Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/17/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/17/17


Episode # 11172 ~ Hilary meets her idol, Julie Chen; Neil & Devon seal a game-changing deal; Cane looks out for his best interests.

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start rehearsal. And since Billy's probably riding in with Victoria...

Cane: Okay, it means we have the director wants to talk to him.

Juliet: Already?

Cane: Yeah. Uh, can you call him, make sure he's on his way?

Juliet: Why? We've got at least an hour before we even start rehearsal. And since Billy's probably riding in with Victoria...

Cane: Okay, it means we have to do troubleshooting and not him, all right?

Juliet: Okay, look, if they're not there by the time I deliver these products to set and greet our pro hockey guys at the gate, then --

Cane: Okay, so I'll have a P.A. Do the meet-and-greet. But I have to talk to the videographer about the behind-the-scenes footage, okay?

Juliet: Change of plans. I am sending a P.A. To usher our VIPs to the sound stage.

Jordan: Oh.

Lily: "Who can resist a man who dares?" How was that?

Jordan: Give that girl an Oscar now.

Lily: Please tell me if I suck. Please.

Cane: Hey, you're not gonna suck. You're gonna be brilliant. It's what you do, all right?

Lily: You have to say that because you love me.

Cane: Uh, this is true. Uh, did Billy lay out your clothes? 'Cause he's mia.

Lily: Oh, yeah, he's been really efficient on my side of things. Clothes are laid out, in order, already approved by Victoria and the hockey league.

Jordan: He texted me a shooting schedule, gave me notes on which stills he wants on every setup.

Cane: That's a relief. Yeah.

Jordan: I think they need us on set.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Hey, Jesse, thanks for coming in, man. I appreciate it.

Jesse: Oh, yeah. Sure thing. So you just want me to grab a behind-the-scenes video? Is that the plan?

Cane: Yeah, yeah. The, uh, official stuff's gonna be taken by the on-set photographer, so what I need from you is to get, like, the, uh, tape of the candid moments and stuff like that.

Jesse: Okay, and just focus on the pro hockey players?

Cane: Absolutely. I'll be here to help guide you in the right direction, 'cause the whole point of this is to capture what really goes on behind the scenes, okay?

Billy: [Groans] How did I oversleep?

Phyllis: [Laughs] How do you think?

Billy: I should have sent you home after you surprised me last night.

Phyllis: Maybe you can stop by during your lunch break and we can grab something to eat?

Billy: Okay, you stop being so damn sexy. I need to focus today.

Phyllis: Hmm.

Billy: We moved up the shoot because of me. If I screw it up, Victoria's gonna kill me.

Phyllis: Oh, far be it from me to incite the wrath of Victoria.

Billy: She cannot know you're in L.A., Okay?

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Hilary: Haven't we seen enough of that already?

Howard: Now here's my star! Smile for the birdie.

Hilary: Okay, okay, Howard. Put that away. Okay, we need to scramble to book someone else for the show. Come on.

Howard: When you book a teen sensation with two million followers, the odds of her canceling on a Wisconsin-based show -- pretty high.

Quelle surprise.

Hilary: Well, I may not be a household name yet, but one day my face will be on a billboard bigger than that one.

Howard: Don't you think this is kind of weird?

Hilary: What is?

Howard: Well, I mean, your hubby -- ex-hubby -- buys GC buzz off me. You dump him pretty darn fast. And now here we both are in sunny la la land, and I'm producing for you. Small world, huh? Although I wouldn't want to paint it. [Chuckles]

Hilary: Oh, my god!

Howard: What? Another epiphany?

Hilary: No. Look. Just be cool.

Howard: I am cool, okay?

Hilary: Just don't stare!

Howard: Ohh! Oh! The beautiful and brilliant Julie Chen!

Hilary: Yes. One of my journalism heroes. Okay, I have to meet her.

Howard: Well, I'm sure we'd all like to meet her, but, I mean, I think she's, you know, kind of --

Hilary: Shh! She's here, we're here. And I'm not gonna let this opportunity pass me by.

