Y&R Transcript Monday 4/24/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/24/17


Episode # 11155 ~ Nick & Paul question the evidence against Chloe; Ashley worries about Abby; Jack charms realtor Farrah Dubose (Erika Girardi).

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Chloe: Dear Kevin, I miss you so much. I wish I could have said goodbye. It's one of the many things I would do differently if I could do it over again. I'm writing to tell you what I wanted to tell you before I left. Kevin... Bella might be your daughter. Billy, Bella might be your daughter. Remember how after Delia died, I tried to seduce you so I could get pregnant again? After you turned me down, I stole a sample of yours from the hospital. Now that I can't be with Bella, I want her to be with her father. Her real, biological father.

Phyllis: Hey, is that the package they brought over from your office?

Chloe: I know this is a shock, but I also know you'll do what's right and find out for sure. If Bella is yours, please take good care of our child. Chloe. P.S. -- Don't try to find me.

Nick: Hey, mom! Mom! Where is grandma? Where's grandma at? Mom!

Tessa: Hey! I heard you were calling Nikki?

Nick: Yeah. Uh, Tessa, right?

Tessa: Right. [Gasps] Who's the handsome little guy?

Nick: Oh, right here? This my number-one homeboy. Christian! Is, uh -- is my mom around?

Tessa: Oh, no. Nikki's out. She had a breakfast for some potential contributors for the charity thing. I'm not sure when she'll be back.

Nick: Oh, man. My nanny had a family emergency, and I got this meeting I got to get to.

Tessa: Oh, it's cool! You can leave Christian with me.

Abby: Where is my contractor, Farrah?

Farrah: Um, he bailed.

Abby: No, I told you when we closed on this property that...

Farrah: No, I know. It's a rush job, which is why I already have another contractor lined up. You're welcome.

Abby: So you have someone else that can do this work?

Farrah: Of course I do.

Abby: Okay, then where is he? We need this completed really --

[Cell phone rings]

Abby: Maybe I'm moving too fast.

Farrah: When would you like to meet your new contractor?

Abby: Right away. Set it up.

Jack: Hey! Welcome home.

Ashley: Thank you! I brought you something.

Jack: You shouldn't have! Really, you shouldn't have.

Ashley: [Laughs] Tracy sends her love.

Jack: Did you tell her we're unspeakably proud of her and we miss her terribly?

Ashley: Of course. I think she's gonna be popping home for a visit soon. Would you like to know what else I brought you?

Jack: You don't have to tell me. I read it. The orders are just piling up. Good for you.

Ashley: Thank you. And I've discovered an amazing new skincare treatment I'm vetting.

Jack: Promising?

Ashley: Very promising. In fact, we have to buy it, the rights, so that I can get in the lab and start doing some extensive testing.

Jack: Sounds like you followed my mandate.

Ashley: Actually, I think I exceeded your expectations, Jack. Great new ideas, bigger sales for jabot... promised and delivered. So, what exactly have you accomplished since I've been away?

Jack: I've learned some intriguing information.

Phyllis: Sounds like the hospital didn't have good news for you.

Billy: They can confirm that one of the samples that I gave them when Victoria and I were having fertility issues is missing.

Phyllis: How long has it been missing?

Billy: They can't say, but it was there when Chloe and I lost... when Delia died.

Phyllis: So, theoretically...

Billy: Theoretically, Chloe could have stole it before she left town, and Bella could be my daughter.

Phyllis: So, if this is true, Chloe got pregnant, had your child without your knowledge or consent?

Billy: What is going on? My head is spinning.

Phyllis: She tried to seduce you after Delia died -- I mean, it says it right here in the letter. I mean, she -- she was hoping to make another baby with you.

Billy: I didn't want anything to do with it. She wanted to try and replace what we lost, like another child was just gonna fill the void.

Phyllis: Knowing what we know about Chloe...

Billy: Yeah, maybe she did it anyway.

Phyllis: Well, I wouldn't put it past her.

Billy: Now she's run away, nobody knows where she is, and I get a letter saying that I might be Bella's father.

Phyllis: Is it so surprising? She abandoned her daughter. You're a great father. If she gets caught, she's probably figuring that that will motivate you to lobby for a lesser sentence.

