Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/6/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/6/17


Episode # 11143 ~ Kevin & Chloe's wedding day arrives; Michael puts Gloria on notice; Chelsea's life changes forever.

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Esther: Mm! My lovely son-in-law to be! And his wonderful brother! Gosh. You both look so handsome.

Michael: Oh, thank you. You look absolutely glowing.

Kevin: That's a good look for you, Esther. Chloe and I should get married every day.

Esther: You'll know someday with Bella. When you see your child so over-the-moon happy...

Kevin: That's all I want, Esther. That's all I've ever wanted.

Esther: I know.

Kevin: So we have everything we need, right? Father Todd's on his way. Chloe's upstairs getting ready. The groom's rambling on incoherently. Everything's coming together? Okay. The rings. You have the rings? Don't do that dumb "I forgot the rings" bit.

Michael: I wasn't gonna do that. Killjoy.

[Doorbell rings]

Esther: Oh, and your family and friends to witness all of the joy.

Kevin: Right.

Gloria: Esther. Hello, my love. I left the car running -- not too late to make a break for it.

Chelsea: Now and forever.

Chloe: Chelsea! He's here! He's here!

Chelsea: Who?

Chloe: Who? Kevin! Who else would I be getting married to? Okay. Uh, did you fix the hem to your dress? Oh, gosh! My dress, my dress! I'm so excited!

Love, love, love, love, love I can't believe that I am wearing a Chelsea original on my wedding day to Kevin Fisher. [Sighs] This is what pure joy feels like.

Father Todd: Mm! It's good to see you, Paul.

Paul: I'm so happy you're here, Todd. I mean, you're a real champ for making time for this wedding on such short notice.

Father Todd: Well, it helps that it's a weekday. My weekend schedule -- well, I have standing obligations.

Paul: Yeah, well, if it were a weekend, I'd be able to make it myself, but I can't get out of this court date.

Father Todd: You'll be there in spirit.

Paul: I will. I will, indeed.

Father Todd: You and Kevin, you've become close, huh?

Paul: Kevin has really come into his own this past year. I mean, he's been able to grow out of his own worst impulses.

Father Todd: I'm happy for Chloe, too.

Paul: I think that Kevin and Chloe are really good for each other.

Father Todd: Well, then, I'm especially glad I could be the one to perform the ceremony. As I recall doing the same for you and Christine not too long ago.

Paul: Yeah, right after Katherine's memorial.

Father Todd: Let's just hope that this couple can be as happy as you and your bride.

Michael: What are you doing?

Gloria: I'm giving your brother options.

Michael: What? Like leaving Chloe at the altar?

Gloria: I was joking. The car isn't still running. But I'll keep the keys handy.

Michael: Kevin was serious at his bachelor party. If you can't be happy for him, things will change between you, and you don't want that, Gloria.

Gloria: I will be on my best behavior, Michael. As God as my witness.

Michael: Oh, great, now we can all be struck by lightning.

[Door closes]

Gloria: Oh. There's your wife. Don't neglect her on account of me.

Lauren: Hey, honey.

Michael: Hi, sweetie.

Gloria: Scott! I'm so glad you could make it today. Mm, we didn't have much of a chance to speak at the bachelor party.

Lauren: So, Gloria, did you hear about Scott's new project?

Gloria: I hope you're not sending him back to the war zone, are you?

Scott: No, no, I'll be staying in Genoa city for the time being.

Gloria: Wonderful! We'll have to find a reason to keep you here permanently.

Nick: I wasn't sure you'd be here. I know you said you had to work.

Sharon: Oh, well, I'm just waiting for the plumber. What's wrong?

Nick: You were right. Me trying to get Chloe to confess, it totally blew up in my face. I was this close to getting her to confess last night, but then Chelsea walked in and Chloe conveniently passed out cold.

Sharon: When I helped Chloe into the limo, she was completely out of it. I doubt she'll ever remember what happened last night.

