Y&R Transcript Friday 4/14/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/14/17


Episode # 11149 ~ Victor refuses to give up; Victoria pushes Billy away; Jack tries to create a secret alliance.

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Nikki: Well, not as far as the world knows, but they're never gonna know. Emotionally, I have already separated myself from your father. And I told him personally we are living separate lives.

Victoria: You know, nick and I didn't think you'd be able to do it.

Nikki: I'm not going to forgive Victor this time. He lost his right to be a member of this family the minute he brought Chloe back to town. And of course, he's not invited tonight. I made that very clear.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nikki: So, you, Nicholas, and I -- we're still together on this, right? Because we need to be a united front.

Victoria: Dad set Adam's death in motion. He can't get away with it. I'm with you, mom.

Nikki: I do worry about your brother, though. I think it's gonna be hard for him to keep this from Chelsea.

Victoria: Nick understands what's at stake. He's as angry and disillusioned as we are.

Nikki: Yeah, but that could make it even harder for him to keep a secret. It could drive him to lash out.

Nikki: Mom, nick knows how to separate himself from dad better than any of us. He's gonna do it again.

Nikki: Well, that's good, because as long as we are together, we will get through this.

Victoria: You were right, telling dad that he couldn't come tonight. But you know he's not one for playing by the rules, so as much as we try to shut him out, he's not gonna just lie down and take it. You know that.

Faith: Grandpa, are you okay?

Victor: I'm okay, okay? I'm okay.

Nick: Faith, there's nothing to worry about, all right? Every-- it's okay.

Faith: Then why did you hit grandpa?

Phyllis: [Gasps, chuckles]

Noah: Five more years, I'll make you the real thing, all right?

Reed: All right.

Noah: This one's for you.

Tessa: Ah, the perks of being legal. Thank you.

Noah: So, are you going to serenade the birthday boy at his party?

Tessa: Oh, no, no. Reed's the star of the show tonight. I'd be lost in the shadows.

Noah: Mm... how about a duet?

Reed: Oh, man. I'd be down for that if you are.

Tessa: No, no. [Chuckles] No, the crowd's gonna be here just for you. I think I see some of your biggest fans here already. What are you waiting for?

Reed: Um... I'll be right back.

Noah: Yeah. Sure you will.

Reed: Hey, you made it.

Zoey: Of course. This is for you.

Reed: Thank you. That's awesome.

Kendall: This one's from me.

Reed: Thank you.

Zoey: Later this week, we should have a private celebration.

Reed: Sure, uh...

Nikki: I promise you, Victor knows better than to show up here tonight. He got that message loud and clear.

Victoria: Okay, good, because I really -- I'm stressed enough as it is. Birthday parties used to be so much simpler when it was just about birthday cakes and goodie bags. You know, mom, Reed is starting to like me again, so I want tonight to be perfect. [Sighs] It's gonna be hard to pull that off.

Nikki: [Sighs] Well, keeping Billy and Abby in the dark will be a challenge, but that's the way it has to be. You know that.

Victoria: Yes, I know that. I do. It's just that Billy and I are getting along, and now I have to keep this from him after all the arguments we've had about secrets and lies.

Nikki: If Billy were to find out that it was because of Victor that Chloe was able to get anywhere near Adam --

Victoria: I know. It would be a disaster if Billy ever had that ammunition.

Billy: Uh-oh. What am I interrupting?

Nikki: [Chuckles]

[Lock disengages, door opens]

Kevin: Whoa!

Phyllis: [Exclaims]

Kevin: Sorry, sorry! Oh, yikes. Sorry.

Sharon: Subsequent analysis indicates... oh!

Jack: Oh. I didn't see. I --

Sharon: Hi, jack.

Jack: New album?

Sharon: No, no. This is, um, Tuesday's psych lecture. How are you doing?

Jack: I don't even know. Given the news that Chloe killed Adam?

Sharon: Yeah. It's, um -- it's really awful. I'm sorry. I know that you and Adam were close.

Jack: Yeah. You were, too.

Sharon: And I worked with Chloe. You know, she and I even talked about mental illness and recovery, and if there was anyone who should have seen the signs --

Jack: No, no one suspected anything -- not Kevin, not Chelsea, not anyone in Chloe's orbit.