Ashley: I see Mrs. Martinez told you that our mother paid us a visit last night.

Jack: She didn't have to. I saw her myself at the club.

Ashley: And you sent her packing, right? Please don't tell me that you welcomed her with open arms.

Devon: Welcome, Madame Mergeron.

Dina: Thank you for inviting me to your home, Devon. And since we'll be working together for quite a while, call me Dina.

Devon: Well, thank you, Dina. Thank you.

Dina: Hello, Neil.

Neil: Hello, Madame.

Dina: Dina.

Neil: Dina. Of course.

Dina: [Chuckles]

Neil: Good to see you.

Dina: Thank you. What a lovely penthouse. My, my, my.

Neil: I trust you had a pleasant trip.

Dina: Hmm. And I'm pleased that you've agreed to my terms that I maintain a seat on the board. My attorneys have approved the particulars, and there's nothing holding us back from making this official. I'm ready to sign the papers.

Devon: That is fantastic. We are very excited to finalize things.

Neil: This is great news. I'm gonna call Michael, all right?

Devon: [Chuckles] And, of course, I would like to give your company's next big step the recognition it deserves, so I propose that we have a party, an all-out here in Genoa city so that we can announce the acquisition.

Dina: No. There'll be no party.

Hilary: Excuse me, ms. Chen? I'm Hilary Curtis. I'm the host of "the Hilary hour."

Julie: "The Hilary hour"? I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with it. Is it streamed or...?

Hilary: Well, actually, it's a nationally syndicated show out of Genoa city. And not to brag or anything, but we are constantly gaining viewers, and that is thanks in part to you.

Julie: Me?

Hilary: Well, I have followed your career, and I have patterned much of what we do on my show to you and your show. You are an incredible role model.

Julie: Thank you. That's so flattering. It's so nice to hear.

Hilary: Look, um, I know that you're probably super busy and you're probably rushing off to, you know, prep for "the talk" or gearing up for the new "big brother." I honestly have no idea how you do it.

Julie: Actually, I am due on "the talk" set in a few minutes.

Hilary: Well, we're only gonna be in los Angeles for a couple days, and I would love to do a piece with you.

Julie: Well, I'm very flattered, but I'm sure you know these kind of requests have to go through the proper channels.

Hilary: I know, I know. I know this isn't the standard approach to securing an interview, but I would just love to chat with you just for a couple minutes on camera.

Julie: I'm sorry. That won't be possible. But thank you. It was lovely meeting you.

Hilary: Yeah. [Sighs]

Julie: I'll tell you what. We're gonna be live. Why don't you come to the set of "the talk" and check it out?

Hilary: I would love that. Thank you. Thank you very much, ms. Chen. [Sighs]

Howard: I'd ask you how that went, but assuming from that fake smile...

Hilary: Pack up your gear. We're going to "the talk."

Howard: What?! She agreed?

Hilary: Well, I got my foot in the door.

Howard: Ah. Right. Your foot. Just not your whole bod.

Hilary: Okay, just get your stuff together, okay? I will make it happen.

Howard: You're nothing if not confident.

Hilary: I read up on her, and she has always inspired me. She believes in following your dreams, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get an interview with Julie Chen. Watch me.

Howard: Oh, believe me. I will.

Victoria: Okay. [Sighs] [Sighs] Billy, hey. Where are you? I checked in with Juliet, and they're still prepping the set, but I think we should probably be there by now. Okay, do I need to come up there and drag you out of bed? Call me. Hey.

Billy: Sorry. Sorry I'm late.

Victoria: No, it's okay. I was worried.

Billy: I just overslept.

Victoria: Yeah. Really?

Billy: Yeah, I was, you know, thinking about the commercial, and I had trouble falling asleep. But then once I did, I slept right through my alarm.

Victoria: Well, I had the opposite problem. I was up at the crack of dawn. But I had a chance to talk to the kids.

Billy: You did?

Victoria: I did.

Billy: How are they?

