Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/28/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/28/17


Episode # 11136 ~ Kevin's announcement troubles Gloria; Devon pursues Mariah; Nick uncovers damaging information.

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Nick: Yes, that is exactly the information I'm looking for, and I need it A.S.A.P. I appreciate it. Thank you for everything you're doing.

Chelsea: Sounds like those Newman connections really paid off.

Nick: I don't like using it. Especially if I have to pressure someone.

Chelsea: Well, what did he say? He can get the information, right? About Chloe's cell phone?

Nick: I gave him the date. There should be a record of every cell tower that Chloe's phone pinged, and we'll know if she left the apartment that night.

Chelsea: Or that she's, you know, telling the truth and that she was here the entire night.

Nick: I know what you're hoping the answer's gonna be.

Chelsea: I would just hate to believe that Chloe lied.

Nick: But if she did, we have to find out. The guy at the cell phone company, he's on this right now. We're gonna have answers very soon. And we'll know if Chloe was at the cabin the night Adam died.

Kevin: Hey. Relax. It's not like you're going to the gallows.

Chloe: [Exhales sharply] Well, it feels like it.

Kevin: This is gonna go great.

Chloe: Yeah. Especially since we're in a public setting and there are multiple exits.

Gloria: Ahh. Oh! [Laughs] [Sighs] When you asked me to join you for coffee, I had no idea that, um, Esther would be joining us.

Esther: Well, I'm just as surprised as you are, Gloria, but I think it's nice that they invited us both.

Gloria: Yes. Nice.

Kevin: Please. Sit.

Gloria: So... [Scoffs] What's all this about?

Kevin: Well, it's about Chloe and me.

Gloria: [Laughing] Oh!

Kevin: We're getting married.

Gloria: Oh, god.

Esther: What?!

Gloria: [Sighs]

Devon: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Hey.

Jordan: Hey, man, how have you been?

Devon: Hey. How you doing? I'm good, I'm good. You going to brash & sassy!? Lily mentioned something about a shoot.

Jordan: We just finished. I've got an appointment at "GC buzz."

Devon: Oh, okay. You got some -- some scandalous dirt from the fashion world to sell?

Jordan: Meeting the new boss.

Devon: So Hilary must have told you.

Jordan: I think she's getting ready to tell the whole world. She booked a full photo session.

Devon: Oh, wow. That's cool.

Jordan: Yeah.

Devon: Is that the only reason you're going?

Jordan: Is this our new thing? 'Cause if so, I'm not cool with that.

Devon: But you're cool with moving in on my wife.

Jordan: Let's be real. That's your ex-wife. You both signed the papers.

Devon: Sure did. I'll go check and see if the ink's dry.

Jordan: Feel free. The rest of it's none of your business.

Devon: Hey, hang on a second. We're not done talking.

Hilary: One more announcement. Devon has left the show. "GC buzz" has a new owner. Me! Thank you. Now, I think that this team and this show can go beyond local and even state concerns. That means major celebrities, national news stories, trends and topics that the whole country is buzzing about. Hell, let's look even higher. Global buzz. With the internet, we could be at the center of it all. We should be setting the trends on what's hot and what's not. If we're not going viral, people, then we are not doing our jobs. Let's take this thing all of the way. Who's with me?

Victor: To journalistic integrity. Tough questions, honest answers. I'm looking forward to the creation of this book.

Scott: Me, too. But I'm just still curious. When Victor Newman focuses his time and energy to work on his unvarnished true story, there's got to be a very important reason.

Victor: You're already starting, aren't you? So... you want me to tell you why now?

Scott: I'm respectfully saying that if I'm going to commit to this project...

Victor: Mm.

Scott: I need to know that reason.

Hilary: So... what did you think? Really.

Mariah: You're really on point. Great enthusiasm.

Hilary: But?

Mariah: This is still "GC buzz." Our core audience depends on that to deliver on a specific product -- GC news, GC gossip. All about GC.

Hilary: Oh, Mariah, I adore that you care.

Mariah: About our audience? Yeah, I do.

