Y&R Transcript Monday 4/17/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/17/17


Episode # 11150 ~ Nikki reaches her breaking point with Victor; Reed challenges Victoria; Ashley sees Ravi in a new light.

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Billy: This is a sweet ride, man.

Zoey: #Rockstarcar.

Reed: I -- I don't think I could imagine a more incredible birthday present. Mom, this must be why you didn't want to discuss getting me a car, 'cause you knew grandpa was planning on this.

Victoria: Uh, no, honey. I'm just as shocked as you are.

Zoey: Looks like you can take me to Madison for the concert anyway! Your mom can't tell you what to do with your own car. [Giggles]

Reed: Oh! Grandma!

Nikki: Oh! Goodness, what is this for?

Reed: What? The car! I mean, it's from you, too, right?

Nikki: No, honey. That's all your grandfather.

Reed: I -- I think I have the coolest grandfather on the planet. [Laughs]

Zoey: [Giggles]

Victoria: Can I have a word with you?

Nikki: Absolutely.

Abby: Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart.

Abby: Mwah!

Victor: Come in.

Abby: What happened?

Victor: What, here? Little sparring session with your brother, Nicholas.

Abby: Oh. Okay. Well, um, I was at reed's party when I got your message. Nikki said you were tied up with a work thing?

Victor: Yes. Put your coat down, my love.

Abby: Okay.

Victor: And sit down. Um, yeah, I had to do some errands from here. Were you at reed's party when they received my gift?

Abby: Uh, I guess I had already left. But I'm sure it was spectacular.

Victor: Oh, boy, I bet you it made quite a splash.

Abby: [Laughs] I'd expect nothing less.

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: So, did you, uh, want to talk about this whole thing with Chloe?

Victor: [Sighs]

Abby: I am still in shock. She murders Adam, then disappears, then shows back up in town, in this house, even, acting like everything is normal. You must be sick over this.

Victor: I know, sweetheart. But if you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about that right now, okay?

Abby: I'm sorry, I would never want to make you feel worse.

Victor: That's okay. Now, I asked you to come by because I have a request and I hope you won't turn me down.

Juliet: Hockey season's winding down, and this will be our first major promotion with the league, so... sorry about the short notice.

Jordan: It's all good. But this is no notice.

Lily: Uh, Jordan, this woman managed to move here from Tokyo, start a new job, and get this together in less than a week, so please behave yourself.

Jordan: Mm.

Lily: He's a diva, I'm sorry.

Juliet: Good, that makes three of us.

Lily: [Laughs]

Jordan: You said eastern cities?

Juliet: Yes, Philadelphia, new York, and Boston. I'm e-mailing the itinerary now.

Lily: How fun! I've never been to Philadelphia!

Jordan: Philadelphia's cool. Great photo ops. I'll shoot you chowing down on a juicy, giant cheesesteak.

Lily: Yeah, that's probably not gonna happen.

Jordan: How about the liberty bell, then?

Lily: Okay, that I'm loving more.


Juliet: You will love all of it, I'm sure.

Cane: Yeah? What's she loving?

Lily: I'm going to Philly for the hockey tie-in. I'm leaving tonight! [Giggles]

Ravi: I had the best time today.

Ashley: Wasn't it an amazing turnout?

Ravi: You were the hit of the entire conference.

Ashley: No, that's not true. We were. People were gasping, Ravi. They were gasping at your graphics and your animation and your whole a/v component.

Ravi: People are gonna be talking about jabot and Fenmore's.

Ashley: I know! You know what was so great? We were up first, so after we killed it, we had so much time. We could walk around and see what other products were gonna be in the marketplace.

Ravi: Yeah, I know, we got enough free samples to open our own kiosk at the GC mall.

Ashley: It's true. I was kind of into that new Atlanta line, you know, the one with the really, um, aggressive marketing and colorful packaging? Do you know that one?

Ravi: Yeah, yeah, they had a lot of visual appeal, but I don't think they're ever gonna be in the same league as jabot.

