Y&R Transcript Monday 5/22/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/22/17


Episode # 11175 ~ Victor has a new assignment for Scott; Chelsea is on the hunt for Chloe; Jack recalls a painful childhood memory.

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Abby: My business partner loved your new take on the dating app. Well, once you sign the paperwork, we should be good to go. [Laughs]

Scott: Yeah, no, that's fine. You can just, uh... I'll come by a little later this afternoon. Yeah. A couple copies is fine. All right. Thanks.

Victor: Come in!

Scott: You wanted to see me?

Victor: Yes, Scott. I have another special project for you.

Sharon: Feeling any better?

Nick: Thanks. Uh, about?

Sharon: The situation with Chelsea?

Nick: She is gonna keep looking for Chloe without me butting in, and I will support her.

Sharon: Is she making any progress?

Nick: Knowing Chelsea, she will.

Ms. Lewis: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi.

Ms. Lewis: I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I'm ms. Lewis.

Chelsea: Thank you for meeting with me. I'm very concerned about my sister, Chloe.

Neil: Thanks for inviting me to breakfast.

Ashley: Of course.

Neil: We don't get a chance to do that this often, so it's always nice to sit and talk with you.

Ashley: Yes. Congratulations on closing the deal with Mergeron. I saw the segment on "GC buzz."

Neil: Yeah, thank you. Um, I did tell you that we were making a bid.

Ashley: Yes, and that was very much appreciated, but what you didn't prepare me for was the dog-and-pony show of your son being on television with my mother. What was that about?

Neil: Okay, that was, uh, Devon's idea, you know? He wanted to make a public splash, announcing the deal, and your mother agreed to it.

Ashley: Oh, well, you know, it was more about that surreal moment when my mother made that little spout-off about her family. I guess she expects that her children are just supposed to forgive and forget, after everything's she done to us. And doesn't that just tell everybody how little she actually knows her family.

Young Dina: Jack, honey, what are you doing down here on the sofa?

Young Jack: Mommy, I'm bored in my room all alone.

Young Dina: You're just out of the hospital. You need rest.

Young Jack: Mamie said I could watch TV.

Young Dina: Don't make a mess with that ice cream, now.

Young Jack: Stay with me, Mommy. I don't feel good.

Young Dina: I can't, darling. I have a tennis match.

Young Jack: Please?

Young Dina: Mamie will keep you company.

Victor: The medical school will give a reception at which time they will announce the opening of a new wing that will be in my wife's name.

Scott: I've heard about that new wing. I didn't realize they were naming it to honor your wife.

Victor: That's a recent development.

Scott: So, are you concerned about the building itself, or is something sketchy in the med school's politics that will reflect badly on you and Nikki?

Victor: Nothing like that, okay? I think this would be a nice opportunity to...give a concert.

Scott: I'm not following.

Victor: I want you to find the venue for this concert. You know Nikki loves music. And I want to make this a very special day for her.

Scott: With all due respect, Victor, I signed on to do important work for you, not to manage special evenings.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that I anointed you senior vice president for special projects? This is one of those special projects. See that you get it done.

Tessa: Yeah. That sounds good. All right, well, um, I'll see you tonight, Noah. Oh! Uh, sorry. I know you've been waiting for this. It's the, uh, final list of things we need to do before the women's benefit.

Nikki: Okay, thank you. So, you and Noah are gonna see each other again tonight, huh?

Tessa: Uh, yeah. Uh, we're just hanging out.

Nikki: Well, I am glad to hear that he's being social again. He had a really bad break-up.

Tessa: It's okay. You don't want me seeing Noah again. It's fine, just say that.

Neil: Of course I can relate. You're capable, you've carved out a nice life for yourself, you're successful. Until you come face-to-face with mom, and then you turn into that wounded kid again.

Ashley: Yeah. Is it really that obvious?

Neil: No soul-baring required. I know how tough it is for you with your mom in town. I -- listen, if there was any other way for Devon and I to --

Ashley: Oh, I don't blame you and Devon. You had every right to make that deal. I just can't believe the gall of my mother going on television and making that phony appeal to her "family."

Neil: Let me ask you something. Would you have stayed in the room and listened if she had said any of that to your face?

Ashley: You mean, if you had, like, an armed guard blocking my exit? Mm, probably not.

Neil: Maybe that's why she did it like this.

Ashley: You like her.

