Y&R Transcript Monday 2/20/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/20/17


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[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Oh. Unknown caller. Hello? [Sighs] No, thank you, and please take me off your call list. Solicitors. [Sighs]

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you were hoping it was Scott.

Lauren: Just I want to talk to him. You know, every time we get cut off, he always calls back. But not this time. I just want to know that he's okay.

Billy: Vick. Hey, what are you doing here? You okay? Kids okay?

Victoria: They're fine. I'm -- I'm fine.

Billy: Did you, uh, come here because of...

Victoria: I just wanted to check on your mom.

Billy: You didn't come in?

Victoria: No, I didn't want to interrupt.

Billy: You could have. You should have. I'm glad you're here.

Mariah: All right, so dinner was a good start, but dessert is better. And it's on me because I know the owner.

Sharon: Oh! She doesn't mind you giving out free treats?

Mariah: No, she doesn't. She loves it. She insists upon it, actually.

Sharon: [Laughing] Great. Well, thank you for getting me out of the house. That was very sweet of you, but, you know, you're off the hook now. There must be something you want to do with your night.

Mariah: Actually, there is. I have very big plans, and you're coming with me.

Sharon: Uh, no, that's really enough "out of the house" time for me.

Mariah: Oh, yeah? Let me ask you a question, Sharon. How much TV can a person watch? Because I think that you've hit your streaming capacity. And you don't even watch the TV anymore. You just stare in the direction of the TV trying not to think about Dylan and Christian. So tonight we are going to try a new approach. You're gonna go somewhere else and try not to think of them -- with me.

Sharon: Hmm. Are we going to be having a glass of wine?

Mariah: Oh, yes. Maybe even two. And some live entertainment.

That's right we are going to the underground two ladies on the town

Sharon: You're scaring me, seriously.

Mariah: You don't want more? Not this?

Noah: Hey, um, thank you, guys. Just one second, all right? Thanks.

Abby: So, what should I do? Should I be the bouncer? I can be very intimidating.

Noah: [Chuckles] Look at this crowd. I don't think we need a bouncer tonight, not even one that looks like you.

Abby: Okay, these emo kids can be very rough. I can keep them all in line.

Noah: I believe it.

Abby: [Laughs]

Nick: What a great way to set the tone for the night, huh? With a Newman family dinner. You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. Me? Yeah, of course. Oh, Abby's here. Hi.

Abby: Hi. Are you guys gonna do a duet tonight? How cute would that be? You would make all the other couples jealous.

Chelsea: Uh, couple -- couple. I don't -- I don't know if that's --

Nick: Thanks, Abby. Now you've freaked her out.

Chelsea: No.

Abby: I'm sorry. Improper use of the word "couple." Um, got it, but we all know better.

Noah: Hey, everyone. How you doing?

[Cheers and applause]

Noah: Welcome to open mic night at the underground.

[Cheers and applause]

Noah: This is a night full of surprises. Anything could happen, which makes it fun. Also a little scary. Let's have some fun.

[Cheers and applause]

Sharon: If you expect me to get up there and sing a country song about how my husband up and left me --

Mariah: And took the dog. In those songs, he always took the dog.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Mariah: No, we don't have to sing. We just have to sit and drink wine and watch some poor soul murder some Ed Sheeran songs. It'll be fun.

Sharon: Really?

Mariah: Yes! Okay, at the very least, let's go there, say hi to Noah so he knows you're alive and well and not at home crying into your pillow.

Sharon: Wait, is that what he thinks? He thinks I'm doing that? Okay, you know what? Don't answer me. Noah does worry about me too much. You're right. We should go.

Mariah: Yeah. After my cookie, though. This is a good supplier. You should keep them on.

Sharon: You know, I don't know what I'm gonna do with this place now that Dylan signed it over to me.

Mariah: What do you mean, what are you gonna do with it? You can't sell it, not after how hard Dylan worked to keep it from being bulldozed.

Sharon: Well, I would never let anyone destroy it. There's just too many memories here.

Mariah: Good. All right, I am gonna go check my face before we go.

Sharon: Okay. And your dress. You're wearing most of that cookie, you know.

