Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/16/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/16/17


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(we may be missing the end)

Jill: [Groggily] Why are you looking at me like that?

Esther: Like what?

Jill: Like I'm in a box and you're at a funeral.

Billy: Just here to annoy you, mom.

Jill: Go away, you two. Go away. I don't need a pair of vultures hovering over me.

Billy: We're on escape duty, making sure you don't bolt.

Esther: We had to practically drag you to the E.R. Last night. You looked terrible.

Jill: Oh, thank you, Esther. But as you can plainly see, I'm perfectly all right.

Billy: You don't remember?

Jill: I don't know. They must have given me drugs or something. [Scoffs] I have acid reflex. Give me some medicine so I can get out of here. You, Esther, please give me the call button. I can call the nurse and ask her when I can leave.

Billy: Why don't we wait and talk to the doctor first?

Jill: Why would we do that, Billy?

[Cell phone rings]

Jill: Ow! [Sighs] Hmm. It's Colin.

Esther: That louse has been calling here all night.

Billy: At least he stayed away, like we told him to.

Jill: If I see his face, if I hear his voice, he's gonna be in a hospital bed, too.

Colin: Sweetheart, look, I can understand that you're pretty upset about what's happened. But look, I-I know we can work through this, okay? Please. Pl-please, can you just call me or -- or have Billy call me? I-I need to know that you're okay. I love you.

[Doorbell rings]

Cane: All right, what's so urgent I had to race right over here?

Colin: It's, uh, it's Jill.

Cane: Yeah? Well, she's the last person I'm in the mood to see.

Colin: She's in the hospital.

Cane: What? Why? What happened? Is she all right? Why aren't you at the hospital with her?

Colin: Because I'm kind of the reason that she's there.

Victoria: It's the first time we've had that -- Lily, hey! Good morning.

Lily: Hey, good morning.

Victoria: Hey, don't you have a photo shoot at Jordan's studio?

Lily: Uh, not for a while. I'm -- I'm looking for Cane.

Victoria: I haven't seen him yet.

Lily: Oh, okay.

Victoria: I assumed that he would be in late this morning since you guys were out late last night celebrating your anniversary.

Lily: Um, actually, it, uh, it wasn't much of a celebration.

Noah: Hey.

Nick: Hey. I am just going over these numbers you've been pulling in lately. This is ridiculous.

Noah: Glad you're pleased.

Nick: I'm ecstatic! This is amazing, dude! Hey, did your grandfather get ahold of you about tonight?

Noah: Oh, yeah, I got the invite, but, um, I'm gonna pass. I have to get things ready for the open mic night.

Nick: Okay.

Noah: That's it? Seriously? No, like, lecture on family or I have to put forth more of an effort or...?

Nick: It's just dinner. I'm sure you have other commitments. I really appreciate all the time you've been putting into this place.

Noah: You're in a good mood.

Nick: Yeah, I guess I am. I had a pretty solid time last night.

Noah: Oh, yeah? Well, what'd you do?

Nick: I was with Chelsea.

Noah: You were with Chelsea? Like -- like as friends, right? Was it more?

Nick: [Sighs]

Nikki: Hey. At last he emerges from his study.

Victor: Well, I had to clear some things off the desk so I can be free later.

Nikki: Yes, our special dinner. I can't wait.

Victor: I hope you don't mind that I invited the rest of the family.

Nikki: I don't understand. Didn't we just have a family gathering? Why the sudden need for another one?

Victor: I just thought it would be nice to get the whole family together again. I mean, that's all.

Nikki: No special reason?

Victor: Why? Should there be one?

Nikki: I'm just wondering, uh, is there some sort of special announcement?

Victor: No, not really.

Nikki: Well, I have to say, ever since you decided to step back from the company, I've been waiting to see what comes next.

Victor: Hmm.

Nikki: Is it possible you're finally ready to make an announcement about your retirement?

Victor: If and when something that earth-shattering happens, you're the first one to know.

Noah: So, your first date, and on valentine's day? Some pretty heavy stuff.

Nick: It wasn't like, you know, some fancy dinner date. We ended up getting stuck here most of the night, actually.

Noah: Doing what?

Nick: Well, mark called in sick, and there wasn't bartending help until after 10:00.

Noah: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You worked? What kind of date is that?

Nick: It was actually fun. Chelsea even pitched in and tended bar. You should have seen her.