Hilary: Well, don't fret, okay? I am not gonna take Genoa city out of "GC buzz."

Mariah: Good. 'Cause this is just GC. Not NY or la or the UK.

Hilary: Yet.

Mariah: Look, Hilary, I'm still the co-host of the show, and I think my opinion should matter a little.

Hilary: And it does matter. A little. Okay, Mariah, I just want you to think big. Dream big. But maybe you already are judging by the rather aggressive play for Devon.

Mariah: [Scoffs] You don't actually think that's what I'm trying to do --

Hilary: No, whatever it is, it is none of my business. I shouldn't have put you on the spot like that.

Mariah: No, you don't put me anywhere.

Hilary: We don't have time for this, okay? We have a show to tape.

Mariah: Yes. We do.

Hilary: Mariah, just a friendly reminder. Stick to the script. Revised versions. You wouldn't want to upset the new boss, hmm?

Devon: You work with lily who thinks you're great.

Jordan: Lily's one of my favorite people.

Devon: She's one of mine, too, which is why I don't want things to be weird between us when we run into each other in the future. So I'm trying to be straight with you.

Jordan: You should be.

Devon: Hilary can do whatever she wants. She can date anybody she chooses, right? I don't have a say in that.

Jordan: That's a divorce.

Devon: It sure is a divorce, but... Hilary moving on so quick, to me, no offense to you, I just -- I don't see how that's possible.

Jordan: Well, wait a minute. It didn't seem like you were exactly taking your time at the underground with Mariah.

Devon: It's hard, though, to compare it to my long-term friendship with Mariah.

Jordan: You kiss all of your long-term friends like that?

Devon: You and Hilary just met each other, man.

Jordan: So, if she and I had a long-term friendship, that'd clear up the problem?

Devon: I'm not saying that, either.

Jordan: Right. Because I think if I were a guy from her past, you'd be even more jealous.

Devon: Jordan, I'm not jealous. I'm really not.

Jordan: That's what you call it when you end things with a woman and still can never be cool with seeing her with someone else.

Devon: Hear me when I tell you, there will be a day, I promise you, when I will dance for joy at Hilary's future weddings, okay?

Jordan: All right. How long will that take? Because by the time that you accept that she's moved on, you maybe too old to get out of that wheelchair and dance.

Devon: That's funny. That's very funny. It's not gonna take years. It's really not. It'll take just long enough for Hilary's next guy to at least show me I can trust him.

Jordan: Well, as long as Hilary trusts her next guy, maybe he won't give a damn about how you feel.

Nick: All we're doing right now is getting information.

Chelsea: And trying to catch Chloe in a lie. I hate doing this to her.

Nick: We have to do this. That explanation she gave about why the GPS tracker was in that stuffed dinosaur didn't make sense to either one of us.

Chelsea: It did to me! Is it a little weird that she didn't bring it up until today? Yes. But is Chloe a protective person and a guardian to me and Connor? 100%. Always.

Nick: We have to have answers, Chelsea.

Chelsea: The only answer I need is that Chloe and her cell phone were in this apartment the entire night.

Nick: And what if that's not the truth?

Chelsea: Well, then maybe I don't want to know the truth.

Nick: Chelsea, come on...

Chelsea: All that matters, all that should matter is that Chloe today is the best friend to me I could possibly ask for. Why can't that be enough?

Nick: Because the stuff you don't want to face, it doesn't just go away, all right? It may have stayed hidden for a while, but eventually, it's their time. And you either deal with your stuff or it deals with you.

Chloe: [Chuckles]

Esther: Oh! Gloria, look at this!

Gloria: I saw it.

Esther: It's as gorgeous as you are, honey.

Chloe: Thanks so much, mom.

Gloria: Okay, this has been fun. I'm sure Esther has to get back to work, and I certainly do.

Kevin: Drink your coffee. We're not done yet.

Chloe: We haven't picked a date yet.

Gloria: All right. I vote on June.

Esther: Oh!

Gloria: 2079.

Kevin: [Clears throat] Mom. We're doing this.

Gloria: Mm.

Kevin: A proper wedding.