Victoria: They are full of questions about the zoo, actually.

Billy: Yeah, was Johnny making his elephant noises again?

Victoria: He wants you to show him how to make a giraffe noise.

Billy: Oh, that's easy.

Victoria: [Laughs] You know, capping off this photo shoot with a trip down to san Diego with the family, it's a really great idea, and I'm so glad you can come. The kids are never gonna forget it, Billy. You know that.

Billy: Let's just get through today first, okay?

Victoria: [Chuckles] Okay.

Jack: I certainly didn't expect to find our mother at the club. A little heads up would have been nice. Instead I walk in and find Madame Mergeron with her latest side of boeuf.

Ashley: Dina has a boyfriend?

Jack: What about that surprises you?

Ashley: I don't know. When she showed up alone, I just assumed. Let me guess. Much younger, slightly good looking, no discernable career of his own.

Jack: Right on the first two. As for career, well, you're probably on target there, too.

Ashley: I wonder if he knows what he's gotten himself into. So, what? They were just hanging out at the club?

Jack: With Gloria, of all people.

Ashley: Gloria?

Jack: Yes, an impromptu reunion of dad's ex-wives. All that was missing was Jill.

Ashley: And you were somehow wedged in between the women? I mean, how does that work?

Jack: Thank god Gloria had the presence of mind not to stick around and compare notes.

Ashley: Thank god there wasn't some tabloid ex-wife cat fight, right?

Jack: Okay, listen. I think we ought to give Traci a call and let her know our mother is back in the states.

Ashley: You really think that Dina's gonna stop in new York to reconnect with her daughter? I don't. She's gonna stay in the states long enough to sign her contracts, then she's back to Paris.

Jack: Don't be so sure. Dina said she's in no hurry. She wants to spend a little time with her family.

Ashley: Just what does she consider to be her family at this point?

Neil: Now, this wouldn't be some kind of casual get-together.

Devon: Not at all. It'd be very classy, very extravagant, and I would, of course, spare no expense to give Mergeron enterprises the welcome to Genoa city it deserves.

Dina: Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I'm afraid some people might not approve.

Devon: Now, when you say "some people," um, are you referring to your family?

Dina: My family is my main concern.

Devon: Well, I assume since you came all this way, you plan on seeing them, don't you?

Dina: I already did.

Neil: And things didn't go well?

Dina: No, but that's no surprise.

Neil: Would you like a cup of coffee?

Dina: Please.

Neil: Sure.

Devon: Um, I don't mean to intrude, but my father and I, we know the Abbotts very well. In fact, your granddaughter Abby is one of my best friends. And Neil is very close with Jack. They're very good people. I hope that you don't give up on them.

Dina: Are you always this optimistic?

Neil: You know something? My son subscribes to the theory that the glass is always half full.

Dina: [Chuckles] Well, I wish I had some of his hopefulness. And I don't want to cheat you out of your moment, Devon, but...I'm afraid my family would take it the wrong way.

Neil: We understand that.

Devon: Of course we do. In fact, you know what? I think I have an idea of how we can still make the announcement where it's not so open to misinterpretation, but we can still make a grand entrance into the business world.

Hilary: I can see you're skeptical.

Howard: And I can see you're new to L.A. You don't just walk up to a high-profile celeb like Julie Chen and score an interview.

Hilary: I am telling you, Howard, she could not have been nicer.

Howard: Okay, so she's a nice person. But still it's not what... you know that woman?

Hilary: Yeah. Too well.

Howard: Wait. Where are you going?

Hilary: Hello, Phyllis. What are you doing here?

Phyllis: Hilary! Oh, my goodness. Hi. Uh, I just got out of Wisconsin for a few days. I needed some r&R.

Hilary: [Chuckles] And you just so happen to be staying at a hotel that's currently occupied by several Genoa city residents?

Phyllis: Yeah. Isn't that funny?

Hilary: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Hilary, please don't tell anyone you saw me here.

Cane: Hey, hey, hey. Why are you so nervous? What's up?

