Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/1/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/1/17


Episode # 11119 ~ Victor plays hardball; Jill struggles with her new lifestyle; Kevin accepts a dangerous assignment.

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Victoria: Billy's showing our new rep out.

Cane: Yeah? You sure it's a smart move to leave him alone with her?

Victoria: So... first impressions?

Cane: I think, uh, Juliet is smart, she knows the Asian market, and has good ideas.

Victoria: I agree.

Cane: But better yet, she actually likes my ideas.

Victoria: You see, I knew my instincts were right. I know you guys are gonna make a great team.

Cane: Really? So, was that instinct or was that ingenuity?

Victoria: I'm sorry?

Cane: Well, I'm just kind of wondering if giving me this assignment was your clever way of getting me out of your hair.

Lauren: Nikki, do you have spotty service out here? I only have a couple of bars. Maybe we should go back to the city.

Michael: Lauren.

Lauren: No, can you please go to the car and get my extra charger? I don't want my battery going below 50%, okay?

Michael: Come here.

Lauren: It's 8 hours ahead there.

Michael: Sit down.

Lauren: Maybe that's why we haven't heard anything. It's late.

Michael: Sit. Sit. You need to rest. You're gonna make yourself sick. All right? Just breathe.

Lauren: Michael, we have to do something. Time is running out.

Nikki: Victor's on the phone with his contacts. He'll light a fire under them and they will find your son, Lauren.

Michael: See?

Lauren: I wish I had your confidence.

Lauren: What happened? Do they know where Scott's being held?

Victor: No. Not right now. But operatives have narrowed it down to a general area. Special forces know that's where the kidnappers keep the hostages. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult terrain. Almost impossible to access and to conduct a search in.

Nikki: But they're going to keep looking, right?

Victor: As soon as we have reliable intel, they will obviously...

Lauren: But when? When? We only 24 hours to save my son!

Michael: Listen, Lauren, these men know what's at stake. They're not gonna leave without him.

Lauren: It would be one thing if they knew where he was, but they don't. No, I -- I can't take a chance. I'm gonna pay the ransom.

Victor: Lauren, you will not do that. Just be patient. They will come up with a specific area, and then they will act.

Esther: This one has a story about that singer... um... oh, geez, what was her name? You know, she wrote all the songs about her exes? Well, anyway, she went on vacation, she got stung by a jellyfish, and she fell in love.

Jill: Wow, that sounds like a number-one hit.

Esther: Ooh. Sexy lumberjacks from the northwest. I'll just hang on to that one. Oh!

Jill: [Clears throat] Put them down. Put them down and leave because I'm going to rest now. [Clears throat]

Esther: Hungry?

Jill: No!

Esther: Thirsty?

Jill: Esther! I want to take a nap, okay? And I can't do it with you staring at me like this.

Esther: Okay. I'll go. And I'll read.

Jill: Hi. Uh, no. You know what? Thank you so much for your flowers. They're absolutely beautiful. But that's not why I'm calling. Time to get back to work. Heart attack? No. No, no, no. It was a minor inconvenience. I'm only working from home to appease my doctor, you know? Yeah, modern medicine is just wonderful. Um, but here, let's get rolling on those phone calls, all right? So dean Zelman -- he's the first one I want to make. I want to hear about the Brazilians.

Lily: Jill?

Jill: [Gasps]

Lily: What are you doing?

Jill: [Sighs] I'll call you back.

Colin: [Whistles] [Clicks tongue]

Jill: Aww! [Laughs]

Lily: So, this one's from Charlie, and this one's from Mattie.

Jill: [Gasps] Homemade cards are the best!

Lily: I know. They wanted to give them to you themselves, but...

Jill: Oh, I wish you'd brought them.

Lily: Well, I told them the doctor said that you had to rest, and, you know, it's funny how my children understand that concept...

Jill: But I don't? Go ahead. Let me have it.

Lily: No. No, no, no. Not saying a word.

Jill: You're not?

Lily: No, because you're not gonna listen, anyway, just like Cane about work and Devon about Hilary. You're all so damn stubborn.

Jill: It was one eeny-weeny phone call.

Lily: Right, so what's the harm, yeah?

