Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/20/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/20/17


Episode # 11153 ~ Ashley mixes business with pleasure; Cane pushes Billy's buttons; Nikki pulls strings to protect her family.

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Nikki: I hope you didn't cut your evening short on my account.

Scott: No, no. Sharon understood. She, uh, she knows how important my work is to me. You made it seem urgent that we speak in private.

Nikki: Did you know that Victor has left town?

Scott: He didn't mention any plans. Where'd he go?

Nikki: That's not important right now. But I asked for you to come over to take advantage of this moment to protect my husband.

Scott: Victor needs protecting?

Nikki: He most certainly does.

Scott: Who could be a threat to Victor Newman?

Phyllis: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Phyllis: Oh! Hi.

Jack: You expecting someone?

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Jack: May I?

Phyllis: Uh-oh.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: What couldn't wait until tomorrow?

Jack: This is not an appropriate conversation for the workplace.

Phyllis: What's going on, Jack?

Jack: I have some new information and an opportunity that is ripe for the picking.

Ashley: I promise we won't be late.

Ravi: You look incredible.

Ashley: Thank you. I can't believe how excited I am to go to the opera.

Ravi: Oh, not just any opera. One of the greatest operas in one of the greatest opera houses in one of the greatest cities with one of the greatest bosses in the whole world.

Ashley: Hey, we're not talking about work tonight, okay? It's off the table.

Ravi: As you wish. You got the tickets?

Ashley: I sure do. Here they are. Car's out front. Let's go.

Ravi: Sure.

Hochman: Ashley, I'm glad I caught you.

Ashley: Well, hi, Benjamin. It's so good to see you. I mean, you know, without your phone. We're actually on our way someplace, so...

Hochman: Oh, Ashley, wait. Hear me out.

Reed: Ain't got no car because my mean, old mom took it away [Sighs]

[Telephone rings]

Billy: Hello?

Reed: Billy, um, I was hoping it was you. Please tell me that you convinced mom to let me keep the car.

Billy: Look, Reed, that's not gonna happen, okay? The car is history.

Reed: That's so unfair. I mean, if you guys were married, she totally would listen to you.

Billy: Well, that's not the way it works. Doesn't matter what you tell yourself.

Reed: Man, you know how much that car meant to me.

Billy: Yeah, I do, Reed. But I'm just a guy that works with your mother, okay? She's the one in charge. Sometimes boundaries need to be drawn.

Reed: What happened? I mean, you guys were so chummy. You were basically making out the day you took the kids to the arcade. You have a chance with her, Billy. You should hurry up and take it.

[Cell phone chimes]

Cane: So, Juliet and I just had a conference call with lily from the road, and the promotional tour is going off without a hitch.

Juliet: We are getting 10 times the social media mentions. I put together a marketing proposal for next quarter to capitalize on the momentum. We can discuss it when you have time.

Victoria: Actually, now works fine.

Cane: Okay, let's do it.

Juliet: Well, first up is the teen line. We should look into partnering with social media influencers.

Billy: Wow. 10 feet away and I don't get invited to a marketing meeting.

Victoria: It's not a formal meeting, Billy. You're welcome to join us.

Billy: May I?

Juliet: Yeah.

Cane: These bloggers have tens of thousands of followers, okay?

Billy: Tens of thousands? That should put us over the top.

Victoria: Turn to page three, because these makeup tutorials generate a lot of buzz, and they go viral on a regular basis. They might use 1 to 10 products during a demonstration, so there's no reason why the viewer wouldn't want to try these techniques and test the products for themselves.

Billy: So we hand over free product to media influencers, and then what? They bash us online? Could do more harm than good.

Victoria: Well, evidently I have more confidence in our products than you do.

Cane: Yeah, and I'm with you. I think the risk is low and the reward is high.

Billy: Well, look at that. I guess I'm outnumbered, so good luck with your experiment.

Victoria: Okay, would you please just run more numbers and send me some links?

Juliet: Okay.

Billy: Guess I wasn't needed after all.

Victoria: Is there a problem? Because Juliet's idea is solid.