Sharon: Unfortunately, no. And it's opened up a lot of old wounds. You know, you and Chelsea and I were the only people to really...get close to Adam. I mean, there was Victor, of course.

Jack: Well, don't give him any pity. His idea of close is framing his son for a murder he didn't commit, all in the name of family loyalty. Please.

Sharon: He just found out that his son's death wasn't an accident. He was murdered. He's got to be devastated, so I-I still feel for him.

Jack: I don't. He's been tormenting his kids for decades, and Adam got the worst of it. If Victor is suffering, I'll thank the gods of karma.

Nick: Your grandpa and I were just messing around.

Victor: Daddy was just throwing a right cross, okay? The one I taught him.

Faith: But you're not wearing boxing gloves.

Victor: Don't you worry. I'm not -- I'm not hurt, okay? I'm all right.

Nick: Yeah, it's okay. Everyone's all right.

Faith: I didn't think you'd want to hurt grandpa.

Nick: Of course not. That's not who I am. I don't hurt people on purpose, especially our family.

Victor: I've got to get cleaned up, okay, my sweet?

Faith: I made a mess.

Nick: Hey, don't worry about that, okay? Um... right now, we need to have a serious talk.

Nikki: It's so good you could be here for Reed.

Billy: I'm sorry. I still feel like I walked in on something.

Nikki: Oh, no. [Chuckling] I-I was just worried if the decorations were mature enough for a teenager. It's been a while since I've had one in my life. Will you excuse me? Victoria, can you come into the kitchen with me and --

Billy: Before you go, do you mind? Uh, can I have a second?

Victoria: Sure. Go ahead, mom. I'll...

Nikki: Okay.

Billy: You want to tell me what's going on with your mom?

Victoria: She's fine.

Billy: Okay. We'll go with that. You want to tell me what's going on with you?

Victoria: I'm fine, too.

Billy: Okay. We're not gonna go with that, because I don't buy it. You didn't show up at reed's driving test, which is basically the only thing that's a little bit less important than his guitar, and you didn't show up for work.

Victoria: I just -- I had some -- some things that I needed to deal with.

Billy: Does it have to do with Adam and Chloe? Vick, is that why you're putting distance between us?

Victoria: What? No.

Billy: Come on. I'm not gonna pretend that I didn't want Adam dead at one point, too. So, is that what this is about? Do you think that I knew about Chloe?

Nikki: Unfortunately, your father had to work late tonight, and you know how much he loves family events. It's probably killing him not to be here.

Abby: Yeah, it's -- that's just strange. I didn't realize dad had anything on the calendar for this evening.

Nikki: I think it was a last-minute thing. Excuse me. I'm -- I think the guests need some more provisions.

Abby: Okay.

Nikki: I'll be back.

Tessa: That is one happy kid.

Noah: [Chuckles] Yeah. What about you? Do you have any groupies yet?

Tessa: Oh, actually, they're waiting outside. But I told them tonight's all about Reed, so...

Noah: Oh, that's nice of you.

Tessa: Yeah. I do have some regulars when I play at crimson lights.

Noah: Really?

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Lucky them.

Tessa: Well, I just try to play the music they want or what I think they need. I watch their faces. And certain songs mean something to them, and they don't tell me, and I don't ask why, but the look in their eyes -- it's just as good as the money they give.

Noah: So, that's why you do it? Their faces? Not the fame or the riches? The glory?

Tessa: Would I turn any of that down? No, but I don't have a label to support me... or an album to sell.

Noah: Well, maybe you will someday soon.

Tessa: Till then, I have my guitar and the music in my head. Without them, I don't know what I would do.

Nikki: Tessa, I'm so glad you could make it. Hi, sweetie.

Noah: Hi.

Tessa: Well, I had to come toast my star pupil.

Nikki: Oh, well, he's your only pupil, but that's sweet.

Tessa: True. [Chuckles]

Nikki: I love listening to his lessons in the house. And by the way, the front door is always open if you want to practice on your own.

Tessa: I wouldn't want to wear out my welcome.

Nikki: Oh, nonsense. The house needs more music.

Noah: Maybe grandpa will pick up an instrument, join the family band.