Jill: Exactly!

Lily: You know what? The twins are gonna be very upset when I tell them.

Jill: Tell them what?

Lily: That because grandma Jill didn't listen to the doctor and got stressed about work, she had another heart attack and she died.

Jill: [Wheezes] Wow. You went really dark really fast there. Okay, fine. I promise. No more business calls. But you have to promise me, please don't tell Esther that you caught me.

Lily: No, your secret is safe with me, but if I catch you again...

Jill: You won't. You won't. I promise. I'll just sit here and read my trash mags and surf the web and generally die of boredom.

Lily: [Sighs] Fine. I guess I can talk to you about brash & sassy! 'Cause you don't really own it anymore, so it's not technically work.

Jill: Bless you!

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Jill: Tell me everything. How are Cane and Victoria getting along?

Lily: Um, it was shaky at first, but things are better. She put him in charge of the Asian rollout.

Jill: Cane will be great at that.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Jill: I'm so glad that she's finally come to her senses and recognizes his value.

Victoria: You know, if I wanted you out of my hair, I would just fire you, but I'm not. I am giving you an amazing opportunity. I am putting the future of the men's line in the Asian market in your capable hands, which is a very big deal, Cane. I think that you would show me a little gratitude. I mean, you're committed to brash & sassy!, Aren't you?

Cane: Yes, I am.

Victoria: Good, so then stop questioning my motives and do your job. If you don't want this assignment, then fine, I'll find someone else who does want it.

Billy: Okay, hold on a second. Juliet is fantastic. I mean, not only is she enthusiastic, smart, and focused, she's got that smile. I'm actually jealous you get to work on the rollout with her. What's going on here? These aren't exactly happy faces.

Victoria: Oh, Cane is not as enthusiastic about the position as you are.

Billy: Perfect! Then put me in! Come on. I got dibs. I could use some time away from Genoa city. I got some friends in Hong Kong to go visit.

Victoria: Oh, that's right. You did work there for a while.

Billy: Yeah, it's like 3 hours from Tokyo.

Victoria: Well, maybe you could hit up some of your contacts then to charm them into carrying the men's line.

Billy: That's what I'm saying.

Victoria: That's a good idea, actually.

Cane: All right, Billy. Okay. You can forward the contacts to me. I will oversee the rollout.

Billy: No, no, no, no, no. You missed the boat on this one. Come on. It's better to send me there.

Cane: Oh, really? You're gonna send some irresponsible playboy to Asia? I mean, what could possible go wrong?

Billy: Hey. I can mix business and pleasure. Nobody knows that better than Victoria, right?

Cane: Okay, so, this is who you want representing brash & sassy's interest in Asia? All right. You know they have customs and traditions there that are sacred? Juliet and I talked about this. What did you guys talk about?

Billy: Where to find the best taco truck in GC.

Cane: [Laughs] It's your call.

Victoria: [Sighs] I'm sorry, Billy. I'm going with the original plan.

Cane: Looks like you made the right choice.

Lauren: This text is from the kidnappers. They are not playing around. There will be dire consequences if we don't do exactly what they say.

Victor: Lauren. I'm not withdrawing my offer to help you. But I'm not about to throw away $10 million not knowing whether your son is alive.

Lauren: I talked to him. I heard his voice.

Nikki: Are you certain it was him?

Lauren: It was a bad connection. But I know it was him.

Victor: How long ago was that?

Michael: It's been a few days.

Lauren: No. No, no, no.

Michael: Sweetheart...

Lauren: Scott is not dead. No. I would know. I would know.

Michael: Look. Sweetheart, Victor's right. We shouldn't give away that kind of money without verification.

Lauren: How do we get in contact with them? We do not know the group that kidnapped him.

Victor: Let me ask you something. When they called you, did they tell you how to handle the money?

Michael: Not yet.

Victor: So... they will call back. And when they do, you ask for a photo of your son.

Michael: What if they say no?

Victor: Then we will not pay the ransom.

Lauren: They will kill my son.

Michael: Sweetheart. Sweetheart.

Lily: This was their "living history" project. The kids were historical figures, so Mattie was Mae Jemison and Charlie was guion bluford, the first African-Americans to go to space.