Lily: I don't know. I just -- it hit me that I'm working with this big-time director who's used to professional actors. You know, what if I mess up my lines or I make some sort of amateur mistake?

Cane: Listen, you're not gonna do that, all right? You've run these lines hundreds of times, all right?

Lily: But still, what if I mess up or --

Cane: You're not gonna mess up. This is what you do best.

Lily: What? Tremble with terror?

Cane: No. No, no. You keep your calm while everybody else trembles with terror, all right? Listen to me, you are a natural in front of the camera. You got this. You got it, baby, okay?

Jordan: Uh, I'd listen to the man, Lily. He's right on target.

Lily: He's my husband. He has to say those things.

Jordan: He knows how talented you are and how much the camera loves you.

Lily: No, but that's print. This is video.

Jordan: Which you've also done before.

Lily: No, I haven't.

Jordan: GC buzz, when brash & sassy launched their men's line, you had a lot to say, and you knocked it right out the park.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Lily: [Sighs]

Billy: Gentlemen, we are so excited to have you here part of our commercial. We're really stoked about it.

Victoria: Yes, just relax and have a lot of fun. Don't worry about anything at all.

Billy: And I'm glad that we were there to meet you to personally introduce ourselves.

Well, thanks, man. I mean, this is all pretty new for us.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Well, if you're nervous, don't be.

Billy: Yeah, just pretend you're in between periods and you're doing a little interview. You know what you're talking about. If anything comes up, don't hesitate to let us know.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: I'd like to introduce you to two other members of our team. This is Cane Ashby right here and Juliet Helton.

Cane: Thanks for coming. Appreciate it.

Victoria: Cane and Juliet, uh, along with Billy are responsible for throwing this all together.

Juliet: And we've had a blast doing it. If you come with me, I'll introduce you to Lily, our brand ambassador and your co-star for the day.

Billy: Have fun, boys.

Cane: Yeah, have fun.

Billy: Cane, you were gonna let some P.A. Walk these guys in?

Cane: Yeah, well, I had to 'cause you weren't here on time, were you, Billy?

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: I was just in time, actually.

Victoria: Okay, is everything going according to schedule?

Cane: Yeah, it is now, 'cause I took care of it.

Victoria: Excellent.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Well, it was really great meeting you guys. I'm gonna finish getting ready, and I'll see you soon. [Chuckles]

Whose idea was it, the whole hockey men's line deal?

Victoria: Oh, that would be Billy. He was the mastermind behind all of this.

Cane: Yeah, okay. Jesse, come here for a second. All right, guys, this is Jesse. He's gonna shoot the behind-the-scenes footage, okay? So do me a favor. Pretend he's not here. Just act natural, be yourselves, all right?

Victoria: But make sure you get as much material as you can. We're gonna need it all for the website.

Cane: Yeah.

Juliet: Jordan, if you and Jesse will accompany our stars to wardrobe?

Jordan: Sure.

Juliet: But before we get too far into this, I wanted to let you know that the league has requested to see any behind-the-scenes footage of the players. They want final approval before anything is posted on the website.

Victoria: That's not a problem at all.

Billy: No, totally understandable. I mean, they're sensitive about their image.

Cane: Yeah, yeah, it's under control.

Jack: I'm not sure what our mother is hoping to accomplish here.

Ashley: I'm sure you have your suspicions.

Jack: Yeah, so do you.

Ashley: It's not gonna happen.

Jack: I'm sure she would love to meet Abby.

Ashley: You know what? It's irrelevant what Dina wants. And I've already warned Abby about her.

Jack: And Abby isn't the slightest bit curious?

Ashley: Why is this about my child? You have children. Why isn't Dina trying to meet your children?

Jack: If my children lived in town, I would be about my kids.

Ashley: And by the way, she never even asked me about Traci. Did she ask you about Traci?

Jack: No.

Ashley: Her own daughter!

Jack: Okay, don't make too big a deal of it. She was jetlagged. Would you be reasonable?

