Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/2/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/2/17


Episode # 11161 ~ Victor searches for Chloe; Kevin makes a confession; Victoria finds out about Billy & Phyllis.

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Victor: A dozen roses within the hour, okay? Yep. Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: I hope you know a dozen roses isn't gonna buy mom's forgiveness.

Victor: These roses are meant for an employee who's in the hospital.

Victoria: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Victor: Some coffee?

Victoria: No, I'm not here for a visit. I came by to make sure you got the car key I dropped off for you.

Victor: I did. And I'm gonna give that car key and the car back to reed where it belongs.

Victoria: What? No. Dad.

Victor: That was a gift to my grandson!

Victoria: As his mother, I'm not gonna let you control him the same way you tried to control me.

Cane: Hey.

Phyllis: You need to tell Victoria about us. Right now. And I'm very sorry that Nikki is suffering. I really feel bad. But I am not going to be the other woman, sneaking around.

Billy: Hey, hey...

Phyllis: It's not gonna happen.

Billy: There is no other woman. You're the only woman in my life, you hear me?

Cane: Hey, you're here early, huh?

Billy: Wrapping up some work from last night.

Cane: Yeah? That was a good night. We got to know each other a little bit better.

Billy: I know enough about you already, Cane, thank you very much.

Cane: Well, that's the difference between you and me, 'cause I keep myself open to new ideas. You know what, as a matter of fact, I even have a new insight about you.

Billy: Is that right? What would those insights be?

Scott: Hey, Phyllis!

Phyllis: Oh, you're way too cheery this early in the morning.

Scott: Well, I got some, uh, pretty cool --

Phyllis: [Sighs] Don't tell me it's because things are happening in your love life.

Scott: Whoa! What happened? Last time I saw you, you were happy for me.

Phyllis: I was. I'm sorry. I just -- love is really busting my chops right now.

Scott: You met someone?

Phyllis: Which was great, until it wasn't. But actually... you may be able to help me out.

Neil: Yes, sir. And the best news is, construction is well ahead of schedule. You know that never happens.

Devon: We'll be laying out our whole floor of offices before you know it.

Neil: Hamilton-Winters. I can't wait to get this thing off the ground.

Devon: Me neither.

Neil: Uh-oh. Did you already find a company to acquire?

Devon: Yes, I did.

Neil: You sure did. That is fast. How'd you make the selection?

Devon: I channeled you, thought about which company you would pick and why, and that's what I did. I think you'll be impressed, too.

Neil: Oh? So I'm more impressed with the fact that you moved as fast as you did on this. What's the name of the company?

Devon: Hang on.

Neil: Let me see. Mergeron enterprises.

Devon: Are you familiar with it?

Neil: Very much so. Incredibly successful. And the owner has quite a history with the Abbotts.

Jack: I'm gonna have to give Mrs. Martinez a raise. If people find out how good her muffins are, she's gonna leave me and open her own bakery.

Ashley: Well, I'm sure Gloria would be happy to fill in.

Jack: Now why'd you just do that? We just had a lovely breakfast together.

Ashley: And it was lovely because Gloria wasn't there.

Jack: Would you just drop it?

Ashley: No, I just can't, jack. Please, give me a valid --

Jack: We have already exhausted this subject.

Ashley: No, we haven't. We haven't even scratched the surface.

Jack: Okay, I'm gonna ask this nicely. Would you please not talk about Gloria?

Ashley: Only if you have something more pressing going on in your life.

Jack: Nikki invited me out to the ranch last night.

Ashley: And you went?

Jack: Well, yeah. Victor was out of town.

Ashley: Oh, my God, you never learn.

Devon: So, yeah, how is Mergeron enterprises connected to the Abbotts?

Neil: Dina Mergeron, C.E.O. She was once married -- thanks -- to john Abbott.

Devon: Really? I didn't read anything about that when I was researching the company.

Neil: It was probably because she's responsible for that.

Devon: So jack, Traci, and Ashley are Dina Mergeron's kids?

Neil: Mm. She's an excellent leader, you know. Mergeron is a powerhouse in the world of technology.

Devon: Well, yeah, and they also have a number of diverse interests, which work for what we're doing.

Neil: All this seems to have happened since Dina took over.

Devon: Well, after Mr. Mergeron passed away. But it's the streaming service that she developed that initially attracted me to the company because I would love to incorporate that into our music division.

Neil: Right, right. No, I know. She's got her faults, but she's the real deal. She's a savvy businesswoman.

