Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/16/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/16/17


Episode # 11171 ~ Ashley has a tense reunion with Dina; Gloria has a rude awakening; Phyllis travels to Los Angeles to surprise Billy.

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Dina: Lovely to see you, Ashley.

Ashley: Why are you here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

Dina: Would you have taken my call if I had?

Gloria: Yes, you have a fairly light day tomorrow. 8:00 with Barbara in human resources, lunch with the bankers, and then nothing till 4:00 when the ad agencies come in to pitch new concepts for jabot classics.

Jack: Thank you, Gloria.

Gloria: Anything else you need?

Jack: Not that I can think of.

Gloria: Okay. Then I'll say good night.

Jack: What's the rush? Hot date?

Gloria: I find that an inappropriate question, Mr. Abbott. The answer is "none of your business."

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is going on with you?

Gloria: I think the more important question is, what's going on with you, Jack? We haven't been together in weeks. It's obvious you no longer want to continue our...friendship now that everyone knows about it.

Cane: What a beautiful day, huh?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Cane: You know, it's almost as beautiful as you.

Lily: Well, you're not so bad yourself.

Cane: Ah.

Lily: What are we doing for dinner?

Cane: Well, I'm gonna take you to the most beautiful restaurant I've ever seen, which means it will pale in comparison next to you.

Lily: Oh, you always know the right things to say. [Chuckles]

Victoria: You want some more wine?

Billy: No, no, I should -- I should probably not. Yes, I know. It's, you know, out of character.

Victoria: Are you nervous about the shoot?

Billy: Yes, I'm nervous about the shoot. Are you not nervous about the shoot?

Victoria: No, we've done plenty of commercials. We've hired a high-profile director, so that makes us the clients, which means we can just sit back and relax and let Callie work her magic.

Billy: Hold on a second. Is this a pep talk?

Victoria: I believe in your concept and your ability to bring it to fruition.

Billy: This is most definitely a pep talk.

Victoria: Well?

Billy: "Well?" Well, it's gonna be nuts. I'm gonna be nuts. But once the footage is in the can, we're in post, and we're still on target for our air date, then I will relax.

Victoria: Okay. Fine. But let's just enjoy this moment, okay? And appreciate how lucky we are to be here, looking out at the Hollywood sign.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Victoria: It's a perfect evening. Don't worry. It's gonna get done. You'll see. And the project is gonna be fabulous.

Billy: You heading out?

Cane: Yeah, we have dinner plans. You guys have a nice night, all right?

Victoria: Same to you.

Lily: Thanks.

Victoria: I got to tell you, the ceviche in Wisconsin just does not measure up.

Billy: That's because the ocean is right there and not 2,000 miles away.

Victoria: Yeah. Hey, do you remember that incredible meal we had the last time we were in town, when you were trying to sell restless style?

Billy: [Chuckles] Yes. You convinced me to go for a dip in that amazing pool.

Victoria: Yes. We almost got arrested for trespassing.

Billy: How was I supposed to know it wasn't connected to the hotel?

Victoria: Well, your first clue might have been the police officer and the "private property" sign.

Billy: Did you see the "private property" sign? I don't think you did.

Victoria: Well, if I had, I would have insisted that we not go swimming there.

Billy: Well, I guess I can always count on you to remind me of the rules.

[Scott and Christine speaking indistinctly]

Sharon: Hey, there.

Scott: Hi. How'd the shift go?

Christine: At the coffeehouse?

Scott: Uh, no. Sharon's actually working for the crisis hotline right here in the building.

Sharon: It was intense. But I loved it.

Christine: I know what you mean. I've worked there, too. It's a difficult job but really rewarding. What made you decide you wanted to volunteer there?

Sharon: Well, I've gone back to school, and that's part of the course work for my psych class.

Christine: Congratulations. That's great.

Sharon: Well, thanks. I mean, I still have a lot to learn.

Scott: Yeah, well, it puts things in perspective.

Sharon: Oh, it sure does. After doing the training and then actually taking calls, I realized I don't really have any problems. I mean, not compared to other people out there.

Christine: Yeah, I had the same experience. I think it's what you get for putting in your time and effort, you know, just gratitude for everything you have in your life and the people.

