Y&R Transcript Monday 5/15/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/15/17


Episode # 11170 ~ As the Brash & Sassy team arrives in Los Angeles, Lily is thrown into the spotlight, & Victoria sets her sights on Billy.

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Clerk: Welcome to the Beverly Palm Hotel.

Victoria: Thank you very much. Would you have our bags brought up to our room? We have a meeting upstairs shortly.

Clerk: Of course, ms. Newman.

Victoria: Thank you. Okay, here we go. Your room.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: Yours.

Juliet: Thank you. Not that we'll see much of them.

Billy: No, no. We got big plans, big commercial shoots. Sleep is for wimps.

Victoria: Yeah.

Juliet: I have to say it makes me laugh to be doing a hockey/dare body spray commercial in sunny los Angeles.

Billy: What are you talking about? We got everything we need. We got sun, we got directors, we got fired up hockey fans.

Victoria: I'm still so surprised you pulled this off on such short notice.

Billy: Yeah, believe me, I was a little freaked out when we had to move the shoot date.

Juliet: A little?

Billy: In the meantime, I added a boat load of stuff to your to-do list. Once we meet with the director, I'm gonna need you to get on that.

Juliet: I'm ready. Whatever it takes.

Victoria: I worked the entire flight over here, so as soon as we meet with the director, I insist on a little r&R.

Billy: No, no, no. It's not gonna happen. We got too much to do. Maybe once the commercial's in the can. Up until then, it's full speed ahead. I will e-mail you. Let me know when you get it, please.

Juliet: Okay.

Lily: Oh! Whoa, this view is incredible!

Jordan: The weather's insane.

Cane: Yeah, we should have come in January so we could get a break from that Wisconsin winter.

Lily: Oh, my god. I still can't get over -- [Chuckles] [Laughing] Oh, my god!

Jordan: Oh, hell yeah!

Lily: [Laughs] It's me! [Laughs]

Cane: You are gorgeous and famous, huh? Hey, hey. Great photo, man.

Jordan: Thanks.

Cane: Great photo.

Lily: I am so glad that you're good at your job. Thank you.

Jordan: I just point and click. It's your face. You know what? I want to get some stills of the city of angels. We need to get this on the site.

Lily: Oh, my gosh. This doesn't even feel real!

Cane: It does to me. It's only gonna get better 'cause I'm gonna make sure that your TV commercial debut is unforgettable.

Lily: Aww. I believe you. And hey, I really want to say that I'm really impressed by how you've been handling Billy. You know, I mean, no attitude, full support.

Cane: Well, I've grown up and matured.

Lily: So hot. Don't forget that part.

Cane: Yeah? Well, you know, I expressed my concerns, but hey, I want to make sure this trip is worthy of my beautiful and my talented wife.

Lily: Ah, it's extra hot. [Chuckles]

Nikki: Noah! What a nice surprise.

Noah: Uh, I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Nikki: Are you kidding? You don't have to call. But then again, maybe you're not here for a grandma visit.

Noah: I did come by to see Tessa, see how she's doing.

Nikki: Well, I think she's still sleeping. What happened last night? Did you two have a fight?

Noah: Oh, no, no. Not us. Uh, some creep accosted her at the club last night. And her reaction was a little intense.

Phyllis: Ashley? You said you wanted to see me?

Ashley: Yeah. I heard that you and Billy reunited. Maybe we should talk about it, huh? Come on in. Close the door.

Hilary: Are all those interviews locked in? Pre-interviews done? Perfect. You know, can you also, um, arrange a few more meetings with TV execs? Yes, only major players. Wonderful. I want this trip to put me on the map.

Lily: Is this overkill, just me in front of me?

Jordan: No, it's relatable. You're a fresh face that gets a kick out of the campaign.

Lily: [Chuckles]

[Camera shutter clicks]

Jordan: [Sighs] You're not over it all and jaded. Everyone coming to the site is going to love it and you.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Jordan: I'll give you a copy so you can hang it at your house.

Lily: No!

Jordan: Come on! You know you want one. Come on. Yeah, you do. [Laughs] There we go. Nice.

Callie: We're going for fun, vibrant, and accessible.

Billy: You nailed it, Callie. This is exactly what we're looking for, for the dare brand.

Callie: Good. Now, I have to go bang out a few details before the shoot.

Billy: Yeah, me, too.

Victoria: Okay, we'll see you tomorrow, then.

