Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/27/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/27/17


Episode # 11158 ~ Victor surprises Nikki with a grand gesture; Cane is reminded of his night with Juliet; Nick is tempted to reveal the Newman's secret.

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[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Oh. Sorry. It's Mom.

Billy: Go ahead. Take it.

Victoria: Sorry. Hi, Mom.

Nikki: Your father has just done something. I am livid. Can you please come over? Your brother's on his way.

Victoria: Uh...yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I'm so sorry.

Billy: Where you going?

Victoria: The ranch. It's Mom. She's having an issue, so --

Billy: Can't it wait, please? I need to talk to you.

Victoria: I promise that I will call you as soon as I'm free, and we'll finish where we left off, okay? I'll see you guys later. Um, yeah. Okay.

Nick: Hey. I got your message. What did he do now?

Nikki: [Sighs] Victoria's on her way. I'll tell both of you at the same time. I may not know where your father is, but I do know that he's spending a great deal of time coming up with creative ways to make our lives a living hell!

Lily: Sorry. I didn't, uh, realize you were back. Cane and I were just, uh --

Juliet: Enjoying each other? Don't worry. It's nothing I haven't seen before. But I do feel like a little bit of an oddball -- so much love and romance around here.

Lily: Why would you say that?

Juliet: Well, you two are married, and Billy and Victoria were married, and the only thing I've ever been committed to is my work.

Jordan: That's no good. We got to get you out more.

Juliet: Well, that wouldn't hurt.

Lily: Uh, what are you doing back? I thought you were with Hilary.

Jordan: [Chuckles] We're doing test shots for the in-store promos. Didn't Juliet tell you?

Cane: No. No, she didn't.

Juliet: Well, I figured the sooner, the better. And since lily's here, you don't mind, do you?

Lily: No, not at all.

Juliet: I know you have a lot to do for Victoria, so don't let us keep you. Don't worry. Your wife is in good hands.

Jack: I want to continue to expand our e-commerce distribution portals, build on the momentum that Ashley and Ravi created in new York. Phyllis tells me you're working on a new home-furnishings app.

Ravi: Yeah. We hope to do for houseware and furniture what we were able to do for Fenmore's fashion division.

Ashley: That is perfect line expansion.

Phyllis: Well, we will keep it coming.

Jack: Okay. Last item. I know you have been itching to get back to more r&d work, and brash & sassy! Isn't leaving your lab anytime soon, so I bought a warehouse that I intend to convert to a state-of-the-art research lab for you to work your magic in.

Ravi: Wow! That's amazing!

Jack: Yeah. I thought so.

Ashley: Ha. You bought it?

Jack: You're welcome. You know what? We all have our marching orders. Let's get to it, shall we? I will have the realtor send over floor plans so you can start putting together a wish list for the building.

Ashley: You totally did this on your own.

Jack: I thought you would be more grateful than this. You said you want --

Ashley: I thought I would be consulted before you bought a building that's supposed to be for my use, and there you go again, jack, making decisions for this company that are not solely yours to make.

Victoria: What happened, Mom? Did you and Dad argue? Is he back in town?

Nikki: No, thank God. Wherever he is, I'm sure he's keeping himself very busy.

Nick: Mom, you can't let him get to you, all right? Whatever he's done, you got to ignore it.

Nikki: Well, I'm afraid that's not gonna be possible this time. Dean miller from the university's medical school paid me a visit today, and he brought this to share with me.

Victoria: "Nicole Newman research center for neurological diseases."

Nick: Is this for real?

Nikki: Insidious, isn't it? Your father wrote a huge check for their neurology department so they can have a brand-new facility with my name on it. Evidently, he gave a very moving speech about how eager he is to help them fund finding a cure for ms!

Victoria: This is unreal.

Nick: Only dad could turn a charitable donation into a manipulative act.

Nikki: Oh, there's more. When he returns, the university wants to throw a reception in our honor!

Victoria: Well, you told dad we'd play the happy family in public, and now he's throwing down the gauntlet.

