Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17


Episode # 11152 ~ Victoria follows her heart; Mariah busts Tessa; Devon and Neil make a pact.

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Victoria: [Sighs]

[Knocks on door]

Nikki: That bad, huh?

Victoria: Worse.

Nikki: I knew things wouldn't go well after reed's party.

Victoria: Do you want some water, mom?

Nikki: No, thank you.

Victoria: I went by dad's office to return that ridiculous car and unceremoniously drop the keys off on dad's desk, and now my son is back to thinking that I'm a controlling witch who wants to ruin his life. I'm sure his friend Zoey is already preparing my next meme.

Nikki: Your father should never have put you in that position!

Victoria: There's no way out of it now.

Nikki: Maybe I could do something.

Victoria: Mom, you can't fix this!

Nikki: Will you please hear me out? I could get Reed to see your point of view. I mean, I have to do something to repair the damage your father has done.

Victoria: Nothing's gonna undo the damage this has done between Billy and me.

Phyllis: I like what you're wearing.

Billy: [Chuckles] Back at you.

Phyllis: There's that smile. That handsome look in your eyes.

Billy: I've missed this.

Phyllis: Me, too.

Billy: And this. Don't let me forget this.

Phyllis: Oh, and that. And that.

Sharon: I guess I was just expecting something a little less conventional after that mysterious invitation.

Scott: Yeah. [Sighs]

Sharon: What's funny?

Scott: I'm just laughing at myself for somehow thinking that this would be extraordinary for you. I think I've been covering the third world too long, so I'm kind of out of sync.

Sharon: Mm. Off your game?

Scott: For thinking that popcorn and a movie might actually be a decadent thing for you? Yeah. I'd say so. So, if there's anything else you'd rather do...

Sharon: Oh, no. No. Absolutely not. I, you know -- I'm a little out of sync, too. Unless the movie's animated.

Scott: Well, here's to extraordinary experiences.

Mariah: Sharon?

Kevin: Scott?

Abby: Hi!

Jack: Hello there.

Abby: Thank you for inviting me to dinner. Mwah!

Jack: Oh, it's about time I had some time with my niece.

Abby: Thank you.

Jack: So... your mother tells me you are making quite a mark at Newman enterprises.

Abby: Maybe.

Jack: Maybe. According to Ashley, this Pittsfield deal wouldn't have happened without you.

Abby: Among others.

Jack: Wow, I am so proud of you. I'm sure Victor is, too. Though he is not exactly famous for handing out accolades.

Abby: Actually, you are looking at the newly minted C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises. [Laughs]

Jack: When did this happen?

Abby: Yesterday. I haven't even told my mom yet.

Jack: Wow. Tell me the details.

Michael: So, these are the incorporation papers I have drawn up for your brand-new company, the Hamilton-winters group.

Neil: I love the sound of that.

Michael: [Laughs] Now, this stipulates that Devon will be focusing on the music industry, specifically artist management, as well as a record label and streaming service.

Devon: Yes, sir.

Michael: While you, Neil, will be exploring companies that the group may want to invest in and/or acquire. Now, all this has been laid down according to Devon's instructions.

Neil: Wait a minute. This isn't right.

Mariah: Hi.

Sharon: Hi.

Mariah: My own mother? You didn't tell me you were dating this guy?

Sharon: Scott and I aren't -- we're just friends.

Mariah: Since when?

Sharon: Since I was struggling with a college paper at the coffeehouse, and then he helped me out and here we are.

Kevin: Like he helped me with my wedding vows.

Mariah: No. No. No wallowing. We said that we were gonna come here, escape, and a watch a movie, and that's exactly what we're gonna do, okay?

Kevin: Yes, ma'am.

Scott: How you holding up, bud?

Kevin: I'm functioning. Mariah's forcing me to stop living like a cockroach and get out, hence why I'm here. You seem to have shortage of friends.

Scott: There is nothing going on with Phyllis.

Kevin: That's not the way it looked.

Scott: Look, there was a moment, and you --

Kevin: It looked like I walked in on your full-on kissing.