Callie: Enjoy the sun.

Cane: Yeah, thanks.

Billy: I mean, come on. She's amazing. Did I not tell you?

Victoria: She understands what we're going for perfectly.

Juliet: I love her energy.

Cane: And I have to admit, all right, pushing the photo shoot up so we could lock her down was a good idea.

Billy: No joke?

Cane: No joke, all right? But, you know, we're gonna have our issues, but hey, it's nothing we can't handle.

Billy: Geez, man. You got me in an emotional roller coaster here. You're making me dizzy. What's it gonna be?

Cane: Since Juliet has so much on her plate, how about I deal with the behind-the-scenes footage for the video for the website?

Billy: That's not your arena.

Cane: It's taking a cameraman and telling him to shoot things, all right? I managed to raise twins. I think I can manage this.

Victoria: I like the idea.

Cane: Thank you. I admit I balked at the thought and the idea of doing this photo shoot, but we're here. My wife's gonna be the star. And I want to make her and the company look good.

Victoria: Juliet, it's your baby, so how do you feel about handing the behind-the-scenes footage over to Cane?

Juliet: I'd love to, actually. It'll give me more room to focus on other details. But if there are any problems, I'm ready to jump in.

Cane: Absolutely.

Victoria: Billy?

Billy: I'm fine. It's cool.

Victoria: All right, it's all on you, Cane.

Cane: And I promise to deliver.

Phyllis: I take it you heard from Billy that he and I are together? I can't add much more to that.

Ashley: Actually, Jack told me. Not a peep from Billy.

Phyllis: Yeah, he's been busy with the commercial shoot. He's in los Angeles now.

Ashley: Or maybe he's just not very proud of his relationship with you.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, you know what? Maybe that is it. Maybe he's deeply ashamed of me and what we have. Although we did come here and tell Jack together. Why don't you admit it, Ashley? Your little brother just wasn't in the mood to hear another lecture from you.

Ashley: I wasn't gonna lecture him. Okay, you're right. Maybe I would have lectured him. I'm not exactly thrilled that the two of you are at it again.

Phyllis: We have quite a connection, so we're gonna pursue that. That's what adults do. We have normal emotions.

Ashley: Yeah, I think adults, actually, are concerned generally with how their choices affect other people.

Phyllis: Jack's okay with it. That's good enough for me.

Ashley: Oh, honey, he's not okay with it. No matter what he told you, he's not okay with it. But I'm sure that doesn't really bother you. I mean, 'cause, after all, you don't really care how this has affected Jack or Victoria or little Johnny and Katie, right? 'Cause you wanted Billy, darn it, and there you go again. You got your happiness, didn't you? At everybody else's expense.

Devon: So, how did Dina respond to our counteroffer?

Michael: Dina... accepted the purchase price.

Neil: Well, she should. She's getting substantially more than we offered her the first time.

Michael: Dina's associate, graham, admitted that Madame Mergeron was concerned that we might balk and run at the asking price. However, she was impressed that we persisted and reached a mutually agreeable figure.

Neil: Dina's got a reputation for enjoying the gamesmanship in business.

Devon: Yeah, well, now that the game is over, let's sign some papers and get things rolling.

Michael: Devon, the price was one issue. But there are others, and I'm afraid they may not be negotiable.

Noah: When I found them, the guy was flat on the floor, and Tessa was shaking.

Nikki: He sounds like a very dangerous guy -- heckling her and then lying in wait?

Noah: I mean, I'm not really sure he planned it, but they did end up in the same place, and, yeah, it wasn't pretty.

Nikki: [Sighs] I'm just glad she was able to fend him off.

Noah: [Chuckles] Well, she kind of beat the crap out of the guy. I mean, I wish I got there sooner, but she clearly knew how to deal with him.

Nikki: I think every woman should know how to defend herself. I'm just glad she's okay.

Noah: But, see, I'm not really sure she is. Just this look in her eyes. She looked like she was traumatized. After it was done, I offered her a ride home. She refused. She wouldn't even talk to me about what had happened, so that's why I came by to check on her.

Tessa: Noah! Hi.

Noah: Hey.

Tessa: Nikki, I am so sorry for slacking off, but I'm ready to work now.

Nikki: Tessa, it's called sleep, not slacking off. And everybody needs it. I do wish I had known what happened to you last night.

Tessa: Noah told you? Don't worry. I'm fine, really. I swear.

Noah: Are you sure?

