Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/23/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/23/17


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Colin: Token of my affection.

Jill: These things are as dead as our marriage.

Colin: Well, they just, uh, maybe need a bit of water. They'll blossom again.

Jill: Hmm.

Colin: Just like our love.

Jill: Yeah. Actually, they do remind me of our relationship. Like something you dug out of a dumpster.

Colin: That was an expensive bouquet.

Jill: You bought them with my money?

Colin: [Sighs] Look. I realize that I've messed things up.

Jill: Hmm.

Colin: But, well, we can start again with a clean slate.

Jill: You mean an empty bank account.

Colin: I can nurse you and your finances back to health.

Jill: Oh, honey. [Chuckling] You're never gonna lay a finger on my body or my money again.

Colin: If that was the case, you would never have invited me here.

Jill: Wrong. I invited you here so I could see the look on your face when I told you that we are through.

Billy: I'm sure Colin will do anything to get back in my mother's good graces. He'll use all his standard charming tricks.

Victoria: Well, I like that you're finally taking a stand against charming scoundrels who betray their wives.

Billy: Hey. That was clever. That was good. I'll give you that one.

Victoria: I wouldn't worry if I were you. You know, Jill's so stubborn. She's not gonna let a heart attack or even Colin defeat her.

Nick: Hey! How's Jill doing?

Billy: Well, she's complaining about everything, according to the doctor, so that's a good sign.

Victoria: Maybe you can give them some advice on how to handle strong, demanding women.

Billy: [Chuckles] This one.

Nick: Hmm. Well, I don't want to interrupt anything, so --

Victoria: No, you're not. Are you kidding me? Join us.

Billy: Yeah, sit down.

Nick: All right.

Billy: Did you happen to see your sister's turn in the spotlight on GC buzz? She was fantastic.

Nick: You know, maybe that's where Reed gets his star quality. I mean, a lot of people love music, but Reed is actually super talented.

Victoria: Yeah, mom told me that he played the piano at the family dinner the other night. Maybe I can persuade him to switch to the keyboard and spare my eardrums a little bit.

Nick: Piano? No. No, he is guitar hero all the way. You should have heard him at open mic night. He absolutely killed it.

Victoria: Reed did what?!

Mariah: Hello.

Noah: Hey.

Mariah: I think I would like a glass of champagne.

Noah: You know what? On the house. In honor of your successful interview with Victoria and the rest of the brash & sassy gang.

Mariah: You saw it.

Noah: I streamed it while I was getting ready. And you were a superstar.

Mariah: Oh, thank you. That is a strong compliment coming from the guy who discovered Reed Hellstrom.

Noah: Uh, I don't know if giving my cousin a spot on open mic night was exactly a discovery, but...

Mariah: Oh, come on. You deserve some credit. The kid has an amazing voice, and he looks like every girl's fantasy boyfriend.

Noah: Is that it?

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Noah: I didn't know you record this.

Mariah: Yeah. I decided that it was so good, I should put it up on the GC buzz website. I probably should have asked your permission first, but I thought it would be a great tie-in with Victoria's interview. You know, she can make you smell good, her son will make you swoon.

Noah: Yeah, this is -- look, I appreciate the publicity for the -- for the club, but, um, we should probably shield Reed from the GC buzz comments section.

Mariah: Actually, the comments were 95% positive. He's the second highest view of the day behind Cane taking his shirt off.

[Both laugh]

Noah: Hey! Teen of the hour right there.

Reed: What'd I do wrong now?

Sharon: I wouldn't have blamed you for slamming the door in my face or throwing a pie at it.

Nikki: I don't like to waste food.

Sharon: I can't think of an eloquent way to say I'm sorry for pouring milk over your head. But there's no excuse for it.

Nikki: I agree. It was rude, immature, and humiliating.

Sharon: I wish there were a way I could make it up to you.

Nikki: Well, actually, there is.

Colin: I refuse to believe that we're through.

Jill: Well, it takes two people to start a relationship, but just one to end it.

Colin: You know, a near-death experience has a way of putting things in perspective. All you lost was money. You still got something much more important. Your health.

Jill: You're saying that with a straight face while I'm lying in a hospital bed?

Colin: Look, part of this is a blessing in disguise. Doctors found the problem with your heart before it did any real damage.

