Y&R Transcript Friday 3/31/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/31/17


Episode # 11139 ~ Nick shares his suspicions with Sharon; Paul is asked to reopen the investigation regarding Adam's death; Chloe throws Kevin a curveball.

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Victor: [Chuckles]

Victoria: Dad! What are you doing?

Victor: Watching a brilliant businesswoman at work.

Victoria: Come here. Hi. Good to see you.

Victor: So? Does it feel good to run your own company?

Victoria: Yeah, it's a rush at times. And I owe some of that to you.

Victor: Why?

Victoria: Well, you're the one that encouraged me to buy brash & sassy from Jill.

Victor: Oh, I think you'd made up your mind before you sought my counsel.

Victoria: Maybe. But if I hadn't had that little push, I might not be standing here right now. So thank you. I owe you.

Victor: Seeing you happy and successful at work is all the reward I need.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Did you come here just to stroke my ego, or do you have some ulterior motive?

Victor: Well, you know, wanted to tell you that I hired that Scott Grainger fellow to write my biography.

Victoria: Isn't he an investigative journalist?

Victor: Yeah, that's why I hired him. I want him to write the truth. Dig for it. The unvarnished truth, okay? And I gave him carte blanche to interview anyone close to me, including my children.

Victoria: Are you serious?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: What the hell are you thinking, dad?

Victor: What do you mean?

Nick: I'm here to talk to you about Adam. Actually, I need to talk to Dylan about Adam. Do you have a way to get in touch with him?

Sharon: No, I don't.

Nick: So when he left town, he didn't leave a new address or phone number?

Sharon: Um, he hasn't called, and -- and he did not leave a forwarding address. When he left, he vowed to never look back.

Nick: I'm -- I'm sorry. Uh, I'm sorry. I didn't think that this would be upsetting for you.

Sharon: It's okay. Nick, what's going on? I can tell something's got you worked up.

Nick: Did Dylan ever talk to you about any of his cases?

Sharon: Sometimes.

Nick: All right, the one at the cabin the night that Adam died. Did Dylan ever mention anything to you about that that didn't make sense to him?

Sharon: Nick, I-I can't keep up with all of your questions. Slow down, all right? Um... the accident -- that was six months ago. Why are you asking about it now?

Nick: Because I recently found some evidence that leads me to believe that Adam's death wasn't an accident.

Kevin: Oh! Hmm! Wow. You greet all your visitors like that?

Chloe: Oh, that's just the way that I greet my fiancé.

Kevin: Oh, in that case, I should come visit more often. And maybe we should prolong the engagement.

Chloe: Then you're gonna miss out on how I greet my husband.

Kevin: Oh. Want to give me a preview? Okay, now that makes me want to move up the wedding.

Chloe: Okay.

Kevin: [Laughing] "Okay," what?

Chloe: Okay, let's move it up. Are you free tomorrow?

Kevin: Tomorrow? Sure. I was gonna have lunch with Scott, but I can push that.

Chloe: I'm serious. By this time tomorrow, I want to be your wife.

Lily: Excuse me, aren't you miss Abby Newman?

Abby: Yes. Lily, why so formal?

Lily: Well, look at you. Wow.

Abby: [Laughs] Yeah. Um, dad's given me more responsibility at Newman, so I'm trying to project a certain image. What does this say to you?

Lily: Oh, um, it says that "I don't have a life. I eat Chinese takeout at my desk. And I work until midnight every night."

Abby: [Sighs] Yeah, well, I don't have a life, I do eat takeout at my desk, and, yeah, I work until midnight on most nights. So guess that's what I get for not trying it on before I bought it.

Lily: You know what? Download Fenmore's virtual dressing room app, that way you can upload a pic and it shows you what the clothes will look like on you.

Abby: Yeah, I have a cute dress and some boots en route to my house right now that I bought off the app.

Lily: Really? Isn't that a conflict of interest since you work for the competition?

Abby: Hey, I am a Newman/Abbott hybrid. It is totally allowed. Just don't tell my dad.

Lily: Okay, I won't.

Abby: And when I was trolling the websites looking for a cute pair of heels, guess who I saw all over the banner ads? Guess.