Ashley: I'm being very reasonable! I'm being very calm, and I'm being very reasonable under the circumstances, Jack!

Jack: Okay, what we had doesn't even qualify as a conversation.

Ashley: Oh, here you go. Now you're gonna start making excuses for her.

Jack: And here you are packing her off to send her out of our lives again.

Ashley: She's been out of our lives for decades!

Jack: All I'm saying is I don't see any need to make her feel unwelcome.

Ashley: That's exactly how we should be making her feel. Why? Did you want to invite her to an Abbott family style breakfast?

Jack: I do find it intriguing, this whole business deal, what she's doing here. When you talked to her, did she give you any indication as to why she chose Neil and Devon?

Ashley: I didn't ask. And she wouldn't have given me a straight answer anyway.

Jack: It does make you wonder, though, doesn't it? Of all the international companies who could make a legitimate bid, she chose Genoa city's own Hamilton-winters.

Ashley: I'm just gonna chalk Dina's trip up to her personal greed, okay? And I'm gonna try very hard to forget the day that she swooped back into our lives.

Dina: Oh, Devon has told me about your talk show, and sometimes you speak directly to your audience.

Mariah: Yeah. We have a fun and easy approach here.

Dina: Unstructured.

Devon: In a good way, though, because on Mariah's show, she encourages people to speak their minds.

Mariah: We like to keep it real here, you know, so people are free to get personal or not. I mean, it's really up to you.

Dina: I'm not so sure that's a good idea.

Neil: You know, your son Jack is good friends with the show's owner.

Dina: He is?

Devon: Everybody in town talks about the show, too.

Dina: My children and my granddaughter, they watch?

Devon: Oh, absolutely. I know that, uh, Abby is an avid watcher, and I think Jack tunes in from time to time.

Dina: Well, I won't be manipulated on air.

Mariah: No. No, not on my watch.

Devon: And I can vouch for Mariah 100%. She has an amazing heart that comes through on camera. In fact, on our thanksgiving show, she helped reunite a woman with her estranged family.

Mariah: That wasn't a big deal.

Devon: Yeah, it is.

Neil: Yeah, well, for that woman and her family, it sure was.

Dina: Mariah, don't ever dismiss your achievements. Oh, all right. I'll do the interview.

Mariah: [Chuckles] Great. Fantastic.

Dina: Under one condition. I don't want this to be about me. It's about Hamilton-winters. And, Devon, you're going to appear with me.

Devon: I would be honored.

Mariah: Amazing. Uh, let me just get everything set up. I am so appreciative to you for handing this to me. I-I really am. I'm stoked. But we have one major hurdle to leap over before we go on air.

Phyllis: All you have to do is forget you ever saw me.

Hilary: But then you'd owe me.

Phyllis: Yes. Not so much for me, but it's for Billy. You know, I-I came here to surprise him on his business trip, but he doesn't think Victoria's gonna be too happy about it.

Hilary: Oh, so you and Billy are back together?

Phyllis: Yeah. That part's not so secret. Victoria knows. We told Jack. Strangely enough, some people are ready to tar and feather me anyway.

Hilary: That's not too strange.

Phyllis: Oh, that's nice. Join in. Throw the insults my way, Hilary.

Hilary: Maybe another time, another place, but not today. See, I have an interview with Julie Chen. So as tempting as it is, Phyllis, I don't have time to drag you through the mud.

Phyllis: Hilary.

Hilary: I'll keep your little secret, all right? I never saw you.

[Cell phone rings]

Hilary: This is Hilary.

Mariah: Hey, glad I caught you, co-host.

Hilary: I don't have time to dish, Mariah. I am on my way to see my idol for the biggest interview of my career.

Mariah: All right, I'll cut to the chase, then. I just scored a major coup. Dina Mergeron wants to announce the sale of her massive corporation on our show.

Hilary: Wow! Can this day get any better? Okay, just put it in my calendar. We'll do the interview as soon as I get back.

Mariah: Here's the thing about that. Dina was a very hard sell. I doubt she's gonna stick around until you get back. In fact, she's probably flying home to Paris any minute.