Billy: Is it? Really? Or is that just a power play because I didn't jump back into your arms? You proved yourself, Vick. You're the boss.

Hochman: I'm sorry about the other night. My behavior was inexcusable.

Ashley: You don't have to offer me any excuses, honestly.

Hochman: An explanation. My daughter has been acting out since the divorce. Of course, my ex and I aren't seeing eye to eye on how to handle it. [Chuckles] Big surprise there. Well, unfortunately, it just all came to a head during our dinner the other night.

Ashley: I'm so sorry. I know parenting can be difficult. Trying to do it with an ex is almost impossible sometimes.

Hochman: I knew you would understand if you let me explain.

Ashley: Of course I do.

Hochman: Now, let me make it up to you, all right? I'll take you to a great place for dinner and then music afterwards, some drinks, the perfect night. I owe you that.

Phyllis: Would I love to wipe off that smug look on Victor's face? Absolutely. It is one of my all-time favorite fantasies. But that's all it is! A fantasy.

Jack: No, if we work together, we could make it a reality. You were interested the other day, before you wimped out.

Phyllis: Wimped out? I think you've got me confused with Sharon. I did not suddenly develop a well of sympathy for that guy. Now, I told you at the coffeehouse, all of this is just bringing up misery for us, okay? That is a fact.

Jack: Conversation we had at crimson lights was a dress rehearsal. It doesn't matter. This is the real thing. We actually have a real opening to take that bastard down!

Phyllis: Okay, what kind of opening?

Jack: Something is off at the Newman house. I can feel it.

Phyllis: Okay. Can you be more vague?

Jack: It's a feeling I have, but it's a moment we have to capitalize on. Everything I learned from Nikki and from Abby tell me I'm right.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, that's it. I'm in. Let's go get him.

Jack: You and I both know Victor never was properly punished for his crimes. That time he spent in jail was a joke.

Phyllis: I thought we got past all of this vengeance.

Jack: I tried. I did. The truth is, payback was never far from my mind, and I think the same is true for you. When you think of what that man did to us, what he took from us, from you...

Phyllis: I try not to.

Jack: And how's that working for you? We deserve some kind of justice. We took the high road with Victor. What has that given us?

Phyllis: You know what? It gives us this chance to look at people like Scott Grainger and Sharon buy into the act that Victor is a changed man.

Jack: Exactly. First, I don't buy for one minute that Victor suddenly has a soul. And even if he did, I don't care. He can't get away with what he did to us. I haven't forgotten. I never will. Will you?

Phyllis: No. I think he should burn in hell for what he did.

Jack: Listen, we have been patient. The last thing he expects is an attack from us -- the last thing. Right now he's vulnerable. Right now he's -- he's burnishing his legacy for this...biography he's making with Scott, making Abby his acting C.E.O. Oh, and I haven't told you. He's also taken off on a melodramatic mystery road trip.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: As far as I know, his family has no idea where he is right now.

Phyllis: Well, with Abby acting as C.E.O., Chances are that Victor is not away on business.

Jack: Let's talk about business. In the last few months between jabot and brash & sassy, how many deals have we closed? Newman? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. They are vulnerable. And if Victor gave a damn, he would have put up a stronger firewall than my niece. Look, Abby's bright, she's clever, she's eager, but she's also green.

Phyllis: Then what, Jack? What kind of damage can you really do to Newman enterprises? Victor always comes out on top. You tell me how it's different this time.

Jack: Because this time he won't have his family backing him up.

Scott: Who would possibly be a threat to Victor? I mean, Jack Abbott mentioned he wanted to give me some materials for the book, but...

Nikki: No. A threat worse than that. Victor needs protection from himself.

Scott: You lost me.

Nikki: Victor admires you. When your mother came to us for help with your ransom, Victor did it because, yes, he cares for her. But he also respects your integrity. And having you write his biography would ensure its credibility. I know that he wants something that will withstand the test of time.

Scott: Exactly. Victor requested an honest portrait. I wouldn't have taken on the project if he hadn't.