Lily: [Sighs]

Abby: I dare you.

Lily: Okay, that was awful.

Abby: Hey, well, you looked gorgeous as always.

Lily: Thank you. It's been nice being in front of the camera again. I couldn't have asked for a better gig.

Abby: And Victoria's not driving you crazy at brash & sassy with her know-it-all attitude?

Lily: No, she's been really encouraging. Open to all my ideas. She even put Cane in charge of a huge project. He secured the Asian market distribution. So she's been very complimentary of his work.

Cane: We had sex in Tokyo, didn't we?

Cane: [Groans]

Juliet: [Laughs]

Cane: [Sighs]

Cane: Juliet, I've never cheated on my wife before.

Juliet: Well, if it makes you feel better, there wasn't a lot of build-up leading up to it. We weren't flirting or lusting after each other all night. It was a combination of a lot of things. Vodka shots, sake bombs, no food, the time difference.

Cane: It's no excuse for what I did.

Juliet: Okay, Cane, it's no big deal. Sex happens.

Cane: Well, for me, it only happens with my wife.

Abby: I wish Dad had as much faith in me as Victoria does in Cane.

Lily: Trouble at Newman?

Abby: Victoria sabotaged one of my deals.

Lily: Oh. I thought you were gonna say Victor made you work through lunch. What happened?

Abby: I pitched this fantastic idea to dad, and he was about to approve it. He even called it cutting edge. And then Victoria, who crashed the meeting, changed his mind.

Lily: What was the fantastic idea?

Abby: Free office space to start-up tech companies at Newman tower, and that way when they're successful, Newman gets a percentage of the profits. But because of Victoria, it's a no go, and she made me look like a fool in front of dad.

Lily: Why would Victoria want to make you look bad?

Abby: So he doesn't give me the company when he retires.

Lily: You think Victoria wants to run Newman? She has her own company.

Abby: Newman is the holy grail. She can deny it all she wants, but I know that she wants it. And dad would love nothing more than to have her back. She's his firstborn. She'll always have a special place in his heart.

Victor: Well, now, I didn't expect that kind of reaction.

Victoria: Well, it's no laughing matter, okay? You're opening up your life and ours to a lot of scrutiny. Scott doesn't write fluff. He writes hard-hitting pieces.

Victor: That's what I want him to do.

Victoria: Why are you doing this now?

Victor: Sweetheart, the last biography written about me was written by Leanna love called "ruthless." I don't want that to be my legacy.

Victoria: Well, dad, how do you know that Scott's gonna write the version of events that you like? Do you really want him interviewing me? I know we're in a good place now, but we haven't always been that way. What if he dredges up all kinds of unpleasant history?

Victor: Let him. And I ask all of you who are gonna be interviewed by him to be truthful.

Nick: Look, I know this is a shock.

Sharon: That's an understatement.

Nick: Look, I need your discretion that you are not gonna tell anyone what we're gonna talk about.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: You're the only one who knows how difficult and complicated this is for me because this involves people we both know. And I'm not gonna make any accusations until I'm absolutely sure.

Sharon: You can trust me, nick.

Nick: I know. Look, did Dylan ever talk to you about that explosion?

Sharon: He was more focused on Victor framing Adam. But I remember he was never convinced that that explosion at the cabin was an accident. He even investigated whether propane tanks could detonate on their own.

Nick: What'd he find out?

Sharon: They can't. There's always some kind of damage or tampering.

Nick: Why would the police just rule it an accident?

Sharon: Maybe they figured the cabin wasn't well-maintained. Everything was old. That's why the propane line under the floorboards was leaking.

Nick: Maybe. Something about the timing of that explosion always seemed off to me.

Sharon: How so?

Nick: We had just arrived at the cabin. Chelsea got out of the car and was walking to the door. Before she got too close, the place just went up in flames.

Sharon: Sounds like she just got very, very lucky.

Nick: Or maybe someone was watching and they wanted us to see the blast without anyone else getting hurt.

Sharon: And who would do something like that?

Nick: Chloe.

Chloe: Why are you so surprised? I wanted to marry you the night that you proposed.