Jack: There. Look at this place -- the space, the location. They'll build anything you spec. You can hire your own contractor. Sky is the limit. I want this to be the r&d lab of all r&d labs. I thought this is exactly what you wanted.

Ashley: It's fine. That's not the point.

Jack: Maybe it should be.

Ashley: I would have liked to have had a say in it, jack. And I want to know, what was the rush, anyway? Seems kind of strange to me. You left here yesterday looking for a possible space, and then within 24 hours, you've closed a deal?

Jack: I had to grab it or lose it.

Ashley: Oh, what -- a bidding war on a warehouse? I don't think so.

Jack: What, do you think there was some nefarious reason for my buying this building?

Ashley: I don't know. Was there?

Jack: Not everything I do has a hidden agenda, ash.

Ashley: You know, that's not exactly a denial, is it?

Jack: You're gonna love this place. Everyone is. There's no downside -- only up.

Ashley: Well, I hope so. You've already spent the money.

Jack: You know, I could come down on you, too.

Ashley: About what?

Jack: New York. You haven't told me a thing about that trip.

Ravi: Any help you need with the new app, I'm happy to pitch in.

Phyllis: Thank you. I may take you up on that. But I realize that jabot is your top priority.

Ravi: Once Ashley starts working at the new lab, I guess she won't be around as much.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Are you worried that it might undo the progress that you have achieved -- I mean, out of sight, out of mind?

Ravi: I don't think so. You can't unring a bell, right?

Phyllis: [Laughs] I'm glad to see you so confident these days.

Ravi: You helped a lot with that.

Phyllis: Well, it is nice to focus on someone else's love life for a change.

Ravi: Something wrong with yours?

Phyllis: Don't change the subject. I was talking about you and Ashley. You said you had a good time in new York, right?

Ravi: Oh, the best.

Phyllis: Well, make sure she doesn't forget that. Make your intentions clear. That's the only way you can get what you want in this world.

Cane: Did you hear what I said?

Billy: What?

Cane: Can you give me the sales projections for the hockey tie-in?

[Cell phone chimes]

Cane: [Sighs]

Billy: [Sighs]

Cane: Billy. Billy. Billy, I need your latest figures. Could I please have --

Billy: Something just came up, Cane.

Cane: This is more important than work?

Billy: I got to go.

Juliet: Should we wait till you're back to do the touchups?

Billy: No, go ahead. I have faith in you two, and lily doesn't take a bad picture, so have fun.

Juliet: Okay. Hey, do you mind if I pick the wardrobe? I want to appeal to the absolute sweet spot for our target customer.

Jordan: It's your shoot, your dime. Go for it.

Juliet: Oh. I like this.

Lily: Yeah, me, too. I was hoping you'd pick that one.

Juliet: Great minds think alike.

Lily: [Chuckles] Okay. While you do that, I'm gonna touch up my makeup.

Jordan: I'll walk you out. I need to go check the lighting in the studio.

Lily: Okay. Perfect.

Cane: Listen. I was unpacking. I found this in my suitcase.

Juliet: That's where it ended up.

Cane: But how did it get in my bag?

Cane: What the hell are you doing with that?

Juliet: What am I doing with this?

Cane: Yes.

Juliet: I found it there on the wardrobe rack. You said you threw it away.

Cane: I did. I threw it in the trash.

Juliet: Are you kidding me? You threw it away here?

Lily: So, how's my makeup?

Jordan: On that gorgeous face? Stunning, as always.

Lily: Aw, thank you.

Jordan: You chose that? How funny.

Cane: Why is that?

Jordan: Because I fished it out of the trash a couple weeks ago. Someone accidentally threw it out. It's a sexy little thing, huh?

Lily: Actually, that goes perfect with the skirt that you chose.

Juliet: So glad.

Lily: Yeah, right? Okay. I'll go change.

Nikki: I thought I was ready for anything, and now this!

Nick: The guy's really outdone himself this time.