Nikki: Yes, but I assume you don't expect schoolchildren to be reading about Victor Newman 100 years from now.

Scott: No, I don't expect that. I just -- I can't say what Victor intends, but he does have a healthy ego. Most powerful people do.

Nikki: Victor isn't like any other powerful person. In fact, Victor isn't like anybody.

Scott: You obviously know him better than anyone.

Nikki: Victor is very self-motivated. Nothing is impossible in his mind. The rules don't apply to him. They never have. They never will. The problem is that's not true, even though he doesn't see that. So this book, this legacy could really damage our family. It could tear us apart. That's why I wanted to see you alone, Scott -- to make sure this book dies. Because the true story of Victor Newman can never be told.

Ashley: Of course I'll have dinner with you. Next time you come to Genoa city, just give me a call. We'll set something up.

Hochman: You're leaving? Just like that?

Ashley: Oh. Well, yes. We have got plans. I'm not gonna cancel them.

Hochman: And this is the guy that you'd rather go out with?

Ashley: Good night, Benjamin.

Hochman: [Scoffs]

Ravi: You sure about this?

Ashley: What? Tonight? Of course I am.

Ravi: Benjamin Hochman is an important businessman.

Ashley: Please. No businessman is that important. Except in his own mind. I've been looking forward to this. I'm not gonna miss it. Shall we?

Ravi: We shall.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Cell phones chime]

Zoey: Oh! He's ridiculously cute even with tears. [Chuckles]

Kendall: Are you and Reed hanging out tonight?

Zoey: I wish. Stupid Chem test tomorrow. But I was over at his house earlier today, and mama bear wasn't there, thank God. [Chuckles] I had to make him feel better, even though she took his car away.

Kendall: How much better did you make him feel?

Zoey: We didn't do it, Kendall. But I'm not gonna tell you the details. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

Zoey: Okay, I'll tell you the details since you're dying to know.

Kendall: Uh, just got a text from my mom. She's being so annoying. I got to go. Good luck with your Chem test tomorrow.

Zoey: Bye.

Billy: If you're mad at me, say it. Don't shut me out of a business decision because you want to put me in my place!

Victoria: I know how to separate my business life from my personal life.

Billy: Are you sure about that?

Victoria: You know what? You're sounding about as bitter as Cane did a month ago, and guess what? He got over it. I hope you can, too, because I am so sick and tired of coddling your ego.

Billy: Right, Vick. That doesn't sound personal at all, does it?

Victoria: Juliet had a good idea, maybe a great idea. She's a solid addition to this team. Approving her idea was about the concept. It wasn't about us!

Billy: Good!

Victoria: I don't have a problem with you, Billy!

Billy: Glad to hear it!

Cane: Congratulations. It looks like you're achieving rock-star status around here.

Juliet: Hmm. Yeah. Victoria's easy to talk to. She's so open to new ideas.

Cane: You know, that's a, uh, an interesting perspective, but hey, kudos to you. But thank you for making me look good, 'cause the faster your star rises, the, uh, the smarter I look for recommending you, so thank you.

Juliet: Well, Victoria likes me, but Billy is not a fan.

Cane: Yeah, well, I wouldn't take that personally. It's kind of who he is. He, uh, thinks he has extra pull around here because he's Victoria's ex.

Juliet: Hmm. Well, not according to what just happened.

Cane: Yeah, don't worry about hothea who doesn't know how to pick his battles.

Juliet: Work environment.

Cane: [Chuckles]

Juliet: Does Victoria ever play you two off each other?

Cane: Eh, not on purpose. Um, kind of goes with the territory, though, because, you see, uh, Billy and I have this... well, we have a history.

Juliet: Hmm. Well, just so you know, my loyalties are clear. If any battles ever come up, I am team Cane all the way.

Cane: Well, I appreciate that. It's nice to have an ally around here.

Juliet: You know, I'm so relieved that things can be normal between us now. Tokyo is already ancient history.

Cane: Okay, in that case, let's not bring it up again. Hey.

Victoria: You know, Juliet, if you're free, why don't you join me for a drink?