Nick: Chloe knew exactly what was happening, but then she got to Chelsea. She somehow painted herself out to be the victim and not the villain, and now Chelsea's so mad at me, she told me not to go to the wedding today.

Sharon: I'm sorry, nick.

Nick: You were right. I mean, you called it. You saw it coming.

Sharon: Still, I'm sorry. I don't like being right at a time like this.

Nick: Yeah, but I played my hand, and now Chloe has her guard up and Chelsea won't talk to me. I mean, right this second, Chelsea is with the woman who murdered her husband, but Chelsea refuses to see the evidence that is right in front of her face.

Chloe: It's perfect. Like it was made for me. [Giggles] Because it was! Oh! You are a genius.

Chelsea: It had to be just right. I wanted it to reflect exactly who you are.

Chloe: What do you think?

Ravi: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Phyllis: Oh, hey. It's okay. Just watching young love blossom in the spring. It's not at all nauseating. You know what? Don't listen to me. Thank you for meeting me outside the office.

Ravi: Yeah, of course. It's a nice change.

Phyllis: So were your new clothes. I'm very sorry that Ashley didn't appreciate your new look. Her loss.

Ravi: Phyllis, it worked. Ashley noticed me, and I have you to thank for that.

Billy: Kids are chilling with books, coming down from the adrenaline rush.

Victoria: So am I. Arcades are exhausting. All the games and the noise.

Billy: The meltdowns.

Victoria: I didn't see the kids melt down.

Billy: Me. I had meltdowns. That motorcycle game was rigged. Nobody could have avoided that brick wall. See? I can see it in you. You're actually glad that you played hooky with us today.

Victoria: Well, I mean, it wasn't exactly hooky. We were celebrating the recent success of brash & sassy!

Billy: That's -- [Laughs]

Victoria: [Laughing] What?

Billy: You have confetti in your hair.

Victoria: Oh.

Billy: Hold on. Here.

Victoria: Thank you.

Reed: [Laughing] Oh! You guys are so busted.

Chloe: I love this dress! I mean, if I were a dress, this is the dress I would be. You just get me. [Giggles]

Chelsea: Yeah, but do you ever really know someone, you know? I mean, do you ever really know their innermost thoughts?

Chloe: Of course, you can. Husbands and best friends. Lucky me. I have both.

Esther: Someone wants to see the bride!

Chloe: [Gasps] Oh, baby! Look how beautiful you look!

Esther: And so are you, my baby.

Chloe: Okay. You better tell grandma not to start crying because then I'm gonna start crying...

Esther: I'm not crying. It's just dusty in here.

Chloe: Okay, well, then maybe you should take it up with the housekeeper. Look how beautiful you look!

Esther: You know, I was just explaining to Bella about wedding traditions, like something old and something new...

Chloe: Mm. You know what, grandma's right. I think it's time that I start following the rules.

Esther: Well, you have always done everything your own way. But look what you have to show for it! You've worked so hard to make a wonderful life for Bella and for you. I am so very proud of you.

Chloe: Oh, I love you, mom. But I didn't do it alone. I had Bella, I had you, I had Kevin, my best friend... I'm not gonna blow it. Not today. Not this life. With the man that I love. I'm not gonna waste one second of it.

Esther: I love you, honey.

Kevin: Father Todd should be here by now. Is it rude to tell a priest to hustle?

Gloria: Hmm!

Kevin: [Sighs]

Gloria: Poor man probably had a crisis of conscience when he realized who the bride is.

Michael: What is wrong with you?

Gloria: I'm a mother concerned about her son.

Michael: You're a dark cloud of misery on Kevin's big day. You pull it together, or I swear, I'll lock you in the wine cellar.

Gloria: I can think of worse ways to cope with this travesty. Oh, come on. Lighten up, Michael. I know how to fake good cheer for an hour.


Michael: Look at that. Look at your son, who had the worst possible childhood anyone could have. You really want to mess with his happiness now?

Gloria: [Chuckles] Kevin always had the most beautiful smile. No, Mikey. I won't be the one to take it away.