Jill: Oh, my lord. Did they make their own costumes?

Lily: Yeah, with some help from dad.

Jill: How cute are they! And they picked really good role models.

Lily: Yeah! Let's see what else I can show you. So, oh -- uh, that's Colin with the twins. I'm sorry.

Jill: That's all right. He's their grandfather, you know? He's gonna spend time with them.

Lily: Yeah, he's actually staying with us. Temporarily.

Jill: [Chuckles] You hope temporarily.

Lily: Mm, I pray temporarily.

Jill: [Sighs] Okay, so, I owe you an apology.

Lily: Why?

Jill: Well, if I hadn't kicked him out of my home, he wouldn't be in yours right now, would he?

Lily: No, you had good reason.

Jill: I had millions of good reasons.

Lily: Well, we tried putting him up at the club, but he insisted on being near family.

Jill: Or maybe he just wanted access to your wallets! Has he hit you up for a loan yet?

Lily: No, I gave him some money, though.

Jill: And so it begins.

Lily: No, it was just enough to buy his clothes back from the thrift store.

Jill: You know, I really was furious with him, but I never meant for that to happen. Billy thought he was doing me a favor.

Lily: You were furious with him? Does that mean that you're not anymore?

Colin: Jasper, look. This is beautiful -- diamond and emerald. I need you to look at it A.S.A.P. Yeah. Perfect. I'll send you the address. I'll text it to you. Yeah. Bye, man. [Sighs]

Victoria: This is a comprehensive list of the department stores that should be handling the men's line. We need to concentrate on these stores. Adachi is a priority.

Cane: Flagship store?

Victoria: Correct.

Billy: Gold star for Cane.

Victoria: So now that Juliet is up to speed on the men's line, things should move more quickly.

Cane: Okay, I'd like to meet with the members of the Asian marketing team before the rollout.

Victoria: Sure. How does tomorrow work for you?

Cane: Why, are they in town?

Victoria: No, you'll be going to Tokyo.

Cane: Tomorrow?

Victoria: Do you have a problem with that?

Billy: I'll go. I'm free.

Cane: No, no, no. It's no problem. No problem.

Victoria: That's good. Angie in travel has your reservations.

Cane: Okay. All right. Well, I will, uh, call her and I'll go home and pack.

Victoria: Good. Thank you. Thanks for being a team player.

Cane: Sure.

Victoria: Well, it seems that your enthusiasm for Juliet and the Asian market is infectious.

Billy: Isn't that something, huh?

Victoria: Would you really have taken Cane's place and gone to Tokyo if he dropped out?

Billy: Well, I don't have to go now, do I? Listen, everything I said about Juliet is true, okay? She is fantastic and she's an excellent addition to the team. You did a good job, boss lady.

Victoria: I'm glad you approve.

[Cell phones ringing]

Billy: It's Johnny's school.

Victoria: It's Johnny's school.

Nikki: The waiting is the worst part.

Lauren: [Sighs] So hard. I am terrified for my son. I know how dangerous his job is. I've read all of his articles, and the horrendous things that happen there... he doesn't like to talk to me about it. I know he's -- he's trying to spare me. [Sighs] I also know that he's independent and he can take care of himself. But he needs me right now. And I don't know where he is. And I don't know if he's in pain.

Michael: Lauren, we're gonna bring him home.

Lauren: I keep thinking about that last phone call. Will that be the last time I ever hear his voice? I -- I could barely hear him, and, um... I wonder if he could hear my voice. [Sniffles] I didn't say "I love you." Why didn't I say "I love you?"

Michael: He knows you love him, Lauren.

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Oh, my God. It's them. [Gasps]

Victor: Do not deviate from our plan.

Lauren: Hello? Wait. I need to know that my son is alive. You send me a picture of him now.

Michael: What? What did they say?

Lauren: Nothing! They hung up!

Michael: It's okay.

Lauren: They're gonna retaliate. They're gonna hurt my son because of me. I don't know what I was thinking. I should never have listened to you!

Nikki: No, Victor knows what he's doing.

