Y&R Transcript Monday 3/20/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/20/17


Episode # 11130 ~ Neil considers an offer from Ashley; Jill makes a decision about her future; Jack gives Hilary surprising advice.

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Victoria: You storm up there,

Jack: The competition goes beyond our brother.

Ashley: Please. You don't give a damn about our family or this company. All you care about is targeting Billy.

Jack: Finding a promotional partner with pockets this deep --

Ashley: Is just another example of your bad decision-making, Jack, another example of why I need to take more of a leadership role around here.

Jack: Watch yourself, Ashley. I have indulged you to this point, but that is still my name on that door.

Ashley: For now.

Billy: My big brother just stole a multi-million-dollar deal from us, and you want me to just what? Just --

Victoria: Think, Billy. Okay? Just stop and think. Confronting Jack head on when you're this angry... is the worst possible reaction.

Billy: I can't let him get away with something like this.

Victoria: You storm up there, you're gonna give him the upper hand. It's gonna convince him that this project means a lot to brash & sassy financially and to you personally.

Billy: Yeah, it does mean a lot to me, because hockey was my idea!

Victoria: Yes, and it was a good idea.

Billy: Why does he have to do this all the time? Why can't he just let me have a good idea? He's constantly --

Victoria: Just take your personal feelings out of the equation for once and break down Jack's moves. He pumped a bunch of capital into Fenmore's.

Billy: And he's about to pump a bunch more into this deal.

Victoria: Well, Jabot doesn't have unlimited resources. Jack made the hockey league a better deal.

Billy: So, what? You want to outbid him?

Victoria: Yeah. Not only do we have more ready cash. Our men's line is out in front in current and projected sales.

Billy: So what's the strategy?

Victoria: We don't acknowledge Jack's power play until we've outmaneuvered him.

Billy: First of all, I love that you use the term "power play," sticking with the hockey theme. That's impressive. Second of all, that's a really good idea. This is when I love to work for a Newman.

Colin: I-I-I don't want to hurt you anymore.

Jill: Colin, listen.

Colin: Please. Let me say what I've rehearsed before I lose my nerve.

Jill: Oh, for God sakes.

Colin: Now, where was I? Uh, yeah, I-I don't want to hurt you anymore. Uh, yeah, when we got married, I-I continued, uh, uh, with my crimes and stuff, but only outward, but never inward, and certainly never at you.

Jill: Yeah, I noticed that.

Colin: But, uh, I botched it this time. However unintentionally, I've hurt you and I finally got that through my thick skull that we have now reached a point of no return.

Jill: What does that mean?

Colin: Neil convinced me that my presence in your life is more a hindrance than a help to your recovery, and that's why...

Jill: Why, what?

Colin: Jill, I'm setting you free.

Hilary: Get a crew on his car. We can catch them kissing -- did you need something?

Devon: Yeah, I need a moment with you.

Hilary: Okay, let me know when they're on the move.

Devon: Hey. Um...

Hilary: What do you need?

Devon: So, we agreed to be open and honest with each other and end our marriage in the civil manner and just go on with our lives, right?

Hilary: I thought that's what we did.

Devon: Right, well, you -- you kind of left me hanging with the settlement, Hilary, 'cause you just claimed all you wanted was GC Buzz, and then you walked away.

Hilary: This is really all I want -- this show. Okay? So, we're done here.

Devon: No, we're not.

Hilary: "No, we're not done here," or "no, you're not gonna give me the show"?

Devon: I just find it a little hard to believe that after you tore up a check for $250 million, all you want is this place.

Hilary: I don't want your money, Devon. And I don't want to be an accessory in your life.

Devon: Right. This place isn't worth --

Hilary: I want something that's mine. And I know I've had this aggressive drive and it's threatening. I get that.

Devon: I was never threatened.

Hilary: No, you weren't. Actually, you can be just as aggressive as I am when there's something that you want. And I want this. From the moment that I stood in front of the camera despite how God-awful I was, I just -- I knew it was mine. I knew I was passionate about it, and I love it, and it's me.