Nikki: I'm sure he thought his incredible gesture was just gonna melt my poor little unforgiving heart. He can't buy his way back into my good graces. I don't care how much money he spends!

Victoria: Okay. So, are you gonna cancel the donation and let dad know you see right through this?

Nikki: I can't! He knows I can't! That's why he did it! I mean, that money is going to do so much good for so many people. Of course I would rather that he donate it for medical research instead of using it for bribes to get homicidal sociopaths out of mental hospitals! And if my name being on a building for medical research gives people hope, then that is fine, too. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna show up at one of their ceremonies. When the time comes, he can cut the damn ribbon by himself! I'm not gonna play into his hands like that.

Nick: I mean, how are you gonna get out of it?

Nikki: I'm too sick to attend, which isn't really a complete lie. The thought of playing the doting wife at an event like that makes me sick.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nick: We know that, you know, the situation's taking its toll on you.

Victoria: You know, stress can cause your symptoms to flare, mom, for real.

Nikki: I know that. That's why I'm doing everything I can to manage it. That's why I hired Tessa to help with the gala. I am trying not to overload myself. I'm trying not to overreact to problems. But then something like this happens, and it just makes things more challenging!

Victoria: You haven't had an episode, have you, mom? You wouldn't keep that from us?

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: Hi.

Phyllis: Oh.

Billy: I have been riding this thing up and down ever since your text.

Phyllis: I had a meeting. How'd it go with Victoria?

Billy: Let me get a little privacy here.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] You didn't tell her, did you?

Billy: I tried. I tried. Nikki called, and she needs to talk to her about some family emergency or something, and I didn't want to rush it.

Phyllis: What was so important?

Billy: I have no idea. More of the same -- some family thing which turns out to be a Victor thing -- something she's not sharing with me.

Phyllis: I didn't have much luck with jack, either.

Billy: No?

Phyllis: No. I was getting ready to tell him. The more I talked about it, the more I realized he's not ready to hear this.

Billy: Okay. I guess that's cool.

Phyllis: No, it is not cool. I hesitated, and that's not good for either one of us.

Billy: So, what do we do now?

Phyllis: We have two options. Either I march back in there and I rip the band-aid off or we go have dinner at the club and we start making out like crazy, crazy teenagers.

Billy: That's a pretty good idea.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Or we can go to the airport and get two first-class tickets to new Zealand.

Phyllis: [Chuckles]

Billy: We could make out there.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Why? Why is this so hard? We just want to be together.

Billy: It's temporary, okay? As soon as Victoria comes back, I will tell her, and everything will be out in the open. No hiding.

Phyllis: It'll be such a relief.

Billy: Yeah. And we can be honest about this, and we'll do something special.

Phyllis: And I'll make it a night you never will forget.

Billy: That? I'll hold you to that.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. We'd better cut this short. There are people waiting for the elevator.

Billy: I'm not cutting anything short. They can take the stairs.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Jordan: All right. Lean forward a little bit and give me that sexy smile. [Chuckles] Yeah, like you have a good secret. You know the one. There it is. There it is.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Jordan: Mm.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Jordan: All right. Give me a little hair toss with that little pout.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Jordan: All right. That's -- you okay?

Lily: Um, yeah. Where is he going?

Juliet: Just save it for later. You were on fire, girl.

Lily: Okay.

Jordan: Here we go. Here we go. Right here. Right -- yes. Yes. There we go.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Jordan: Yes. That smile -- there it is.

Jack: I'd love to see your notes on their new line.

Ashley: Okay. I'll write something up for you. I met with the lead chemist, who's using plant extracts I've never heard of.

Jack: Well, that doesn't happen very often.

Ashley: What, there's a plant extract that's new to me? You're right. It doesn't.

Jack: I'm always looking for acquisitions.

Ashley: They're young, and they're hungry. Keep your eye on 'em.

Jack: I'll do that. So, did you meet with anyone else at the conference -- anyone notable?