Juliet: Really? Yeah, that's -- that's great. Let's do it.

Victoria: Great. It'll give us a chance to get to know each other outside of the office. You know, just some wine and talk.

Juliet: Yeah, I'd love that. But fair warning -- I have to pace myself. Yeah, I'm a lightweight, so a couple drinks and I might talk way too much.

Victoria: Oh, well, even better.

[Both chuckle]

Victoria: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Juliet: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Cane: Yeah, see you.

Billy: Have fun, kids. 5 bucks they spend the whole night talking about us.

Reed: Hey.

Kendall: Did I miss any good previews?

Reed: Um, no. Uh, Zoey didn't tell me you were coming. Is she getting popcorn?

Kendall: Oh, uh, Zoey's mom made her stay home and study for some dumb test. She didn't want you to be all lonely, so she told me to take her ticket. That's okay, right?

Reed: Um, yeah. No, no, it's fine. Um, she just could have told me. Sent me a text or something.

Kendall: So, you do mind?

Reed: No, no, I'll just text her.

[Trumpet fanfare plays]

Kendall: Oh, uh, you better power down. They get all militant in here about cell phones.

Reed: All right.

Victoria: So what's it like to have that kind of freedom, you know, to -- to move across the world on such short notice?

Juliet: Well, if it means I can have drinks with a role model like you, it's worth the packing.

Victoria: Honestly, I don't know if anybody would want to follow in my footsteps. When I'm at home, I feel like I should be at work. And when I'm at work, I feel like I'm missing something at the kids' school or a milestone. I don't know. It can just get really complicated.

Juliet: Well, from the outside, all I see is a strong, smart, capable businesswoman who isn't intimidated by anyone or anything. And that's a role model. And brash & sassy being female owned and operated is... it's inspiring.

Victoria: That's nice to hear.

Juliet: I've been wanting to say that for a while. It's easier to talk like this just over drinks. I want to be as professional as possible in the office.

Victoria: Well, you are. You are fantastic, and you are a great addition to our team. And I want you to know that my door is always open. I'm happy to hear any of your new ideas or any hurdles that you run up against or [Chuckles] If a man is driving you crazy. Ohh! So there is a man. Tell me about him.

Cane: Don't tell me you're upset that you didn't get invited out for girls' night, 'cause I'm not gonna make up for it with a bonding beer.

Billy: That's too bad. I pictured us throwing darts and talking football.

Cane: Oh, really? Is that how bachelors use their free time? I didn't know that. Thanks.

Billy: Yep. That's right, Cane. I'm Mr. Sad and lonely. You gonna come and give me a hug now?

Cane: [Laughs]

Billy: Look, do yourself a favor. Don't make assumptions about my personal life. Nobody wants to be wrong that many times in one day.

Phyllis: You're telling me that Victor's family is abandoning him now? He just learned that his son was murdered.

Jack: Yeah, and he left town! No one knows where! You don't think that's weird?

Phyllis: Well, he's Victor. It's all weird.

Jack: If ever there was a time for this family to bond together, to hold each other's hand to get through a tough time, this is it! That is not happening. You know this family. You don't think that's strange?

Phyllis: That family's always been strange to me. Okay, who knows why they do what they do?

Jack: I'm telling you. Something is off. Way off.

Phyllis: Okay. I am not gonna deny that the idea of revenge is tempting.

Jack: Okay, so work with me on this. Let's make our move.

Phyllis: What move are you suggesting?

Jack: I-I-I don't even know. I need to know that you're with me.

Phyllis: I hate what Victor did to us. And to dredge all of that up again... so what if he's having a dark night of the soul? You tell me how that's an opening!

Jack: I saw a fundamental change in Nikki. I didn't just feel it. I saw it in her eyes.

Phyllis: Did she tell you that they were having problems?

Jack: No, no, not in so many words.

Phyllis: He has been acting like the new, revised, loving patriarch --

Jack: Yeah, and how long can he keep that up? Eventually the mustache is gonna come out, fangs and all. Oh, by the way, Abby told me he never even told Victoria he was leaving town. She showed up at his office furious.