Sharon: So, you ready to go?

Scott: Oh, yeah. We have reservations.

Christine: Oh, um, you know, I just need to talk to Scott for one second, then he's all yours.

Scott: Why don't we do that tomorrow?

Christine: No. This really can't wait.

Sharon: Oh, it's no problem. I'll just wait outside.

Scott: All right. See you in a bit.

Christine: What's with you and Sharon?

Scott: [Scoffs]

Gloria: Your not saying a word tells me that I'm right. Ever since people started finding out about this, things have changed between us, Jack. And it makes me very sad. It was a lot more fun when we were sneaking around being unspeakably naughty together.

Jack: I won't deny that.

Gloria: Now the secret's out, and I assume that you are no longer interested in me because you are embarrassed to be with me.

Jack: That first time when we woke up together after a drunken evening, I was, I will admit, mortified.

Gloria: [Scoffs] So was I. But I have to say, as time went on, I discovered there was so much more to Jack Abbott than just that smile. And I guess I had hoped that you might discover the same thing about me.

Jack: I will say that the way you have handled this whole Kevin thing with Bella is more than I ever expected from you.

Gloria: I think there is a compliment in there somewhere.

[Both chuckle]

Gloria: There you go, Jack! Good to see you laugh again. With everything you've been going through lately, you've seemed a little down.

Jack: I have been preoccupied. But let me make this as clear as I can make it.

Gloria: Okay.

Jack: I am not embarrassed by you. I am not embarrassed by our arrangement. And if I gave you the wrong impression or if I hurt you in any way, I'm sorry.

Gloria: Apology accepted. But if you'd really like to make it up to me, I'll be at the club.

Jack: Then I was right. No hot date.

Gloria: Depends on you, lover-boy.

Ashley: Did Jack let you in? Where is he, anyway?

Dina: Apparently not here. His housekeeper answered the door. I-I didn't catch her name.

Ashley: Mrs. Martinez. Apparently you didn't introduce yourself as our mother, or she wouldn't have let you in.

Dina: Well, I-I see I'm still on the persona non grata list. I mean, even the employees have been warned against me, hmm?

Ashley: I don't think it's any secret how Jack, Traci, and I feel about you, Dina.

Dina: Well, you look lovely, darling. You always have. Are you well?

Ashley: Very well.

Dina: I can tell. You have a certain glow about you. There must be a special man in your life, hmm?

Ashley: I'm not in a serious relationship.

Dina: But -- but, darling, you're such an exquisite woman. Surely there's a line outside your door.

Ashley: I'm fine with my friendships right now.

Dina: Friendships? Are you sure that's enough for you?

Ashley: I understand that you're selling Mergeron to Neil winters and Devon Hamilton. I guess I should congratulate you on convincing one of the wealthiest people in town to buy your company.

Dina: Well, that isn't exactly the way it happened, but I did my due diligence. Both Devon and Neil are very impressive, and that was the deciding factor in my coming back here personally to finalize things.

Ashley: So it's a done deal.

Dina: It will be soon.

Ashley: Okay, so you're here to sign contracts, and then you fly back to Paris. It can't be soon enough for me.

Tessa: Wow, man, this is one ritzy joint. You know I would have been happy with drive-thru, right?

Noah: Well, if you want, I mean...

Tessa: Oh, no. You're a Newman. I'll rough it here. Do you think they'll throw me out for not having enough sparkly stuff?

Noah: Yes, but they'll do it in a very polite manner and expect a tip for their trouble.

Tessa: [Chuckles]

Noah: Why shouldn't I take you to a nice place? You deserve it.

Tessa: You sound like Nikki.

Noah: My favorite table's over there.

Tessa: Lead on, macduff.

Noah: [Chuckles]

Scott: I don't have to explain myself to you. My personal life is just that.

Christine: I know. It just wasn't that long ago when Sharon was married.

Scott: I know. I know. And her divorce was hard on her. And it's not even finalized yet. We're friends, okay? Nothing for you to be concerned about.

Christine: Did she say what caused the split?

Scott: Trust issues. And she didn't elaborate, and I didn't pry. None of which has anything to do with the reasons you wanted to see me. Look, I thought I made myself clear. No more intel assignments. That part of my life is over. I'm working for victor now.