Mariah: This is a weird third date, isn't it?

Devon: No. Third date at the wedding of the guy you used to have a thing with? It's -- it's very normal.

Mariah: It's the worst date ever. I knew it. [Laughs]

Devon: I'm just joking. I always love coming back to my grandmother's house, especially to make more good memories. It's fine. Hey. There's Kevin over there. Let's go say hi to him.

Mariah: You know what, I had to do some Gloria wrangling at the bachelor party. So I'm gonna go over there, see if I need to lock her down today.

Devon: Sounds good.

Mariah: Gloria. No games today.

Gloria: [Clears throat]

Mariah: Kevin doesn't deserve it, all right?

Gloria: And speaking of games, what are you playing at?

Mariah: What do you mean?

Gloria: I understand now why you wouldn't sleep with my son to save him from this nightmare. And I see a billion reasons why you wouldn't want to blow a good thing with Devon.

Mariah: That's right. You caught me, Gloria. I'm a stone-cold gold digger, just like you. We should form a secret handshake.

Gloria: Oh, no, honey, I'm not judging. Good for you.

Devon: Good to see you, Gloria. Congratulations to the mother of the groom.

Gloria: [Chuckles] You two make a cute couple. Mariah's a big improvement over rude Hilary.

Mariah: Oh. [Clears throat]

Devon: Can't imagine why anyone would ever be rude to you.

Gloria: [Laughs] How's that charming father of yours, Devon?

Mariah: You know what? This is such a great day. We need champagne. Shouldn't we all have champagne?

Michael: All right, everyone. Here's the man of the hour!

Father Todd: No, no, no, no. That would be your brother.

Michael: Ah!

Father Todd: Paul is sorry he couldn't make it.

Kevin: Ah, a court case. It's cool. I'll give him a hard time about it when I get back from my epic two-week vacation.

Father Todd: That'll teach him.

Michael: All right, looks like we're ready to get started, eh?

Father Todd: Yeah.

Michael: Oh, wait.

Gloria: So, it looks like this farce is really happening.

Nick: I mean, Chelsea still believes that Chloe's innocent.

Sharon: Well, she has to hold onto that, nick. I mean, think about it. If she accepts that Chloe killed Adam, then she has to accept that she had a murderer in her home. Chloe was right there holding Chelsea's hand while she grieved. She'd have to accept that her best friend killed the love of her life.

Nick: Look, Chloe is guilty. You should have seen the look on her face when I pulled out that tranquilizer gun. She knew I had her, but she played drunk and clueless.

Sharon: Well, I saw how much Chloe drank. She might have been very drunk.

Nick: It doesn't matter. She was in total self-control. It was almost chilling. Right then and there, I knew that she was capable of murder. And now that she thinks she's gotten away with it, nothing can stop Chloe.

Esther: So, the "something old" is this wonderful house. It brings back so many wonderful memories of my dear friend Mrs. C.

Chloe: She would have loved you, kiddo.

Esther: Yeah. Okay, and here is your "something new."

Chloe: [Gasps] Something new -- let's see what it is! [Gasps] Mom! They are perfect!

Esther: Aww!

Chelsea: When did you get back into town?

Chloe: You were my first stop.

Chelsea: You came here first. Because of me, or because of...

Chloe: I'm not here to cause any trouble with Adam, if that's what you're asking. Listen, I'm never gonna forget what he did, but... I've learned that hate is toxic, and it poisons the brain.

Chelsea: So you -- you don't want to punish Adam?

Chloe: I just want to be the mom that Bella deserves. And that's when I realized that I had to get better. I had to deal with the issues and I did. And once I did that, walls came down and I could finally see that... [Sighs] That Adam wasn't to blame for Delia's death. It was an accident. And once I saw that, I could finally let go of this rage that is controlling my life, and I realized that I had to find forgiveness.

Chelsea: You were spying on me?

Chloe: No, I was -- I was trying to protect you.

Chloe: It's beautiful.