Neil: I hardly know her, but yeah, I guess I -- I kind of do like her.

Ashley: You said it. You hardly know her.

Neil: Okay, Ashley, I don't know your mother's motives for that sentiment in that interview, but what I can tell you is that this is a very good opportunity for you --

Ashley: To what? Be one big, happy family?

Neil: She hurt you. You resent her. You've built this incredibly tall wall around you. These feelings, they're gonna become part of you forever unless you deal with them and release them.

Ashley: Like you did.

Neil: Under duress. I thank God every day that I got backed into a corner and I had to confront my mother. Because I wouldn't have known the whole story, and I wouldn't have taken the time to find out what I found out.

Ashley: Thank you.

Neil: Oh, by the way, your mother? She's got a suite here. Right upstairs.

Ashley: See you later.

Neil: All right.

Jack: [Breathes deeply] Where's your boss?

Dina: Thank you, graham.

Graham: I'll be downstairs if you need me, Dina.

Dina: All right. Come in, Jack.

Jack: You said this was important.

Dina: Well, it is important. I thought it would be wonderful if we had breakfast together and finish catching up.

Jack: Well, what is there really to say anymore except congratulations on your deal with Neil and Devon and I hope you made a hefty profit?

Dina: Oh, I always do. But that wasn't the real reason why I decided to sell the company.

Jack: Oh? What is?

Dina: Well, I wanted to be relieved of ownership in the company, although I still will have a hand in the decision-making.

Jack: Oh, then you're retaining a board seat.

Dina: Mm-hmm. While having more free time to do other things.

Jack: With Graham, your latest, uh -- what do we call him?

Dina: Graham is a very trusted and valuable companion.

Jack: Oh, I'm sure he is. You've always made sure your needs were well-looked after.

Dina: Oh, Jacky, please sit. Let's have some breakfast, hmm?

Jack: I'm curious. Um... what was that television interview about? I mean, who are you trying to kid with all that talk about family and connections? Certainly not Ashley and me. I mean, what are you really after?

Dina: Well, what do you think?

Jack: I wouldn't even hazard a guess. You know what? I will hazard a guess. You're rehabilitating your image. You're, uh...assuaging your guilt. Am I close?

Dina: It was a simple interview, Jack, not a ploy.

Jack: If you say so.

Dina: Is it so wrong to want to reconnect with my own children?

Jack: Wrong? No. No, I just question the timing. You've had thousands --

thousands -- of opportunities to jot out a note, to send an e-mail, to have your graham of the day take care of it for you. You know what I've gotten, even with your infrequent visits to Genoa city? Nothing. So you'll forgive me if I'm a little skeptical.

Dina: I acknowledge my failings, son.

Jack: Oh, that's very nice, but it doesn't make everything all right.

Dina: What may have felt like selfishness to a very young boy might, in retrospect, be seen as what it really was -- self-preservation.

Jack: Perhaps. So, what now? You finished your deal. Are you and graham gonna head back to Paris?

Dina: Is that what you would like?

Scott: So, after I find the venue, then who do you want me to book? Adele?

Victor: This is not a joke, all right?

Scott: It's a serious question. I mean, people do this all the time. They pay millions of dollars to get some mega star to perform at their special event.

Victor: My wife will be the feature performer.

Scott: First you get me to spy on your kid...

Victor: And that is important you continue that work.

Scott: ...Now you want me to arrange a showcase for your wife?

Victor: You may not remember what I've told you -- that my wife suffers from M.S., The very disease that that new wing is dedicated to eradicating.

Scott: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off as insensitive.

Victor: When we discovered that she had M.S., I'd watch her sit down at the piano... and she wanted to play -- she plays beautifully. Suddenly, her hands didn't work anymore. And I saw the panic on her face. It was as if her body had given up on her, you know? And there's nothing I could do about it.

Scott: You know, by looking at Nikki today, I would've never suspected.

Victor: Well, that's because of the wonderful work that some doctors have done. They came up with a cocktail of drugs that have worked so far. I'm deeply grateful for that. So, when Nikki sits down at the piano, it's not out of vanity. It is to disseminate some hope. So I want you to find a venue.

Scott: Yeah. I understand, Victor. And I will get it done.

Victor: Thank you, Scott.

Scott: Of course.

Victor: Thank you.

