Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/2/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/2/17


Episode # 11120 ~ Jill gets a reminder of her colorful past; Faith is up to her old tricks; Chloe reminisces with Billy.

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Jill: So you found this in the mailbox? No address. Just my name.

Esther: In Mrs. C's handwriting. It's kind of like a miracle, isn't it? A letter from the other side.

Jill: [Mockingly] Oh, it's kind of like a miracle. How did it get there?

Esther: Well, someone must have put it in the mailbox.

Jill: Like who, Esther?

Esther: I don't know! Does it matter how it got here? Mrs. C wrote that to you! Why don't you just open it?

Jill: This is so bizarre! So what does she want to tell me? And do I really want to hear it?

Colin: My God. Isn't she beautiful? I'm gonna love her all the more if she's worth the kind of money that we're talking about. But, you know, being a fauchet and rare, uh, are you gonna have people out there with that kind of dough?

There are people.

Colin: And you know where to find them, right?

Billy: What the hell you doing in public surrounded by decent people? You should give us a warning so we can put hazmat suits on so we don't catch a contagion.

Colin: Think you're talking about top of the tower at the Newman tower, not here.

Thanks for your help.

Colin: Hey, thank you. So now that I've done my good deed for the day, you can go back to your gormless insults.

Billy: I'd rather buy you a plane to get you the hell out of town, Colin.

Colin: Generous to a fault, eh, Billy? But, you see, Genoa city -- that's where my family is, you know, family being my son, my grandchildren, and my wife.

Billy: No, no. Jill's done with you, okay? Your charms aren't gonna work on her anymore. They stopped the second she realized that you robbed her blind, so now you're history, just like her money.

Colin: But if I pay her back, then I'm not history anymore. Is this what you're struggling to say? Because that's gonna happen. Jill's gonna have her money, and I'm gonna have my wife.

Chloe: Got a glass of wine in my hand, and my feet are up on the coffee table, just like old times.

Chelsea: Okay. How's this look? Are you taking a long pause to torture me or...?

Chloe: No, you look exquisite, but this is your second date. You should be wearing sweats.

Chelsea: What? No.

Chloe: Yes. This is a second date where you show him the real you.

Chelsea: Okay, first of all, it's our third date. And, uh, second of all, I am never wearing sweats.

Chloe: It's the second.

Chelsea: No. The family dinner at the Newman ranch, that was our second date.

Chloe: Victor was at your second date. How nice.

Chelsea: Well, then open mic night at the underground. That was our second date.

Chloe: I'm just saying I vote for sweats. You -- you will look stunning no matter what, and nick is gonna look at you with part puppy eyes and part lust, no matter what.

Chelsea: I want to look nice.

Chloe: You want to wow nick. Which he already is, which is why you are officially going out on your third date. You know you are this much closer to being in an actual relationship.

Nikki: Mwah! You could brighten up the darkest day. Yes, you could.

Nick: Uh-oh. One of those? Anything you want to talk about?

Nikki: No, darling. It was just a very long day, but now I have a date with this sweet boy.

Nick: Well, thanks for watching him. Amy called in sick, and... I have a date that I am just not gonna break.

Nikki: Oh. May I ask with whom?

Nick: Eh, her name's Mabel.

Nikki: Mabel?

Nick: [Chuckles] It's Chelsea. You know it's Chelsea. Why would you even ask?

Nikki: I didn't want to make any assumptions.

Nick: Yeah, despite the fact that I invited her to a Newman family dinner and everything after that, she has agreed to go out with me.

Nikki: And you're excited about it.

Nick: I am excited. Also relieved that I'll be taking Chelsea somewhere where the Newman family isn't involved.

Nikki: Oh.

Chelsea: What about...these?

Chloe: I like those.

Chelsea: You said that about the last pair.

Chloe: Which I meant with my whole heart.

Chelsea: Do I amuse you?

Chloe: Yes. You're being so girly and giddy after swearing that you and nick were just friends.

Chelsea: Well, we were. We -- we are. U-until, you know, it became more.

Chloe: Which you denied.

Chelsea: Of course. Because of Adam.

