirmation e-mail, but it was such -- it was such a rush.

Cane: Don't do that. This mess falls on Billy, not you. See, he's in charge of pro hockey, so he should have reviewed the footage before it went to Hilary.

Billy: You were MIA, Cane, so don't even start with me.

Juliet: Guys, stop! Please. Things are bad enough. You screw up sometimes. So do I. So does everyone. We're human.

Cane: But he screws up all the time. You know what, he normally gets away with it, but this time, I think it's gonna change, Billy.

Billy: Shove it, cane.

Juliet: Hey, hey, we are all on the same side, so chill! Both of you.

[Cell phone rings]

Juliet: I need to take this. Can I leave you two alone without it getting violent?

Billy: Yeah, he's not worth my energy.

Cane: Yeah, well, thanks. So, this, uh, L.A. Editing suite's costing us thousands of dollars an hour. I say we shut production down.

Billy: Forget it.

Cane: If we don't have a hockey tie-in, we don't have a commercial, Billy. Do you understand that?

Billy: We moved the shoot date to accommodate kylie's schedule. In three days, she goes into production on her film. If we lose her now, if we stop, we don't know when we get her back. We lose the benefit of having the director's eyes on the final product, which is the exact point of hiring somebody of this caliber in the first place.

Cane: And I say we stop bleeding money.

Billy: I say we finish what we started, and you just said "Billy's in charge."

Cane: Billy, I know you like to gamble, but this isn't your money. This is the company's money, okay? Do you understand that?

Billy: I have faith Victoria's gonna pull this out of the fire. [Clears throat] The commercial will be finished on time, it'll air on schedule. We will rake in the profits, and everything will go back to normal -- at least our version of normal.

Cane: Okay, and what's the betting line on that happening, Billy? Do you think it's 50/50? I don't think it's 50/50, Billy.

Hilary: I know that the league had a problem with the footage, but -- Juliet assured me that it was a simple misunderstanding and that it would all get ironed out.

Lily: Well, she and Victoria were being discreet. Trust me, this is not simple.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Mariah: Yeah, the public doesn't want to hear the words "bet" and "championship" in the same sentence.

Hilary: That never even occurred to me, but now that you say it...

Lily: This is a disaster. I mean, this could cost brash & sassy! The whole campaign.

Hilary: You're right. This is a huge disaster. That clip aired on my show. If there is blowback, think about what it could do to me.

Chelsea: I learned the hard way to never underestimate what that woman is capable of.

Nick: Well, Chloe wouldn't want anyone to know if she was in a facility like that. You know, mentally unstable, a public menace...

Chelsea: Clearly she was a good enough liar to get herself released.

Nick: Where was this second facility?

Chelsea: Just outside new Orleans, for people that are deemed a threat to others. I don't think most people in this place ever get out.

Nick: But Chloe was declared sane, or at least she claimed she was.

Chelsea: I mean, I assume that this is where she met this accomplice. She must have found somebody that had a lot of cash, a lot of connections, who could have arranged for a fake passport.

Nick: Okay, so, what now?

Chelsea: What now? I mean, I go to new Orleans. This time, I'm not coming back without a name, by the way. If bribery can work on the west coast, I'm sure I'll be... what? Why are you making that face?

Nick: I just -- I'm worried, Chelsea. I mean, the way you're talking, you make it sound like it's a done deal.

Chelsea: What are you doing right now? I thought you were behind me. Why are you discouraging me?

Nick: Of course I'm behind you, Chelsea, but Chloe and whoever she is working with has done an amazing job of covering their tracks.

Chelsea: Okay, nick, I finally have a lead here, so --

Nick: This lead could lead nowhere, and you could hit a wall. You just have to prepare yourself for that.

Chelsea: Then I'll break through it! I'll figure it out! Getting information from people who would rather keep it private is really one of my specialties. I will use every trick that I have to get Adam the justice he deserves.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Hi, Ashley.