Scott: Which was right at the end of it, and the moment passed. It's fine.

Kevin: And Sharon?

Scott: She's --

Kevin: [Mumbles]

Sharon: So, this is a comedy?

Scott: Uh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's French.

Sharon: Oh.

Kevin: French? With subtitles?

Mariah: They're funny subtitles. Shh.

Victoria: I realize that Billy was just sticking up for Reed about the car.

Nikki: Yeah, but at the time, it seemed like he was defending your father.

Victoria: I really went off on him, mom. The next thing I knew, I was telling him that I didn't owe him an explanation and that he should butt out of my life.

Nikki: Yeah, well, at least you didn't blurt out the truth, that we had just found out that your father's actions had caused Adam's death.

Victoria: You know, it's really hard to take comfort in that. Billy wasn't only offended, he was hurt, and by the time I had pulled myself together enough to apologize, he had left the office.

Nikki: So, are you concerned as an employer, or as an ex-wife sharing custody, or what?

Victoria: Mom, Billy and I have been getting along really well lately. [Sighs] I should just...

Nikki: Elaborate?

Victoria: Nice try, but no.

Nikki: All right, hear me out, please. You and Billy have been getting along well, as in...?

Victoria: We've been spending a lot of time together with the kids. As a family. Okay, fine. We kissed.

Nikki: Oh.

Victoria: No! Not "oh." No! We were just caught up in the moment, and Billy was heading out to close a big deal for the company, and... it felt good, mom. And it wasn't just Billy and I falling into our old pattern. It was... something new. Something that maybe we could build on.

Nikki: Is that what you want?

Victoria: Yes, I want Billy back.

Phyllis: You know, I fantasized about this after we kissed in the elevator.

Billy: Did you?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. But I didn't act on it.

Billy: Well, thank God you forgot your phone, then. Was that an accident?

Phyllis: I didn't plan it.

Billy: Fate, then.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] I thought your brother and I were fated to be together forever. That's why I married him, that's why... I struggled so hard to pull things together. To salvage things.

Billy: And in turn, he treated you like crap.

Phyllis: I deserved it.

Billy: No, you didn't.

Phyllis: Is this gonna mess things up for you? With Victoria? You know, I... I kept pushing you away because I knew that you were trying to put things back together with her, and... I thought that's what you really wanted.

Billy: Maybe it's what I thought I wanted. Maybe it's what I should want. I don't know.

Phyllis: Then you need to go get that.

Billy: Phyllis. Phyllis.

Phyllis: This was a one-time thing. Now that we have got it out of our systems, you can go back and be a good family man. Nothing's changed.

Billy: You believe that?

Nikki: Well, I think that's wonderful. I'm thrilled that you and Billy have reconnected. I mean, love was never the problem between you two. Life always seemed to get in the way.

Victoria: Dad always seemed to get in the way. And he's still in the way. That's why whatever was blossoming with Billy is now -- it's dead.

Nikki: How so?

Victoria: Mom, dad sent Reed that car so he could score points with my son while holding himself up as the generous patriarch. He knew what an impossible position it would put me in, and it had the added benefit of screwing things up between Billy and me.

Nikki: This is all my fault.

Victoria: Why do you always blame yourself?

Nikki: Because I have been enabling that man for years. I have turned a blind eye to all of his schemes and manipulations, and that is why I'm so upset with myself.

Victoria: Come on, you're not that person anymore.

Nikki: Yeah, well, that doesn't mean he's not going to expect me to take him back when he returns from wherever he is.

Victoria: But you won't.

Nikki: [Sighs] I have loved that man since I was very young. He has been everything to me. And envisioning my life without him... I don't know what shape that will take, but I do know this. I can no longer continue to ignore what he does.

Victoria: Mom, this must be killing you.

Nikki: I really thought he had changed. I thought he had become the loving family man, putting our needs ahead of his. But that's not true. He didn't change. He can't change. And he never will. And I just have to accept that. [Sighs] But you, my darling... I urge you to not let go of what you have with Billy. And I refuse to believe that one disagreement can undo all the progress you two have made.