Esther: Well, Mrs. C. Gave me this bracelet. So this is your "something borrowed" because I am keeping this one! Now, that leaves us to "something blue." Now, what could that be? Hmm?

Chloe: What could that be?

Bella: How about me?

Chloe: It's you! It's you!

Esther: Yes! It's you!

Chloe: Of course it's you! So, you know what today is? Today is the day that our perfect little family becomes official.

Esther: I think it's time. Everyone's ready if you are.

Chloe: Um... you know what? Why don't, um... why don't you two go downstairs, and I'll meet you in a minute?

Esther: Okay. You don't need me?

Chloe: No, it's okay. We got it.

Esther: Okay. Come on, honey!

Chloe: I love you! You're gonna be the most perfect flower girl.

Esther: You definitely are.

Chloe: [Sighs] Okay. It's showtime. [Laughs]

Chelsea: Wait.

Ravi: And then Ashley said she was sorry she didn't have time to comment before but she liked my look, and she hoped I kept everything 'cause I would need it when we go to new York.

Phyllis: Ashley Abbott stepped up. Good for her. So, she's taking you to the trade show in new York.

Ravi: Purely work-related. She'll need technical help at the conference.

Phyllis: Oh, you'll be looking sharp, rubbing elbows with the heavy hitters.

Ravi: And the met. She got us two tickets to the opera.

Phyllis: Wow! Nothing work-related about that.

Ravi: I'm just trying to keep my expectations in check. For now, it's enough that Ashley isn't embarrassed to be in public with me. For business or for...

Phyllis: Pleasure.

Ravi: I was gonna say "recreation."

Phyllis: Let's just go with "personal life," and, you know, she wants you in it.

Ravi: You didn't have to help me, but you did. Phyllis, you are beautiful and intelligent and really funny. It'll happen for you when you're ready.

Reed: You guys know I was kidding when I said you were busted.

Victoria: I know. We just wanted to explain what we were --

Reed: What? You were cutting work? Don't worry, I won't tell your boss because that'd be you.

Billy: He's right. It is you. And, you're right, we were playing hooky because somebody scored a major deal for brash & sassy!

Reed: Nice.

Victoria: So we took the kids to the arcade.

Reed: Without me?

Victoria: Well, I didn't think that you'd really want to go.

Reed: I'm joking again.

Billy: Oh, no, don't worry. I'm gonna take you tomorrow. I'll get you a nice hat, some ice cream cake...

Reed: Yeah, that's just what everyone wants on their 16th birthday.

Billy: I thought it was a driver's license.

Reed: Which is exactly why I'll be at the DMV first thing in the morning.

Billy: So this time tomorrow, you'll be a legal driver? That's great. All you need now is a set of wheels for complete freedom.

Victoria: Okay, thank you so much for that because that's not on the shopping list. He can drive my car until he clocks some more hours on the road.

Billy: I hear you, Vick, but the truth of the matter is --

Reed: No, Billy, I mean, she's right. Everybody expects a kid like me to get a car on his 16th birthday, but, man, I swear I'm really not asking for one.

Victoria: Good, because you're not getting one.

Billy: What's got you thinking that way?

Reed: It's not really "what." It's more "who."

Victoria: Who convinced you that you don't need a brand-new car? Because I'd really like to thank them.

Reed: It was kind of Tessa.

Billy: Tessa?

Victoria: The music teacher that mom found for reed.

Reed: Yeah, grandma found her playing at the coffeehouse just for spare change.

Billy: Is that a good thing?

Reed: Well, yeah, I mean, she's not gonna sell out, working some crappy job, waste all her time and energy. She's really talented and smart and...when she explains things to me, it's like she's really feeling it.

Billy: And that translated to a car how?

Reed: I know how good I've got it. I've got a good house, good school, great family...

Victoria: Thank for saying that, honey.

Reed: I'm gonna go upstairs and finish my homework and do a couple more DMV practice tests.

Billy: All right.

Reed: And congratulations on the new hockey deal.

Billy: Yeah, thank you. Best thing about it? Free tickets to the hockey game. Box seats. You in?