Tessa: Yeah, positive.

Nikki: I'm gonna have cook get you some breakfast. You need protein.

Tessa: Oh, no. I have a bar in my purse.

Nikki: No, a protein bar is not breakfast.

Phyllis: I care about Billy. I'm not gonna insult him by apologizing for that. He deserves affection. He deserves respect. And before you even say it, yeah, so does Jack. I loved Jack with all of my heart. When I remarried him, that was the happiest day of my life. It was supposed to be golden from that moment on. But victor took that from us. What we had was destroyed. There was no saving us. There was no saving our marriage. I tried to convince Jack, I tried to convince myself that I could fix what was broken after what happened with Billy, but it didn't work! Jack told me to move on, so I did, and so has he. And now we are looking for our futures elsewhere.

Ashley: Do you honestly believe that you have a future with Billy?

Phyllis: There are no guarantees, you know, but you know what I know? I know that what we have is worth fighting for, and that is an idea you're not really familiar with!

Ashley: Excuse me?

Phyllis: Yeah! You are so judgmental. You are so self-righteous. Why don't you tell me something? When was the last time you felt a legitimate connection to someone? When was the last time you risked anything, something, to be with someone who you thought could make you happy? Are you even happy, Ashley? I mean, are you just -- are you too busy being competent and efficient and composed? You can't even admit that you might want something more than just a friendship with Ravi. So you go on. You insult me. You patronize me for being capable of love.

Ashley: Oh, god.

Phyllis: But why don't you take your laser gaze and turn it on yourself and maybe figure out what might be missing from your own life?

Ashley: You know what? I know, Phyllis, that you're just so passionate, and you think that makes you special for some reason. I guess you think that you feel things more than other people do, right? Okay, whatever. I can only hope that when I do get into a relationship that it actually means something and that it's real instead of this sad, little fantasy that you had that you just keep wishing and wishing and wishing into reality with Billy.

Phyllis: What Billy and I have is real, okay? It is.

Ashley: All right, maybe, maybe not. I do know that you think it is. And I think that you're obsessed with my brother, who just so happens to be in los Angeles with his ex-wife.

Phyllis: When this shoot is over, Billy's coming home to me. So you can have your tantrum, but you're gonna have to get over it, 'cause Billy and I are gonna be together. And you know what? You're gonna have to suck it up.

[Door opens]

Billy: There's something between us. We both know that. And now we can be together for real. Is it insane for two single adults to admit that they're hot for each other? Come on. You miss me just as much as I miss you.

Phyllis: You stop it. You stop it. That was not about me.

Billy: Well, maybe you blacked out from the excitement, so let me show -- ahh!

Phyllis: You know what? That is for trying to use me to get back at Victoria. We are gonna christen tonight as the new normal for us, 'cause we are together, okay? And nobody is gonna change that.

Ashley: I think that you're obsessed with my brother, who just so happens to be in los Angeles with his ex-wife.

Victoria: We'll be traveling to L.A. together for a shoot. Should be a trip to remember.

Juliet: So what do you think? Too much of a mouthful to say on camera?

Lily: No, no, no. It's -- it's clean, it flows. I just hope I can do the copy justice.

Juliet: You're gonna be great. You're so easy and natural and...

Lily: Thank you. You know, I do appreciate you as a colleague and as a friend, which I do consider you one.

Juliet: Same here. You've all made it so easy to settle into this position and Genoa city. I actually feel like I belong here now.

Lily: 'Cause you do belong here! Plus working with friends is so much more fun, right?

Juliet: Totally.

[Both laugh]

Lily: Cheers.

Juliet: Cheers.

Lily: Oh. [Laughs]

Juliet: What are you doing?

Jordan: What you pay me for.

Juliet: Yeah, to take pictures of Lily, not me. Not me!

Lily: [Laughs]

Jordan: Consider these souvenirs. Have some fun, ladies. Show me how much you love L.A.

Lily: Okay. Come on. You can do it. You can do it.

Billy: Oh, these are going on the website. Absolutely.

Juliet: No, these are for personal use only. I am staff.

Lily: No, no, no! You are a beautiful, gorgeous working woman, which is our customers, right?

Billy: Ladies and gentlemen, our brand ambassador. Why she's the best.

Jordan: Yes.

Billy: You get some good ones? Let me see those.

Jordan: You tell me.

Billy: Ooh! Those are going on the website. Do not argue with me.