Nikki: That'll never happen. I -- your grandfather, um... I think he's just too impatient to learn anything new, so... he loses out on that. [Chuckles] Excuse me.

Tessa: Does Nikki seem tense to you?

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: I wonder what's up.

Kevin: I should have knocked. I mean, that's what people do. They knock. Normally. I just needed to get away from Gloria, so I thought I'd come here, which seemed like a good idea except it wasn't. It was a very bad idea.

Scott: It's fine, Kevin. No harm done, man.

Kevin: Great. Good. Okay. I'm gonna go.

Scott: No, no, no. Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay. See, look? It's all good. All good.

Phyllis: You don't have to go anywhere. I'm sorry about Chloe.

Kevin: Oh, thanks. Me, too. Is Michael here? That would be a "no." Never mind.

Scott: So, Mom and Michael, uh, went to Chicago for the night.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah.

Phyllis: I need to be somewhere. Kevin, you take care of yourself, all right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Phyllis: Scott, thank you for the drink.

Scott: You're welcome. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Thank you very much.

Scott: I'll be right back.

Kevin: Okay.

Scott: What just happened?

Phyllis: Not so sure, but, um, I'm beginning to think Lauren wasn't so wrong about giving you a chance.

Scott: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: [Giggles]

Scott: Whoa.

Nick: Look, I know, uh, it's fun living with your grandparents. But that move was never meant to be permanent. And it's time you come home. You know, you should be living with me or with your mom, the way things should be.

Faith: Why now?

Nick: Well, you moved in with your grandparents because your mom and I were fighting all the time, right? Well, we're not doing that anymore. You know, things have changed, and there's no reason for you to not be where you belong.

Faith: But if I leave, grandpa will be lonely.

Nick: Well, your grandpa can take care of himself. It's time to get things back to normal. So, you're gonna go pack up all your things. You're moving home tonight.

Billy: If you think I had something to do with Chloe going after Adam, I get that. Look, I hated the guy. I wanted him to pay for what he did -- taking Delia away from us. That is no secret.

Victoria: Okay. I know that you didn't work with Chloe. That's not who you are. You would never put people in danger just so that you could get revenge. I know that, Billy.

Billy: Okay, well, I appreciate that, and I'm glad you know that. So, why don't you tell me what is going on?

Victoria: You know what you're doing right now? You're imagining things, and I don't have time to humor you. So, would you please come and help me get reed's gift? Because tonight, the only thing that matters is making this the best party ever.

Noah: Where were we?

Tessa: Uh...

Noah: Right, my grandmother.

Tessa: Yes. I don't really know her that well.

Noah: Well, sometimes it's better than being too close. If you think something's bothering her, the best thing to do is just ask. Hey, grandma.

Nikki: Hey.

Noah: Is everything okay?

Nikki: What? With me? Of course. I'm fine. I-I'm a little preoccupied. It's the control freak in me. It comes out at parties and big events.

Noah: Well, reed's having a blast. Why don't you take a break? I'll make you an iced tea, and we can talk about Tessa's future albums.

Nikki: Really? Well, that's an interesting prospect.

Tessa: Well, there's no album, but thank you.

Noah: No reason not to plan ahead. Uh, what would you call it?

Tessa: [Sighs] Um... "wanderlust" feels good. I'm always wandering in my mind, in the music. Wow, that sounds so pretentious. [Chuckles]

Nikki: I think it sounds lovely.

Noah: But that's just a metaphor, though, right? You're not planning on leaving Genoa city anytime soon, are you? Hold that thought. I got an empty glass I need to fill.

Zoey: You have to play.

Reed: I don't know. The machine head's busted, so I don't know if my guitar will survive. Tessa already had to tweak it for my lesson. Plus, I mean, playing at my own party kind of seems like it'd come off like a big ego trip.

Kendall: No way. Everyone here cares about you, which means they want to hear you play. I'm right. Just watch.

Reed: What are you doing?

Kendall: Hey, everybody!

All: [Chanting] Reed! Reed! Reed! Reed! Reed! Reed!

Kendall: You don't have a choice now.

[Chanting continues]

Reed: What do you think?

Zoey: There's nothing hotter than a cute guy playing guitar.

[Chanting continues]

[Cheers and applause]

Reed: Now, I can't make any promises about my guitar. Nor can I about my playing. But --

Victoria: Excuse me.