Ashley: [Gasps] You are channeling your inner jack. [Laughs] He gets very elitist at these things.

Ravi: Well, in this case, he'd be right. You know, they're all style, no substance. They're marketing themselves as a "first-class makeup at coach prices," but their products are all filled with cheap oil minerals and parabens. Toxic, if you ask me.

Ashley: So, not only are you an expert in computers and operas, but also cosmetic formulations?

Ravi: Well, I'm not an expert like you. I started researching jabot's products months ago. I figured I'm working for a cosmetics business, I should learn as much as I can.

Ashley: So how did we rate, professor?

Ravi: Top of the marketplace. First-grade organic ingredients, cruelty-free, therapeutic, as well as beautifying.

Ashley: As if I needed yet another reason to be so happy that you're on our team, and I'm so happy that I brought you to new York, do you know that?

Ravi: Thank you. There isn't anywhere else I'd rather be. You know, um, I actually got a text earlier from some of my I.T. Guys at jabot. Turns out, our presentation is already trending on some industry sites.

Ashley: Okay. We're officially celebrating. Should we order some drinks and look at some menus?

Ravi: You know, I think I have a better idea. You can be the judge.

Ashley: You want to go to Chinatown?

Ravi: Yeah, I got the hookup to the best Szechuan in the city. Not exactly top of the tower, though.

Ashley: So, what does that mean? Bottom of the basement?

Ravi: Yeah, but the dumplings are legendary! [Moans]

Ashley: That kind of wrecks my plan, though. I was gonna be in a deep sleep in an hour-and-a-half. But obviously you know that my passion for dumplings runs deeper.

Ravi: [Chuckles]

Ashley: Let's go.

Ravi: Let's do it. [Clears throat] You know, we can still get back early. No offense to your car service, but if we take the subway, we can be downtown in 15 minutes.

Ashley: Oh, even in these?

Ravi: Maybe 20.

Ashley: Yeah.

Benjamin: Ashley Abbott.

Ashley: Benjamin Hochman! Wow! How long has it been?

Benjamin: Too long. Way too long. I would have come over and congratulated you after your presentation today, but you were mobbed, deservedly so. You were sensational.

Ashley: Thank you. I didn't know you were gonna be here. Glad you liked it. It was, um, a team effort. Um, Ravi, this is Benjamin Hochman.

Ravi: Hochman industries. I've seen you on a lot of the business shows.

Benjamin: [Chuckles]

Ashley: And, Benjamin, this is Ravi Shapur. He is jabot's software engineer and the phenom behind our new apps and our fabulous a/v from today.

Benjamin: Well done, Ravi.

Ravi: Thank you.

Benjamin: I would love to catch up.

Ashley: Sounds like a great idea.

Benjamin: Yeah, I can't wait to talk to you about this, maybe do some business? After what I saw today, it's very intriguing.

Ashley: Okay, well, we should definitely talk.

Benjamin: Yeah, over dinner, maybe tonight at the new restaurant here. I booked a table. If you're not a guest of the hotel, you have to wait three months on the waiting list.

Ashley: Oh, well, I can't wait three months, I'm starving.

Benjamin: [Laughs] Great. So I'm just gonna go change into something a little bit more casual. Meet you there in 20?

Ashley: Perfect.

Benjamin: All right.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Ravi: No, don't be. He's a power player. Can't pass that up.

Ashley: It's true. His company's a real juggernaut. If we can arrange something with jabot, it could be incredible.

Ravi: Yeah, I have a feeling he's gonna want a more personal arrangement.

Ashley: He's married.

Ravi: Yeah, he wasn't wearing a ring.

Ashley: Well, that's weird.

Ravi: He's recently divorced. Lauren told me when I was working on the Fenmore's app.

Ashley: Oh, really? I'm kidding! I'm sure he can have his pick of all his ex-wife's supermodel frenemies.

Ravi: And yet, he's in new York, having dinner with you. He lit up like a Broadway marquee just now. Who can blame him?

