Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17


Episode # 11146 ~ Victor comes clean; Reed has a secret admirer; Jack warns Ashley about crossing the line with Ravi.

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Nikki: Paul!

Paul: [Sighs]

Nikki: Oh, my God. What is it? Is it Victor? Is it one of my kids?

Paul: It's nothing like that.

Nikki: Well, obviously something is horribly wrong for you to show up like this. You are the chief of police, you know.

Paul: Nikki, when are you expecting Victor?

Nikki: I don't know. Um, soon for dinner. Will you please tell me why you're here?

Paul: I got some information tonight about Adam's death, and before it goes public, I thought you would want to know.

Nikki: Adam? That was months ago.

Paul: Nikki... we have reason to believe that someone killed him.

Nikki: What? Oh, no, no, no.

Paul: Here. Let me get you some water.

Nikki: Paul. Who did this?

Paul: Chloe Mitchell. Allegedly she confessed to Chelsea while everyone was gathered for her wedding to Kevin. She knocked Chelsea out and took off.

Nikki: Is -- is Chelsea...?

Paul: Chelsea is fine. And I've got every cop in town out there searching for Chloe.

Nikki: Paul, you have to find her!

Paul: We will. And then I'll find out exactly what happened to Adam.

Victor: That can't be right.

Nick: I'm telling you the woman who you just helped escape killed your son.

Victor: She's delusional.

Nick: Is Chelsea delusional? Am I? We have proof that Chloe was at the cabin that night.

Victor: What proof?

Nick: It proves that Chloe was the last person to see Adam alive. And Chelsea confronted her about it, and Chloe caved. She blew the place up, dad! It's why she wanted to get out of town so fast! And now, thanks to you, she's off flying to God knows where!

Victor: I'm going to get that plane back.

Reed: Hey!

Zoey: You know walker?

Reed: I do. Um, he's into music.

Kendall: He's in college.

Reed: He's just a freshman.

Zoey: You were hanging with him.

Reed: Rather be hanging with you.

Zoey: [Chuckles] I hope you don't mind that Kendall came with.

Reed: Yeah, no, it's really cool. Um, coffees on me?

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. I'm glad you were able to meet for dinner.

Billy: I'm glad you called.

Victoria: Yeah, well, after our big day with the kids, I wasn't really ready to wind down. It's been awhile since you and I have been out together.

Billy: Too long. On account of us both working like crazy.

Victoria: Yeah, absolutely. And things are gonna get even busier thanks to this deal that you made.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know, I'm brilliant.

Victoria: I didn't say that.

Billy: Yeah, but you were going to.

Victoria: Well, I'm just glad that I was able to hire a new marketing executive to help you and Cane out, 'cause my boys are both gonna have a lot on their plates.

Billy: I'm sorry, um, what -- what do you mean, your boys?

Victoria: Well, you guys. You're my guys, you and Cane. You both work for me.

Billy: Yeah, but you and I have a little more history, so I'd like to believe I got a separate category.

Victoria: Yes, you most definitely do.

Ravi: Jack.

Jack: Ravi. Wow. You're looking sharp. I hope you bought these clothes at Fenmore's.

Ravi: Uh, yeah. Uh, well, most of them. I --

Jack: Hey, hey. I'm messing with you.

Ravi: Oh. Thank you.

Jack: So what's with the suitcase? You finally taking some well-deserved time off?

Ravi: Ashley asked me to join her at the product conference in new York.

Jack: Did she? Well, that's news to me.

Ashley: These graphics really pop. They're exactly what I needed to enhance my presentation. Thank you, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, we got to make sure that the visuals are sized correctly for the venue's projection system.

Ashley: Yeah, well, if there's any tweaking needs to be done, Ravi can handle it. He's dealing with all the tech issues. Here you go. I just have to make sure I can access it on my devices.

Phyllis: He told me. He told me that you invited him.

Ashley: Yeah, that's true.

Phyllis: Yeah. So you want to thank me now or...?

Ashley: For what?

Phyllis: Well, for opening your eyes, helping you see that great man in a new light.

Ashley: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Phyllis: You don't want to admit it to me because it's me. You don't want to owe me, Ashley, but you do. And you're welcome.

Ashley: You are reading too much into this, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Am I?

Ashley: Yes. Ravi's coming with me because I need his technical expertise. There's a lot of stake in this presentation.

Phyllis: Well, he will be invaluable.

Ashley: He's always the consummate professional.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, you're gonna be able to schmooze much better if you're getting along.