Billy: She loves her daughter. She loved Bella. I know she did. I don't think she planned on leaving her behind.

Phyllis: I know. Of course not. I mean, I know that she wanted to marry Kevin and ride off into the sunset with her child and live happily ever after. I mean, she did not think that anyone would ever figure out that she murdered Adam. But her plan got messed up. She's looking for someone she can trust to raise Bella. When will you be back?

Billy: I don't know. I got to find out what's going on. Leave it to Chloe to mess with my life again. I got to know the truth before I can think about the future.

Tessa: My family's huge. Babysitting's like breathing to me. And look at him! He's so sweet.

Nick: Oh, be careful. That sweetness is an act.

Tessa: Oh, you're one of those, aren't you? My baby brother was just like that -- all smiles and giggles, and then he's throwing stuff and screaming so loud the neighbors can hear him, and then they that he's getting tortured.

Nick: Oh, yeah, he's definitely one of those. Fortunately for us, my only neighbors are my parents and ex-wife.

Tessa: Well, it must have been nice growing up on this ranch. It's huge and not too shabby.

Nick: Don't get fooled by all the trappings. [Laughs] Uh, man, I really got to get out of here. Is bonnie around?

Tessa: Yeah, she's in the kitchen.

Nick: Okay, um... yeah, I'm gonna go talk to her, and then I will leave him with you, and bonnie is here if you need anything. Is that cool?

Tessa: Sure! Yeah.

Nick: All right. Here you go.

Tessa: Hi! Oh!

Michael: You know, you actually have to raise the glass all the way to your mouth to drink the juice.

Scott: Can I get some pro bono legal advice from you?

Michael: Huh? Yeah. Shoot.

Scott: What are my rights if I want to say no to something I initially agreed to do?

Michael: Uh, that would depend on the situation, obviously.

Scott: Well, what if I agree to do a job that, uh, isn't your usual 9:00 to 5:00. It's unusual, different...

Michael: Uh-huh. Go on.

Scott: And what if, after a while, I realized that it's not something I really want to do. Can I walk away?

Michael: Well, a person can always walk away, but there may be repercussions. What are the terms of your contract?

Scott: The agreement's not really a formal contract.

Michael: Oh. Okay. Well, if you don't have an out clause, your employer could ask you to pay the money back that you've already earned, or your employer could... sue you for breach of contract.

Scott: It's not just about money. It's more of a moral obligation. What if I go back on my word, my promises? I mean, what are the consequences?

Michael: Well, the law really has very little to do with morality. I mean, it would be up to you to evaluate the impact of your actions on your own conscience, but, uh, as someone who's had a lifetime of experience in this particular area, I would have to tell you that people who don't give Victor Newman what he wants, they generally live to regret it.

Ravi: How are you, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I'm fine, thank you.

Ravi: You sure?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm positive. Hey! Tell me about the new York trip.

Ravi: Oh, my God. I knew it would be amazing, but it was spectacular. Ashley's performance was -- it was astonishing. I mean, she's intelligent but she's also funny and just draws people in. And we sold a ton of products --

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, that's all nice, but what I want to know is... how did things go on that date?

Ashley: Abby is the acting C.E.O. of Newman? Why?

Jack: Victor left on a mysterious trip, and Abby was appointed.

Ashley: Well, how did you find out about this?

Jack: She told me. I'm surprised your daughter didn't tell you right away.

Ashley: Yeah, believe me, so am I!

Jack: For what it's worth, Abby has no idea where Victor is or when he's coming back. Neither do nick or Nikki. I detect trouble in Newmanville.

Ashley: I detect you're hoping and praying for a weakness.

Jack: And would you blame me after everything Victor's done for me -- I mean, to me? As for Abby...

Ashley: You know what, Jack? Newman is not my concern. I'm getting to work on this new product!

Jack: You know, if you're going back into the lab, we're gonna have to buy some space.

Ashley: Which means we're gonna have to find a realtor, see what's out there.

Jack: We're on it.

Ashley: You know, I actually kind of like working with you when you're focused on the company and not on this vendetta you have with Victor.