Phyllis: You're upset.

Billy: Yeah, I'm upset 'cause you're talking like out there's my real life and in here's something less.

Phyllis: You have kids with Victoria, you sleep with me. By definition...

Billy: I can breath with you! I can be myself with you! I love my kids -- God, I love my kids -- but this idea of a happy family again?

Phyllis: You had that with her, you can have it again.

Billy: No, it's not gonna happen!

Phyllis: You don't know that.

Billy: I'm tired of not being myself. I'm tired of trying to live up to this invisible standard that I'm never gonna meet. God, Phyllis, this is so messed up. You want to know why I put an effort into getting my family back together?

Phyllis: You already said.

Billy: Because you were so hell-bent on fixing your marriage.

Phyllis: I don't buy that at all.

Billy: Well, it's the truth.

Phyllis: I saw the happiness in your eyes. That was real, wasn't it?

Billy: You don't want to know.

Phyllis: I asked.

Billy: Yeah, we had moments. There were moments. She would give me a hard time for showing up, but then she would end up hanging out with me and the kids. Or she'd resent me like hell because I was getting close to Reed, but then the walls would come down and she would see me, really see me, trying to be a good guy for her... [Sighs]

Phyllis: Until today.

Billy: I mentioned a damn thing about a car, and all of a sudden -- boom.

Phyllis: Maybe it wasn't about that.

Billy: Yeah? What do you think it was about?

Phyllis: It was about the fact that Victor bought her 16-year-old son a car without checking in with her.

Billy: I understand that. I know that it's something to do with the family, that's the point.

Phyllis: If it isn't about you, then what is the problem?

Billy: It's the way that she did it, Phyllis. She turned on me and pushed me away like I was nothing to her. And like a neon sign comes up -- "Billy Abbott, you will always be on the outside with this woman," and I'm done. I'm so over trying to wait for things to change, trying to help things, make things change when it's not gonna happen. Life is too short.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jack: To my niece, Abby Newman, and her meteoric rise through the ranks of Newman enterprises.

Abby: Thank you.

Jack: So, was this a total surprise? Him making you the acting C.E.O.?

Abby: No, I mean, it took a lot of hard work, and I made my dad's vision a reality. And I took some bold steps of my own.

Jack: I can't help but wonder how that was received, Victor being the ultimate micromanager. But you took a chance and it paid off, yes?

Abby: Yeah. I'm just thrilled that dad had enough confidence in me to leave me in charge, even if it's just for a short time while he's out of town.

Jack: I think you're selling yourself short. I think Victor is positioning you to step in full-time. Maybe sooner rather than later. What do you think about that?

Abby: I'll tell you... ...when you tell me everything jabot has planned for the next year.

Neil: Okay, it says here that Devon and I each own 50% of this company. That doesn't make sense.

Devon: Well, dad, it's --

Neil: Devon, you're putting up all the capital for this and you're running the music division. I'm not bringing any money, any kind of...

Devon: You're bringing years of corporate experience earned the hard way, working for the likes of Victor Newman.

Neil: Hey, listen to me. There are many people out there who have similar experience that I do. Not exactly, but you wouldn't be giving away half of the company for them to do the job.

Michael: Neil, if that's what Devon wants to do...

Devon: Why do you have a problem with it?

Neil: I think you're doing this out of guilt.

Neil: I think this goes back to what happened with Hilary.

Devon: Actually, it doesn't at all.

Neil: You're trying to use your money somehow to make things right with me. Devon, I don't need your money. I don't want your money. The foundation of this company shouldn't be built on that. Michael, I want you to draw up a new deal, one that better reflects Devon's sizable investment.

Devon: Dad --

Neil: No, don't "dad" me.

Devon: I promise you, guilt never entered into this, all right? This is about our future, and you and me building a family company together.

Neil: But we can do that without you giving me half the company.

Devon: You have spent all these years working for other people, helping build their fortunes, okay? Let's build our own legacy. As proper equals.