Ashley: I hope you don't want to talk about Abby's job because I'm trying so hard not to meddle and I'm not trying to be overprotective, so...

Victor: I don't want to talk about that. I just want to tell you that Dina stopped by.

Ashley: Oh. Well, we share the same misfortune because she ambushed me in jack's living room. Apparently, she wants to get back into our good graces. I don't know why, but knowing Dina, I'm sure it's purely selfish.

Victor: You're probably right.

Ashley: And you're going to try to convince me otherwise?

Victor: You know, when you reach a certain age, there's no greater desire than to reconnect with one's family.

Ashley: Yeah, she's old. That does not give her a free pass for years of not giving a damn.

Victor: I understand. But let me tell you this -- after my experiences with Adam, I regret very much not having healed the wounds before he passed away. All I can tell you -- there is no greater agony in life than to feel rejected by one's own children, and no greater desire than to make good.

Ashley: Yeah. Obviously she's tried to recruit you into playing on my sympathy. How dare she drag you into this, and how dare you go along with it?

Victor: I know more than anyone how much damage your mother has done to you, when she kept your paternity from you. You didn't know who your father was for years. That made you very bitter, very angry. I understand that. But now there's an opportunity to heal the wounds.

Ashley: I know what you did for me all those years ago, Victor. I understand and I'm grateful. You saved me. But I somehow managed to move forward with my life without having my mother in it. She had many, many chances to reach out to me.

Victor: But she tried.

Ashley: And she gave up! Like that, she gave up!

Victor: Well, because she probably knew that you wouldn't give in.

Ashley: Okay, then why bother now?

Victor: Because, my darling, one day you're gonna stand where she's standing now. All those years will have gone by in the blink of an eye. Then you'll understand.

Ashley: That's your best shot? Guilt?

Victor: Okay. [Sighs] Promise me one thing.

Ashley: What?

Victor: That you will not interfere in Abby's desire to get to know Dina.

Ashley: What does Abby have to do with any of this?

Victor: She wants to get to know her grandmother, and her grandmother wants to get to know her. That's only natural.

Ashley: This is more than just Abby being Dina's blood, though, isn't it? I know my mother. She thinks there's some comparison between the two of us because I didn't tell you that Abby was your daughter right away.

Victor: Yeah. I think there's a parallel.

Ashley: Absolutely there is no parallel. I never cheated on anybody! I never abandoned my children to pursue some selfish whim! Brad always knew that Abby was not his daughter, and I only kept the truth from you because I didn't want you to feel responsible for a child that I chose to have on my own.

Victor: But, Ashley... all those years that you kept me from Abby when she was a child, I can't get them back.

Ashley: I know, and that is the one regret I have about the entire situation, you know that. And I'm so thrilled that the two of you have more than made up for that.

Victor: But don't you think you can make up with your mother now? I mean, who knows how many more years she has left?

Nick: So, uh, you know, just keep me posted.

Chelsea: Yeah, of course. I'll let you know the second I have any information.

Nick: All right. Not that I'm complaining, you know, but what was that about? The second one?

Chelsea: Just for being in my corner. It means more than I can say.

Hilary: I need to come up with a strategy now!

Mariah: Calm down. No one is blaming you for what happened.

Lily: Once again, she's making it all about herself.

Hilary: This is about me!

Lily: Really? How? No one's throwing shade in your direction.

Hilary: We all know how these things go, okay? People are gonna start asking why I didn't vet the material myself. Then we can lose credibility. This is the last thing that I need before I air this killer interview with Julie Chen. [Sighs] Okay, we need to get in front of this. We need to get in front of this now.

Mariah: Okay, fine. Fine. How about this? We can have Billy on the show. Then he can personally appeal to the public and to the hockey league, and that helps both brash & sassy! And you.

Lily: That's actually a good idea. I think Billy would jump at the chance.