Jack: Welcome back.

Ravi: Going to the opera with Ashley was not a date.

Phyllis: Semantics. I want details. Nitty-gritty. Fully monty.

Ravi: Okay, well, the metropolitan opera was established in 1883... we had fun.

Phyllis: Good! Maybe it's the new clothes or my mentoring...

Ravi: Yeah, maybe. I'd like to offer you the same services.

Phyllis: Oh, really? What's wrong with my clothes?

Ravi: Nothing, I just know that you've been disappointed 'cause you haven't found the right person yet. But you will, Phyllis. And I can, uh... if I can offer you any tips...

Phyllis: Well, thank you. You can hold onto your tips.

Ravi: You're not giving up already, are you? I mean, you barely even started.

Phyllis: You know, I realized that I am the type of woman that does not enjoy dating random men. I like the comfort of the familiar.

Abby: Hey, guys. I'm sorry to interrupt. Have you seen my mom?

Ravi: Yeah, she's in there.

Abby: Thanks.

Ashley: Thank you so much.

Abby: Hey, mom. I got your message. Glad to have you back. How was new York?

Ashley: Good. That's all you're gonna get from me, honey, now that I've discovered that you are the acting C.E.O. Of Newman. Why didn't you tell me?

Abby: It came out of nowhere, a total surprise.

Ashley: Why did your dad do this now?

Abby: I don't know, maybe he's pleased with my hard work and my commitment.

Ashley: Well, you've been very loyal to him, that's for sure. Whether or not he deserves it is debatable.

Abby: Why is everyone so negative about dad? He believes in me, and I don't want to do anything to betray his trust.

Ashley: What is going on with you?

Abby: Nothing! Nothing, I'm thrilled for this temporary promotion. I mean, why wouldn't I be?

Ashley: So thrilled you didn't even tell me about it? You wouldn't even return my calls. What's going on, honey? Are you afraid? Are you afraid that you can't handle the responsibility? Because you're wrong. You're smart, you're strong, you're capable...

Abby: You're my mom. You have to say that.

Ashley: Okay, what's bothering you?

Abby: As much as I loved rubbing Victoria's nose in my promotion... I still get the feeling there's another reason why dad gave me the job.

Scott: I didn't say this job involved Victor.

Michael: You didn't have to. It was obvious you were talking about your deal to write his biography. Or is there someone else you're working for and owe a karmic debt?

Scott: Yeah, well... Nikki Newman did insist that I walk away from the project. She even wrote me a large check.

Michael: [Chuckles] I bet you didn't share that with Victor.

Scott: He's out of town. Can't be reached.

Michael: Well... I'm not surprised that Nikki's trying to quash the book. She's always been protective of Victor.

Scott: Yeah, she said that. She wanted to protect him and... I just felt like there was something more, though.

Michael: What else?

Scott: I mean, Nikki is going behind Victor's back. She reached out to me when he was out of town. I mean, I work for Victor, but I don't want to get in between some conflict between a husband and wife just to get a book finished, you know?

Michael: Uh, well, Newman family politics are extremely complex. That's something you should be aware of.

Scott: Oh, I know. Listen, I gave her back the check and I told her I take my orders from Victor, not her, but she seemed worried about something...specific, which she wouldn't divulge to me.

Michael: Sounds like you don't want to let this go.

Scott: You know, I'm starting to appreciate staying in one place. There's less stress, and I'm finally getting a chance to, you know, get to know people. Maybe even someday, I could have a relationship.

Michael: [Laughs]

Scott: Come on.

Michael: What? We're glad to have you back home. So... you'll work this thing through with Victor, and when you --

[Doorbell rings]

Michael: Hold that thought. Hi.

Kevin: Thank God you're here. I need to talk you.

Scott: Hey.

Kevin: Alone.

Nick: Sorry I'm late.

Paul: It worked out. Kevin just left.

Nick: Man, it's got to be hard on him. The evidence against Chloe is stacking up.

Paul: All right, when you came to me, you had suspicions about who killed Adam.

Nick: I didn't have any concrete proof then.

Paul: But you do now? You got Chloe to confess on tape?