Reed: Mom, what are you doing?

Victoria: I think you forgot this.

Reed: Is -- is this for me?

Victoria: Yes. Happy birthday.

Reed: [Chuckles] Mom, this is the one that I've been wanting.

Victoria: Is it? Good. Billy helped me pick it out.

Reed: Thank you so much.

Victoria: You're welcome. Oh!

Billy: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's hear it.

[Cheers and applause]

[Chord plays]

Reed: [Chuckles]

[Guitar plays]

[Cheers and applause]

Reed: Thank you. The guitar's amazing.

Victoria: You're amazing.

Reed: Oh, my God. This is the best night ever. You're the coolest mom ever. And, Billy, thank you so much. I mean, it's insane.

Billy: No, no, it's all your mom. She wanted you to have an axe equal to your talent. She's proud of you.

Victoria: So proud of you. Go ahead. Your fans are waiting over there.

Billy: Well, you just made a teenager very happy tonight.

Victoria: Yeah, well, he's gonna be a man before we know it.

Billy: Oh, come on. He's still a kid now. Enjoy it while you can.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: What was that?

Victoria: I still don't know how I feel about Zoey.

Billy: Okay, you're officially right now the best mom ever, so don't ruin it by hovering.

Victoria: My instincts tell me that this girl is nothing but trouble, okay?

Billy: Trouble how? He likes her. She obviously likes him.

Victoria: It's just something about this one. How do I keep Reed from getting hurt?

Billy: You start falling into Victor territory when you talk like that.

Victoria: You know what? Any time I say something that you don't agree with, suddenly I'm my father. Well, guess what? I'm nothing like my father, okay?

Victor: You got one shot at me, son. And I promise you you're not gonna get another. Where's faith?

Nick: She's upstairs packing. She's moving home tonight.

Victor: So you took another shot at me. Uh-huh. You promised faith that she could stay here. She loves it here. Now you're going back on your word.

Nick: I'm her father. That's my call.

Victor: So you're taking your anger out on your own child?

Nick: Seriously? The reason we're in this mess is 'cause you did the exact same thing to Adam.

Victor: As if you give a damn.

Kevin: I keep going over every single moment with Chloe, every lie she must have told me, every sign that went right over my head. I thought we'd got back everything we lost. Now I don't know if any of it was ever real. Did she ever love me?

Scott: Hey. Looked like love from where I stood.

Kevin: Well, it was for me. Always. [Sighs] And the worst part is, I still love her. The phone rings, and I think it's Chloe. I hope it's Chloe. I even tried to track her down.

Scott: Any leads?

Kevin: No. She lived with me too long. She knows how to cover up her cyber footprint. [Scoffs] I just need to accept I'm never gonna see her again.

Scott: Hey. Look, I'm sorry, man.

Kevin: I should've known. I should've. Hey, I'm sorry, man. I just have to ask. You and Phyllis?! What the hell!

Scott: [Chuckles]

Sharon: I can certainly understand why you would feel this is karmic payback for Victor.

Jack: Someone recently reminded me that certain people need to be punished. Somehow Victor never suffers.

Sharon: Not that you haven't tried over the years.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I am entitled to revenge. I have earned that right 10 times over.

Sharon: Well, you said it yourself. Isn't it enough for you to know what Victor is suffering right now?

Jack: For all the crimes Victor has committed, he has not paid nearly enough.

Phyllis: Well, I'd drink to that. I say let the bastard burn.

Jack: Well, I'm glad to see your hatred for Victor hasn't abated.

Phyllis: Oh, I just stuff it down really deep, just like you have.

Jack: And then times like this happen, and it comes right back up.

Phyllis: Uh, I'll be going to my grave wanting revenge on that man for what he did to me, to us.

Jack: Wow. You have a lot more fight in you than you had the last time we spoke.

Phyllis: Well, any mention of Victor, it sends a shiver of anticipation my way.

Sharon: Honestly, you two.

Phyllis: Do not tell me that you are on team Victor.

Jack: Sharon has a newfound sympathy for the mustache.

Phyllis: Oh! Okay. So I see you are buying into the kinder, gentler Victor act, which I am so glad that I am not around to see in person.