Hilary: Thank you, Mariah. That is a terrific suggestion.

Mariah: Holy crap. Two compliments in one day? Don't get crazy!

Hilary: I am gonna go and pitch this idea right now.

Billy: I know you don't want me on the floor.

Billy: I'll give you a pass this time. Phyllis should be in her office. That's who you're looking for, right?

Billy: Thanks.

Jack: She and I just had a great conversation, very enlightening. Told me about your trip. Congratulations on your "candid" footage. You've really outdone yourself this time.

Victor: I didn't mean to overstep. I just wanted to tell you that I understand how you feel. And I also want to remind you of my story, you know, how angry I was -- you know, I told you about it -- after my mother had left me in an orphanage. I was bitter. Thought I'd never forgive her. Till one day, Nikki brought my mother Cora back into my life. And she and I... came to terms with each other. You know, that was very healing.

Ashley: I'm very happy that you had that.

Victor: You don't think that can happen between you and Dina?

Ashley: You know, honestly, this is one of those very rare occasions where you and my brother agree on something. He's willing to meet Dina halfway, and he wants me to do the same.

Victor: Okay. Look, how you and Jack and Traci deal with your mother Dina is obviously your business. All I can tell you from experience... there's no worse poison in life than regret. One mother. The only mother you have. This is now a chance to mend fences, to heal wounds. Just think about what I said. Okay. It was nice seeing you.

Dina: Abby. Oh, I'm so glad you came. Please, come in.

Abby: Um, I -- I was surprised to get your message.

Dina: Well, I'm sure you were, dear. But, you know, I thought it was high time that I got to know my granddaughter. I have fears that your mother has made me out to be some kind of a monster, and I want to change all that.

Jack: Did you stop by Vegas on your way home, place that bet you and the boys were talking about? While it was fresh in your mind.

Billy: You having fun, Jack?

Phyllis: Everything okay here?

Jack: He's all yours.

Billy: What are you doing? What are you telling him about what happened?

Phyllis: He and Ashley saw Hilary's show. I didn't have a choice. Any word from Victoria?

Billy: No. Juliet's falling to pieces. Cane just went off on me. The last thing I need to do is run into saint Jack.

Phyllis: All right, let's just get out of here so we can be alone someplace.

Billy: I can't. I got to go pick up the kids from school and spend the night with them because Victoria's out of town.

Phyllis: Okay. I understand.

Billy: I just wanted to tell you what my plans were.

Phyllis: All right. I'll call you later.

Billy: Okay.

Juliet: I'm a perfectionist. I triple-check everything. And then this one time I didn't, and look what it cost us.

Cane: All right, listen, don't be so hard on yourself, okay? Billy should have had your back. You do realize there is a chance things could still turn around for us.

Juliet: When Victoria heard I wasn't sure if I'd actually gotten the go-ahead from the league... the way she stared at me, like I was some half-wit. My heart just sank. Because she was right.

Cane: I'm sorry.

Juliet: I gave up everything when I moved here from Tokyo, and now I -- I may not even have a job.

Cane: Billy's made a mess of things, and I hate that you're caught up in it.

Juliet: You know what I wish? That this trip had turned out like Japan. Remember when you made a mistake with Sato, but we were able to fix things?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, I wish we were in that position right now, huh?

Juliet: Yeah, you would if you could. I know that, cane. At least our mistakes didn't hurt anyone.

Cane: Yeah, I'm kind of glad that you finally realize that was a mistake.

Juliet: I'd take our celebrating a little too much over this nightmare any day.

Cane: Look, I want you to know that I'll never forgive myself for what happened between us in Tokyo that night, and I feel ashamed for that. Okay?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Noah: What is going on?

Tessa: I'm leaving Genoa City.

Dina: You have done the same thing in your life.

Ashley: I never abandoned my child!

Dina: No, but you lied about her paternity.

Hilary: I cannot believe that you spent the night with him in Tokyo.

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