Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/10/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/10/17


Episode # 11167 ~ Billy plays hero at Brash & Sassy; Cane seizes an opportunity to get ahead; Chelsea hits a roadblock in her search for Chloe.

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[Doorbell rings]

Victoria: Oh, hey.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Come on in.

Billy: Morning. Sorry. Maybe I should've called first.

Victoria: No, it's fine. What's up? What's going on?

Billy: How's Katie, after our phone conversation last night?

Victoria: Well, your little talk did the trick, because she slept like a log.

Billy: Good. Do you mind if I pop up and say hi before they take off to school?

Victoria: Hannah actually picked them up early because they have a special assembly this morning.

Billy: Oh, right. Right.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Well, now that I'm here, there is something else on my mind. Maybe we could has that out now?

Phyllis: Hey. How's it going?

Nick: Well, I don't know. I guess you're the one with the news, right?

Phyllis: I assume Victoria told you about Billy and me.

Nick: It's quite a shock. Especially the way she found out.

Phyllis: Yeah. We weren't too thrilled about it, either.

Phyllis: Are you... like, blaming us for how upset she is?

Ashley: Are you kidding me?

Jack: It is what it is.

Ashley: I thought Billy and Victoria were actually --

Jack: Yeah, you, me, and everyone else in town.

Ashley: Did you have any idea that it was Billy and Phyllis?

Jack: That they were together? No. I didn't. At least they had the class this time to come up here and tell me to my face.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, right. First-class all the way. When did you find out about this?

Jack: Couple of day ago.

Ashley: A couple days ago. And you're just telling me now?

Jack: We had more important things to talk about.

Ashley: Come on, jack, this is me. After everything that's --

Jack: Phyllis and I are done. A long time ago. Whatever she and Billy want to do, they can do it. I encouraged her to move on, remember?

Ashley: I know. But that's a long way away from finding out that your ex-wife is back in your brother's bed. How are you really feeling about this, jack?

[Door opens]

Jordan: Back in the day, I worked with three counterfeiters who specialized in passports. One's dead, but I reached out to the other two.

Chelsea: And? Did either one of them sell Chloe a fake?

Jordan: I promised you I'd ask, and I did. But you're not gonna like what I found out.

Victor: And now to the last item on the agenda. I've been interested for a while in acquiring a digital-media company. I think we need one to be part of the Newman portfolio.

Scott: I'm surprised there isn't one already.

Victor: It's an oversight. Needs to be rectified. Both of you, together.

Abby: Wonderful.

Victor: Your expertise in journalism, Scott, will allow you to look at some good prospects. And you, my darling, with your financial expertise, will look at the financial health of whatever company we target.

Abby: Since I'm mentoring Scott, I should be the one to make decisions, agreed?

Victor: Yes, but I want you to make use of his real-life experience.

Abby: Yes, yes. It'll be very interesting to see what Scott brings to the table.

Scott: Likewise.

Abby: Hmm. So, uh, I'd like a list of 10 different companies Newman should be interested in, with supporting research data. I'll take it from there. I have somewhere to be. Is this meeting adjourned?

Victor: That does it, my darling.

Abby: Great.

Cane: Okay, uh...move Victoria's quote to the second paragraph, and the press release will be done.

Juliet: Okay. Well, let's hope there aren't any more changes, like her taking Billy's suggestions back out.

Cane: Yeah, well, that's vindictive, and she's too professional for that.

Juliet: The other night, over drinks, she mentioned she wanted a future with Billy. Now that she's lost him to this Phyllis woman...

Cane: Well, she's not gonna cut us out.

Juliet: Glad to hear it.

Cane: She keeps giving Billy chances, and he keeps letting her down. The other night, I told her I was in her corner, and she said she would rely on me more.

Juliet: Hmm. Well, play things right, who knows? Maybe she'll make you second in command.

Victoria: There's really nothing to debate. I mean, I said you can see the kids whenever you want.

Billy: Yeah, as long as it's just me and not Phyllis. No, I get that. I just... I want to make sure it's not weird for you, seeing me that much outside the office. I thought maybe an official schedule might --

Victoria: Uh, "official"?