Lauren: All I needed was money, and you had to step in and take control. Well, that ends now. When they call back, I am gonna do exactly what they tell me to do.

Nikki: Lauren, that's what they're counting on. They know that you're very upset. You're not thinking clearly.

Lauren: No, we are done. I'm gonna get the ransom from Eric.

Michael: Lauren! Lauren!

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Wait! [Gasps] Oh, my God. It's Scott!

Michael: That's today's paper! That's today's paper!

Lauren: He's alive! He's alive!

Michael: He's coming back to us. It's gonna be okay. Things are gonna be okay, sweetie. They're gonna be okay.

Victor: Listen carefully. This is Victor Newman.

Lauren: No, Victor. Give me the phone!

Nikki: No, let him handle it.

Victor: From now on, you'll be dealing with me. We will do everything my way. Is that clear?

Jill: I was very angry with Colin. I still am. I doubt if I'll ever forgive him.

Lily: Do you still love him?

Jill: You'd like that, wouldn't you, 'cause he'd be out of your house and back in mine.

Lily: No, that's not why I was asking.

Jill: I know. I know it wasn't. I was just making a joke.

Lily: Look, when two people really love each and they belong together, they always find their way back together again. Trust me, I would know. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone besides Esther here to look after you, don't you think?

Jill: Oh, my God. [Sighs] Honey, I don't mean to be rude. I'm really, really tired, though. Could you please thank the kids for their cards and kiss them, tell them I love them?

Lily: Yes, I will, okay? Do you, uh, want me to tell Colin anything?

Jill: Yeah. Tell him I'm fine and tell him to get on with his life.

Lily: Okay. Feel better.

Colin: Fauchet designed this? Are you sure?


Colin: That makes it extremely valuable.

And a rare treasure. Because fauchet made very few pieces. I've actually never seen this design before.

Colin: Is that so? Well, then. How did you get your paws on it, Katherine? Well, here. You take it. Tell me when you've got an accurate price on it.

[Door opens]

Cane: Dad? What's going on here?

Colin: Just finishing up. Hey. Good work today. Thank you. Well, you're home early. Everything all right at work?

Cane: Yeah. So who was that?

Colin: Uh, it's my realtor.

Cane: Oh, really? You looking at buying a house, huh?

Colin: Or a condo. I haven't decided.

Cane: Yeah? I thought you wanted to, uh, you know, live with family.

Colin: [Sighs] Look. My living here is cramping Lily's style. I think it's time I moved on.

Cane: Okay, so, who'd you steal the money from to buy a place?

Colin: Oh, you cut me to the quick.

Cane: Well, it's a valid question, isn't it? I mean, you're broke. You know I'm not gonna give you any money, so who was it?

Colin: I don't need your money.

Cane: Okay. Sure. All right. So...who was he?

Colin: I told you.

Cane: Okay, and I told you I don't believe you.

Colin: [Sighs]

Cane: Look, dad, if you're up to something shady in my house, you know, you got to go.

Colin: What I'm doing is turning my luck around.

Billy: You do realize why you're not getting hot chocolate.

Victoria: Or a cookie. You did a really, really bad thing.

Billy: Johnny, you pushed a girl down, you made her cry. That's not cool.

Victoria: We thought that you were friends with Clara G.

Billy: Clara g? I thought it was Clara R. How many claras are in his class?

Victoria: Three.

Billy: Three? Oh, that's right, I forgot about Clara...Clara D.?

Victoria: Billy.

Billy: What?

Victoria: Just --

Billy: Right. Sorry. Um... why did you push the little girl? Okay, Johnny, if you don't tell us the truth, they're not gonna let you go to recess anymore.

Victoria: You'll have to stay in the classroom with the teacher. You're not gonna like that.

Billy: Tell us why you pushed Clara G.

Johnny: Because Clara kissed me! [Giggles]

Billy: She kissed you? Where? On your cheek?

Victoria: Yeah, well, that's not a good reason to push somebody, Johnny.

Billy: No. No. There's never a good reason to push a girl.

Victoria: You should use your words, not your hands. You should have told her that you didn't like that.

Billy: That's right.

Victoria: You know, you could have really hurt her, do you understand that?