Devon: Right. Don't get offended, but let's be honest. You've turned "GC Buzz TV" into exactly what we didn't want.

Hilary: We were losing viewers before I took control of content.

Devon: Yeah, well, mean-spirited gossip isn't my kind of content.

[Cell phone rings]

Devon: I have to take care of this.

Hilary: Just give me the show, and we will never have this debate again. All you have to do is say yes.

Devon: Okay. Excuse me. Hello?

Hilary: You need to help me convince Devon to give me the show as my settlement in the divorce.

Mariah: And send myself to the unemployment line? Not happening.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Colin: Neil agreed to float me a loan for a ticket back to Australia since it would be rather presumptuous of me to expect you to pay for it.

Jill: Oh, now you're worried about what's fair to me.

Colin: Come on! You had a heart attack. I'm trying to take a bit of pressure off.

Jill: I never asked you to do that.

Colin: Look, you made it pretty clear that more than money, more than Fenmore's, you wanted Phillip's ring.

Jill: Hmm. I haven't taken it off, you know.

Colin: Makes you happy.

Jill: Actually, it's more than that. I realized that I've been focusing on all the wrong things. This ring reminds me of what's really important in life.

Colin: Love. That's what's important.

Jill: Yes.

Colin: [Clears throat]

Jill: Colin. Colin. I was really, really upset that that letter of Katherine's took so long to reach my hands.

Colin: I apologize for that.

Jill: No, no, no. You don't have to apologize. I was about to say that the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Colin: It was?

Jill: Yeah. I mean, I had the heart attack, and then I was all prepared to go back to business as usual. And then I got Katherine's letter. And in it, she told me how precious time is. Not just in the words in the letter, but in the way she chose to live the rest of her life. She went all over looking at the beauty of the world and all of the things she'd never had a chance to do but wanted to.

Colin: Her bucket list, the stuff she wanted to do before she died.

Jill: That old woman was telling me, "don't wait till you're dying to do this. Do it now." That was her gift to me. So, I've made my own bucket list.

Colin: Good for you.

Jill: [Chuckles] Yes. And I would like to tell me what you think of it.

Colin: "River cruise down the Yangtze." Hmm. "Buddhist retreat in Japan." Y-you don't strike me as the Zen type.

Jill: Well, people tell me that meditation's good for the heart. Maybe I could stand to mellow out a little bit.

Colin: Hmm. Uh, "snorkeling in the Galapagos." That sounds kind of dangerous.

Jill: My doctor cleared me for everything on the list.

Colin: Hmm. "Attend fashion week wearing vintage couture." Mm-hmm. [Chuckles] "Let Esther run the house."

[Both laugh]

Colin: "Forgive Colin"?

Jack: How far are you willing to push this?

Ashley: Step away from this pro hockey idea, Jack, and I'll back off.

Jack: Do you realize the profit potential here?

Ashley: This is exactly what you said about Fenmore's when you paid far more than the company was worth, and you didn't even end up with majority shares.

Jack: And it's making us money right now.

Ashley: You got lucky. And you also got stuck with Gloria because she's blackmailing you into hiring her, and you know it!

Jack: That is not what happened. I explained it to you!

Ashley: You don't even care if you waste more capital just because you want to get back at Billy.

Jack: Actually, that's not so. We're getting this at bargain rates.

Ashley: How?

Jack: Because when I informed Leon, my connection at the board of governors, of Billy's gambling problem, the fact that he screwed his brother's wife --

Ashley: You did not! You told potential partners about this?

Jack: Of course I did. I told him the whole thing. And guess what? Pro hockey is now stepping away from brash & sassy and coming straight to us.

Ashley: And when what does that mean for us, Jack? We're thrust into a hiring frenzy with maximum overtime because we have to get r&d on all these new products?!

Jack: We're simply moving up the timetable. We can do this, ash.

Ashley: We don't need to do it! We shouldn't do it! We don't have to expand! We're gonna over-extend ourselves, Jack! Just calm down and think about it. If you want to revive the men's line, you do it carefully, you do it slowly.

