Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/4/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/4/17


Episode # 11141 ~ Sharon's loyalty is tested; Phyllis offers someone a helping hand; Gloria schemes to get rid of Chloe.

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Sharon: What is that?

Nick: Throwing a bachelorette party tonight.

Sharon: For Chloe?

Nick: She's the only bride I know.

Sharon: When you called and you asked me to come over, you said things have changed. I assumed that you'd found evidence that Chloe was guilty. Now you're throwing her a party?

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: What'd you find out from Paul?

Nick: Nothing new.

Sharon: Did you tell him about your suspicions?

Nick: Well, I kept Chloe's name out of it. I asked Paul what it would take to reopen the case. He said it would have to be something concrete.

Sharon: And now you're throwing her a bachelorette party? I don't get it. What are you hoping to accomplish?

Nick: At some point tonight, I'm gonna get Chloe to confess. I need your help to do it.

Chloe: So, uh, my mom agreed to be our designated driver.

Chelsea: Unacceptable.

Chloe: What? I mean, I know that Esther's a dork, but she knows how to drive a car.

[Car horn honks "here comes the bride"]

Esther: What on earth was that?

Chloe: You did not.

Chelsea: I totally did. [Laughs]

Esther: Did what?

Chelsea: I got us a limousine for the evening, so you are no longer our designated driver, and the second we exit that door, the party begins.

Esther: Oh, honey. I just wish you had let me throw you a bridal shower with tea and finger sandwiches. Bella would love that.

Chloe: Mom, this is my third marriage to Kevin. We do not need presents and tea. We need hard alcohol and music! So let's get going!

Chelsea: Well, hold on one second. We have some final details, some finals touches.

Esther: Ooh!

Chloe: Oh, my -- it is awful and I love it.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Okay, allow me!

Chloe: Okay, yeah!

Chelsea: All right. Oh, yes. I am an evil genius. [Giggles]

Esther: Honey. What's wrong?

Chloe: This time tomorrow, I'm gonna be married. I never thought I'd be this happy again.

Esther: Oh! Oh, honey. I love you so much. I'm so happy for you.

Gloria: [Groans] Ugh.

Phyllis: What seems to be the problem, Gloria?

Gloria: Kevin and that twit of a bride have moved up the wedding date. It's tomorrow! I found out by e-mail. E-mail! And now he's not returning my calls.

Phyllis: Oh, well, you're so calm and supportive. I can't imagine why he's not dying to talk to you.

Gloria: Has Lauren left for home already?

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Gloria: Suddenly I need my mother-of-the-groom dress early. Unless they'd like me to go naked.

Phyllis: No, I don't think they do.

Gloria: Okay. Fine. I'll call her at the house.

Phyllis: Lauren's not at the house. She's dealing with the Bach-- ...of new shipments.

Gloria: Batch of new shipments, huh? [Chuckles] Don't you try to trip me up, Phyllis. I know a bachelor party when I smell one, now out of my way!

Phyllis: I'm sure you do! [Sighs]

Billy: A little, uh, five-card draw, guys?

Kevin: Sure.

Paul: Yes!

Scott: All right, all right.

Paul: Two of the sweetest words you will ever utter are "yes, dear."

Michael: See also... "you're right."

Scott: I hear "I'm wrong" works even better than "you're right."

Michael: Ah, but put 'em both together, it's just pure magic. Mwah! And a little housekeeping goes a long way. A woman loves a man who can manhandle a vacuum cleaner.

Paul: That is so on the nose. Some of our most romantic nights have been after...

Scott: Paul, thank you. That's just a little TMI going on there. Just a touch.

Kevin: Well, this is great, guys, thanks, but I know exactly what I'm getting into with Chloe. There are no surprises.

Scott: Cheers.

Paul: Cheers to that.

Michael: Cheers!

Scott: To Kevin and Chloe.

Paul: To Kevin and Chloe!

Michael: To Kevin and Chloe!

Sharon: I don't like it -- scheming to try to pry a confession out of Chloe at a party in her honor?