Ashley: What are you talking about? We always get along.

Phyllis: Well, I just meant more than a boss-employee thing.

Ashley: Ugh!

Phyllis: Now, how long you gonna keep up "this is just a business trip" act?

Ashley: It is definitely more than just a business trip. I'm gonna be seeing my sister Traci, as well.

Phyllis: And you're going to the opera at the met with Ravi. Between you and me, that invite was your way of testing the personal waters. Am I right?

Ashley: Ravi and I work together, Phyllis. We also happen to be friends who enjoy the opera. That's all there is to it.

Phyllis: Sure. Whatever you say.

Ravi: I didn't realize you hadn't been informed that I'd be assisting Ashley. I hope it's okay that I'm going. I realize that conference tickets and new York hotels are expensive.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. It's not about the cost. And sending you on this conference is probably an excellent investment on my part. You've proven to be a real asset to this company.

Ravi: That's really nice of you to say.

Jack: Well, it's a fact. Your apps at jabot and Fenmore's have collectively generated millions of dollars for our company and also given us a 6% increase in our year-to-year sales.

Ravi: Really?

Jack: Absolutely. Look, in this environment, that is nothing short of a miracle. You didn't know any of this?

Ravi: I only see the app metrics. I assumed that that particular data was only available to the financial team.

Jack: I'll tell you what. I will make you a part of those meetings in the future. When you get back from your conference, set up a one-on-one with me. I'm sure you'll come back with lots of innovative ideas. I'll want to hear them.

Ravi: Are you sure?

Jack: You sound surprised.

Ravi: It's just you've never included me like this before.

Jack: You have helped Ashley step up her game, and I don't want that to stop. What you do is the future of this industry. I would be an idiot not to focus on it and you. Good luck in new York.

Ravi: I won't let you down, jack.

Paul: Nick's the one who initially had new questions about whether Adam's death was really an accident.

Nikki: Yeah, but what kind of proof did he have that Chloe did it?

Paul: Well, not much until today. Chelsea came across Adam's wedding ring in Chloe's belongings.

Nikki: Oh, my God. What that must have done to Chelsea.

Paul: And now you're worried about what this is gonna do to Victor.

Nikki: You've lost a son. You understand how Victor grieves Adam every single day.

Paul: I will never stop replaying that in my mind.

Nikki: And if Victor ever gets his hands on Chloe...

Paul: Nikki, you've got to get Victor to let law enforcement handle this. He can't go after Chloe on his own.

Nikki: Well, all I can do is try. I can't make any promises, not about this.

Paul: I got to get back to the station.

Nikki: All right. You'll call me as soon as you find her, right?

Paul: And you will let me know if you need anything?

Nikki: Yes, I will.

Paul: All right.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Nikki: Victor, I thought you would be home by now. Where are you? Just please come home as soon as you can.

Victor: I ordered the charter company to tell the pilot to contact me as soon as he lands. Apparently the radio was off.

Nick: Just following your original orders, right?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: So you have no idea where Chloe's off to?

Victor: None.

Nick: You didn't want to know. You know, you had to get rid of her so they couldn't connect the two of you.


Victor: That woman killed my son.

Nick: Yes, dad, she killed your son, and you --

Victor: [Voice breaking] Back off, will you? [Sighs deeply] I told them to tell the pilot to contact me as soon as he can call me. I want to find out where that woman is. I'm gonna deal with her. What the hell pushed her over the edge? Why would she confess now?

Nick: It's because of me.

Victor: What do you mean, because of you?

Nick: I found a tracking device in Connor's toy.

Victor: She'd been trailing my grandson?

Nick: Chloe had been tracking Chelsea and Connor ever since Chelsea made plans to run off with Adam. And with some investigating, I figured out that Chloe was at the cabin the night Adam died.

Victor: She swore to me that she --

Nick: Yeah, that she was at Chelsea's the whole night?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: Not true. Cell phone records prove otherwise. Chloe kept lying. She kept saying I had it all wrong, so I followed her. You know, I didn't know what was happening, but she went to a dumpster in an alley, and she -- she tossed a bag into it.

Victor: What was in that bag?

Nick: Dart gun, some darts.

Victor: [Sighs deeply] So she tranquilized my son.

Nick: I also found a wrench. It was probably used to tamper with the gas lines at the cabin.

Victor: If you put all this together, why didn't you come to me? It's my son that was killed.

Nick: Because I didn't know if my own father was her damned accomplice. I was trying to protect you! I was trying to get Chloe to confess. I wanted a solid case before I tore your life apart or mom's or Victoria's.