Ashley: That's very sweet. And silly. Um, I'm gonna go get freshened up, and I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Ravi: Okay.

Ashley: Hey, you know what, make sure that you get yourself some dinner, drinks -- get some Broadway tickets, okay? All on jabot. I'll see you.

Ravi: Okay. Bye. [Sighs]

Juliet: As brand ambassador, lily will be dropping celebratory pucks at three different games, one per city. She'll introduce dare body spray to selected players, do key local media, and Jordan will capture videos and stills of the entire thing.

Cane: Oh, you're going, too, huh?

Lily: Yeah, you thought all that was mine?


Jordan: Juliet, thanks for getting me such a bomb deal. The hockey teams, they agreed to use my photos on their websites and social media.

Cane: That's fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, looks like Billy sure did maximize things for such a short trip, huh?

Lily: Uh, not really. This was actually your girl Juliet all the way.

Juliet: Well, Billy made the hockey and approved everything but, yes, guilty. [Laughs]

Reed: [Sniffs] What is that? It's not just that new-car smell.

Billy: That's your first car smell.

Reed: Oh, my god. Look at these controls! I mean, it's sick! It's like a space capsule! I could live in here. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine grandpa doing something like this. He must be the coolest grandfather ever.

Billy: He does know how to pull off a surprise, but I have to admit, this is one of the nicest ones I've ever witnessed.

Kendall: For my 15th birthday, my grandparents gave me plaque-disclosing tablets and a wiggles CD.

Zoey: For real?


Billy: Okay, reed, this is a lot of car, all right? This is a powerful machine for a new driver, so you're gonna have to be extra careful. You got to keep the music at a level where you can hear what's going on around you.

Zoey: Like me asking to stop for an ice-blended, non-fat, sugar-free triple-shot latte.


Reed: No, I promise to be annoyingly cautious. Whatever it takes to keep mom's mind at ease. Even if that means taking defensive driving courses or submitting to a curfew and stopping at every yellow light...

Billy: Those are all good ideas, yeah.

Reed: Guys, do you realize five days a week I'm gonna be taking this car to school?

[Cheering and laughter]

Reed: Whoo!

Zoey: Yes! Whoo!

Victoria: Where does dad get off buying reed a brand-new car? Even if he was a saint for the last 20 years, I'd still want to drive over his foot with it.

Nikki: I'm sure he got an extra thrill out of outsmarting me because I'm the one who banned him from this party. So of course he finds a loophole.

Victoria: And it's a two-fer! He locks in reed worshipping him while undermining me at the same time.

Nikki: This is typical Victor Newman behavior. Manipulative... it's just disrespectful. Ugh!

Victoria: Now I have to clean up this mess. But how am I gonna do it, mom? If I take away the car, I trash all of the progress that I've made with reed. He's gonna resent me even more and form some unbreakable bond with his super-cool grandpa.

Nikki: Yeah, but if you let him keep it, then you're compromising your values and pretty much inviting more power plays from Victor to show you who's really in charge.

Victoria: [Sighs] No matter what I do, I'm gonna lose. And dad knows it.

Abby: You've piqued my curiosity.

Victor: Oh, I have?

Abby: Yes, you want me to start making a bunch of wild guesses? [Laughs]

Victor: Here we go, my love.

Abby: Thank you.

Victor: Well, let me tell you. Your work at Newman enterprises has, uh, impressed me. It has shown that you, more than my other children or grandchildren have a passion, you have a knack for business. You have a good instinct for it. You have far exceeded my expectations. You're an asset to the company.

Abby: I so appreciate you saying that. You have no idea. But I also think that I inherited another one of your qualities -- ambition. And I am not even close to where I want to be at Newman.

Victor: I like to hear that. Very important to set goals. How would you like to be in a position where you are closer to those goals?

Ashley: Hi. I hope this table's okay. It's not too cramped?

Benjamin: How am I supposed to react?

Ashley: I don't know, maybe ask for another table?