Jack: Tell me something. Does this change of heart have anything to do with the fact that Victor is now holding your daughter hostage at the ranch?

Sharon: That's not true. Faith is staying at the main house because she couldn't bear to hear nick and I fighting all the time anymore, and we're allowing it for now.

Phyllis: You're not the least bit worried that he will warp her mind?

Jack: If he hasn't already?

Sharon: I think that Victor and faith are good for each other. He's amazing with her, and she adores him.

Jack: Wow.

Phyllis: We need to get her de-programmed as soon as possible.

Sharon: I'm her mother. I wouldn't do anything that I didn't feel was healthy for her. But you two go on assuming you know better than I do.

Phyllis: Okay. Obviously we hit a nerve.

Sharon: Not with me. I am calm. It's you two. You two are willing to find anything you can to go back to war with Victor. And how did that work out for you last time? Or the time before that?

Phyllis: Just because we failed before does not mean that we give up. And I am not surrendering to Victor. Why should we?

Jack: Why, indeed?

Reed: The guitar is totally insane. I cannot believe that he got that for me.

Abby: Ah, young love.

Billy: Is that what they call it? I thought kids just hang out nowadays.

Abby: He looks so happy. That is not the same boy who hopped on a bus to Genoa city without telling a soul.

Billy: Yeah, he's coming into his own. What about the rest of the room? Is it just me, or do you get a little bit of a weird vibe?

Abby: Yeah, I noticed that Nikki was on edge.

Billy: Yeah, seems like it's going around.

Abby: Well, it is a Newman party. But no one's running out in tears. The place isn't on fire. All in all, it counts as a success.

Billy: That it does.

Victoria: Hi, girls. I'm so glad you could make it. I love your outfit. You look very cute. Can I get you girls anything to eat?

Zoey: No, we're fine.

Kendall: The music was great. Just like our own private concert.

Victoria: I know. I agree.

Reed: Speaking of concerts, um, can I borrow the car next weekend? There's a show that I want to take Zoey to in Madison.

Victoria: Wow. Uh, Madison's pretty far away, honey, and you just passed your driver's test.

Zoey: My sister's been driving to Madison for her dance lessons since the day she got her license.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure your sister's lessons were during the day. And there could be drunk drivers on the road after the concert. I'm sorry, honey. It's just not safe. Maybe after you get a little more experience, okay?

Reed: I guess we'll just have to do something closer to home. Mom, can I talk to you for a second?

Victoria: I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna change my mind, okay?

Reed: I'm not asking you to. And I'm not mad, either. It's just couldn't you have said that you needed the car or something rather than making me look like a child in front of them?

Victoria: I'm sorry. Oh, gosh. You're right. I made a mistake.

Reed: And I really hope that it is because Madison's too far and not because of Zoey. You really do need to give her a chance.

Billy: Well, Nikki, I have to give it to you, you know. I always knew that you could throw a gala for 100 millionaires, but I didn't know you were so hip to the next generation.

Nikki: Oh, yes. I am totally hip and down with it. [Laughs]

Billy: Vick seems a little stressed out tonight. Have you noticed anything?

Nikki: Um, probably just a little mom anxiety. You can blame me. It's genetic. And this could very well be the last party that Reed allows Victoria to throw him.

Billy: Um, I hear you. It just seems like there's more going on than I know about. Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Nikki: Ooh, Billy, have you met Tessa? Tessa is reed's new music teacher.

Billy: I have not. This is the famous Tessa. Nice to meet you. Reed says you're the best.

Noah: Yeah, Tessa here, she lives and breathes the music. We were just talking about her entire career.

Billy: Wow. No pressure there.

Noah: She was thinking of "wanderlust" for her first album. What do you think?

Tessa: All right, all right. This is getting out of hand.

Noah: I see empty glasses that I got to fill. Sorry. One second.

Nikki: Excuse me.

Billy: So what's out of hand? That cool career planning thing?

Tessa: Considering my own regular gig is outside a coffee shop.

Billy: Yeah, well, there's one way to get heard is I guess you could just cut an album.

Tessa: Oh, yeah. I heard those are free, right? I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Billy: Is that what's stopping you? Financing?

Tessa: That and, uh, I-I don't have a title.