Hilary: Wait. You're doing the interview?

Mariah: It's still your show. You're still gonna get all of the kudos. Everybody wins, right? But we have to go live before the story breaks.

Hilary: How did you of all people snag this anyway?

Mariah: Guess which company is buying Mergeron.

Hilary: Hamilton-winters. So this is all about your new boyfriend. And you expect me to go along with it?

Victoria: Well, rehearsal couldn't have gone any better.

Lily: I know. I'm so relieved. My butterflies went away as soon as the run-through started.

Victoria: I could tell. You're a natural.

Juliet: And one of those players was a natural, too.

Lily: [Gasps] Riley?

Juliet: Hmm.

Victoria: He's gorgeous.

Lily: I didn't see a wedding ring. I could see if he's single.

Juliet: I cannot let you do that. It would be unprofessional.

Lily: Would it?

Juliet: Lily!

Victoria: There's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirtation.

Lily: Yeah, I don't think so.

Victoria: Maybe brash & sassy and the hockey league will form even more of a personal alliance.


Cane: You guys worked really well with Lily.

It wasn't exactly work.


We didn't have to pretend she's hot. She is.

Cane: Yeah, you know what? As her husband, I agree 100% with you on that.

Billy: Ooh, well played, Cane.

Cane: [Laughs]

Jesse: So, riley, who do you like in the finals?

Billy: Bombers got it all the way.

No way, dude. We're gonna demolish them!

I'd take that bet any day.

Billy: Vegas has the blue blades 2-to-1 favorites. I mean, we could always make it interesting, you know?

Yeah, yeah, sure. Put me down for 10 grand.

Me, too. Nothing like betting against yourselves.


Victoria: Okay, we're ready to start, guys. Time to get back on set.

Uh, hey, you -- you know we were joking, right?

Billy: Yeah, I know we're joking. [Laughs]

Billy: No worries.

Jack: I'm sure there's a picture or two of you with mom when you were young around here someplace.

Ashley: Back when I was too young to know the difference? And she actually looks a little maternal here.

Jack: Hey. It's not like she was a total monster.

Ashley: I just don't care.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ashley: I mean it. Dina does not matter to me anymore.

Jack: Hmm. From Gloria. "Turn on GC buzz right away."

Ashley: I don't want to know.

Mariah: I'm Mariah Copeland sitting in for Hilary Curtis, who's away on assignment in los Angeles. Here's what's buzzing, GC. Dina Mergeron, a renowned figure in the international business community, is here in studio today to make a stunning announcement.

Hilary: Do not say it.

Howard: Say what? Oh, you mean "I told you so"? Is that what you're referring to, or...?

Hilary: Damn it. I was so close.

Howard: You weren't. You just wanted to believe it.

Hilary: Look. This is my chance. Take this, take this.

Howard: Whoa, wait.

Hilary: [Sighs] [Clears throat] Ms. Chen?

Julie: Oh, um, I didn't realize anyone was still on the set.

Hilary: We waited for you. Um, we met earlier at the hotel.

Julie: Yes. You have that syndicated show.

Hilary: "The Hilary hour." Yes. And this is my producer, Howard green.

Howard: So good to meet you.

Julie: Nice to meet you.

Hilary: I want to thank you again for inviting us to the show. It really was an incredible experience for me.

Julie: Good.

Howard: Man, you and the gals at the table, I mean, there's nothing you won't say.

Hilary: [Chuckles]

Julie: Well, that's actually kind of the point. Good luck with your show, and nice meeting you both.

Hilary: Uh, wait. I was hoping that we could discuss an interview?

Julie: Oh, I'm sorry, Hilary. I probably didn't make myself clear earlier, but I'm very busy. I have to prep for tomorrow's show.

Hilary: You know how hard it is to make it in this business, to be taken seriously. I mean, you were an intern who worked insane hours at the morning news. You did time scrambling for stories as an assignment reporter in Dayton and new York, and you faced head-on challenges for being diverse and a female. And those challenges, instead of daunting you, they empowered you to do things that I can only imagine. Ms. Chen, I'm just asking you if you can give us even 10 minutes.