Ashley: Mm. Benjamin Hochman, if you ask him.

Jack: He's always been a little full of himself. You two spend any time together?

Ashley: More than enough.

Jack: Business or personal?

Ashley: Little of both.

Jack: Tell me more.

Ashley: There's really not much to tell.

Jack: Oh, come on.

Ashley: Okay. [Sighs] I'll put it this way. I wanted to get to know Benjamin better until I did. That was that.

Jack: Why? What happened?

Ashley: He asked me to dinner, and he could not detach himself away from his phone long enough for us to even get through appetizers.

Jack: One of those, huh?

Ashley: Yes. Horrible. It was so bad, I actually got up and walked right out.

Jack: Did he at least apologize?

Ashley: He did, much to his credit, and it was a very plausible explanation. Unfortunately, the next encounter was worse than the first. He was so incredibly rude to Ravi and me. He was obnoxious, arrogant, incredibly self-absorbed like you wouldn't believe. I want nothing to do with this man. So, if you intend to go into business with Hochman industries, you're the point man, not me.

Jack: Fine. Deal. I'm sorry you wasted your time with him.

Ashley: Mm.

Jack: You were in new York. I'd like to think you had some fun.

Ashley: [Sighs] Yeah. Ravi and I went to the met.

Jack: Again with the opera. I'm not sure I like you hanging out with this guy. He's a bad influence. Now he has you watching opera. Soon he'll have you speaking Italian.

Ashley: [Laughs] Listen, nobody's more surprised than me. I've been allergic to opera my entire life, but now I actually love it. I really do.

Jack: I hope you took my advice -- didn't give Ravi any ideas, anything that could be interpreted as more than professional, friendly interest.

Ashley: I have to confess.

Jack: What?

Ashley: I know it's bad. I-I told Ravi that the trip to new York was a ruse just for me to be alone with him. And then...we both succumbed to our passions, jack, and we fell into bed, and we're having a mad, torrid affair, and we've decided to name our firstborn after you. I just don't know if the company can handle the scandal.

Jack: Are you done?

Ashley: I might be.

Jack: Good. I have a meeting to get to.

Ashley: And I have to take this. Hi.

Jack: If you're looking for ash, she's in there on the phone.

Ravi: Not a problem. It can wait.

Jack: You know, she just filled me in on new York.

Ravi: Oh, yeah?

Jack: What did you think of the conference?

Ravi: I thought it was an awesome experience. We represented the company well. I felt we made a great team.

Jack: Excellent. She also said you went to the opera, so it wasn't all work, I'm happy to hear.

Ravi: I also had the pleasure of meeting your other sister at breakfast one morning.

Jack: Traci's the best, isn't she? I wish you and Ashley had more time with her and less time with Ben Hochman.

Ravi: You heard about that?

Jack: I heard he left something to be desired.

Ravi: If I may be blunt, he was a grade-a horse's ass.

Jack: Well, you don't have to mince words with me.

Ravi: Life's too short for dishonesty.

Jack: I'm glad she has him out of her life. She deserves better.

Nikki: Thank you, honey. My current health is fine.

Victoria: Okay. Are you sure you're not just saying that?

Nikki: I promise you I am taking good care of myself -- medication, diet, exercise. As upset as I get, I am not going to let him undermine that.

Victoria: Glad to hear it.

Nick: Look, if anything changes -- I mean anything -- and your symptoms resurface, I want you to promise, mom, that you'll come to us.

Nikki: I promise. I give you my word.

[Cell phone chimes]

Victoria: Sorry. It's, uh Billy. We were having a conversation when you called.

Nikki: Oh. Well, how are things between you two -- better?

Victoria: He's still keeping his distance.

Nikki: I'm sorry to hear that.

Victoria: I apologized for acting so crazy, but he knows that I'm holding something back, which of course means that I don't trust him. I really want to give our family another chance, and I felt like things were going well until we found out the truth about dad.

Nick: He's put us all in a tough situation.

