Y&R Transcript Monday 3/6/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/6/17


Episode # 11122 ~ Victor calls the shots; Nick and Chelsea turn up the heat; Lauren cracks under pressure.

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Michael: Thank you. You're still not feeling better?

Lauren: My head is pounding.

Victor: Lauren, do you need to eat something?

Lauren: I can't. Every time I try, my throat closes up.

Michael: Well, you're exhausted. You were up all night.

Lauren: What if Scott called or Kevin? I couldn't risk falling asleep.

Victor: Lauren, it is miles through very rough terrain. The authorities on the ground couldn't help him much, but they gave him instructions passed on to him by the kidnappers where to drop the ransom. Now, he's on the way through that rough terrain right now to meet with the kidnappers and hopefully with Scott.

Michael: There's nothing else we can do now except wait.

Lauren: Forgive me if that's not very reassuring.

Michael: Sweetheart --

Lauren: You know, we're in a restaurant and...making small talk, looking at menus, trying to decide between the fruit plate and the eggs Benedict, and... my son is halfway around the world, and I don't know if he's had food or water in days.

Michael: Just don't assume the worst.

Lauren: Can you please stop telling me how to feel? I am not fit company. I'm gonna go back to Victor's office where at least I feel productive. I'm sorry.

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: I'm sorry.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait. This is Kevin. Yes?

Kevin: I'm at the rendezvous point.

Victor: How are things going?

Kevin: [Breathing heavily]

Colin: I'm aware you don't trust me.

Esther: Does anyone?

Colin: Yeah, I've got to work on that. But, uh, well, Jill invited me here, so that's, uh, in my mind, it's got to mean something.

Esther: I'll go tell her that you're here.

Colin: Yeah, before you go, how -- how's she doing? Is she, uh, feeling better?

Esther: You'll have to ask her.

Colin: Right.

Jill: Good morning, Colin. Thank you for coming. Esther, that'll be all.

Esther: Don't you want me to stay?

Jill: There's no need.

Esther: Do not upset her.

Colin: Uh, well, you, uh, you look great. Uh, getting better, I see, responding nicely, as I knew you would.

Jill: Thank you.

Colin: Uh, did my special delivery speed things along a little? Not that I'm taking credit, mind you. But it must have meant something. Uh, is that the reason you wanted to see me?

Jill: Can't get anything past you, can I?

Sharon: If faith ready to go?

Nikki: Well, she was almost dressed when the doorbell rang. Where you two off to again?

Sharon: Is nick here, too?

Nikki: Christian spent the night. You can go say hello.

Sharon: Hi. Hi, baby. Come here.

Nikki: I'm sure it's fine. Go ahead.

Sharon: Oh! Come here. I missed you.

Faith: Christian's still here? Why didn't daddy pick him up last night?

Sharon: Well, I'm sure it's normal for him to spend the night at his grandparents' sometimes. And I'm sure nick had something he had to do.

Faith: He did. He had a date.

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi. I'm glad -- I'm glad you're here.

Nick: So am I.

Chelsea: [Groans] It's bright out. [Sighs] I guess we slept in.

Nick: Yeah. Do you have to go into work?

Chelsea: No. One of the perks of being my own boss. You?

Nick: Same.

Chelsea: Well, that's good, then.

Kevin: That's all I can tell you for now. I need to get to those assets on the ground, try and figure out where things went wrong and try and fix this.

Victor: Okay, we'll be waiting for your call.

Michael: Is Kevin all right? What did he say?

Victor: He is not where is supposed to have been.

Lauren: What does that mean?

Michael: Where is he?

Victor: Kidnappers probably got cold feet.

Lauren: Is that it? Is Scott...?

Victor: Lauren, when you deal with people of this nature, it's never easy. Negotiations are tough. This is a glitch. This is not over with. I promise you.

Lauren: I listened to you to allow Kevin to deliver the money because it seemed like a good idea at the time. If the kidnappers ran, it means they think we double-crossed them.

Victor: I understand you're upset.

Lauren: What if my son pays the price for that?

