Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17


Episode # 11132 ~ Victoria confronts Jack; Gloria plots her next move; Chloe slips up.

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[Some of the beginning is missing due to a CBS News interruption.]

Hilary: You got my text.

Jordan: I did, I did.

Hilary: And you came, even after I disappeared on you the other night.

Jordan: It was good that you left when you did. Gave me and Lily a chance to talk things over.

Hilary: She ripped into me, didn't she?

Jordan: Yeah, she does not hold back.

Hilary: And?

Jordan: And what?

Hilary: Did you believe her?

Jordan: Photography is about perspective. Different angles. The reason why I'm so good is because I don't see things the way other people do.

Hilary: Now you're just showing off.

Jordan: I'm just telling the truth the way that I see it. [Laughs]

Hilary: Okay. Well, Lily will be ex-sister-in-law very soon, and she will be out of my life. Just so you know, things have changed around here.

Jordan: I'm a big believer in change. It keeps things interesting.

Devon: All right, so... that is our table right here.

Mariah: And you know that because...?

Devon: Well, because I called them and I told them I wanted this table.

Mariah: Oh! Right. You are insanely rich, and rich people do stuff like that. Are you sure that you want to be here?

Devon: Why? 'Cause this is the place I found out my wife is a liar and then drove my car into a ditch and almost died?

Mariah: Yeah, and I'm the person who made sure you knew about Hilary, so... me. Here. Might be a bad idea. Plus, I hear the service is terrible.

Devon: Well, first off, I bought the car, chose to drive like a maniac, so that's on me, not you, and certainly not on this restaurant, which actually has fantastic service.

Mariah: Is that another rich-person thing?

Devon: No, Mariah. Believe or not, I had manners before I had money.

Mariah: Oh, okay. Go, go! Sit down. Save all the fancy stuff for somebody you're trying to impress.

Devon: Well... what if that's what I just did?

Mariah: What's going on here?

Devon: Is that too difficult of a question?

Mariah: When you asked me to dinner...

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Was that a date?

Devon: I mean, you tell me.

Nick: Okay, so I have a lot of bad ideas, but trying to drag you out tonight is the worst.

Chelsea: No! No. It wasn't a bad idea. I've spent enough hours in this place, in this room in particular, sitting alone in the dark feeling miserable, enough to fill up a lifetime -- thinking about Adam, thinking about what happened, and the future we almost had and now don't. And the truth is, I want to go out. I love going out, especially with you. I don't want to wallow anymore.

Nick: So you do want to go out? I'm confused.

Chelsea: Here's the thing. If we go out, we're gonna bump into people, and they're gonna see that I'm...a little off, and they're going to ask about Adam, inevitably, and then come, you know, the pity eyes and the kind words and the gentle hands on the shoulder, and listen, people mean well. It's really nice, but...

Nick: But then you want to snap their arms off. I get it.

Chelsea: Exactly.

Nick: All right. So let's do this. Call tonight a wash. We'll try again some other time. Until then... [Sighs] Let's see here. Here we go. Sage's inheritance money... is yours. I want you to use it for Connor's education. And I will call you tomorrow.

Chelsea: Wait.

Nick: No, please. Just -- don't argue with me, okay? Sage would want you to have that for Connor.

Chelsea: No. I, um... don't go. Or at least don't go without me.

Nick: Are you sure?

Chelsea: Yeah, I -- I can do this. I want to go. And I want to go out with you. I can't keep sliding back.

Chloe: Mm! This song, right? Right? I love it. What was I saying?

Scott: You were saying six months ago, you turned things around, you took control of your life. Um, you were gonna tell me how.

Chloe: Your eyes. Yeah, I know that look. The past is...it's ugly. Brutal and heartbreaking. You know what you got to do? You got to delete it. Crush it with a jackhammer, and then... well, then you'll look like me, 'cause who doesn't want to be me, right?

Scott: No, we -- we all want to be you. I think everybody does.

Chloe: Right? Ooh, you know what? We need more drinks. We need drinks. And cake. Cake and fries.

Scott: Cake and fries.

Chloe: You know, I think I am gonna need the ladies' room first.

Kevin: Hey, sorry about that.

Scott: Oh!

Kevin: She's a bit of a lightweight. I should have stepped in sooner.

Scott: No, no, no, she's a trip, man. All the words -- spitfire, firecracker.

Kevin: She is fiery, all right.

Kevin: Sounds like what you two have is, uh...is real.

Kevin: It is. Hey, it was rough for a while. Losing Delia...