Chelsea: Chloe's been estranged from the family for years, you know? She shut us all out because of her issues, but I've been determined to find her, and, eventually, all of my research, I tracked her back to this hospital.

Ms. Lewis: As I've explained, I'm new to this facility and wasn't familiar with the case.

Chelsea: Right. But after I called...

Ms. Lewis: Yes, I did as you requested. I checked the records, and... your sister, Chloe, was, uh, released.

Chelsea: Oh. Huh. Okay. Uh, well, when was she released?

Ms. Lewis: October 2015. Does that date have some significance?

Chelsea: Uh, nope. Just -- I'm just surprised. I can't believe she hasn't been here for a whole year and a half. Where did Chloe go?

Ms. Lewis: Unfortunately, according to HIPAA laws, I can't tell you anything further.

Chelsea: See, the thing is, our mother just died, and she left a sizeable portion of her estate to Chloe, so...

Ms. Lewis: Unusual, given your sister's medical issues.

Chelsea: Well, it's what my mother wanted. And, you know, it's what I want for Chloe. But the thing is, she has to claim this inheritance within the next 30 days or the money goes to the will's executor, and that's our brother, and we just have so -- so many issues with our brother, and he doesn't even care about Chloe, so...

Ms. Lewis: I see. But the problem is --

Chelsea: Here's the thing. This money would change Chloe's life. It really would. It would put her back on her feet, financially. It would be a great reemergence to her into the world, into society, you know?

Ms. Lewis: Unfortunately --

Chelsea: Ms. Lewis... Chloe wasn't just my sister. She was my best friend. She was closer to me than anybody in the entire world. Well, except for my husband. And the thing is, I stood up for her, and I really looked out for her, and I really wanted what was best for her. So I need to find her and, you know, make sure she knows how much I care.

Ms. Lewis: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I wish I could help you further.

Chelsea: Okay. I don't think I'm -- I don't think I'm telling you exactly how much this means to me, so... maybe I need to show you.

Sharon: Knowing how determined and resourceful Chelsea can be, I'm sure Victor's thrilled that she's trying to track down Chloe.

Nick: [Chuckles] I know what you're trying to do.

Sharon: What am I trying to do?

Nick: You're making this all about me when you should be telling me about how your return to college is going.

Sharon: Okay. Well, I scream out loud about once every hour, "why did I ever enroll in school again?"

[Both laugh]

Nick: And what about the rest of the time?

Sharon: I'm really enjoying it, especially my psych class. And sometimes we have to do these practicum hours, so I'm volunteering at the crisis hotline.

Nick: That's great, Sharon.

Sharon: Yeah, I really enjoy feeling like I'm giving back. What?

Nick: You know, it's just... it's one of those things I liked about you when we first met. Really set you apart from everyone else?

Sharon: I wonder how we lose those unique, compassionate parts of us.

Nick: You never did.

Scott: [Breathes deeply] Hey.

Sharon: Oh. I thought you were working today?

Scott: Oh, I had to get out of there, so I, uh, came to see a friendly face.

Sharon: So, what special projects does Victor Newman have his senior vice president of special projects working on now?

Scott: You remembered the title. Impressive.

Nick: Wait. You're a senior V.P. at Newman?

Scott: According to Victor.

Nick: When did this happen?

Scott: When he abandoned the idea of me writing his bio. Now, he didn't say this out loud, but I think, uh, Nikki didn't like it and convinced him.

Nick: Huh.

Scott: So, if you have any dealing with Victor Newman advice, please send it my way.

Nick: Hey, just don't forget -- everything he does is based in self-interest.

Scott: Well, not quite everything. I mean, he did save my life.

Nick: He hired you so you could do a job for him. You know, you don't owe him your undying loyalty.

Sharon: I don't know. Shouldn't life-saving be worth just a smidgen of undying loyalty?

Nick: Hey, I guess it was just a flashback to my corporate days. I mean, everybody knows I'm never going back to working with my father again. But, you know, if you get tired of the corporate life and want to sling some drinks at a cool bar, let me know.

Scott: I'll do that, man. You want to get out of here?

Jack: When have you ever factored me into your decisions?

Dina: It's hard to hear you say that.

Jack: You did what you had to do. You said that yourself.

Dina: I was suffocating in that marriage, Jack, but it was so long ago.

Jack: And yet nothing has changed.

Dina: Everything has changed.