Noah: No, she didn't.

Nick: Yes, she was amazing. It's like she'd been here forever.

Noah: [Chuckles] Well, it must have reminded you of sage, like the first time she helped you behind the bar.

Nick: Silk panties.

Noah: Sorry. What was that?

Nick: Yeah, silk panties. [Chuckles] It's, like, her specialty drink.

Noah: Ha! You guys had some pretty good memories here.

Nick: Yeah, we did. You know, but I learned last night that you can create new memories and they can sit alongside the old ones. You can feel okay about it.

Noah: You know what? I am glad that you and Chelsea are taking the plunge. Look, everybody can see you guys getting closer.

Nick: No, there's no... plunge. You know, we're just hanging out, taking things slow. I don't know where it's going, if anywhere. I don't even know when I'm gonna see her again.

Noah: How about now?

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Hey. What brings you by?

Chelsea: Doughnut break. Who's in?

Lily: Cane just feels like you steamrolled over him and that Jill took the cash over their friendship.

Victoria: I see. So he took his frustrations out on you and your special evening.

Lily: Yeah, it's just -- it's a bit awkward now that you're my boss. [Chuckles]

Victoria: You know, Lily, I love the work that you're doing here, and there's no issue between you and me.

Lily: What about Cane? I mean, will he still have a place here?

Victoria: I let him know how talented I think he is, but I'm not gonna spend any more time massaging his bruised ego. If your husband's gonna be on my team, he needs to be on my team. It's the only way this is gonna work. You both understand that, right?

Jordan: Excuse me, ladies. Lily, ready to roll?

Colin: I was gonna pay back every penny with -- with interest, but she found out about it before I could. And, well, it was meant to be a nice surprise.

Cane: Wait, wait. How is it meant to be a surprise? You didn't think she'd realize that you'd gambled her entire life savings away, dad?

Colin: I don't need you berating me. She's already done a first-class job of that.

Cane: And this is why she's in the hospital?

Colin: I tried to keep her calm, to walk her through the whole thing, but all of a sudden, I turn around and Esther and Billy have bundled her off to the emergency room.

Cane: Okay, and they kept her overnight.

Colin: Well, I assume, because she didn't come home.

Cane: Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean, you assume? You have called to check on her condition? What is wrong with you?!

Colin: I have been calling constantly! Nobody will talk to me! I'm beside myself with worry!

Cane: This is why no one wants anything to do with you, especially Jill!

Colin: I-I-I got to make this right.

Cane: Oh!

Colin: I got to pay back every penny so that she can go off and buy Jack's shares of Fenmore's.

Cane: Okay, and how are you gonna do that?

Colin: Well... that's where you come in, my boy.

Jill: Forget about Colin? Billy, how am I supposed to do that when he took every cent I had in the world?

Billy: Stop, stop, okay? The only thing that matters is your health.

Jill: Yeah, well, there's not a thing wrong with my health. Not one single thing.

Esther: Jill, you are in intensive care.

Jill: Yeah, apparently so. Which is kind of insane considering that it's heartburn. There must be some sort of mix-up here.

Billy: Hi.

Dr. Lang: How's our patient this morning?

Jill: Uh...

Dr. Lang: Dr. Lang. I was on the cardiologist on call when you came in.

Jill: See, what I need is a G.I. Specialist. I don't mean to be rude, but what am I doing here? I feel perfectly well.

Billy: She doesn't remember a whole lot right now.

Dr. Lang: I'm not surprised. You were in and out for a while and sedated during the procedure.

Jill: Well, see, I... [Chuckles] I'm sure you're really confident, okay? But the problem here is not my heart. It's my stomach. And I think I know my own body, okay? So, please, when can I go home?

Dr. Lang: It won't be today, I'm afraid.

Jill: Why not?

Dr. Lang: Ms. Atkinson...

Jill: Not that name, please. Jill. Jill.

Dr. Lang: When you came in last night, your EKG showed that you were in the throes of myocardial infarction. You had a heart attack.

Jill: What? No. That -- no, that can't be.

Billy: Doctor, can you explain it to her the way that you explained it to us, please?