Nick: I tried, but no luck. I don't even have any real proof that Chloe was at the cabin the night Adam died. But then Chelsea found Adam's wedding ring.

Paul: Well, even that isn't concrete proof. I mean, we still have no idea how that ring came into Chloe's possession. Well, obviously she took it off of him before the cabin blew up.

Paul: Well, we're not even sure of that. So, um... let me see what you have.

Kevin: Could Chloe really have switched the results of my DNA test with somebody else's?

Michael: Well, it would have been difficult, but Chloe successfully managed to hide so many of her other crimes. I mean, anything's possible.

Kevin: Why would she send me this letter now?

Michael: Well, uh, I mean, she fled in panic the day you were supposed to be married. The reality of being a fugitive has probably set in, and she would like the assurance that you're gonna be part of raising Bella.

Kevin: I was gonna do that anyway. I don't understand why she did this. Why would she dangle the possibility that sweet little girl could be mine, knowing Bella's bio dad could be someone else?

Michael: Well, maybe she wants Bella to grow up knowing who her father is! I mean, who knows? You're asking me to justify the behavior of a woman I don't much like, especially now after everything she's done to you.

Kevin: [Sighs] I'm -- I'm just really overwhelmed by all of this.

Michael: Well, it's understandable, I get it. I mean, it's gonna take you a while to sort through everything that's happened to you. When do you plan on taking that paternity test?

Kevin: As soon as possible. My only question is whether or not I tell Paul about this letter.

Michael: Well, there's no question telling Paul about that letter. Chloe's a fugitive, that letter is evidence, you work for the police department. The police department has to find Chloe and bring her in.

Kevin: You think I want Chloe to be found? She's gonna spend the rest of her life locked up.

Michael: No, you cannot obstruct justice! She will get medical attention.

Kevin: In the criminal ward of a mental hospital.

Michael: Listen to me, if you do not tell Paul about this letter, you're gonna wind up behind bars, too!

Nick: I mean, why a dart gun if Chloe was just gonna kill Adam anyway?

Paul: Well, look how long it's taken us to put this together. You know, maybe this is how she poisoned Adam. Easier to access and... harder to trace.

Nick: But all this stuff will help convict Chloe.

Paul: Well, I don't think so.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Paul: Well, it's all circumstantial.

Nick: But I saw her.

Paul: We only have your word that you saw her dump the gym bag.

Nick: [Scoffs] All right, then what about Adam's ring? What about Chloe's cell phone records that clearly prove she was near the vicinity of the cabin when it blew up?

Paul: It's circumstantial.

Nick: She told Chelsea --

Paul: And her confession to Chelsea boils down to Chelsea's word against Chloe's. So, until we find her and bring her in for questioning, there's very little we can do. I will tell you, I still have officers out there looking for her. And I would imagine that Victor has his own people on it, as well.

Nick: Well, of course, but from what I hear, they haven't discovered anything yet.

Paul: How is your father handling all this?

Nick: [Sighs] You know, he, uh... he went out of town. He didn't tell anyone where he was going, so I don't know.

Paul: Well, I know how hard this must be on him, losing a son in a very tragic way.

Nick: Just, uh, keep in the loop, will you, on the search for Chloe?

Paul: Of course.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Ravi: I like being out of my comfort zone.

Phyllis: Apparently. I just hope that you can get Ashley out of hers.

Ravi: Maybe you don't know her as well as you think.

Phyllis: Or maybe you don't. I've known Ashley for quite a long time --

Ravi: Benjamin Hochman was at the conference, and he was very interested in Ashley.

Phyllis: Power player. He's exactly her type.

Ravi: Yeah. Not anymore.

Phyllis: Do tell.

Ravi: I really shouldn't...

Phyllis: Uh, or maybe I'm right, Ashley was all hot over Benjamin...

Ravi: He was arrogant and patronizing, and when I called him out on it...

Phyllis: You got in Benjamin's face?

Ravi: Yeah. I did.

Phyllis: [Laughs] What did Ashley say?

Ravi: Ashley was... she was very impressed.

Phyllis: You know what? So am I. Good for you. Good for you. I just hope you haven't made an enemy in Hochman.

Ravi: I don't care what he thinks. Just what Ashley thinks.