Victor: But you told Chelsea, and that's why the two of you argued?

Nick: She didn't want to believe that someone she loved could do something so unforgivable.

Victor: Until today.

Nick: Until today.

Victor: You should have come to me, son. You should have told me.

Nick: You cannot be mad at me. You can't do that. For months you worked with Chloe to frame Adam. Are you denying the fact that you put this whole chain of events into motion?

Victor: I won't deny it.

Zoey: Birthday tomorrow?

Reed: And my driver's test. I can't wait.

Zoey: I bet you're getting a new car. Have you picked it out yet? What kind?

Reed: Uh, it's not happening.

Zoey: Victoria the wicked shot it down.

Reed: Yeah, my mom didn't think it was such a good idea.

Zoey: I knew it.

Reed: But she said I could use her car at any time.

Zoey: A mom-mobile?

Kendall: Better than nothing.

Reed: Right? But, um, she's also throwing me a party tomorrow night at the underground.

Zoey: Are you playing?

Reed: I'm not sure yet. Um, but you guys will be there either way, right?

Zoey: Definitely.

Reed: Kendall?

Kendall: Absolutely.

Victoria: Could we see the dessert menu, please?

Billy: Ah. Lingering over dessert and coffee. So luxurious.

Victoria: I'm just trying to make this night last a little bit longer. That's all.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Well, it's a celebration dinner. It's my treat. It's my way of saying thank you for closing such an important deal.

Billy: Why cut it short?

Victoria: Exactly.

Billy: Especially because it's landed on my top five favorite things I've ever done in business, not because I initiated it, but because we landed it in spite of jack. We beat out my brother. [Clicks tongue] Because of you.

Victoria: It was fun, wasn't it?

Billy: Hell yeah.

Victoria: Wiping that smug look off of his face and making him realize that he's the one who had been had? It's actually on my top five list, too.

Billy: He should have known better, though, right? I mean, you don't mess with a Newman. They're fierce when they're attacked. Uh-oh. What happened?

Victoria: [Sighs] Just the whole Newman thing, you know. You just keep telling me how much I'm like my father.

Billy: Yeah, but in this case, it's a compliment.

Victoria: You can't stand my father.

Billy: Well... [Clears throat]

Victoria: I mean, unless you would like to admit that he has some good qualities. Would you like to do that?

Billy: Do I have to?

Victoria: I dare you.

Billy: Okay, um... um...

Victoria: Spit it out.

Billy: I'm thinking, um, of a good thing here.

Victoria: Check, please.

Billy: Okay, hold on a second now. Okay. What Victor got right is he taught you to be the ultimate strategist in business. And he taught you how to fight for what you want in life. And he had the good sense to marry your mother, producing an exceptionally brilliant... beautiful... loving... you.

Victoria: Now, that's a compliment.

Nick: He was your son, dad. You loved him. I know that. It's why it's hard for me to understand.

Victor: You know... when I knew I was gonna go to prison, I asked Adam to take me and he refused.

Nick: God forbid he should turn his back on you. It's probably what you felt when you showed up to court. He was there ready to testify against you, along with me, mom, and Vick.

Victor: You know what that was like? All of you testified against me? And I wanted to teach him a lesson.

Nick: So you framed him for Constance's murder. [Sighs] You got the one person you knew would go along with it. You -- you made a quick call to the mental institution and got Chloe sprung. You probably felt like you could control her.

Victor: Well, I offered her the life that she always wanted, you know, a new life away from here with her daughter.

Nick: But she didn't perform as instructed.

Victor: No, I'd asked her to provide evidence that Adam was not guilty before he stepped a foot into prison. She double-crossed me.

Nick: And you still didn't admit what you had done.

Victor: [Sighs] I just wanted to make things right.

Nick: By breaking Adam out of prison and sending him away with his wife and son?

Victor: I-I offered Adam a wonderful life. I offered to fly him anywhere he wanted to in the world so he could spend the rest of his life with his wife and his son... away from his father. If I had had any idea what that woman was up to, I would have given my own life to save my son.

Nick: The hell of it is, dad, I know that. But you didn't know what she intended to do. But you couldn't stop her. And now Adam's dead. And Chelsea's a widow and Connor's fatherless. And you...

Victor: He was my son. After all that, he was my son. And I loved him.

Nick: How can you live with what you've done?

Jack: Yeah, the presentation works.

Ashley: I'm glad you approve.

Jack: I do wish, however, you had informed me that you were intending to take Ravi along on this trip.