Chloe: So what's changed?

Chelsea: I guess what's changed is I-I think now I'm -- I'm ready. Oh, come on! Please don't tell me you're getting all weepy because I told you that I'm ready to date. Stop!

Chloe: It's very dusty in here.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Chloe: And those earrings are awful.

Chelsea: What?! You gave me this earrings!

Chloe: Why are you obsessing over earrings?

Chelsea: 'Cause earrings I can control. Earrings I can control. This thing with nick, whatever's happening, I can't control, and it's all very complicated.

Chloe: Oh, I get it. There are kids involved. Not to mention nick's family.

Chelsea: Well, now, his family has actually been really lovely. I mean, they were all very nice to me at the ranch for that dinner.

Chloe: Meaning you think that you have Victor and Nikki's blessing?

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess -- I guess -- I guess we do.

Chloe: Okay, so then what's stopping you?

Chelsea: You know what? This outfit's all wrong.

Nick: So you're okay with him staying all night?

Nikki: Of course. We have overnights with Katie and Johnny all the time. Yeah, I take it you'll be out late?

Nick: Mom, it's just a date. That's it.

Nikki: So soon after the family dinner. That was a date, too.

Nick: Yeah, with a dozen Newman chaperones. Look, we're taking it slow for everyone's sake. Chelsea and I weren't even sure that this is something we should be doing.

Nikki: Why? Because of other people?

Nick: Yeah. You know, for the ones that are here and...the ones that aren't.

Nikki: Sweetheart, sit down. You and Chelsea have both lost so much, and you both deserve a little happiness. Don't think about other people. You just do what feels right for you and no one else.

Nick: Well, it feels right for both of us, so we're gonna give it a shot.

Nikki: Slowly, which is always a good idea.

Nick: Yeah, despite the fact there are people like Abby who are calling us a couple in public.

Nikki: Well, she's excited for you.

Nick: Well, she needs to slow down, you know. We're taking this one date at a time. I mean, Chelsea and I could wake up tomorrow and decide this isn't happening.

Nikki: Do you actually think that could happen?

Nick: For me? No. But Chelsea? I hope not.

Nikki: You know what the next step would be. Faith would have to be told. And she was asking questions about you and Chelsea the other night.

Nick: I just wanted to make sure this was happening. I didn't want to get her hopes up.

Nikki: Get her hopes up?

Nick: Yeah, she had been pushing for me and Chelsea to get together, so now I can give her the thumbs up. All right. I should get going.

Nikki: Okay, yeah. We'll be fine.

Nick: See you, bud. Uh, can you tell faith I love her and for her to block out some time for me tomorrow? We'll have a nice talk about everything.

Nikki: I'll let her know.

Nick: All right. And this guy here, he may want some hard-boiled eggs soon.

Nikki: Cook has two ready to go. Don't worry. You take off now, son.

Nick: I love you, mom.

Nikki: Love you, too.

Nick: Thank you.

[Door opens, closes]

Billy: You know what, Colin? You could pay my mother back all the money you owe her with interest, and the two of you will never get back together again.

Colin: So young and yet so cynical. But then again, with your romantic history, I get it.

Billy: You put your wife in the hospital. You did that.

Colin: And that kills me.

Billy: Yeah, I wish it did. Instead it almost killed her.

Colin: But I'm prepared to spend the rest of my life making her healthy and happy.

Billy: She doesn't want you to. Understand that?

Colin: We have history, son. And chemistry. And that kind of stuff, it just don't go away.

Esther: Jill!

Jill: Shh! Esther, please. Gonna open it. Just give me a second, will you?

Esther: She cared about you. If you're scared that Mrs. C would say something cruel --

Jill: My God, if this is another wild goose chase from beyond the grave, I -- would you stop hovering, please?

Esther: You need support.

Jill: You need to be out of this room.

Esther: Okay, fine. I'll just leave you two alone. Should I call Murphy and see if he dropped it off?

Jill: Please go. All right. All right. Here it goes. [Sighs]

Kay: "My dear Jill..."