Billy: Well, maybe you'll be blind-sided by one. Leave it up to fate. Hey, there's a good title.

Tessa: "Up to fate" is pretty much my life philosophy at this point.

Billy: Not everybody can let go.

Tessa: Sad for them.

Billy: Yeah, it is.

Noah: Don't do that.

Nikki: What? I can clean a table, Noah.

Noah: And I appreciate that, but I don't need you to spill a drink on your dress, okay?

Nikki: Forget about that. Why haven't you asked Tessa out?

Noah: Grandma, I...

Nikki: I'm sorry. It's just a question. I-I mean, you two seem to get along, unless you feel that you're not ready to date after Marisa. Then I won't push it.

Noah: I guess I'm a little worried that, uh, I'm not gonna have the same connection with anyone else. And that if I do decide to go on a date, that, um, maybe it'll be a letdown for both of us.

Nikki: I can understand why you would feel that way, but you can't let yourself get into the trap of thinking that you can't date anybody else, because then you just cut yourself off from a wealth of so many people. Honey, sometimes it's just better to move on. Accept it for the gift that it is, okay? Don't worry about it.

Victor: You know, going back on your promise with faith is gonna put a distance between the two of you. This is where she feels safe.

Nick: I won't have you influencing my daughter anymore. She's been here too long as it is. You might as well just stay away from Chelsea and Connor, too.

Victor: How I deal with my daughter-in-law and my grandson is none of your business.

Nick: You're the reason Connor's dad is dead.

Victor: That's a lie.

Nick: You've set it all in motion, dad. You're just lucky Chelsea doesn't know about any of this, or you would never see Connor again. But I do know, so don't plan on spending any time with Christian.

Victor: Oh.

You are going to protect Christian from me?

Nick: You put Christian's uncle in prison for no reason other than your own ego. Why would I want my son to be around you? At this point, he barely knows you. I wish it would stay like that forever.

Victor: I'm his grandfather. Nothing will change that. As nothing will change the fact that I'm your father.

Nick: As far as my kids go, you don't deserve to know them. I'm gonna get my daughter and take her home.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Yeah? Um, yes. Go ahead as planned. Thank you. [Sighs]

Kendall: I just want to say don't feel bad about not letting Reed drive to Madison. I did this presentation at school on distracted driving.

Victoria: Oh. You did?

Kendall: Texting, eating, talking. Teens are way more likely to get into an accident during the first three months after they get their license. You made the right call.

Victoria: Thank you. I appreciate that. And good for you for getting involved in such an important cause.

Kendall: Kids at school think I'm a downer, but hey, nothing's worth going to the E.R. For, not even a concert.

Victoria: I agree. My son is really lucky to have a friend like you.

Noah: We keep getting interrupted.

Tessa: Work will do that.

Noah: Well, maybe we should hang out sometime when I'm not at work.

Tessa: Really? You're allowed to leave this place?

Noah: Very rare occasions, yeah. But, you know, there are places in Genoa city that are just as cool as this spot.

Tessa: No way.

Noah: I'll show you.

Tessa: [Laughs] Yeah, I guess you will.

Noah: [Chuckles]

Tessa: What's so funny?

Noah: Um, nothing. I think, um, I think my -- my grandma's mood is improving.

Tessa: Good news. On that note, I should probably head home.

Noah: Yeah? So soon?

Tessa: I don't want to overstay my welcome.

Noah: Not gonna happen. But I'll walk you out.

Billy: Vick. Vick. Is it too soon to apologize for pushing the Newman button?

Victoria: That's old news. Someone else just pushed my witchy mom button.

Billy: Really? I saw you getting along with Zoey.

Victoria: Did you also see me screw up and embarrass Reed yet again? And Zoey didn't help matters. You know, the longer they hang out together, the worse it's gonna get.

Billy: [Scoffs]

Victoria: Kendall. Kendall. She's a nice, level-headed girl. Why can't he date somebody like her instead?

Billy: Well, once he gets a few miles on him, he'll realize that a nice, level-headed woman who has a little fun with the rum punch is the kind of girl that he wants. Right now, that is the girl that he likes.

Victoria: I'm not gonna interfere, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.

Billy: Spoken like a true --

Victoria: Don't say it!