Scott: Yeah, I've seen that too many times and how it affects a parent.

Kevin: Yeah. Chloe made it back, though.

Scott: Yeah, the tough ones do, but it takes a lot of work.

Kevin: Yeah, that's why I'll always be here for her. She made herself better. She fought hard for it. That's the kind of woman she is. I have to say, it is sexy as hell.

Scott: Mm.

Jack: Well, you did a real deep dive on this. Specific points on why our products look dated.

Gloria: No detail too small. Font, color, size of the box, the shape. Context is everything. Oh, look! Sidebar. Preliminary ideas from the design team.

Jack: Wait, you got them involved in this?

Gloria: Yes! Designers love to update products. They love it! And you finally get it. I'm not just a strikingly pretty face. Look at this.

Jack: Social networking.

Gloria: Yes! Can't do anything without it these days.

Jack: Wait, you bought all these domain names?

Gloria: Oh, come on, Mr. Abbott! Pennies! And when we start a hashtag, it will lead to a site that will lead directly to a virtual shopping cart -- cha-ching.

Jack: You have thought of everything, haven't you? Every single angle.

Gloria: When have you ever known me to do anything half-way, hmm?

Jack: You did tell me you were a natural fit...

Gloria: I did, and I also told you that I like men. Some more than others. [Chuckles] Okay. I will, uh, get the design team started on some ideas for the ideas I think work best. Unless, of course, you want to choose them.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You got this started, you keep it rolling.

Gloria: Good. Then you follow up on the hockey deal and see if you can lock it down.

Jack: Oh, it's not an "if." It's a "when." And it's gonna be fantastic.

Billy: There's no way that Jack harassed Gloria. He can't stand her.

Victoria: Well, harassment is more about power than it is about sex.

Billy: Look, Vick, I don't want to be disrespectful, but you watched that video, okay? She turned on the waterworks. Since when does Gloria ever fall apart?

Victoria: Maybe she fell apart when a powerful man harassed her for sex.

Billy: You believe her?

Victoria: I just -- we can't jump to conclusions, Billy. I mean, this issue has a lot of moving parts.

Billy: One of those moving parts is the fact that Jack's name never made it to air, and now Gloria is working at Jabot.

Victoria: Do you think that Gloria would really try to trash Jack's reputation for a receptionist job?

Billy: I don't think she's gonna be answering phones for much longer.

Victoria: Why would Jack be so terrified of what Gloria has to say if there's no truth to the story?

Billy: There's no truth to the story. There can't be. Okay? I would bet anything on it.

Victoria: Let's not talk about betting right now.

Billy: Jack ratted me out to Leon Hershel and the board of governors about my gambling, about my cheating, about my general moral turpitude. And because of that, the deal is not gonna happen. Now, all of a sudden, we have this footage of Jack, looking like a sleaze. Whether it's true or not, he does not look good. So I think that we got to take this footage, we got to go up to Jack, and we got to tell him that he's got to back the hell off of the hockey deal.

Victoria: No.

Billy: What do you mean, no? He just screwed us over, Vick. We can't just forget that.

Victoria: No, we can't. And we won't.

Billy: Then what's the problem?

Victoria: You're thinking much too small.

Mariah: It's not a date. We're friends. This is just dinner.

Devon: Now, why is that? Do you not date?

Mariah: Not my boss.

Devon: I'm not really your boss.

Mariah: You own GC Buzz, and you're my co-host's ex.

Devon: Well, are you afraid of Hilary? Is that it? Hmm?

Mariah: No, I'm not afraid of anybody. Except Hilary. Maybe a little. Just a little.

Devon: Okay. So this is not a date, then, because you're chicken.

Mariah: No, I -- fine. Okay. Maybe it is a date. It's not.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Mariah: Maybe it is.

Devon: Okay.

Mariah: By the way...

Devon: Hmm?

Mariah: I watch TV and a lot of Kobe beef is fake.

Devon: You know what, I actually saw that, too, but here it's the real thing. I think they fly it in or something.

Mariah: Rich people.

Devon: You're so prejudiced against the wealthy. Why?

Mariah: No! No, I'm not. I -- I love money. I hope to have lots and lots of it one day. I just -- I don't know, I think people get obsessed and over-the-top with it. Like, is any of this really better than a burger and a beer?

Devon: Well, I mean, I think it all can be good in its own way.