Jill: Oh, yeah. I should be thanking you for stealing all my money and giving me a heart attack.

Colin: I said to you I'd pay back every penny.

Jill: How are you gonna do that?

Colin: Whatever it takes. Lie, cheat... get a job if I have to.

Jill: Get a job? What do you know about honest work, Colin?

Colin: I'll learn. I know that I can't do without you.

Jill: When you stole money from me, you proved to me that money is your true love. You made your choice. I'm making mine.

Victoria: Reed's studying at the library allegedly. I need to find out why he thought it was okay to go to open mic night after I specifically told him that he couldn't do that.

Billy: You can't call him.

Victoria: Billy, I'm ith this, okay?

Billy: You took his phone away, Vick.

Victoria: Oh. Yeah. Right.

Nick: Look, I never would have let him perform if I thought he was still grounded. When he showed up with his guitar, I assumed that meant he'd completed his sentence.

Victoria: No! He's not even halfway through!

Nick: Ooh. That sounds kind of harsh.

Victoria: Harsh? He stole my credit card. He bought porn. It's a major felony.

Billy: Most people would consider that a misdemeanor.

Victoria: Well, see? That's exactly why Reed thinks that I'm so strict. Too many parents let their kids do whatever they want.

Nick: Look, if you'd been there, if you'd seen how much he loved entertaining all those people, I think you would have been proud of him.

Victoria: He lied, okay, and he broke the rules. If he thinks he's in prison now, he's gonna experience solitary confinement.

Reed: Honey waited till I was in love to tell me that she was not mine it's crazy. The audience actually stopped talking.

Noah: Yeah, 'cause they were listening to you, bud.

Mariah: And that's just the people that watched it live. There was over 1,000 views online.

Reed: Wh-- how?

Mariah: I decided to post it to the GC buzz website.

Reed: Please tell me you're joking.

Mariah: What? Why -- why don't you want people to see it? That's how you build a fanbase.

Reed: You posted this video the same day that my mom did that show, which means she's gonna find the clip and realize that while I was supposed to be grounded, I was singing at a bar.

Mariah: I... I'm sorry.

Reed: No worries. It just means that I'll never be able to ever leave the house again.

Sharon: I would really like to make things right between us.

Nikki: Sharon, I think the only way that you're gonna stop feeling sorry for yourself is if you get out of your own head. You think that you've lost everything, but you have a beautiful house, you have children who love you, in spite of your flaws, you have a good job, you know that Dylan is safe, and you know that he loves you.

Sharon: Where are you going with this?

Nikki: I want to start a shelter for women who truly are in dire straits, women who have been abused, women who can't pay their rent, they can't put food on the table. And Dylan took his pledge to serve and protect very seriously. And this is my way of honoring him.

Sharon: That's wonderful.

Nikki: I'm glad you think so, because I'd really like for you to get involved.

Sharon: After everything I've done, why would you want to work with me?

Nikki: I think that you can relate with these broken, insecure women.

Sharon: Well...thanks. I guess.

Nikki: Your ability to empathize with them will make our donors open up their checkbooks, and then once we're up and running, you can actually help people rebuild their lives.

Sharon: How can I do that when I don't even know how to rebuild my own yet?

Nikki: I miss Dylan, too. But it must be especially hard for you. You have to tell everybody he left you.

Sharon: Dylan was my anchor. Without him, I can't concentrate. I'm having a hard time sleeping. I can't even get it together to take care of faith.

Nikki: Sharon, even at your lowest points, you have always been there for your children.

Sharon: You rarely have anything nice to say about my parenting skills.

Nikki: When Noah was born premature, you were a rock for Nicholas and for Noah. A lot of other women would have just fallen apart.

Sharon: Yeah. I had to be strong for him. For both of them. There was no other choice.

Nikki: Well, now you have to be strong for Dylan. He loved you so much. He was willing to give up everything to keep you safe. And now you have to live a life that warrants that sacrifice.

Sharon: You know, Dylan wanted me to be happy. And, uh, I just realized that he gave me everything I need to begin the next chapter of my life. And before I do anything else, I owe it to him to get started.

Billy: If you lock Reed up for the rest of his life, the only thing that's gonna teach him is how to escape without getting caught.

Nick: He's just gonna resent you, like we resented dad.

Victoria: All teenagers think that their parents are persecuting them.