Phyllis: Wow. A warmer, fuzzier Ashley Abbott. That would be something to see.

Abby: I think dad's testing me.

Ashley: Well, of course! That's what he does. What I don't understand is why you're so unsure of yourself.

Abby: No, it's the timing that has me spooked. You know that tech incubator I told you about?

Ashley: Yeah, the one your father rejected because Victoria said it was too financially risky.

Abby: Dad won't even let me make a modest expenditure, yet he makes me acting C.E.O. As he's on his way out of town?

Ashley: Well, honey, just because he turns down one of your ideas don't mean he's gonna find them all risky.

Abby: Maybe not.

Ashley: If I had given up after every time I had an idea turned down, there'd be no innovation in jabot whatsoever.

Abby: So you didn't tell uncle Jack about JabotGo until it was launched and a success?

Ashley: No, I worked on it in private.

Abby: Okay.

Ashley: But then, of course, before I launched it, I told Jack because not to do so would have been very unprofessional and foolish because he would have found out about it eventually, you see, and... well, the fallout could have been very ugly.

Abby: So you're completely transparent with him?

Ashley: [Scoffs] Believe me, your uncle Jack does not make it easy. Even though he annoys me, I try to be as honest as I can with him. Abby, why do I have this feeling this has to do with your tech incubator project?

Abby: It might.

Ashley: Abby, when I told you to keep fighting for your project, I didn't mean you should start hiding things from your father. Right now, you're on his good side. You don't want to do anything to change that.

Abby: Yeah, that's the last thing I want to do. But what if there's a problem that can't be fixed? What if Victoria is right?

Ashley: Abby...

Abby: What if I made a huge mistake?

Ashley: Abby.

Abby: [Sighs]

Paul: So, is there any chance that this is true?

Kevin: We just submitted DNA samples from me and from Bella to the police lab.

Paul: Okay. I will have the lab expedite the results.

Michael: We'd appreciate that, Paul.

Paul: You could know for sure in a couple of hours.

Kevin: Becoming a father in a few hours, that's, um...

Michael: One step at a time, Kevin, right?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Paul: But knowing how you feel about Chloe...

Kevin: I still love her. That hasn't changed.

Paul: I mean, that makes it even more impressive that you did the right thing, bringing me this evidence.

Kevin: Michael convinced me this is what was best for Bella.

Paul: And he's right. Says this envelope... the sender's address was Malta?

Michael: We hoped that would help you track Chloe down.

Paul: Possibly. And it's not near any of the places that were mentioned in the tip line. Which makes me wonder how a woman presumably with nothing more than the wedding dress that she had on made it that far without being spotted.

Michael: She would have had to have at least a fake passport.

[Knocks on door]

Paul: Yeah?

Billy: I got an idea where we might find Chloe. I just got a letter claiming that I might be Bella's father.

Ravi: Hey, Phyllis. Are you okay?

Phyllis: Uh, hey! I'm just waiting for a response on something.

Ravi: Oh. Can I help?

Phyllis: No, it's -- it's a personal thing. Hey, I'm not like Ashley in any way, am I?

Ravi: In what context?

Phyllis: Well, uh, just -- just give me an honest answer. Your first thought.

Ravi: Uh, okay. Um, honestly, side by side, um, there are a lot of similarities. You guys are both intelligent, you're both beautiful, both independent...

Phyllis: We both have the tendency to make bad choices in men.

Ravi: That pertains, how?

Phyllis: I'm not saying she's making a bad choice in you. You're wonderful. I'm just saying I'm looking at her past and my past, and it's just...bad, bad choices.

Ravi: That's everyone. It's called being human.

Phyllis: Right. You know what? Just forget I asked. [Laughs]

Ravi: Why did you ask?

Phyllis: Like Ashley's life, I mean, my... my life has suddenly taken a turn for the better recently.

Ravi: Ooh! Details.

Phyllis: I don't want to jinx it, you know? It's the first time I have been happy -- really happy -- and if it falls apart...

Ravi: Why would it?

Phyllis: I don't know! I'm human. I'm human. And people are funny. They get involved and they muck it up and I just -- I don't know. I think that's why I'm just scared to just be happy, like Ashley.