Nikki: Now, remember our talk last night, faith. There's no reason why your father can't go out on a date, especially if it's somebody we like.

Sharon: I assume we are talking about Chelsea? Good for them. How close are you to getting ready?

Faith: Five minutes.

Sharon: Okay. Timing you! So, what's all this about nick's date?

Nikki: Well, faith created an emergency. She called Nicholas and said that she couldn't wake me up.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: So, he left Chelsea, came rushing home only to find out it was a false alarm.

Sharon: Wow, I'm -- I'm shocked that faith would behave like that. How did nick deal with it?

Nikki: Well, I sent him back to find Chelsea, and I dealt with things here, but I'm sure he'll have a few words for her when he gets back.

Sharon: Faith and Chelsea are close. I'm surprised faith's not all for it.

Nikki: Well, things have changed. Dylan is gone. Your marriage is over. And for the first time in a long time, both of her parents are single and available.

Chelsea: Connor's still asleep.

Nick: Good.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: Coffee's not too bad, either.

Chelsea: Oh, well, um, thanks.

Nick: So I guess this means we're officially out of the friend zone. Brings up a very certain question.

Chelsea: What is it? Time to go public?

Nick: [Chuckles] We haven't done the best job of keeping things super quiet.

Chelsea: It'll get around town no matter what we do. That's the way the people here work. They love to gossip, so...

Nick: Yeah, if I could do one thing over...

Chelsea: What's that?

Nick: I should have told faith that valentine's day was more than just a one-time thing. She interrupted our evening, which wasn't right, and I'm gonna talk to her about it. But some of that was my fault.

Chelsea: We've been taking things slow. I mean, I don't think either one of us knew where this was headed.

Nick: Do we now?

Chelsea: I'd like to think so.

Nick: Once she sees how happy we are, she will be, too.

Chelsea: So are you saying you're happy?

Nick: I mean... you couldn't tell, you know, at any point throughout the evening or this morning? [Chuckles] Hmm. Okay. I'm -- I'm gonna go and talk to my daughter.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, good luck.

Nick: So I'll call you later?

Chelsea: Oh, a phone call. I thought everybody just text these days.

Nick: Ohhh. Not this guy. This guy right here is strictly old school.

Chelsea: Oh. All right. Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Colin: David Sherman -- he brought my gift in person?

Jill: Oh, if you're referring to the check, yeah, I got it.

Colin: I vowed to replenish that money, and I've made good on that promise. I know it's just a start. One can't replenish the coffers and expect forgiveness, but I want you to know that, uh, you're a very important part of my life and that I think about you all the time. I-I-I dream about you --

Jill: Stop, stop, stop, stop. Before you declare your undying love for me... there was another delivery you made.

Colin: Uh, I don't know what you mean.

Jill: I'm touched by how driven you are to repay me, okay? At least I was until I realized that you had, in actual fact, robbed me a second time to come up with the cash to do it. The key, Colin. The key to Katherine's safe deposit box, the one she meant for me.

Jill: You opened Katherine's safe deposit box, and you found the letter. Now, you could have destroyed the letter, but you didn't. See, that was your fatal flaw. You figured you'd just slip it in my mailbox and you would assuage your guilt and I would be none the wiser. And that might have worked if it hadn't been for Murphy.

Colin: Murphy? What possible reason could --

Jill: Well, I found out that Murphy didn't put it in my letter box. I also found out where the letter had been waiting for me all those years since Katherine died. Is this starting to jog your memory a little bit? Now, I don't know how you got your grubby, little hands on that box, but you did. So, you used the key, discovered the letter, but that wasn't all you found in there, was it? There was something else in there, something that Katherine meant for me to have. Something that was worth... oh, I don't know... maybe about that much!

Colin: Ah, ah, ah! Please! Don't.

Sharon: I was hoping you'd give me a little more credit than that, Nikki, but I guess that's too much to ask.

Nikki: Sharon, why wouldn't I wonder about your intentions? The last time you and Nicholas were free --

Sharon: I don't need a man to survive. I'm a lot more grounded than you realize.