Julie: I am sorry --

Hilary: Eight minutes.

Julie: Five.

Hilary: Five.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: There they are, boys. Lit the lamp. Fantastic work. Thank you.

Victoria: We cannot thank you enough.

Billy: Great job.

Lily: So, I have some bad news. Riley has a girlfriend. I'm sorry.

Juliet: Story of my life. I'm always attracted to unavailable men.

Lily: [Chuckles] Hey.

Cane: Come here. Oh, baby.

Juliet: Thanks anyway, Lily.

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Cane: Hey, you were spectacular.

Lily: Thank you. I want to go out right away and celebrate.

Cane: I would love to, but I can't celebrate now. It's gonna have to wait.

Lily: Why?

Cane: Well, I got to find Jesse and get the behind-the-scenes footage cut and approved by the league before we can post it, okay?

Lily: Okay. Edit fast.

Cane: Okay, honey.

Jordan: What's with the sad face? You were phenomenal.

Lily: Thank you. Uh, my husband can't go out and play, so...

Jordan: Sorry to hear that.

Lily: It's all right.

Victoria: [Sighs] Listen, you two. Thank you so much for your amazing work. And to you, Billy.

Billy: What'd I do?

Victoria: Well, I mean, you came up with the idea, and you pulled it all together.

Billy: No, I got to be honest. This was a team effort. I'm really impressed.

Lily: Yeah, and it was so much fun, too. I'll see you guys later.

Victoria: Okay, bye-bye.

Jordan: See ya.

Victoria: Well, after all of this hard work, I think that we deserve a drink or two.

Billy: Yeah, no, I would love to, but honestly, it's been a long day. I'm kind of wrecked.

Victoria: I know, but maybe if you can visualize all the millions of dollars that this is gonna bring to brash & sassy, maybe your adrenaline will kick in.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Victoria: See? I think it's working already.

Billy: Okay. Uh, let me go back to my room, freshen up a little bit.

Victoria: Yeah, sure. I mean, if we're going back to the hotel, then I can just meet you at the rooftop bar.

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Hilary: Now, you've talked about all of the times in your career where you heard "no." "No, you will never get paid what you deserve."

Julie: Yep.

Hilary: "No, you will never get ahead. No, you will never get a national news job." Obviously you didn't listen to any of them, so what motivated you to keep going?

Julie: Oddly enough, being told no is what motivated me. The more I was told "you'll never make it," the more I wanted to prove them wrong. I was like, "I'll show you," and I worked that much harder because of it.

Hilary: Now, as for your role on "the talk," how would you say that that has evolved over the years?

Julie: Seven years ago, I saw myself just as the news lady who was the moderator. I was not going to give my opinion on any of the topics because I came from news. And in news, you're taught you're not supposed to give your opinion. But they wore me down, and...

Hilary: I'm sure they did.

Julie: And I realized, "you know what? I need to be one of the girls at the table." So slowly I learned how to give my opinion while delivering the headlines. I mean, with this group, you can't miss. I just forgot the cameras were there.

Hilary: Now, it looks like you and your co-hosts are always having a blast.

Julie: We are. We really are. We love our jobs. We love each other.

Hilary: Well, I actually have a co-host of my own. Well, she's a little more of a sidekick. And let's just say that sometimes she can be a little difficult. So, when the red light on the camera turns off here at "the talk," is that when the claws come out? Rawr! [Chuckles]

Julie: I'm so sorry to disappoint you. We get asked that question all the time.

Hilary: Yeah.

Julie: But what you see happen on camera is how we are with each other off camera. We go out to dinner. We are actually really good friends in real life.

Hilary: Wow. That's impressive.

Julie: Don't get me wrong. I mean, there are times we don't see eye to eye on a certain topic or how we should do things on the show. But we always want to build each other up. As women, we feel like we really owe it to each other to do that. We don't want to tear each other down. That chemistry you see on camera, you can't fake that. That is real.