Ravi: I think you're misjudging Ashley. And yourself.

Phyllis: Side-by-side comparison?

Ravi: Yeah. You guys deserve all the happiness in the world, and maybe you could even try Ashley's new technique.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Ravi: Ready? It's a secret. Enjoy it.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] I will do that.

Ravi: Okay. Bye.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Scott: I said no.

Christine: I take it we're alone?

Scott: You wouldn't have come if you didn't already know the answer to that question. There's nothing else for us to discuss, Christine.

Christine: Look, I understand how shocked you must have felt.

Scott: I wasn't shocked. I knew special agent Maxwell would try to get me to come back. I just didn't know how soon, and I didn't know he would send you.

Christine: I understand, and I gave you a lot of information to process.

Scott: What you gave me was a sleepless night. You got your answer. There's the door.

Christine: Don't you still care about the work? You would be helping so many people if you took on this case.

Scott: That's what I was told every time I accepted a mission.

Christine: And didn't every time it turn out to be true? What do you have to lose by just hearing me out?

Scott: I'm trying to build a new life here.

Christine: I get that. And I understand. Your handlers in the past let you down.

Scott: Epic understatement.

Christine: Yeah, but this time, you'd be working with me.

Scott: And you being my aunt is gonna make that different?

Christine: Does it?

Scott: My answer's still no.

Jack: The other warehouses you showed me are not gonna work, Farrah, but this one, I'm interested in.

Farrah: You know, I knew you were gonna like it, Jack. But, um, there's a hitch. This one's already sold.

Jack: Then why did you show it to me?

Farrah: You know, just a feeling...

Jack: So it's sold but not sold sold. I see.

Farrah: Yeah, I knew you'd get it.

Jack: Who's the new owner?

Farrah: Well, you know I'm not allowed to give that information out till the deed is filed.

Jack: Come on, we go way back. You can tell me...

Farrah: No.

Jack: Just give me a hint. Initials.

Farrah: No!

Jack: Think of the tantalizing, tempting commission.

Farrah: Okay. Well, the initials are I.N.T.

Jack: I...?

Farrah: I'm not telling.

[Cell phone rings]

Farrah: Excuse me. This is Farrah. Oh, hi. Yes. Yes, of course I can expedite that. Okay. Bye. Jack, you're in luck. The new owner wants to sell.

Ashley: Abby, call me back. I'm worried about you. Call me right back, please.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, Ashley. Did Jack leave some files in here for me?

Ashley: Yeah. Right there.

Phyllis: Oh, good. Hey. How'd the conference go?

Ashley: Very well.

Phyllis: Yeah. Ravi said it went incredibly well. He gave you all the credit, you know.

Ashley: Oh, he's way too modest. He was terrific.

Phyllis: Yeah. I know he is.

Ashley: What else did he tell you?

Phyllis: Details.

Ashley: About?

Phyllis: That night.

Ashley: What night?

Phyllis: You know...

Ashley: I do.

Phyllis: You do? See! I told you! I knew it!

Ashley: No, you don't, and you won't. Not from me.

Tessa: [Giggles] Oh! Oh, wait! Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

[Computer chimes]

Tessa: One sec. Just give me one second, Christian. That's maybe your grandma. Oh! What's going on? I took my eyes away from you for one second. One second too long! Here! What's over there?

Billy: Where's Paul?

Michael: He got called away. Did you get things started?

Billy: The lab is testing my DNA right now. I have never been so angry at Chloe, and that is saying something. I mean, what is this? Some "who's the daddy?" Talk show?

Paul: Okay. I just got off the phone with the company that Chloe used to send the letter.

Kevin: Somebody saw her? Spoke to her?

Paul: Well, possibly, but all they could tell me was the service was paid for in cash. There were no credit card receipts to possibly trace whoever paid for the mailings.

Billy: What about the return address in the Cayman islands?

Kevin: The Caymans? My letter was from Malta.

Paul: Exactly! They're all false clues to have law enforcement chase our tails. You know, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean...

Michael: And all points in between, yeah.

Paul: You know, I still can't believe that Chloe stole Billy's sample to impregnate herself.