Jack: Did it ever cross your mind to contact me when you were making your plans for Mergeron?

Dina: Well, would you and Ashley have been even interested?

Jack: It would've been very nice for us to know you were selling to someone in Genoa city.

Dina: I thought that you would be pleased with my decision. After all, you're very close with Neil, and you started a foundation together, and Devon's his son.

Jack: You came to my hometown to work out a lucrative deal with a friend of mine without so much as a heads-up! Then you go on television with this pretense!

Dina: I wasn't pretending.

Jack: How did you expect me to behave?

Dina: Well, I thought you would at least be cordial when having some breakfast to share some family time.

Jack: Family time? Like we ever shared "family time." Even when I was a little kid, 6, 7, 8 years old -- when I came home for the hospital. You remember that, don't you?

Dina: Well, of course I do. You had your appendix removed.

Jack: Tonsils, mother. But who would expect you to remember that particular detail when you had to get to a tennis match?

Dina: I realize my actions have left scars --

Jack: And then some.

Dina: But do we really have to rehash all of this when I'm here right now, hoping for a fresh start? I'd like at least to get to a place where you and your sisters don't hate me.

Jack: I don't hate you. I barely know you.

Nikki: Yes, tomorrow would be fine. Thank you. Thank you very much. Bye-bye. I don't have a clue where you would get the idea that I don't want you and Noah to be friends.

Tessa: You're concerned about your grandson. You have high expectations for him -- a lot higher than me. I get it.

Nikki: Tessa --

Tessa: No, you know what? It's cool. We come from way different backgrounds, so nothing's going on with Noah and me.

Nikki: He took you out to dinner at the athletic club.

Tessa: Yeah, because he's a nice guy. That's who he is. But all this highfalutin chichi stuff, it's just not me.

Nikki: And that's probably why he likes you -- because you don't expect him to wine and dine you. And, yes, Noah had a privileged upbringing, but that doesn't mean that money drives him. It doesn't. He has his own ideas about what he wants to do. And I'm sure that he didn't take you to the club because he views you as some charity case. And that's something that you got to get over, by the way.

Tessa: No, I just --

Nikki: I promise you that he wanted to go out, have a lovely dinner with a pretty, intelligent girl, and, for the record, I have never thought that you were not good enough for Noah. You got that?

Tessa: You're just being nice.

Nikki: No! I'm not being nice. I am being honest. I don't understand why you can't get that people like you for who you are.

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Hi, Victor.

Victor: Like to see you in my office.

Nikki: Well, I'm in the middle of a meeting with Tessa right now.

Victor: Good. You can bring her, as well.

Graham: You local?

Ashley: Yes, I am, born and raised. Although there's days like today when I wished I lived far away from Genoa city. What about you?

Graham: Visiting from Paris.

Ashley: What brings you here?

Dina: Ashley. Well, hello. I see -- I see you've met graham. Jack and I just had a lovely breakfast together.

Ashley: Really?

Dina: Mm. I'm sure you've heard about my decision to sell the company has been finalized.

Ashley: Neil and Devon. We saw your pathetic performance on GC Buzz.

Jack: Maybe it's time for you and I to get to the office.

Ashley: I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish, mother.

Dina: Well, I wish you were. Jack just gave me the opportunity to express my feelings personally.

Ashley: I don't have a problem expressing my feelings at all.

Jack: I think you've expressed quite enough today. What do you think?

Ashley: Great. I'm sure Dina wants to return to Paris, since she had such a productive visit in Genoa city, so safe travels.

Dina: Thank you.

Graham: Are you ready for that walk?

Dina: More than ready. It's a lovely day.

Ashley: You gave her the opportunity?

Jack: I heard her out.

Ashley: Please tell me that you're not believing anything she has to say. You know she's lying, Jack. Please tell me you know that.

Sharon: I warned you about working for Victor.

Scott: Look, I couldn't turn down the job, Sharon. Not after everything he's done for me.

Sharon: Well, at least he's asked you to make arrangements for a really good cause.

Scott: That's not the point.

Sharon: What is?

Scott: [Sighs] It's this trapped feeling of being beholden to Victor. I mean, I want to do the right thing, but I feel like he knows that and is using that to have me do this busy work when I could, uh...

Sharon: You could be doing more important things.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah.

Sharon: You know, you -- you opened up to me a little bit about the intelligence work you did.