Juliet: [Groans] Okay, you're the boss.

Billy: When you get a second, I want to talk to you about hair and makeup.

Juliet: Okay.

Jordan: All right, my man.

Cane: Okay, so I just got off the phone with the cameraman that comes highly recommended. He can shoot the behind-the-scene footage and edit it, as well.

Victoria: That was fast. Good job.

Cane: Thank you. So what I'm thinking is, he should follow Billy and the crew around for the course of the photo shoot, you know, capture the adrenaline and the energy it takes to pull something like this off, and then we can take that footage and cut it together like a mini documentary, which is what Juliet suggested. I mean, if that's what you want to do. 'Cause I'm thinking that, you know, to stay current with the market, we need to turn this into a lifestyle brand. Now, I know it's gonna be expensive, but I think it could be worth it.

Victoria: You're being very brave about the additional expense, by the way. Oh, and about Billy taking the spotlight.

Cane: Yeah, well, I got my screen time at the GC buzz interview, so I figured, hey, maybe Billy should get some attention now.

Hilary: Thank you.

Jordan: No, thank you.

Hilary: [Chuckles] You're already sneaking away from work for me? I'm flattered.

Jordan: I got a couple minutes. You got perfect timing.

Hilary: Well, I also have a great bathing suit in this bag, incredible meetings lined up, and...a key to our room.

Jordan: Then let me escort you up there and welcome you to L.A. Properly.

Hilary: Oh. [Chuckles]

Jordan: All right? Let's go.

Cane: You know, they say that champagne makes it easier to remember your lines.

Lily: Is that an invitation? I thought you were busy with work.

Cane: Well, they also say that champagne makes my work easier. Besides, it's your first commercial, and I want to make this trip memorable. Come on.

Lily: Ohh. Well, in that case, lead the way.

Cane: After you.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Billy: Okay, I think that's all I have for you at this moment.

Juliet: Well, if you need to add anything else to the list, just text me.

Billy: Thank you for running with this. I know it's a lot all at once.

Juliet: I feed off it, actually. But I think I need to work in my room. There are too many distractions up here. I might run out later and grab a triple espresso or a cheeseburger.

Billy: You get it, girl. Enjoy the sun while you can. I trust you everything's gonna get done.

Juliet: I plan to make sure of it.

Billy: Okay. See you.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Hey. How you feeling? Good?

Victoria: Pretty good.

Billy: This is all you. You made this happen. You took back brash & sassy, your baby, and your baby's growing up quite impressively, I must say.

Victoria: Yeah, I think so, too.

Billy: It's nice to have a second to breathe, isn't it?

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Actually, I... I wanted a moment alone with you.

Victoria: Sure. What's on your mind?

Michael: I know you want to make a big splash with this acquisition, but there's still time to walk away from this deal.

Devon: Why would we walk away from the deal?

Michael: There are extensive demands in Dina's list.

Neil: You know what, gentlemen? None of this seems outrageous. Dina's poured 30 years of her life into this company, right? If she's gonna retire, then she's gonna want to make the best deal possible. It makes perfect sense to me.

Michael: May I? Look. Dina Mergeron is not gonna retire with mimosas and cabana boys at the Rivera. She very much wants to be a part of this venture. You may be buying the company, but Madame Mergeron, she's not going anywhere.

Ashley: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Abby: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Ashley: Never. Come on in, honey. What's the matter? You look kind of worried. Don't tell me. Was your father lecturing you that you need to learn to fight your own battles? If so, that's all on me.

Abby: No, it's not about that. Um, I meant what I said after I cooled off. I'm very lucky to have a mom like you -- present, invested, loving. For you to turn out like a mom like that after not having a role model of your own...

Ashley: Okay, hold on a second. Why are you bringing this topic up again? What is going on?

Abby: I have a confession to make. I made a call...to my grandmother.

Ashley: Honey, why? Why would you do something like that?

Tessa: You didn't have to come all the way over here. You could have just called.

Noah: Check your messages.

Tessa: All right. Oh. You did. Three times. Uh, wow. I must have slept like a rock.

Noah: Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Tessa: Oh, yeah. Totally. I shouldn't have gone off on that guy, but he just got in my space and I reacted.

Noah: You were shaking.

Tessa: Adrenaline. But I'm calm now. Unfortunately, guys like that are an occupational hazard.

Noah: Hmm.

Tessa: But thank you.