Dr. Lang: You have heart disease, Jill. Plaque's been building up in the walls of your arteries for several years. The vessels get stiff after awhile, and in your case, several of them ruptured. As your body attempted to repair the damage, clots formed. Your left anterior descending artery had just closed up with 100% blockage. You had another one that was blocked at 80%. Your heart muscle couldn't get enough oxygen. Now, I'm hopeful that eventually you'll be able to regain full function. You're lucky. This artery's been nicknamed the widowmaker. It was a good thing your son and Esther brought you in when they did or else this could have been fatal.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Dr. Lang: You have a couple more arteries that are blocked at about 60%. Uh, we'll keep a close eye on them, but they weren't serious enough to stent.

Jill: Stent?

Dr. Lang: We placed two medicated stents inside your heart, two mesh tubings that opened up the artery, and it's to keep the blood flowing.

Billy: When she does, uh, come home, how do we -- how do we treat this?

Jill: No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop this! This is ridiculous! You are making it sound like I'm at death's door! I had an incident because I lost all of my money! My stupid husband betrayed me! Anybody would feel sick after that!

Esther: Jill, come on. You can deny this all you want, but --

Billy: No, she can't, Esther. This is a wake-up call, and she needs to listen.

Jill: Excuse me! I am right here in this room! Do not treat me like some frail, old woman! I had a bad moment! It passed! I'm fine now, and I am going home!

Dr. Lang: Jill, calm down. Just breathe.

Nick: So how did we rate a visit from the doughnut fairy?

Chelsea: Designer's block. I hit a wall.

Nick: That sounds traumatic.

Chelsea: Yeah, just a chocolate glazed doughnut with sprinkles -- it was the only way that I could ease my pain.

Nick: Well, just know if it ever happens again, I'm here for you.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll have to remember that.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Although I did have so much fun last night that I'm thinking I'll just ditch the whole designer thing and I'll just go back to bartending.

Noah: Whoa, hold on there. Are you trying to put me out of a job? According to dad here, you, uh, you got some pretty mad skills.

Chelsea: Oh, really?

Nick: Oh, that is legit. You should taste her dirty martini, man.

Chelsea: I don't know. I try not to brag.

Nick: Careful. The humble ones are the ones you got to watch out for.

Noah: That's it. It's on, you and me. Let's go. Right now.

Nick: Uh-oh.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Jill: All right, get these things off me.

Dr. Lang: Jill.

Jill: I need to get dressed and go home.

Billy: Mom, you're not going anywhere.

Jill: No, the hell I'm not.

Billy: Mom, will you stop being so stubborn?

Esther: Come on, Jill. Let me help you get back into bed.

Jill: Touch me, you are a dead woman, Esther! Stop it! You are all overreacting. Now, it's not like I had chest pains and keeled over!

Dr. Lang: I understand why you're having trouble accepting what happened. Women's symptoms are quite often very different than men's symptoms. Yesterday, when you came in, you were complaining about your jaw aching and you had shortness of breath.

Billy: She was nauseated, too.

Esther: And perspiring.

Jill: Oh, 'cause you keep the heat on at full blast, Esther!

Dr. Lang: Believe it or not, these are typical coronary symptoms for women. Some have the kind of chest pains that men experience, but many more don't.

Jill: I just -- I thought it was acid reflex. I've been having that a lot.

Esther: Maybe it's been your heart all along.

Dr. Lang: It's a mistake that we see every single day. Symptoms can mimic each other. Digestive problems, panic attacks, stomach pains, chest pains, feeling like you're tired all the time -- all these can be present with the heart issues. That's why it's crucial to get to a doctor right away and make sure that you know what's going on. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in this country. It's nothing to play around with.

Billy: Bottom line, though, doc -- she's gonna be okay?

Dr. Lang: She'll be able to get back to her usual activities very soon, but with time and some lifestyle adjustments, she will probably be able to live a fairly normal life.

Billy: That's good to know.

Dr. Lang: Jill, have you had any other symptoms? Pain in your shoulder, arm, or back?

Jill: Uh, no, no. No pain anywhere.

Dr. Lang: And now's your stress level? Is it higher than usual?

Jill: Uh...

Dr. Lang: You're gonna have to avoid that if you want to stay well. And what about family history? Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

Billy: Her father died of a massive heart attack.

Esther: And there could be history on her mother's side, too, but Jill doesn't really know that part of her family.

Jill: Yeah, Esther. You've done enough talking. Please, could you get me some coffee or something?

Esther: Oh, no, no. No coffee. How about soothing herbal tea?

Jill: Esther, whatever. Just go and get it, please.