Nick: Sharon, my brother is dead, and I think Chloe may have had something to do with it. But I need proof. I can't do this alone.

Sharon: Maybe you shouldn't do it at all.

Nick: Look, I know how much you cared about Adam.

Sharon: Don't try to guilt me into this.

Nick: We all need to know how my brother died. And if Chloe was responsible...

Sharon: You have no concrete evidence.

Nick: I had her cell phone records pulled. I know that she was near the cabin at the time of the explosion.

Sharon: You can't be sure of that.

Nick: I can, and there's more.

Sharon: What is that? Where'd you get it?

Nick: It's Chloe's. I saw her toss this into a dumpster.

Sharon: What, tools?

Nick: The dart gun isn't a tool, Sharon. This is used on animals. And this wrench could be used to tamper with the line on a propane tank, causing an explosion.

Sharon: I have a wrench under my sink. Does that make me a suspect?

Nick: Did you throw it into a bag and then into an dumpster in an alley along with a dart gun? Sharon, can't you see why I need your help?

Sharon: I don't want it to be true.

Nick: Neither do I. Either I'm right or I'm wrong. But I have to know the truth.

Sharon: What do you need me to do?

Ashley: Thank you so much for your suggestions regarding the men's line. I will consider them and get back to you with my feedback before I go to the conference in new York. Thank you so much for coming. Hey, Ravi, do you mind sticking around? I want to show you something.

Ravi: Yeah, is this about the latest jabot hashtag? You know, I've been monitoring several...

Ashley: No, it's not about jabot. It's, um -- well, it's about... it's about this.

Ravi: What's this?

Ashley: You don't go to the "GC buzz" website often? Good for you. "Ashley Abbott and her date, Jabot tech whiz Ravi Shapur."

Ravi: We should demand a retraction.

Michael: You want some real advice?

Scott: As long as it's about poker and not housekeeping.

Paul: No, you don't know what you're missing.

Michael: No, no. Listen to me. A marriage's worst enemy is secrets. They're poison. They will always hurt you and the one you love.

[Knocking on door]

Paul: Uh-oh.

Scott: Stripper? Huh?

Michael: Oh. All right. Hold on, hold on. Hold on!

Scott: Maybe? Maybe?

Paul: Hope it's not the cops. Ah! Mariah!

Mariah: Hi! I come bearing gifts!

Kevin: Hey!

Michael: The bachelorette party is at the underground.

Mariah: Yeah, that's why I'm here! I am on the groom's side of the aisle. Ooh, poker! Deal me in.

Scott: Are you, uh, playing or talking?

Mariah: Are you talking or dealing?

Scott: Ouch!

Kevin: Hey!

Mariah: Hey!

Kevin: Start with this.

Mariah: Thanks.

Nick: So then Chloe will take a break in the office. That's when I'll go and talk to her. According to Scott, she gets pretty loose-lipped when she's had a few drinks.

Sharon: But to get drunk enough to confess to murder? I mean, no one could drink that much.

Nick: I got to give it a shot. She wants to talk, Sharon. That's why she ran her mouth off to Scott. You know, she may have convinced herself that she did something righteous by getting rid of Adam.

Sharon: To do that and then spend so much time with Chelsea -- who could be so cold?

Nick: Well, that's why we need answers. The wedding is tomorrow, and then they're gonna leave the country on their honeymoon? It has to be tonight.

Sharon: [Sighs] Poor Kevin. He's so in love.

Nick: Well, better now that after he's married to her.

Sharon: You're right.

Nick: That's why I need to be alone with Chloe, so you have to distract Chelsea for me.

Sharon: You didn't tell Chelsea what you have planned?

Nick: She can't even bear the thought that her friend could be behind this, and I can't even bring it up to her anymore until I get some proof.

Sharon: What about the dart gun and the wrench? I mean, that's evidence.

Nick: I need something more than just some bag found in a dumpster. Chloe can talk her way out of anything. She gets around Chelsea, she starts playing that "best friend" card, and then all bets are off. Earlier, you said that you were in this with me. But looking at your face now, I'm not convinced.

Sharon: This just feels like something the police should be handling.