Mariah: Oh, well, it's a snack for later.

Nick: You know what, squirt? I may have to put you in charge of product development.

Cassie: How much you gonna pay me? [Chuckles]

Sharon: How about all the juice you can drink?

Cassie: Careful. I can drink a lot of juice.

Nick: You know, she's right. Dang it! There go all the profits.

Sharon: We're gonna have to make her a vice president instead.

Nick: Yeah.

Cassie: What about the food? Are we gonna change that, too?

Nick: All right, whoa. Let's slow down here. We have enough projects to keep us busy for a while. We'll get into the menu another time. But, uh, I really like what we're doing here. We're on the right track. So what do you say we adjourn this meeting?

Cassie: I second that.


Nick: Man, you looked pretty good up there, bud. You sure you don't want to go and maybe try some a capella?

Noah: No, uh, I'm -- I'm just behind-the-scenes guy. But as long as I have the clipboard, you can't touch the mike.

Nick: Whoa! Well, it's your show. I'll make sure you get a cut of the door. How's that? Hey, where's Marisa? I thought she'd be here cheering you on.

Noah: Uh, yeah, we just agreed that I needed to focus on tonight, make sure it runs smoothly.

Nick: Yeah. Do your thing.

Abby: Hey, I'm sorry to crash your date, but --

Chelsea: You're not crashing, and it's not a -- uh, never mind.

Abby: Okay, I really need to ask you something. I'm getting a dozen warnings a day now about how dad will never retire, how he will never give me credit for deals, how he will cut me out of the loop on a whim.

Nick: And you want me to tell you they're all wrong? Look, I left Newman for a reason.

Abby: But I thought it was to look after Christian.

Nick: This time. But I left like 10, maybe 12 other times. I mean, that's got to tell you something.

Abby: And you always come back. That should tell you something.

Chelsea: Ouch! Sorry.

Nick: [Chuckles] Look, it tells me that I am invested in this family, you know, part of the team. That used to mean Newman enterprises, but now I work here with Noah and I love it. We're like our own little Newman team of two.

Abby: But you have insight that I need, better than anyone.

Nick: I don't know about that. I mean, what about Vick?

Abby: That's the other thing. Victoria has always been in line to take over for dad when he's done. Is she really gonna let me have the spot at Newman that was meant for her?

Billy: They had to redo one of the stents that they put in.

Victoria: [Sighs] Gosh, Billy.

Billy: But she's doing good, though. I mean, she's -- she's resting. Or she's ignoring me. Maybe both.

Victoria: I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I saw Jill the other day.

Billy: Yeah, and she seemed fine, right?

Victoria: Yeah, she did.

Billy: I guess that's the thing about heart attacks. You think it's gonna be some guy clutching his left arm, falling down. There were signs there that we didn't know. You know, her neck was tense. She kept yelling at Esther to turn down the heat. I guess they were symptoms, but she had no clue. I didn't till I started reading these pamphlets 6,000 times. There's jaw pain, nausea, sweating.

Victoria: Sounds like the flu.

Billy: Yeah. Little did she know she was having a heart attack. Do me a favor, okay? You get your heart checked. Do me and Johnny and Katie, do us all a favor. You get your heart checked.

Victoria: I'm not going anywhere, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, I know that's what my mom probably thought, too. I don't want Johnny to have to sit through this.

Victoria: Okay. I'll get checked.

Billy: And I will, too. And from now, I'm not gonna say, "hi. How you doing?" I'm gonna say, "for God's sake, get your heart checked." You know her. She's so stubborn. She thinks she's invincible. Hopefully this is a wake-up call and she makes the changes that she needs to make. I'm telling you, Vick. I need to change, too.

Michael: It's okay to tell me that you're scared. I know you worry about him.

Lauren: [Chuckles] I've tried so hard to get used to it. You know, all the travel and the war zones, wondering when and if I'm ever gonna hear from him. Just a text, an e-mail.

Michael: Or the occasional phone call. You're always calm and supportive whenever you do manage to get him all the line.