Billy: Well, I would like to see Johnny and Katie as much as I've been seeing them lately. And when they're here, it would be great if I could come say good night to them on nights that you were okay with.

Victoria: Yeah. I'd like that, too.

Billy: Yeah?

Victoria: Yeah. I mean, you know... we want to do what's best for the kids. In fact, if you want to stop by every night to say good night to them, it's fine with me. Although I... [Sighs]

Billy: No, please. I want to be as open and honest as possible.

Victoria: I just doubt that Phyllis will love you being unavailable for a chunk of every evening.

Billy: Vic, they're my kids. She'll understand. And she did raise a child after her divorce, so I think she gets the drill.

Victoria: Okay, great. So, then we're on the same page.

Billy: This went a lot easier than I expected. But we're in a good place. Hopefully, we can keep that.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Why shouldn't we?

Nick: Got to ask -- I mean, are you sure this is what you and Billy want?

Phyllis: Nick, it's not a rebound.

Nick: Okay. I believe you.

Phyllis: Billy and I are the real deal. And we are just very glad that it's finally out in the open. And we know that some people are gonna have a hard time accepting it, but... like you said, that's the way things shook out. We're really not trying to hurt anyone.

Nick: Well, Vic was hurt, you know, the way things went down. She really thought she and Billy were building something together. She never meant to push Billy away.

Phyllis: I know, but she did, over and over.

Nick: Well, there are reasons for that -- good ones.

Phyllis: Well, you can only ride that roller coaster for so long before you need to walk away.

Jack: Well, you seem more worked up about this epic love affair than I am. Am I thrilled they're together? No. Am I taking it out on Phyllis? No. I got past that. As for Billy, I have said all along, I don't care what he does. They want to be together, fine. Actually, it isn't that big a surprise. It kind of feels like we've come full circle.

Ashley: I just don't understand how you could be so nonchalant about the whole thing.

Jack: Phyllis and I never stood a chance. We had one perfect moment in our marriage -- the wedding. After that, we were doomed by what Victor did to us. There was a chasm there we could never overcome. And Billy, ever the opportunist, took full advantage of it. So now he thinks they're gonna live happily ever after. Good luck to that.

Ashley: Well, you could act like you don't care all you want, but I still know, deep down inside, you would've preferred if Billy stayed far away from Phyllis. Stupid question, Jacky. Now that everything is out in the open, what are the chances that you and Billy can find a way back to each other as brothers?

Jack: Between slim and none.

Victoria: Great job on these revisions. Let's get this out there right away.

Cane: All right, consider it done.

Billy: Yeah, I'd like to echo what Victoria said -- excellent job implementing the ideas. Really good.

Juliet: Thank you.

Cane: All right. If that's everything...

Billy: Actually, uh, while everybody's here, there's an idea I'd like to pitch, if that's all right.

Victoria: Yeah, by all means.

Billy: Well, lily's professional tour that she's on right now promoting our pro hockey tie-in has been going extremely well. Sales are on the rise, and I think it's time that we capitalize on it.

Victoria: How?

Billy: National TV ads. We promote dare as the official men's grooming line of pro hockey. We can get a couple of the players to appear with lily. I've already been in contact with Callie Weston --

Juliet: The movie director?

Billy: She's a huge hockey fan. We shoot in L.A., She's on board. And if we move on this now, we can get it done by the time the finals roll around. So, what do you say?

Cane: Uh, I say it's a good idea, but it sounds expensive. I mean, can you quantify the return on investment, or is this money just going out the door?

Billy: Our partnership with hockey has enormous potential to really expand our brand, not only to our demographic but for men 35 and over. Callie said she'll work for scale. She's that excited about it. So, what do you say? Can I run with this?

Victoria: I love it. I love it. Let's get it out there this season. I don't want to wait till the next winter.

Billy: Fantastic. Yeah, I'll move on it right now, fast-track it.

Victoria: Okay. Would you grab lily and Jordan? I want to share the good news with them. It's a really good idea.

Chelsea: You have nothing? How can that be?