Devon: What kind of faults you talking about?

Neil: Well, from what I know, she walked out on john and the kids when they were very young. Jack and his sisters, they, you know, they never forgave her.

Devon: So acquiring Dina's company could be a problem for the Abbotts.

Jack: Nikki needed my help.

Ashley: With what?

Jack: In her words, to get her mojo back.

Ashley: You didn't.

Jack: I believe I did.

Ashley: You're messing with me -- don't do it. It's a bad day for obvious reasons.

Jack: Okay, Nikki asked for some suggestions on how to improve her life.

Ashley: Well, did you tell her to divorce her husband? Again?

Jack: Yes. And then when her husband walked in on us...

Ashley: No.

Jack: I noticed a distinct chill in the air. There is trouble in paradise.

Ashley: No. I don't believe that, Jackie. There's no way. It's Victor and Nikki. It's a lovers' quarrel.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. This is different this time. This time it appears Nikki has had it with his domineering ways. Anyway, enough about that. Let's talk about you. You seem happy. Or you certainly seemed happy when Ravi got here last night.

Ashley: Oh, you want to talk about Ravi? We could do that. But it's not gonna stop me from talking about Gloria.

Scott: If I can offer up some help, then it's all yours. What do you need?

Phyllis: You're writing Victor's biography, which requires you talking with his family, right?

Scott: Right.

Phyllis: Has anyone mentioned anything about Nikki's health?

Scott: I'm not sure how that relates to your love life, unless you and nick are thinking about getting back together.

Phyllis: No. No, no. That's not in the cards.

Scott: Sorry. It's just the journalist in me.

Phyllis: Right now, I need a friend more than a journalist.

Scott: Of course.

Phyllis: Nikki's health?

Scott: As a friend, as far as I can tell, Nikki's fine.

Phyllis: So you don't know for sure if there's been an incident about the M.S. Flaring up.

Scott: I saw her the other day. Didn't seem to be anything physically wrong with her.

Michael: Hey! Either of you seen Kevin? Mm, am I interrupting?

Scott: Not at all. I was actually about ready to head out. I got an appointment. But, uh, hey, you gonna be okay?

Phyllis: Absolutely. Thank you.

Scott: Yeah.

Michael: Holding it in isn't going to help. So, um, start talking.

Billy: So, go ahead, Cane. Look deep into my soul, share these profound insights.

Cane: I don't know, just at last night's dinner, you and Victoria seemed to be getting closer together. It's just a shame that Jill wasn't there to see it, right?

Billy: Oh, you care about my relationship with Vicki all of a sudden?

Cane: Yeah, why wouldn't I? You're my co-worker. She's my boss.

Billy: Well, I'm not buying that, so why don't you tell me what's really going on?

Cane: Okay. So, tell me, is something going on between you and Victoria?

Billy: It's got you spun out, huh?

Cane: Uh-huh.

Billy: So how do we really get you around the bend? Maybe I tell you that Vicki and I are getting back together... ...or maybe I tell you we're playing nice for the sake of the kids.

Cane: Or maybe you could go against your natural instinct to lie and tell the truth for a change, Billy. Maybe you could do that, don't you think?

Victor: What you call control I call love.

Victoria: Love? Love? Buying my 16-year-old an expensive car, making Abby temporary C.E.O.

Victor: It's a loving gesture.

Victoria: Investing in Chelsea's company.

Victor: It's ensuring my grandson's future.

Victoria: So, what are you gonna do for nick's kids? Are you gonna buy them Nobel prizes?

Victor: Don't exaggerate, okay?

Victoria: You're bribing my son.

Victor: Will you listen to me? You're a busy mother. You run a company. I thought you'd be happy if reed had a car that needs to take him where he needs to go!

Victoria: If I wanted to buy my son a car, I would have done it myself. So why don't you just admit -- admit, dad, what you're really doing.

Victor: I'm a loving, generous grandfather. That's what I'm doing!

Victoria: Mm-hmm, yeah. You're attempting to bribe every single family member that has no idea what the truth is about you. I don't know why I bother.

Victor: What, you're just gonna walk out on me, or what?

Victoria: You know that forgiving you accomplishes nothing? You turned our forgiveness into a blank check, carte blanche so you could do whatever you want! And when Adam wouldn't bend to your will...

Victor: I was trying to help him!

Victoria: After you made a pact with the woman who killed him, dad!

Victor: She killed my son. That affected me greatly. Don't you understand that?