Dr. Lang: If you ever have any symptoms like you did last night, I want you to call 911 immediately. Do not drive yourself. Do not call a taxi. Time is critical. EMTs can cut through traffic. They can start treatment in the ambulance. They can call ahead with your vital signs, and you can go to the head of the triage line. When you're having a stroke or a heart attack, minutes count.

Billy: That's good advice. Right, mom? That's good advice. Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Lang: You're welcome. Now, Jill, I have you booked today for an echocardiogram. It's going to be non-invasive. It'll take about an hour, and it should tell us how the stents are working. And in a few weeks, we'll get you on a treadmill and do a stress test.

Jill: No. No more tests. No.

Billy: Mom.

Jill: I've got too much to do. Billy, you know I have to call my banker right away!

Billy: There's no wheeling and dealing right now. You need to take care of yourself.

Jill: No, Billy!

Dr. Lang: Your son is right.

Jill: No! You can't force me to stay here! Neither one of you can force me!

Billy: Mom.

Jill: No! I have stuff to do, and I'm gonna do it! Don't! Don't! Don't!

Billy: Doctor, please, could I, uh, could I just have a minute with her, please?

Dr. Lang: Yes.

Jill: [Sobs]

Cane: You want me to lend you money? Have you lost your mind?!

Colin: Ethan, I swear I'll pay you back.

Cane: Dad, if I had the money, I would have used it to buy brash & sassy.

Colin: Okay, well, then, I guess I got to get the money elsewhere. The next time I see Jill, I got to tell her she's solvent.

Cane: All right, you don't get it, do you, all right? Even if you came up with a truckload full of cash, it's not gonna erase what you did 'cause it's not about the money! It's about your marriage and the trust you broke!

Colin: Okay, let's go.

Cane: Wait, wait. Where are we going?

Colin: The hospital to see Jill so that I can grovel for mercy.

Cane: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Chelsea: Still got time to back out.

Noah: Excuse me. I know my way around a blender, lady.

Nick: Okay, we're making three drinks each. You will be judged on creativity and quality. Agreed?

Both: Agreed.

Chelsea: My Burmese banshee is going to take you down.

Noah: Excuse me. The only reason why you're talking is you haven't tried my Genoa City fizz.

Nick: Okay, enough with the talking. Let's take our marks. Hands on the bar. Get ready. Mix.

Jordan: There's some good shots. Definitely workable. Dazzling smile. Beautiful face.

Lily: Is there a problem?

Jordan: No. It's just... that playfulness that you have that I love so much, it's not there. As we were shooting, I noticed that you weren't really being yourself. What's going on, Lily?

Lily: [Sighs] I-I I don't know if I can keep doing this job.

Victoria: Well, the deal is done. It's official.

Victor: What?!

Victoria: Yeah, I'm the sole owner of brash & sassy.

Victor: Congratulations.

Victoria: Thanks. I'm so glad I took your advice.

Victor: Well, you know, your mother and I realize how much this company meant to you.

Nikki: Well, it always has been your baby.

Victoria: Yeah, I wish everyone understood that.

Victor: I'm sure Cane was not too happy about it.

Victoria: Well, when Cane heard the news, he totally unloaded on me.

Victor: Really?

Victoria: I think Lily's worried about him.

Nikki: And how did Billy take it?

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, who cares what that guy thinks?

Victoria: Well, Billy was very supportive at first, and then things got a little complicated.

Victor: Really?

Nikki: How do you mean?

Victoria: Apparently he didn't like the way that I went around buying the company, so he accused me of being like dad -- cold and unfeeling.

Victor: Oh, really? Who the hell cares what he thinks? So, now that Jill is out of your hair, how about dumping Billy boy, as well?

Billy: Look, I know you don't want any more tests.

Jill: No, and I don't want you to tell anybody about this. Do not breathe a word of it.

Billy: Okay, I won't.

Jill: 'Cause this is my private medical information. It's nobody's business.

Billy: Okay, that's fine, but you are following through with this ultrasound.

Jill: No, I'm not.

Billy: Yes, you are.

Jill: No.

Billy: You heard the doctor. You need this test.

Jill: [Sighs]

Billy: You should want as much information about your condition as possible. When was the last time you had a physical?

Jill: I don't know, Billy. September when I had the acid reflex.

Billy: Well, what if it wasn't acid reflux? What if it was your heart then? Did you follow up with your doctor?

Jill: I didn't feel the need to.