Noah: Okay. Time to make a plan.

Tessa: For what?

Noah: Our date.

Tessa: Oh.

Noah: No more messing around. We talked about it. Time to act. How is tonight for you?

Tessa: Such short notice. Uh, gosh, I have to check my calendar. Hmm. Well, look at that. I'm free.

Noah: Great. [Laughs]

Nikki: Okay, here we go. Now, I want you to eat as much of this as you can.

Noah: Yes. Let her feed you.

Tessa: Uh...

Noah: I'll see you tonight?

Tessa: Okay.

Nikki: Bye, sweetheart. Love you. Mwah. Mmm! [Sighs] I wasn't sure what you wanted, so I just had cook make a little bit of everything.

Tessa: Oh, my god. Please. I feel guilty enough already.

Nikki: Guilty? Why do you feel guilty? You have to eat. And between you and me, now that faith is gone, I think cook is a little bored.

Tessa: [Chuckles] I don't know. It's just... having someone do things for me... it just feels kind of weird.

Nikki: Well, Tessa, I'm gonna tell you something. I don't know if you're ready to hear it. But you deserve this. And I haven't known you very long, but I know that you're very smart and very tough. I know that you put up a good front, but underneath it all, I sense that there's a lot of pain. And what happened last night triggered some memories that you would probably rather forget. And that guy scared the life out of you. Your fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, and I am very familiar with that.

Tessa: You are?

Nikki: Sure. I learned at a very early age that I had to depend on myself if I wanted to survive. And I sense that it's been a very long time since you've had somebody to depend on. I saw you the other morning outside the coffeehouse. Honey... how long have you been living out of your car?

Tessa: Wait. Is -- is that why you asked me to move in here? Am I, like, your new charity case?

Nikki: Oh, no!

Tessa: No, you know what? If that's it, you can save it. Because I don't want your handouts, and I sure as hell don't need your pity.

Nikki: Tessa, no! That -- Tessa! [Sighs]

Ashley: Help me out here, all right? What were you trying to accomplish by calling my mother?

Abby: I wanted to hear her voice, find out what she was like.

Ashley: So you just picked up the phone and you introduced yourself?

Abby: No, I mean, I wasn't ready to say, "hey, I'm the granddaughter that you never met." I said I was from Newman, and I was asking her about Mergeron being on the market.

Ashley: So were you trying to impress your father by putting out feelers?

Abby: That was part of it. Mom, I'm so sorry. I called for so many reasons, but I never should have done it behind your back. I guess I just had this vision of healing a family and making a business score all in one phone call.

Ashley: How'd she respond to you?

Abby: She was cold, and she made it very clear that she would never do business with dad or with Newman, and then the call was over. She hung up.

Ashley: That's exactly why I never forced a relationship between the two of you, honey. I never wanted you to be put in a position where you had your heart broken.

Abby: Mom, she didn't know it was me.

Ashley: I don't think it would have made any difference at all.

Abby: Well, she made one thing very clear. She's not a fan of Newman enterprises, but she does really like the company she's been dealing with.

Ashley: I guess it's not that surprising. They're very motivated.

Abby: Wait, you know who it is?

Ashley: Yeah. Hamilton-winters.

Abby: Seriously?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Abby: So my friend is gonna buy my grandmother's company?

Ashley: Neil paid your uncle and I a visit, letting us know that he and Devon had made an offer. He didn't want us to find out from the business news.

Abby: Are you okay with that?

Ashley: I refuse to feel either here nor there with it, okay? Because this deal is not done yet. And knowing my mother, she loves to play games, so she could be toying with Neil and Devon or she could be trying to mess with our family. Either way, what she's entertained, she will move on to the next buyer.

Abby: So you don't think she's negotiating in good faith?

Ashley: There's nothing good faith about my mother, honey. She's completely untrustworthy.

Devon: Why weren't these demands on the table to begin with?

Neil: You know, a seat on the Mergeron board, a consultant title...

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: None of that's surprising.

Michael: A word of advice. She's aware how much you want this deal. Dina Mergeron is known to be, for lack of a better word, unpredictable. When she's on the Mergeron board, she could become a problem for you.

Devon: Well, you know what? I think that, uh, I think I'm okay with that.

Neil: All of her stipulations?

Devon: Yeah, I mean, she's only asking to stay involved, not be a C.E.O. And no one knows her company better than she does, so I think she could probably be an asset, don't you?