Chloe: With a great location. TBD.

Kevin: With all the people we love, and like it or not, that includes you.

Esther: Wait. You don't need to find a venue. We can use the chancellor house for you to get married!

Kevin: Really?

Chloe: Mom, that would be amazing.

Kevin: Esther, you're brilliant!

Gloria: You know, maybe you should check with the actual owners of the property.

Esther: Jill's off gallivanting with Colin. Besides, she would love for the house to be used for this.

Chloe: Mom, I love you so much. Thank you.

Esther: I'm so happy to help. And you should be, too, Gloria.

Gloria: Yeah, thank you for telling me how I should feel.

Kevin: Babe, why don't you and your mom get a bigger table so you can start going over wedding plans?

Chloe: I think that's a great idea.

Kevin: Okay. I'm gonna say goodbye to my mom since she has to go back to work. Mom, I'm getting married. Are you honestly telling me I can't count on you to do anything for me?

Gloria: Kevin, I have legitimate concerns. I know you are devoted to Chloe, but is she really ready for marriage? Are you?

Victor: I want this book to be part of a legacy that I hand down to my children and grandchildren.

Scott: So let me get this straight. You want to go on record so that they have it in your own words. Your adventures, your triumphs, and, hopefully, your mistakes and regrets?

Victor: I want my family to know the truth. I want them to know how much they mean to me.

Scott: Is the impetus for this memoir what happened to your son Adam?

Chloe: Mom, you know this is a happy day, right?

Esther: Yeah, the happiest, and that's why I'm crying. You and Kevin have been through so much.

Chloe: I know. So, so much.

Esther: Yeah. He's your prince charming. So I'm gonna throw you a fairytale wedding.

Chloe: Thank you for everything. I love you so much.

Esther: I love you, honey.

Kevin: I know you have been through some incredibly dark, soul-crushing times, but please tell me you still believe in romance?

Gloria: Yeah, yeah. Sure.

Kevin: Good! Well, I'm getting a second chance at the future I was robbed of with the woman I love. How many people get to have that?

Gloria: Almost nobody. And that's the problem here. You are clinging so tightly to a beautiful dream, you can't step back and see this is never gonna come true.

Kevin: It already has, mom. We've been living together for months, very happily.

Gloria: A few months is nothing. You're signing up for years here, Kevin. Oh, do I need to remind you that Chloe has already divorced you not once, but twice.

Kevin: Mom, it's ancient history.

Gloria: Ancient history that repeats. After little Delia's tragic death, she had a nervous breakdown, and then she tried to turn Adam Newman into roadkill.

Kevin: She got treatment. She worked really hard to get better and she's recovered now. She knows how to cope. She has me, she has Bella...

Gloria: Oh, yeah. Bella. Bella. Nobody knows who the father is, and she won't tell you. Does this sound like a person who's fully recovered?

Kevin: I've told you, I don't care who Bella's father is. I want to be her dad. I'm gonna adopt her.

Gloria: Oh, stop it! God, what did she have to do to get that thrown in the deal? Oh, don't tell me.

Kevin: It was my idea, mom! Why can't you accept that we're gonna be a family? Chloe, Bella, and me. And maybe a pet or two. And maybe another baby. But don't worry, when that happens, I won't expect you to be happy for me, either.

Gloria: Your happiness is all I want. And that's why I can't let this thing happen.

Kevin: [Scoffs] It's not your choice to make.

Gloria: Why are you rushing so? I mean, there must be some reason she is pushing you into this!

Kevin: Okay. Stop. Stop! This conversation is over. I would like your support because for some insane reason, your blessing still means something to me.

Gloria: Thank you, angel. I appreciate that.

Kevin: Good, well, that means accepting that I love Chloe and this is happening.

Gloria: No, it means I have another shot at making you realize this is a terrible mistake that will break your heart all over again because you deserve so much better.

Nick: You know, I saw those blueberries in your fridge. They look pretty good. I can whip us up a smoothie or something.

Chelsea: Oh, I'm okay. I don't need one.

Nick: Yeah, you don't need anything 'cause you're perfect. But it may kill some time.

