Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/9/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/9/17


Episode # 11166 ~ Nick is suspicious of Tessa; Abby clashed with Scott; Kevin places blame for Chloe's actions.

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Hilary: You gold digger!

Mariah: Fake celebrity!

Hilary: Talentless wannabe!

Mariah: Have you slept with Jordan's dad yet?! Or are you waiting till you're married, Hilary?! Aah!

[Both screaming]

Devon: We can break out the sparkling cider when the contracts are signed and Mergeron enterprises is officially ours.

Neil: Yeah, do you think that Dina will go back on her word?

Devon: No, no. I'm just being cautious.

Neil: I think it's the fact that you are Katherine chancellor's grandson. That's what clinched the deal. Enjoy the Victory lap.

Devon: I really do feel like my life is heading in the right direction now.

[Both breathing heavily]

Mariah: [Sighs] That felt good.

Hilary: You can wear my clothes... and have sex with Devon all you want. But you will never replace me in his heart.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Nikki: What...?

Nick: There she is! Underground's newest sensation!

Nikki: Oh, my God. Very funny. Very funny.

Nick: So, where were you? Rehearsing for your worldwide tour? Have tickets gone on pre-sale yet? Mom, can I get on your guest list?

Nikki: I was at the better days shelter, finalizing some details for the benefit.

Nick: You got my auction item, right?

Nikki: Yeah, Tessa gave it to me -- two V.I.P. Packages for your club. Very nice.

Nick: It is gonna be the hottest item once word of your performance gets out.

Nikki: Will you stop it? Are you done teasing me now?

Nick: I am not teasing you. I am so proud of you. It's not every day your mom gets up onstage at an open mike and just slays it.

Nikki: Tessa ambushed me. I couldn't think about it. I just...went for it.

Nick: Well, you need to go for it more often, mom. It was so awesome seeing you having so much fun. And forgetting about everything, including dad.

[Guitar strumming]

Tessa: Thanks for the support.

Chelsea: Okay. So let me get this straight. Chloe sent two letters.

Kevin: One to me and one to Billy.

Chelsea: Saying the same thing.

Kevin: That Bella could be his or mine.

Chelsea: But she's yours?

Kevin: Yeah. Bella's my daughter.

Chelsea: So, why didn't Chloe just tell you that when she first came to town? Why go through all the trouble to hide it? I mean, she even faked the first DNA test. Oh, my God. It just shows what a manipulative whack job she really is.

Kevin: She's sick, Chelsea.

Chelsea: You're making it sound like she's got a cold. She is a manipulative murderer who has absolutely zero remorse for everything that she's done, and I really wish that you would just start to accept that.

Kevin: I have. I know that what she did to Adam and to you afterwards was unforgivable. And lying about Bella's paternity was twisted. That doesn't change the fact that she needed help she didn't get. She was failed by the system. She was released from a mental hospital. How did that even happen?

Scott: My job is to keep an eye on Abby?

Victor: My daughter is very ambitious and very headstrong... but she lacks experience. Want you to help her make the right decisions. And her success is very important to me, as is her loyalty.

Scott: You want me to spy on her.

Victor: I simply think it's a good idea for Abby to work with one of her contemporaries.

Scott: I don't have any corporate experience.

Victor: You've done a lot of journalistic work. I've read some of it. Very good. You've researched the inner workings of big companies, of governments, so you know a lot about the real world.

Scott: The real world is not a very pretty place, Victor. Corruption, embezzlement... is that really what you want me to teach your daughter?

Victor: My beautiful daughter grew up in a rather privileged world. She lacks street smarts. That's where you come in. I want you to help her hone those skills.

Scott: Yeah...I don't know.

Victor: Does that mean you're reneging on our deal?

Scott: Absolutely not. If you want me to work at Newman, I will. I just... I don't want to be a babysitter.

Victor: That's not my intention.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Abby: Sorry. I'll come back.

Victor: That's all right, sweetheart. Scott is the reason that I asked you to come back.

Nikki: I'll tell you, being in front of that crowd, the music and the energy, it was just so exhilarating. And that feeling stayed with me until I found out that your father had been at the performance.