Kevin: Yeah, and we decided to wait, have a big, formal wedding with all our family and friends.

Chloe: We can still have one.

Kevin: There's too much to do! The cake, the rings, the dress.

Chloe: Ah, the dress is not an issue. Chelsea's almost done.

Kevin: That's it right there?

Chloe: Don't!

Kevin: What? Why not?

Chloe: Uh, duh! It is bad luck!

Kevin: Since when are you superstitious? Besides, it's only bad luck if I see you wearing the dress on the day of the wedding.

Chloe: You step away from that dress!

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You stop throwing paper clips at me.

Chloe: Well --

Kevin: You don't want me seeing that dress, do you?

Chloe: I don't care if it's bad luck or not. I don't want to take any chances. Plus, you could see me in that dress tomorrow.

Kevin: Oh, and we're back to this.

Chloe: My mom could decorate the chancellor mansion in a heartbeat.

Kevin: There won't be anyone to see the decorations because none of our guests will have time to get there.

Chloe: That's what e-vites are for, and then there's text messages. "Wedding now. Come." We don't have to worry about a cake. You can go to a bakery. The rings we can figure out later.

Kevin: Okay, stop. Stop. Stop it. What is going on with you? Why are you in such a rush to get married?

Sharon: You think that Chloe killed Adam?

Nick: I found some evidence that makes me question where she was that day that Adam died.

Sharon: This is unbelievable. I mean, I know that Chloe hated Adam for what he did to her daughter, but I thought that she had worked through her anger and her rage.

Nick: We all did, especially Chelsea. Chloe lived with her for months. She consoled her after Adam died. I hate being this suspicious, but...

Sharon: Have you told Chelsea about your theory?

Nick: She can't fathom that her best friend might be a cold-blooded killer.

Sharon: Well, she knows her better than anyone else. Maybe she has a point. And Dylan never mentioned that Chloe was a suspect. I don't remember her name coming up.

Nick: That's 'cause she's smart. She covered her tracks.

Sharon: You're making her sound like a criminal mastermind.

Nick: Chloe was obsessed with getting revenge. I mean, she ran over Adam with her car. Why does everyone have a hard time comprehending that she may have done something like this?

Sharon: You want some aspirin?

Nick: No, I'm just dehydrated and all. I... I could maybe use some water.

Sharon: Oh. Chloe came into the coffeehouse. She was hung over, and she needed to rehydrate. She said that she was worried that her past issues might come flooding back to wreck her life again.

Nick: I saw Chloe one night at the underground with Kevin and Scott. She'd had too many drinks. After she left, Scott told me that she told him she had gotten complete control of her life six months ago. I don't get it. How could she live day to day with this on her conscience? I mean, she must be completely...

Sharon: Crazy? Like me?

Abby: I've read your articles. Um, the one about the children, the orphans in India, it broke my heart. I ended up donating to a lot of charities that offer healthcare and clean water, other necessities to those children.

Scott: That's why I write -- to shine a spotlight on the world's problems so I can maybe inspire people to take action, do what you did.

Abby: When my dad said that he was gonna write a book, I was pretty shocked. Your investigative skills are gonna come in handy.

Scott: 'Cause he's such a private person?

Abby: Exactly.

Scott: Well, get ready for another shock. Victor gave me full access. I can interview whomever I want.

Abby: No way.

Scott: Yeah, so I thought I'd start with someone who's really close to him. His, uh, his children.

Abby: Oh, so you've talked to nick and Victoria?

Scott: Not yet. I thought I'd start with the youngest.

Abby: Wow. I'm finally first at something. That -- that was just a joke. How exactly is this gonna work? You're gonna ask me questions, I answer them?

Scott: You know, I want to make it a little bit more conversational. Um, yes. I will ask questions, but I really just want to get to know you, you know, talk.

Abby: Excellent. Where do you want to start?

Scott: Uh... do you mind?

Abby: Of course not.

[Recorder beeps]

Scott: So, Abby, tell me what it's like to be Victor's youngest child, specifically what it was like being raised not as a Newman.

Juliet: I get it. You knew what happened in Tokyo, but you were just clinging to the hope that it was just some foggy memory. Is that what you're saying?