Phyllis: About what?

Jack: That I don't know.

Phyllis: The Newmans always keep it in the family.

Jack: Someone's gonna crack! One of them will crack!

Phyllis: Believe it or not, I care about you. And I just hate to see you get caught up in all of this revenge again.

Jack: Something about this is different. Something that could put Victor off his game in a way nothing else ever has. That something is Nikki.

Scott: I just got a generic recording that Victor's phone isn't taking voice messages? Does he do that often?

Nikki: Victor does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Clearly right now he doesn't want to be contacted.

Scott: When Victor, uh, asked me to write his biography, I didn't say yes with some sleazy idea to do a hatchet job on him. I just want to tell an accurate portrait of a complicated man.

Nikki: Oh, I am not accusing you of anything. Please know that. It's just that the more complicated moments in Victor's life are the problem. He feels that every event has added to the man that he is, and he's very proud of the obstacles that he has gotten out of -- with good reason. But there are many chapters of Victor Newman that can never be known by the public. It would destroy our family, right down to the youngest grandchild.

Scott: Look, Victor obviously feels differently about that. Am I right in assuming that he has no idea that you would try to get me to back off?

Nikki: My husband has selective hearing when it comes to opposing views. I knew that I had to meet with you directly to kill this project for the sake of my family, for the sake of Victor.

Scott: This isn't some general anxiety about the past. There's something specific that you don't want to have come out. Surely you must realize that by telling me this that now I'm gonna want to dig deeper. What are you trying to hide, Nikki?

Victoria: So there's not a man in your life?

Juliet: I can't even think about dating. Between this job and the city, it is more than enough to keep me busy.

Victoria: You want my tip? Keep it that way. I mean it. Because men? Men are ridiculous. Mm-hmm. They really are. They take up all of your time and energy, and it's always about them. And you know what that means. They're the ones in the clear while you're the one making all of the mistakes. Mm-hmm. And by "you," I mean me. If I trust a man, he's lying to me. And if I set boundaries or rules, I am a stone-cold bitch. But they -- I mean, guys can do whatever they want. They lie, and it's, "oh, why won't you please forgive me?" If they set boundaries, they look like the hero because they're so level-headed. And the worst -- the worst is when I let a man know that I'm interested in him. I mean, they can profess their love all day long. But the minute I let on that I'm even just a little bit open to the idea, no, no, no. That's a huge mistake. It's like the kiss of death, actually.

Cane: It must be a shock to your system to actually have Victoria side with someone else for a change.

Billy: Victoria blows hot and cold. I'm used to it.

Cane: I am glad you're taking it so well, but it's got to sting, you know, being three against one.

Billy: Was it really three against one?

Cane: Pretty much was three against one.

Billy: Juliet's an employee. Her vote doesn't necessarily register. It was her idea.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Billy: So if you think the balance of power has shifted, I hate to break it to you, Cane, but you're wrong once again.

Cane: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something? I just got this e-mail from Juliet about the style influencers.

Billy: Have fun learning how to contour your cheekbones. I'm out of here.

Nikki: There is no deep, dark secret that I'm worried about being uncovered. Unfortunately, all of this family's mistakes and problems have been read by the public for years -- lawsuits, arrests, squabbles. And, sure, there's a long line of enemies. They'd love to tell you stories, and many of them would be false.

Scott: Research is my specialty. I wouldn't print anything untrue.

Nikki: Yeah, but what if there's a little germ of truth? What then? Your integrity wouldn't let you cherry-pick the facts.

Scott: Victor's faced scrutiny from the press before. He's -- he's not worried.

Nikki: Yeah, but that's because he's not looking at the big picture. There is more to this family than Victor Newman. Our children and our grandchildren are already fodder for the tabloids. Grandpa's mistakes will become their legacy, and they don't deserve that. Listen, I know coming back to Genoa city was not your dream. You'd rather be somewhere off in the world telling stories that affect change. So, why don't you just let me give you the money that Victor agreed to pay you for writing his book and a little extra for your troubles? You go tell some stories that deserve to be heard.