Victoria: I don't know what to do. Billy gets that something is wrong, and he wants to help, but I can't tell him the truth, which means I am stuck covering for dad.

Nikki: Well, I don't want you sacrificing your relationship with Billy. You shouldn't have to lose your family over something your father's done.

Victoria: I know, mom, but we've all agreed that we wouldn't tell the truth because the consequences for us all would be devastating.

Nikki: I have something you can tell Billy that will mollify him -- something that will end all of his questions. [Sighs] Okay. We're alone now. You can talk. I can tell you're upset.

Nick: Dad has put us in an impossible situation, mom. I hate what this is doing to you or to Vick.

Nikki: You're struggling, too, honey.

Nick: I'm lying to the people I cared about. I'm withholding evidence to protect dad, which he doesn't deserve. [Sighs] It's not too late, you know? We can go to Paul with all of this.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. We are sticking to the plan. We have to. If anybody ever heard what happened with your father, it would take the entire family, the businesses that we run, the charities that we help, the people that we love, and I am not gonna see my children and my grandchildren continue to suffer because of that man. Now, honey, I can tell that it's really hard on you, keeping all this inside. You just have to keep in mind what the stakes are. Now, you can do that, can't you?

Nick: It is a pattern with dad. This is what he does. He finds some unstable, damaged person to use as a weapon. And we keep letting him get away with it. Why do we do that?

Nikki: Because this time his own son was murdered and he was partially responsible!

Nick: Dad should be in prison.

Nikki: Oh, he'll pay. I promise you that. The three of us turning our backs on him -- that will be the ultimate punishment. And if he thinks he can make a few gestures here and there and all will be forgiven, unh-unh.

Nick: Well, why wouldn't he think that, mom? We always forgive him. We always come back.

Nikki: You mean I always come back to him. I'm the vulnerable one.

Nick: Mom, you are the one who has to live with him. You know, and he will use that against you. He will wear you down. You'll be fighting like hell to keep up this masquerade, but he will be relentless. He will worm his way back in to your life, because the truth is, mom... you still love him.

Nikki: You're right. I do still love him... in spite of everything. He's just been such a big part of my life. He's -- he's meant everything to me, and I have given him nothing but unconditional love, even when I shouldn't have. [Sighs] It is so much easier to forgive and forget. But I can't do that now. Because of your father's manipulations, Adam is dead, and I can't look the other way. I have to be strong. Now, I know I'm gonna have some very difficult moments, and my question is... how do I make sure that this story doesn't end the way it always has before?

Billy: Phyllis. It's done. I told Victoria. She knows.

Phyllis: How bad was it?

Billy: Well, it was hard for her, and she's gonna need a little bit of time, but she accepted that we're together.

Phyllis: We don't have to keep it a secret anymore.

[Door opens]

Jack: I thought I made it clear you're not welcome on this floor.

Phyllis: Jack, he's here because, uh... we have something to tell you.

Billy: Phyllis and I are together, jack -- for real this time.

Jack: He's the new guy in your life?

Phyllis: I didn't want to tell you...until Billy had a chance to tell Victoria.

Ashley: Billy, oh, my god. Have you thought this through?

Billy: Yeah, I've thought it through, Ashley. I've never been more sure about anything in my life. And, jack, I'm not doing this to hurt you, okay? But I want to be with Phyllis.

Phyllis: Jack, we've been over for a long time now. We've just started to become friends. It's -- it's good.

Billy: And we think it's only fair that we're honest with you and aboveboard -- no more lies, no more sneaking around.

Jack: At least you had the guts to come to me this time.

Phyllis: Does that mean you can live with this -- with us?

Jack: Do I have a choice?

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Why did you want to meet here instead of the office?

Billy: They're doing a photo shoot for the new men's line. I just thought it would be nice to have a little quiet space and talk.

Victoria: Look, I know you wanted to talk, but I feel like I owe you an explanation for rushing off so abruptly.

Billy: You don't have to do that. Nikki needed you. Your family's your business.