Ashley: Why?

Jack: "Why"? So that I would know that our top tech guy wasn't around.

Ashley: Last-minute decision. Mine to make.

Jack: Okay, well, it's done. There's no belaboring it, I guess.

Ashley: Good.

Jack: I do give you kudos on giving Ravi tips on how to dress for success.

Ashley: That wasn't my doing. It was Phyllis.

Jack: Phyllis?

Ashley: Uh-huh. She took him shopping at Fenmore's.

Jack: Why would she do that?

Ashley: I have no idea. Maybe because she doesn't have a life or maybe she's trying to atone for her many, many, many,

many sins by being kind to Ravi. They're friends.

Jack: Well, whatever the reason, we all benefit having Ravi actually look like he works in the fashion and beauty industry.

Ashley: I agree. He's, uh, gonna be presenting the proper image for the new York crowd, and then he can wow them with his expertise.

Jack: Well, good thing you have him along as your wingman. And with this presentation, this is bound to be a successful trip to new York.

Ashley: This is such a refreshing change, to actually have you approve of my decisions, Jackie.

Jack: It wouldn't be a change if you'd stop making decisions behind my back. That seems to be a habit lately.

Ashley: And I wouldn't have to make decisions behind your back if you didn't give me a reason to. Think about that while I'm in new York.

Victor: There's nothing left to talk about here. Your mother's expecting me.

Nick: You don't get to just walk away.

Victor: Just watch me, son.

Nick: I could have you arrested right now.

Victor: That's what you intend to do?

Nick: I've done it before. What's to stop me this time?

Victor: Why do you hate me so much, son? Why? If you love our family more than you hate me right now, you will do as I ask you.

Victoria: What?

Billy: I'm just really enjoying this time with you here. You know, not long ago...

Victoria: I couldn't see this happening -- laughing with you, relaxing. How did this happen, exactly?

Billy: Well, for starters, you broke up with Travis.

Victoria: Ugh! Gosh, yes. Travis. That was -- that was difficult. And then Phyllis dumped you.

Billy: [Laughs] Ouch.

Victoria: You miss her?

Billy: Sometimes.

Victoria: Well, that's an honest answer. You keep proving yourself to me.

Billy: Oh, is that what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Victoria: Maybe not intentionally, but you keep doing it. At work, you don't give me blowback for being the boss. And at home, you know, with the kids. You're so good with the kids. You never let them down. Not even reed.

Billy: Well, I've screwed up a couple times there.

Victoria: That's not your fault. We're all learning how to make it work right now. [Sighs] I guess what I'm saying is that I'm glad we are where we are right now.

[Cell phone chimes]

Victoria: Oh, God. It's nick.

Billy: What is it? Everything okay?

Victoria: He just needs me to get to the ranch. It's urgent. I'm sorry.

[Cell phone chimes]

Nick: Vick's on her way there now.

Victor: You did the right thing.

Nick: Well, you may not have to deal with the cops for now. But that might easy compared to what you have to do.

Victor: Yeah.

Phyllis: I will e-mail you the details later, but that is the gist.

Jack: Okay, copy Gloria on this. She's organizing the files.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: What does that face mean?

Phyllis: I just can't even believe a woman like that is helping you. I can't even understand how you can stand having her around you. And the same has been said about me, I'm sure. So, never mind.

Jack: You've been doing great work here lately.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Jack: You've obviously been putting on a lot of hours, that is when you're not moonlighting doing stylist work.

Phyllis: [Laughs] You have seen Ravi. Yes, he's looking good, isn't he? I believe he has made quite an impression on Ashley.

Jack: On both of us.

Phyllis: Yes. Maybe Ashley will realize Ravi could be good for her outside of work. New York is a romantic city.

Jack: That trip is solely about the conference.

Phyllis: They got tickets to the opera, jack. Either Ashley really likes going to the opera now or she likes going with Ravi.

Jack: I know my sister, and Ravi is not the man for her.

Phyllis: Maybe you don't know your sister as well as you think you do.

Ashley: Hi!

Ravi: Hey.

Ashley: So, the car that's taking us to the airport won't be here for another 10 minutes. Did you get everything handled?

Ravi: Uh, mostly. I can finish the rest when we land. How about you?

Ashley: Yeah, mostly.

Ravi: I got you a little something for the trip.

Ashley: You did? You didn't have to do that.

Ravi: To make your flight more comfortable. I have one, too. Those plane seats can be killer.