Jack: I appreciate your concerns, Ashley. As C.E.O. --

Ashley: I'm not gonna stand by, Jack. I'm not gonna stand by and -- and let you use our company to indulge your whims and work out your personal grievances.

Jack: Or you'll what? You'll go to the board of directors and see that I'm unseated? And here I thought you were all about family unity.

Victoria: Yeah, thanks for hearing me out, Leon. We'll be in touch.

Billy: That didn't sound good. What's going on?

Victoria: [Sighing] Well, the board of governors is having second thoughts about doing business with brash & sassy at all.

Billy: Why? What reason did they give?

Victoria: Well, Mr. Hershel seems to think that he needs to be concerned about the image of the league and what working with us might look like.

Billy: How does that make any sense? Brash & sassy's top of the line.

Victoria: Apparently Jack gave his pal Leon an earful about all of your transgressions.

Billy: Because of my personal life? What does that have to do with anything? Because I slept with Jack's wife? I don't understand.

Victoria: And the gambling, Billy.

Billy: Oh. That.

Victoria: Leon says that the last thing they need is for their players to be associated with sex scandals and, um, gambling and that sort of thing.

Billy: I'm sorry, Vick. My choices, my bad decisions, are gonna cost brash & sassy millions of dollars.

Victoria: You're talking like we're giving up. That's not happening.

Colin: Is this real?

Jill: It's on the list.

Colin: This isn't just unexpected. It's dumb!

Jill: Excuse me?

Colin: It -- it goes against everything you say you wanted. Fresh start. [Scoffs] Think about all those times I disappointed you, that you forgave me. I could most certainly do it again. And I don't want to give you another heart attack. I'm already sick with guilt.

Jill: Well, you should feel guilt.

Colin: Well, then, I mean --

Jill: But you should also feel pride. With the money you got from that ring, you could have left the country. But instead, you got the ring back to me.

Colin: Well, you wanted it. [Scoffs] See, there I go, lying again! I never did it for you! My -- my motives were completely selfish. I thought that by buying back the ring, I could make amends and maybe salvage our marriage. But here you are offering just --

Jill: Whoa, whoa! I never said anything about salvaging anything.

Colin: Well, then w--

Jill: Honey, honey, honey. I have always known exactly who you are. You have shady business dealings. You operate on the fringes of the law. But all this I accepted. I took it as payment for being with a man that I...I found so much fun and so exciting.

Colin: Yeah. We had good times.

Jill: But then you used me, you stole from me, and you lied to me. And that betrayal was devastating, Colin. Then came the heart attack, and then came Katherine's letter. And those two things, they gave me perspective. They made me realize that I could have lived the rest of my life in anger and resentment, but I didn't want to be that person.

Colin: So, when you wrote "forgive Colin" --

Jill: Right. I didn't do it for you. I did it because it's what's best for me.

Hilary: When I own the show, I am gonna keep you on as co-host.

Mariah: You're kidding, right?

Hilary: We have great chemistry on camera.

Mariah: And off camera we can't stand each other.

Hilary: Yeah, but it keeps things fresh, and most importantly, the audience responds to it.

Mariah: Hilary, you tried to fire me yesterday. Without Devon as a buffer --

Hilary: I'm not gonna tank my own show, Mariah. And I need you to make it work.

Mariah: Yeah, until the next time you get mad at me.

Hilary: I will, um, I'll -- I'll give you your own segments covering the local music scene and some other important issues.

Mariah: Can I get that in writing?

Hilary: At some point you're gonna have to trust me, Mariah.

Mariah: [Chuckling] Why would I do that?

Hilary: Because this may be all that I have left. I could have taken a huge settlement from Devon, but I didn't. My attorneys think that I am nuts, but all I want is this show, my chance to run it my way, to be responsible for its success...or failure.

Mariah: Which is why keeping me on is so nuts, because we don't agree on a thing. So this is your last chance. Tell me why you really want me here.