Nick: I agree with you, but Paul can't reopen the case until he gets some concrete proof, something that absolutely, definitely ties Chloe to that explosion at the cabin. And right now, I just don't have that. But a confession from Chloe? That'll do the same thing.

Sharon: My stomach's churning, nick. You know, if you're wrong and Chelsea finds out that you went behind her back, she's gonna be furious with you. And if you're right, well... you're the messenger. You could get caught in the fallout.

Nick: Chelsea deserves the truth. My brother, for all his faults, he deserves justice.

Sharon: I'm worried about Chloe. If she feels exposed, she could spin out and, nick, you're talking about someone who may be capable of murder.


Esther: Oh, I'm so excited!

Chloe: Hi!

Chelsea: Let's get this party started!


Esther: Yes!


Ravi: You have my word, Ashley. I didn't speak to "GC buzz" and I certainly didn't claim we were on a date. That's slanderous.

Ashley: Well, it's not exactly slanderous. We went to the opera together, you were my escort, so... yeah, they're gonna assume you were my date.

Ravi: [Sighs] You're not angry?

Ashley: Are you kidding? There could be worse things for my reputation than being seen with a young, handsome opera lover.

Ravi: Handsome...

Ashley: [Laughs] Yes. Did you see yourself in that tux?

Ravi: Yeah.

Ashley: Very sophisticated.

Ravi: Okay, I think that's the first time anyone has ever called me sophisticated.

Ashley: Well, then obviously you need to spend more time away from the office.

Ravi: I think it's less about where I was and more about who I was with. You made me look good.

Ashley: You made me enjoy opera. I didn't just listen to it. I -- I felt it.

Ravi: I could tell.

Ashley: Guess what? I liked it so much, the next time the opera comes to town, I'm getting two tickets.

Ravi: Oh, yeah?

Ashley: Yeah. So, thank you so much for staying late. Much appreciated.

Ravi: You're leaving?

Ashley: Yeah, I have, uh, dinner plans with Abby. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ravi: Right. See you tomorrow.

Phyllis: Ravi?

Ravi: Hey. Hey, if a woman says she's getting tickets to something, does that mean she's asking you out on a date?

Scott: Three.

Kevin: No!

Michael: Oh! Oh!

Paul: Come on!

Michael: The ag-on-y!

Paul: Who wants another drink?

Scott: Maybe that'll help you on your next hand, or at least numb the pain of losing it.

Michael: Hey, can I get you something else?

Scott: Yeah, fresh blood.

Michael: Oh! I'll see what I can do. [Laughs]

Scott: So... who's, uh -- who's dealing?

Mariah: You know, maybe we could take a break before I'm entirely out of money.

Scott: Ehh.

Mariah: We can talk about wedding-ish things, say nice things about Kevin the night before his nuptials.

Scott: So I guess I'm gonna deal again. I'll take those back.

Mariah: Okay. [Laughs]

Scott: Thanks.

Paul: You know, I got a visit from nick Newman today, and since you guys are friends, I thought maybe you could, uh, share some insight with me.

Michael: About what?

Paul: Why nick suddenly suspects that Adam's death wasn't an accident...

Kevin: With friends like you.

Mariah: I know.

Chloe: Nick, this is so awesome. Thank you so much.

Nick: You're welcome.

Esther: Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. [Laughs] It's so exciting.

Nick: That sounded like a toast, but for that, we are gonna need some drinks. So I would like to present to you the drink of the evening, the bridemopolitan.

Chloe: Okay.

Nick: The name could use some work, but the beverage is pure genius, trust me.


Sharon: Well, I think the guest of honor should test it.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. Come on.

Nick: Let's do it. There you go.

Chloe: Let me try this out. Okay.

Chelsea: Whoo!

Sharon: Mm! [Laughs]

Nick: Whoa!

Chloe: Ahh! What? It's good!

Chelsea: Slow down there, tiger.

Chloe: Listen, you can blame my mother. She didn't let me have any champagne in the limo.

Chelsea: Ah.

Esther: Yeah, well, who knows the last time those glasses in the limo were washed?