Billy: Well, obviously she's capable of anything, isn't she? She's a piece of work.

Kevin: Don't talk about her like that.

Billy: Hey, I'm just saying it like it is, Kevin.

Paul: Okay, listen, Kevin. You and Chloe must have had a conversation about Bella's father at some point. Yeah, she said he was some one-night stand.

Billy: So, for all we know, there's a third guy out there getting a letter just like we did?

Tessa: Hello, how are you how was the plane sorry, your flight out here was a pain hi.

Nick: Hey. Don't stop on my account. He seems to love it.

Tessa: Oh! My voice has been known to put a baby to sleep from 100 yards away.

Nick: [Laughing] Oh! Is that a fact?

[Christian babbles]

Tessa: [Giggles] As far as superpowers go, it's a pretty good one. Yeah, I can stop couples from arguing. In fact, I've been asked to the un to sing in hopes that I can bring world peace. Yeah!

Nick: Well, don't cut yourself short, Tessa. From what I hear, you have real talent

Tessa: Thanks. If you ever need a babysitter, I'd love the gig and I could use the extra cash.

Nick: I will definitely keep that in mind.

[Christian babbles]

Tessa: [Giggles]

Ravi: You wanted to talk logistics about that new product we found in new York?

Ashley: Yes, I did.

Phyllis: Do you guys need me to sit in?

Ashley: Actually, no, it has nothing to do with Fenmore's.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, good. In that case, I will leave you to it.

Ashley: You know what, on second thought, would you mind if we postponed this meeting?

Ravi: Is this about Abby? I saw her earlier. I figured so. What's going on?

Ashley: I'm afraid. I think maybe she's gotten herself in over her head.

Farrah: Abby. I wasn't expecting you.

Abby: I thought I could sign the papers to put this place back on the market.

Farrah: No, I can --

Abby: And I wanted to apologize in person for changing my mind about moving ahead with the renovations.

Farrah: No --

Abby: I purchased this place prematurely, and I'M...

Farrah: Abby, it's fine. I may have already found another buyer for you.

Abby: Oh, my God! You are the best realtor in the entire world!

Farrah: I know.

Abby: So, who is this buyer?

Billy: This is crazy. This is crazy, but then again, Chloe's crazy, so...

Kevin: Hey! I said stop it! Don't talk about her like that.

Billy: Why are you defending her, Kevin? She ran out on your wedding, she's messing with both of us. Paul, if Bella turns out to be my daughter, I want Chloe charged with not only murder but theft, kidnapping, fraud...

Kevin: No! Paul, you can't do that! She lost Delia, it wrecked her. She never recovered from that. That's why she went after Adam, because he was the driver who killed her daughter!

Billy: Hey! Hey! Delia was my daughter, too, okay? I didn't take my grief out on anybody else. I didn't kill anyone!

Kevin: Don't act like you're so self-righteous, okay? Your plate is not so clean! You had a major affair with your brother's wife, it went public, they got a divorce -- your life has been a mess!

Billy: That is on me! We're talking about Chloe here, and she's still messing with our lives, so when get the results of the DNA...

Kevin: I hope you're not the father. You hate her mother so much, you can't be a decent dad.

Billy: Can we just wait until we get the results? Can we do that?

Kevin: She would be better off with me, you know it.

Michael: You're both under an incredible amount of stress. Let's just all calm down.

Kevin: Calm down? Really? A little girl's life and future are at stake.

Billy: And if she's my daughter, I will be a good father to her.

Kevin: You -- oh, really? Can I count on that, Billy? You don't have the best track record.

Billy: Kevin, if you're talking about Delia, I swear to you...

Paul: Okay! Enough, all right? Both of you! You are both the wronged parties here. Don't take it out on each other.

Kevin: Fine. Okay, but I'm not leaving until I know the results. You can go home. We'll call you.

Billy: I'm not going anywhere until I know the truth.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Scott: I've just been feeling kind of lonely. I was hoping you could set me up with one of your girlfriends.

Jack: I'm not signing anything until you tell me what's really going on.

Paul: The results.

Kevin: Did you --

Paul: No, I have no idea who the father is.

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