Hilary: Yeah, real. Well, I do try to keep it real with my co-host. Sometimes it can get a little too real, if you know what I mean.

Julie: Well, let me give you some advice. You referred to her earlier as your sidekick.

Hilary: Yeah.

Julie: Maybe if you made this sidekick more of a co-host and included her in the process, I bet you wouldn't have a problem with her anymore.

Hilary: Well, you hear that, Mariah? I guess there might be hope for us yet.

Mariah: Today, right here in GC buzz, we have an exclusive breaking news story. Local buzzers, of course, will no doubt be familiar with Devon Hamilton, former owner of GC buzz. He has moved on to bigger and better things, starting a company with his father, Neil winters. This new corporation, Hamilton-winters, has big plans to be a major force in the business world. Devon?

Devon: Yes, I am extremely fortunate to be here today with the brilliant Dina Mergeron. Her huge conglomerate has stood the test of time. It still stands on the cutting edge of many new groundbreaking technologies. And Dina has maintained both her company's structure and growth, which is no easy task.

Ashley: What is she up to?

Devon: We have some very exciting news to share.

Jack: Nothing more than a very shrewd business move on Devon's part.

Devon: Hamilton-Winters is honored to announce the first acquisition for our new corporation, as we are now the proud owners of Mergeron enterprises.

Mariah: Many of our viewers are no doubt familiar with Mergeron enterprises, but most would be surprised to find out that they have dabbled in everything from ship building to microchips to music streaming, a wide and varied portfolio. Wouldn't you agree, Dina?

Dina: Oh, absolutely. We're so proud of what we do and our broad scope.

Mariah: Why would you agree to sell this amazing life's work of your late husband?

Dina: Well, when you run a company like mine, dear, at some point you become conscious of your legacy.

Mariah: For your generations of customers?

Dina: Well, in part. But essentially, my motivation in the changes that I've been making is quite simple. It's family.

Hilary: Ms. Chen, I cannot thank you enough for helping out our up-and-coming little show.

Julie: Please.

Hilary: Oh!

Julie: You are quite the determined young lady.

Hilary: I think I kind of have to be. I have some big goals and ambitions.

Julie: You have a very bright future in this business, Hilary.

Hilary: Coming from you, wow, I don't even know what to say.

Julie: I'm speaking from experience. You have what it takes. Let me know when this airs, because I would love to watch it.

Howard: Thank you. [Gasps]

Hilary: Did you hear what she just said?

Howard: You scored high with the lady. My hat's off to you.

Hilary: I told you not to doubt me.

Howard: I'll know better next time. Come on, let's get you back to the hotel and see what we got here.

Hilary: No, we have one more thing. Get your camera out.

Howard: Oh.

Hilary: [Sighs deeply] Welcome to "the Hilary hour."

Mariah: Why choose Hamilton-winters?

Dina: Well, they offered me a lot of money.


Dina: And the fact that my dear departed friend Katherine chancellor just happened to be this bright young man's grandmother.

Devon: And I know she's smiling down on us right now.

Dina: Oh, yes. I'm most certain that she is. Katherine was a remarkable woman, and so fortunate to find you even late in her life. So, you see, Mariah, anything is possible. You can correct the mistakes that you've made and re-establish a relationship with family. It's never too late.

Ashley: [Applauds] Well done, Dina.

Put me down for 10 grand.

Me, too.

Cane: Okay, cut it right there. That's where it ends.

Jesse: Are you sure? That's gonna sound a lot different out of context.

Cane: Well, that is exactly what I need. Good.

Billy: Phyllis? Phyllis, listen. It's really not my fault, but I just -- I need to, uh... Phyllis?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: You want me to spy on my girlfriend and report back to you.

Victor: That's right.

Hilary: Let's see what the man himself has to say.

Billy: Vegas has the blue blades 2-to-1 favorites. You know, you could always make it interesting. Yeah, put me down for 10 grand.

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