Sharon: Well, these glasses are spotless, and the drinks are cold, and it's a party, so... have another.

Chloe: Yes!

Nick: [Laughs] Hello.

Chelsea: Hello.

Nick: All right. What was that for?

Chelsea: Tonight. You doing all of this for Chloe.

Nick: I know you had some questions about her, but everything's good now, right? All three of us?

Nick: She's your best friend.

Chelsea: She is, but, you know, you're my best...you, and it means a lot to me that the two of you guys are getting along.

Sharon: It's all so wonderful and dramatic -- a spur-of-the-moment wedding -- but aren't you worried you'll regret it?

Chloe: Regret marrying Kevin? No. Never.

Sharon: I just mean not having a long engagement, taking your time.

Chloe: I never should have divorced Kevin in the first place. I was really just trying to protect him. Then again, I did a lot of crazy stuff in the last few years, but look, that's all over now. Right? Nothing but good things from now on, starting with my wedding tomorrow!

Sharon: Hey!

Esther: It will be so beautiful, sweetheart.

Sharon: Here's to tomorrow. Drink to that.

Chloe: Yes! Cheers! Mm! Mm-hmm.

Esther: Wait, honey. Slow down. I mean, the last thing you want is a headache on your wedding day.

Chloe: [Laughs]

Sharon: Oh, she'll be so happy, she won't feel a thing.

Chloe: Yes. Exactly. Nothing but joy. Mm! Mm-hmm!

Chelsea: Okay, so... I know you said no gifts, but...

Chloe: You shouldn't have.

Chelsea: Come on now!

Chloe: Maybe you should have! My husband thanks you in advance.

Esther: Wow. It's, um, lovely.

Chloe: Oh, Mom! [Laughter] You are being so brave, and you're so -- you're so sweet and you're so funny. You know, you've put up with me all these years, such a brat, you know? I'm such a brat! I am!

Esther: Oh, come on.

Chloe: I am so lucky for you.

Esther: Well, I have always loved you, no matter what, and I always will. And now having you home again with Bella and seeing you so happy with Kevin... it's all a mother could ever want.

Chloe: Oh!

Esther: I'm the lucky one, honey.

Chloe: Oh, mom. You're gonna make me cry.

Sharon: Go ahead. You deserve you. You can do whatever you want.

Chelsea: No! We don't want to make you sad!

Chloe: Well, you know, it's just -- it's just happy tears. I mean, I'm just -- I'm so thankful for you guys. I've messed up some much of my life. I've messed up my marriage and my friends and my family, and I solemnly swear that I am going to do right by all of you, my friends, my family, and my Kevin. [Laughter] You know, because I -- I'm gonna get it right this time. I promise you that. [Laughs]

Esther: I know you will.

Chelsea: Cheers to that.

Chloe: Cheers to myself.

Chelsea: Whoo! Oh, no. Okay. Don't even bother to cheers.

Esther: Honey! Wait...

Sharon: No empty glasses allowed -- not tonight. Allow me to refill that for you.

Chloe: [Laughs] Oh, stop it.

Chelsea: It's a fun night. She's allowed.

Chloe: It's an important night.

Esther: Okay...

Chloe: Cheers.

Michael: Nick came to you asking about Adam's death.

Mariah: All right...

Michael: I had no idea he was questioning things.

Paul: Well, you know what, I can't say I blame him. I mean, that case never did sit right with me. But the evidence pointed to a propane leak and explosion.

Michael: So why would anyone assume foul play? I mean, I guess sage's inheritance could have been a motive, but... as her next of kin, nick received the check from the Bingham estate. I assume that's what got him thinking about Adam. Including his death.

Paul: Yeah. Nick and Chelsea seem to be getting closer.

Michael: Oh. [Chuckles] Yeah. Well, maybe this time next year, we'll be at nick's bachelor party.

Paul: Oh, yeah! I better save my pennies...

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Paul: ...If Scott's lucky streak continues.

Michael: Mm. Oh, here.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Scott: Full house! Sorry, guys.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, you look real heartbroken.