Hilary: Devon is reluctant. If he knows that you're on board --

Mariah: He doesn't trust you.

Hilary: He thinks that I'm gonna run the show into the gutter. [Sighs] Yes, okay, I get it. I-I may have done a few things wrong. But I also helped you, too. Do you remember that interview with that woman, "Clarissa"?

Mariah: [Sighs] Don't remind me.

Hilary: Yeah. She made serious accusations about sexual harassment against Jack Abbott. You were about to run the story unvetted. You were gonna ruin the reputation of a good man, but I put a stop to it.

Mariah: Okay, that time. That was only because Jack was your friend. Do you remember what you did to Dylan, to my mother?

Hilary: Yeah, okay, I made a few mistakes. But my name is gonna be on this show. Our faces are gonna be on the screen. I don't want to trash people, Mariah, and I don't want to put out fake news. I want to tell the truth, even if it's not pretty. Isn't that what you want, too?

Jack: This is your idea of helping dad's company? Starting a battle between the two of us over who runs Jabot?

Ashley: You're not leaving me any choice, Jack.

Jack: Careful, sis. Your ambition is showing.

Ashley: Stop it. You know better than anybody that's not why I'm pushing this. I'm trying to save you from your worst instincts. I'm trying to protect our father's legacy. For you to make this hockey deal just --

Jack: Is highly profitable.

Ashley: You know what? Maybe I would back you on this if I thought it would be the end of it. But it wouldn't be, because this is about revenge. You want to put brash & sassy out of business, Jack. This is a vendetta.

Jack: I understand that's your perspective.

Ashley: Prove me wrong. Drop this pro hockey deal.

Jack: You do what you have to do, sis.

Ashley: I succeeded before taking this company from you, Jack, and I did a damn fine job of running it. I'll do it again if I have to.

Jack: Outmaneuvering the competition is business. It's good business. The fact that Billy might go down as a result is just an added benefit. I didn't do it anything to hurt the company.

Ashley: You weakened us. I'm not gonna stand by and wait for a crisis to happen to stop it.

Jack: You should know, when I was in new York, I had lunch with Traci. I also met with several of the board members to solidify my control. So, you see, I'm not going anywhere.

Victoria: I just sent Leon Hershel an e-mail reminding him that there are always two sides to a story and suggesting that he base the merits of this deal not on someone's personal actions but the standing of the company and its products.

Billy: Taking the high road, thinking positive. I like it.

Victoria: Yes.

Billy: He gonna let us pitch?

Victoria: [Sighs] I think we should be prepared for that.

Billy: Okay, good. We should go over the points.

Victoria: Right, okay. Well, we have a brand-new line in dare.

Billy: And it's the same demographics as the pro sports audience.

Victoria: We have a trusted brand and a loyal customer base.

Billy: Yeah, but I think it's got to be more than just numbers, profits and losses. We got to make him feel it, okay? So brash & sassy is young, it's fresh.

Victoria: It's environmentally sound.

Billy: Yep.

Victoria: And we will urge him --

Billy: No, we will invite him.

Victoria: That's even better. We'll invite him to join us --

Billy: To catch the wave, 'cause Leon's a surfer, just like this guy.

Victoria: Oh, yes. Good. Okay, so that's another point for us.

Billy: And we will sell it to him in a way where it's, "Leon, trust me, man. You want to be a part of this deal."

Victoria: Yes, okay. We'll put together a sizzle reel. That's what we'll do. It will really grab him.

Billy: I think this is gonna be good. I think we might have a real shot at this.

Victoria: Yeah. Jack has tilted the playing field, so we're just gonna have to work twice as hard.

Mariah: Hilary's not here.

Devon: Oh, okay.

Mariah: She told me about the divorce settlement. All she wants is GC Buzz.

Devon: "All she wants"? You make it sound like this place isn't worth anything.

Mariah: [Scoffs] Considering you offered her enough money to buy it 10 times over.

Devon: Yeah. I have my concerns.

Mariah: Oh, come on. You never wanted to be a TV producer. You just did it for her, so give her the show. Move on to something that you're really into.