Lauren: Well, my panic is certainly not gonna help him. What he's doing is so important. He's showing people what's really going on. And he sees so much fear and violence. [Sniffles]

Michael: That doesn't mean you don't worry.

Lauren: I always have. And I always will, especially the way that he was taken from me as a baby. I almost didn't have the opportunity to raise my own son.

Michael: Oh. But, Mrs. Baldwin, you did raise your own son. You raised him to be the smart, capable, brave, young man he is today. Now, when he calls -- which he will -- you'll have lots of good news to share with him. I mean, getting Jabot's investment without ceding power -- he's gonna be thrilled because Scott's mother is smart, capable, and brave, too.

Lauren: Thank you for being the voice of reason.

Michael: Hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Lauren: Oh, did you order food?

Michael: No, I wish I had.

Lauren: I wish you had, too.

Michael: [Sighs]

Lauren: Hi, Paul.

Paul: Hi, Lauren.

Lauren: Come on in.

Michael: Paul, this is a surprise. What's up?

Paul: Well, uh, Lauren, have you heard from Scott lately?

Lauren: Um, I had a dropped call the other day, but nothing since. Why? What's wrong?

Paul: Well, uh, a friend from the state department called, and we don't know anything for sure yet, but there is a chance... that Scott may be missing.

Victoria: So, Phillip doesn't know or Lauren?

Billy: Nope. [Clears throat] And her biological father died of a massive heart attack, so...

Victoria: I know it's scary. But Jill's strong. She's tenacious.

Billy: Well, she's not as strong as she thought she was. You should have saw what it took to convince her to let the doctor do the tests that she needed to do. I mean, she thought she was gonna go home and go about her business.

Victoria: You know, I guess in a way, the timing is perfect. I mean, you know, the sale of brash & sassy took away some of her stress, I think.

Billy: There's still chancellor, which is stress number one, and there's Colin, stress number two. And I'm telling you, that guy's gonna have to go through me until she's fully recovered.

Victoria: You know what? She'd be proud to hear you say that. Even though she probably wouldn't admit it.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Victoria: I'm gonna let you get back to your mom.

Billy: Okay. Vick. Thank you for coming. Means a lot.

Victoria: Yeah. Take care of yourself.

Billy: [Sighs]

Lauren: What does that even mean, that Scott may be missing? How could they not know?!

Paul: Well, I don't know the details of their information gathering. But Scott's news agency, um, well, they haven't been able to reach him.

Lauren: And your friend just called to tell you that out of the blue?

Michael: It was me, Lauren. I tried to track Scott down on my own. When that didn't work, I went to Paul.

Paul: Michael said that you had some concerns about Scotty's whereabouts.

Michael: The hope was I could surprise you with good news. This was not what we expected.

Lauren: What happened?

Paul: Well, he had an interview with a source, and he and his driver left as scheduled. But then they never filed the story. And no one has been in contact with the driver or Scotty since then.

Lauren: Oh, dear God.

[Vehicle approaches]

Victoria: Hello.

Reed: Hey.

Victoria: How are the kids?

Reed: Uh, Hannah put them to bed and took off.

Victoria: Really? So what have you been doing since dinner?

Reed: You know, just playing my guitar and talking on the phone and streaming a movie on my laptop.

Victoria: Reed.

Reed: Nothing. I've been doing nothing, as you ordered.

Victoria: How was the rest of dinner at grandma and grandpa's house? Did I miss anything?

Reed: Dessert.

Victoria: So nothing happened?

Reed: What would happen?

Victoria: I don't know. Something. When you get a bunch of Newmans in a room, it doesn't usually go that smoothly.

Abby: Why is that such a hard question?

Nick: Because you're asking me what's in Victoria's head. I don't have an answer for you.

Abby: So you're saying that she wants to run Newman.

Nick: I'm not -- is that what I'm saying?

Chelsea: I am just drinking my wine and minding my own business.

Nick: That is so helpful. Thank you.

Abby: Am I busting my butt at Newman for no reason? Yes or no. It's really not that complicated.

Nick: Abby, she is at brash & sassy, all right? She's doing her own thing. Nobody's looking over her shoulder or nobody's making judgments.

You are at Newman.