Scott: Oh, come on.

Paul: Here you go.

Kevin: So, Mariah, you're a human being. Any relationship advice?


Mariah: From my short-lived marriage to a cult leader? No, actually.

Kevin: Good point. Scott, how about you?

Scott: Argue naked.

Paul: Oh!

Scott: That's always a good one.

Paul: [Laughing] Yeah.

Kevin: That's good advice. Not going into my vows, though.

Mariah: Wait, you're writing your own vows?

Kevin: Well, that's reassuring!

Mariah: Well -- sorry, I mean, "you're writing your own vows! Yay!"

Kevin: I'll take advice from the actual writer, thank you.

Scott: Write what's in your heart. I mean, you love Chloe, so tell her why.

Kevin: If I go on about how much I love Chloe, it's gonna take a while.

Gloria: Yeah, and twice as long to list the ways she'll ruin your life. You're lucky I didn't pop out of a cake to strangle some sense into ya!

Michael: As you can see, Gloria, now is not the time.

Gloria: Really? Would you like me to list my objections during the ceremony?

Paul: Oh, no, no, no. I don't think that's the right tack to take.

Gloria: Not even a phone call to tell me the wedding had been moved up? What's the rush, Kevin? Is Chloe pregnant with someone else's child -- again?

Michael: Okay, then, let's go.

Kevin: This is why I didn't call you. This, right here.

Gloria: At least I got a wedding invitation. Even though it was through a group e-mail. And I found out about this little event through the grapevine.

Michael: It's called a bachelor party. Shall I define the term for you?

Gloria: She's here.

Mariah: Suddenly wishing I weren't.

Kevin: Mariah is my friend and she supports my marriage. Chloe makes me happy, mom. She builds me up. She thinks I'm a badass. Her words, not mine. Everything good in my life, or everything that's gonna be good in my life, is because of Chloe.

Scott: That should go in the vows.

Kevin: If you don't support that or accept that, it means you don't want me to be happy. It's that simple.

Gloria: But I do want you to be happy.

Kevin: Thank you.

Gloria: [Sighs] May I stay?

Scott: Grab a drink. Pull up a chair.

Paul: I hope you brought your piggy bank. This guy is a shark.

Gloria: Give me a second, handsome. Mariah and I have girl talk first.

Scott: Ahh!

Gloria: I need your help.

Mariah: No, Gloria, I am not helping you jump out of a cake.

Gloria: This is going to be something a little less subtle. I need you to seduce my son tonight.

Mariah: No, I -- hey!

Ashley: So... how did your interview go with Scott Grainger?

Abby: He's a smart guy. He knows about people, how their minds work.

Ashley: Listen, I bet he's seen more in the last few years than most people see in a lifetime.

Abby: True. Scott cannot be fooled. It's not gonna happen. [Laughs]

Ashley: Sounds like your dad. It's very interesting that your father hired Scott to write his biography, don't you think?

Abby: Can you imagine the conversation between those two?

Ashley: Actually, I'm more interested in our conversation. How are you doing now that your father shot down your project ideas?

Abby: Um, you know, I'm exploring my options and finding a way to move forward.

Ashley: Good for you. If you feel passionate about something, you have to find a way to make it viable, right?

Abby: Exactly, and I have the perfect example of someone who does that.

Ashley: Thank you.

Abby: So, speaking of which, what are you currently passionate about?

Ashley: Well, you know, the health and beauty conference in new York. I've just been working so hard. I've got the models, I've got the graphs, I've got so much going on.

Abby: Okay, yeah, mom, that's wonderful, but I'm not talking about work. Since when are you and Ravi dating, and since when is he so hot?

Ravi: Ashley said she was getting tickets to the next opera. Tickets, plural. Like more than one.

Phyllis: I know what "plural" means, thank you.

Ravi: Sorry. I'm trying to understand.

Phyllis: And you want me to translate?

Ravi: Yes! Please!

Phyllis: I think she's getting tickets to the opera.

Ravi: Subtext. But the subtext...

Phyllis: Now, I recall, just the other day, you walked out of this office heartbroken.