Mariah: Yeah. I guess. I mean, Hilary, for example. She's always posting photos of some extravagant dish like blueberry foam-whipped foie gras, but when you're raised in a cult, you acquire a taste for things that come in bulk.

Devon: I know exactly what you're talking about. When I was growing up, I lived with my grandmother, and then in and out of group homes until Neil took me in, and so gourmet to me was sitting in front of the TV instead of eating over the sink.

Mariah: So...

Devon: Hmm?

Mariah: What do you say we, you know, ditch this, forget this whole scene?

Devon: You want to go home?

Mariah: No! You are still buying me dinner, but maybe at a place that doesn't have six wine glasses and four forks because I don't know what I'm doing.

Devon: Okay. We can, uh -- we can do the underground again.

Mariah: The food is mediocre, the service is terrible...

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Yeah. Sounds good.

Devon: It's perfect.

Mariah: I'm in. [Laughs]

Devon: So, what do you say? We should just make a run for it?

Mariah: Yeah. Let's go.

Devon: Yeah? Let's do it. Let's get out of here.

Mariah: [Laughs] Okay!

Devon: Press it!

Mariah: Go, go, go!

Jordan: Is tonight about us going out, or is it about making Devon jealous?

Hilary: Did Lily put that in your head?

Jordan: She's said so many things, it's a blur.

Hilary: I thought you counted on your own perspective.

Jordan: I do, which is why I'm talking to you. Look, this thing is happening no matter what your answer is. I just think it's better if I know what I'm up against.

Hilary: What about what I'm up against? Part of your job is to be around models all day, every day.

Jordan: They're not you.

Hilary: [Scoffs] You're something else.

Jordan: And so are you. You still haven't answered if tonight is about Devon or not.

Hilary: We signed the divorce papers. So Devon and I will be officially over very soon. But honestly, we've been over for a while.

Jordan: Okay.

Hilary: Okay? And I want to celebrate my freedom tonight. With you.

Jordan: All right. You have any place in mind?

Hilary: Uh, I'm not really in the mood for the usual places. How about we just pick up where we left off?

Jordan: The underground? That works for me.

Kevin: Should I check on Chloe? I should, shouldn't I?

Scott: She's okay. She's Buzzed but not too loaded.

Kevin: Well, she's no bigger than a shot glass. She goes from Buzzed to fully loaded in one sip.

Scott: Eh, Chloe's lucid. She was actually talking about you two. I mean, you've been there and stood by us through a lot of difficulties.

Kevin: I am an amazing person, it's true. You have both been through a lot. Also true.

Scott: And according to Chloe, you don't have to let that control you.

Kevin: She clawed her way back. She's a fighter.

Scott: Well, that's because she had you.

Kevin: Mm, I think it's all because of Bella. I just get the benefit of it all, and it just keeps getting better.

Scott: She said as much. Yeah. She seems to be doing okay.

Kevin: Yeah, it's true. She just -- she healed. I don't know how or why. I don't think she knows, either.

Scott: Well, she seemed to know exactly how and why and when.

Kevin: Really?

Scott: Yeah.

Nick: Scotty Grainger. Wow. Man, it's good to see you back in town.

Scott: Nick Newman. It's been a while.

Nick: Yeah. Michael's bachelor party.

Scott: That's right.

Chelsea: Oh! Sounds like fun.

Nick: Yep. Chelsea, Scott. Scott, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Scott: Nice to meet you.

Chelsea: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Chelsea.

Nick: It's good to see you guys in one piece. I mean, I heard some stories.

Scott: Yeah, you know what? That's all on the back-burner for now, you know? Tonight is just about relaxing.

Kevin: And watching Chloe dance.

Chloe: Chelsea! [Squeals]

Chelsea: Oh, my goodness.

Chloe: This is the best! We get to drink and we're gonna dance... [Laughs] Oh, my God. Have you met -- this. This is my best friend. My very best friend in the whole entire world. I would do anything for her. I mean anything and, you know, she -- she's a survivor. You know? She is tough. She's tough like you and me. She's been through just as much. It's awful. Awful.

Gloria: Excuse me!

Billy: You're excused.

Gloria: Jack is not interested in talking to you.

Billy: Jack doesn't have a choice.

Gloria: Should I call security?

Jack: No, that's all right. He won't be here long. So, what's new, Billy? Did you lose the hockey deal? Oh, that's a shame. You can show yourself out.

Billy: Well, I shouldn't be here, Jack. In fact, I should let you swing for what you pulled, but you're my brother and I'm a sucker, and I feel like dad would want me to tell you.