Nick: Yeah, Noah told me he called him.

Nikki: Well, he probably thought he was doing your father a favor, because he thinks we're blissfully happy.

Nick: If he only knew the truth.

Nikki: Well, don't even think about it. I'm not getting another member of this family mixed up in this. I can handle your father.

Nick: Well, I'm just starting to worry that this might be, you know, too much for you.

Nikki: I see. So, you didn't come over here to tease me about my debut at the underground. You're here to check up on me.

Nick: And would that be so bad?

Nikki: Actually, no, I think that would be very endearing, and I love you for it. But I'm fine. That man will not break me. Not this time.

Nick: All right. So, let's change the subject. I want to ask you something very important.

Nikki: Okay.

Nick: In the future... who's gonna get top billing -- you or Tessa?

Nikki: Stop it! Oh, my God. Well, Tessa, of course. Oh, poor Tessa. I don't -- I don't know what to do.

Nick: Why? What's wrong?

Nikki: I think that she's living out of her car.

Nick: She's homeless?

Nikki: Well, I think so. I'm not certain. It's not an easy subject to broach, especially somebody as independent as Tessa. She might get offended and just take off before I can even offer to help her.

Nick: Seems like you're getting pretty involved in this girl's life.

Nikki: You make that sound like a bad thing.

[Guitar strumming]

Chelsea: Let me tell you something. The only person responsible for Chloe's actions is Chloe. I don't believe infinite hours of therapy could help that woman. She likes to toy with people's lives, Kevin, and she's still doing it. I mean, sending those letters? She's still messing with you.

Kevin: She sent those letters so that Bella would have a father. She wasn't being malicious.

Chelsea: Okay. If you say so.

Kevin: Look, I have to keep telling myself that, okay? For Bella's sake. I can't waste energy thinking about everything that Chloe did, not when my daughter needs my full attention. And it's not easy, being a single parent, which you know.

Chelsea: I do know, and... if you need help, if you need any advice, you can always call me. I'm always here for you. And I know Connor misses Bella. We should -- we should set up a playdate with the two of them.

Kevin: We would love that.

Chelsea: Wait. So, does Chloe even know that you are actually has she tried to contact you?

Kevin: Not in person. She just sent two letters with two different return addresses from two different countries. She doesn't want to be found.

Chelsea: Do you want to find her?

Kevin: If the choice is knowing that she's in a state prison or that she's safe but I never get to see her again, I would choose for her to be safe. I know you don't agree with that.

Chelsea: Maybe I should start taking a page out of your book and just not waste my energy on her.

Devon: You know, when we first started talking about acquiring new companies, I honestly never thought that we would get something this big this quick.

Neil: I can't believe it was tailor-made to suit our needs, man -- a multi-national that owns a cutting-edge streaming service.

Devon: Yep.

Neil: Something for everyone.

Devon: You know, it's gonna take us from unknown to major power player a lot quicker than we anticipated. Are you ready for all that?

Neil: You're not questioning my skills, are you?

Devon: I'm just saying. You seemed a little nervous on the plane when Dina started playing hard ball, so...

Neil: That was just you seeing your reflection in the mirror. See, because I am cool, calm, and collected. Yeah, that's right.

Devon: Okay. Hey, what do you think the deal is with the, uh -- the guy that was with her, graham? With Dina? You think those two are...?

Neil: Graham? No, no. I don't even want to think about that.

Devon: She does seem like a pretty tough bird.

Neil: She warned us she drives a hard bargain. And it's true -- we got to be prepared.

Devon: I've got an army of lawyers, including Michael Baldwin, so if she tries to come after us or anything, you know, we'll be ready.

Neil: No doubt, it's gonna be complicated. And not just for us.

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Hilary: What the hell were you thinking, giving my clothes to that "thirsty" bitch?!

Neil: What happened with you?

Hilary: Nothing.

Devon: Your hair is messed up, and your clothes are ripped.

Hilary: There was a little "situation" at work, and it got a little messy, okay?

Devon: How'd you get in here, by the way?

Hilary: My keys.

Devon: I'm gonna go ahead and get the locks changed.