Neil: It's way too much.

Devon: That's tough. Seriously. I love you and I trust and respect you. And, honestly, I wouldn't even be sitting here right now if it wasn't for you taking me in as a foster parent and adopting me.

Neil: Oh, come on. You don't owe me anything, Devon. Come on.

Devon: Really? You serious? I owe you my whole life and everything in it. You gave me a family. I wouldn't even have probably found out that Katherine was my grandmother if it hadn't been for you. And for the first time since I've got her inheritance, I actually feel like that money has a purpose and a worthy goal that I want to make a reality with my father as an equal partner.

Michael: I think this is where you two shakes hands and make it official.

Devon: All right?

Neil: My man.

Devon: Let's do this.

Abby: Shame on you, uncle Jack. Inviting me here, trying to get me to spill information about my father...

Jack: That is not why I invited you...

Abby: No, it's okay. I'm used to be underestimated.

Jack: I did not intend...

Abby: In fact, I am the one who actually branded myself as an airhead blonde. So I like being underestimated. It challenges me.

Jack: If I did not give you the credit you are due, I apologize.

Abby: You should.

Jack: But if any part of you is expecting Victor to give you credit you deserve...

Abby: I am so sick of everyone talking about how terrible my father is, how he will never follow through with his promises to me. You know, that has not been my experience with him.

Jack: Wait, everyone?

Abby: Victoria had a snarkfest about dad earlier today. Maybe because she's not getting as much of his attention these days.

Victoria: I really don't think a simple "I'm sorry" is gonna cut it with Billy. He kept saying that he didn't understand why I was so upset. I mean, it is obvious that he knows that there's much more going on here, mom.

Nikki: He knows you well.

Victoria: Too well. How am I supposed to explain why I was so over-the-top without telling him what dad did?

Nikki: You're gonna have to come up with a convincing story.

Victoria: He'll see through it.

Nikki: Darling...

Victoria: He'll see through it, mom! He already does!

Nikki: I was going to suggest that you tell him the truth. Just not the whole truth.

Victoria: Well, now you're starting to sound a lot like dad.

Nikki: Don't!

Victoria: I'm sorry.

Nikki: Your relationship is in jeopardy because of what your father did. It's not your fault, and I don't think you should have to pay for what he has done -- blah, blah, blah. Honey, I just want you to be happy.

Victoria: All right. Tell me your idea.

Nikki: If we hadn't found out that your father brought Chloe back to town and helped her get released, would you still have been upset that he bought Reed that car without consulting you?

Victoria: Yes, of course.

Nikki: Okay. So you use that as your excuse for losing your temper.

Victoria: I don't think that's gonna be enough.

Nikki: Honey, if you just speak to him from your heart... let him know how much you care about him. He'll respond to you.

Victoria: Okay. I'll try. I just hope it's not too late.

Billy: There was a bunch of things I was supposed to get done today, but I got a little distracted.

Phyllis: You needed the distraction. I'm supposed to meeting Michael anyway.

Billy: I should leave.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Otherwise, I'm never gonna get to the office.

Neil: Here we go. Mission statement?

Devon: Yes. "To discover and empower new talent..."

Neil: "...In our respective arenas."

Devon: Right.

Neil: "With special focus on businesses founded by women and minorities."

Devon: "And develop them into huge successes."

Neil: Yeah, there it is. Father and son. All the way.

Devon: That's right, man. That's right. I got to tell you, it feels really good doing something different right now in my life.

Neil: I'm guessing that you're talking about more than business.

Neil: There's your father's intuition right there.

Neil: How's Mariah doing?

Devon: She's doing really good. It's refreshing. She's very different than the other women I've been with.

Neil: Opinionated, though, right?

Devon: Yeah, but honest, you know, which is the best part. I never have to wonder if Mariah is playing me or working some hidden agenda.

Neil: It's reassuring to me, knowing that wherever this goes, Mariah's not gonna hurt you like Hilary did.

Devon: Yeah.

Scott: Well?

Sharon: I loved it!