Ravi: Disappointed.

Phyllis: Devastated.

Ravi: Things have changed. I mean, "GC buzz" says we're dating.

Phyllis: Well, then, it must be true. Let me see that. What?! You can look like this? But every day you choose to go this route?

Ravi: [Sighs] What's the difference between that evening and every other day? I mean, I wore a tux and contacts. So what?

Phyllis: Look at the picture. You have the upper hand. You're the one with the experience and the knowledge. Very sophisticated.

Ravi: That's what Ashley said.

Phyllis: Well, that's why she took notice. For that night.

Ravi: How do I get her to notice me again?

Phyllis: You know the saying "you got to dress for the job you want?" You need to dress for the woman you want. She is not my favorite person at all, but she is elegant. She's a class act. And this look of yours... is not.

Ravi: [Sighs] I can go shopping. Fenmore's virtual dressing room.

Phyllis: You are not leaving this up to a computer. I am putting you into my hands, and you're gonna like it.

Esther: Unh-unh! Chloe. Why don't I get you some food and we can soak up that alcohol, okay?

Sharon: Oh, great idea! Let's get some appetizers for the table.

Chloe: Yes! Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Esther: Oh, gosh. Oh, no. It's the baker. I better take this.

Chloe: Oh, mom, you're my wedding planning hero! Whoo!

Esther: [Chuckles]

Sharon: I'll look out for her.

Esther: Okay. Thank you. Um, uh, yes, this is Esther.

Sharon: So, how you feeling?

Chloe: Great! How about you?

Sharon: Oh, I was just thinking maybe Esther was right. We might have gone a little too fast on that pitcher.

Chloe: What? No! Come on. This is the first time I've been able to relax since...

Sharon: Since when?

Chloe: What?

Sharon: You know, why don't we go for a walk and get your blood moving a little bit? Get your circulation going.

Chloe: Yeah, let's do it! Got to make more room for the bridemopolitans. You know, it's really just not easy to say that.

Sharon: [Laughs] Let's go. Off we go.

Chloe: Off we go! Whoo!

Sharon: [Laughs] Whoo!

Nick: Well, it's no, you know, Mumbai mango or whatever it was you made that night... I mean, you have serious skills.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. I do. Which means I can take over from here. Why don't you go have fun with the boys at Michael's? I'll close this place up when we're done.

Nick: What? Are you trying to get rid of me?

Chelsea: I am trying to thank you for everything you did tonight. It means a lot to me.

Nick: Well, the night's not over. I still have some things to take care of here.

Chelsea: Okay.

Chloe: Why did you bring me in here? I thought we were going outside, and we were gonna look at the stars and stuff.

Sharon: Or you could lie down on the sofa just for a bit, you know? A few minutes, you'd be good as new, and that way, Esther can't say she needs to take you home and put you to bed.

Chloe: [Gasps] You're smart. Such a good friend. You're such a smart, good friend.

Sharon: [Chuckles] Here you go. A blanket. Um...

Chloe: [Gasps] Who could that be?

Nick: Hey.

Chloe: I thought you were gonna be a stripper, but it's just you.

Nick: [Laughs] No, I, uh, hung up the old bow tie years ago.

Sharon: Well, I'm gonna go get you some water. I'll be back in a sec. Could you look after Chloe until I get back?

Nick: Yep. How you feeling?

Chloe: Mm. Sofa's very comfy.

Nick: Good. Well, you know, it's the perfect place for special guests.

Chloe: [Chuckles] See, this is why you're so good for Chelsea. You're thoughtful and you're considerate. Chelsea deserves someone just like you.

Nick: Hey, check this out. Thinking about putting them in the bar for the customers.

Chloe: Yeah. I guess.

Nick: Couldn't hurt a fly. Unlike... this. You know, it's the real thing. It's a different animal entirely. Packs quite a punch. You ever see anything like it?

Chelsea: Hey. Where did everybody go?

Esther: Oh, sorry. After I checked in with the baker, then I had to check in with the florist, and... where's Chloe?

Chelsea: I don't know, she was just here a second ago.