Victoria: Yes, I do. What if one of us cost you your son? Would you be able to forgive that?

Phyllis: Billy claimed that he couldn't tell Victoria we were back together because Nikki was ill with an M.S. Flare-up.

Michael: Maybe it's true.

Phyllis: According to jack and Scott, Nikki is looking perfectly healthy.

Michael: Nikki knows how to power through illness. It's what she does. But you think Billy's lying to you.

Phyllis: I saw him hugging Victoria.

Michael: Define hugging.

Phyllis: Okay. It wasn't a pat on the back kind of hug. It was a genuine hug-hug, Michael. Trust me.

Michael: If it was that intimate, why would they do it in front of you?

Phyllis: They didn't know I was there.

Michael: So you were spying on them.

Phyllis: Define spying. Okay, fine. I was watching them.

Michael: Which shouldn't surprise me at all because that's what you do when you're feeling insecure.

Phyllis: Or when I feel like I'm being played.

Michael: If you don't trust the man, why would you even want to be with him?

Phyllis: Because we have a connection, all right? A soul connection. There is a spark. It feels right when we're together.

Michael: You don't have all the facts.

Phyllis: I know what I saw.

Michael: Is it possible that Nikki really is ill and Billy was hugging Victoria because he was comforting her? Before you go crazy, maybe you ought to try talking to the guy.

Phyllis: Oh, we are gonna talk, all right. We're gonna talk.

Jack: Believe it or not, I always have jabot's best interest at heart.

Ashley: How can you say that to me when you're sleeping with Gloria?

Jack: I'm toeing the Abbott line. What is it that dad always said? "Never let personal life get in the way of business." It isn't easy. I'm managing.

Ashley: No, you're not! You're horrible at it. Our father, he was great at it. Even after Dina broke his heart.

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Abandoned us without even a glance backwards.

Jack: Somehow dad always managed to keep family and business together.

Ashley: I know. We were so lucky to have him as a father. I mean, he made us feel loved.

Jack: And cherished.

Ashley: Daddy... unlike Dina. Can you imagine? Walking out on your children like that... I mean, I try to forget that we came from that, but we did. And I'm sure we're making our own mistakes where our kids are involved.

Jack: Well, we'd never turn our backs on them. We never would.

Ashley: I know, jack, but I mean, how can you be a great parent when we had such an absent role model?

Jack: You just said it yourself -- because we had such an incredible father.

Ashley: But we have Dina's DNA.

Jack: Yeah, you got me there. You know, I only have one picture of me with mom from my childhood?

Ashley: Really? I've never seen it.

Jack: Well, it's in the back of a drawer. I wouldn't display it.

Ashley: Why do you keep it at all?

Jack: To remind me I will never let another human being do to me what our mother did to us.

Ashley: Aww, Jackie. Is that why you hated divorcing all those women? Just pushed all your abandonment issues?

Jack: At least I'm not alone. You got the same issues.

Ashley: Yep. Well, I guess it's the ultimate fear, isn't it?

Jack: That the people we love will leave us.

Ashley: Well, here's to our mother. Thanks for screwing us up, mom!

Jack: [Chuckles]

Ashley: Cheers.

[Knocks on door]

Scott: Victor. Uh, your secretary said I should just come on in, but if it's a bad time, I --

Victor: Come on in. How's the book coming?

Scott: You know, I think it's going well.

Victor: I'd like to read a few chapters.

Scott: And I look forward to showing them to you, but I'm a bit confused by something that happened while you were away.

Victor: What's that?

Scott: Nikki told me to stop working on the book.

Victor: Why?

Scott: You know, I get the sense that she was trying to protect you and the family, but when I asked her if there was something specific she was worried about, she denied it.

Victor: And you believed her?

Scott: Yeah, and no.

Cane: You know, I think as Victoria suggested, the content for Juliet's press release should focus on how many new customers we've acquired.

Billy: I think the year-to-year increase in what customers spend is a more compelling story.

Cane: Well, it's not your project, is it, Billy?

Victoria: You know, we can table this for now. Cane, if you can document what we've discussed, I have to check in with marketing before my meeting with the lawyers this afternoon. Billy, can I speak with you alone for one minute, please?

Billy: Yeah, of course. What's going on? You all right?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm okay. Johnny's teacher just texted me. You know that little boy Howie whose family just moved here?

Billy: Yeah. The one who's having a hard time finding friends, making friends?