Jordan: Both of my guys are out of the passport game now. With all the new material that the feds are using, they can't keep up. They don't have the skill set anymore.

Chelsea: I don't believe this.

Jordan: Creating a forgery nowadays is just damn near impossible. Whoever hooked up your friend has to have major underground connections and some serious cash.

Chelsea: Chloe doesn't know anybody who would be willing to put themselves on the line like that. At least not that I know of. I mean, God knows she was a master at keeping secrets. [Raps desk]

Jordan: Sorry I couldn't help.

Chelsea: Don't apologize. You tried. [Sighs] I guess it's just... another dead end.

Jordan: What happened to the Chelsea I used to know? She wouldn't let anyone or anything get in her way. Nothing would've stopped her.

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess -- I guess you're right. You're absolutely right. I can't stop. I can't stop it. I'm not going to. There has to be another way that I can find Chloe and whoever's backing her.

Victor: Scott, I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable in your new position once you've settled in.

Scott: And by "position," you mean spying on Abby.

Victor: I just want you to monitor her... activities, all right? That's all. Any questions?

Scott: What kind of intelligence are you looking for?

Victor: I want to know who she associates with... what tasks she takes on herself, what she delegates to others.

Scott: Anything else?

Victor: If there are areas in which she is less than transparent, I want to know about it.

Scott: Look, I -- I get that you don't trust Abby, but... why? I mean, she's devoted to you.

Victor: I've been in the business for a long time, okay? Ambition does strange things to people, especially when they're after quick success.

Abby: How soon until my mom's out of her meeting?

Jack: Uh, hard to tell. Can I help?

Abby: I have news.

Jack: Good or bad?

Abby: Well... dad cancelled his biography.

Jack: Wow. That's interesting. I guess having a competent, principled, investigative reporter like Scott Grainger around was playing with fire. It's too bad.

Abby: Only Scott's not going anywhere.

Jack: What do you mean?

Abby: My dad hired him. Yeah, apparently, someone with zero experience in the corporate world is a perfect fit for a senior V.P. Position at Newman.

Jack: Whoa. I'm not following.

Abby: No, my dad gave him some bogus title -- special projects -- and now he expects us to work together.

Jack: And what is Victor's rationale?

Abby: I don't know. He says it'll give me experience developing new talent. Translation --

Jack: He thinks you need a babysitter.

Abby: But do you want to know what this is really about? This is about my dad's attitude towards women. Yeah. He doesn't think that us delicate flowers are capable of running a multinational. Yeah, look how he was with Victoria when Adam came back. And now he's pushing me aside. Nick doesn't want the position, so he has a new surrogate son, who, once he's trained, I will be out in the cold, and he will have a new flavor of the month.

Jack: Okay. I understand that you're upset. But there is no way Victor is going to let anyone without the name "Newman" in the top spot. Scott could be brilliant at what he does. He's got the wrong last name. Victor cares more about that than anything else.

Abby: What if you're wrong, uncle jack?

Jack: You just be careful. Keep your eye on both of them. They're both bloodhounds -- one by trade, the other by disposition. If they sense anything wrong -- if they sense you've done anything wrong -- you're gonna have to play this very carefully.

Ashley: Play what carefully?

Abby: Fait accompli. Dad just sprang it on me. It's so insulting.

Ashley: I can understand why you would be angry and maybe why you'd feel a little insecure. But if there is a glass ceiling, the one way to not break through it is to listen whatever bad, shady advice your uncle's giving.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. You are way off base. I gave her the same advice you would -- to watch her back and look out for herself.

Abby: Now that we know that dad doesn't trust me as much as he says he does.

Ashley: Is there a reason for that? Is there something going on at Newman? Because if you want to talk about it, we can leave here and go someplace private.

Abby: Mom, you know what? Um, dad and I are fine. We've been fine up until now, okay? Thank you.

Ashley: Okay. If that's true, then I would tell you to just focus on your work and do the best job you can, and whatever doubts your father may have will just take care of themselves.

Scott: Thanks for your time.

Victor: All right, Scott. Oh, by the way, before you go... a little word about your attire.