Christine: Writing his biography.

Scott: Actually, that's done, too. He changed his mind. He decided not to pursue it.

Christine: [Scoffs] That's odd.

Scott: Not half as much as hiring me at Newman.

Christine: To do what?

Scott: Senior VP of special projects, reporting directly to him. That is exactly how I reacted.

Christine: Why would you ever agree to a job like that?

Scott: Victor saved my life. It's not like I had much choice.

Christine: You hate being tied to a desk.

Scott: I also hate being unemployed, so I'm taking the good with the bad here. I owe victor.

Christine: Well, I-I'm hoping that you will change your mind about turning me down after you take a look at these.

Scott: [Sighs] It's pretty gruesome.

Christine: [Sighs] Yeah. Believe it or not, these young women are the lucky ones. So many of them aren't, and the problem is just getting worse.

Scott: Sex trafficking?

Christine: Yep. Right here in the Midwest. They prey on the vulnerable. I am trying to build a big case against one of these rings, but it's impossible to do without more evidence.

Scott: Look, I wish you the best in catching these scum, but I'm the wrong guy for the job.

Christine: Scott...

Scott: I blew my last assignment. I got kidnapped. I put a lot of people in danger. It's just... if I thought I could help... but I can't. Not anymore.

Hilary: Absolutely. Yes, we will call you tomorrow. Thank you very much. Okay. Bye. All of my celebrity interviews are set.

Jordan: Yeah? You work fast, girl.

Hilary: Well, I wish I could take all of the credit, but I owe it all to Howard green.

Jordan: Get out of here. The guy who sold GC buzz to Devon?

Hilary: One and the same. He moved out here. He's a producer now, so I hired him to work on the L.A. Segments. It's kind of cool, huh? Me being his boss now.

Jordan: As long as he's good with it.

Hilary: He is so well-connected. I mean, the man can work miracles, which he did for me.

Jordan: Good for you.

Hilary: He just appreciates my talent, and he loves --

loves -- what I did with "the Hilary hour."

Jordan: Hmm.

Hilary: He actually said that he can see a place for me here in los Angeles.

Jordan: I got to admit, L.A. Is looking real good on you.

Hilary: I just -- I love the energy here. It's inspiring. People are breaking new ground. You know, they're following their dreams and...

Jordan: You're thinking about sticking around after you tape your show tomorrow?

Hilary: Would it bother you if I did?

Ashley: Farewell glass of wine?

Dina: None for me. Thanks.

Ashley: Suit yourself.

Dina: I'd like to stay in town for a while and catch up with you and Jack.

Ashley: We're too busy running jabot. We don't have any time to socialize.

Dina: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But from what I've read, you're doing an admirable job. JabotGo, acquiring Fenmore's, and the virtual dressing room -- brilliant ideas.

Ashley: Kind of surprised you managed to keep tabs.

Dina: I always have. I'm sure john would be very proud of both of you.

Ashley: That's interesting, isn't it? Considering you never gave a damn what he thought before.

Dina: Well, I see you're still hanging on to all of my failings as a wife as a mother.

Ashley: Actually, I don't think that much about you. But when I do, it's just to make sure I don't repeat your mistakes. That's a promise that I gave... my father as he lay dying, an event that you conveniently were absent for.

Dina: Well, I won't take up any more of your time. But I do wish you well, Ashley. And, please, give my love to Jack and Traci.

Ashley: [Sighs]

Hilary: Well, my marriage is over. Nothing is holding me to Genoa city. Well, except for you, of course.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Nice save.

Hilary: So will you miss me if I move to the city of angels?

Jordan: Of course I will.

Hilary: Yeah?

Jordan: But I know how well you'll do here.

Hilary: So you're not the jealous, possessive type?

Jordan: Hell no.

Hilary: [Chuckles]

Jordan: I just hope when you get your own network show and that big Bel Air estate that you don't forget about us little people who helped you get there.

Hilary: I'm sorry. Who are you?

Jordan: Remember me now?

Hilary: Hmm. Well, after a kiss like that, I can't really remember much of anything.

Jordan: Yeah, I doubt that. Look, lots of people, they come out to L.A. And they get intoxicated by the glitz. You? I look into those beautiful eyes, and I don't see stars. I see determination.