Neil: Okay. You were saying about your clothes?

Hilary: His girlfriend showed up to work wearing one of my designer dresses.

Neil: You gave Mariah your ex's threads?

Devon: No, it was something she hadn't even worn before. The tags were still on it.

Hilary: [Scoffs]

Neil: All right, look -- I'm not gonna be involved with this. I'll let you two work it out. Thank you. I will see you later. And good luck.

Hilary: You do realize that I am staying at the club until I find my own place. There's no room for everything.

Devon: Then you know what? Get a storage unit.

Hilary: I didn't ask for a penny in the divorce. The least that you can do is let me leave a few of my things here.

Devon: I thought you didn't want anything from me. Isn't that right?

Hilary: Fine! Fine. I will figure something out!

Devon: You do that.

[Both laughing]

[Guitar strumming]

Tessa: Thank you. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Oh, thank you, thank you.

Mariah: Mind blown. When did you find out that Bella was your biological daughter?

Kevin: A few days ago.

Mariah: And you didn't tell me?

Kevin: It took a few days to process it. I had to get Bella settled.

Mariah: This is fantastic! Seriously, I'm so happy for you -- and your daughter!

Kevin: Thanks. You seem like you're having a good day, too. What's up?

Mariah: I finally decided to grab life by the hair.

Kevin: By the hair?

Mariah: Never mind, never mind.

Kevin: Don't you "never mind" me. Tell me.

Mariah: Well... Devon and I are a thing.

Kevin: A "thing" thing?

Mariah: A bona fide thing.

Kevin: Nice.

Mariah: Look at us. The town misfits -- we're finally growing up.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, this grown-up has to go pick up his daughter at preschool. How cool is that?

Mariah: So cool.

Kevin: Bye.

Mariah: Bye.

[Guitar strumming]

Mariah: Yay!

Tessa: Thank you.

Mariah: Great song.

Tessa: Oh, thanks. It's new.

Mariah: You should play it at the underground.

Tessa: Oh, maybe. I just played there last night.

Mariah: You did? Oh, I'm sorry I missed it. I had other plans. How did it go?

Tessa: Great. I actually even ended up jamming with Nikki Newman.

Mariah: [Chuckling] Okay. Oh, you're serious.

Tessa: Yeah, yeah, and she rocked.

Mariah: Nikki Newman? As in Victor Newman's wife?

Tessa: Yep.

Nick: Look, mom, I like Tessa. You know, she was awesome with Christian.

Nikki: Yes, but I worry --

Nick: But you have a lot going on right now, and I'm worried that if you take this on, too...it's just gonna be too stressful for you.

Nikki: Stress is not knowing where your next meal is coming from. It's not having a safe place to live. I have been there. I know exactly how Tessa feels. And I think it would unconscionable not to help her. I wouldn't be where I am today if people hadn't helped me.

Nick: All right, well, you just have to promise me, then, that if it gets to be too much that you will let me know.

Nikki: I will.

Nick: All right. Well, Tessa's very lucky to have you in her corner.

Nikki: Mm. I'm not the only Newman in her fan club.

Nick: [Chuckles] Yeah, Noah.

Nikki: Oh, you noticed.

Nick: Oh, it's hard not to. I mean, he's trying to play it cool, but he's got that puppy-dog thing going on.

Nikki: That's so cute, though. Well, after his broken engagement, he deserves some happiness. As does his father. How are things with Chelsea?

Nick: We're good.

Nikki: I'm so glad to hear that. Keeping your father's secret has done some damage to your sister's relationship. I would hate for it to happen to you, too.

Nick: There is no way I'm letting dad mess this up for us.

Jordan: Damn, girl. This is a step up from the last place we were together. It was crazy running into you last night.

Chelsea: Yeah, no kidding. I didn't expect to ever see you again.

Jordan: Our last job ended so abruptly, we didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

Chelsea: Yeah, I went one way, you went the other...

Jordan: And ended up with a legit gig, just like you. And neither one of us want to revisit "the good old days" with our current squeezes, am I right?

Chelsea: I think it's best. I don't think anyone needs to know about our previous collaborations.