Cane: No, I'm saying I can't believe it happened at all. That's what I'm saying to you.

Juliet: The earring in your bed, the camisole in your suitcase -- it's pretty clear that something happened. But you acted like you didn't remember, so I just followed your lead and played along.

Cane: I wasn't acting.

Juliet: So you were just in denial. Are you still in denial?

Cane: Juliet, I was drunk. And I would never jeopardize my marriage by sleeping with you. It's -- it's not that you aren't... [Sighs] I-I mean --

Juliet: No, Cane. Cane. It's okay.

Cane: No, it's not.

Juliet: Yes, it's okay. I'm not gonna go all "Fatal Attraction" on you.

Cane: [Chuckles]

Juliet: It was just a hookup, and not a very memorable one, apparently. Okay, believe it, don't believe it. I don't care. You got your life. I got mine. And it's -- it's not like it's gonna happen again.

Cane: No, it's not gonna happen again. It's not gonna happen again, okay?

Juliet: You weren't this much of a prude in Tokyo. When'd you get so uptight?

Cane: When I realized I was unfaithful.

Lily: Hey, handsome. What's going on? Hey.

Cane: Hey, baby.

Lily: Hey.

Juliet: Hi.

Victoria: Hey.

Victor: What?

Victoria: Those are top secret. Here.

Victor: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Why? You honestly think that I would steal ideas from my own daughter, especially since I know how you put jack Abbott in his place when he tried the same thing?

Victoria: Well, I did learn from the best, and I am constantly putting those lessons to use every day. Like today. I had to make a tough call when it came to hiring the head of our Asian division.

Victor: So can you discuss it, or is it top secret?

Victoria: Well, there were a couple of candidates that I liked. One of them had a ton of senior executive experience, all the right degrees from all the right schools. But then there was this young woman, Juliet. She was very bright. Not a lot of experience. However, she was a valuable person that helped us secure the Asian territories deal.

Victor: Oh. Who'd you choose?

Victoria: I went with the person with more experience. I didn't feel like Juliet was ready to be a division manager yet.

Victor: So you went with your gut instinct. You know, experience always pays off.

Victoria: I guess you're learning that the hard way with Abby, aren't you?

Victor: Why are you saying that? Abby's exceeding expectations at Newman.

Victoria: In spite of her paranoia.

Victor: What do you mean?

Victoria: Dad, Abby thinks that I'm trying to undermine her. She told me the other day she thinks it's my fault that you're not moving forward with her start-up proposal.

Victor: You simply raised a question. It was my decision.

Victoria: I'm just telling you how she sees it.

Victor: Oh, well, maybe she needs a little bit more mentoring, you know?

Victoria: If she's not ready, she's not ready. You don't have to feel obligated to give her a role in the company just because she's your daughter. You know that, right?

Victor: Sweetheart, what is this? I don't do that. She just needs a little bit more time.

Victoria: Maybe. Or maybe Abby just doesn't have the killer instinct when it comes to business. That's possible.

Victor: You mean a killer instinct like you and me? [Laughs]

Abby: My dad and I have never been closer. I can't say that that's always been the case.

Scott: You're, uh, referring to your naked heiress days?

Abby: That and the lawsuit. Um, I sued my dad for mishandling my trust, and he felt betrayed.

Scott: But you reconciled, and now you work for him.

Abby: Yeah, and that shows what a forgiving heart he has.

Scott: Well, how's it feel going from a colorful personality to a high-powered executive?

Abby: Honestly, it hasn't been an easy transition. Because of my past, people don't always take me seriously. They think I'm just playing dress-up.

Scott: And does your father, does he take you seriously?

Abby: [Chuckles] Well, uh, that's a work in progress. Um, I have to prove myself every day. But I'm -- I'm okay with that. I would never want anything to just be handed to me.

[Recorder beeps]

Abby: Are we done?

Scott: Uh, I just feel like we should take a little step backwards from the formal interview and maybe just chat. You know, we can get all the information about your dad at a later time.

Abby: Okay.

Scott: Do you have any childhood memories that really stood out as far as, like, a moment where your father was that bigger-than-life character?