Benjamin: We'll discuss it with the lawyers. Thanks for the tip-off. Ciao.

Ashley: [Laughs] I, uh, thought you were talking to me, but you were talking to somebody else.

Benjamin: Sorry, Ashley. [Chuckles] Can I just say that you are the most beautiful woman in the beauty business?

Ashley: Aww. Thank you. I'm sure you say that to all the conference-goers.

Benjamin: Only the most beautiful ones. Let's order some wine, shall we?

Ashley: Okay.

Benjamin: Any preferences?

Ashley: Just so it doesn't come in a box, I'm fine.

Benjamin: Uh, we'll do the '91 Riesling, please. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Okay, now, I need to know, how did you end up in Genoa city not too long ago and you just somehow forgot to call me, hmm?

Benjamin: [Sighs] I do regret that. I came to make a deal with Lauren Fenmore and didn't.

Ashley: I know, I heard that. What went wrong?

Benjamin: I truly had an odd experience at the co-ed sauna in the GC athletic club. [Laughs]

Ashley: Oh, please go on. I think.

Benjamin: Uh, this truly feisty middle-aged socialite type just went on a rant about Fenmore's, and, well, I got kind of spooked and invested elsewhere.

Ashley: Wow. A co-ed sauna.

Benjamin: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Gloria really went for it, and it worked.

Benjamin: Wait. Gloria -- you know that woman?

Ashley: Yeah, we've met. I'm sorry, your loss was our gain. I mean, it's only 49%, but it's been a game-changer for us.

Benjamin: Jabot is on a hot streak, and now with Fenmore's in the family? Well, it makes the concept of co-mingling your considerable assets and mine extra alluring.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Benjamin: Oh. Oh, I got to take this. You know how it is, right?

Ashley: Yeah. I think I do. It won't take long. Uh, would you mind ordering for me? The filet, medium rare, root vegetable medley, and a shrimp Caesar. You're a doll. Yeah. Uh-huh.

Ashley: Oh, just in time. Oh, no, please. Just keep pouring. Just keep pouring. More. That's good. Thank you.

Ravi: [Sighs] Hey. Hey, it's me. I'm in town, short notice. Yeah. Hey, um, you free right now?

[Door opens]

Reed: Hey, Billy, I didn't realize they had such attractive valets here.

Zoey: [Giggles] Get out here, you big wacko, so we can take a selfie with the reedmobile.

Billy: Not that I think you needed help with the girls, but I'm pretty sure the reedmobile is gonna put you up on a bonus level you'll enjoy.

Reed: So, you want a ride to school tomorrow?

Zoey: I thought you'd never ask! [Giggles]

Reed: Oh, Kendall, um, I'm sorry, but legally, I can't have more than one passenger until I'm 18.

Kendall: It's okay. I'm sure I'll get my turn soon.

Nikki: Well, my darling, I'm gonna call it a night.

Reed: All right!

Nikki: Mmm! I love you. Happy birthday.

Reed: Love you, too, grandma. Thank you.

Victoria: Honey, we should be heading home, also, in a minute. I hate to shut the party down so early, but it's a school night, so...

Reed: No problem. I understand.

Victoria: Okay.

Reed: Um, guys. Thank you so much for coming, but it's time to call it a night.

Zoey: Okay.

Reed: I'm gonna drive my new car home.


Billy: You want me to go with reed, or did you want to?

Victoria: No, you two go ahead.

Reed: I can't wait to see everybody's faces tomorrow. It's gonna be so much fun!

Zoey: I know! [Giggles]

Victor: I need people around me that I can trust. And I trust you more than almost anyone else.

Abby: Of course, I mean, you're my dad. I have your back. I always will.

Victor: I'm taking you at your word, okay? I want to appoint you acting chief executive officer of Newman enterprises.

Abby: [Laughing] What?

Victor: I have to go away for a while, and I want the company to be in good hands.

Abby: These hands? My hands?

Victor: These beautiful hands. Does that come as a shock?