Billy: Come on, Vick. He's performing music at an open mic. It's not the same as watching porn. He's doing something positive under nick's supervision.

Nick: He's found something he loves. You should be encouraging him.

Billy: Yeah, give him his creative outlet. Maybe he'll stop acting up. Carrot's a bigger motivation than a stick.

Victoria: Oh, I'm so lucky to be in the presence of such experts.

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: So, what do you former bad boys think that I should do?

Billy: Former? Really? You remind me how irresponsible I am every day.

Victoria: Look, Billy, if you have any advice for me, I really need to hear it.

Billy: Okay. You want him to be more mature, more responsible? Then treat him like an adult. When he comes home from the library, ask him why he likes music. Just talk to him.

Nick: And respect his point of view, even if you disagree with it. Right now, you should be trying to improve your relationship with Reed, not just show him who's the boss.

Mariah: If your mom saw your video, I'm sure that we would have all heard from her by now.

Reed: I sure hope you're right.

Noah: Hey, relax, all right? If she comes down on you, I got your back.

Reed: Thanks.

Emma: Are you Reed Hellstrom?

Reed: Why do you want to know?

Emma: Uh, I saw your video. You totally slayed that song.

Reed: Thanks.

Noah: Hey, uh, he's gonna be a regular here, so if you get on the e-mail list, I'll let you know when he's performing.

Emma: Well, I definitely want to see that.

Noah: Great. Uh, bring all your friends.

Emma: Since I saw him first, I got dibs.

Mariah: Way to go, rockstar! You have your first groupie!

Reed: That's pretty cool. Also kind of weird.

Noah: Get used to it, buddy. Girls like musicians.

Mariah: But don't let it go to your head, though. I became an overnight sensation when I fell flat on my face.

Noah: Which you then parlayed into a hosting gig.

Mariah: Yeah, but I had to do some soul searching to figure out whether I wanted to go back on camera. It's tough to give up your privacy.

Reed: See, I don't want to be a rockstar, though. I mean, I just want to play my songs and, like, maybe if I get good enough, go on tour or something, but...

Noah: It could happen. Graduation's a couple years away.

Reed: I wish it were a lot sooner.

Colin: There's an infinite supply of money in this world but only one Jill foster Atkinson.

Jill: [Sighs]

Colin: The -- the love of my life. I knew we were meant for each other the day we met.

Jill: Oh, my God. You used me from the day we met, and Katherine knew it, too, from day one.

Colin: [Scoffs] Look, she was jealous. She was jealous of the fact that nobody'd ever loved her the way I loved you.

Jill: She knew a charlatan when she saw one because she'd had plenty of experience with them.

Colin: Yeah, the old broad got around.

Jill: All those stable boys, she rode them more than her own horses. But you know what? There was this guy, cash, and he ran a strip club. You and he would have been best buds.

Colin: If you say so.

Jill: [Sighs] And the love of her life, Rex sterling. He was a con man with a heart of gold.

Colin: Well, that starts to sound more familiar.

Jill: He was murdered.

Colin: That's a bad turn.

Jill: But see, she learned from all that. She ended up with Murphy, who was a decent man and she wasn't after her money. And I should have taken that as an example.

Colin: Will you quit acting like this woman was a saintly font of wisdom? Now, according to you, she was a drunk and a floozy.

Jill: Don't you dare talk about her that way!

Colin: Your relationship with Katherine was completely toxic. She did far worse to you than I ever did, and I'm not sorry she's gone.

Jill: No, you wouldn't be, because she cared about me!

Colin: She was an albatross around your neck, and now you're free.

Jill: Oh!

Colin: You should be dancing on her grave!

Jill: [Breathing heavily]

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Jill: You are literally making me sick!

Colin: You were fine till you started talking about Katherine.

Jill: [Gasps]

Colin: Look, she's gone. I'm here. I'll be your loyal subject, your --

Jill: Please -- please get somebody.

Sir, you need to leave.

Colin: Uh, but -- but this is my wife. I-I-I want to help.

Leave now or I'll have you escorted out.

Colin: I'll be right outside the door, babe.

Jill: [Breathing heavily]

It's okay.

Jill: I can't breathe.

It's okay.

Jill: [Wheezing]

It's okay. Okay.

Jill: I can't breathe.

Relax. Relax.