Esther: Oh, gosh, I hope she's not sick. That was too much alcohol way too fast.

Chelsea: No, I -- I would have noticed if she went to the restroom. Huh.

Sharon: Esther! Everything going good with the party planning and the wedding?

Esther: Yes, well --

Sharon: You know, I just wanted to say, um, I'm sorry. I won't be able to make it tomorrow, but you know, the coffeehouse can get so busy sometimes, you know. Oh, how long did you work there?

Chelsea: What happened to our party? And where is our blushing bride?

Abby: Say what you want, but this picture doesn't look like nothing to me. It definitely looks like something.

Ashley: Okay. Ravi and I work together, honey, and we're friends. I would never have invited him to the opera if jack hadn't stood me up at the last minute.

Abby: You hate the opera.

Ashley: And I learned to appreciate it that night.

Abby: Mm-hmm, with your date, "tech whiz Ravi Shapur."

Ashley: You can stop now.

Abby: Mom, this secretly hot guy has been following you around like a puppy since you hired him. I thought you were gonna make it clear that it just wasn't gonna happen between you two.

Ashley: You know what, could you please stop talking about him like he's a little boy? He's a man. He's been educated. He's got interests. He's got opinions.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: And we had a discussion. We set new boundaries, okay?

Abby: Was that before or after your date?

Ashley: [Sighs] Ravi understands that we're friends, and he's fine with it.

Abby: Okay, let's look at this picture. This one right here. Look at his face. Look at your face. I don't like at my friends like that.

Ashley: Honey. You don't have to worry. There's nothing going on between Ravi and me.

Abby: You had fun, mom. He has you jamming out to EDM and appreciating the opera. Ravi has opened doors for you that you've never even thought of. So why stop now, when Ravi might have more surprises for you?

Phyllis: Here you go. Take these.

Ravi: Oh! All of these?

Phyllis: Yeah. You got to step up your game. You in or you out?

Ravi: I'm in.

Phyllis: Wow.

Ravi: Really?

Phyllis: Wow. One thing. Yeah.

Ravi: No, I -- I need to see.

Phyllis: No. You didn't need them at the opera.

Ravi: I mean, I was wearing contacts. They were really uncomfortable.

Phyllis: Cry me a river. You ever see the heels I wear? Sometimes you got to suffer for what you want.

Chelsea: If Chloe's not in the bathroom...

Esther: Yeah, where could she be?

Sharon: Esther, Chloe's fine. She just went to lie down in nick's office for a minute.

Esther: What?! Why?

Sharon: Um, you were right. She drank a little bit too much.

Chelsea: Well, why didn't you just tell us that before?

Sharon: You know, she begged me not to. She was afraid that you were gonna take her home.

Esther: Okay, I'm gonna go check on her.

Sharon: Esther, just give her a little bit of time, please. She's fine. She just, um... needs a minute to pull herself together, and she'll be back to partying in no time.

Chelsea: You know what? Uh, Esther, Chloe had mentioned earlier that she's really worried about the caterer being able to work on such a short notice. I think it would mean a lot to her if she could make sure everything was on track.

Esther: Okay. I will go call them, and then I am taking her home.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay, Esther's gone, so now you can tell me what you didn't want her to hear, whatever you know about Chloe.

Sharon: It's nothing. She's drunk and the room is spinning, so she just needed some time, and she didn't need a lecture from her mom.

Chelsea: Okay. Whatever. I'll just go check on her.

Sharon: No, Chelsea --

Chelsea: She's not gonna be embarrassed in front of me, Sharon. Chloe and I practically lived on red wine when we lived together.

Sharon: Just give her a little bit of time.

Chloe: I mean, what is that thing, and I don't think you really want that around drunk patrons.

Nick: Yeah, but I might want to use it on rowdier ones, you know? It's a tranquilizer gun. It's used to take down wild animals. Have you ever seen one?

Chloe: You know, I could never been a zookeeper. Just too much poo to clean up. [Chuckles]

Nick: Yeah, I bet that thing could take down a bear. Did I ever tell you that I walked into a bear trap?