Billy: Do you feel bad about what you did? Okay, good. Because you feel bad and because you told us the truth, I think you've earned your hot chocolate. What do you think, mom?

Victoria: All right, I suppose so. As long as you promise not to push anyone ever again.

Billy: Do you promise? Okay. Good.

Victoria: Okay. I'll get it.

Billy: Listen, let me tell you something. Your friend Clara G. -- We're a lot alike, so I know why she kissed you because, let me tell you, the first time that I kissed your mom, she --

Victoria: Billy.

Billy: What? You're supposed to be getting hot chocolate.

Victoria: Yeah, I forgot my wallet. What are you telling our son?

Billy: I'm just schooling him on the intricate things that happen between boys and girls on the playground.

Victoria: Oh, this should be interesting.

Billy: [Clears throat]

Victoria: Go ahead.

Billy: Like I was saying, your friend Clara D. Is --

Victoria: G.

Billy: Clara G. Kissed you because, well, she really, really likes you, and sometimes when you like somebody, you do spontaneous things.

Victoria: Yes, but you should never do something without considering the other person's feelings because they might not feel the same way.

Billy: That's true, but sometimes they do feel the same way, but then they just want to continue to deny it because they don't want to get hurt again.

Victoria: Yeah, but that's perfectly rational.

Billy: Yeah, but rational can be overrated sometimes.

Victoria: Which is something an impulsive child might say.

Billy: Do you want to push me down right now?

Victoria: No, I don't, because that wouldn't be nice.

Billy: That's right. It wouldn't be nice. So you're gonna have to apologize to your friend, okay?

Victoria: All right. I'll call Clara D.'S mom. You get the hot chocolate.

Billy: Clara G. Get it right, okay? Listen, one of these days, you're gonna really appreciate a strong woman that goes after what she wants. Good one. Hi.

Johnny: [Giggles]

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: Hey. This is a nice surprise. What are you looking for?

Cane: My passport.

Lily: Oh, it's in the office. Need to get out of town fast or something?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Okay, now you're scaring me. Did Colin do something?

Cane: No, it's nothing like that, babe. My mind's going a million miles an hour. Um, I'm going to Tokyo.

Lily: [Scoffs] When?

Cane: Uh, tomorrow.

Lily: You're kidding.

Cane: Yeah, I have to go and meet the Asian marketing team before the rollout, so...

Lily: Well, does it have to be tomorrow?

Cane: Well, Victoria seemed to think so, yeah.

Lily: And what do you think?

Cane: I think, uh... I think you should come with me.

Lily: [Laughs] Are you serious?

Cane: Uh, yeah, because you are the brand ambassador, so you'll have to go there eventually. So come with me. Come with me. Come with me now.

Lily: Well, yeah, I mean, jetting off to Japan with the man I love does sound tempting.

Cane: Okay, good. I'm gonna call Angie and I will book another ticket.

Lily: Wait, no, Cane. Wait. I -- [Laughs] I have interviews and appearances, I have a photo shoot with Jordan, and the kids, you know?

Cane: Okay, we reschedule the photo shoot and I get my dad to look after the kids.

Lily: Oh, yeah, that's a great idea. He'll teach them how to swindle lunch money from the kids at school while we're gone.

Cane: That's a very good point you have there. Um... I'll call Cindy. It's done. See? Covered. No more excuses. You're coming.

Lily: Okay, Cane, look. I -- I would love to. I really would. It's just -- it's short notice, and I don't know if it's feasible, trying to rearrange everything.

Cane: All right. Don't say I didn't try.

Lily: I know you did. I'm gonna miss you.

Cane: I'm gonna miss you, baby. I'm gonna miss you very much.

Lauren: You want an associate to deliver the ransom instead of wiring it? I don't know.

Nikki: What are your concerns?

Lauren: That they're going to take him hostage, too, and demand more money. Wouldn't wiring just be faster?

Michael: Lauren has a point. The sooner they get the money, the sooner they release Scott. If we keep going back and forth with negotiations, they could go on forever. There's precedents for that.

Victor: Please listen to me, okay? If we wire them money, there's no guarantee they won't keep Scott and demand more money.