You are building dad's trust. Run with that.

Abby: As long as I'm not in some secret competition that no one bothered to tell me about.

Nick: Abby, that's all in your head. I promise you. Look, just keep doing what you're doing. Learn. Show dad you're loyal. Make the company lots of money.

Abby: And I'm doing that. Okay, so what you're saying is, is that I need to stay calm and stop second-guessing myself.

Nick: What I really think you should do is get up on that stage. You know, play out all these thoughts and feelings in music. Maybe do an interpretive dance. That could be cool, too.

Abby: No. And you're really bad at this, by the way.

Nick: Wh--

Abby: But thank you.

Nick: Do you think I just sent her off to the Newman slaughter?

Chelsea: No. Not at all. Actually, I completely agree with you. If she wants to gain Victor's respect, she can't show weakness. She has to stick to her own decisions, and she'll eventually do what's best for everybody.

Nick: Tonight was too much, right? Too much, uh, togetherness?

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Nick: Ever since the dinner, you've been a little quiet, like maybe you've reached your Newman limit.

Chelsea: No, no. Not at all.

Nick: You sure? You seem like you've lost your enthusiasm for the night, and we just can't have that.

Chelsea: We can't, can we?

Nick: No. So here's what I'm willing to do. I will get up on that stage. I will do my Elvis impersonation. Now, it could shame the family for years, but I'm willing to do that for you if it will cheer you up. I don't care. You could mock me. At this point, I'll take anything.

Chelsea: You're aiming for mockery?

Nick: I want to set the expectations low, you know, so you're dazzled with my -- my hip swivel.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Nick: Oh, my lip curl.

Chelsea: That's quite dazzling.

Mariah: We're not too late.

Noah: Okay. Hey, people. How you doing? All right, I got my clipboard and our performers ready to go. So, first off -- oh, this is a great name, guys -- broken-hearted exes.

[Cheers and applause]

[Guitar strums]

You slammed the door in my face and left me with blunt force drama Ooh, you slammed me ooh Slammed me Broke my nose

Michael: But if you could just be a little more specific about the location, I -- I understand. Then if I could talk to someone who saw him recently. His -- his mother and I -- no, of course. Thank you. I'm sorry.

Lauren: What? They can't do this. They have to give us answers! They've got satellites and contacts and intelligence operations! He is an American journalist working for a British news organization!

Michael: It is possible they don't have this information.

Lauren: Oh, I don't believe that for a second!

Paul: You know, I'm not saying they do have it. But they might be withholding information for Scott's safety.

Lauren: We're talking about a war zone here! We're talking about bombs and fear and rubble! My son hasn't been safe in years! They cannot shut us out!

Paul: Lauren, Lauren, if there is available information, we will get it. I promise you.

Lauren: What if that driver wasn't really a driver? [Voice breaking] What if that source was a decoy and my son is at another location? What -- what if he was kidnapped or worse?!

Paul: We will find out his last known location. We will.

Lauren: Good. You keep calling, and you tell me where to go when I get there.

Michael: Wait, wait, wait, wait. When you get there? What are you saying?

Lauren: I'm going on the next plane! I'm gonna go find my son.

You slammed me

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you.


Noah: All right, that, uh, that was broken-hearted exes. I feel you, guys. I do. Uh, more music in a few minutes.

Mariah: Maybe this was a dumb idea.

Sharon: What do you mean? No, we're here to support Noah.

Mariah: Yeah, but, um, other people are here, too.

Sharon: Who? Oh, you mean nick? [Scoffs] Are you worried that that's gonna bother me, seeing nick and Chelsea getting along?

Mariah: Or possibly even dating.

Sharon: Well, I won't say I told you so, but, um, you know, I actually encouraged them to give that a chance.

Mariah: But that was before.

Sharon: Before what?

Mariah: Before Dylan left.

Sharon: [Sighs] Mariah, I have seen nick with a lot of different women. I mean, dozens. It doesn't mean anything to me. Look, I'll -- I'll show you. Come here.

Mariah: Oh.

Sharon: Hi, nick, Chelsea. Good to see you guys. I was just telling, uh, Mariah that I wouldn't say I told you so about you two getting together.