Billy: Mom.

[Door opens]

Jill: You have nerve coming in here.

Billy: Get out. Now.

Cane: He insisted on coming 'cause he cares about your mom, so just be civil.

Colin: Jill, I've been so worried about you. I'll do anything I can to make this right. Please. Just let me stay for a little while.

Jill: [Sobs]

Lily: Cane's just having a hard time accepting that he has to report to Victoria now. And it's really eating away at him.

Jordan: Is he gonna walk?

Lily: I don't know, but if he does, how can I stay here and not feel disloyal to my husband?

Jordan: You signed on as the brand ambassador. Are you saying that your husband will expect you to resign in solidarity?

Lily: No, but, I mean, can you imagine how uncomfortable it'd make Cane feel to have me stay here working for Victoria?

Jordan: Does this job make you happy?

Lily: Yeah. Very.

Jordan: Great modeling jobs don't come around that often. No one should have to give up on their dreams for someone else's insecurities.

Victoria: I'm not gonna cut Billy loose just because we argued. I can handle a little conflict.

Victor: Sweetheart, calling you cold and unfeeling, that's hardly a business disagreement.

Victoria: When a woman in charge makes a decision, she's considered a bitch, and that's just how it is. But if a man does it, he's strong and he's making a tough decision.

Nikki: You are right. There is definitely a double standard. Things are better, but there's still a ways to go.

Victor: Yeah, well, I've seen that myself, and I think it's totally unfair.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, if I recall, you've been guilty of that same bias, darling.

Victor: No!

Nikki: For instance, when you have valued her brothers' contributions to Newman over hers.

Victoria: Oh, well, you know, whatever happened, it's behind us now, right?

Victor: Wait a minute. Are you calling me chauvinist?

Nikki: No, darling.

Victor: Well...

Nikki: I'm not.

Victoria: Ah! This is good tea.

Colin: Jill, please say something.

Jill: I know what you'd like me to say. That I am moved by your deep regret and your sincere desire to make amends.

Colin: I-I would like that.

Jill: You know what I'd like? I'd like a husband who respects me.

Colin: But I do.

Jill: No, you don't. Or you wouldn't lie to me. You wouldn't use me like your personal ATM machine. You think you can just come in here and say a few sweet words and I'm gonna forgive you and forget?

Billy: You stay down. That's enough. Colin, get out. Just get out.

Cane: Can I stay and talk to her? It's okay, it's okay.

Billy: Mom?

Cane: Can I stay?

[Door closes] Hey.

Jill: [Sobs]

Cane: How are you? How you doing really? How you doing?

Jill: [Sighs] God. Did Colin tell you what he did to me?

Cane: Yeah.

Jill: Yeah.

Cane: I'm, uh, appalled. I'm not surprised, you know, 'cause he can't resist temptation, can he?

Jill: No. Anyway, I got -- I got a little distressed when I was telling him off, you know, but you know how I've been running myself ragged. But lesson learned, you know? I'm gonna take it easy from now on. I'm okay now.

Cane: Okay.

Jill: Yeah.

Cane: Then why you, uh, why you in the ICU?

Jill: God, I don't know. These stupid doctors, they see a hangnail and they flip out. But it's okay. I promise I'm gonna manage my stress better.

Cane: I'm sorry that my dad's such a jackass. You know that, right?

Jill: It's not your fault, baby.

Cane: No, it kind of is. You know, guilt by association.

Jill: You know, besides Colin, I really only have my-- myself to blame.

Cane: Why are you saying that?

Jill: Because, God help me, I love him so much. And I knew what he was like when I married him. [Sobbing] And I knew he wasn't gonna change. But, Cane, I never thought he would do it to me.

Billy: What is your problem, huh? Why are you here? My mother threw you outside in the freezing cold buck naked! Don't you think that's a pretty good sign that it's over?!

Colin: I've been up all night wondering what's going on in there!

Billy: It's not your concern anymore, Colin.

Colin: Couldn't you have done the decent thing and called me even if she didn't want to?

Billy: Are you kidding me? After what you pulled, you want me to go behind my mother's back?!

Colin: I screwed up. But I love that woman. I would never do anything to hurt her!

Billy: My mother had a heart attack because of you.

Colin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Heart attack? How?

Billy: I mean, you saw her. Did you even think about the consequences of your actions?

Colin: [Sighs] Okay. What happens to her now? What has the doctor said?