Victoria: Yeah, his new classmate. Well, today's his birthday, and Johnny made him a birthday card and asked him if he wanted to be friends.

Billy: He did?

Victoria: Yes.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Scott: Nikki believes there will be this massive wave of people that you've done wrong rallying to tell all.

Victor: And you doubt that?

Scott: I expect it, but I don't think that worries you.

Victor: Do I look worried?

Scott: What about your wife, your kids? I mean, online harassment can be something.

Victor: Well, Scott, you've got to know that my family has been in the limelight for a long time.

Scott: [Scoffs] This is the limelight on steroids, amped by the news of Chloe Mitchell's responsibility in Adam's death.

Victor: Very unpleasant, indeed. But it's over.

Scott: Until, uh, Chloe's found and brought back here.

Victor: You think she may be found?

Scott: There was a new development while you were gone. Chloe reached out to Kevin and your former son-in-law Billy Abbott.

Victor: Contacted them how?

Scott: She sent letters stating that either one of those men could be her child's father.

Victor: And?

Scott: Kevin turned out to be the real dad.

Victor: That should make Kevin happy.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, he loves that little girl.

Victor: Are the cops aware of it?

Scott: They are all over those letters, man. They're hoping to find any clue that can track down Chloe. But being that the letters were mailed from two different places in the world, it might take some time. I'm certain they're gonna be able to find her eventually.

Victor: I'll be very happy to know that the woman who killed my son gets what she deserves. Anything else?

Scott: No, I'm just surprised.

Victor: By what?

Scott: When Nikki told me you were away, I would have laid odds that you were out searching for Chloe.

Victor: Interesting idea.

Scott: It's logical. One, you've got resources. Two, you aren't saddled by rules like law enforcement.

Victor: And three?

Scott: Victor Newman would never let anyone get away with murdering his son.

Michael: Oh! Thanks.

Kevin: Hi. Thanks for squeezing me in.

Michael: It sounded important.

Kevin: It's a dad thing.

Michael: Mm. Have a seat.

Kevin: Thanks. I need advice on how to talk to Bella about what happened to her mom.

Michael: What have you told her so far? Have you told her anything so far?

Kevin: Mostly Esther and I have been playing "distract the toddler."

Michael: Kevin --

Kevin: But she keeps asking questions, she's not sleeping through the night anymore... [Sighs] Nobody understands Bella like Chloe.

Michael: Are you talking about Bella, or you?

Kevin: Both of us, I guess. A part of me was ripped apart when Chloe left.

Michael: Kevin, she didn't just leave, she ran.

Kevin: The rational part of me gets that. [Sighs] She murdered Adam. That's heinous. But the part of me that loves her understands why she did it and forgives her. I don't know which part of me should be explaining this to my daughter.

Billy: You see my phone?

Cane: Unh-unh.

Billy: I got to take off for a second, all right?

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Victoria Newman. Yes.

Phyllis: Two seconds. Tell me why you have been lying to me.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: You told me that you couldn't tell Victoria that we were back together because Nikki was sick.

Billy: Nikki is sick.

Phyllis: Nikki isn't sick! I have proof.

Billy: Okay, hold on a second. What are you talking about right now?

Phyllis: Is this whole M.S. Flare-up just something that you concocted so you can play your two-women-against-each-other thing?

Billy: I'm telling you what Victoria told me.

Phyllis: Ohh! Okay, so she's the one who's lying now.

Billy: I don't know who's lying, okay? I didn't concoct anything. I will tell Victoria once I know that Nikki's health is stabilized.

Phyllis: Stabilized from what? A non-relapse? I told you! I told you I will not be the other woman. You are not gonna play me that way! Stop it!

Michael: [Chuckles]

Kevin: What? What's that look?

Michael: Oh, me being proud of my little baby brother.

Kevin: Oh! That's what I don't recognize it. [Sighs] So you don't think I'm gonna mess things up with Bella?

Michael: Listen to me. Forgiving Chloe is the very best thing you can do for that little girl. You're allowing her to grow up knowing that she has a loving mother with a big heart.

Kevin: And the rest of it?

Michael: Well, wait till she's older. Listen, you're good at this.

Kevin: Thanks. I love my kid. My kid -- I can't believe I get to say that. I'm gonna give her everything she needs, especially the non-tangibles. Unconditional love...

Michael: Things we didn't get form our mother.

Kevin: Gloria.

Michael: You haven't told her.

Kevin: Well, can you blame me? She hated Chloe even before all this went down.