Nick: And this is you not saying it, so...

Chelsea: It's, uh, good to see you guys. This should be a great night.

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah, I think it'll be more fun for you two than anyone else. I mean, it seems like you're official now.

Nick: Hey, slow down. We're just, uh... you know, we're, uh...

Mariah: Trying to be chill. Yeah.

Nick: Chill. Trying to be chill.

Mariah: You know, it's okay that I can say that, but when you say it, it sounds a little weird.

Chelsea: Okay, how about low key? Can -- can -- can we say low key? Are we allowed to say that?

Sharon: You two are allowed to be happy. Remember that.

Noah: Mom, hey. You made it.

Sharon: Oh! Noah, hi! Of course I made it.

Noah: Hi.

Mariah: We are your personal cheerleading squad.

Noah: Oh, that's -- that's great, but you're supposed to clap for people on the stage. I-I really hope that they're not all, you know, sad break-up songs and also that some of them can actually play an instrument.

Abby: You know, it's too bad that Reed's not here. He'd kill. Seriously.

Noah: No, you're right. He -- he would do great. But no, he -- he couldn't make it. He's not ready yet.

Reed: Congratulations on buying brash & sassy. Would have had no clue if grandpa hadn't have mentioned it.

Victoria: Are you interested in my work, Reed? Because you've never asked me about it.

Reed: I'm interested to know when you're firing Billy.

Victoria: Why would you say that?

Reed: You don't want him around here, around me. I mean, why would you want him around your office?

Victoria: That's not fair, and that's not true. I'm keeping Billy on. He knows how much the company means to me.

Reed: Yeah, it's like your baby. I heard you say it once or twice.

Victoria: It means a lot to me, yes.

Reed: So now that you're the big cheese, what does that mean? Longer hours for you and more Hannah time for Katie and Johnny?

Victoria: You know that you kids come first. Even if it makes you nuts, I am gonna be here for you and your little brother and sister. I'm gonna be hovering around you. I'm gonna be annoying you.

Reed: Sounds great.

Victoria: Great.

Reed: [Sighs]

Victoria: [Sighs] I hate this. I hate this, don't you? Every conversation is just tense and we're angry and... [Sighs] Look, I didn't take control of brash & sassy because I want to hurt Billy or because I want to spend less time at the house. I did it because...because it makes me happy and because I like -- I like turning something into a success. And I want the same thing for you. I want you to find something that you love that brings you joy and -- and something that you can be proud of.

Reed: That's what you want for me?

Victoria: Yes, that's what I want for you. I wish you could understand that. I want the world for you.

[Doorbell rings]

Reed: I got it. Hey, Billy.

Billy: Hey.

Reed: What's up?

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: I should have called.

Victoria: Is it Jill? What's wrong?

Billy: No, Mom's okay. She's, uh, she's still resting. There's been no change.

Reed: Wait, what -- what are you two talking about?

Billy: My mom had a heart attack, but she's gonna be okay. She's in the hospital for now.

Reed: I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Billy: It's all right. I know. She's a strong one, and she's also private, so I appreciate if we just keep it between us. She doesn't really want random people to know, okay?

Reed: I got it. I won't say anything.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: If Jill's okay, why did you come all the way here?

Billy: I wanted to say good night to the kids.

Victoria: I'm sure they'd love it.

Billy: Thanks.

Reed: That's why you left dinner. It wasn't for work. It was for Billy and Jill. You just didn't say anything.

Victoria: You heard him. Jill's not ready to have people know.

Reed: Jill's strong, right?

Victoria: Yeah.

Reed: Billy just... he seemed so freaked out and scared.

Victoria: [Sighs] Well, that's what happens. You worry about your kids, and at a certain point, you worry about your parents. Life is precious. It's really fragile, so you have to find your happiness when and -- and where you can. You understand that, right? I'm gonna go check on Billy.

Michael: You are not getting on a plane to the middle east! That is not going to happen!

Paul: We will work on locating Scott with you here, not overseas. You understand?

Lauren: I can't help him from here! I can't fix things from Genoa city! My son is missing. I can't do anything unless I'm there!