Chelsea: Boo! [Laughs] Whoa!

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: It looked like you were contemplating all the mysteries of the universe.

Nick: Uh...

Chelsea: Did you call me because you want all the answers?

Nick: I mean, I could come up with some stories for why I called you. I could do that, but... I think I just missed you. That's all.

Chelsea: That's really sweet. I was thinking that --

Nick: I think we're --

Chelsea: Sorry. No, you go first. You go first. What's on your mind?

Nick: Okay, um, I was just thinking how lucky we are, you know, that our kids are still so young. At this age, parenting is still pure joy.

Chelsea: Agreed. So what brought on all the deep dad thoughts?

Nick: Ah, I was with Vick. You know, she's really struggling with Reed. She's spending all her time trying to get Reed to obey all her rules, and she just sees him as some problem to solve, you know, not -- not a person.

Chelsea: Yeah, that's a tough one.

Nick: That's why we have to squeeze every ounce of happiness we can out of these toddler years. 'Cause we're gonna blink, you know, and they'll be over.

Victoria: Well, hello, Reed.

Reed: Hey. What are you doing here, Billy?

Billy: I, uh, just wanted some daddy time with Johnny and Katie.

Reed: Cool.

Victoria: I was expecting you home a little earlier.

Reed: You said I could go to the library.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. I'm not upset about that. But I was a little concerned since the library closed over an hour ago.

Reed: Maybe you should implant a GPS tracking device under my skin so you know where I am every single second.

Victoria: Okay, look, I'm not trying to catch you doing something wrong so I can yell "gotcha," okay? I'm not enjoying punishing you, Reed.

Reed: You sure do a good impression.

Billy: I think what your mom's trying to say, Reed --

Victoria: I don't need a translator, okay? Look, I want you to be honest with me, so I'm gonna level with you. I'm not upset about the library, but I am upset that you snuck out and performed at open mic night. I'm not okay with it, Reed!

Reed: You saw the video?

Victoria: What are you talking about? What video?

Billy: Nick told your mom, and that was before he knew that you were AWOL when you hit the stage.

Victoria: Help me understand why you completely disregard my rules.

Reed: Because even if I was perfect, you still wouldn't let me do anything.

Victoria: Okay, listen, I can understand that, all right? I do. But I'm not unreasonable. I mean, you could have at least asked me!

Reed: Oh, kind of like I did before I was grounded? You made it clear that you would never, ever let me go.

Victoria: I don't want to keep you from playing your guitar, but I don't want you going out on school nights!

Reed: But that's the only chance I get to perform! I mean, you act like you're cool with me getting serious about my music, but your rules make it impossible!

Victoria: Your education comes first.

Reed: So you're saying that my guitar's a distraction from the all important geometry that I will never use in my real life? God, Mariah barely knows me, and she understands! I mean, Noah gets it, too!

Victoria: What do Mariah and Noah have to do with this, anyway?

Reed: Well, Noah was the first one who encouraged me to do the open mic.

Billy: You're getting off topic here, Reed. I think you should...

Victoria: Okay, so you said something about a video. What's that?

Reed: Mariah posted a video of my performance on the GC buzz website.

Victoria: When?

Reed: Today.

Victoria: Today? Oh. Well, how would you know that? I mean, you don't have any access to your phone or to the internet, do you?

Reed: Well... [Sighs]

Victoria: Were you with them tonight?

Reed: Sort of.

Victoria: Reed! Did you lie to me? Did you go to the library?

Reed: Do you see what I'm up against?! She interrogates me like I'm some sort of murder suspect!

Victoria: Just answer the question! Did you go to the library?!

Reed: Yes! And you can check their security cameras if you don't believe me. But I also stopped by the underground on my way home. And I don't regret it, either, because Mariah and Noah have done more to support me in the past week than you have since I moved in here!

Reed: I found the books I need for my research paper, which is the whole reason that I went to the library in the first place. And here's my math homework. You can check it. Ground me another day for every problem I got wrong.

Billy: Reed, you can't blame your mom for being skeptical, okay? You weren't honest about your little trip to the underground.

Victoria: Thank you. Just let me handle this.

Billy: All right.

Victoria: Just come here for a second. Sit down, all right? Look, I understand why you would want to go to open mic night. And I'm not condoning you sneaking out, but why did you go to the underground tonight?