Reed: Absolutely.

Billy: Think we can get your mom to come?

Victoria: I'll come if I get to sit by the ice so I can watch them get their faces smushed up against the glass.

Reed: All right. See ya, Billy.

Billy: Later. Well, I should go.

Victoria: Already?

Billy: Thank you, yes, but I should get going.

Victoria: Okay. I understand. Yeah. You can come back later if you want to say goodnight to the kids.

Billy: Okay. I'll see you later.

Victoria: Okay.

Chloe: We don't have to do this, Chelsea. I know what you're gonna say. You're so emotional. [Sighs] You know I love you. I am so grateful to you. You know that, right? Listen, nothing is gonna change for us. Kevin knows that we are a matched set. I'm gonna do everything for you, just like you have done everything for me. I'm telling you, after today, nothing is gonna change for us. It's gonna be okay.

Esther: Here we go, sweetheart!

Chelsea: I just wish you all that you deserve today.

Chloe: Let's do this.

Esther: That's good, honey.

Michael: Yay!

Esther: You're doing such a good job.

Lauren: Yay!

Esther: Now, come over here with grandma. Come over here with grandma. There you go. Good job!

Father Todd: Friends, we are here to share with Kevin and Chloe a very important day in their lives.

Sharon: Please don't assume the worst about any of this. Chelsea will cool down.

Nick: By obsessing about Chloe and bringing up Adam's death, I hurt this person who I care a lot about. And now she is the maid of honor to...to the woman who murdered my brother. I need more than just that tranq gun and a wrench to convince the police, but now Chloe is onto me. And who knows what she's gonna do now that she knows I think she's a killer?

Sharon: Well, if Chloe were panicking, she wouldn't have her friends and family at Katherine chancellor's house right now.

Nick: Marrying a good man who has no idea what she's capable of. And Chelsea's there still thinking that Adam's death was an accident.

Sharon: Nick. Nick.

Nick: It just drives me crazy that Chloe can take a life and still go on living hers.

Sharon: Of course you want her to pay, and she should.

Nick: Exactly.

Sharon: But... sometimes you just have to accept things you don't want to.

Father Todd: Kevin, can I ask you now to say your vows to Chloe?

Kevin: Chloe. You and I have been here before. There's a reason for that, that we keep coming back to each other, holding hands, exchanging rings, making promises. Because our one constant is love. We started as friends. Best friends. And that's part's never changed, how well we know each other. The last few years haven't been easy, but every moment -- the good, the bad, and everything in between -- have brought us to right now. This moment. Life isn't perfect. But neither are we. We do bring out the best in each other, though. And it's gonna keep getting better because you make me want to be a better man. She makes me want to be a better father. And I'm gonna give you both the life you deserve. Today, tomorrow, forever. Right here by your side.

Father Todd: Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. [Sniffles]


Chloe: I got this. [Exhales sharply] I haven't made life easy for you. That's an understatement, obviously. But any other man would have packed it in. And you didn't. You were loving and you were patient and you were all of the things that I never thought I deserved. There were moments that I thought that I was never going to be happy again. But suddenly... that all changed. And there you were. I can finally be the wife that you deserve. I can finally be the wife that deserves you. So thank you for loving us and for making us a family because I can't wait to start our life together.

Father Todd: Thank you. That was beautiful. May I please have the bride's ring? This ring is a symbol of eternal and unbroken love. Kevin, could you please place it on Chloe's finger and repeat after me? With this ring, I thee wed.

Kevin: With this ring, I thee wed.

Father Todd: May I please have the groom's ring? Now, Chloe, if you'd place this on Kevin's finger and repeat after me? With this ring, I thee wed.

Chloe: With this ring I thee wed.

Chloe: Hello, Adam. I'm gonna watch you die.

Kevin: Chloe.

Kevin: Chloe!

Chelsea: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Let me talk to her.

Kevin: What just happened?

Chelsea: I think your vows just made her emotional. Let me take care of her.