Jill: "Murphy and I will soon be heading on our trip. You will find this letter after I'm gone, after you followed the path I laid. [Scoffs] I'm sorry if the journey annoyed you. I'm sure it did. But in the end, it's led you to what is rightfully yours." Rightfully mine?

Nikki: Yeah. Oh, and here comes your big, very smart sister, as well. She knows all kinds of things. Your father just dropped Christian off.

Faith: I know. I heard his voice.

Nikki: Oh, why didn't you come down and say hello?

Faith: You guys were talking. Thought it may be private.

Nikki: Well, honey, your father always has time for you. Is something wrong?

Faith: No. Is Grandpa home?

Nikki: No, it's just the three of us tonight. What should we do? Play a game? I'm afraid your grandfather is the chess master of this household, but I could teach you how to play gin rummy.

Faith: Do you have a lot of pictures? Like family photos?

Nikki: Oh, we lost so many in the fire. But your father and your aunt Victoria made copies of theirs for us.

Faith: Are there a lot of pictures from when I was little?

Nikki: Only hundreds. Let me see if I can find some for you.

Faith: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Chloe: No, I did not move back in. I am just having such a good time living with Gloria. It's a blast. In fact, I need to get home and have yet another great time. Come in.

Nick: All right. Is Chelsea ready?

Chloe: Yeah. Uh, momentarily. Any second. So...congratulations. You know, you guys are doing this thing.

Nick: It's, uh, it's just a date.

Chloe: It's a third date.

Nick: Exactly.

Chloe: Exactly. Except I think my "exactly" means something different than your "exactly." Okay, so date one, you know, it's who cares. You can go on a good dating app, get like six dates in one afternoon. Date two, also who cares, you know? Maybe you're just going out again because you don't want to be the jerk who didn't call after date one. But date three, mm, now that is the magical number.

Nick: [Sighs] You trying to freak me out?

Chloe: [Chuckles] No, I'm -- I'm cheering for you. I mean, you both really want this. And not that my vote counts or anything, but...I mean, I-I want this, too. I think you're a really good guy, nick, and after Adam died, Chelsea almost went down a very dark hole. But we held on, you and me. You know, we pulled her back from the abyss. So I know that you can get through the rough times.

Nick: Chelsea pulled herself out of that abyss. You know, I think she is -- she's one of the strongest people I've ever met.

Chloe: I think you get her. Which, as her best friend, it's the only thing that matters to me. I just -- I think that you guys are good for each other. And I saw this ages ago. The only mistake I made was trying to push you too soon, but it looks like you guys figured it out in your own time.

Nick: Look, Chelsea and I, we, you know, we're looking at this the same way. Keeping it low key.

Chloe: Okay. You keep telling yourself that. Have a good time.

Nick: Thank you.

Jill: Oh, damn it. "These words I'm about to write I could never speak to you in person. It was the most painful truth of my life, and I preferred to lie to myself about these things and lie to you. But the truth was always there whether I spoke the words or not. Phillip loved you, Jill. He loved only you."

Jill: You're telling me for the last 20 years, you haven't walked the halls of this mausoleum, steeped in the guilt of killing my husband?!

Kay: Your husband? I had that stupid farce of a marriage of yours annulled in a court -- in a court of law!

Jill: You did! You took your money and your power and you tried to destroy the love between Phillip and me, but you couldn't do it! And you know why? Because you can't break that bond 'cause he loved me, Katherine! You lost him to me!

Kay: No, he wanted me!

Jill: Aah! [Breathing heavily]

Jill: "Phillip loved you, Jill."

Nikki: And there is grandma and grandpa at their last wedding.

Faith: Your last wedding? How many have you had?

Nikki: I think weddings are so much fun, aren't they? [Chuckles]

Faith: Oh, look! There we are!

Nikki: There you are. What's next? Oh!

Faith: Putting the star on the top of the tree.

Nikki: Yeah.

Faith: Oh, and that's Halloween. I got so much candy.

Nikki: Oh, you sure did.

Faith: That's my birthday.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Faith: Look. It's the whole family.

Nikki: You really like those photos, don't you? The ones with your mom and your dad.

Faith: There aren't a lot, but some is good, too.