Abby: My mom and I, um, yeah, we were in London, and my dad showed up out of the blue. He brought me this beautiful dress, and he said that we were going on a special trip, and he took me to Buckingham palace. [Chuckles] I was obsessed with the royal family, so I was really excited. I thought we were just going on a tour, but it turns out we were going to a ball for industry leaders.

Scott: Wow. I mean, that's pretty cool.

Abby: Yeah, that's not even the best part. [Chuckles] My dad, he, um, he took my hand, and he led me across this amazing ballroom filled with powerful people, and he and I get presented to the queen. [Laughs] It was spectacular. I was in such a daze. I, um... well, I don't remember what he said, but he said something to her to make her smile. And I will never forget thinking, "wow, my dad made the Queen of England chuckle." [Chuckles] And then, um, well, he gave me this tiara, and he said that I was his princess. And then he was gone again, back to his real family.

Scott: You know, that's -- that's a beautiful story. So what did you mean by, uh, "real family"?

Abby: It's just that, you know, nick and Victoria, they have the same mom. They were all a family unit before I came along.

Scott: And your mother's Ashley Abbott?

Abby: Yeah. I'm sure no matter how far you've traveled, you've heard tales of rivalry between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Scott: Yeah, what was that like, I mean, being caught in the middle of that?

Abby: Well, I-I like to think that I'm an ambassador and a peacemaker. Honestly, I feel like I'm on the outside and I'll never fully be accepted by either side.

Lily: Thanks.

Cane: Hey, uh, you remember Juliet, don't you?

Juliet: We met at brash & sassy.

Lily: Yeah, you were in Tokyo with Cane. He went on and on about you, about how you helped him out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

Juliet: Just doing my job.

Lily: No, no, no. It was more than that. He got home and he was ecstatic. So whatever you did made a lasting impression on him. [Chuckles] So are you going back to Tokyo soon?

Juliet: Things are up in the air.

Cane: Yeah, well, I'm sure something will come up, so... hey, you have time to have a drink with me?

Lily: Uh, yeah, I have a few minutes.

Juliet: I'll leave you two alone. It was really great to see you again, lily.

Lily: You, too. Yeah.

Juliet: [Chuckles]

Cane: Well, thank you for your hard work, okay? And, uh, good luck with the job search, okay?

Juliet: Okay. I'll see you around.

Cane: Sure. Okay.

Juliet: Okay.

Lily: Wow. You practically pushed that poor woman out the door. Why were you so anxious to get rid of her?

Cane: [Chuckles] Juliet didn't get the division manager job at brash & sassy, so I volunteered to give her the bad news.

Lily: Oh, that's why it was so awkward when I walked up.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Well, that's too bad. I know you thought she was the right person for the job.

Cane: Yeah, well, I have to trust Victoria's instincts on this one.

Lily: Yeah, I agree. Um, I have to go to my fitting. I hate to walk out like this, but hey, it was really classy of you to tell her in person she didn't get the job. I'm sure she appreciated hearing it from you.

Cane: Come here. Come here.

Lily: Bye.

Cane: See you. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: Hey, Victoria. Hey.

Victoria: Hey, Cane. I wanted to check in and see how things went with Juliet.

Cane: She was, uh, disappointed, but she understood.

Victoria: It wasn't an easy decision. I mean, she's very impressive, and she gave a fantastic interview. I can see why you're such a big fan.

Cane: Yeah, well, hey, I'm sure another company will snatch her up.

Victoria: Yeah, what if that company's brash & sassy?

Cane: What do you mean?

Victoria: I'm thinking about hiring her full time for marketing.

Cane: In Tokyo? Yeah, that's great. She'd be thrilled by that.

Victoria: Actually, I was thinking of somewhere a little bit closer. Right here in Genoa city.

Abby: Nikki is the love of my dad's life. Subconsciously he favors his kids with her. I get it.

Scott: And Adam had a different mother, too, right?

Abby: Hope Wilson.

Scott: You think he felt the same way?

Abby: Oh, wow. Well, it's hard to know what Adam was thinking. He was very complicated. I do know that he spent his adult life seeking my dad's approval.