Abby: Yeah. [Laughs] I guess I just didn't think that you thought I was ready for the title.

Victor: Did you think I value you less than Victoria?

Abby: Pretty much, yeah.

Victor: Sweetheart, you may be a little younger, you may have less experience, but you have passion, you have a knack for business, and you're loyal. And I appreciate those qualities more than almost anything else.

Abby: Thank you, dad!

Victor: And...

Abby: And yes! Yes! Yes! I -- I promise, I will not let you down. Oh, my god! [Laughs]

Victor: My sweet girl.

Lily: So, are you a hockey fan?

Juliet: No, but I might have to start. Aren't they cute?

Lily: Yes, and the way they move on the ice?

Juliet: Which gives them buns of steel?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Juliet: I so envy you.

Lily: [Laughs] Well, I'm married, so no pinching for me, but you know what they say... there's no calories in eye candy.

Juliet: Ooh!


Lily: Are we allowed to have this much fun? I mean, this could ruin your professional image.

Juliet: So, between that packet and the e-mail files I sent, you should have everything you need, but if I missed anything, just text me, e-mail me, day, night -- doesn't matter.

Lily: Okay. I'm sure I'll be fine.

Juliet: Seriously, I am available 24/7.

Lily: Well, unlike most, I'm low-maintenance, so you don't have to worry.

Juliet: This is my first project at a new job, and I need to prove to Victoria that she made the right call.

Lily: Are you kidding? You did all of this, and it's amazing. It's my job now to go out there and make us both look good.

Juliet: And you will.

Lily: You can count on it. So, text me your top-five players and maybe I'll bring one home for you.

Juliet: Ooh, well, just make sure he's single. Like you said, I have a professional image to uphold.

[Both laugh]

Cane: Yeah, no, I'm still here. No. No message. It's okay, I'll call back. Uh, so Philadelphia, huh? You know, I've always wondered. What's a cheesesteak?

Jordan: Are you for real?

Cane: Uh-huh.

Jordan: A sandwich. It has cheese and steak. Cheesesteak, basically.

Cane: That's it? That's -- interesting...

Jordan: Hey, Cane. Just so you know, I get that it's a little strange sending your wife off to another state with another dude, but you know it's completely not like that, right?

Cane: Yeah, I know that.

Jordan: Something's weirding you out, brother.

Cane: No, no, it's just a general level of weirdness, you know, about trips. Work trips. You know, different cities, different time zones. You know, you drink too much and, you know, just...

Jordan: I'm a little lost here.

Cane: Oh! [Laughs] Don't worry about it, man. I'm just thinking out loud, you know? Just whenever lily goes anywhere away from home, I just kind of worry about her, that's it.

Jordan: Oh, okay. Is this about lily's creepy fan who lost his camera and gained a restraining order?

Cane: Exactly. That's what it's about.

Jordan: I get that.

Cane: He's just lucky I haven't crossed paths with him, you know? But hey -- wherever lily goes, there's always someone just like him.

Jordan: Nothing like that's gonna happen under my watch, all right? Whatever the situation is, I'm keeping her close to me. No worries, all right?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, man. No worries. That's great. Thanks for that.

Benjamin: Sorry about that. You know how these conferences are -- schmooze all day, calls all evening. That's enough of this shop-talk stuff, right? What's going on in your life?

Ashley: Well, my shop keeps me so busy, I don't really have time for a personal life.

Benjamin: Really? So, not doing too much in the way of dating?

Ashley: Well, I'm dating-ish, but I'm definitely single.

Benjamin: Oh. Remarkable coincidence. Me, too. Divorce finalized. Wounds licked. I'm ready to give it another shot.

Ashley: Well, I've been there once or twice myself, and I've always found it takes more of an adjustment than you think.

Benjamin: Yes, but some people are easier to adjust to than others. Especially when they're only a mere 70 miles away from me in Chicago and as charming as you.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Benjamin: [Sighs] Sorry, I -- I just need to do a quick text reply. Done. What were we discussing?