Scott: Again? What's wrong with this?

Victor: What's wrong with it is that you tell the world that you don't give a damn. Which is okay when you do journalistic work, but when you work in the corporate world, you wear a suit. Have you got one?

Scott: One. For weddings and funerals.

Victor: Wear it.

Victoria: So, this is Billy's idea. What do you think?

Lily: It's amazing. I think it's great for the men's line.

Billy: I think it's gonna be great for you, your first national spot. It's exciting.

Jordan: This is gonna take your career to the next level. You are gonna be a shooting star, lily.

[Both laugh]

Victoria: I need you to arrange your schedule so you can be there for the shoot. I want you to grab some stills.

Jordan: Sure. I definitely can make that happen.

Victoria: Okay. Wonderful.

Juliet: What if we went beyond that? Did a behind-the-scenes, making-of video, something to show exclusively on our website?

Billy: It could be a great way to drive traffic.

Victoria: Yeah, let's do it.

Cane: I just don't want to be a broken record here, but I'm just concerned about the cost of all this.

Victoria: Okay, look -- I'm not ignoring your concerns. We'll just tell the director at the ad agency that they can't blow through our budget for the year. Sometimes you have to take some risks in order to get the payoff. Am I right?

Billy: Yeah, Cane, come on. Go big or go home, right?

Victoria: I think that we should all get behind this. I want us working together as a team, both here and in los Angeles.

Cane: Absolutely. I am behind you 100%.

Chelsea: Oh, you're so sweet, but I don't think doughnuts are the answer.

Nick: All right, well, they're here if you change your mind. Look, uh... you know, I know you're upset. Those letters that Chloe sent Billy and Kevin...

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, I just don't get it. Two letters postmarked in two different countries. So now not only can we not tell where she is, but we can't even tell she is actually the person that sent the letters. It just -- it just makes me crazy, 'cause now I can't stop thinking about where she is. I'm thinking about what she's doing...

Nick: Look, there are some questions we may never get an answer to.

Chelsea: Well, I can't accept that.

Nick: You're obsessing, all right? It's not good for you.

Chelsea: Look, I know you wish I would just drop this, but I can't sit back and do nothing while the woman who killed my husband and her accomplice are just roaming the streets.

Nick: Accomplice?

Chelsea: Someone had to help her get away. I need to find them -- both of them. I need to track them down, nick. And I want you to help me.

Lily: I'm so excited. L.A. is so much fun. What do you think about wrapping a few vacation days around the shoot? You know, we can go up the coast to Santa Barbara. We can visit some wineries.

Cane: Sounds like a great getaway, doesn't it?

Lily: Is that a yes?

Cane: All right, look, it's not that I don't want to go, okay? It's just...

Lily: No, I get it. It's Billy. You're upset this got greenlighted after you objected.

Cane: All right, he humiliated her, okay? And she still wouldn't say no to him.

Lily: Victoria is a big girl. Their relationship is their business.

Cane: Okay. Why don't you understand this?

Lily: Hey, you are creating a competition where none exists. Victoria has approved plenty of your ideas. She's judging them purely based on merit.

Cane: No, that's not why she's doing this. She wants him back. And she's prepared to put the company out on a limb financially to do it. We can barely afford to hire Juliet.

Lily: You know what? All of this talk about budgets and Billy and Victoria... has it even occurred to you this commercial's a great opportunity for me? Why can't you be happy for me the way I was for you when you closed the Asian deal?

Cane: I'm sorry. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm happy for you, I am. Come here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jordan: Sorry to interrupt. I'm just on my way out.

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: Look, you know what? You're busy. You have a lot of work to do, so I'm gonna take off, too, okay?

Cane: All right.

Cane: Oh, man.

Victoria: Because of the tight timeframe, I'm pulling you off your other project so you can assist Billy full time.

Billy: That's a great idea. Could definitely use the help.

Juliet: It's -- it's a terrific opportunity.

Victoria: Is there a problem?

Juliet: It's gonna leave Cane a little shorthanded in the marketing area.

Billy: Well, it's a good thing you work for the company and not Cane, then.