Scott: Good! Good, good, good. Me, too.

Sharon: Yeah! Mariah, what did you think?

Mariah: It was amazing. I want to move to France now.

Sharon: Yes.

Kevin: I hate subtitles. Every time you look down at your popcorn, you miss something important. But thank you for getting me out of the house.

Mariah: Yeah, you're welcome. Anytime.

Abby: Oh! I just wanted to say hi.

Devon: Well, I was gonna catch you before we left, because I think it's only right that you're the first to hear this news.

Abby: Well, you're both smiling, so...

Neil: We are starting our own company.

Abby: Doing music?

Devon: Partly.

Abby: Amazing! Yeah!

Devon: Right? I've always been very grateful that you staked my old record label, so...

Abby: Well, how could I not? You're a brilliant producer. I'm guessing this is bigger and better?

Neil: That's the plan. Thanks to Devon, we're self-financed. I'll be handling an acquisitions arm.

Abby: Perfect fit. If only I could have wooed you back to Newman.

Neil: Ooh, about that. I heard a rumor. Is it true?

Abby: I am.

Neil: Yeah? Acting C.E.O. of Newman?

Abby: As of today.

Devon: Wow! Congratulations, Abby!

Abby: Thank you. [Laughs]

Neil: Never forget. Victor gave you this job for a reason.

Abby: He's taught me a lot.

Neil: And it would be wise to remember all of it. Make decisions based on what you believe in your gut, not what you think Victor would do.

Abby: Thank you. [Laughs]

Neil: Good luck.

Abby: Thanks.

Nikki: Um...

Jack: Join you?

Michael: Some big deal in the works?

Phyllis: Mm, more like the promise of something.

Michael: Well, I know it's not programming code that put that pep in your step, so what's up?

Phyllis: Maybe the scallops.

Michael: Come on, be a pal. Share the joy. I could use some good news after spending the week worrying about Kevin.

Phyllis: Hey... he is going to get through this. He has you, he has Lauren, his friends... you tell your brother I am living proof it gets better.

Michael: Tell me.

Phyllis: Okay. I am swearing you to secrecy.

Michael: Duly sworn.

Phyllis: Billy.

Billy: Didn't expect to see you here.

Victoria: I was hoping that you would come back. Where'd you take off to?

Billy: Clearing my head. Vick, please, I don't want to rehash this argument, okay? I'm just -- I got work to do.

Victoria: I want to apologize. I was completely out of line, Billy. Of course you had every right to weigh in about Reed and his car and voice your opinion. But you were wrong about one thing. I'm not trying to shut you out of my life.

Billy: Then why did you?

Victoria: It all comes down to my dad, being typically himself and keeping secrets and doing as he pleases and to hell with the fallout, you know? I was just really angry at him.

Billy: So it wasn't about the car.

Victoria: I never should have taken it out on you. I know you were just trying to help me with my son. I've just been really happy lately, Billy, spending time with you and the kids. I'm sorry. Please accept my apology.

Billy: Apology accepted.

Victoria: I'd like to take you to dinner, you know, to make it up to you. Maybe we can just talk a little bit more, and... and just see where things go? Maybe?

Phyllis: You think it's a bad idea?

Michael: No. Um, I'm just surprised. After all the pain the affair with Billy caused, you want to go back to that?

Phyllis: People were hurt. And I hate that. And despite what Victor put me through, what I was dealing with at the time... I never should have slept with Billy while I was married to Jack. I know that, and I tried very hard to put things back together. I gave him every opportunity to give me another chance. But he doesn't want to do it. He's moved on. So this is my time to move on.

Michael: With Billy?

Phyllis: Why not Billy? When we were together before, we were doing the forbidden thing. We were terrible people. But we are free to do what we want to do now. You're judging me.

Michael: No, I'm not judging. Just as your friend, I have to wonder if you're not just lonely.

Phyllis: He is not some random guy I picked up at the bar.

Michael: No, but he is still jack's brother. And you and Jack are working together again, and Billy works for Victoria...

Phyllis: So what? So what?