Victoria: Yes, but you and I share a family, too, and that means something to me, even though I haven't been treating you that way lately. I just feel like things have been really nice between us, and... I blew it. That's on me. I shut you out, and I made you feel like I don't trust you, but I do. I do trust you, Billy. That's why I -- [Sighs] I want you to know that...

Billy: You want me to know what?

Victoria: You were right. I've been keeping something from you. I promised that I would keep it a secret, but sometimes promises need to be broken.

Billy: [Clears throat] Well, I'm just gonna assume that, uh, Victor is the one that's demanding secrecy.

Victoria: Actually, it's my mom. Her ms has been flaring.

Billy: Oh, my god. I'm so sorry, Vick. That's terrible. I just -- I mean, is that what you felt you couldn't confide in me?

Victoria: Billy, she just doesn't want anyone to know. Her symptoms are back. She's experiencing tremors and severe fatigue.

Billy: I'm really sorry.

Victoria: She's just really incredibly stressed right now.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: And this is her personal and private business.

Billy: Kind of puts you in the middle, doesn't it? I would have never guessed it. I mean, when I was talking to her at reed's birthday party, she seemed really good.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, she didn't want reed to worry, so she just powered through it.

Billy: I know that you've been upset with your father lately, so I just assumed that whatever was bugging you was because of him.

Victoria: He's a big part of it. I mean...he did go behind my back and get that car for reed. I can't stand the way he's been treating my mom lately. He knows that she's been having flare-ups and yet he couldn't come to reed's birthday party with her, and then he left town unexpectedly on some business trip, and he didn't tell anyone when he was coming back.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know him -- family first until it's not.

Victoria: Billy, I've been taking out all of my frustration and worry on you, and I'm sorry. I'm just trying to be there for my mom, you know? I've been trying to support her. When I told her about all of the problems this was causing, she -- she suggested that I share everything with you.

Billy: Well, I'm glad you did. I just wish you would have done it a little sooner.

Nick: This is what dad thinks you see every time you look in the mirror, like being Mrs. Victor Newman is your entire identity and you couldn't possibly live without him. That is what he is counting on.

Nikki: I know, as embarrassing as it is to admit it.

Nick: Well, you got to show him that you can live without him -- you know, be happy alone.

Nikki: That's what I'm trying to do!

Nick: No, mom. You can't just try. You got to make real change. Otherwise, dad is just gonna keep wearing you down until you cave and take him back.

Nikki: All right. Well, what do you suggest?

Nick: You got to quit being angry. You got to -- you got to show him that you don't care what he does. Don't give him that power over you. And I'm not talking about faking it, either, because dad will see right through it. Show him that you can walk away from him emotionally. That is what will get to dad. That will drive him crazy.

Nikki: You're right. Th-there's a quote about that. "The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference."

Nick: Exactly. Think about something that you have always wanted to do but you didn't because of dad and imagine what it would be like to truly be on your own and make that your reality, because, mom, that is the only way that you will prevent history from repeating itself.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey. You finish the shoot?

Lily: Uh, almost. Just taking a break. Is something wrong?

Cane: No. Why?

Lily: Well, the way you walked out earlier, I thought there might be a problem.

Cane: No. I just, um -- I just had a stack of e-mails I had to send before the close of business, and I, uh -- I got so caught up watching you, I kind of lost track of time. I thought, you know, I should come back here and, you know, do what they pay me to do.

Lily: Well, if you like how I look in this camisole so much, then I can bring it home for you and model it later.

Cane: I was looking at you, not the outfit.

Juliet: I don't think Cane was very happy with my wardrobe selections.

Jordan: Yeah?

Juliet: I'll let you handle that from now on.

Jordan: I don't think that's the reason why he walked out.

Juliet: Really?

Jordan: Yeah. Cane acts supportive in front of lily, but he wasn't digging the idea of her modeling again. I still don't think he's comfortable with it.

Juliet: I didn't know that.