Juliet: I don't want to upset him.

Victoria: I know that he helped you get this job. And I admire your loyalty, but you don't have to worry about Cane. I'll handle him.

Phyllis: Hey.

Scott: Hey.

Phyllis: What dark corner of Victor's mind are you writing about?

Scott: He's actually reassigned me.

Phyllis: Oh. That doesn't sound good.

Scott: Well, the book is dead, and in its place, I have an office at Newman with a fancy new title to go along with it.

Phyllis: How bizarre.

Scott: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Phyllis: Well, I don't know. Really can't see you joining the suit-and-tie brigade.

Scott: Well, as long as I have a debt to repay... no, please.

Phyllis: Yeah. $10 million worth of listening to Victor every day, all day? I feel for you, my friend.

Scott: I've had far more tough assignments than that.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] You say that now...

Scott: Hey, but you and Billy Abbott. The last time we spoke, you had no love life. And then, the other night, I see you two all smiles on your date. What's sad about it? Is that something new?

Phyllis: Well, we had a little second go-around. We have quite a history.

Scott: Well, I like to see you happy, so... I hope it works out this time.

Phyllis: Thank you. Hey. Not that it's any of my business, but...would you mind a little free advice?

Scott: Yeah, the price is right.

Phyllis: Um, I know that you think that you owe Victor because he paid your ransom.

Scott: He saved my life. Yeah.

Phyllis: But now you are the one he's holding hostage.

Scott: That's blunt.

Phyllis: He uses people. He manipulates them. Do not forget who you are, and do not let him make your life into something you don't want it to be.

Chelsea: Chloe needed funds and a really good fake passport to be able to get out of the country. There's no way she got all that on her own.

Nick: Well, a fake passport means a new identity, and that's gonna make it even harder to find her.

Chelsea: What is up with this defeatist attitude all of a sudden? Why are you being so negative?

Nick: I'm not. I just think we should let the professionals handle this. They're better equipped to find her and bring her in.

Chelsea: When you wanted to prove that Chloe killed Adam, you were relentless. And now, what is going on with you?

Nick: Look, I'm not happy about any of this, but my hands are tied. What do you want me to do?

Chelsea: Adam was your brother. Don't you want justice for him?

Nick: You know I do, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Then why are you insisting to not go after Chloe?

Nick: I just told you, I --

Chelsea: Yeah, well, it wasn't a good enough reason. It feels like you're hiding something from me, nick.

Ashley: You hired Scott Grainger, who has far less experience than Abby, to work with her as her equal.

Victor: She'll be mentoring him.

Ashley: That's not what it sounds like to me.

Victor: Then you don't know the whole story.

Ashley: Victor, look, you told Abby that you trust her, right? And then, out of nowhere, you're paying somebody to follow her around, somebody who has been trained to investigate people. Do you not see how that could be very demeaning to her?

Victor: For your information, Scott Grainger has certain talents that no one else in the company has, okay? I think Abby is overreacting.

Ashley: This company is her entire life. She has worked so hard to prove herself. I just hope you're not doing something to undermine her.

Victor: If our daughter wants to play on the top level of the corporate world, she needs to take what goes with it -- my guidance, my criticism. She doesn't need her mother to protect her. You know that.

Ashley: This is our daughter.

Victor: Okay. Do me a favor. Kindly get ahold of Scott Grainger, okay? I want him to come back to my office. Yep.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Scott: I got your message. You needed to, uh...

Ashley: Hi, Scott. It's been a long time. I think since your mother's wedding.

Scott: Ah, yeah. Good to see you again.

Victor: Scott. Ashley seems to have some reservations about my decision to hire you... and what ramifications that it might have for our daughter. So would you kindly explain your new position to her and what that will mean so we allay her fears?

Nick: Look, Chelsea, I hate that this situation with Chloe is coming between us. I don't want to upset you.

Chelsea: But you're more than willing to just pawn it off to the authorities, let Chloe get away with murder.

Nick: That is not what I'm doing.

Chelsea: You are not doing anything. Well, I'm sorry. I can't live with myself if I don't, so... I think you should leave.