Ashley: Um...something about us being miles apart.

Ravi: It's so good to see you guys!

Chad: Good to see you!

Harper: Oh, my gosh, look at that hot suit! What, did you move to Wisconsin and become a style icon, Rav?

Chad: While I schlep around the fashion capital of America dressed like this.

Ravi: Well, thank you. Shall we sit?

Harper: Yeah.

Chad: Definitely.

Harper: Ooh!

Chad: This place is nice!

Ravi: Fancy enough for you?

Chad: Oh, yeah, I had to wear a vest this time.


Harper: Oh!

Ravi: French champagne, just as promised. Let's dive in.

Chad: Wow, thanks!

Ravi: Oh, don't thank me. Thank my boss, Ashley. She said I could put it all on the company card.

Harper: Nice! Mine actually makes the rounds to collect for water-cooler use.

Ravi: [Laughs] No, I got really lucky. Ashley's incredibly special.

Harper: [Gasps] You're into her.

Chad: Ooh!

Ravi: No. No, I wouldn't say that. Okay, I am, but there's nothing going on because office romance is so not my jam, and also, you know, we're becoming really good friends, and that's -- that's totally cool.

Chad: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Harper: Mm-hmm.

Chad: So, two things. One, you're still a horrible liar, and two, go for it, Ravi baby!

Ravi: She's not interested. We could have been having dumplings downtown right now, but she's having dinner with some cheesy but eligible billionaire. She's slightly older. He's more her age, so... okay, now -- now I'm talking about Ashley way too much. Let's get back to us! So great to see you guys!

Harper: Mm-hmm, it's really good to see you.

Ravi: Who says the tech bubble burst?


Chad: Yeah!

Ravi: To living the dream!

Reed: Wow. I cannot believe that car. My car! I love saying it! Oh, and it handled so amazingly!

Billy: He drove safe, Vick, at the speed limit. He knows what he's doing.

Reed: Mom, what's wrong?

Victoria: I just wanted you to have the best birthday ever.

Reed: Are you kidding me?

Victoria: It kills me to do this, and I'm really sorry, reed, but you can't keep the car.

Reed: What?

Benjamin: So, how's your new York schedule? Any wiggle room?

Ashley: Not too much. I'm gonna see my sister, and I got tickets to the met.

Benjamin: Well, if you're able to squeeze me in, I have a standing rez at the hottest French place on the upper east side.

Ashley: That's nice of you, but --

[Cell phone vibrates]

Benjamin: Hold that thought. [Sighs] Wait, you just texted me to cancel your order?

Ashley: Somebody knows his emoticons. Good night, Benjamin.

Harper: It really does.

Ravi: Ashley?

Ashley: Hi!

Ravi: Hey, uh, what -- what happened to your dinner?

Ashley: I canceled it. I'll tell you about it later. It's a long story, and you've got plans.

Ravi: Oh, these are my friends, Chad and Harper. Hey, guys, this is my boss, Ashley.

Chad: You didn't say she put every supermodel to shame.

Ashley: I really like your friends.

Ravi: Me, too.

Ashley: Do you mind if I join you?

Harper: Please!

Ashley: I could use a drink.

Ravi: Not at all.

Chad: Yeah. Welcome.

Ashley: Thanks. May I?

Ravi: Take mine.

Ashley: Thanks.

Ravi: Of course.

Ashley: Cheers.

Harper: Cheers.

Victoria: Reed...

Reed: It's my car! I'm keeping it! She can't do this! Billy, will you tell her?

Victoria: I told you you weren't getting your own car, and you said you were okay with it.

Reed: That was before I saw one with a big bow...

Victoria: You said you didn't want to look like a spoiled rich kid, do you remember?

Reed: Maybe I just have a very generous grandfather!

Victoria: It's not an appropriate gift.

Reed: [Stammering] I'll be responsible! You can trust me! Billy already said that I'm a good driver!

Billy: He really is.

Reed: Mom, we need another car. I can help you with errands and with the kids, and... and I won't use it without permission. And... and... mom, you can trust me.