Nick: Hey, mom! I'm here to pick up --

Nikki: Good morning, darling. Christian is here waiting for his daddy.

Nick: I didn't know you were gonna be here.

Nikki: Well, Sharon and I were just chatting. When you came through the door, she was telling me how grounded she is.

Lauren: The middle east? Scott, why? That part of the world is incredibly dangerous.

Scott: It is, but it's also filled with courageous people going through a terrible upheaval through no fault of their own. Their stories deserve to be told.

Lauren: You're an American citizen, and certain elements won't wish you well. Can't your editor just send you someplace where foreign journalists aren't such targets?

Scott: I'll be careful, mom. I promise. But this is something I feel I must do.

Michael: All the bartender had was aspirin. Will that do, or you do want me to run across the street and pick something else up from the pharmacy? Lauren.

Lauren: [Sniffles] What?

Michael: Aspirin for your headache.

Lauren: Thank you. [Sighs]

Michael: You all right?

Lauren: [Sniffles] Just give me a minute.

Victor: All right, here's the map of the area that Kevin is calling from. Want to take a look?

Lauren: Yeah, let me see.

Victor: See these mountains here? See that road? I mean, not much of a road, but it goes through this pass here, all right? And if they travel in this area, they move very slowly, so I think they're within this radius here.

Michael: Kevin, Scott, and the kidnappers.

Victor: Yep. And your idea that the kidnappers were running to elude capture is probably sound. I'll tell you one thing. The lure of $10 million, they need that money, you know. That's how they finance their war, and that'll guarantee us that Scott will remain alive. Having Kevin there is the best thing we can do. Unless they offer up Scott and give Kevin and Scott both safe exit, they won't get a dime. It's our best protection.

Lauren: Sounds like the only thing you care about protecting is your cash. What about my son?

Lauren: Victor, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I know you're doing everything you can to bring Scott home. I am very grateful.

Victor: I understand. I know what it's like to have a child in jeopardy. It's awful. All right, I'm going to my office now.

Lauren: You'll let us know if there's any news, right?

Victor: I will let you know immediately, okay?

Lauren: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Victor: It'll be all right. Okay.

Michael: Thanks.

Lauren: [Sighs] How could I have accused him of something so callous? He's moving heaven and earth to help us.

Michael: No. Trust me, I've known Victor for a very long time. He was not offended.

Lauren: I hope you're right.

Michael: No, he wants what we want.

Nick: Are you here for faith?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm picking her up.

Nick: Yeah? Where you guys off to?

Sharon: No plans. But I was thinking I might enroll in some classes at GCU, and I thought faith might like to see the campus.

Nick: College. Huh. I didn't even know that was on your radar. I mean, school was a long time ago for us.

Sharon: Well... seems like it might be a good way to make a fresh start.

Nick: Yeah. Well, before you take off with her, I really need to talk to her. It's important.

Sharon: Yeah, Nikki told me about what happened. I'm shocked that our daughter would act like that.

Nick: I should have talked to her after it happened.

Nikki: No, you needed to get back to Chelsea, and she had to learn that this kind of stunt doesn't work. Were you able to pick things up where you left them?

Nick: Yeah, it was -- it was a great evening.

Nikki: I'm glad. Well, I need to check in with Victor about something. I'll leave you two to deal with faith.

Sharon: Nikki told me her theory about what the issue was.

Nick: Ah. You mean, uh, us.

Sharon: Well, it's normal for kids to want their parents to be together. But if faith needs to be told that we're friends and it's always going to be that way, um, don't you think it would be best if she hears it from the two of us?

Faith: I know I'm in trouble. I guess you want to yell at me?

Sharon: Not yell. Talk.

Nick: Yeah. Your mom and I both do.

Colin: Don't destroy it. You've proved your point. I'll do anything. Thank you.

Jill: So, does this mean that we're all through with these ridiculous denials of yours?

Colin: [Sighs] Yeah. I...saw an opportunity, went for it.

Jill: [Chuckles] Spoken like a true opportunist.

Colin: I deserve that.

Jill: Yep, you do.