Michael: So there are bound to be complications. And are you so sure that Jack has moved on?

Phyllis: Definitely. With your mother.

Sharon: I like your taste in restaurants.

Scott: Well, I figured I needed to step it up a notch after we ended up sharing popcorn with your daughter and Kevin. Oh, and, uh, full disclosure -- dining here is one of the perks of writing Victor's biography.

Sharon: Handy. But no need to up your game. I had a great time.

Scott: You really liked the movie?

Sharon: Of course, but that wasn't the best part.

Scott: Well, what was?

Sharon: Mm.

Scott: Oh, come on, you can't leave me hanging. That's just cruel.

Sharon: Okay. What I liked the best is that you somehow knew that I would appreciate and be moved by that foreign, subtitled, non-animated, grown-up film, and you were right. You think a lot of me, huh?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, I do. But I think I owe us both a musical next time.

Sharon: Well, then I should guarantee you that Kevin and Mariah will be nowhere near the theatre.

Scott: Well, that calls for a drink.

Nikki: My intention was to order a club soda and only a club soda, but thanks for your concern.

Jack: I am aware that your marriage to Victor is an ever-changing, ever-shifting mine field.

Nikki: Victor is a doting husband and grandfather now.

Jack: I hear he's out of town.

Nikki: From whom?

Jack: From his acting C.E.O. I am a little surprised that he didn't bring his wife along, the doting husband.

Nikki: Oh, I have plenty to do right here.

Jack: If the skinny I hear about his imminent retirement is true, you'll soon have 24/7 with the new, improved, kinder, gentler Victor I keep hearing so much about.

Tessa: Yeah. An assistant to that rich lady I was telling you about -- right. Victor Newman's wife.

Kevin: Scott is a great guy.

Mariah: Sharon doesn't need some hotshot reporter who's gonna be here today, Istanbul tomorrow.

Kevin: But he's not --

Mariah: And with guys like that -- loners --

Kevin: Scott's not a loner.

Mariah: What do they really know about treating women right? I mean, what is he really thinking?

Kevin: Are you gonna ask him what his intentions toward your mother are?

Mariah: Yeah. First chance I get.

Kevin: Mariah, it was one date.

Mariah: Look. Sharon's been hurt, a lot, and she's been through a lot, and she's used to guys like Dylan and nick, traditional family men.

Kevin: Well, since neither of those relationships worked out, maybe your mom needs a new type.

[Cell phone rings]

Kevin: Hello?

Tessa: Well, it's no dream gig, but the lady's rich, like royalty rich. I know, right? And the best part is I get to work in the house, so it's like I'm really close to -- um, I got to go. Bye.

Mariah: Hi, sorry. I -- I didn't mean for you to jump off your phone call. I just, uh... I saw you and I wanted to know how your music's going.

Tessa: Oh, you know, just plugging along, doing my thing. Uh, no worries about the phone call, by the way. I was just talking about some day job I took to get by.

Mariah: Oh, yeah?

Tessa: Yeah. Nikki Newman asked me to be her assistant. Can you believe that? 'Cause I can't.

Mariah: I can't believe that Nikki Newman needs an assistant, considering she doesn't have a job.

Tessa: Well, she's doing some charity thing, yeah. I -- I think she's just lonely, wants some company. The big house seems pretty empty to me, so...

Mariah: Well, I should get going, um, but it was good seeing you again.

Tessa: Again?

Mariah: Yeah, I -- I just saw you at the movies.

Tessa: Oh, uh... oh, I had just seen another movie, so I thought... well, you know how it is.

Mariah: I do, I do. When I was a kid, I snuck into movies all the time. It was kind of my only form of escape, so... you lucked into a good one, though.

Tessa: Yeah, well, confession -- that was the third time I had seen it.

Mariah: The third?

Tessa: Yep! That guitar in the score -- oh, my God, it gets me every time.

Mariah: Yeah, and that naked French guy in the middle of the movie wasn't bad, either. Although, the guy that I went to see it with might have something different to say. Uh, speaking of, Kevin, Tessa. Tessa, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello.