Ashley: True. However, I have a feeling that on this plane the seats are gonna be pretty comfortable.

Ravi: Are we flying first class?

Ashley: We're taking the jabot jet. [Laughs]

Ravi: That's amazing. I'm sorry. I've just -- I've never been on a private jet before. I've never even been business class. I mean, we're going to this incredible conference and going to the met. Are you kidding? Sorry. I... you know, we haven't even left yet, and I have a feeling I'm gonna love this trip.

Ashley: I think I am, too. Thank you.

Ravi: Of course.

Zoey: Why don't you want to play your guitar in there?

Kendall: People would love it.

Reed: Not everybody, like the guy in the corner reading Nietzsche.

Zoey: His loss.

Reed: So, what do you want to hear?

Zoey: Anything.

Reed: Man.

Zoey: What broke?

Reed: It's just the machine head on this guitar. I mean, I'm used to it. My electric's pretty busted up, too.

Zoey: Sorry I can't fix your guitar, but would brownies help?

Reed: Always. So, Kendall...

Kendall: While Zoey's gone, I want to say this quick, okay?

Nikki: Sweetheart, I wasn't expecting you.

Victoria: Nick texted me, said I should come. What happened, mom? What's going on?

Nikki: Oh! Thank God you're home. Paul was here. You already know.

Victoria: Uh, does somebody want to tell me what happened?

Nick: Adam's death wasn't an accident. He was murdered.

Victoria: What? By who?

Nick: Chloe.

Nikki: I'm so sorry, darling.

Victor: There's more. You need to hear it from me.

Reed: Zoey explained everything. It's okay. You don't have to apologize.

Kendall: But I felt so bad, laughing and distracting you from your performance. I never should have been watching that dumb video.

Reed: It's all right. Don't worry about it.

Kendall: Then I had to take off before we could talk. And when Zoey told me how upset you were...

Reed: Did she mention that I got back onstage and finished the song?

Kendall: She said you were great.

Reed: Kind of was.

Kendall: [Chuckles] Reed, I want to make it up to you. We'll call it a birthday present.

Reed: Kendall, you don't have to do that.

Kendall: My uncle's in the music business, and if it's okay with you, I'd like to send him a link to that video of your first performance.

Reed: Wow. You -- you'd do that?

Kendall: I mean, I'm not sure anything would come of it, but I'd like to try.

Reed: That'd be amazing. Thank you.

Zoey: What'd I miss?

Reed: You'll never believe what Kendall just said.

Phyllis: So that's it.

Jack: Can I ask you a question?

Phyllis: He speaks.

Jack: Why are you so invested in Ashley and Ravi's personal life?

Phyllis: I'm not.

Jack: Well, you're not close to Ravi. You're hardly fond of Ashley. I mean, why would you --

Phyllis: Just trying to be considerate, okay? If you're implying I'm spending time on other people's lives because I don't have one of my own, you're wrong. I'm back out there. I'm even doing the online-dating thing.

Jack: I know. I remember. So have you found someone you would consider getting serious with?

Phyllis: Who said anything about serious?

Jack: Well, this all takes time. I won't hold you up any longer.

Phyllis: Well, I'm done here for the day. I was thinking about going to the club to grab a drink or a bite. If you're done, you're welcome to join me. We would just talk about work or sports or the schizophrenic spring weather.

Jack: I don't think that's a good idea.

Phyllis: Okay. Good night. Have a great trip.

Ashley: Hey.

Jack: Ash, could you give me a moment? I had something I want to talk to you about.

Ashley: Okay. I just have a minute, though. Um, I'll meet you in the lobby.

Ravi: Okay.

Ashley: What's up?

Jack: I wish you had been clearer with me earlier.

Ashley: About what?

Jack: You and Ravi. Maybe it's time you tell me what's really going on.

Victor: Anyway... that's everything.

Victoria: We knew you framed Adam, but this doesn't make any sense.

Nikki: Chloe. You recruited her as your accomplice after she had tried several times to kill your son. I don't understand that.

Nick: I know how you feel.

Victor: And I regret that I didn't see this.

Victoria: You know, dad, you never learn. I mean, you feel slighted or attacked and you go into God mode. You dole out punishment however you see fit. You manipulate people. And how many times has this family suffered because Victor Newman had to take his pound of flesh?

Victor: No one is suffering more than I am right now, okay?

Nick: Chelsea may disagree with that.

Nikki: I am such an idiot. I actually believed that you had finally changed, that you had become the man that put your love for your family above everything -- your business, yourself. The man who I forgave and welcomed back into my life.