Chloe: [Panting] [Sniffles] [Gasps] Why are you doing this to me?

Chelsea: To you?!

Chloe: I don't know what you're thinking, but whatever it is, you're wrong.

Chelsea: I found this in your drawer! How did it get there, Chloe?!

Chloe: I don't know! I don't know what that is! I just know that it isn't Kevin's.

Chelsea: I put this ring on my husband's finger, and you took it off in the cabin the night he died.

Chloe: I wasn't there and I told you. The phone company got it wrong.

Chelsea: Nick was right about you. But you -- you and all of your excuses, and I listened to you because you're Chloe and you wouldn't lie to me, right? You wouldn't hurt me. There's no way you could be such an evil murdering bitch!

Chloe: Chelsea, I didn't --

Chelsea: Stop! Stop! You're the reason my husband is dead.

Chloe: It was an accident.

Billy: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Stop. Don't talk. Don't talk. We've done enough talking.

Phyllis: Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away... damn it.

Billy: Hard at work?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm writing an e-mail to summer.

Billy: She's still out there seeing the world?

Phyllis: Yep, I said one semester off to travel, but now it's time to come home.

Billy: You miss her.

Phyllis: Yeah. She is a grown woman and so am I, in theory.

Billy: Kids are a part of you. It never feels right to have them far away from you.

Phyllis: You had some togetherness today. You and Victoria celebrated with the kids.

Billy: Yeah, we did. We had a blast, you know? Throw some kids in an arcade, they turn into little maniacs.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Billy: The grown-ups had a little fun, too.

Phyllis: That's the way it should be.

Billy: You okay? You don't seem happy. Is it just summer, or is there something else going on?

Phyllis: No. Everything's fine! It's fine. Work is fine.

Billy: Work is fine.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: How's everything else in your life?

Scott: Hey, man. You okay?

Kevin: I shouldn't have let Chelsea go up. It should be me.

Father Todd: Hey, Kevin. I want you to take a breath. I promise you, this isn't the first time a bride, or groom, needed just a moment to pull it together.

Michael: Exactly. This will become part of your wedding lore. Someday you'll laugh about it.

Lauren: You heard her vows. Today meant everything to her. I'm sure she's just overwhelmed. Chelsea will know the right thing to say, they'll touch up her makeup, and she'll be down in a few minutes.

Kevin: Okay. I've waited this long. A few more minutes can't hurt, right?

Lauren: Right.

Mariah: This is so like Chloe. She's such a drama queen. She's gonna torture Kevin and then she's gonna come back down here, giggling, like, "oh, I'm so quirky!" 'Cause Kevin is obsessed with her manic pixie dream girl schtick. Then she's gonna get away with this garbage just like she gets away with everything else.

Chloe: The police said the cabin explosion was an accident, and you know this. If there was something else behind it, they would -- they would still be digging.

Chelsea: I am holding Adam's wedding ring, and you still have the nerve to lie to me? The police report was wrong! I saw the wrench and the dart gun that you threw in the trash, Chloe! You tranquilized Adam! You shot him like he was some kind of an animal! And then you let him lay there while you sabotaged the propane tank to make it look like a leak.

Chloe: Why are you doing this?

Chelsea: And then what's worse is you wanted me to see it. With Connor! With a sweet, innocent little boy. You wanted us to watch Adam die! And then you took this ring off his finger, this ring that I gave him. You took this off his finger and you put it in a drawer? As some kind of a trophy? To prove that you had won. Wow, you are psychotic.

Chloe: Chelsea! Don't say that. Don't say that. I love you. You're my best friend!

Chelsea: No.

Chloe: Adam didn't make you happy. Okay? Come on. That was a lie that you were telling yourself after he died. He was sick. He was vicious. He made your life miserable. Now you're with nick. Nick is a good and decent man.

Chelsea: Nick knows you're a killer!

Chloe: Adam never paid for what he did to Delia.

Chelsea: So that's what this was? That's what all of this was about, making him pay?