Colin: I'm not the one who set this in motion. Billy did.

Jill: Billy did?! You're blaming my son for your sordid behavior?!

Colin: Let -- let me explain.

Jill: Oh, please do.

Colin: Through Billy's actions, I had to go to the thrift store to buy my clothes back, and that's when I saw it. It was sitting on a shelf behind some boxes.

Jill: "It"?

Colin: Katherine's music box, looking somewhat the worse for wear. I kind of felt that it might have been kismet, that I was meant to find it.

Jill: It never occurred to you to give it to me, though, the person it was intended for!

Colin: Guess you feel that I should apologize, and maybe I should. But I-I needed to make you financially whole again. I felt that there could be no reconciliation until I did.

Jill: See, this is the saddest part of the whole deal. You still think it's all about money.

Colin: It's about trust. I understand that now.

Jill: [Sighs] Colin, whatever was in that lock box, it was worth a value far beyond dollars and cents. That letter she wrote, that was entirely about our lives together. There was so much that she needed me to know. But there was something in that box that she wanted me to have. So what was it, Colin? And how the hell are you gonna get it back?

Faith: I shouldn't have messed with your date. I'm sorry.

Nick: Apology accepted. But I hope you understand why it was wrong.

Sharon: Well, first of all, honey, you should never lie about medical emergencies.

Nick: Absolutely. That can be extremely dangerous. And second, what you did to me and Chelsea wasn't only dishonest. It wasn't fair, especially if you were trying to keep me available for your mom. I mean, was that your plan? To try and manipulate us into getting back together? Because you know that's not the way it works, right?

Faith: I said I was sorry. Is it so awful to want a normal family? Dylan's gone. You're alone. Dad's alone.

Sharon: Well, nick's not alone. He's seeing Chelsea. Your dad and I are friends, and that's all we're ever going to be. That's good that he found someone he likes to spend his time with, and we should be happy for him.

Faith: But who will you be with?

Sharon: I have you and Noah and Mariah, the most wonderful family ever, and not a day goes by that I'm not incredibly grateful.

Nick: All right, I should get going. Uh, you two have a fun time at the campus.

Sharon: Thanks. I think we will.

Nick: Come on, little man. Oh, there we go. Let's go get some snacks. Some for you and a lot for me.

Faith: Bye.

Sharon: Your dad graduated at GCU. He got a business degree. Did you know that?

Faith: I'm really excited to go to a real college. But can we make one stop first?

Jill: Katherine wanted me to have a ring? Oh, I swear to God if you're even remotely thinking of lying --

Colin: It's the truth. It's the truth. I promise.

Jill: How long after you saw it did you start doing the math in your head? Did it even occur to you for one tiny moment that it might mean something to me, that this wasn't a bauble you could fence, that this was an object with history and emotion and closure? Did anything enter that dim, reptilian brain of yours except a scheme to save your pathetic ass?!

Colin: Look, this isn't as black and white as you're making it out.

Jill: Phillip chancellor and I, we were so in love, and when he proposed to me and said he wanted to marry me, he told me that he wanted to get me this spectacular ring. I'm sure he wanted to surprise me with it. Only I never saw it because Katherine got drunk and drove him off a cliff, and he died before he could give it to me. Oh, my God. Oh, if it hadn't been for that cruel, vindictive woman! She obviously found the ring and kept it out of pure spite. Colin. God, that ring was a symbol of what could have been. If it had been put on my finger all those years ago, God, everything would have been so different. You and me. Our marriage, it wouldn't have existed. Which, right about now, seems damned appealing.

Victor: Kevin, you're cutting in and out. I can't hear you.

Kevin: In a jeep...headed south. New location. Almost there.

Victor: Is that where Scott is?

Kevin: That's the word I got.

Victor: Is that based on good intel?

Kevin: Came straight from -- think it's trustworthy. Can't be --

Victor: Can you hear me?

Nikki: [Sighs] Damn it.

Victor: I bet you all the cell towers around there have been knocked out by shelling, you know? We'll wait for him to call back.

Nikki: What time is it over there?