Victor: Okay, please let's not get over-dramatic now. I am that man, all right?

Nikki: No. You're not. If you were, you would never have put this heinous plan into action. You wouldn't have any association with Chloe. And you knew she was still unstable.

Victor: I thought I could deal with that. She had convinced me otherwise.

Nikki: Victor, she was lying! Just like you have been lying to me all these months! Why?!

Victoria: Because he couldn't risk telling anyone because they'd put him back in prison for framing Adam.

Nikki: God, that's gonna happen anyway! And the minute they find Chloe, she is going to tell them everything about her arrangement with you.

Victor: I'll face the consequences, all right? Whatever they may be. The most important thing right now is to find Chloe and bring her back.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Where did you land? Where is she?

Zoey: I'm not surprised my bestie's stepping up for you. Kendall's always doing amazing things for her friends.

Kendall: I've got to get home.

Reed: All right, well, thanks again. Really. It means a lot to me. Now that it's just the two of us...

Zoey: [Chuckles]

Ashley: And I wonder who told you that something was going on between me and Ravi. Phyllis maybe?

Jack: Phyllis didn't do anything wrong. She offered her opinion.

Ashley: I really resent that you're talking about me with your ex-wife, let alone what is or is not going on in my personal life.

Jack: I wish you would just accept my advice. If you're considering getting involved with Ravi in any way, don't.

Ashley: I can handle myself, jack!

Jack: Any way you handle this, it could get ugly.

Ashley: Oh, what's gonna happen? We get our photo taken and maybe it's in the GC buzz? Who cares?! It's not a scandal!

Jack: Getting involved with an employee will open you to --

Ashley: We're not involved!

Jack: What if Ravi asks for a raise? What if he asks for a promotion and he doesn't get it? What if he feels he isn't being treated fairly?

Ashley: As I said, you're getting way ahead of yourself. And you are such a hypocrite. You're actually gonna stand here and lecture me on the inappropriateness of bringing your personal life into the workplace after what the hell happened between you and Phyllis here?! Not to mention you declared war on our brother! Oh, and then you hire Gloria, the most untrustworthy person on the planet! You put her on the payroll. So let me get this straight, jack. Gloria and Phyllis get a pass, and somehow Ravi is a potential problem? He is one of the nicest people in the world. He would never do anything to hurt this company.

Jack: Okay, let's assume that's true.

Ashley: You should, because it is true.

Jack: I'm asking you to look at another scenario. What if you continue to lead this young man on, this man who has already had a crush on you for months, and then you break his heart? And I promise you, that is how this is going to end. What then? Ravi, one of our most valuable players, doesn't want to be in the same building with you. What do you say to that?

Ashley: I say mind your own business! I've got a plane to catch.

[Door opens]

Phyllis: We just can't stop running into each other, can we?

Billy: [Sighs] Please. How did your coffee date go this afternoon?

Phyllis: Neither excruciating or exciting. I think I need to adjust my online profile so I can get a better match. How'd the rest of your day go?

Billy: Can't complain. Victoria and I just had dinner.

Phyllis: Oh. So you two are...

Billy: Starting to get along, I guess.

Phyllis: That's it?

Billy: Well.

Phyllis: Good. Happy for you.

Billy: Thank you.

Phyllis: So she left?

Billy: Yeah. She got a text from her brother. Some urgent family business at the ranch.

Phyllis: So Victoria and the kids, you guys have an outing and dinner in the same day. Sounds like she wants to get back together as much as you do.

Billy: [Scoffs] She didn't say that.

Phyllis: It's not what she says that counts, Billy. It's what she's doing with you.

Victor: The pilot flew her to Thunder Bay, Ontario. [Sighs deeply] When she landed, she jumped out of the plane into a waiting car and then sped off.

Nick: Did the pilot recognize the make of the car or see the plates?

Victor: It was too dark.

Victoria: Well, did she say anything? Did she drop any clues about where she was going?

Nick: We could track her phone.

Victor: Apparently there were pieces of the phone left on the plane. I will do everything in my power to bring this woman to justice. It's not gonna bring Adam back, but it'll avenge his death.

Nikki: Victor, don't you see? Chloe may have caused the explosion, but you are every bit as responsible as she is for Adam's death. Your son's blood is on your hands!

Victor: I don't need to hear that from you!

[Door closes]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: Gloria and I are both single. We're not hurting anyone.

Nick: He is just as guilty as Chloe for killing Adam.

Nikki: And no one can ever know about it.

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