Chelsea: Okay. Go fire up the blender, then.

Nick: All right.

Chloe: I would dream of Adam suffering, begging for mercy, and I would show him the same mercy that he showed my daughter.

Chelsea: You still want to punish him, or...?

Chloe: He's locked safely behind bars now. It's not like I can do anything to him.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know, I'm just trying to understand.

Chloe: I'm not gonna lie. My hands on the wheel and my foot on the gas... I felt powerful. So righteous. Finally. Finally it was happening. It was justice. But Adam lived. I was so glad that he did. I realized now that all of the anger and the hate that I had was just -- it was controlling everything, and I didn't even think about you. I didn't think about how his death would hurt you and hurt Connor. I mean, I love you. How could I possibly do that to you?

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: Oh, hey. Thanks. Nicholas Newman. Did you get those phone records I was looking for?

Mariah: And as you can see from that caught-on-phone footage, she is a triple threat. She sings, she acts, she even roughs up hotel maids who don't knock first. That's all from "GC buzz." I'm Mariah Copeland.

Hilary: And I'm Hilary Curtis. And as new executive producer and sole owner of "GC buzz," I am promising you very exciting times ahead. Keeping on buzzin', GC, and good night. Okay, great work, people. Now, you all have the rest of the night off. Just be out of here in the next three minutes. Go! Well, that includes you, too, Mariah. Go, go. Enjoy your evening.

Mariah: Can I go to my desk first, or do you need me to jump out the window and go down the fire escape?

Hilary: Well, the choice is yours, just make it snappy. I have a new re-branding photo shoot with Jordan, and I -- I want my privacy.

Mariah: Wait, you have a photo shoot for the show that doesn't include the co-host?

Hilary: Well, my co-host is welcome to hire any photographer she likes, but her brand is not changing so I wouldn't waste my money.

Mariah: And what is this new brand? Over Devon and hot for the photo-stud?

Hilary: I don't expect you to grasp the emotional complexities of a serious relationship like my marriage, but I am moving on because I have no other choice.

Mariah: How brave of you. You lost Devon, but you got something way more valuable -- the show. What a comfort.

Hilary: Yes. It is.

Mariah: And what is it exactly you want from Jordan? Because we both know that it's something.

Hilary: Well, that something is personal.

Mariah: Not it affects the show and its co-host.

Hilary: I assure you, it doesn't.

Mariah: Good, because we wouldn't want you to trip over your words, Hilary.

Jordan: Hello, beauties of the buzz!

Hilary: Oh!

Mariah: Hello! How you doin'? So, Hilary, just to be clear, you wanted all of the staff out in the next two minutes, right? Done.

[Cell phone rings]

Mariah: Hi.

Devon: Hey. Uh, you guys done shooting?

Mariah: No, actually, we're live on air. Do you want me to put you on speaker?

Devon: That's funny. Um, so, are you, uh... are you getting ready to leave?

Mariah: Yeah. I was actually just heading out. Wait, why are you calling? Did you want to talk or something?

Devon: Yeah, I do. I want -- I want to talk. I think that talking should be a part of whatever it is we do.

Mariah: Okay. How about crimson lights? I can go straight there from here.

Devon: That sounds perfect. I should probably avoid the studio anyway, right?

Mariah: That would be a wise decision.

Chloe: Gloria, can you --

Kevin: Let her go.

Chloe: Can you stay for a minute?

Kevin: No. Let her go. She's said it all.

Chloe: I haven't.

Gloria: Sure. Let's hear it.

Chloe: I wish you liked me. But you don't, and I get it. I'm a mom, and if I were in your shoes, I would feel the same because I would do anything to protect my child, even if it means them resenting me.

Gloria: That's it?

Chloe: No. I, in this case, am the one who ended up hurting him, but at that time in my life, I felt like I was drowning in deep, dark waters, and I had to choose whether or not to let him go... or to bring him down with me. But I fought really hard, and my life is different now. Most of which is thanks to him.

Gloria: Yes, because my son is a wonderful man.