Jordan: We did well together, though.

Chelsea: We did, but that was another lifetime ago. But I mean, it still doesn't mean we have to avoid each other. We're both in the fashion industry, so I don't think anyone would find it strange that we know each other.

Jordan: The perfect cover story. Now that we got that out of the way, we good? 'Cause I got to go.

Chelsea: Actually, I didn't just ask you to come over so we can make sure we got our stories straight.

Jordan: You need something.

Chelsea: And you're the only one who can help me.

Jordan: So, that girl killed your husband and then lived with you? You got to find you some better friends, girl. I am -- I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. It must've been hell.

Chelsea: Yeah, it was. The worst part was having to tell my son that his daddy is never coming home. I mean, still sometimes, at night, Connor calls out for Adam. Breaks my heart all over again. So I go into his room, and I hold him, and I just lay with him until he falls asleep and hope that he doesn't see me cry. But as of today, I am done crying.

Jordan: What happened today?

Chelsea: After Kevin told me about those letters, it just -- it made me realize just how methodical Chloe is. I mean, she had an exit strategy, and she had somebody helping her. Adam deserves justice, and the only I'm gonna be able to give him that justice is, I have to find her.

Jordan: Do the cops have any leads?

Chelsea: No. No. And since she hasn't been formally charged, she's not even on the FBI's radar.

Jordan: So she's a ghost.

Chelsea: For now. But if Chloe's traveling, it means that she has a fake passport and a good one... like the ones you...

Jordan: I used to make?

Chelsea: Yeah. You were the best.

Jordan: I told you, I'm -- I'm out of that. That was a long time ago, Chels.

Chelsea: What? I mean, you haven't kept any of your old contacts?

Jordan: What for? To get an opinion on how to shoot a winter catalogue? I told you, I put the past in the rearview, and... I just don't want to look back.

Chelsea: Yeah, and I don't want Chloe getting away with murder! [Sighs] Look, she was my best friend... and she hunted down my husband like he was an animal. I mean, she ripped the wedding ring off of his finger, and she kept it, like it was a trophy. She -- she left him to in a burning cabin to die. So, with or without your help, I am going to find her, and I am going to find the person that helped her, and I'm gonna make them pay.

Jordan: Look, hey, hey... look... I got you. I'm gonna make some calls. All right?

Victor: Scott is going to be working here.

Abby: Doing what? Writing the newsletter?

Scott: Oh, excellent use of humor, Abby. Who knew you had it in you?

Abby: Dad, if you're looking to add someone to the team, I'm sure there are much more qualified people who would kill for a job at Newman.

Victor: The difference, my darling, is that he has real-life experience.

Abby: Code word for learning on the job.

Victor: And guess who's going to instruct him. You.

Abby: Me?

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: Me? We're -- we're working together?

Scott: Ain't that a kick in the pants?

Abby: What's he gonna be doing?

Victor: He's going to be senior V.P. Of special projects.

Abby: I'm sorry. What? That -- that's not a title. That's not even a title. It doesn't mean anything.

Scott: It means you get to see my handsome face every single day.

Abby: Dad, surely, someone else would be more qualified for the job.

Victor: I don't think so, my darling. He's very qualified.

Abby: Can I talk to you alone for a second, please?

Victor: Sure.

Scott: If you need me, I'll be in the executive break room with the other senior V.P.S, checking out the prime doughnut selection.

Abby: Well, it's good to know how little you think of me.

Mariah: I'm trying to imagine Nikki up on stage, but... nope, I can't.

Tessa: Why not?

Mariah: Well, she's kind of the "lady of the manor." I can imagine her sitting at the ranch, eating cucumber sandwiches, sipping tea with her pinky in the air.

Tessa: That's just -- that's not the Nikki Newman I know. She wants to have fun in her life. But she has all these expectations she has to live up to. I just wish she could be herself.

Mariah: I guess you never know what goes on behind closed doors. But, hey, the ranch -- it's pretty sweet, right?

Tessa: Oh, yeah. You live there with your mom, right?