Nick: Chelsea, please...

Chelsea: Please, nick, go.

Jack: Just the woman I have been looking for.

Phyllis: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Jack: It's a work thing. Uh, this is a recent report from my old b-school -- an analysis of the economic impact of e-commerce on brick-and-mortar retail chains from 1990 to present. The findings are pretty provocative, I must say.

Phyllis: Mm. Sounds titillating.

Jack: I would like you to apply those findings to Fenmore's stores. Make up your own mini analysis.

Phyllis: Okay. Jack, I, uh... am not an economist. I don't have an MBA, and --

Jack: If I wanted an economist's opinion, I would've asked for one. I'm asking you.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: Because you are in the internet trenches. You know what's passé, you know what is cutting edge. I am asking, as part owner of Fenmore's, that you gaze into your cyber crystal ball and tell me to what extent technology is going to get in the way of retail.

Phyllis: That sounds challenging.

Jack: It is, if you do it right. And I want it done by June 1st.

Phyllis: That's in three weeks.

Jack: Yeah, it might require some overtime. In fact, it will require overtime. It's a lot of research and a lot of writing.

Phyllis: Jack, is this a punishment because of Billy and I getting back together again.

Jack: This is recognition on my part that you are the right person for this particular project.

Phyllis: I see.

Jack: I think I made it very clear that your personal life is of no interest to me. I'm a little insulted you would think otherwise.

Phyllis: Jack...

Jack: Or maybe you're feeling a little prickly because, as we speak, Victoria is putting the screws to Billy downstairs at brash & sassy, just as I predicted.

Phyllis: Actually, she's not letting what happened affect their work dynamic at all -- or Billy's relationship with the kids.

Jack: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: I find that admirable. On the surface.

Phyllis: Meaning?

Jack: Victoria's a Newman. They don't like to lose. But if your relationship is as solid as you think it is, that shouldn't be an issue.

Victoria: I assume you can delegate as needed until the commercial's put to bed.

Cane: As long as Juliet's fine with it, sure.

Victoria: She's excited about the opportunity.

Cane: Okay. Well, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Billy: You're a good man, Cane.

Cane: Yeah.

Billy: He's being a real mensch about this, isn't he?

Victoria: In front of me, would you just refrain from rubbing his face in it?

Billy: Moi? Okay. I'll play nice -- as a way to thank you for signing off on my idea.

Victoria: Very expensive idea.

Billy: Well, the best ones usually are. Listen, I appreciate the fact that we can still work together like this, the fact that you can keep an open mind, considering the position I put you in.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I told you, I didn't want things to change here.

Billy: Well, that means a lot to me. Not everybody would be able to follow through.

Victoria: I have a meeting with the lawyers across town, the one that I had to reschedule, so... I'm gonna do that. You can get to work and call the agency.

Billy: Roger that.

Victoria: It's gonna be nice going to California, getting out of town for a bit, don't you think?

Billy: I do. I think everything will go perfectly.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Bye.

Victoria: Bye. Hi. I assume you're here to see Billy.

Phyllis: Yes. Before I go in, do you have a second?

Victoria: Not really.

Phyllis: This won't take long.

Lily: I am so excited about this commercial. I probably didn't any more caffeine.

Jordan: Yeah, I couldn't get a read on Cane. You sure he's down with you doing this? I mean, kind of didn't sound like it, from the little bit I heard of y'all conversation.

Lily: Yeah, he'll be supportive when the time comes. Just whenever Billy's involved...

Jordan: Yeah. I kind of got that.

Lily: Whatever. I'm not gonna let their stuff get in the way of my awesome assignment.

Jordan: Yeah.

Lily: One thing I'm nervous about is messing up. I've never acted before, so I'm pretty nervous.

Jordan: This is a commercial, not "hamlet."

Lily: Yeah, easy for you to say. You're behind the camera.

Jordan: All right. Well, if you get nervous, just look at me, like you do when you're feeling off on a regular shoot.

Lily: That's true. You do have a way of keeping me steady.

Jordan: Yeah, and this won't be any different, all right? I'm gonna be right there with you the whole way.