Hilary: I came with you on this trip, and it wasn't to score some random interview. It was to take my tiny show to the next level.

Jordan: Yeah.

Hilary: If it succeeds, it will be because of me.

[Fingers tapping rhythmically]

Phyllis: Hello! Anybody? Excuse me! Anybody back there?


Phyllis: Hi! [Chuckles] Finally. I thought everybody was taking a nap. [Chuckles] Sorry for the inconvenience. I was taking a call.

Phyllis: Oh, it's why I love the "hold" button. Perfect for live, paying customers.

Hmm. Welcome to the Beverly palm. Do you have a reservation?

Phyllis: No, I actually don't. I'm not listed as a guest -- yet. But the room is in my husband's name, uh, Billy Abbott. So if you could just give me a key, that'd be great.

I'm afraid that's impossible.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Well, I can't give out a key to an unregistered guest. It's against hotel policy.

Phyllis: Oh! It's our anniversary.


Phyllis: I'm here to surprise him!

Congratulations. I still need your husband's approval to give you access to his room.

Gloria: I'll have my usual.

Dina: Oh. [Gasps] Oh, hello, darling.

Graham: There you are.

Dina: Oh.

Graham: The suite is ready.

Dina: Thank you for taking such good care of me. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

Dina: Oh, excuse me. You -- you run on. I'll be there in a second.

Graham: Sure.

Gloria: Thank you. Hello. I'm Gloria. And you're new in town.

Graham: What gave me away?

Gloria: [Chuckles] Believe me, if you lived in Genoa city, I would have spotted you a long time ago.

Graham: I'm just visiting from Paris.

Gloria: How nice for you.

Jack: Mother?

Dina: Jack! [Chuckling] Oh, darling! Oh! Jack! [Chuckles]

And you're still here.

Phyllis: I owe you an apology. [Sighs] I was out of line earlier. It's jet lag. It does a number on me. I hope that you can forgive me for how I spoke to you, Anthony.


Phyllis: You're amazing at what you do.

Thanks. I'm still not gonna give you a key.

Phyllis: I get it. But what if I can prove to you that Mr. Billy Abbott and I are indeed married? Okay, I've got a card. I got a card somewhere. [Sighs]

Phyllis: Right there.

Oh. Okay, why are you hiding from that woman?

Phyllis: Because like I said, I'm surprising my husband. She's a colleague of his. Juliet something. If she saw me here, it would just spoil the whole thing.

Okay, you're not gonna give up, are you?

Phyllis: [Sighs] If you flew all this way, would you?

I'm not gonna give you a key. That's final. But Mr. Abbott is staying in room 722. That's the best I can do. It's up to him whether or not he lets you in.

Phyllis: You are a rock star. You're not as pompous as you first seemed. Well done. [Clicks tongue]


Jordan: Want to grab some dinner?

Hilary: We should probably do that eventually, huh?

Jordan: I got this great Vietnamese spot I want to go to in west Hollywood.

Hilary: Better than the Saigon shack?

Jordan: It's a whole different league.

Juliet: Hey, guys.

Jordan: What's up, Juliet? What's going on?

Juliet: Oh, hectic. Nice to see you again, Hilary.

Hilary: Likewise.

Jordan: We're supposed to be relaxing tonight. Boss's orders.

Juliet: I know. Billy told me the same thing since we are going to be slammed tomorrow. I just had to wrap up some last-minute details.

Jordan: Can I get you a drink?

Juliet: After the day I've had, if I started, I might not be able to stop. So how about you? How's everything going so far?

Jordan: I've been taking a lot of candids. Posted that photo of you and Lily hamming it up on the company website.

Juliet: I saw that. We are already getting good feedback from her fans.

Hilary: Can I see it?

Jordan: Yeah.

Hilary: [Chuckles] Wow. That's darling. Looks like you two are having a blast.

Juliet: Yeah, we've become good chums. She's been very warm and welcoming, luckily for me since I haven't had much time to do anything other than work.

Hilary: Yeah, for a person who's just started a new job, you seem to be wearing a lot of hats.