Reed: [Scoffs] To do drugs and have sex.

Billy: Whoa. You're not helping your cause at all.

Reed: I was on my way home, and it was cold. I just thought I'd warm up and say hi to my cousin. And it's not my fault that Mariah posted that video. But, I mean, it does already have thousands of hits, so...

Billy: Really? Thousands? Really? Wow. That's impressive. Uh, how many hits did your interview get, mom?

Reed: While I was there, a complete stranger told me she liked my song. And Noah invited me to play again.

Billy: Congratulations, man. See, I'm stoked to say that I was a fan before he made it big.

Reed: So, are you gonna let me perform at next week's open mic, or do I have to tell Noah that my mommy won't let me?

Billy: [Clicking tongue]

Chelsea: I don't know what inspired Connor to, you know, improve my design sketches with his crayons, but he was so cute doing it, I had to take a picture. Look! Look at that.

Nick: That's amazing.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Nick: You know, Christian's new thing is to help me shovel the snow, but he uses the shovel and pail that he takes to the beach. Yeah, it's -- it's awesome.

Chelsea: That's so adorable.

Nick: Yeah, I think it's -- I think it's amazing how different all these kids' personalities are when they're born. I mean, Christian is super serious about everything, whether it's shoveling the snow or building skyscrapers with blocks. I mean, he's just, like, laser focused. Noah is just like me. Really laid back, super easygoing. I just -- I wonder why that is. What?

Chelsea: Oh, I mean, well, they have different moms, so that probably has something to do with it.

Nick: Maybe it's more than genetics. Christian doesn't have a mom, so maybe he subconsciously knows there's something a little off with his family.

Chelsea: Kids can be sensitive, but you are giving that little boy everything he needs. Trust me, Christian is so lucky to have you for a dad.

Sharon: Oh, hey, you two. Good to see you.

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Hey. You're looking chipper.

Sharon: Well, I finally ditched that rain cloud that's been following me around for weeks.

Nick: Good.

Sharon: Actually, your mother of all people was the one who helped me snap out of my funk. And I made a resolution. No more tears. No more beating myself up over Dylan. I, uh, I'm gonna focus on the people who are still here -- my kids.

Chelsea: Good for you. And don't forget about your awesome boss. Just a reminder, we have that meeting tomorrow morning about the marketing.

Sharon: Oh, that's why I'm glad I ran into you, so I could tell you in person that I'm not gonna be there.

Chelsea: Why not?

Sharon: Because I'm quitting.

Nikki: Mwah! I just came by to tell you about a conversation Sharon and I just had.

Mariah: You two were face to face?

Nikki: We were. She came up to the house, and we called a truce.

Mariah: How is that even possible?

Nikki: Well, I give all the credit to Noah.

Noah: I wasn't even there.

Nikki: No, but Sharon and I were talking about our complicated history, and I think we bonded over our memories about you. Did you know that he was born premature?

Mariah: Poor mom. She's had the worst luck with pregnancies.

Nikki: Oh, he was so small, and we weren't sure he was even gonna make it. Well, Sharon and I have both been struggling since Dylan left. In fact, his leaving is what prompted our latest battle, but it also made us put down our weapons and realize that we're on the same side.

Colin: Please tell me my wife's all right, that she didn't have another heart attack.

Her blood pressure was elevated, and she needs to rest.

Colin: [Sighs] Thank you. You're -- you're a miracle worker. Is -- would it be all right if I went in there and comforted her?

For a few minutes. But don't let her get upset.

Colin: I promise I won't. I promise. I'm glad you're awake. You scared me half to death.

Jill: That's so typical. I'm the one with the heart condition, and you're the one who's suffering.

Colin: [Sighs] I regret that I caused you more pain. There's got to be something I can do to make up for it.

Jill: There's only one thing that would make me feel better, and that is a very dry martini. But thanks to you, darling, I am a teetotaler for the rest of my damn life.

Colin: I'll find you a good nonalcoholic wine that tastes like the real thing, even if I've got to stomp on the grapes myself. You know, I've been very selfish, going on about how much I need you. I think it's more important that you need me, even if you don't want to admit it.

Colin: Hey. Let me help you. Here.

Jill: You know, these stents they put in me, they repaired my broken heart. It will go on beating without you.

Colin: No woman is an island. You can't get through this alone.