Nikki: You know, I have an idea. Why don't I get these scanned and put them altogether, and then you can have your own personal family scrapbook, put it on your tablet.

Faith: Thanks, grandma.

Nikki: Hmm. Oh! [Yawns] I'm so sorry. I've had a very long, tiring day.

Faith: Whenever I'm tired, you tell me to take a nap.

Nikki: [Laughs] Yes, I do, don't I? That is some excellent advice, though, young lady. I think Christian and I will go upstairs and have a little rest. Will you be all right on your own?

Faith: Yeah. I've got lots to do. You should rest as long as you need to.

Nick: You look amazing.

Chelsea: Oh, that's...

Nick: And that dress is...

Chelsea: I just -- I just grabbed it out of the closet.

Nick: It's working.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Nick: Had a talk with Chloe before you came down. She has an interesting theory about dates.

Chelsea: Hmm. Chloe and her theories. What did she say? That you should be wearing sweatpants?

Nick: You know, she did not mention athletic apparel. Um, but she said the third date is a thing, like a milestone.

Chelsea: Subtle one, that Chloe.

Nick: But I told her, you know, we're just low key.

Chelsea: Not chill.

Nick: That's exactly what I said. I mean, exactly. So, you know, we're on the same, uh... yeah, there's no -- there's no pressure.

Chelsea: Of course not. No. It's -- it's just a night out. You know, it's really not complicated.

Nick: Nope. Thank you. Uh...

Chelsea: Cheers.

Nick: Cheers.

Jill: "Phillip wanted a life with you. He intended to marry you. The fact that he didn't was no one's fault but mine. I was determined to do everything to hang on to my husband and deprive you of the man you loved and the father of your son. I let my pride get in the way. I couldn't deal with the fact that my husband, whom I adored, had fallen in love with someone else. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that I drove Phillip away with my drinking, and he found comfort in the arms of another woman."

Phillip: This is a list of all our holdings. Now, the house, of course, would be yours.

Kay: I don't want it! I don't want it. The house, the grounds, everything -- what else do you want, Phillip? Oh, I know, I know. You want me out of your life. [Sniffles] Well, who needs you? If you want out so bloody much, you go ahead! You walk right out! Why should I care anymore, Phillip? I am tired of begging! I am tired of bleeding, Phillip! [Sniffles] Yes, I will sign your damnable papers!

Jill: [Sighs]

Nick: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Um, freshwater salmon. That's the good kind, right?

Nick: Yes. Definitely. Um, I think. You should get the freshwater salmon. If -- unless you don't like fish, then don't get... I'm just gonna stop talking.

Chelsea: So it's not just me? Who doesn't know what to say.

Nick: I think I just proved it's not just you. When did this get so hard?

Chelsea: Um, can we just blame Chloe?

Nick: We could, but all that third-date stuff, you know, she wouldn't be wrong. The third date obviously matters, and... we both know something's going on here.

Chelsea: Then why can't it just be easier?

Nick: Well, for me, I just don't want to screw anything up.

Chelsea: You wouldn't.

Nick: I might.

Chelsea: Well, or maybe I would.

Nick: Then let's not do that. We can do things right.

Chelsea: No interference. Let's just trust our instincts.

[Glasses clink]

Chelsea: Cheers.

Nick: Cheers.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Hmm. Sorry.

Chelsea: Mnh-mnh. Go for it.

Nick: It's faith. Hey, what's up, kiddo?

Faith: Daddy, it's grandma. Something's not right.

Nick: Hold on. Who's with you?

Faith: Daddy, you got to come right now. I'm scared.

Nick: Okay, I'm on my way.

Chelsea: What's wrong?

Nick: I got to go. It's my mom. Something's wrong with her.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Of course. No, go, go. It's fine. I can take a cab home.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Chelsea: Don't be. It's totally fine.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Chelsea: It's okay. Text me later, let me know if everything's okay.

Nick: You really look beautiful tonight.

Billy: Well, hello, gorgeous! Don't you look all cute and bundled up!