Billy: Can you ask her to give me a call as soon as possible? I'd like to go over casting. Great. Thank you.

Cane: Where's Victoria?

Billy: She's not here. Looks like you're on your own.

Cane: Oh, hang on a sec. Was that, like, one of those cracks to make me feel, you know, bad that you poached Juliet from me?

Billy: Oh, no, that was Victoria's idea.

Cane: Oh.

Billy: And it was a good one, actually, so before you start getting all antsy, why don't you just be happy that the company's raising its profile? Or was that comment about backing the boss 100% a load of crap?

Cane: No, no, no. You want to know what it was? See, that was me just biding my time until the inevitable happens, and that's when you screw up, and I have to step in and save the day. You know what? And then we're gonna see what it feels like to be left on the outside, Billy.

Phyllis: I should've let you and Billy hash things out instead of me jumping in and preaching at you. It wasn't productive or kind or even classy. I should've just kept my mouth shut. End of apology.

Victoria: Yeah. Thanks. Well, it wasn't really my finest hour, and I think all of us let our emotions get the best of us.

Phyllis: Thank you for being cool about it.

Victoria: That's fine. Billy and I have worked through everything. In fact, we had a really great conversation this morning when he dropped by to see the kids.

Phyllis: Oh, good. I'm glad he stopped by the house.

Victoria: You know, we're just determined to keep things normal for Johnny and Katherine. In fact, he wants to come by every evening and tuck them in at night. I hope that's not gonna be a problem for you two.

Phyllis: No. No, no, no. His whole world revolves around them. Of course not.

Victoria: You know, Phyllis, you just really have an amazing attitude about this. I can't imagine that many women would be very happy about their boyfriend hanging out at their ex-wife's place every night.

Phyllis: Oh. [Laughs] I don't know. I mean, think about how much time the two of you have spent together, and Billy and I still wound up together. I mean, it's crazy. [Chuckles]

Victoria: Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, he went back to you, so I guess I just have to accept that, don't I?

Phyllis: You're making a real effort. I see that. You know, actually, he texted me today, said he got some good news at work. Sounded like he was really ready to celebrate with me.

Victoria: Yeah, I approved his idea for a commercial. So we'll be traveling to L.A. Together for a shoot. Should be a trip to remember.

Scott: This is all new territory for me. I have a lot to learn about business.

Ashley: Well, you're lucky that you've got Abby to show you the ropes. You're in very good hands. I think you'd make a great addition to the team.

Scott: I appreciate that.

Victor: Well, then... now that you're satisfied our daughter is not being slighted, you'll have to excuse me. I have an appointment to go to. So you can show yourselves out.

Ashley: Thank you.

Scott: If it helps, I was just as thrown by Victor's offer as you and Abby were.

Ashley: Just so you know, you seem like a really good person. I have nothing but respect for you as a journalist. And I'm sure you're gonna try to hold on to your hard-won integrity.

Scott: Thank you. I fully intend to.

Ashley: Good. Just make sure you don't do anything to make my daughter look bad, because then you're gonna have to answer to me. And if you think Victor's tough...

Abby: Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. I just left your mother in the office with Scott.

Abby: Mom's here? Why?

Victor: To protect you. She thought that I might have had ulterior motive when I hired Scott.

Abby: Didn't you?

Victor: Did you ever give me reason to doubt your loyalty to me or to the company?

Abby: No.

Victor: Good. In that case, you have nothing to worry about.

Chelsea: Our new last name. It's short for "Erasmus." It means "beloved." When I was tending bar overseas, there was this hipster expat. His name was Erasmus, and he made sure to let me know that it means "beloved." I guess he thought I'd be impressed. It's interesting that that's the name Victor chose for us. I mean, it must mean that he wants us to know why he did this for us.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Abby: I'm sure he's drooling at the thought of finding proof that I'm not this loyal daughter.

Ashley: Well, only if there's proof to be found.

Jack: Are you keeping him at brash & sassy for business or personal reasons?

Phyllis: Do you know where he went?

Juliet: Victoria's house.

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