Jill: You know, you're very self-involved. Perhaps you haven't noticed there are five billion other people on the planet.

Colin: You know, that may be, but...

Jill: Don't, don't, don't.

Colin: I'm the only one that you can count on. Esther? A ditz. Billy -- he'll run back to Victoria every time she has a hangnail. Lauren you've alienated. That leaves Cane. He loves you. But he'll be loyal to me. I am the only one you've got, sweetheart.

Jill: So you're saying that I can depend on you?

Colin: I meant every word of our wedding vows. Richer, poorer, sickness, health. I'd give you the heart out of my body if I could.

Jill: God, I wanted to believe that for so long. [Voice breaking] I really, really thought that underneath it all you were a good man. And even though you would scam other people, you would never hurt me. [Sighs] But I was wrong. There is no good Colin. He was just a fictional character I created.

Colin: I can make him real.

Jill: Yeah, it would just be another con, and I deserve better than that.

Colin: You do deserve better. So I'm going --

Jill: I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna leave.

Victoria: You say it's not your fault that people are dying to hear you sing, but it's not my fault that you broke my rules.

Reed: You're the one who made the rules in the first place. And they're totally unfair. Right, Billy?

Billy: You know what? I'm gonna let you two work this out.

Reed: No. Don't go.

Victoria: No, don't go.

Billy: Okay. I'll stay. I'll mediate. I'll try to mediate.

Reed: All right, well, can you explain in words that my mom will understand that I don't enjoy sneaking around and lying to her, but if she doesn't let me do what I love, then I'm just gonna be angry and mean all the time?

Billy: Mom, if you don't let him play the guitar, you're both gonna be miserable.

Victoria: Would you please translate to my son in words that he can understand that I am thrilled that he found something that he loves and that he's willing to put in the hours of practice that it takes to be good at it and that I want to support his goals?

Billy: Reed, she loves the fact that you rock on. She's gonna negotiate your first record deal.

Reed: Even if that means letting me perform at the underground?

Victoria: I'm sorry, but going out on a school night is one rule that I can't bend.

Reed: Okay, what if I convince nick and Noah to open up a second open mic on the weekend?

Victoria: It's a bar, Reed. I don't want you around a bunch of drunk people. That's not appropriate for someone of your age.

Reed: But I'm just gonna be playing my music! If I'm good, they'll let me know. If I suck, then they'll hate it. I mean, that's what you do when you're starting out. That's how you know if your songs are any good. It's like you at brash & sassy. Like if you made a lip gloss that everybody hates, then the only way you're gonna know is if you try. So why don't you let me try?

Nick: Well, you have been under a lot of stress lately, and your mood seems different from the last time I saw you. Do you think this is the best time for you to be making major life decisions?

Chelsea: Have you found another job? I mean, I would hate to lose you, but if you found a better opportunity, I completely understand.

Sharon: Nope. I'm not even looking.

Nick: So you're quitting for no good reason? I mean, what are you gonna do?

Sharon: Well, I have things to occupy my time with, like I own this coffeehouse.

Chelsea: Do you plan to run it full time?

Sharon: Yes. I do. I am officially announcing that I am the new manager of crimson lights. I can be my own boss and make all the decisions.

Nick: Well, you definitely know the history of the place.

Sharon: Yeah, and I have lots of ideas. You know, I want to start serving fair trade coffee. I want to redo the menu. And maybe I'll give the underground a run for its money.

Chelsea: You better bring your "a" game, Nicholas.

Nick: Well, I like hearing this, whatever inspired it.

Sharon: Actually, I was thinking about Noah. When he was born, he was premature, and he was so tiny. Every breath he took could have been his last, but I knew that my love could give him the strength to survive.

Nick: Well, you gave me strength, too. You were pretty amazing.

Sharon: We got through that terrifying time together. And now Noah's grown up. He's confident, he's caring, he's everything I could want him to be. And we did that.

Chelsea: Well, it's obviously something that's gonna bond you guys forever.

Sharon: And now I'm gonna do what I did for Noah, for myself. He's proof that I can overcome anything.

Reed: Just a matter of time

Nikki: Reed is amazing. All right, the next time he performs, I want a front-row seat.

Mariah: Hopefully Victoria lets him perform here again.

[Cell phone rings]

Mariah: One second. It's work.