Victor: It's nine hours ahead.

Nikki: So it's dark. To hear Kevin, it sounds like those roads are dreadful. And I can't believe that he actually made it to the hideout only to find out that Scott had been moved!

Victor: Yeah, well, they are scared, they are dangerous as hell, and they know exactly what will happen to them if they're caught. I've been trying to reassure Lauren all this time. I know how deeply upset she is. I would be, too.

Nikki: Maybe we should have let her wire the money like the kidnappers wanted to.

Victor: No, sweetheart. No, no, no, no. We are close to a resolution, okay? Now there's no time for "what ifs."

Nikki: When I think back to when Victoria was taken, it was the worst day of my entire life. Lauren must be going through hell.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Excellent job. And now for the yogurt. Mmm!

Lauren: Oh, I ate the grapefruit. Don't push your luck.

Michael: All right, I'll take what I can get.

Lauren: It's almost worse because I've been through this before with Scott.

Michael: When he was a baby.

Lauren: Oh, it's even more terrifying now, the thought of losing him.

Michael: Hey. You got him back once. It'll happen again.

Lauren: I hope you're right. I mean, Victor's been a lot more blunt about the reality.

Michael: Because he's Victor.

Lauren: Because he's been through a lot of dire situations. The men who've abducted Scott... nothing I do is gonna change the outcome. It's out of my hands, like it was the first time. [Voice breaking] I promised him that I would never let him go. I broke my promise.

Michael: No. Sweetheart. You allowed him to become the man he was supposed to be. You allowed your son to pursue his passion.

Lauren: Yeah, but a passion is supposed to keep you alive, not kill you.

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Oh, it's Victor. Victor, what's going on?

Victor: Come to my office right away, okay?

Lauren: What's happening?

Victor: You just come here. I'll be waiting.

Michael: What? What?

Lauren: We got to go right now!

[Glass shatters, Lauren gasps]

Chelsea: Wow. An actual phone call.

Nick: Yeah, pretty suave, huh?

Chelsea: I am very impressed.

Nick: Well, maybe I just wanted to hear your voice.

[Metallic clang]

Nick: Ohh!

Chelsea: What was that?

Nick: Oh, just, uh, hooking up Christian with a snack here, and you know how I am in the kitchen. I'm just Mr. Butterfingers.

Chelsea: Ohh. What's on the menu?

Nick: Well, let's see. We got mashed, uh, egg, mashed, uh, bananas, mashed oatmeal, and mashed peas.

Chelsea: Peas aren't a snack.

Nick: Yeah. So are you going into the studio today?

Chelsea: Yeah, I thought I might. Did you get a chance to talk to faith?

Nick: I actually did.

Chelsea: And how did it go?

Nick: Surprisingly okay.

Chelsea: Oh, glad to hear that.

[Doorbell rings]

Chelsea: Um, somebody's at my door.

Nick: Oh, uh, okay. I'll just, uh, I'll call you later.

Chelsea: Okay. Bye. Oh! Hello.

Faith: Hi.

Sharon: Uh, can we come in?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Come on in. This is, uh... this is a surprise.

Faith: I owe you an apology, Chelsea. That's why we're here.

Jill: Get out of here. I can't stand the sight of you. Go! Go! Go!

Colin: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry that I've hurt you so much, but how was I to know that ring would be so important?

Jill: Important?! Ha! Maybe because it was a music box with a key inside of it and a safety deposit box and a letter! What?! You expect me to believe that you didn't think it was important?! What kind of a simpleton do you think I am?!

Colin: You've told me almost nothing about that time in your life, about this Phillip chancellor!

Jill: Well, then let me lay it out for you. Phillip chancellor was the love of my life. I thought he hung the moon, and he adored me. And Katherine knew this, but she never told me, not until she was dying, and she didn't even tell me in person. [Voice breaking] She wrote me a letter, and when I read it, all of those feelings of grief with Phillip leaving this world came flooding back to me! And now I find out about this ring that he meant for me to have, this ring that you sold to pay back the money that you stole from me?