Chloe: He killed a child and he covered it up! Justice has finally been served! He's gone, okay? Now everyone is happy! You're happy! He never deserved you! You are with nick! I'm with Kevin and with Bella. That makes me happy. Can we -- I never thought I was gonna be able to love a child ever again after what Adam took from me! Kevin and Bella, they need me. They need me just like Connor and nick need you. Please. Please. Can't you just let us all be happy, please?

Chelsea: I need to hear you say it. I deserve to hear you say the words. Chloe... if you ever loved me --

Chloe: I do!

Chelsea: Then tell me the truth! Tell me the truth!

Chloe: I did it, okay? I did it! I blew up that cabin because I needed Adam to die!

Chelsea: [Screams]

Chloe: Aah! Oh, my God!

Victoria: Oh, hey.

Reed: Hi.

Victoria: I was just coming up.

Reed: With this, for me?

Victoria: Yeah, I mean, unless you want me to eat it.

Reed: Thank you.

Victoria: Sure. You know, since a car is off the table, what do you want for your birthday?

Reed: Just this.

Victoria: Mm. A sandwich, huh? Okay. Done.

Reed: Us getting along. It's nice.

Victoria: Yeah, it is. It's nice.

Reed: It has something to do with Billy, you know. When you two get along, you're a lot less stressed out. I hope you guys stay friends, or whatever.

Billy: Well, maybe when you're done composing your e-mail to summer, you can check your dating app and see if there's any prospects in the vicinity.

Phyllis: Well, I actually have a date set up here later. You don't have to look so surprised.

Billy: Should I stick around, make sure the guy's not a jerk like troy was?

Phyllis: Troy was not a jerk. He just was not for me.

Billy: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, it does take time to find the right one, doesn't it?

Phyllis: Yeah. I think you found that a long time ago in Victoria. It's good you guys are working your way back to one another. You belong with her. And the kids. It's solid. It's real.

Billy: As opposed to what?

Phyllis: Sorry?

Billy: No, it just sounds like you regret what you and I had. And I don't. I mean, I regret that it caused pain to people that we care about, I regret the damage that it did to your life, but we had some really good times. And I don't regret that. I hope you don't, either.

Sharon: Chloe may think she's gotten away with it for now, but it won't last. She will slip up and it'll all come crashing in on her. Right now, I'm thinking about you. You're worried that things are ruined between you and Chelsea. So fix it, nick. Right now. Find a way to hang onto her and what you two have been building together. Because when the truth comes out, she's gonna need you.

Nick: So, what, in the meantime I'm just supposed to do nothing about Chloe?

Sharon: For now, yes. Go to the wedding. Hold Chelsea's hand. Show her that she means more to you than proving Chloe's guilty. Chloe's a lost cause. But you and Chelsea, you can still be saved.

Gloria: Maybe we should let father Todd go. There's nothing for him to do here today.

Lauren: [Scoffs] Is it possible for you to have just a shred of decency and try to hide your glee?

Michael: Honestly, it's only been a few minutes.

Kevin: Really? It feels like it's been 6 hours.

Michael: Chloe has never been predictable. That's part of why you like her.

Scott: You want to get a drink, get outside? Whatever you need, man.

Kevin: Stay here, don't let anybody leave. I'm gonna --

Father Todd: Kevin. Would it be okay if I went up and talked to her? I've handled this kind of thing before.

Michael: Let father Todd get an idea of what's going on.

Kevin: Uh, okay. Thank you.

Father Todd: Okay. Deep breath.

Michael: Scott was right about getting a drink. What can we get you?

Kevin: Chloe. My wi-- my fiancée. I should be with her.

Mariah: Kevin, please.

Michael: What do you got?

Scott: You know, I think it's Kevin wedding ring. So what was Chloe gonna put on his finger?

Father Todd: Chloe. It's father Todd. Can we talk for a moment? Chloe! I'm coming in.

Kevin: No.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: For my son's sake, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

Kevin: Chelsea!

Father Todd: Are you all right?

Kevin: Chelsea, wake up!

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