Victoria: I do, sweetie. I do. It's not that.

Reed: Then what is it?

Victoria: You should have never been given that car without my consent. Your grandfather is the irresponsible one here.

Reed: Then why I am being punished?

Victoria: I'm sorry, honey. I feel awful about this. I really do, but my decision is final.

Reed: I just had one of the best nights of my life, and you ruined it.

Billy: Well, this is ripping you up. You haven't been yourself all day.

Victoria: Don't, Billy...

Billy: Why don't you tell me what's going? Because this is more than about a car, so maybe we can salvage the night for reed and for you.

Nikki: Oh. Hello, you two.

Abby: Hi.

Nikki: What happened there?

Abby: Um, dad and nick were sparring. I guess dad's mind wandered. But I was just leaving, um...

Nikki: Oh!

Abby: So good to see you, Nikki.

Nikki: Good to see you. Good night.

Abby: Have a good night. Bye, dad. Thank you again. Mwah!

Victor: Bye, my sweetheart. Okay.

Abby: Good night!

Victor: Good night.

[Door closes]

Nikki: What's she thanking you for?

Victor: For a new position at Newman enterprises.

Nikki: Of course. A way to assure her loyalty since you have alienated your other children, apparently seriously enough for Nicholas to do that.

Victor: I simply asked him to give me his best shot.

Nikki: I doubt that one punch in the face can begin to make up for what you've done. After what you pulled tonight, I feel like hitting you myself.

Victor: You talking about reed's party, or what?

Nikki: You used that boy's birthday to stab Victoria in the back. Just admit it.

Victor: I did no such thing.

Nikki: Oh, go to hell, you lying son of a bitch.

Ravi: So good to see you guys.

Harper: I think she likes you.

Ravi: See you guys later! [Clears throat]

Ashley: Your friends are great, especially after that aborted dinner I fled.

Ravi: Yeah. Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what happened?

Ashley: Well, Benjamin was more interested in taking and texting calls than he was in me. I was kind of an afterthought.

Ravi: Benjamin is a rich idiot.

Ashley: And I was an idiot for blowing you off.

Ravi: Don't worry about it.

Ashley: It was totally stupid for a lot of reasons, but you know what, the worst was I never got to eat. I would kill for one of those dumplings.

Ravi: They're open until 4:00.

Ashley: Oh! I'm so tempted. Tomorrow, though, is jam-packed and it's gonna be a really early one. I think it's better if I just go to my room and order some room service, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Ravi: Sounds good. See you in the morning.

Ashley: Okay. By the way, thanks again. You were great today. Sweet dreams.

Ravi: You, too.

Victor: Okay, now that you've gotten rid of all of your venom, you better listen. You told me I wasn't welcome at my grandson's birthday party. You think I want him to believe that I forgot his birthday?

Nikki: It was obvious what you were doing.

Victoria: I ordered that car weeks ago!

Nikki: Oh, I don't believe that for a minute!

Victor: I don't give a damn whether you believe it or not! I bought the same kind of car for Noah! What the hell's wrong with it?

Nikki: What's wrong with it, this had nothing to do with reed! You were sending a message to Victoria and basically saying, "I will not be ignored, watch me toy with you!"

Victor: It's a damn car!

Nikki: No! It was retaliation. Apparently, she's the enemy now, even though you're the one who broke her heart with your deceit. You just make me sick!

Billy: Will you look at me, please? I'm trying to help.

Victoria: I explained my position as clearly as I can. End of story.

Billy: All right, well, maybe if you cool down a little bit, you'll reconsider. My opinion, I think reed's ready for this. I think he should keep it.

Victoria: Okay, well, noted. But you're not his father, so you don't get a vote. And if you want to my father's side on this, that's up to you.

Billy: I just don't think you should punish reed because you're mad at your father. You know, maybe just once, Victor's trying to do something nice.

Victoria: Yeah, he's trying to buy reed's loyalty.