Chloe: [Chuckles]

Nick: True story. It happened. I was trapped. No way out. The panic was intense. It was like way worse than the pain. I mean, it probably helped that beforehand I had finished a bottle of whiskey. Actually, the whiskey's probably why I walked into it in the first place.

Chloe: Speaking -- Sharon was bringing me water. Where is she? I want my wa--

Nick: You want to know what the worst part was? It was the regret. I was laying there, thinking that I'd hurt so many people, that I'd made so many mistakes, that I'd never have a chance to fix it or make anything better.

Chloe: So there's no stripper coming.

Nick: You know, the craziest part was who saved me. Sage found me and she went off to get help. Who do you think she brought back? Adam. My brother saved my life. He did a lot of horrible things, but he had some good in him.

Chloe: So saving you balanced out everything that he did?

Nick: I hated a lot of the things that he did, but he wasn't pure evil.

Chloe: He's not around anymore, so I guess it doesn't matter, right?

Nick: It matters to Connor and to Chelsea. They loved him.

Chloe: Chelsea's with you now, so... that never would have happened if Adam were still around. [Chuckles]

Nick: Doesn't mean I wanted him dead. Chelsea loves you, Chloe. You know, she defended you. She took you in when no one else would. She deserves to know the truth about how Adam died. We all do.

[Knocks on door]

Chelsea: Nick. What's going on?

Nick: You want to tell her, Chloe, or should I?

Phyllis: You look fab and you know it.

Ravi: Yeah, Ashley's not shallow. I don't think new clothes are gonna impress her.

Phyllis: I told you, it's not the clothes. It's the attitude, my friend. And this is the only way you're gonna find out if she's gonna sit up and take notice. You still in?

Ravi: I'm in.

Ashley: I really appreciate your concern about my romantic life, but it's not necessary.

Abby: I was wrong about you and Ravi. I was wrong about you two not being together. Clearly there's something between you two, so why not see where it goes? He obviously makes you happy.

Ashley: Why does this matter so much to you?

Abby: Because it's no fun being alone. I should know. And you haven't had anyone in your life for a long time now. You deserve someone that's gonna make you happy. And if Ravi can do that, what's really stopping you two?

Scott: All right. Sorry, guys.

Paul: Oh, what a surprise! Look who won again.

Michael: Boo!

Kevin: I have a wedding to pay for. Please keep that in mind.

Scott: And I will buy you an excellent gift.

Paul: Right, with my money.

Michael: Mine, too. You're very welcome. [Chuckles]

Mariah: The answer is still no, Gloria.

Gloria: I thought you were Kevin's friend.

Mariah: So that means I'm obligated to have sex with him? The night before his wedding? You're insane!

Gloria: Oh, yeah? And don't sell yourself short. You're a lovely girl, and he's been drinking...

Mariah: Okay, you know what? Kevin doesn't want me and I don't want him.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? Since when? Everybody knows you pined over him.

Mariah: You know what, that is none of your business. I'm seeing someone now. Kevin is in love with Chloe. He wants a life with her. I'm not gonna be the one to ruin that for him. I'm not gonna be the one to hurt him.

Michael: I would like to make a toast.

Paul: Oh!

Michael: To my most excellent brother, who has won his heart's desire.

Mariah: Hear, hear!

Scott: Hear, hear. Cheers.

Paul: I'll drink to that.

Scott: Yes. Salud.

Michael: Salud!


Gloria: So it's up to me to save my sweet angel. There's got to be some way to keep this wedding from happening.

Nick: Chloe. Chloe.

Chelsea: Hey, what was going on in here?

Nick: Uh, I was just trying to wake up her to take her home.

Chelsea: No, no, no. She needs all the rest she can get. All right, I'm gonna grab Esther, and we are taking Chloe home now. Tomorrow will be the biggest day of her life.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ravi: Got a sec?

Billy: That kiss before I left. I haven't stopped thinking about it, and I'm betting you haven't, either.

Chelsea: You said you were through accusing Chloe of killing Adam, but you used that party last night to entrap her, didn't you?

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