Jordan: Yeah. I hope lily won't let it get to her. It's not her fault if Cane's got issues.

Juliet: No, it's definitely not her fault. Yeah. So, are you ready to take the last few shots?

Jordan: Let's do it.

Juliet: All right. Let's do this.

Juliet: Lily? Jordan's ready if you are.

Lily: Oh, okay. Sounds good.

Cane: All right.

Lily: All right.

Juliet: You need to chill.

Nikki: Are you expecting someone, or may I join you?

Jack: Just finished a meeting. The seat is yours.

Nikki: Oh, thank you.

Jack: So...?

Nikki: So... do you remember telling me that the Nikki you used to know back in the day would never be content just to be Victor's appendage?

Jack: As I recall, you didn't much like that assessment.

Nikki: Well, I think that's because it hit a little too close to home. I've been thinking about it, and I realized I do need to get my mojo back. And you're just the man to help me do it.

Ravi: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Ravi: This a good time?

Ashley: Yeah. I was just thinking about new York.

Ravi: Oh. What about?

Ashley: Look. Have a seat. We saw such cutting-edge products at this conference, and I know that you've been studying up on cosmetics, so I was thinking maybe you should take a break from your programming duties and write up a little report on your impressions. What do you think? Focus heavily on the details of, like, packaging and ingredients, because I'm gonna need all that information if I'm developing a new line.

Ravi: Yeah. I'd be happy to do that.

Ashley: Thank you.

Ravi: So, once your new lab's up and running, how much time do you think you'll be spending there?

Ashley: You mean as opposed to here?

Ravi: Yeah.

Ashley: Well, I mean, that depends. I've been known during crunch times to spend 24/7 in the lab to work out kinks, you know? But, typically, probably half the work day. But then again, I haven't really had a lab of my own in a while, and new facilities -- sometimes you have a lot of bugs. So, let's just say in the beginning, it could be intense.

Ravi: That's what I figured.

Ashley: Is that what you came by to ask me?

Ravi: Actually, I came by to see if you had any plans for dinner tonight.

Ashley: No, I don't.

Ravi: Do you want to have dinner with me?

Ashley: Yes, I do.

Phyllis: Good evening. I would like to make a reservation for two. Most romantic table you have.

Victoria: I should have handled this differently. I should have spoken to my mom sooner about letting you in on what was happening.

Billy: Whatever thing you're going through with your mother, I mean, she's gonna be okay, right? She's gonna pull through?

Victoria: She's fine. The doctors say that she just needs time and that this shouldn't set her back permanently.

Billy: That's good. That's a relief.

Victoria: Thank you.

Billy: Thank you for what?

Victoria: For understanding, even though I made such a mess of things. Anyway, that's my story. Now it's your turn. There's something that you wanted to say to me.

Billy: No, it's okay. Honestly, with everything, I mean, I just -- I can handle it.

Victoria: Oh? Is it about work?

Cane: I can't take this anymore. I can't take this. I'm not doing it.

Juliet: Okay. You are freaking out about nothing. Nobody knows that camisole is mine.

Cane: I do. I do, and I feel so guilty about what happened. All right, I can't do it. I'm gonna tell her.

Juliet: No. You were drunk. You were drunk. We were drunk, and it meant -- it meant nothing. Why in god's name would you tell your wife? She'd be devastated, and for what? You want to lose your marriage? Do you?

Cane: That's the last thing I want, but every time I see you, all I think about is what happened that night. I'm going to go and tell her.

Juliet: Okay. No. So, what? So, I'm supposed to quit a job that I moved thousands of miles for because you can't handle your emotions? Get it together, Cane. You're the one who says that you want to forget this, but you're the one who keeps bringing it up.

Lily: Bringing what up?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: You know, we could just start over again where we left off. Do you think that's possible?

Jack: Your asking for advice on how to get your groove back makes me wonder what's really going on between you and Victor.

Cane: We were discussing --

Juliet: Stop. We need to be straight with lily.

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