Scott: Yeah, that's...not something I've ever talked about before.

Sharon: Do you regret telling me?

Scott: Only if it makes you look at me differently now.

Sharon: Well, knowing each other more does make a difference, but...in a good way.

Scott: Well, that's a relief.

Sharon: I got the feeling that you wanted to talk about it -- you needed to. You can trust me.

MS. Lewis: What's that?

Chelsea: If you can help me find my sister, I suppose that would be an expression of gratitude -- for a woman who was willing to look past the rules and into her heart and think about all of the lives she'd be affecting.

Ms. Lewis: That's an interesting scenario. [Breathes deeply] While I will not break the law, perhaps I can present a hypothetical scenario of my own.

Chelsea: I would love to hear it.

[Keys clacking]

Ms. Lewis: If a patient got a temporary discharge and then... did something violent, say perpetrating a hit-and-run, that patient would be moved to a more secure facility.

Chelsea: And what else can you tell me about these facilities? Hypothetically, of course.

Nikki: Well, dean Miller, it's lovely to see you again. You didn't tell me that the dean of the medical school would be here.

Victor: That is the surprise. The dean and I have decided upon a date where we will announce, publicly, the opening the Nicole Newman medical center. And we thought that, for the announcement, we'll have a piano recital.

Nikki: Really? That's wonderful.

Victor: And you would perform in it.

Nikki: Excuse me?

Victor: Yeah, you've played so much music, I thought it'd be a wonderful idea to showcase your talent and tell people how much progress you have made fighting M.S.

Dean Miller: You're indeed proof that one can rise above this disease.

Nikki: Uh... why do I get the feeling this was your idea, dear?

Dean Miller: 'Cause it was, and a brilliant one. Your example would do so much good for the center.

Victor: I'm sorry, Tessa. Dean Miller, this is Tessa.

Tessa: Hi.

Victor: Tessa is a friend of my wife's, and they perform brilliantly together. And I hope that you will help my wife prepare for this concert.

Tessa: Oh. Uh, yeah. Absolutely.

Nikki: Well, this is certainly a surprise.

Victor: Tessa, I will fill you in later.

Tessa: I should go.

Victor: Thank you.

Tessa: Yes, okay.

Dean Miller: Thank you both.

Victor: Dean Miller, thank you.

Nikki: So good to see you.

Dean Miller: I'm so looking forward to your performance.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: It'll be a wonderful event.

[Door closes]

Nikki: Whatever it is you're trying to gain here, you're not gonna get it.

Nick: All right. So voicemail again. That's -- that's got to be a good sign, right? Uh...you know, I can't stop thinking about you. I was just wondering how you were doing or if you found anything out. Um... just give me a call. Bye. Oh, hey, ab.

Abby: Hey.

Nick: What's going on with you?

Abby: Nothing. I mean, I'm great. Dad gave me more responsibility at Newman, which I love.

Nick: Oh, that's cool.

Abby: Yeah, I think he's picked up on the fact that I'm more confident, seeing myself as an entrepreneur.

Nick: Like your own, like, new business?

Abby: No, I've just realized that I have a lot of talent and experience to work with.

Nick: Oh, okay. There's some new blood in the building, I hear.

Abby: So you heard about Scott.

Nick: Yeah. He's V.P. now?

Abby: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I was shocked. Dad made us a team.

Nick: I mean, it's not like dad to bring someone in to the inner sanctum like that. What do you know about this guy?

Scott: When I was, uh... based as a journalist in London, I took a simple intel assignment. Was gathering evidence on an international arms dealer, gaining access to information through his wife. Pretty standard, until...things got complicated.

Sharon: How so?

Scott: While I was gaining trust from his wife, getting her to open up to me, I found out that she was... she was living in constant fear. She was being terrorized and robbed of her life. So instead of keeping my feelings out of it, I broke the cardinal rule, and we, uh...

Sharon: You fell in love.

Scott: I got the evidence I needed from her. But when I found out she was gonna be implicated... I contacted my handlers and told them that, um... I was in danger of being compromised and that...I had to end the operation. But I got them what they needed, and they were able to put the husband away. But...

Sharon: But not her.

Scott: As I got closer, I realized that she was just an innocent victim in the whole operation, and... so I protected her. And when the assignment in the middle east came up, I... I had to take it.

Sharon: So, because of that decision -- choosing to protect the woman you loved -- you almost lost your life.