Devon: What if I am really into this place?

Mariah: Fine. Don't give her the show. But she'll make your life hell just because she can.

Devon: Well, I can deal with that if it means protecting the people that work here.

Mariah: Already protected.

Devon: How?

Mariah: Hilary promised me that she would keep me on as a co-host. She says we have great chemistry.

Devon: [Chuckles]

Mariah: What is so funny?

Devon: Like when she tripped you on live TV? That kind of chemistry? Is that what she's talking about?

Mariah: She apologized for that. And she was sincere...ish. Look, we have a good thing going. Push/pull, yin/yang. It works. I'm like her conscience.

Devon: And you are very good at it, but my soon-to-be ex-wife isn't really known for keeping promises.

Mariah: Look, I think this is about a little bit more than you worrying about your employees' job security.

Devon: Like what?

Mariah: I think you want to stay on the show so you have an excuse to come around the studio, be around Hilary. Look, Devon. Just give her what she wants. Stop putting yourself through this. Stop putting us all through this. If this is what love is, I don't want any part of it.

Victoria: Oh, hey, you two.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Victoria: I was hoping that you could do me a favor.

Mariah: What do you need?

Victoria: Footage from the brash & sassy launch. Do you still have it?

Mariah: Yeah. We keep everything around here so we have it all -- interviews, raw footage, stills of Jordan with his shirt off.

Victoria: Just the footage for today.

Mariah: Yeah. Let's see what we can find.

Victoria: Thanks.

Jack: Have a seat.

Hilary: I'm here for a pep talk, words of wisdom, maybe a pity bumper sticker.

Jack: Well, I'm happy to oblige. So what's the topic of the bumper sticker?

Hilary: Devon and I signed the divorce papers.

Jack: I'm sorry to hear that.

Hilary: It's okay. [Sighs] It's better than what we were doing, living in this in-between limbo place.

Jack: So which one of you broke the log jam?

Hilary: Me. I gave Devon an ultimatum. I said, "keep me or divorce me." So...

Jack: So here you are thinking ahead.

Hilary: [Sighs] And that's why I came to see you.

Jack: Ah, yes. The divorce expert.

Hilary: Losing your marriage that you tried so hard to hold together, it's hard. It's harder than people like us want to admit. [Sighs] How did something so beautiful turn so toxic?

Jack: I come to realize there's really no point in trying to figure out why. The only question you have to ask yourself is, "what do I do now?"

Ashley: I wanted to talk to you about coming back to work at Jabot.

Neil: [Laughs] Um, I'm flattered and, actually, quite surprised.

Ashley: We're making some changes. I think you'd be a great fit.

Neil: Why me specifically?

Ashley: Because you and my brother have done great work on the foundation, Neil. And obviously you have a bond with him that goes back long before that.

Neil: Uh-huh. And?

Ashley: I don't like some of the decisions my brother's been making lately.

Neil: You want me to babysit Jack.

Ashley: No, no, no. You're overqualified for that job. Besides, Jack has Gloria to fulfill that function.

Neil: Wait a minute. Gloria and Jack?

Ashley: Yeah. Well, that's another story for another day. What we need to talk about is that Jabot has merged with Fenmore's. You have experience running the head of our fashion division. You have experience running the company. So I think with your skills and your instincts, you could help us navigate this very, very complicated transition.

Neil: And why are you the one coming to me with this?

Ashley: I've had to step in and deal with some executive matters lately. And I'm looking towards the future. I think you could be a very important part of that.

Neil: You say Jack is making bad decisions, huh?

Billy: My latte fix was calling me, too.

Phyllis: Blame me for getting you hooked.

Billy: We have worse complications right now.

Phyllis: Big brother.

Billy: I had a deal in play. Pro hockey. And Jack is trying to tank it, recounting my sins.

Phyllis: He told a potential business partner about our affair?

Billy: Don't waste your time being surprised. Take it as a warning. Despite Jack's party line, he's not gonna forgive or forget what we did to him. He wants payback.