Scott: You think he succeeded?

Abby: Dad admired some things and was appalled by others.

Scott: So, how is it working for Victor Newman?

Abby: Oh, um... [Chuckles] Well, it's terrifying and rewarding. He's constantly challenging. Um, but I think he makes me stronger. And I've learned a lot from my short time here at Newman.

Scott: Seems to me that he's positioning you to take care over the company when he retires.

Abby: I'd like to think that was true. But with my dad, you can't take anything for granted. I'm gonna keep doing my best work and hope that it doesn't go unnoticed.

Victor: Well, how's the interview going?

Abby: Well, I think.

Scott: Yeah, I agree. I mean, she's got some terrific stuff here.

Victor: Need some more time?

Scott: No, no, I've got enough for today. And, uh, thank you for your time, Abby. I look forward to our next session.

Abby: Me, too.

Victor: All right, Scott.

Scott: Yeah.

Victor: My daughter Victoria has agreed to be interviewed, so why don't you give her a call?

Scott: I will be in touch with her shortly.

Victor: You have a nice day.

Scott: Yeah, you, too.

Chloe: I love you. I've never stopped loving you. When I came back to town, you wanted to pick things up where we left off, and that scared the bejeezus out of me. I didn't know if I was mentally ready to go there again. But... I knew that I needed to work through some stuff, so I pushed you away. But I'm good now. We are so good. I don't want to wait any longer than I have to to be your wife. I have wasted so much time already. So I don't need a massive wedding with a bunch of business associates or acquaintances filling up chairs. I just need my daughter, our best friends, and our family. But what I need most of all... [Voice breaking] Is you. So... Kevin Fisher...

Kevin: [Chuckles]

Chloe: [Sniffles] Will you marry me?

Kevin: [Laughs]

Chloe: Tomorrow.

Sharon: You're not being fair to Chloe. Just because she has a history of a mental illness doesn't mean that she automatically snapped and killed Adam.

Nick: That's not what I meant. I'm sorry if it came across as insensitive.

Sharon: Adam had a lot of enemies.

Nick: After what she said to you and to Scott and this other evidence, I'm pretty convinced it was her.

Sharon: You felt the same way about Daniel. When Cassie died, you were so convinced that he was responsible. You chased him all the way to California, and you were wrong.

Nick: Well, I'm not wrong this time.

Sharon: Okay, then I think you should go to the police and tell them what you know.

Nick: I wanted to. But Chelsea pointed out that Kevin works at the police station.

Sharon: And he would tell Chloe about your suspicions.

Nick: Yes, and that would give her time to come up with a solid alibi.

Sharon: Or run.

Nick: There's another reason I don't want to go to the cops.

Sharon: What is it?

Nick: My dad. If they reopen this investigation, they could figure out that my dad was responsible for busting Adam out of prison, and he could get in a lot of trouble.

Sharon: Sounds like you're in a no-win situation.

Nick: There has to be another way to prove that Chloe was responsible.

Sharon: I still think Paul is your best bet. You know, he could give you some details about the investigation that were never released to the public, details that might prove that it really was an accident. Now, I know that's risky, but if you want the truth, that's the only way.

Victor: So, my darling, what was your impression of Scott?

Abby: Oh, well, he's intelligent and perceptive, easy to talk to. He had me admit some things.

Victor: Well, don't worry. I won't ask you what you were discussing.

Abby: No, I don't mind filling you in. I told him what a wonderful father you are and that I love you very much, and I am very proud to work for you and to learn from you.

Victor: Well, those are very kind words.

Abby: They're all true. So, um, you were with Victoria?

Victor: Sweetheart, let's get something straight. You're not in competition with Victoria. You're not in competition with anyone. You have a particular set of skills that I value. You just be yourself. I mean, don't be what you think a Newman executive should be or should look like. Follow your gut instinct. You'll never go astray.

Abby: That's exactly what I needed to hear.

Victoria: Oh, good. You're here. We can discuss the marketing position.

Cane: Yeah, um, listen, I was thinking about that on the drive up.

Victoria: Do you think that Juliet would be interested, or would she look at it as a step down from the job that she wanted?