Chloe: I know that. Because he is the... kindest, funniest, bravest, most compassionate guy I've ever met. Not to mention how privileged I am to love him and to be loved. And I am telling you right now that I promise you that I will never hurt him again. I swear.

Gloria: Okay. So I am supposed to forget everything you've done and take your word? "Because you swear it's true."

Chloe: No, actually, I'm not expecting that because you love him too much, but what I am asking for is a second chance to prove that I am the wife that he deserves. I tried.

Victor: So, Nicholas has spoken to you about Adam's death? Did he also mention to you that rarely has anything affected me as deeply as that?

Scott: Basically, all he said is that things between you and Adam were complicated.

Victor: [Chuckles] That's putting it mildly. But, Scott, I want everyone who reads this memoir -- I want everyone to understand that I still love Adam very much. I miss him very much. I also want them to know that I'm enormously protective of my family. I want everyone to realize if they cross me or any member of my family... they have to deal with me.

Nick: I mean, look at this. This is where the cabin was, and over here is a cell phone tower that Chloe's phone pinged on. It's only half-a-mile away and an hour before the explosion.

Chelsea: So she was nearby. She was in the area. It still doesn't prove that she was in the cabin or that she saw Adam that night.

Nick: Well, it proves that she wasn't in the apartment the whole night. Why would she lie about that unless she was trying to hide something?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Nick: Chelsea, come on. Are you really not putting this picture together?

Chelsea: We don't know what happened in the cabin that night, nick! All we know is that it was ruled an accident. Unless you think it's some conspiracy between Chloe and the police and the fire chief.

Nick: The explosion incinerated the evidence, evidence that could have proven this accident was deliberate.

Chelsea: Listen to yourself! It's all "might haves" and "could haves." It's all just conjecture leading up to absolutely nothing.

Nick: The phone records are not conjecture. They're evidence. Evidence that proves Chloe was lying. Chelsea, we have to look at this with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Chelsea: Okay, so now I'm close-minded? I'm just some idiot with my head stuck in the sand?

Nick: No, come on. I didn't say that.

Chelsea: Well, that's what you meant. I'm sorry, nick, but I am done with this.

Nick: Chelsea. Chelsea!

Gloria: Mariah? I just need one word. But first I need to, um... Hilary.

Hilary: I'm busy.

Gloria: Well, good. I'll keep it brief, and then you can get back to your afternoon snack.

Jordan: Excuse me?

Gloria: I'm sorry, handsome. Just two minutes. Girl talk, hmm?

Jordan: I'll return some calls.

Hilary: [Mouths] I'm sorry. I cannot believe that you have the nerve to show your un-pixilated face here again, Clarissa.

Gloria: Good! So you know why I'm here. We'll save some time. I want to thank you for your razor-sharp instincts in cutting that interview when you did.

Hilary: Because your alleged harassment was one big scandalous lie.

Gloria: I regret my interpretation of events, okay? All right, yeah, it was hogwash. I'm sure I apologized for putting you in that position.

Hilary: No, I don't think that you did.

Gloria: Well, I thought I did. Listen, Hilary. Please. Would you just get rid of all that footage so it doesn't fall in the wrong hands?

Hilary: I'll trash the video files, but for jack's sake, not yours. Now, as we say here at the show, Clarissa... buzz off.

Gloria: Mariah.

Mariah: No, no. I have somewhere to be.

Gloria: Kevin and Chloe are engaged.

Mariah: Wow, um.... okay. Well, thank you for the heads up.

Gloria: We have to stop the wedding.

Mariah: No, Gloria, I cannot help you. This is Kevin's choice.

Gloria: It's a terrible choice and a choice he might not have made if he had somebody better, a plucky redhead with a big heart and no mystery babies.

Mariah: Kevin and I tried to be more than friends, and it was a debacle!

Gloria: No, the only debacle is his attempt at a third marriage to this creature. She is an aspiring murderer, a full-time lunatic. She's been in a mental hospital.

Mariah: Yeah. The same one my mom has been in, who, FYI, is winning her battle with her mental illness. It's not a social stigma. It's a disease. And she's one of the many success stories.