Gloria: Tell you...

Jack: He's baiting me. You can show yourself out. Bye-bye.

Billy: Victoria is pissed about the hockey deal.

Jack: At you, for being the reason it fell apart? I'm not surprised.

Billy: She wants payback, Jack. And she found a way to get it.

Jack: Oh, I seriously doubt that.

Billy: What about you? You think it's possible Victoria found a way to stick it to Jack? Clarissa? Yeah, that's right. Victoria has the video and she's not afraid to use it.

Nick: So let's go get that table.

Chelsea: Okay.

Chloe: She lost her husband. It was also nick's brother. It was an accident.

Scott: I'm sorry to hear about that, guys.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Kevin: I think it's time to get you home, huh?

Chloe: Why? We're having so much fun!

Kevin: I know, I know, but you know, Bella's there, and she's gonna want a bedtime story, and if Esther reads to her, it's gonna be from her heart-health cookbook, so we should save her.

Chloe: [Blows raspberry] This guy. He's right. He's just always right. I know you're right. All right, all right. Okay. Well, fine. I'm gonna say good night. I love you. I love you.

Chelsea: I love you more. Okay. Get home safe.

Chloe: Thank you. Good night.

Chelsea: Okay.

Scott: I'm gonna walk you guys out.

Kevin: Sorry, guys. You okay?

Chloe: Oop!

Chelsea: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Mariah: Hey.

Chloe: [Squealing] Hiiiii!

Mariah: Oh, wow. I got a "hiiiii!" Let me guess -- you've had a drink or maybe six.

Chloe: Stop it. Come on. We are friends. We both love Kevin.

Kevin: You guys working through dinner?

Mariah: Who's your friend?

Kevin: Mariah, Devon, this is Scott Grainger.

Scott: Hey. How are you?

Kevin: He's a journalist just like you.

Mariah: Wait, the Scott Grainger? No, no. Not like me at all. I'm so sorry. I just -- I loved your piece on the refugee crisis. It made me cry.

Kevin: You cry?

Mariah: Weird, right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Hilary: I love this place. The vibe is amazing.

Jordan: Ahh. You sure about that?

Chloe: Scott must think I'm crazy.

Kevin: Maybe, but he also thinks I'm lucky to have you.

Chloe: Mm. No, you're not. 'Cause I'm pushy and I'm loud and I'm sarcastic and I'm pushy.

Kevin: You said pushy twice.

Chloe: That's because I am. But, you know, you're so good to me, even though I'm me.

Kevin: Well, I guess that means I like you.

Chloe: [Scoffs] I wouldn't. I'd hate me. Instead you're like, "I love you. I don't hate you for bailing on our marriage. In fact, why don't you come live with me with your kid who isn't mine?"

Kevin: You know I love her anyway.

Chloe: I know, it's 'cause you're amazing. Can you believe how amazing he is?

Kevin: You don't have to answer that, thank you. Why don't we let him focus on the GPS?

Chloe: And you've got the patience of a saint, you know? You just stand there and you're just waiting. You're always waiting, you know? And never pressuring me. Never pressuring me until I came around.

Kevin: Have you come around? It was fun making out in my car after you found out I was a one-man international rescue operation.

Chloe: Oh, I am -- I am around. I'm like right here I'm so around.

Kevin: So something's changed.

Chloe: [Sighs] I love this backseat. Can we live here?

Kevin: Yeah. Might get a little tight with Bella's car seat, but why not?

Chloe: All right, when we get home, I just want to sit in this exact position, okay?

Kevin: Okay. All night long.

Chloe: Okay.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Nick: You know, Chloe's timing obviously wasn't great, but she does mean well.

Chelsea: Oh, of course she does. I know she does. Listen, I'm glad she could come and let loose and go crazy. It's not Chloe's fault that I can't do it.

Nick: If it's anyone's fault, it is the idiot who dragged you out tonight.

Chelsea: No. No. He was trying to get me out of my grief. I'm the one that said yes. I'm a big girl. I make my own decisions. Scott seemed like a nice guy.

Nick: Yeah, but he gave you that pity face.

Chelsea: Listen, he was better than most. [Sighs] It's just that at this stage of the game, if I hear one person say "I'm sorry"... it just makes me want to crawl under the covers, you know?

Nick: Come on. Let's get you out of here.

Chelsea: No, I -- I'm gonna go. I want you to stay.

Nick: There is zero chance I'm letting you get yourself home.

Chelsea: Please. I just need some time.