Mariah: Sharon. Horses aren't really my thing, but if you ever feel like laying out by the pond, catching some rays, maybe throwing back a couple of drinks, I'm your gal.

[Cell phone rings]

Tessa: Yeah, that'd be great. Sorry. Hey, Nikki. Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah. I can be over there. Is this about the benefit or...? Oh, okay, yeah.

Mariah: What's up?

Tessa: Uh, Nikki wants me over there, like, A.S.A.P. Maybe dragging her up onstage was not a good idea after all.

Hilary: I will come back for the rest of my things later.

Devon: Hey, it doesn't have to be today, okay? I'm not gonna touch your stuff anymore.

Hilary: Oh, thanks. But I don't want the other women that you're sleeping with helping themselves to my wardrobe.

Devon: And how many women you think I'm sleeping with?

Hilary: I don't know.

Devon: And who said I'm even sleeping with Mariah?

Hilary: Well, wasn't that the point of her wearing my dress? So that she can flaunt the fact that she spent the night here?

Devon: No, I didn't mean for that.

Hilary: Yeah, you may not have, but she definitely did.

Devon: Can you tell me why we're even doing this? 'Cause we're not married anymore. It shouldn't matter to you who I bring home, right?

Hilary: Oh, it doesn't. I just don't want any of them wearing my clothes. Oh, and, um, one more thing, Devon. While you're getting yours with Mariah, I'm getting mine with Jordan. We've been having sex for... weeks now. And it is off the chain.

Jordan: Guess you schooled him, huh? So I'm just your boy toy. That's how it is?

Hilary: No, no, okay? He was -- he was throwing his relationship with Mariah in my face, okay?

Jordan: And you had to one-up him. If you're using me to try to prove a point to your ex, I'm not interested. Find some other chump.

Chelsea: I heard voices. Is everything okay out here, Jordan?

Jordan: That's what I want to know.

Hilary: How do you know Jordan?

Jordan: We met at fashion week.

Chelsea: How do you know Jordan?

Hilary: We're dating.

Jordan: Now we're dating? The other day, I was just a friend -- a secret.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, sounds like you guys have a lot to discuss, so I'm gonna go. Call me later.

Jordan: Do we have a lot to talk about? Or should we just go our separate ways?

Abby: It's no wonder that Victoria bailed after all of those years of trying to prove herself to you. You don't think a woman is worthy of your legacy, not even your own flesh and blood.

Victor: Sweetheart, stop it. That's insulting, all right? You know damn well there's several female executives working at our company that are doing a damn good job.

Abby: Mm. But I'm not. Otherwise, you wouldn't have hired some journalist with zero experience as senior V.P. To work with me. Dad, his only qualification is that he's a man. Oh, and that he owes you his life.

Victor: I simply asked you to teach him the ins and outs of the corporate business world, all right?

Abby: You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. And this setup is one big, fat, ugly pig. I resent being put in this position.

Victor: You're so vehement about your opposition to this. Do you have something against Scott Grainger?

Tessa: I got to ask, are you, like, pissed about last night? 'Cause I thought it would be fun. That's the only reason I called you up onstage. If I put you on the spot and you hated it, I'm so sorry.

Nikki: Tessa, I loved it.

Tessa: Oh, whew. Okay. Cool.

Nikki: Next time, maybe a little heads-up, though?

Tessa: Oh. Yeah, will do. You sounded awesome, by the way. Not just blowing smoke.

Nikki: Well, that's why I like you. You tell it like it is.

Tessa: Well, no point in sugarcoating it.

Nikki: I agree.

Tessa: Man, I have to admit, driving over here, I thought my days were numbered.

Nikki: You really thought I would fire you for asking me to perform?

Tessa: I was sweating it, for sure.

Nikki: Why would you feel that way?

Tessa: You have a classy reputation, and...being around someone like me might trash it.

Nikki: Don't you worry about my reputation. I like you, Tessa. In fact, I have a proposition for you.

Abby: Scott is condescending and self-righteous, but, no, he is the least of my problems. Dad, this all seems arbitrary.

Victor: I don't do things arbitrarily, my darling. I have my reasons.