Phyllis: Nikki and Victor are on the outs because you say so?

Jack: I would stake my life on it. Those two are not on solid ground right now.

Phyllis: But Nikki never said anything specific?

Jack: No. In fact, she evaded when I asked about him.

Phyllis: Oh, well, call the divorce lawyers. That marriage is toast.

Jack: Nikki never had any problem taking me on when I made comments about Victor. Never. This time? She changed the subject. She wouldn't engage. She is covering something, I'm telling you!

Phyllis: Okay, you want to punish Victor. If he is stepping away from Newman, and Nikki is annoyed with him, all he has left is the rest of his family, and that is the only important thing to him. Family is how you are gonna cause him pain. Think about what he did to you and me. He didn't destroy our business. He destroyed us. He ripped out our heart and soul. The damage was permanent for both of us.

Jack: You're right. Forget about Newman enterprises. This is personal. We have to hit him where he lives.

Karen: I never knew it could be like this. Nobody ever kissed me the way you do.

Milton: Nobody?

Karen: No. Nobody.

Milton: Not even one? Out of all the men you've been kissed by?

Karen: [Chuckles] Now, that'll take some figuring. How many men do you think there have been?

Milton: I wouldn't know. Can't you give me a rough estimate?

[Song ends]

Reed: [Sighs] Um... do you want to, uh, do you want to stay for the credits?

Kendall: I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. I guess it was just the music and the actors, and he realized how much he loved her. I'm so embarrassed. I've never done anything like that. I've never had a kiss like that before. Please don't tell Zoey.

Reed: No. I won't. But you can't, either. Um, but it's -- it's really no big deal. Um, we can just both forget about it.

Kendall: Thank you. Like it never happened.

Reed: Exactly.

Kendall: Now I get why Zoey's so into you. That kiss was insane.

Reed: You're not so bad yourself.

Ashley: That ending -- I mean, the crescendo?

Ravi: You really liked it?

Ashley: Are you kidding me? It was thrilling. It really was. It was so intense and passionate. That was the thing. The characters were so passionate. And the performers! Are you kidding? I mean, they were so devoted and so into it and -- and oh! It was just amazing!

Ravi: You're right. The devotion and the passion.

Ashley: Yes. There was one story point, though. Maybe you could help me with that. I mean... okay, why was it that Violetta's relationship with Alfredo meant that his sister couldn't get married?

Ravi: Oh, well, Violetta was a courtesan. A-a paid mistress.

Ashley: I know what it means. I did take a few history classes in my time.

Ravi: Sorry.

[Both chuckle]

Ravi: Well, Alfredo's connection to a courtesan would taint the whole family. It would render his sister less desirable as a bride. It's all very old-fashioned. Family honor and that stuff. Things aren't like that now. Or they shouldn't be. Romance is -- it's between two people. Period.

Ashley: The reality is that sometimes it does matter what other people think.

Ravi: Yeah, but it shouldn't. People can be so opinionated. If you spend all your time worrying about what others think, where do your own choices fit in? How can you truly can your life your own?

Phyllis: Victor is never going to admit what he took from us. If he could suffer finally, even just a little bit...

Jack: You're right. The way to get to him is family.

Phyllis: It's the only way. If there is unrest in the Newman house, we have to pinpoint it. We have to figure out what's causing it.

Jack: Yeah, we need more information. I've talked to Nikki. I've talked to Abby. Maybe you could get something out of nick.

Phyllis: It's worth a try. Victoria will be daddy's perfect daughter, and she will say nothing, unless she has talked to someone.

Jack: Billy.

Phyllis: Yeah, he might know something.

Jack: Well, I'm not going to him. I doubt you want to deal with him, either. Noah left Newman enterprises on bad terms with Victor. Maybe he's a good source of information.

Phyllis: Jack, what is going on here, okay? We -- [Sighs] This is crazy. This is crazy. I cannot do this.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about?

Phyllis: I want Victor to feel the kind of pain he caused us. I do. But I cannot go down that hole again. You're gonna have to do this without me.