Billy: Well, that's what he does, right? Even with his family members. Including you.

Victoria: How dare you say that to me!

Billy: It's not a dig! I'm just saying. That's Victor's mantra, right? Money buys happiness. You can tell by reed's face, Victor got a bargain.

Victoria: Well, I'm glad that you think this is so funny, because I'm not laughing! My father put me in an awful position, just like he planned!

Billy: You think he did this to spite you? Why do you think that?

Jordan: Meet you at the limo, lily! Thanks again, Juliet! Later, Cane.

Cane: See ya, man.

Lily: I'm getting excited!

Juliet: Save some of that excitement for Philly!

Lily: I will.

Juliet: Have a great trip.

Lily: Thank you. I'll send you constant updates.

Juliet: And I will text you way too often.

Lily: [Laughs] Perfect.

Cane: All right, baby. You be safe, all right? And you have fun. But don't have too much fun.

Lily: Okay, I won't do anything you wouldn't do. [Laughs] Bye, guys.

Cane: Bye, baby. So, uh... why are you sending her on a trip right now?

Juliet: Hockey season is already in playoffs. It was either now or our deal doesn't do much for us until autumn.

Cane: Really? That's it? This has nothing to do with what happened between you and me in Japan?

Juliet: You are being ridiculous.

Cane: Am I, really? Okay. So you didn't book this trip because you feel uncomfortable around my wife?

Juliet: I love lily. We get along great. The only one uncomfortable is you.

Cane: That's right, I'm uncomfortable because I feel guilty about what happened.

Juliet: Please, just get past it. We drank too much and we had sex, okay? We were impaired, and so was our judgment, and things happened. I can't change that, okay, but I'm not about to broadcast it.

Cane: I didn't say that you were.

Juliet: You know, I just started this job, and I would like to keep it and to be able to work with you like before.

Cane: I would like to do that, too, but I just don't know how to do it.

Juliet: You know, it's only an issue if you make it one.

Cane: Okay.

Juliet: It was a meaningless unplanned hookup, best forgotten. You know, I'd hate to think that I moved out here for a job working with you only to have you constantly make me feel bad about what happened in Tokyo.

Cane: That's not my intention. I don't want to do that to you.

Juliet: I hope not.

Cane: I'll do my best to forget that it ever happened, okay?

Nikki: Faith isn't in her room. Where is she?

Victor: Her father came by, packed her things, and they moved out.

Nikki: Well, good for Nicholas.

Victor: Though it's not good for her, okay? She was happy here.

Nikki: Was is right. She's too smart to be oblivious to the situation. She would be upset and she would have questions. We would answer her, that would make her even more upset. So this is the best thing, especially for you.

Victor: Don't you tell me what's best for me. I adore that girl, I miss her already! But I guess that's the kind of punishment you and Nicholas and Victoria want to inflict upon me!

Nikki: You know what? Victim's not a good color on you.

Victor: You're damn right it isn't. Do you think I'm supposed to be so grateful that you are not sending me back to prison, that I will allow you to poison my relationship with Abby and my grandchildren? Think again!

Billy: Well, I know the problem is Victor -- you basically said it -- so why don't you tell me what's going on? Come on, you'll feel better. Did he pick a fight with you today?

Victoria: It's none of your business.

Billy: Technically, I know that, but I'd still like to help.

Victoria: Am I not being clear? I'm not interested in your opinion.

Billy: Vick, don't do this. Come on. Please, we finally got to a good place, and it took us a long time to get here.

Victoria: I think you should just go.

Billy: Are you kicking me out?

Victoria: I just can't deal with this right now.

Billy: I know.

Victoria: No, I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about you harassing me. I just -- I can't take any more of it tonight. So I think you should just go.

Billy: Whatever.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Scott: Are you free tonight?

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Scott: Say yes, and you'll find out.

Reed: Mom and I were getting along so well! What's wrong with her?

Victoria: Where's Dad?

Abby: Out of town! And you'll never guess what he did before he left.

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