Abby: Dad, I'm -- I'm your daughter. You don't have to test me. My loyalty is with you and this company. Don't you trust me?

Victor: Everyone who works for me has to earn my trust. That goes for your siblings, as well -- for everyone.

Abby: I understand, but haven't I done that? I ran this company successfully while you were out of town, and now it seems like you're having second thoughts about my future here.

Victor: I do not have second thoughts about your abilities at all. If that were the case, you and I wouldn't be sitting here discussing this.

Abby: Okay. Fine, yes, I -- I will work with Scott. Yes, it'll be a learning experience -- for both of us.

Victor: There's no limit to what you can achieve in this company, okay?

[Telephone rings]

Victor: Yeah. Send him in.

Abby: Okay, Dad, I will check back in with you later.

Victor: Bye-bye, sweetheart.

Scott: Mmm. Want a bite?

Abby: I avoid empty calories.

Scott: Your loss. Everything set?

Victor: I think so. Abby?

Abby: Absolutely.

Victor: I will leave you to it. I have a meeting to attend.

Abby: Bye, dad.

Victor: Bye-bye, sweetheart.

Scott: If it's any consolation, I was just as surprised by all this as you were.

Abby: It's not a consolation at all. But please, sit. I have some things I need to say to you.

Tessa: You want me to move in? Here?

Nikki: Well, I've put a lot of thought into it, and I think it's the perfect solution for both of us.

Tessa: Yeah.

Nikki: Yeah. And the benefit's coming up soon, and we're gonna be putting tons of hours in, and this will save you from driving back and forth from your place to here and save on gas and maintenance and everything.

Tessa: You've seen Lucille -- my car.

Nikki: Yes, I have, and she reminds me very much of my first car.

Tessa: She may not look pretty, but she's reliable.

Nikki: Well, she'd have her own spot in the garage here, and you would have your own suite of rooms.

Tessa: "Suite of rooms"?

Nikki: And when we're not working, you won't know I'm here.

Tessa: What...about your better half?

Nikki: You won't see him, either.

Tessa: No, that's not what I meant.

Nikki: No, I'm not kidding. When I told you that he's very rarely here, it's true. I mean, aside from running Newman enterprises, he has a side project he's working on now, keeping him very busy, so... what do you say, Tessa?

Tessa: If you don't mind me asking...why are you really doing this?

Chelsea: I saw Kevin at the park earlier, and you're never gonna believe this. He's Bella's biological father.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: Yeah. They did a new DNA test.

Nick: Wait. Does this mean the cops found Chloe?

Chelsea: No. She's still on the run.

Nick: Well, then, how did Kevin know to do another test?

Chelsea: Chloe sent a letter. Well, she sent two letters, actually. She sent one to Billy, as well.

Nick: To Billy?

Chelsea: That part's a long story. Anyway, she sent the letters from two different countries to cover her tracks, okay? So she is not the pitiful person that Kevin wants us to feel sorry for, this unstable person. No, not at all. She is cunning, like I used to be. So I've decided it's time to fight fire with fire.

Nick: Okay. If you're thinking that you're gonna go after Chloe on your own and try and find her, please don't do that.

Hilary: Why don't I... model this one for you?

Jordan: You know what? I'm good.

Hilary: Don't be like that. Okay. I apologize for talking about you like you were a piece of meat. A very tasty, grade-a cut piece of meat. I let Devon get under my skin, and maybe I shouldn't have said anything. But you popped off on him the other day, so I thought that everything was out in the open. I didn't -- I didn't realize that you didn't want people to know that we were...sleeping together.

Jordan: Right. So you would've been fine with me telling Billy and cane how great you are between the sheets?

Hilary: I get it, all right? It's all about context.

Jordan: If this was just a hookup, it'd be different. See, I -- I thought it was something real. That's why I invited you to that work dinner at the top of the tower. I knew that it'd turn a few heads, but I didn't care, because I was with you. But ever since that night, you just -- you just been putting me off.

Hilary: No, that's not true. It meant a lot to me that you invited me to dinner. Finalizing my divorce was hard -- harder than I expected, okay? So maybe I just -- I needed a little time to myself.