Phyllis: From you. When it's just as much my fault. I'm sorry.

Billy: I'm gonna pay for this for the rest of my life. And I didn't even get the girl.

Jack: You signed the divorce papers. You're no longer living with that person. You think that's the end. But it takes the heart awhile to catch up with that.

Hilary: I keep telling myself that I'm gonna get over Devon eventually.

Jack: While you're doing that, focus on what you can control. Have you given any thought to what you want to do with the money that you get from the settlement?

Hilary: No money. I asked Devon for GC Buzz. That's all I want.

Jack: Wait, wait. Hilary, Hilary, listen to me. Are you sure about that?

Hilary: I don't know how you feel about Phyllis, Jack. I really don't. But I still love Devon. And I can't get over him if I'm working for him.

Jack: You're entitled to so much more, Hilary.

Hilary: I cannot have Devon's money to fall back on. [Voice breaking] It'll just make it easier for me to fall back into him, and I-I need something that is mine. Sorry. I've just been so confident and so sure of myself with everyone. [Sighs] Jack, what if I fail? I mean, owning and running and hosting my own TV show... [Sighs] Even with a business degree and all of my experience, it's freaking me out how much I don't know.

Jack: Okay, so how can I help?

Hilary: Can you be my go-to guy? Just give me some practical advice on how to structure this thing and manage it.

Jack: Nothing would make me happier.

Hilary: [Sighs] Now, Devon hasn't signed off on it yet, but I'm hoping that he will see this is the cleanest and simplest --

Jack: Then don't ask. You tell him what you need. You don't back down. You don't apologize. You let him know you are not to be messed with. You know all the skeletons in his closet, and you are not afraid to use them to get what you need.

Billy: Watch yourself, okay? Especially now that you're back working in Jack's orbit.

Phyllis: You want to get back at him, don't you?

Billy: I'm not gonna let my brother crush me.

Phyllis: Okay. So what are you gonna do?

Billy: I'm just not gonna take it. That's all I'm saying.

Phyllis: Well, he doesn't listen to much of what I have to say these days. I rarely even see Jack. Especially now that he's hired Gloria as his watchdog.

Billy: Yeah, Gloria. What the hell is that all about? I mean, why the hell would he ever hire that conniving witch?

Mariah: What are you looking for on these tapes, anyway?

Victoria: Well, I'm putting together a promo for a pitch, and I wanted to use some clips from my appearance on GC Buzz, maybe some of the footage that never made it to air.

Mariah: Yeah. As long as you don't blast it out to the world, it should be fine. Archives of the show's unedited footage is stored on our internal server, so I can download it to a thumb drive for you, but it may take awhile.

Victoria: Oh, that's okay. I'm happy to wait.

Mariah: All right. There it is. Brash & sassy's men's line launch. Oh, uh, I have to go to editing. I'll be right back.

Victoria: Oh, great. Thank you.

[Pills rattle]

Jill: Thank you.

Colin: Uh, I got to say, I-I think, uh, that you're in a good place. I feel good going back to Australia knowing that I've, uh, contributed to it. Even if it was by behaving badly.

Jill: [Chuckles] So when are you leaving?

Colin: Right away. Uh, I want to thank you for forgiving me. I think -- I think this is the right way to end it.

Jill: Unless we didn't end it. I intend to accomplish everything on that bucket list. It's just that it would be a lot less fun if I did it alone.

Colin: Are you saying...

Jill: I'm saying that I want to travel, and I need a companion.

Colin: Well, o-obviously, yeah.

Jill: I mean, we can try it, right, just one day at a time?

Colin: Yeah, not a reunion, per se.

Jill: No. And then we could always part ways at the end if it didn't work out.

Colin: Yeah, that's understood.

Jill: Except... except I have taken your name off all my bank accounts, all my credit cards. I've changed all my passwords. So there is no chance of temptation. So, now what do you say?

Phyllis: They started collaborating when Jack started going after Fenmore's.

Billy: Trying to get information from Gloria.