Juliet: And I would be wearing one more if Cane hadn't volunteering to handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Hilary: Yeah, you and Cane. You guys look like you were getting along at the employee dinner.

Juliet: We do. Cane and I bonded in Tokyo. And when he returned, he went straight to Victoria, put in a good word for me, and helped me get this gig.

Hilary: Wow. What'd you do to impress him?

Juliet: I was just good at my job.

Jack: I knew you were in town. I wasn't sure I'd get to see you.

Dina: Oh, my apologies, darling. I-I stopped by the house hoping to catch you, and I found Ashley instead.

Jack: How'd that go?

Dina: As expected. But then I-I found you here. [Chuckles] My handsome son. Oh, oh, I'm sorry, darling. This is graham, my companion. Jack.

Graham: It's a privilege.

Jack: Same. Mother, you are nothing if not consistent.

Dina: [Chuckles]

Gloria: [Clears throat]

Jack: Dina Mergeron, meet Gloria fisher.

Gloria: Hello.

Dina: Weren't you married to Jack's father, my ex-husband john Abbott?

Gloria: Yes.

Dina: Hmm.

Gloria: Until his sudden and very premature death.

Jack: Gloria was very dedicated to my father, and she works for me now at jabot.

Dina: Hmm. How interesting.

Gloria: You know, we've only seen each other once in passing. I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you.

Dina: Oh, well, don't worry about that, dear. Women always notice graham first.

Gloria: [Chuckles] Well, if you will, um, excuse me, I have a pressing engagement. Goodbye.

Tessa: Wow. This salad is so fancy. I don't know whether to wear it or to eat it.

Noah: [Chuckles] The food here is fantastic.

Tessa: Well, I promise not to embarrass you by trying to take a picture or...asking which utensil to use. I will figure it out. This is right, right?

Noah: Hmm.

Tessa: I'm kidding.

[Both chuckle]

Tessa: Come on. Relax. This is your scene.

Noah: You know, actually, I'm more of a dive-bar type.

Tessa: Look me in the eye and tell me that you didn't bring your last date here.

Noah: I did.

Tessa: Hmm. I knew it!

Noah: Right before she broke off our engagement.

Tessa: Oh, uh, wow. Way to kill the mood.

Noah: No, you know, it's fine. Really. Don't worry about it.

Tessa: Oh.

Noah: Yet you still seem worried.

Tessa: I'm just distracted.

Noah: Sorry. I don't follow.

Tessa: Follow my gaze.

Noah: Oh, god. It's my mom.

Tessa: Yeah, on a date with your...not-dad. Is this awkward?

Noah: Not really.

Tessa: I feel like it should be.

Noah: No, no. I'm -- I'm glad she's out. I hope she's having a great time. Either way, let's not let it get in the way of ours.

Sharon: You seem preoccupied.

Scott: You know, I'm just trying to ignore the fact that your son and his date are awkwardly looking over at us.

Sharon: Oh. [Chuckles] Yeah, I saw them, too, when we came in, but I decided not to do the mom thing and embarrass him.

Scott: Fair enough.

Sharon: You were quiet on the drive over here, too.

Scott: Was I? I'm sorry. I guess I'm all over the place today.

Sharon: No, no, there's no need to apologize. I just wondered if you were upset from your conversation with Christine.

Scott: She just wanted to pick my brain about a case and thought I could maybe give her some suggestions as to what to do with it.

Sharon: Really? You're a journalist, not a cop.

Scott: She knows I'm a good researcher. So tell me more about the, uh, crisis hotline. Um, I know it can get pretty intense, right?

Sharon: Oh, yeah. The whole time I just kept thinking how glad I was that they gave us that much training and -- and what a relief it was to be able to find the right words to give people. Still, I know this may sound weird, because I did hear some heart-rending stories, but I enjoyed myself knowing that I was really making a difference.

Scott: I'm not surprised. I knew you'd be good at it.

Sharon: How?

Scott: You're a compassionate woman. I felt that from the first time we met. You, uh, you're real, authentic, and have genuine empathy for people.

Sharon: You picked up all that just meeting me?

Scott: It's what I'm trained to do. I can tell when people are lying or, uh, being phony.

Sharon: Well, the work you do, it's changed lives. It's made things better. And I hope that I can say that someday.