Noah: You know, I'm glad that you and my mom worked things out. Dylan really messed with her head, you know, leading her to believe that he'd forgiven her for what happened with Christian and then pulling the rug out from under her.

Nikki: That's not what happened.

Noah: He watched as the whole town judged and shamed her for what happened with Christian. I mean, I guess she hadn't suffered enough for him to be satisfied.

Nikki: Well, now I think you're the one being judgmental without knowing all the facts.

Noah: Okay. What am I missing?

Nikki: Dylan really wanted it to work out. It was very difficult for him to leave her. He loves her.

Noah: Then why hasn't he e-mailed or called to at least let her know where he's living? I mean, the guy completely disappeared. It's like he wants to pretend that she didn't even exist, like their marriage never even happened.

Nikki: Oh, Noah, darling, he didn't want to do it. He had no choice.

Noah: What do you mean, Dylan didn't have a choice?

Nikki: Oh, my gosh. I have lost all track of time. I am gonna be so late to a meeting.

Noah: No, you can't drop a bombshell like that without explaining. Come on.

Nikki: All I meant was that because of Sharon's lies, Dylan had to make a clean break just for his own well being.

Noah: Well, if he wasn't trying to hurt her, then there must be something else. I mean, come on. Their marriage seemed solid, and then all of a sudden he takes this undercover job. And he comes back and he can't even stand to be in the same city as her?

Nikki: You know, sometimes time away can give you perspective. It's impossible to understand somebody else's marriage.

Noah: Unless they explain it to you. Grandma, what do you know? What did Dylan tell you before he left? Please, look, whatever it is, you can trust me, okay? I won't tell anybody, not even mom.

Nikki: Honey, I wish I could say something to you that would make you understand. You're such a good son. Here you are fighting for your mother, just like she did for you when you were born. I'll talk to you later. I'm gonna be late. See you later, sweetheart.

Mariah: That looked intense. You okay?

Noah: Yeah. I'm just not so sure grandma and mom are.

Sharon: Okay, two coffees on the house. And I love to say that.

Nick: Well, I will have to repay the favor when you come to the underground.

Sharon: Oh, well, Sharon 2.0 is going to be a boss in every sense of the word. And I'm going to be a great role model for faith.

Chelsea: Good for you. I've been where you are, struggling to find purpose and joy in life after losing the man that I love. It's not easy, but it is worth it.

Sharon: You handled it much better than I have. Is there some secret to not feeling alone in your empty house?

Chelsea: Well, it's not empty. I have Connor there. And I've been able to get to a point where my memories of Adam, they make me happy. That wasn't just a place where we lived together. It's still my home.

Sharon: I hadn't thought of it like that. Well, everyone's handing out some excellent wisdom tonight. Thank you. And now I'm going to go home to my home.

Nick: Good night.

Sharon: Good night.

Chelsea: Bye.

Victoria: Look, it's late, and we're both riled up, so why don't we just go to sleep and we can talk about it in the morning?

Reed: Mom, it's an all-age open mic night. Wh-- why are you so dead set against me doing it? Do you think I'm lying about people liking me?

Victoria: Why would you think that?

Billy: 'Cause you've kind of doubted every word that comes out of his mouth.

Reed: Look, I've got proof. Just watch the video. I mean, you might not think I have any talent, but you can't dispute the fact that people like it. I mean, they're all applauding.

Victoria: Okay, I don't need to see it. I'm sure you did a great job. It just doesn't mean that you're gonna be a rockstar or anything.

Reed: I don't want to be. I just want to perform my songs.

Victoria: A lot of people think that they're destined to become artists, and it doesn't always work out for them.

Reed: I'd rather dig ditches than push papers around an office until I'm as stressed out and mean as you!

Victoria: Reed!

Reed: Everybody else thinks I have what it takes! Why don't you?!

Victoria: Reed! [Sighs]

Billy: He's actually -- he's not lying. The crowd loves him. Look.

Reed: Even then I still felt unsure about the way...

Billy: Pretty good.

Reed: ...About the way she used to lie

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Noah: Grandma said Dylan didn't have a choice. What does she mean by that?

Gloria: It hurts deeply that you're shutting me out.

Michael: I am equally chagrined that you insist that your job here is legitimate.

Jill: You made a solid offer, and I am gonna hold you to it!

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