Neil: I think there's gonna be times when Paris won't seem far enough away. But in the end, I believe you're right. I don't think she's gonna have any real control.

Devon: I really do think that this is the right deal, and I think it's the right time, dad.

Neil: You know what, kid? This right here, this is the beginning of Hamilton-winters, the family dynasty.

Devon: That's right. Are we doing this, then?

Neil: Damn right we are.

Devon: Hey. Let's sign some papers.

Neil: Come here.

Devon: Let's do it.

Michael: I'll contact Dina's attorney and get back to both of you as soon as possible.

Neil: Great.

[Doorbell rings]

Neil: I'm gonna go out with you, too.

Abby: Hi. I need to talk to you. Hello.

Neil: Hey, Abby.

Michael: Bye.

Devon: See you.

Neil: See you later.

Devon: All right, thanks. Hey, what's going on? You all right? What's up?

Abby: No, no. A couple of things, actually. But first, congratulations on your big company. That's huge. Katherine would be so proud.

Devon: You think so?

Abby: I know so.

Devon: Have a seat, please.

Abby: Thanks.

Devon: Well, uh, you better watch your back, because Hamilton-winters will, uh, be breathing down Newman's neck pretty soon.

Abby: [Laughs] All right. Game on. Game on. But I do have to warn you, Newman has a few decades on you guys, so...

Devon: Hey, well, my father helped make that company what it is, you know? And now he's channeling all that know-how into our corporation, so we have a jump start on genius and capital.

Abby: I heard. I heard you made your first big move -- bidding on Mergeron. You're negotiating with my grandmother?

Devon: And I want you to know, Abby, that when I first inquired into Mergeron, I had no idea about Dina's connection to the Abbotts. I want to be honest with you. We're still moving forward with the deal.

Abby: As you should. Mergeron is a solid multinational. It's for sale. You guys are looking for a prestigious acquisition. No, it totally makes sense. Actually, I didn't come here to talk about business.

Devon: Oh.

Abby: Did my grandmother ask about any of us, about her family?

Devon: You know what? My dad mentioned to her that he knew you guys and that he worked for jabot. Um, but that conversation was mostly just to show that we would do right by Mergeron.

Abby: So no personal talk at all?

Devon: Ooh. Actually, you know what? She mostly wanted to talk about, um, Katherine, 'cause it seems that our grandmothers were friends back in the day. And, uh, to be honest, I think that's the only reason she even gave us a second look.

Abby: Wow. Uh, you know more about my grandmother than I do. I've seen pictures of her online, but...

Devon: That's it? You never met her before?

Abby: Not once in all of these years. My mom was trying to protect me, but I think she was also trying to protect herself.

Devon: You know, sometimes people have, uh, good reasons for ignoring their own families.

Abby: And I've heard all of the negative things, and I'm not making excuses for her. I'm really not. But my grandfather, he loved her at some point, enough to have three children. So there's got to be more to her than what I've heard. Tell me. What is she like?

Nikki: Tessa! Tessa! I am not going to let you leave this way!

Tessa: What? You think you give me a bed and some food and you can tell me what to do?

Nikki: I'm not asking you to stay for any other reason than I'm your friend. And I am your friend. I don't look at you with pity. I look at you with awe. I mean, you are a strong, talented woman who doesn't mind busting her butt to get things done. You stand outside all alone making music whether people throw bills into your case or not. And when I told you that reed needed help with music, you said yes. And when I said I needed help with my benefit, you said yes. And I'm going to ask you to say yes again. And I am not trying to control you. Tessa, all I want for you is to have a safer, easier life.

Tessa: People say they want to help, but it usually comes with strings attached.

Nikki: All right. Well, you want to think that way, there are still strings attached because reed does still need his music lessons. And I still need help with my benefit. And I probably will still try to convince you to eat a little more. I hope that someday you will be able to look at me with trust. The most important thing to me, though, is that you're safe.

Tessa: [Voice breaking] How can you be so nice to me? [Sniffles]

Nikki: I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again and hope that you believe me. You deserve it.

Tessa: I just keep thinking I'll wake up one morning and all of this will be gone and... I'll be back right where I started.

Nikki: Sweetheart, that is never gonna happen as long as I'm around. I give you my word.

Tessa: [Sniffles]

Victoria: No, you don't have to apologize. You really don't.

Billy: Well, I was being a jerk. I mean, all work and no play? That's not cool.