Paul: Lauren, listen, believe me. I know how -- how difficult it is to sit and wait for information. I do. I really do. But that's what we have to do now. Scott is smart and he's resourceful.

Michael: Like his mother. And like his mother, he is perfectly capable of getting himself out of a difficult situation.

Lauren: But the risks and the dangers. I have read all of Scott's stories. Those people live in danger and they live in fear, and that is the world that he is in right now. [Voice breaking] Anything could happen to him! I have lived with that fear day in and day out! Now you tell me that my son is missing. And you went to Paul because you were worried, so this fear is real! It is rational! My son is in danger!

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: It's Washington. Yes, this is chief Williams.

Nick: Look at you, out in the world, supporting your son. That's good for him and for you.

Sharon: Well, you can, uh, you know, give the credit to Mariah. She deserves it.

Nick: She really loves you.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. I love her, too. And you know what I realize about her? She is the way that she is not because she doesn't care about people but because of how she cares about people.

Nick: It's hard for me to -- to look at her and not think...

Sharon: Yeah. About Cassie. It's hard, if not impossible, to wonder what she would have been like if she had the chance to grow up.

Nick: She was an amazing kid. She would have been an amazing adult, too.

Sharon: Yeah, I was thinking about her just now, back when we, uh, we bought crimson lights. [Chuckles]

Nick: She was a cheerleader. She was always excited about something.

Sharon: Yeah, I could use some of that right now. I just -- I have to make some big decisions about crimson lights now that I own it. You know, do I sell it, do I keep it?

Nick: Well, there's something to be said for having a business of your own. You know, it's not Newman or Jabot or chancellor. Sure, sometimes it can be a headache, but, you know, all those problems you can solve are easy to fix. You can do it.

Sharon: Yeah, you know what? That sounds good. It's maybe the only thing I can fix right now.

Nick: And it'd be full circle, you know. You used to own it. You do again. There's got to be a reason for that.

Reed: Hey.

Noah: Dude, you came!

Reed: Yeah.

Abby: Oh, my God! I said you should be here. Did I not just say that?

Noah: All the credit goes to Abby for summoning you with her mind. How did you talk your mom into coming?

Reed: Well, it was practically her idea. Um, she just told me she wanted me to be happy and, like, follow my dreams and stuff, so it worked out.

Mariah: Well, to be fair, some of the acts you could follow are more like nightmares.

Noah: Uh, yeah, you know, she's right. We're gonna -- we're gonna need you up there, like, right now.

Reed: Now?

Abby: Yeah, your fingers are warm from Nikki's piano. Uh, you're all set. You're ready to go.

Reed: Yeah, I-I-I guess so. Um, totally. Uh, let's -- let's go.

Noah: Let's get this going.

Reed: Um...

Abby: Wait, um, Mariah, Mariah, this is Reed. Reed, this is Mariah.

Mariah: Hi, by the way. Sorry. I should have introduced myself before I bashed your fellow performers.

Reed: No, it's all right. Uh, I appreciate people who don't blow smoke. Um, it was nice meeting you.

Nick: Hey, bud.

Reed: Hey.

Billy: Thank you for letting me say good night to the kids. They change every day. It's like a new skill, a new scab.

Victoria: [Chuckles] They love you, and they're gonna be here waiting for you whenever you're ready, but I think right now Jill needs you.

Billy: My mom needs me. It's crazy, isn't it? Jill needs me. All of a sudden, I'm the adult. I need to be the rational, calm one.

Victoria: I know. It's unnerving.

Billy: It's terrifying. I have to be an adult? Ugh. It's more terrifying to think about losing her, though. The last time she ended up in the hospital, it was my fault. We were arguing, yelling, it got heated. That's our story, isn't it? We argue. We say things to each other.

Victoria: You know, I heard you back there with your mother. I didn't mean to intrude, but I heard some of what you said, and it's obvious how much you love your mom.

Billy: Is that enough, though? I mean, of course I love her. I loved her when we were yelling at each other, too.

Victoria: Well, if you want to make things right with her, you will.