Michael: Listen, Bella is her granddaughter, and, you know, she has tried not --

Kevin: I know, and she was amazing after the whole wedding fell apart. Ugh, she's gonna lose it when she finds out I'm Chloe's baby daddy.

Michael: What's gonna happen when the entire town knows about this and not Gloria?

Kevin: That would be bad.

Michael: No, you tell her, Kevin. You tell her before she finds out from someone else.

Gloria: Are you unhappy with my work?

Jack: Actually, I can't believe I kept you around this long.

Gloria: Beg your pardon?

Jack: What I meant to say was you're doing great work and I'm grateful that you're here.

Gloria: Just wondering. We haven't met at the athletic club lately.

Jack: I've been busy. I'm sorry if I made you feel abandoned.

Gloria: Relax, jack. We agreed this is a relationship, friends with benefits. You don't owe me anything.

Jack: But...?

Gloria: Our late-night tryst made life more interesting.

Jack: On that, we are in full accord.

Gloria: [Chuckles] Mmm! Who'd have thought we'd ever get to this place?

Jack: Not me. And certainly not john Abbott.

Neil: Dina hasn't been in the Abbotts' lives for years.

Devon: Then why would jack and Ashley have a problem, then, if we acquired the company?

Neil: You know how it is. Families are complicated.

Devon: Yeah, but I mean, this is business. You and I are businessmen. I'm not gonna back away from the deal just 'cause there could be a chance the Abbotts have a problem or get mad.

Neil: You know... you are absolutely right. This Mergeron deal? Victor Newman would be all over it.

Victor: Well, as much as I'd like to make the person who killed my son pay for what they did... I will not go after Chloe.

Scott: You're that forgiving?

Victor: I'm not gonna go to prison again.

Scott: Can I quote you for the book?

Victor: Unless I fire you before.

Scott: In that case, I'll make sure to e-mail you those brilliant chapters right away. Thank you, Victor.

Victor: Welcome. And Scott?

Scott: Hmm?

Victor: Just remember one thing. I call the shots. No one else.

Scott: You got it.

Cane: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

Cane: Hey, uh, you should get going if you want to make the meeting with the lawyers, okay?

Victoria: Oh, no, I -- I still have time, actually.

Cane: No, I just checked the traffic, and there's a big accident across town, so you're gonna have to take an alternate route.

Victoria: Oh, my goodness. Thank you for the heads up. I should leave now, then.

Cane: What's wrong?

Victoria: The damn elevator doesn't seem to be working. The call button won't light up.

Cane: All right, uh, I'll call maintenance for you, okay?

Victoria: Okay. Thanks.

Phyllis: Every time that I get angry, you try to stop me by kissing me, and I'm not gonna let you do that anymore. I want the truth.

Billy: Okay, you want the truth?

Phyllis: Yes!

Billy: This is the truth. I will tell Victoria because I can't stand the fact that we have to lie about wanting to be together. I can't stop thinking about you. When you turn to me in the middle of the night... ...the taste of your perfume when I kiss your neck... ...your voice when you whisper and even when you yell at me like that, I pull you towards me and I never want to let go.

Neil: You're right, son. Mergeron would be an excellent acquisition for our company. But let's not forget, there's gonna be a lot of larger companies with established reputations that are gonna be bidding on it, as well.

Devon: Well, that's why we're gonna be first in line. Is your passport up to date?

Neil: Yeah. Why?

Devon: 'Cause we're flying to Paris to meet Dina Mergeron. You in?

Neil: Damn right, I'm in.

Devon: Let's do it, man.

Neil: Yeah.

Ashley: Hey, you!

Ravi: Hey!

Ravi: Thanks so much for dropping by and bringing me that rose. It was very sweet. No pun intended.

Ravi: Now, a month ago, I would never have had the nerve to just drop by, certainly not with a rose or, you know, any other flower.

Ashley: [Laughs] Well, I'm glad you did.

Ravi: Sometimes it's good to take a risk.

Ashley: Yeah, I've been taking some of those lately myself.

Ravi: Yeah, I've noticed.

Ashley: Right? I was talking to jack, and I kind of realized that maybe I've lived my life in a certain way out of fear.

Ravi: What frightens you?

Ashley: Honestly, possibly ending up like my mother, maybe.

Ravi: Huh. You've just never mentioned her before.

Ashley: I know, and you were always too polite to ask.

Ravi: Well, if you want to talk about her now, you can. Ashley, why have you never mentioned her before?