Chloe: [Laughs] She is ridiculously cute no matter what. Right? Come here. [Groans] Come on, why don't you -- here, you sit right here. Wait, why don't you join us? You can sit and tell me how cute my kid is. Unless you're, I don't know, meeting someone.

Billy: No, no, they're late. I got a little bit of time. [Clears throat]

Chloe: Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. Shimmy, shimmy. Oh, I know. You love that. You're staring.

Billy: What?

Chloe: That -- that thing that you do. You know, you stare. You used to do it to me all the time in new York when I was fashionable.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Chloe: And adorable. What are you thinking?

Billy: You're just so good with her.

Chloe: Well, I had a lot of practice with another great kid.

Billy: Yeah, we both did.

Chloe: We were really lucky, the time that we had with Delia. More than we realized. And now I know how lucky I am. It's why I'm not gonna waste another second that I have with Bella. Thank you. You know, just like you with Johnny and Katie.

Billy: Yeah, speaking of little Johnny, we had a development today. He kissed his first girl. Ended up in timeout because of it.

Chloe: Oh, well, boys cannot go around kissing girls.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no.

She kissed him.

Chloe: What?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: My gosh, sounds like something I would have done when I was a kid.

Billy: That's what I'm saying.

Chloe: Then why did he get put into timeout?

Billy: Because he overreacted and he ended up pushing the little girl down.

Chloe: Well, that's just -- that's ouch. I mean, rejection is hard enough without getting pushed around.

Billy: Fair enough, right?

Chloe: How's Jill? I heard that she had a heart attack. Is she okay?

Billy: Yeah, she did. She's doing good. She's surviving, kicking and screaming, just like she has with everything else in her life.

Jill: [Sighs] "The fact that the woman Phillip loved was you, that was something I could not accept. You and I and our history, our years of clawing at each other, to know that he loved you truly, it only added to my hate. But time and sobriety made those memories less brutal, and then you and I became our own strange, little family, blood or not. Peace with you brought peace to my soul. It allowed me to find happiness with Murphy. That's made this last time of my life something I can face head on. I don't want you to spend your last days alone. Find peace. Hold on to love. And for now, hold on to this. I never should have kept it from you. Phillip wanted you to have it." "It"? What's "it"? "Please, Jill. Forgive me for keeping this all these years and for taking Phillip from you. You both deserved so much more."

Phillip: Kay, did you hear me? I said I want to get out!

[Car accelerates]

[Tires screech]

[Car crashes]

Jill: [Sobs]

Chloe: Delia was so excited. She was like, "mommy, mommy, I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" And then she made me get her that dress.

Billy: I was just glad it wasn't that kid Arthur from her class. [Chuckles]

Chloe: It was that kid KJ, remember? He was that cute kid from the boy band.

Billy: Yeah. Yes. And she had all his t-shirts and the posters up on her wall.

Chloe: And the CD that she listened to over and over.

Billy: Which I can't tell you how many times I almost threw that CD out the car window.

Chloe: I mean, let's be honest. You would have hired that band for her birthday if you could have.

Billy: I would've. Every once in a while, the song comes on the radio. I roll down the windows and sing at the top of my lungs. Anything to feel closer to her.

Chloe: Me, too.

Nick: Faith? Faith!

Nikki: Nicholas.

Nick: Mom.

Nikki: You're gonna wake the baby. What is the matter?

Nick: Are you okay?

Nikki: Of course I'm okay. Why do you even ask me that?

Nick: Faith called me.

Nikki: She did?

Nick: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, I don't --

Faith: Grandma! I was so scared. I tried to wake you up. You kept sleeping. I didn't know what to do, so I called daddy.

Nikki: Honey, I was just tired. That's all. There's nothing wrong with me.

Faith: I'm sorry, daddy. I was just so worried, but I guess everything's okay.

Nick: So you couldn't wake grandma, but she's awake now?

Faith: I touched her shoulder.

Nikki: You did? I must be more exhausted than I thought.

Faith: I shouldn't have called you. Sorry if I messed with your plans.

Nick: I was having dinner with Chelsea. She went home. I came here.

Nikki: Well, everybody's safe, so why don't we let your father get back to his evening, and you and I can have some hot chocolate.