Gloria: Yeah, a big success of stealing my job at Chelsea 2.0.

Mariah: Okay, look. Chloe has worked hard, too, and if she makes Kevin happy, then I will be wishing them well at their reception.

Gloria: Et tu, Mariah?

Mariah: Si, yo tambien. Look, Gloria, if you don't want to push Kevin away, you will learn to step back and accept the inevitable.

Kevin: The way you just handled my mom...

Chloe: What were you expecting, a full-on beat-down? Chairs flying everywhere, shattered coffee mugs, pulled hair?

Kevin: I thought there'd be a little light strangulation, before I tore you apart, of course.

Chloe: Listen. I knew that I had to take the high road. But I will continue to campaign and convince her that we belong together.

Kevin: Even though she's the most stubborn woman alive?

Chloe: I'm not gonna let Gloria or anyone else mess with what we have.

Victor: So, am I correct in assuming that you and I have an agreement?

Scott: As far I can tell, yes. But you may want to take a little time to make sure this is what you really want. Based on the discussion we just had, you got a little taste on how intimate and invasive and potentially painful this process can be.

Victor: That's all right.

Scott: Well, I'm gonna dig. I'm gonna want the truth.

Victor: You'll get it. I know your style. I've read your material.

Scott: Then you know I will not be pulling punches.

Victor: You better not.

Scott: All right. Then if your answer is still yes, we can get started right away. I'll see you soon.

Victor: Thank you for coming by, Scott.

Scott: My pleasure.

Mariah: So...

Kevin: Huh? Ahh.

Mariah: You managed to get engaged without telling your best gal-pal.

Kevin: And you found out anyway.

Mariah: Well, your mother kind of ambushed me while I was leaving work.

Kevin: Of course she did. I'm sorry, it just happened. We just told the moms. You were next on the list, I swear.

Mariah: Relax. I believe you. And congratulations. I think it's fantastic.

Kevin: Aww! Thank you! Means a lot. Makes me happy. And a little shocked.

Mariah: What? You thought I was gonna go on anti-Chloe tirade.

Kevin: It has been known to happen, trust me.

Mariah: I do trust you. And anything that makes you this happy has got to be a good thing.

Kevin: Thanks. That really does mean a lot. You're on the list.

Mariah: Do I get a plus-one?

Kevin: Oh, really? You have somebody in mind?

Mariah: Uh...

Kevin: Oh! So I'm not the only one who is keeping a secret.

Mariah: No! It's not a secret.

Kevin: Who is it?

Mariah: Hi.

Kevin: No way!

Mariah: Yes, way!

Kevin: What?

Mariah: Please try not to humiliate me.

Kevin: I thought you were just friends!

Mariah: We are friends, but there might be something...

Kevin: There's benefits. There's benefits.

Mariah: [Laughs] Shut up. I got to go.

Kevin: Oh, my... [Laughs]

Devon: Hi there.

Mariah: Hello there.

Devon: Thanks for, uh, for coming.

Mariah: Thanks for calling.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: So... I have to ask --

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: What you said to Hilary earlier, about us seeing more of each other... is that true? Are we really doing this? You want to date me?

Devon: I meant it, and we are doing it right now, and of course I want to. I really do.

Hilary: So, did you capture the look I was going for? Serious newswoman? Professional journalist?

Jordan: We got it. You look professionally serious.

Hilary: What? That doesn't -- that doesn't really sound good.

Jordan: No, no. No, you nailed it.

Hilary: Okay, come on. Just level with me, okay? You're the professional.

Jordan: In those shots, you showed that you're a trusted respectable newswoman, but...

Hilary: But? But what?

Jordan: [Sighs] It's -- it's missing something.

Hilary: What?

Jordan: That sparkle that makes you, you.

Hilary: Okay, I don't get it. You said that I nailed it.

Jordan: You did, but there's no call for you to play a part. You don't have to emulate any famous news reporter. You're Hilary Curtis. You command the spotlight just by being you.

Chelsea: Nick. I'm sorry about before. It's just -- this whole thing is...