Scott: Oh, well, trust me, I'm no saint. I've screwed up plenty, made my fair share of mistakes.

Sharon: How?

Scott: There have been times when I have, uh, not trusted my instincts, let my guard down when I shouldn't have.

Sharon: I'm sorry. You know, we came here to have fun, and I shouldn't be asking these big, ponderous questions.

Scott: No, I'm glad you did. And the truth is, I've been debating whether or not I should share something with you.

Lily: Oh, that was the best lobster risotto I have ever had.

Cane: I told you the restaurant was amazing.

Lily: It was amazing.

Cane: It was amazing.

Lily: I'm gonna make sure that Devon has all the seafood for GCAC flown in direct from Malibu.

Cane: Hmm.

Lily: Ooh! Or maybe I could come here myself and sample the food before it's shipped out, right?

Cane: Or maybe we can come back next time for this trip, just the two of us.

Lily: Fine. I'll just suffer until then.

Cane: Yeah, well, until then, I just want to celebrate your success, 'cause it's all I want to savor.

Lily: Have I told you lately that I love you?

Cane: You don't have to. You show me every day with everything you do.

Lily: Aww. That's so sweet.

Cane: Yeah. You know, this commercial could turn you into a superstar. You know that, right?

Lily: [Chuckles] I don't know. It's just one commercial. I mean, I would love for it to be a success, but you and the twins always come first.

Cane: I never doubt that. You know that, right? You know what? Whatever comes of this trip, I want you to know how proud I am of you. You know that? Yeah? I'm proud of you.

Billy: There's a lemon tart on the menu. It's nice and light. Two spoons?

Victoria: No, thanks. I think I'm just gonna call it a night.

Billy: Hey. You okay? You were quiet at dinner. You were having fun at first, but...

Victoria: And what? I turned into an old fuddy duddy?

Billy: I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that in a million years. What changed?

Victoria: I just -- I just wish you didn't think that I always had to follow the rules.

Billy: Come on, Vick. I was just kidding.

Victoria: No, you weren't.

Billy: Yeah, I was. It's one of the things I admire about you, how organized and practical you are.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. So fun and attractive.

Billy: It is attractive to a guy like me. Trust me. Look, I know that you don't have the luxury of being spontaneous with the kids and brash & sassy. I get it.

Victoria: I always thought that's why we clicked, you know, because I kept you focused and you brought out my fun side.

Billy: Who knows how wild and crazy you can be? I do. You can keep up with me. That's saying something.

Victoria: I know. I mean, an uptight person wouldn't get wasted on rum punch and marry you in Jamaica.

Billy: Or get tattoos or pick me over your father.

Victoria: If I had to do it over again, knowing how our lives would be... honestly, I wouldn't change anything.

Billy: Me neither.

Jack: So once contracts are signed, I assume you'll be heading back to France, start spending those hundreds of millions you made selling Mergeron?

Dina: Well, I don't want to rush into anything.

Jack: I'm not sure what that means.

Dina: Well, if it's all right with you, Jack, I would like to spend a few days here visiting my family.

Jack: The last time you were in town, you couldn't get out of here fast enough.

Dina: Well, that was then. I'm hoping we can find time to catch up.

Jack: What's wrong with now?

Dina: Oh, darling, I'm still on Paris time. And my body clock's all turned around. I really need a good night's sleep before I can function properly. May I call you tomorrow?

Jack: Sure. Why not?

Dina: [Chuckles] Thank you, darling. I knew you'd understand. Uh, well, have a lovely evening.

Jack: You, too.

Dina: I'll be in touch.

Noah: Marisa's with her little girl in Spain, which is a good thing.

Tessa: Yeah, well, it sounds like a case of "it wasn't meant to be."

Noah: So, there's my tale of woe.

Tessa: [Chuckles]

Noah: Tell me about yourself. Where you from?

Tessa: Well, I was born in Chicago. My family moved around a lot. My family is nothing like yours.

Noah: Are you close with them?

Tessa: No, I left home when I was 17, and I never turned back.

Noah: So, uh, how'd you end up here?

Tessa: Well, I was on my way to L.A., And I ran out of money.

Noah: Oh, I see. Okay. That's how you ended up at the coffeehouse singing for cash.