Michael: Oh, so your man will be there to ensure that Scott's actually released.

Victor: You bet. That way, the kidnappers won't double-cross us.

Lauren: But is your associate already in Syria?

Victor: He will leave immediately, as soon as I give him the money.

Lauren: You know, getting the money together and flying to the middle east, this is just -- it's too many hours. Scott doesn't have this kind of time!

Victor: Lauren, I understand that you're very, very upset. I would be, too. But the money is not the issue. And the jet will be there before the deadline.

Lauren: Michael, I --

Victor: Now, wait a minute. Time for debate is over. Are you in or out?

Victoria: Thank you for meeting us here, Betsy. It's really good to see you again.

Betsy: You, too.

Victoria: Um, Johnny has something that he wants to say.

Johnny: Sorry I pushed you.

Billy: There. Good job, buddy.

Betsy: What do you say, Clara?

Clara: Thank you.

Johnny: You're welcome.

Victoria: Aww, that's a good boy. Hey, why don't you take Clara out and do some coloring out there on the patio? That's awesome. [Sighs] I am so, so sorry.

Betsy: Oh, gosh, don't be. Clara's fine. She never should have kissed him in the first place.

Billy: Doesn't give Johnny an excuse for what he did. So we talked to him and we think that he gets it.

Victoria: Unfortunately, some boys never learn.

Lily: Mr. Ashby...

[Both chuckle]

Cane: Uh... w-what's this?

Lily: Well, it looks like there's an issue with your passport.

Cane: [Gasps]

Lily: [Giggles] And it looks like you're gonna be tied up in customs for a very, very long time.

[Door closes]

Jill: Is that the mail, Esther?

Esther: Uh-huh.

Jill: Oh, thank God, I have something to read beside these ridiculous trash mags.

Esther: Oh, no, no, no, no. You just stay right there, and after I sort it, then I'll give it to you.

Jill: That is ridiculous!

Esther: Well, there could be a bank statement in here or something, and I don't want to upset you.

Jill: Credit card offers and pizza coupons are not gonna upset me, Esther.

Esther: Aah!

Jill: Oh, lord! God!

Esther: Oh, my God.

Jill: You nearly gave me a heart attack! What? What?

Esther: This -- this --

Jill: Get a grip! Get a grip!

Esther: It's from Mrs. C.!

Nikki: If you don't want tea, there is a bar right behind us. Doesn't bother me.

Lauren: [Chuckles] Tea is perfect. Listen, uh, I am so sorry that I lashed out at the two of you earlier, you know? I -- I barge into your house, I ask for $10 million, and, uh, Victor's now in a dangerous situation, and I could tell that you weren't that happy about that.

Nikki: No, I wasn't, but not because I didn't want him to help you. I just knew that it would bring up a lot of painful memories for both of us.

Lauren: I've been so caught up in my own [Sighs] Craziness, I didn't even think about your feelings. I'm so sorry.

Nikki: Honey, don't apologize. I just want you to know that I know what you're going through. You should only be thinking about your son right now.

Lauren: You know what I'm going through? How?

Nikki: Years ago, Victoria was kidnapped.

Lauren: Wow. I had no idea.

Nikki: Well, we tried to keep it quiet, you know. Billy had this, uh...huge gambling debt, and those guys wanted their money. So they took Victoria, and they held her hostage in Miami. And Billy had come to me at first, wanting me to help, but I didn't have enough time to get that much money together, so I went to Victor, and, um... he took control.

Lauren: Well, luckily, everything worked out.

Nikki: Yes. Thank God. But Victor has yet to forgive Billy.

Lauren: Have you?

Nikki: I've made my peace with him. I mean, I'll certainly never forget it. That's not the kind of thing a mother ever forgets. I guess I've just found a way to...compartmentalize it.

Lauren: If I had known how this would have affected you...

Nikki: That's not why I confided in you. I just wanted you to know that I truly understand what you're going through. How awful it is, the waiting, and not knowing if your child is alive or hurt or...

Lauren: It just, uh... I wish I could let Scott know that we're doing everything we can to help him.

Nikki: You know what, Lauren? I know with every fiber in my being that Scott is very aware that you're doing everything possible to bring him home from this horrible situation. I know that.