Ashley: Because I hate her.

Jack: No, I haven't checked the news. Yeah, Ashley knocked it out of the park with that conference. We're still getting all kinds of press for our products. Yeah, I'm pulling it up right now. All right. Perfect. I'll talk to you soon, then.

Gloria: So, what's so important we have to talk now? I have a job, you know.

Kevin: I know, mom.

Gloria: Was Chloe found?

Kevin: No. Have a seat.

Gloria: [Sighs]

Kevin: This is about Bella.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? She all right? She's not sick, is she? Well, whatever it is, just keep the child away from me because I don't need to catch it.

Kevin: She's fine, mom, except for missing her mother.

Gloria: Of course she does. Say what you will about Chloe. For all appearances, she was a loving mother. I'll give her that. And it is awful that that little girl's going to grow up without either of her parents.

Kevin: Actually, she won't. Well, it turns out that I'm Bella's biological father.

Gloria: Hmm.

Victor: No more interruptions today, okay?

Chloe: How did you find me? You said you never wanted to see me again.

Victor: Didn't I tell you that if I ever crossed your path again, you would lose everything?

Chloe: Victor...

Victor: Did you think you could hide from me?

Chloe: You wanted me gone to protect yourself.

Victor: I wanted away from your insanity.

Chloe: I'm better.

Victor: If that were the case, the institution that housed you would have released you on their own. Without my involvement. Admit it.

Chloe: I'm not crazy.

Victor: Ohh. Well, if you're not crazy, then you killed my son while you were sane. So what do you think the next thing is going to be?

Chloe: You're gonna kill me?

Ashley: I just want to make sure that I get everything that jack needs.

Ravi: Ashley... hate is a strong, especially when applied to one's mother.

Ashley: Yes, it is a strong word, but she deserted jack, Traci, and me when we were very, very young children.

Ravi: Oh, I'm sorry.

Ashley: She just walked out and she never looked back.

Ravi: You never kept in contact?

Ashley: Well, we were children, and she never acknowledged our birthdays or graduations or anything.

Ravi: I'm so sorry to hear that. Sounds like you had a mother who was thoughtless and unkind.

Ashley: And what does that say about me?

Ravi: Hey. It says that despite all that, you are brilliant, you are considerate, you are loving... you know what else? You're nothing like your mother. Nothing at all.

Gloria: [Chuckles] So you and Billy had DNA tests, and you're the daddy. That's it?

Kevin: [Exhales sharply] You're freaking me out right now, mom. You haven't said a word about how this permanently connects me to Chloe.

Gloria: Are you happy about this, Kevin?

Kevin: What do you think?

Gloria: Then I am happy for you.

Kevin: You are gonna be a terrific -- well, interesting grandmother to your first granddaughter. Do you know how much fun you and Bella could have together?

Gloria: I will do my best. Really.

Kevin: I know. I appreciate it.

Gloria: In fact, we are going to give that little girl the best family we can.

Kevin: I just wish I could talk to Chloe one more time, tell her that Bella is mine, and let her know how happy I am about it.

Victor: Tell me.

Chloe: He never suffered, okay? I promise you. Adam never suffered.

Victor: You've lied to me before.

Chloe: I swear on my daughter's life. Your son never suffered.

Victor: Unlike you, I'm not a murderer. You take this and disappear. That's enough money in there for you.

Chloe: But I can't --

Victor: I will drag you back to Genoa City.

Chloe: Yeah, but you can't because when they find out that you used me for framing Adam, you'll be arrested.

Victor: I've survived prison. I seriously doubt you will survive maximum security.

Chloe: Okay. Okay, I'll leave. [Sighs] You have to do me one thing. My daughter. I don't want Bella growing up an orphan. There are two men that might be her father. I just -- I want to tell them, let them know, and then they can find out the truth, and then she can be raised by her biological father.

Victor: Let me tell you something. Don't ever play games with me. I will do this for your daughter's sake. You write a letter to both of these guys, and I'll see to it that they get it.

Chloe: Why should I trust you?

Victor: What choice do you have?

Victoria: [Sighs] This is weird. I'm just gonna take the stairs.

Cane: Hang on, I'm on the phone with maintenance. They said someone locked out the elevator.

Victoria: Who would do that in the middle of a work day?

Cane: They don't know, but they said it wasn't them, and they're gonna override the lock right now.

Victoria: Thank you. Oh, my God.

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Victor: We haven't made a big acquisition for a while. Maybe this might be a good time.

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