Nikki: I never asked you to do any of this!

Victor: You told me how much you enjoyed performing.

Nikki: Oh, what do you know? He heard what I said.

Victor: Listen, when you worked with Tessa on that stage, doing this together, you looked great.

Nikki: Are you kidding me? Playing at an open-mike night at our son's club is a far cry from a full concert with a paying audience.

Victor: I want this for you, and I think you want this for yourself.

Nikki: Why didn't you come to me? Why didn't you ask me?

Victor: Had I asked you, you'd have turned me down.

Nikki: Victor, a concert! A concert!

Victor: So what? What's the big deal? Tessa lives in your house. You two practice together. You play music together.

Nikki: I know it will help a lot of people. I know that.

Victor: I know it will.

Nikki: But manipulating me, even in the name of a good cause, is still manipulating me. All right, I'll do it. But I'm only doing it because of the people it will help.

Victor: All right. That's not the only reason. And I think you know it.

Nikki: You do something like this, you show me this side of you, it's so obvious what you're thinking.

Victor: Oh, yeah? I can't wait to hear it. You're wondering how I can resist you, how I can live without you.

Victor: You make this sound as if I'm an addiction you need to get over.

Nikki: Well, that's about right.

Victor: No one... will ever love you as I do.

Nikki: [Sighs]

Scott: I broke every rule during that operation. I'm not proud of that.

Sharon: You did the most selfless thing anyone could do. Out of love, you put your life on the line to protect someone else. And I really understand why you did that. You showed a lot of courage.

Scott: [Scoffs] I'm not sure about that. I think you're incredibly brave.

Abby: Scott is one of those annoying guys, totally full of himself, arrogant, but he's smart. I have to give him that. And although I don't know if he likes dad that much, he seems loyal to him.

Nick: Well, Scott's loyalty, and probably the reason he let dad talk him into taking this job, comes from dad paying his ransom. Dad's never been above turning his good deeds into strategic moves. I mean, he owns Scott now.

Abby: Um, you know what? I'm gonna go grab a latte to go.

Nick: Yeah, I'm got to go, too.

Abby: Good to see you. Mwah. Zack, hi.

Zack: Hey.

Abby: Thank you so much for signing that paperwork so quickly.

Zack: Hey, I am ready to roll. Excited to set things up with proven success, LLC.

Abby: Awesome. Um... okay. Well, here are the keys to your office space at the warehouse. You know, your company is the first tenant that I'm gonna have, the first start-up that I'm gonna have a majority control of.

Zack: Abby, you are giving us the opportunity of a lifetime. I think we're gonna do great things together.

Abby: Me too.

Tessa: Yeah, I know it's been a long time, but I'm sure it was him. No, he didn't see me, and I want to keep it that way.

Ms. Lewis: Patients who go to these...more secure facilities are involuntarily committed, unlike here. If a patient is proven to be a danger to others, doctors are very reluctant to further endanger public safety by releasing them.

Chelsea: Where is this secure facility located, hypothetically?

Ms. Lewis: There are several of them around the country. I wish I could help.

Chelsea: I don't have a lot of time, and I'm going to find out this information with or without you. So, do you think you can think about it really hard and figure out which specific location it might be?

Ms. Lewis: [Sighs]

[Keys clacking]

Ms. Lewis: Perhaps Louisiana.

Jack: Despite the estrangement with our mother, I can still be civil with her. Why can't you?

Ashley: 'Cause she knows how to get under my skin. She always has. I just wish I could rein in my emotions a little bit better, because I make it far too easy for Dina to be the victim of her cold and unforgiving daughter. And what about that breakfast? Why wasn't I included? I'll tell you why. It was designed so she could soften up the one person that she could always get to -- you.

Jack: You're hurt. So am I. It doesn't mean you have to turn a deaf ear to everything she has to say. We're adults. We have kids of our own.

Ashley: She really did get to you.

Jack: We also have the wisdom to realize that the family dynamic is a bit more complex than we realized it was when we were kids.

Ashley: What you're telling me right now is that she got to you.

Jack: She did not get to me.

Ashley: You know what? I'm not interested in listening to any of her pathetic justifications, okay? She doesn't mean a word of it, because she hasn't changed at all.

Jack: You want to cling to your childhood hurt, your righteous anger, waste this time with her, go ahead. I don't want to do that.

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