Billy: ...Mother.

Victoria: Oh.

Billy: I also hear that nice, level-headed women like to dance. Eh? Come on. What do you say?

Victoria: No, Billy.

Billy: Come on. Let's get our shake on. Let's go.

Victoria: Reed's gonna get embarrassed. I've already --

Sorry. Excuse me. Uh, I've got a delivery for Reed Hellstrom.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Um... Reed!

Reed: Hi.

Victoria: This is my son.

How you doing?

Reed: Hi.

Victoria: It seems like you might have another present.

Reed: Oh, you got me something else?

Victoria: No, I'm -- I'm as surprised as you are. It's waiting just outside.

Reed: All right. Let's go check it out.

Scott: I'm not exactly sure what happened between Phyllis and me. Scotch. Scotch was involved.

Kevin: Well, Phyllis is a force of nature. No doubt about that.

Scott: Yeah.

Kevin: But, Scott...

Scott: I almost slept with my ma's best friend. Yeah, I know how weird it is.

Kevin: Fun fact -- Michael and Phyllis had a thing once upon a time.

Scott: You just had to say it, didn't you?

Kevin: I really did.

Scott: Yeah, thanks. Thanks for nothing.

Kevin: You know, when the four of you decide to go out on a double date, I would like to observe from a distance.

Scott: Please, please just enough already, okay?

Kevin: [Chuckles]

Scott: Please.

Kevin: You know, this is the first non-miserable moment I've had since Chloe left. Thanks, pal.

Phyllis: Thinking of ways to prey on Victor's vulnerability?

Jack: Just because I'm thinking of it doesn't mean I'm gonna act on it.

Phyllis: Yeah, but you want to.

Jack: Wouldn't you?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. Obviously it wouldn't erase the damage between us.

Jack: No, it can't.

Phyllis: You know, I'm glad that we're actually trying to be civil with one another. It's a step I-I thought would never come.

Jack: Small Victories.

Phyllis: We may not have our marriage anymore, but we will always share our hatred for Victor.

Jack: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Phyllis: Seriously, I-I'm really thrilled that we are fighting someone other than each other. I mean... you know, here we are. This is a big step. Do you realize that all of the horrible things that have happened between us, it always involved two things -- Victor and revenge, either on him or on each other. And we can do it. We can be at the office, and we make cracks about him. And, you know, maybe that's a sign that we've won and we should just leave it at that. Besides, I heard that Victor is, uh, planning on riding off into the sunset soon.

Jack: Wait. Why would you say that?

Phyllis: Scott, his biographer, told me that he's getting ready to hand over the Newman reins to Abby.

Jack: Abby? I knew she had a new expanded role, but running the place? Good for her.

Faith: [Sobs]

Victor: We've had a good time, haven't we, sweetheart? Yeah. You know... I think you'll be happy at both your father's and your mother's home. You know what I've done? I've created a link on the internet so you and I can play chess online. Would you like that? Okay. I'll also help you with your homework, all right? Whenever you want. Okay?

Faith: It's okay, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Faith: I love you, Grandpa. [Sobs]

Victor: Love you, too, okay? You run along. Okay? Bye.

Nick: Look, for once, will you do the right thing and leave your grandchildren alone?

Victor: I don't want to hear what you have to say anymore, son. Are you threatened because she and I adore each other?

Nick: Faith is too young to understand what's going on. So let her and the others go now while they still respect you and look up to you, 'cause later on, they're just gonna be like us -- disillusioned and hurt. Or worse, they'll follow in your footsteps.

Victor: You know how disillusioned I am? Huh? This is not the first time that you have gone against me, that my family's gone against me. That's ripping my heart apart. I adore that girl, and she loves her grandfather. One day you'll look back at this. You'll regret every word you have said.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Reed: "Dear Reed, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party tonight. This will make it easier for you to come visit me more often. Drive it well. Happy 16th birthday. Love, Grandpa." [Chuckles]

Zoey: [Laughing]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: Oh, we should definitely talk.

Hochman: Yeah, over dinner, maybe tonight at the new restaurant here.

Victoria: It kills me to do this, and I'm really sorry, Reed, but you can't keep the car.

Nikki: Oh, go to hell, you lying son of a bitch.

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