Victoria: Yes, because when I think of you, I think of boring and totally incapable of fun. Oh, no, wait. I'm sorry. That's -- that's what people think of me.

Billy: Ah, fools.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: All of them.

Victoria: Well, I have to say, it's pretty exciting, you know, being the laid back one, watching you fixate on all the details of everything.

Billy: Yeah, I think the sun's getting to my head.

Victoria: [Laughing] Okay. Well, we met with the director. And what's on the rest of the agenda?

Billy: Check out my organizational skills here in all their glory.

Victoria: Oh. Okay. No. I'm sorry. No.

Billy: What do you mean, "no, no"? This is timed down to the minute. It is going to work.

Victoria: Yeah, that may be, but you haven't left any room for a meal. When's the last time that you had anything to eat?

Billy: It's L.A. I'll survive off caffeine and sunshine like the rest of the Angelenos.

Victoria: You're from Genoa City, so you need food. We can't have you passing out from low blood sugar. Dare needs you to eat, actually.

Billy: You're gonna force me to eat? I better obey, then, right?

Victoria: Yes. I'll get us a table.

Billy: Okay.

Cane: You happy?

Lily: I am very happy. Has anyone told you lately that you're a genius?

Cane: Well...

Lily: 'Cause it was a very smart move carving out time for us.

Cane: Well, this isn't the end of it. I have a couple of things I have to take care of, and then it's gonna be all about you. 'Cause tonight, Mrs. Ashby, I'm taking you out on the town.

Lily: Yay. I want to see everything.

Cane: I want to see just you.

Lily: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Hang on a second. Oh, let me take care of this, okay?

Lily: Yeah, go ahead. I'll be here.

Cane: All right, baby. Love you.

Hilary: Oh, my god. I cannot get away from that woman.

Lily: What the hell are you doing here?

Hilary: I actually have a very good reason to be out here in los Angeles.

Hilary: And what's that? Think you're gonna be on "the price is right" again?

Hilary: [Chuckles] Well, as fun as that was, I'm going to be working on my own show. We're gonna be doing some shooting on location, celebrity interviews, that sort of thing. I hope you won't have a problem with that.

Jordan: Why would Lily have an issue with that? Hilary and I are here to work and have fun like everybody else. So we're cool, right?

Lily: Yeah, we're cool. But just so you know, no guests on set tomorrow. You can have the rest of the city, but I don't want you anywhere near my commercial.

Cane: All right, I just want to be clear with you about the footage I need. I need you to cover one particular person for me. Uh-huh. Every single second. I need you to shadow Billy Abbott.

[Cell phone rings]

Phyllis: Hey, you.

Billy: Hey back. Sorry I didn't call you sooner.

Phyllis: Oh, no, that's fine. I was, uh, just checking in. Uh, how is everything going?

Billy: Everything's good. Today's just a prep day. Tomorrow is when the magic happens.

Phyllis: Oh, that's because of you. You're very big and important.

Billy: I am.

Phyllis: So, are you crazy with work, or have you been able to enjoy California?

Billy: As we speak, I'm on the rooftop deck of the hotel soaking in the sun. Wish you could be here.

Victoria: Billy, I-I got us a table, and it has a really fantastic view.

Billy: Hey, I got to go. I'll call you as soon as I can, okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, miss you.

Billy: Same.

Devon: Here you go.

Abby: Thanks.

Devon: Sure. Listen, you know that I get being estranged from family and still wanting to having that connection no matter what happened in the past. And when this deal goes through -- 'cause it looks like it's going to -- you'll be able to meet your grandmother and find out about her yourself.

Abby: Okay, but just in case that doesn't happen, tell me what you thought of her.

Devon: Uh, she's -- she's a powerful woman. She's very elegant. She has tremendous grace, you know. When Dina Mergeron walks into a room, all eyes are on her.

Abby: [Chuckles] Okay. Now the unedited version.

Devon: Uh, well, she's tough. It seems like she doesn't take nonsense from anyone. She's a little intimidating. But, uh, I think personally that's just 'cause of the business, you know? When it comes to her personal life, she could be completely different.

Ashley: Hey, Jackie, you home? [Sighs]

Dina: Ashley. It's been far too long.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: It's obvious you no longer want to continue our friendship now that everyone knows about it.

Christine: What's with you and Sharon?

Scott: [Scoffs]

Clerk: Welcome to the Beverly palm. Do you have a reservation?

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