Lauren: Thank you. [Sniffles] That's very comforting.

Nikki: My daughter came home, and your son will, too.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: So you trust this associate with the ransom job.

Victor: You think I'd leave anything to chance?

Michael: He'll be carrying $10 million. What's to keep him from taking the money for himself?

Victor: I trust this person implicitly.

Michael: How do you know him?

Victor: He works for the police department.

Michael: It's Paul. I don't blame you for keeping the information close to your chest. Lauren doesn't need to know we're putting a friend in danger.

Victor: It's not Paul.

Michael: Someone Paul recommended?

Victor: Someone who knows Scott personally.

Michael: Stop being so cryptic. How does this guy know Scott?

Kevin: He's family.

Johnny: Look at what we drew!

Billy: Wow!

Victoria: Oh, look at that! Oh! You did this? Is this you? And that must be you, huh?

Billy: I see you guys are holding hands. Does that mean you're friends again? Yay!

Victoria: Aww! That's so sweet. You should show this to Clara G.'s mom.

Billy: I mean, that's sweet.

Victoria: That's sweet.

Billy: Don't you wish all our problems could be solved by cookies and crayons?

Victoria: Yeah. Wouldn't that be something?

Nikki: I couldn't help noticing that you picked the polish off your nail.

Lauren: [Laughs] Terrible nervous habit.

Nikki: Well, we'll fix that. We want you to look your best when Scott comes home. Come sit down.

Lauren: Is this pretty little bag yours?

Nikki: Actually, it's faith's, but I use it sometimes, as it's sparkly and pretty and all of that. Hand, please. Oh, Lauren.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Nikki: Victor knows what he's doing.

Lauren: [Sighs] I just can't help feeling that, uh, something's gonna go wrong with his plan.

Nikki: It won't.

Michael: You're not going to the middle east. He's not going to the middle east. It's too dangerous.

Kevin: I've been in dangerous situations before, Michael.

Michael: Not like this! If you're going, so am I. I'm not letting you do this on your own.

Kevin: You need to be here for Lauren.

Victor: Special operatives will accompany Kevin, okay? He has been briefed on the protocol.

Kevin: Once the jet lands at the pre-arranged location, the kidnapper will share the coordinates to make the exchange.

Michael: Why does it have to be Kevin?

Victor: Because Scott needs to encounter a face that he's familiar with.

Kevin: So he knows it isn't a trick.

Michael: You haven't seen Scott in years!

Kevin: We've kept in touch! He was my roommate, remember? Mikey, I want to do this for Lauren.

Michael: Just -- just come home.

Kevin: Of course, I will. [Sighs]

Victor: All right.

Kevin: Okay, I won't hand over the money until I know that Scott is alive and well.

Victor: You bet. You have safe travels, okay?

Kevin: [Sighs]

Victor: All right, Kevin?

Kevin: Thanks. Yeah!

Michael: I don't know what to do -- be grateful to you or be furious that you've involved my brother.

Victor: All you need to do is trust me.

Colin: So. What's the good word, my friend?

This ring is a truly exceptional find, Colin.

Colin: I'm hoping it comes with a truly exceptional appraisal.

Mm. Here's my estimate.

Jill: This is absurd. Katherine couldn't have written this.

Esther: No, look. Look at this. This is a note that Mrs. C. Wrote. I have them all over the place. I can't bear to throw them away.

Jill: Oh, I suppose it's kind of similar.

Esther: Yes, yes, yes! It's from her! Look. The I's match, the slant of the letters...

Jill: Oh, my God. This is from Katherine! How is this possible? Oh, my lord. All right, there's no postmark, there's no address. How did it get in the mailbox?

Esther: I don't know, but it is creeping me out.

Jill: That makes two of us. What are you up to, you old fossil?

Esther: Jill, there's only one way to find out. Open it!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Faith: It's grandma. Something's not right. You got to come right now. I'm scared!

Nick: Okay, I'm on my way.

Colin: Tell me you've got good news. Everything depends on it.

Jill: I'm sorry if the journey annoyed you, but in the end, it's led you to what is rightfully yours. Rightfully mine?

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