Phyllis: Well, she supplied him with the inside track on competitors so he could pick them off one by one and then Lauren would have no choice but to sell to him. When Lauren and I got suspicious about this bizarre connection of theirs, he just claimed that Gloria was, I don't know, she was a favor of some sort. They even hinted that they were dating.

Billy: Yeah, that's my brother. Use whoever he can to get what he wants. Doesn't matter if they hurt my father, almost ruined the family business. What is his problem? I thought he despised Gloria.

Phyllis: Well, not anymore, apparently.

Billy: He is so hell-bent on getting back at me, he doesn't care what damage he's gonna cause to brash & sassy or Victoria.

Phyllis: You should have left the building when you had a chance.

Billy: [Scoffs] A little too late for that now.

Victoria: Hey. I just noticed another file, the Jabot Clarissa harassment? I don't think I've ever seen that story.

Mariah: [Chuckles] Yeah, nobody did. Not all of it, at least. It got cut short before it could fully air.

Victoria: Oh. Was that the one with the woman who came forward, some whistleblower? Her face was obscured?

Mariah: Yeah. Something like that. All right, download's almost done.

Victoria: Sounds like you did some outstanding reporting on this Clarissa story. I'd love to see it.

Mariah: You know, that can't happen. It's against policy for all sorts of reasons.

Victoria: Oh, okay.

Mariah: Okay.

Victoria: It's fine. I understand.

Mariah: Looks like your download's done. And just in time, because my boss is calling me.

Victoria: Oh. Thank you very much. I appreciate this.

Mariah: Good luck with your pitch.

Colin: I would be thrilled...

honored to accompany you on this trip. [Sighs] Are you sure you want me?

Jill: I need somebody to carry my bags.

Colin: [Chuckles] Okay.

Jill: [Chuckles]

Colin: I'll happily carry your bags and...any other requirements that you might have. I know that I'm not the love of your life and that I can never replace Phillip. But I can always aspire to be the kind of man that he was.

Jill: I don't know. That's kind of a high bar for you. But it's a good place to start.

Ashley: Jack is letting his personal grudges dictate his actions, and it's not good for business.

Neil: You're worried about him.

Ashley: Well, this ruthless side is emerging, and I can't get through to him. I know how much he respects you. I'm hoping that he'll listen to you.

Neil: What are you doing?

Ashley: I'm building a team that can make great business decisions, and then I can go to the board with a fully executed plan.

Neil: I think you want to take over and would like for this to be a bloodless coup. And just in case things get ugly, you're setting me up to go behind your brother's back and help you pull it off.

Jack: I mean it. You can't trust your heart right now.

Hilary: You got that right. Devon and I recently wound up back in bed.

Jack: There you go. You have to look out for yourself. You have to be strong.

Hilary: Do you think Devon's gonna give me the show?

Jack: If you don't back down, yeah. Devon will give you GC Buzz. He doesn't want to battle right now. Trust me.

Hilary: Okay. Thank you, Jack, for your support and your friendship.

Jack: Uh, listen, one other thing. A condition I need to add, and this is not negotiable.

Hilary: Okay.

Jack: Devon can't come anywhere near GC Buzz. Having your ex around only reminds you of the pain.

Phyllis: Don't you give in to some reckless impulse, all right? You got your life back on track. Don't let Jack drag you down. You're better than that.

Billy: You're the only one that thinks that.

Phyllis: Well, who knows you better than I do? Please don't do something you'll regret.

Devon: About what you said earlier --

Mariah: Oh, no. It's none of my business. I'm butting out. It's your life.

Devon: You actually made some very good points.

Mariah: I did?

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Great. I love it when I do that.

Devon: That being said, I have a question I'd like to ask you.

Mariah: Sure. Go ahead.

Devon: Would you like to have dinner with me? Hey.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: I want you to have this money.

Jack: Ashley thinks I'm using my animus towards Billy to make business decisions.

Gloria: Are you?

Jack: Absolutely.

Victoria: No need. We can just look at the footage.

Billy: You didn't.

Victoria: I did.

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