Nick: Whenever you're ready.

Chelsea: Soon.

Nick: Okay.

Scott: Your date just left. Uh, hope I wasn't the reason.

Nick: No. No. You know how it is. Sometimes the bad stuff can sneak up on you, even when you've tried to move on with your life.

Scott: Yeah, hopefully I can answer that better once I've moved on.

Nick: Yeah. You know, with Chelsea... her husband, my brother was killed in a freak accident, and it's hard to get closure when you don't have all the answers, you know?

Jordan: There are a couple of ways we can deal with this. We can go over and say hello to Mariah and Devon.

Hilary: What's the other option?

Jordan: We can pretend they're not there.

Hilary: Okay, you know what, I am just tired of pretending. Okay? It's another way of lying.

Jordan: So let's not pretend.

Hilary: No, you know what? Just let them have their little work talk, okay? If it's up to me, Devon won't be talking about "GC Buzz" much longer.

Jordan: What do you mean?

Hilary: I want to own it.

Jordan: Does Devon know that?

Hilary: Well, it's the only thing I asked for in the divorce.

Jordan: That man is a billionaire.

Hilary: I know, I know.

Jordan: And all you want is a TV show.

Hilary: I'm the one that made it new and fresh, and I put my reputation on the line every time I step in front of that camera. I want to call the shots day in and day out. If we fail, it will be because of me.

Jordan: Mm.

Hilary: But if we fly... it'll be because of me.

Jordan: Well, that's some determination.

Hilary: You sound surprised. See, if I was a man, no one would bat an eye.

Jordan: Now, if you were a man, I'd have made other plans tonight. [Laughs]

Devon: Well, now, all we have to do is order some burgers.

Mariah: We have some company.

Devon: What do you mean? Oh, look at that. Looks like they wanted to get some burgers, too.

Mariah: We can go if you want. We can.

Devon: No, I'm more than fine if you are.

Mariah: I mean, I'm fine to stay. As long I have a bowl of pretzels to munch on while Hilary death-glares at me, I'm good.

Devon: And she's probably not too happy to see us here, huh?

Mariah: Yeah. Imagine if it were a real date. I'd be a pile of ashes by now.

Victoria: That's right, but you can't say where you got it from. It's a leak and it's exclusive. I want it on as many screens as possible. Well, your competition said they'd put in prime time...

Jack: Hang up the phone.

Victoria: You're gonna have to step up your game. Uh, I'm gonna call you back in 5 minutes. After that, I'm moving to another news outlet. Thank you.

Victoria: You told Jack after what he did to you and our company?

Jack: You don't want to play this game, Victoria.

Gloria: It was the C.E.O. of Jabot cosmetics. Jack Abbott.

Victoria: Uh, it seems like your face and name never made it to air. Or Clarissa's.

Jack: Because it's garbage! "GC Buzz" didn't air it, and now, what, you're gonna sell it to someone else?

Victoria: I'm not gonna sell it. I'm gonna give it away for free. So the whole world will know what a snake you are.

Chelsea: We have to be very quiet, Connor, okay? You and daddy and I can be together forever, okay? But you can't tell anybody. It has to be a secret. Nobody else can know. You can't tell Chloe or that guard downstairs or anybody, all right? Oh! Can't forget this guy, can we? He's your favorite. All right. It's all gonna be okay. We're all gonna be together. Very soon. Come here.

Nick: My dad thought he was saving his son from a prison term he didn't deserve. It turns out the explosion ended up being a death sentence.

Scott: And Chelsea was there? She was outside?

Nick: She saw the whole thing go up in flames. I was there, too.

Scott: She must be one hell of a woman to survive the way she has. I mean, and lucky to have the Newmans to back her up.

Nick: You sound like a Newman fan.

Scott: Your dad is the reason I made it back to the states alive.

Nick: Yeah, well, just don't forget, he also tried to help Chelsea's husband.

Scott: Yeah, but I mean, he couldn't have predicted that accident at the cabin.

Nick: Yeah, I'm just saying, when my dad gets involved, things tend to get a little complicated, and if he does someone a favor, he usually wants one in return.

Scott: Well, your father and I know where we stand with each other. But right now, the biggest thing for me is that my driver over there -- Ahmed. Nobody's seen him since they grabbed me. Victor's looking into it.

Nick: Oh, he's definitely a good guy to have in your corner. Just, you know, keep your eyes open.

Scott: They always are.

Nick: Good. Well, I'm glad you could make it to my spot tonight, you know, get away from all the heavy stuff.