Nick: I know. I know it is.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Victor: What are you doing here?

Chloe: I'm asking the questions. What happened in court? Why did you say that Adam isn't a murderer? Because, yeah, he is. That's not up for debate.

Victor: Adam did not kill Constance Bingham.

Chloe: But he's still a murderous sack that deserves to rot. Adam is the reason my little girl is dead. Hello, Adam.

Mariah: So, how did this happen? I mean, I'm glad that it did, but it's kind of a zig-zag for both of us.

Devon: Well, if I recall, we're just putting on a show for Hilary's benefit, right?

Mariah: Yeah. It was supposed to be a goof, but it ended up being kind of sexy.

Devon: That kiss was kind of sexy.

Mariah: It came out of nowhere, and then it was over before I could process it.

Devon: Yeah, tell me about it. Made me want to try it again.

Mariah: Really?

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: What are you waiting for?

Devon: That's a great question.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Devon: I am -- I am a prominent young philanthropist in this town. I can't just ravish you in public, Mariah.

Mariah: Oh, you know what? That makes sense. So, when you are gonna get a real job, or are you too busy with all your philanthropizing?

Devon: I'm actually thinking of starting a company with my dad. I don't know what it's gonna be yet, but I want it to do a lot of good and make a little money.

Mariah: It's great that you guys can be so close, even after... you know...

Devon: Hilary cheated on him with me?

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah. Sorry to bring that up.

Devon: Don't be. Please don't be sorry at all. That's actually one of my favorite things about you, and us, is that we can talk about anything, any time. We don't have to worry about it 'cause we're friends.

Mariah: We don't have to deal with all that hideous dating small talk.

Devon: No. We lucked out, right?

Mariah: Maybe so. I'm interested to see where this goes, but in case that is straight to hell... I just want to make sure that we can stay friends.

Devon: Of course we can.

Jordan: Wow! Much better! See, this is you! You don't need to read the news. You make the news. Incredible. You're a total star. Wow!

Hilary: You don't have to say that.

Jordan: What?

Hilary: That I'm a star. I know I have a long way to go, and I didn't book this photo shoot to convince you or myself otherwise. And I know that you work with real stars, so I'm not delusional to think that you --

Chloe: Didn't expect to run into you. Are you just taking a stroll, or did you get locked out of your limo?

Victor: You know, as always, the sight of you stirs a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why are you still in this town?

Chloe: I nauseate you because I make you feel guilty. You're the one that set off the chain reaction that led to Adam's death.

Victor: The difference between the two of us is I feel true remorse about Adam's demise, okay, whereas you, I think, are elated that he's dead. You know what you are? You're a little monster and no one knows about that.

Chloe: [Scoffs]

Victor: Do they?

Chloe: You know, whatever you're doing outside of therapy, it really isn't working. Now, do I care that you're filled with venom and you're just lurking around the park? No. No, because today, let me show you, I got engaged. Mm-hmm.

Victor: Someone actually gave you that ring?

Chloe: [Scoffs] You know, the funny thing is that I owe this all to you.

Victor: Hmm.

Chloe: Because of you, I got out of the hospital so I could help you frame your son. Because of you, I got my daughter and my life back, and now I have Kevin. So thank you. You have given me everything I've ever wanted.

Chelsea: When I woke up this morning, I thought it was going to be a perfectly normal day, and now everything's upside-down.

Nick: I know. It's hard, all this talk about Adam and the explosion. It's tough, but we're gonna get through this.

Chelsea: And what about Chloe? She's my best friend. We work together. We see each other every day. We watch each other's children. She's closer to me than a sister.

Nick: I don't want to believe it either. And I know how close you two are.

Chelsea: You're not gonna. Drop this, are you?

Nick: I can't. I mean... look, I know you want to hide from this, but you can't. Adam's death may not have been an accident. Your best friend may have murdered your husband.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Mariah: First official date.

Devon: Yes.

Nikki: Tessa was playing outside the coffeehouse for tips.

Victor: In other words, you brought a stranger into the house.

Chloe: I want to get married tonight.

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