Billy: Don't worry. I know making it right with my mom doesn't mean that I'll ever make it right with you. I get that.

Victoria: This is about Jill right now. I know that you're hurting because of this, Billy.

Billy: Yes. I do have a heart under this gruff exterior.

Victoria: Yeah, while mine is frozen like ice, according to some.

Billy: I shouldn't have said that, and I don't mean it. And Reed doesn't mean it, either. There's nothing icy about you. A little, you know, cutthroat lately, but not icy.

Victoria: There's nothing cutthroat about wanting to do what's right for the company that I founded, and Jill sold it to me willingly. I own brash & sassy. It's mine.

Billy: I'm just saying, Vick, you're a strong, savvy leader. You don't have to be a steamroller to get the job done, okay? You're -- you're perfect the way you are.

Mariah: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey. Step away from the booze, kid.

Reed: I wasn't gonna --

Mariah: Yeah, yeah. Sure you weren't.

Reed: You don't know me.

Mariah: You're right. I don't. But once upon a time, I was a wayward teen. Way, way wayward. So I can relate to taking a drink. But as somebody who used to work here, I have to talk you out of taking that shot because nick and Noah are family to me, and you drinking that could get this place shut down.

Reed: I didn't even do anything.

Mariah: But you were thinking about it. I understand. You've got some nerves going on. They like to call booze liquid courage. But they also call it "get up on stage and heave all over the microphone." They don't actually call it that. I just made that up. But trust me, you do not want to take any chances. Abby says you're awesome. So go up there, do your thing, and let your talent speak for itself.

Noah: All right. You ready?

Reed: Yeah. Yeah, let's do it. Um, but, uh, first can you do me a favor and not say that I'm your cousin?

Noah: Yeah. Hey, you got it.

Mariah: Good luck.

Noah: Okay, everybody. Next up is a, uh, buddy of mine, Reed Hellstrom.

[Cheers and applause]

Reed: Um...

Lauren: They gave you news. Tell me everything.

Paul: Okay, the state department has reason to believe that Scott is alive.

Lauren: [Gasps] Oh, thank God.

Paul: And they have narrowed down the area where he might be located.

Michael: Where is that?

Paul: They won't give me that information, Michael. It's for Scott's safety.

Lauren: For his safety, they need to get him out of there!

Paul: It's possible that he's being held against his will.

Michael: Kidnapped?

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: It's an international call. Hello? Scott? Scott, is that you?

Reed: Um, so, this is something that I've been working on for -- for a little while now. Um...

[Crowd gasps]


Abby: Oh, my God. Was I wrong?

Mariah: Well, we can always tackle him and drag him off stage if need be.

Reed: [Sighs]

Why'd you wait until I was in love to tell me that she was not mine? Left me riding down the road under the dim streetlight lit sky nothing changed between me and her until I changed my mind even then I still felt unsure about the way she used to lie just a matter of time just a matter of time

Billy: Remember what I said. You're the strongest, toughest, smartest person that I know. Not only that, you're compassionate and you're understanding. You have all the makeup of a really good leader. Doesn't matter if it's a cosmetic company, the free world, or this house. I would always put you in charge no matter what. I believe in you.

Victoria: Thank you. That -- that means a lot. I'm sorry I've been a little harsh with you lately.

Billy: You can forget about the apologies, okay? I just needed to say that. [Sighs] I think you're amazing. Always be who you are.

Victoria: [Sighs] Well, I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you. And neither is Jill. You're a really good son, Billy, and you're an awesome father.

Billy: What about husband?

Victoria: Um, well, two out of three's not bad. [Chuckles]

Billy: Come here.

Lauren: Scott, are you there?!

Scott: Mom?

Lauren: [Gasps]

Scott: Mom!

Lauren: [Gasps] I'm here, baby. Are you all right?! Are you safe?! S-Scott? Scott! No, come on! Scott! [Sobs] Oh, Scott.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Hilary: I said from the beginning that I don't want Devon's money.

Jack: Then what is it you're after? We both know it's got to be something.

Esther: You changed the locks?

Billy: Yep. If he can't get that through his tiny, sleazy skull, I'll force it through.

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