Scott: Yeah, it was good. I got to hang out with Kevin and dance with Chloe. She's a trip.

Nick: Yeah. She's got her own war wounds, but it was nice to see her let loose tonight.

Scott: Yeah, that woman can talk. Even though I'm still not really sure what she meant by half of it.

Nick: What'd she say?

Jack: That is stolen footage.

Victoria: Yeah, well, part of it made it to air.

Jack: But they cut it off.

Victoria: Maybe the world wants to know your name.

Jack: Was this another trick you learned from Victor? Public humiliation?

Victoria: As opposed to what you did? Running to your hockey contact and smearing my company's good name? Tearing Billy's life apart again? For what? For a deal that you didn't work for? You didn't think of it. You didn't even care about it until you heard Billy was involved. It's a pretty shabby move, Jack, but evidently, it's not the only sleazy move you've made lately, right, Clarissa? This is who you've become, Jack?

Jack: Tell you what, I'll wallow in shame later. Right now, obviously you want something. You want me to offer something to keep this out of the wrong hands. What is it?

Victoria: I want you to go to Leon Hershel and tell him you're no longer interested in this deal. And tell him that you may have overstated your issues with brash & sassy! And then we'll see whose hands this footage falls into.

Jack: We appreciate you considering our proposal, Leon, but Jabot is taking their hat out of the ring. Unexpected change in priorities. Nothing more. Best of luck to you, too. Thanks, buddy. Happy?

Victoria: Oh, yes. I'm delirious.

Billy: Doesn't mean that they're gonna give us the deal, but it's a start.

Victoria: Well, I am set to call back that news agency...

Jack: Well, what the hell more do you want?

Victoria: I want an apology.

Jack: What?

Victoria: I want you to admit that that was a dirty move against your brother. It was beneath you and Jabot. And it was an insult to john Abbott's legacy.

Billy: You heard her, Jack. We're waiting.

Jack: Whoa! Okay. Fine. It was a cheap shot. What else do you want from me to keep this out of the wrong hands?

Victoria: It's all yours. I didn't copy it, I didn't send it to anyone. Nobody outside of this room knows about it...

Jack: If this is another trick, Victoria...

Victoria: I'm not interested in stooping to your level, Jack. I never was. Nobody knows about the video. The call that you walked in on was my voicemail. I didn't go into the gutter. That's not how I do business.

Gloria: Thank God this is over.

Billy: Wow. Brilliant job, boss. Everything went according to plan, except one thing.

Victoria: What?

Billy: The way you defended me like that.

Jordan: I almost feel bad for Devon. I would not want to go up against you in negotiations. He should just hand you the show and run.

Hilary: Wow, am I that intimidating?

Jordan: Well, not to me. But, then again, I like a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

Mariah: You know what? You need a real date. A hot woman in heels with silky locks and a push-up bra. Not a work buddy you can talk ratings and critics with.

Devon: Come on. Really?

Mariah: I am serious! You can't just let Hilary be all --

Devon: Can't let Hilary do what?

Mariah: Be all happy and smiling and laughing. It's gross and it's confusing because Hilary is never happy. I mean, look at me. Any girl would kill to be in my position.

Devon: I think that comes with inheriting a fortune.

Mariah: No. No, no, no. We are not all gold diggers. I promise you. Any girl would kill to be in my position because you are sharp and smart and decent and hot.

Devon: So, they would want to be standing here, but you don't?

Mariah: I didn't say that. Did I say that?

Devon: Somebody told me that we're just work buddies.

Mariah: You know what? Maybe not.

Scott: Kevin told me about Delia.

Nick: Yeah. Rough situation for everyone. Chloe especially. She almost didn't make it back.

Scott: She said she's doing much better. Something happened a few months ago that changed everything for her.

Nick: Mm. Did she say what?

Scott: She said something happened that she was able to get her life back again. And I tried to get her to open up more about that, but that wasn't gonna happen.

Nick: Did she say when this life-changing event took place?

Scott: Six months ago.

Chloe: [Gasps]

Kevin: Hey. It's okay. You're okay. Just a bad dream. That's all.

Kevin: Okay?

Chloe: [Sighs]

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Nikki: If that explosion wasn't a fluke, what caused it?

Chloe: No, I'm not talking about nick. I'm talking about Adam. He's linked to that money. You can't keep it.

Michael: Seems like you're already there -- in love, living together...

Kevin: I'm gonna ask her to marry me.

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