Tessa: Yep. But then Nikki Newman, my fairy godmother, came and saved me.

Noah: Well, it's a bummer that your family couldn't help you out more.

Tessa: I survived.

Noah: Is there anyone you stay in contact with?

Tessa: Hmm. Um, my younger sister.

Noah: Oh, you have a sister.

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: I have two of those myself.

Tessa: Oh, yes.

Noah: Yeah, summer and faith.

Tessa: Well, to kid sisters.

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: [Chuckles]

Sharon: Don't tell me you have a wife in Indianapolis and 15 kids.

Scott: I'll save that confession for the hotline.

Sharon: Whoo. Now I can relax. No, this is about Christine, isn't it?

Scott: How'd you know?

Sharon: Well, I can tell usually when someone's fudging the truth. I'm an expert liar.

Scott: Whoa.

Sharon: Well, at least I used to be.

Scott: I guess we have that in common. There's been a time when I had to make a career out of lying.

Sharon: Were all of your articles lies?

Scott: No, no, no, no. Never, never. With my writing, every word was true. I would never lie about the horrors I've seen. But I have lived a, uh, double life at times.

Sharon: If it's too painful for you to talk about, I'll understand.

Scott: I want to tell you, Sharon. Because I care about you.

Sharon: So, you started covering the middle east.

Scott: I was based in London. I was working for a British news organization.

Sharon: Oh, I've always heard that's a great place to live.

Scott: I loved it there.

Sharon: So why the middle east?

Scott: That was part of my other, uh, career, for lack of a better word. I was recruited to work in intelligence. Journalism was my cover.

Sharon: Intelligence? Like what?

Scott: Government work. Analysis, translating language, uh, looking for assets, worked in the field a little bit.

Sharon: Sounds dangerous.

Scott: Believe me, I was no James bond. Oh, excuse me. Can we actually get another glass of chardonnay for the lady, and I'll take a martini. Shaken, not stirred.

[Cell phone chimes]

Jack: [Sighs]

Lily: I still can't believe the beach was right there!

Cane: I'm so glad you liked it.

Lily: I did. Want to have a nightcap before we turn in?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Or on second thought, maybe we should go back to our room.

Jordan: I hope not because of us.

Lily: Well, who else?

Jordan: I get that you and Hilary aren't gonna be BFFs.

Lily: No. Never.

Jordan: But I hate that two of my favorite people can't get along. Can't you at least be civil?

Hilary: I'd like that. I wish the both of you nothing but the best tomorrow.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Cane: Thank you for saying that.

Hilary: Yeah. And, you know, Juliet was telling Jordan and I how much she loves working with you. I'm sure the two of you are really tight.

Lily: Yeah, they are.

Hilary: Well, that's great. And I'm sure that you're delighted that Lily's uniting the team like this.

Cane: Yeah, I am, 'cause that's one of her strengths.

Lily: Yeah, and I'm very proud of Cane. Not just for showing Juliet the ropes, but also being a team player on this project.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: I'm sure it'll take a huge load off of Billy's mind tomorrow.

Cane: Well, I'm just happy I can make such a positive contribution.

Billy: This is me. Do you want me to walk you to your room?

Victoria: Um, no, that's okay. I'm just down the hall.

Billy: Okay. I had a really great time tonight.

Victoria: Yeah, me, too. Listen, I have a confession to make.

Billy: What's that?

Victoria: I went ahead and booked that trip to san Diego for the kids and for us, you know, if our schedules clear up and we can go together as a family.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, let's do that. Let's make a plan.

Victoria: Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, okay. I think it'll be fun.

Billy: I think so, too.

Victoria: All right, so I'll get a hold of Hannah.

Billy: Okay, good. I'll see you bright and early.

Victoria: Yes. Best of luck, not that you'll need it. You're gonna be amazing.

Billy: Thank you, Vick, for everything.

Victoria: Good night.

Billy: Get your sleep.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: Surprise.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Mariah: Dina Mergeron, a renowned figure in the international business community, is here to make a stunning announcement.

Howard: Oh! The beautiful and brilliant Julie Chen!

Hilary: Yes! One of my journalism heroes.

Howard: Wow.

Hilary: I have to meet her.

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