Cane: Okay, are you -- are you sure there's enough for her to do around here?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. There's more than enough. I'm thinking about launching a summer campaign aimed at millennials. And at the risk of sounding sexist, I think we should probably have a woman on board.

Cane: You know, it's just that -- you know, I don't know how it's gonna be, adding another personality to the mix, you know, considering you and Billy and I are starting to gel so well as a team. You know what I'm saying?

Victoria: True. But at this rate of expansion, I'm gonna have to add someone sooner rather than later, especially since I need to focus more on the day to day and less on the marketing.

Cane: You know, Billy and I can always handle more responsibilities.

Victoria: Actually, I need you both focused on dare. And, um, also Billy's gonna be busy trying to get this hockey promotion thing off the ground. Look, if Juliet is as talented as you say she is, she's gonna fit right in.

Cane: Okay.

Sharon: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Scott: Sharon, Sharon, Sharon.

Sharon: Here's your --

Scott: Here. It's okay. Hey, listen, listen. Just, uh, have a seat. What's going on?

Cane: It's just that, you know, Juliet has this life in Tokyo, and I don't know if she'd want to relocate to here, you know?

Victoria: Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Cane: You're the boss, and you make the decisions. I just want to let you know you asked my input, and I gave it to you.

Victoria: Hold on a second, Cane. You're the one who pushed so hard for Juliet in the first place. Why are you having a problem with it now? Is there something I should know?

Victor: So you get along well with Scott?

Abby: Yes.

Victor: Maybe next time you should meet at the top of the tower for the interview, you know? Have dinner, and I'll, uh, I'll pay for it.

Abby: Are you trying to set me up on a date?

Victor: [Laughs] My god. I wouldn't do such a thing. I'm just trying to teach you that there's more important stuff in life than just work.

Abby: Well, right now work takes precedence.

Victor: What's this here?

Abby: Here you go.

Victor: Another requisition?

Abby: Yeah, for the Pittsfield deal. Yeah, Scott is, um, he's cute. [Chuckles]

Victor: Oh, yeah? [Chuckles]

Abby: Yeah. Great.

Victor: All right. There we go.

Abby: Perfect. Thank you. I will take care of those. Um... thank you, dad. I love you.

Victor: Very proud of you, okay?

Abby: Thanks. This is Abby Newman. I've received funds for the M.G. Warehouse purchase. No, make an offer ASAP. Yes, that's right, for the start-up companies. I'm moving forward with my project.

Scott: Hey.

Sharon: Thank you. I'm sorry I fell apart like that.

Scott: Don't be.

Sharon: I'm embarrassed.

Scott: Don't be, don't be, don't be. You want to talk about it?

Sharon: There was, uh, an apron. Had Dylan's name on it. Just got me thinking about him leaving. And then the other people I love who are all gone for one reason or another. It snowballed, and I guess it left me a mess.

Scott: Hey, hey, hey. You're not a mess. It was a brief moment. I've been there a lot. I completely understand. You know, I've lost a lot of friends and coworkers over my time, too.

Sharon: How do you deal with it?

Scott: [Sighs] By leaning on the friends I do have. Come here.

Kevin: Well, that was some proposal. I would have changed just one thing.

Chloe: Really? I thought it was really good.

Kevin: Just the part about your past. I would have left that out. It doesn't matter to me. That's not who you are anymore. So starting now, we stop looking backwards and we only look forward to the future. To our future. I am so certain that we are gonna have such an extraordinary life together. I can't wait to marry you. Tomorrow.

Chloe: [Gasps] Really?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Hey, nick. What's going on? Is everything okay?

Nick: No.

Paul: What's on your mind?

Nick: Adam. I can't stop thinking about how he died. I don't think it was an accident.

Paul: This was all settled months ago. Case closed.

Nick: Not for me. I need to know what really happened. What would it take to reopen the investigation?

Paul: [Scoffs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Juliet: I want to clarify I didn't force Cane to do anything.

Chelsea: You know your dress isn't finished, right? So why the hurry all of a sudden?

Paul: There's something you're not telling me, and I think it's a name. Who do you think did this?

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