Jack: Two seconds ago, you were fine with all of this. What the hell changed your mind?

Scott: A little extra?

Nikki: You deserve it. You can write about whatever you want, wherever you want. Write stories that the world deserves to hear. If that's not enough, I can tear that up and write a new one.

Scott: I can't take your money.

Nikki: Why? Because you're working for Victor?

Scott: Because I owe him. He saved my life.

Nikki: The best way of thanking him is to protect him. Just walk away.

Scott: Victor gave up $10 million to save me. I'll never be able to repay that kind of money. But this book is something I can do. And it means a great deal to Victor. This is something I can give in return. It's an obligation to me. It's a responsibility that I must uphold. It's the only way I can repay this debt.

Nikki: Evidently I am not making myself clear. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. I won't have that book written. I won't allow it!

Scott: Victor hired me. What's gonna happen when he comes home and he wants to get to work?

Nikki: It won't be an issue. My husband will honor my request. Victor Newman may rule the world, but I rule this family.

Victoria: Oh. I'm fine. [Chuckles] I'm fine. Do I not seem fine?

Juliet: You had a little trouble with the lock just now, but other than that...

Victoria: You are right. I am as bad with locks as I am with men. You know, you cannot live without a lock on the door, but you can live without a man in the house. Oh, hi, honey!

Reed: Hi.

Victoria: Hi! Reed, this is Juliet. She's our new marketing exec. She has such good ideas. [Chuckles]

Reed: Um, it's nice to meet you.

Juliet: Nice to meet you, too. Well, the cab's waiting outside, so I will see you in the office, Victoria.

Victoria: Okay. Bye-e-e!

Juliet: Bye. Nice to meet you.

Reed: Have a good one. Mom, are you all right?

Victoria: Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. Are you fine? Oh, you're still mad about the car, aren't you? You are.

Reed: Are you drunk?

Victoria: No! No. [Chuckles] No, I'm not. [Sighs] Maybe just a little bit.

Reed: Oh, my God. You're wasted!

Victoria: No! I don't get wasted, Reed.

Reed: You're totally plastered.

Victoria: Am I?

Reed: You know, you start throwing keggers, I'm gonna have to take your car away.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Ashley: Ravi, I seriously have to thank you. If I could have thought a few months ago that I would be going to the met and actually loving it... [Laughs] I think it was the perfect ending to a great business trip.

Ravi: I should really be thanking you for bringing me here to new York and including me in this conference.

Ashley: No, you were invaluable to me. We had some fun, right?

Ravi: What? Are you kidding? Great food and the opera. It was incredible.

Ashley: Yeah. I think it was a wildly successful business trip.

Ravi: I agree. 100%.

Ashley: Okay, well, we should probably say good night.

Ravi: Yeah.

Ashley: The jabot's gonna be, you know, ready to take off first thing in the morning.

[Keys jingle]

Ravi: Good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Jack: We both know something's wrong with Victor. You were totally onboard. Then you turned on a dime. Why?

Phyllis: Because it's not smart, Jack -- you and I working together, going after retribution from Victor. I mean, why are we gonna do that to ourselves?

Jack: What? You don't think we deserve it?

Phyllis: Of course, we do. But I become so easily obsessed with that man. It's like he's an addiction that I need to shake. I need to get past it. You said so yourself. As much as I would love to make Victor feel the kind of pain that he caused us, I can't go back there. I'm pulling my life together, and I don't want to go backwards. And I'm gonna stand here cheering you on from the sidelines, but I cannot be a part of this.

Jack: Yeah. I guess I'm on my own, then.

[Telephone rings]

Jack: Where is it? You didn't put it back in the cradle? You never do.

Phyllis: Come on.

[Doorbell rings]

Phyllis: You want me to get that?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ravi: You always this much of a pompous ass?

Chelsea: I came as soon as I got your message.

Paul: I wanted to give you an update on the search for Chloe.

Christine: I'm glad you're safe and doing well.

Scott: But that's not what this is about. Cut to the chase. What do you want from me?

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