Jordan: And what about now?

Hilary: Devon shutting that door on me, it was like... him shutting the door on the past. And it felt good and liberating. So, no, I don't need any more time. So, why don't I slip out of this... and slip into your arms?

Jordan: Look, don't even try it, Hilary. I'm not as dumb as you think I am.

Chelsea: Nick, I know that the police are looking for Chloe, but it's been weeks, and they have zero leads, and it's starting to become very frustrating.

Nick: I know. And I get it. You want to take matters into your own hands and find her on your own, but don't do that. Chloe's dangerous. She has taken so much from you already. Don't let her take any more.

Chelsea: Fine. I guess you're right. I... I'm just blowing off some steam. [Breathes deeply] As angry and as frustrated as I am, I have to accept that there's nothing I can do.

Jordan: You know, I can't help but think if I hadn't been in that hallway and heard you talking to Devon, would you have returned my calls?

Hilary: Of course I would have.

Jordan: Look, that fire that I see you have for Devon, it would be nice to hear that when you talk about us, but I don't. And that right there makes me think that I'm nothing more than a prop, a drama-free zone for you.

Hilary: Jordan --

Jordan: Look, when you really find out what you really want, hit me up, all right?

Devon: What the hell happened here?

Mariah: Hilary.

Devon: She scratched you?

Mariah: She scratched me, she pulled my hair, but don't worry. I landed a few good shots of my own.

Devon: So that's why she looked like she got beat up earlier.

Mariah: She was here?

Devon: Yeah, she came to get the rest of her clothes, but she conveniently left out the fight.

Mariah: Oh, she was probably embarrassed to admit that I got the better of her. But don't worry -- she got the message that this is happening. This is for reals.

Devon: "For reals"? I like the sound of that.

Mariah: Me too.

Abby: I don't like you. And I don't like that you were given some made-up title with no real experience. I worked my butt off to get here, so your first job is to not screw things up for me. You can go to meetings, take notes, observe. You don't talk. I do. You don't make any decisions. I do. In fact, you don't even requisition a paperclip unless I sign off on it. Got it?

Scott: You want me to keep quiet, look pretty? That I definitely can learn from you. But here's the thing -- while you were -- and I use the phrase loosely -- "working your butt off" for your daddy's company and blowing through your trust fund, I was working in the real world. I've seen working conditions that'll make the blond jump off your head. This job wasn't given to me. Your father sees me as a valuable asset, and I agree with him. I am. He is the only one I report to. He hired me to work with you, not for you. Got it? Good. I'll see you tomorrow, partner.

Abby: [Sighs]

Nikki: By moving in here, you could, you know, give your finances a little rest. You could put some money away, not have to pay for food and gas and rent, and... that way, you'll have more options when you choose what you want to do next.

Tessa: No one's ever done anything like this for me before. I don't know... I don't know what to say.

Nikki: Well, "yes" would be good.

Tessa: For real? You want me to be your roomie?

Nikki: I would love for you to live here...roomie.

Tessa: [Chuckles] Well, then I'd be nuts to turn you down. So, yes, I would love to move in here.

Nikki: Great! [Laughs] Oh. Well, why don't you go and get your things, and don't waste any time moving in to your new home.

Tessa: Sure, yeah. I'll go back to my place and pack up.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: You're inviting this woman to live in my house?

Nikki: Don't even think about...

Victor: Without telling me about it?

Nikki: ...Objecting, Victor. She's a lovely girl. She needs some help.

Victor: What do you know about her?

Nikki: It's not your decision. Don't forget -- I am living this lie. I am perpetuating this farce of a happy marriage in order to protect this family from being destroyed and also, by the way, keep you out of prison. So, you will do what you do so very well and put on an act, and you will go along with whatever I choose, however I want to conduct my life.

Victor: I will allow you to continue this charade... as long... as I permit it. No longer than that.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: Do you have a second?

Victoria: Not really.

Phyllis: This won't take long.

Jack: You're gonna have to play this very carefully.

Ashley: Play what carefully?

Jordan: Promised you I'd ask, and I did. But you're not gonna like what I found out.

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