Colin: We -- we can't change the past, but we can build an extraordinary future. I believe that we're destined to be together!

Jill: No. My destiny lay with Phillip. And I'm not interested in any future if it involves you.

Colin: You don't mean that.

Jill: Yes, I damn well do mean it! Now get out!

Colin: Please.

Jill: Get out, Colin! I mean it! Get out! And listen! Turn around! You get me that ring back. I don't want to see your face until you do.

Lauren: What's going on?

Victor: Come on.

Nikki: Hi, Lauren.

Lauren: What?

Scott: Mom.

Lauren: [Gasps]

Scott: I'm here. I'm alive.

Lauren: Oh! Thank God!

Scott: I guess I scared you all.

Lauren: Oh! You're safe now. You come home! You come home to me!

Scott: There's no place I'd rather be.

Lauren: [Sobs]

Faith: I'm sorry about last night. I don't know why I did that. It was so mean.

Chelsea: Oh, faith, you are the least mean person I have ever met. We all let our feelings get the better of us sometimes.

Sharon: Isn't that gracious of Chelsea? She just let you off the hook.

Faith: Thank you.

Chelsea: You are very welcome. So, um, did -- did nick ask you to come by today?

Sharon: No, no, this was all faith's idea. She wanted you to know that she's not only sorry, but she's also very happy for you and -- and her dad. Right, faith?

Faith: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: That's really sweet. Thank you.

Sharon: And I'm happy about it, too.

Chelsea: Right, you know, I remember from the beginning you -- you were very supportive.

Sharon: Yeah. You remember?

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Sharon: Um, how are things going? Well, I take it?

Chelsea: Uh, you know, it's -- it's still the early stages, so...

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, it's one step at a time.

Chelsea: Right. Listen, if you guys aren't in a rush, you're welcome to stay for some hot chocolate.

Sharon: Oh, no, I don't want to put you out.

Chelsea: No, it's no trouble. Faith, would you want some hot chocolate?

Faith: Sure.

Sharon: Uh, lots of marshmallows on hers.

Chelsea: You got it. Coming right up. I'll be right back.

Sharon: You know, I'm really proud of you. Coming here was a good idea.

Faith: I wanted Chelsea to know how I really feel.

Colin: Certainly took you long enough.

Figured you'd be on a beach somewhere enjoying your millions.

Colin: Get me that ring back.

Now? It might not be possible.

Colin: Failure's not an option. Just make it happen.

Jill: It belonged to me, old woman. You had no right!

Esther: Jill, are you okay?

Jill: Because of your precious Mrs. C, the sainted Katherine chancellor, I was denied something that would have meant more to me than all the money in the world. God, and it was more than a crime! It was a stab in the heart! [Voice breaking] How could you do it to me? You knew the truth all those years. You had the ring. It would have changed everything. [Sighs] You may think that this letter absolves you, Katherine. But it doesn't. I don't forgive you. I will never forgive you!

Lauren: You're coming home.

Victor: Here, sit down.

Lauren: I can't wait. I'm gonna give you the biggest hug when I see you.

Scott: You'll get one, too, ma. Count on it.

Lauren: Kevin, I owe you so much. Thank you so much for finding my son.

Michael: Good job, brother.

Kevin: Thanks. We should wrap this up. I need to get Scott out of here.

Lauren: All right. You be safe. I love you, sweetheart.

Scott: I love you, too, mom.

Lauren: [Sniffles] Thank you. Thank you so much.

Victor: Okay.

Kevin: My driver's outside. We need to get you to the airstrip.

Scott: How'd you get here? Where are we?

Kevin: They moved you around to keep you disoriented. But we're taking you home now, pal. There's plenty of time to debrief later.

Scott: I got this.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey.

Scott: I got this.

Kevin: Lean on me.

Scott: I got this, man. Okay.

Kevin: Awesome. Let's hit it.

Scott: You go that way, all right? I'm -- I'm gonna go this way.

Kevin: We're going back to Genoa city together. It's good to know you still have your sense of humor. Hey, you are kidding, right?

Scott: What do you think? Let's go home.

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