Tessa: Hi. Are you guys a couple?

Mariah: No. Oh, wow. No.

Kevin: Definitely not.

Tessa: Well, good thing that wasn't an awkward question.


Kevin: Mariah and I have a history.

Mariah: Which is why we are going to remain eternally platonic.

Tessa: Mm.

Kevin: My love life is currently a chemical spill. Mariah's waded right into the toxic mess.

Tessa: Ooh, that's one hell of a visual.

Mariah: It's lovely, isn't it?

Tessa: Yeah, well, it sounds like you've got a sound loyalty vibe going on, though.

Kevin: Best friend ever.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Kevin: I am.

Mariah: You?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Well, Victor's been talking about stepping back from the business.

Jack: Victor says a lot of things, and then usually does exactly the opposite.

Nikki: Let's not talk about him.

Jack: Hey. You okay?

Nikki: Oh, things couldn't be better. I'm just not in the mood to rehash the Newman-Abbott feud. It's just been one of those days.

Jack: Anything I can do to make that day better?

Nikki: Oh, my gosh. I didn't know that Sharon and Scott Grainger were friendly.

Jack: Oh. Lauren's son. I met him a long time ago.

Nikki: Can you believe that Victor asked him to write his biography?

Jack: No... I know Scott feels indebted to Victor for saving his life. Well, so much for the objectivity of his true biography. Oh, I can read it now. Chapter 1: Victor Newman -- the man, the genius. Chapter 2: Victor Newman -- the man of every woman's dreams.

Nikki: Well, believe it or not, Scott insisted on editorial independence.

Jack: No kidding. Maybe he should talk to me.

Nikki: Well, come on. Let's go.

Nikki: Well, pardon the interruption, but Jack just mentioned that it's been quite some time since he's seen Scott.

Sharon: Okay, well, while you guys catch up, I'll go powder my nose.

Scott: Sounds good.

Jack: Jack Abbott. We met a long time ago.

Scott: Yeah, I've heard a lot about you in the years since my mom and Michael were married.

Jack: So, I hear you're writing Victor's story. We should talk. I could give you the inside scoop rather than the sanitized version I'm sure he's been feeding you.

Scott: You know, I'd like that.

Jack: Well, we'll make it happen.

Scott: Sounds good.

Jack: I'll be in touch. I'll talk to you later.

Nikki: Bye, Jack.

Scott: Thank you for bringing Jack over. And it was a pleasure running into you.

Nikki: Mm. [Sighs] Well, actually, I'd like to talk to you. About that book...

Phyllis: Jack owned up to it when I walked in on them groping each other, and your mother is all-too-proud...

Michael: Please! Just -- be delicate, all right?

Phyllis: ...Of their friends-with-benefits situation.

Michael: All right, um... [Laughs] Uh, you have convinced me that Jack is otherwise occupied. But Billy...

Phyllis: Was never on my radar. Never. I thought he was making a wonderful life with Victoria and the kids. I had no idea what was going on. I thought it was wonderful, but it turns out, it wasn't that at all. It wasn't what even Billy thought. So now that it seems like he's made his way back to me... there's no reason to stay away. I'm gonna go for it.

Victoria: So that's a yes for dinner? Um, I'll just get my purse...

Billy: Vick. I think we both need a little bit of time. I don't think either one of us are ready for where this was headed. And I think you're right. I think we need more boundaries. We need to set some boundaries. You've got a lot going on right now, which is fine, and I pushed too hard, so...

Victoria: No, you didn't do anything wrong. It's complicated.

Billy: Yeah, which is why I think it's better if we just keep things the way that they are.

Victoria: If... if that's what you want, okay.

Billy: Okay.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: Is there a problem? Because Juliet's idea is solid.

Billy: Is it, or is that just a power play because I didn't jump back in your arms?

Phyllis: Victor always comes out on top.

Jack: This time, he won't have his family backing him up.

Scott: This isn't some general anxiety about the past. What are you trying to hide, Nikki?

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