Nick: [Sighs] You know how much I love you.

Faith: Sure. Please don't be mad.

Nick: I'm not mad.

Faith: I don't know why I went so overboard. I guess I just panicked.

Nick: Come here. Okay. Um, thanks, mom.

Nikki: Yeah.

Nick: Good night, kiddo.

Faith: Good night, daddy.

Nikki: Good night, sweetheart. Faith, I know why you "went overboard." It wasn't right, and it cannot happen again.

Colin: Okay, there you are. Uh, tell me you've got some good news. Solid buyer, deep pockets. I need this. Everything depends on it.

Jill: "Phillip loved you, Jill. Deeply, until his last breath. You have nothing left to prove to me or yourself. You're infinitely worthy of love, Jill. Stop questioning it. Be happy. May you find peace."

Kay: Good night.

Jill: [Sobs]

Nikki: Sweetheart, I think I know what happened. You tell me if I'm wrong. You knew that your father was going out for the evening. And last week you were worried that he and Chelsea were getting closer, and you put all that together and you decided you should try to end his evening tonight, so you called him and made up a story about not being able to wake me up.

Faith: I did go into your room. But I didn't try to wake you up.

Nikki: Well, that's a pretty big fib. Your father was very worried about both of us.

Faith: I didn't mean to scare him.

Nikki: You just wanted him away from Chelsea.

Faith: Chelsea's great. She's fun, nice, and great at crafts.

Nikki: And once upon a time, you may have even wished them to like each other. But things have changed. Dylan left. Your mother's alone. And like all children, you just want your mother and father to be together.

Faith: They tried before. It wasn't even that long ago. Just before daddy met sage.

Nikki: I know how you feel. I really do. But we want to make sure that the people we love are happy.

Faith: I'm a terrible person.

Nikki: Aww, angel. You're not. You're human. You made a mistake. But don't ever play games like that again, 'cause things never turn out the way you want them to.

Chelsea: Thanks, Monique! Drive safe!

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: Hey, Monique, is -- is --

Nick: Not Monique.

Chelsea: Hi. How's your mom?

Nick: Oh, fine. It was a false alarm.

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Nick: So, here's the thing. Date three is a big deal, because you're not gonna get a date four if date three doesn't end well, so...

Chelsea: I have to tell you something.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I'm almost certain there's gonna be a date four.

Billy: Well, it's official. I've been stood up. They can't make it.

Chloe: Oh, well, we enjoyed being your backup coffee.

Billy: Thank you very much for having me. It was my pleasure. But I'll let you two get back to your little tea date, okay?

Chloe: Okay. Oh, hey, will you tell Jill that I'm thinking about her?

Billy: I will.

Chloe: Oh, Colin. He must -- wait, he must be so worried. He must be a puddle of Australian mush by now.

Billy: Colin's a pile of something, that's for sure. He's the one that caused this. And I'm just glad that my mom finally gave him the boot.

Chloe: What did he do? Should I even ask?

Billy: I won't even bore you with the details, but that jerk still thinks that he's gonna be able to get my mother back. It's not gonna happen.

Chloe: Well, I don't know what it is, but he has some weird power over your mother. I don't know if it's the accent or some sexual chemistry that I hope I find in my later years.

Billy: He's not gonna get close enough for any of that dark magic to work. There's nothing he can do to make my mom put up with him ever again. Good to see you.

Colin: I think this calls for a celebration. You got a collector with deep pockets at the right price and no haggling? [Chuckles] Well, if this guy's rich and famous... hmm. So, when's he gonna fork over the money?

Hmm. Is this soon enough for you?

Colin: Oh, my God. I could kiss you. [Laughs]

Colin: But soon enough, someone's gonna be kissing me.

Esther: Jill, are you all right? We have a guest.

Jill: Murphy.

Esther: I told you I was gonna call him.

Murphy: So you found what the old girl left you.

Jill: Yeah, the letter.

Murphy: The letter, the key, the whole shebang.

Jill: What key? This is all I have. What are you talking about, Murphy?

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Lauren: Tell me the truth, Victor.

Victor: I cannot promise you that your son will come back safely.

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