Billy: Cardiologist said she needs to run more tests. Most important thing for her right now is to stay calm. So unless you want to make things worse, you'll get the hell out of here. Now. Colin. What did you --

Chelsea: Blood orange martini with blended pulp and a hint of freshly grated ginger root.

Noah: Ginger's overpowering. Never touch the stuff.

Chelsea: At least my creations don't need paper umbrellas to make them stand out.

Noah: The customers love those.

Chelsea: Nick knows quality. I'm gonna win.

Noah: Second place. Maybe.

Nick: Okay. Well, this one is amazing. The ginger is very solid. Keeps it from being too sweet. Mmm. But this yellow jacket that Noah made, there's a taste in there I can't quite put my finger on. It's a secret ingredient, right?

Noah: Elderflower liqueur.

Nick: I didn't even know we had that.

Noah: A couple regulars, it's the only thing they drink. I keep it on hand for them.

Chelsea: Okay, okay. Enough of the small talk. Who won?

Nick: It's delicious. [Sighs] It's a tie.

Chelsea: Ohh!

Noah: Come on! You are such a wuss!

Chelsea: No, no. I think your father is just a very smart, very diplomatic man.

Noah: Okay. You suck up to him. Got some deliveries to put away. Come on!

[Both laugh]

Chelsea: Well, that was not what I was expecting when I walked in here, but, um, that was really fun. Kind of like last night. I, uh, hope we can do something again sometime soon.

Nick: Well, what are you... doing tonight? You could come to a Newman family dinner if you want.

Chelsea: That's, um, not exactly what I had in mind.

Victor: You just accused me of discriminating against my own daughter.

Nikki: Well, haven't you?

Victoria: Okay, look, let's not do this now, okay?

Victor: Look, if you and Victoria think that's the case, then I better set the record straight, all right?

Nikki: Well, please do. By all means.

Victor: She and I have had our differences, but no more or less than I've had differences with our sons.

Nikki: You don't think that you have held Victoria to a higher standard?

Victor: If I have, then it's because I believe she's very bright and very capable. And I always encouraged you, haven't I, to stand on your own two feet?

Victoria: Yes, I mean, he was also very hard on Adam, mom, and he does expect a lot out of Abby. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Nikki: All right, guys. Okay, I stand corrected. You're an equal opportunity task master.

Victor: You're damn right I am.

Victoria: Great. Good. I'm so glad that we cleared the air.

Victor: Yeah, you bet. So am I. Anyway, I need to go to a business meeting, and before I do, let me tell you something.

Victoria: What is it?

Victor: Don't let anyone talk critically about what you just did. I'm proud that you reclaimed your own company. You showed them. I like that.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: I'm glad you texted.

Cane: Yeah, um... I thought we should maybe, you know, meet up.

Lily: Uh, do you want a coffee?

Cane: Uh, no, I'm good. I'm good.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Can we sit down?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Have a chat?

Lily: Thank you.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Look, um... I really don't like how we left things last night, and I-I don't like going to bed mad. And it was really upsetting for me when I woke up and you weren't there. Are you -- are you trying to avoid me or...?

Cane: No, no, no. No, I'm not trying to avoid you. I-I got this text from my dad. Um, Jill's in the hospital, so...

Lily: What? Is she okay?

Cane: Well, she says it's just stress and that she's fine, but, you know, I can't really say the same thing for their marriage.

Lily: God, what did Colin do now?

Cane: [Chuckles] He decided to help himself to her money.

Lily: How much? All of it?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: You've got to be kidding.

Cane: That's my dad.

Lily: God, poor Jill. She must be in shock. Is that why she went to the hospital?

Cane: Yeah, apparently so. Um, I just want to let you know why I wasn't there this morning when you woke up. And there's things I want to say to you.

Lily: I'm listening.

Cane: I'm sorry for the way I acted last night, okay? I'm sorry. It was our anniversary, and I let this work situation just ruin everything, and I'm ashamed of the way I spoke to you. And I want to let you know you deserve better. And I want to ask you if you would forgive me for it.

Lily: Yeah, I should have been more sensitive to what you were going through.

Cane: I should have been able to control my anger better. It's my fault. It's not your fault.

Lily: Okay, it's not always possible. Look, I'm -- I'm sorry I told you to leave the restaurant without me.

Cane: Don't worry about that. It's in the past.

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