Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/9/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/9/17


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Victor: And today, my sweetheart, I'm gonna teach you defense. It's called the Robatsch defense. What's the matter, sweetheart? You don't feel like it today?

Faith: Not really. May I go up to my room and read?

Victor: Of course, you may.

Nikki: That poor child. My heart aches for her. She loved Dylan so much.

Victor: You know, I hate to see her sad. [Sighs] Nothing gets me more than a little girl with tears in her eyes or sad or depressed. But I think, in time, she'll adjust to the situation, don't you? I mean, we won't let her forget him. You know, when all's been said and done, I think what Dylan did is very admirable.

Nikki: Thank you for saying that. Maybe when faith is older, we can tell her the truth, but...

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: ...Right now, I don't think it would be fair to expect her to keep such a big secret.

Victor: That's true.

Nikki: But I think there is something we can do to help her get through this.

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: Encourage her not to blame Sharon.

Paul: [Sighs]

Sharon: Paul, hi. Come on in.

Paul: How you doing?

Sharon: Um, sorry about the mess. I'm just, um, packing up some of Dylan's things. I thought he might like to have them.

Paul: Sharon --

Sharon: No, Paul, I don't want to hear that it's too dangerous to make contact with him. If he has to start a brand-new life, at least let him have the things that bring him comfort.

Paul: These things belong to a man that doesn't exist anymore.

Sharon: He will always exist in my heart and in my memories.

Paul: And you will always exist in his. But listen to me, Sharon. Dylan can't have anything that links him to Genoa city -- to me, to Nikki, or even to you.

Sharon: Are you saying that the life that we shared together just... it never even happened?

Nick: Oh, look, this one's my favorite.

Chelsea: Ah!

Nick: [Laughs]

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Nick: Huh. I never noticed that before.

Chelsea: Noticed what?

Nick: Yeah, look. I mean, they have dimples in the exact same place right here. You can really see it if you enlarge it. Check that out. I mean, is that a -- is that, like, a family trait? See? Me? I mean, I know I have some up here, but is that -- is this a --

Chelsea: Um, do you know what? Do you have any -- do you have any chips to go with this?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Nick: Pretty demanding.

Chelsea: Oh, no! Shoot! I-I think I just deleted it by accident.

Nick: Seriously? Do I have to cut you off?

Chelsea: My thumb slipped. I'm sorry.

Nick: That's all right. I have so many more on there. Here, let me show you something. I started folders for each of the boys. Here we go. Here is Christian's, and... here is Connor's.

Chelsea: Oh. That's fantastic.

Nick: I really want to do everything I can to honor Adam's request, you know, to be a father figure to Connor. And that means taking a lot of embarrassing pictures of him so I can show them to all his buddies as he gets older. You know, now that Connor and Christian are hanging out so much and such good friends, there's gonna be a lot more of these where they're together. Unless your big, clumsy thumb's going on another deleting rampage. All right, what's going on? That's some a+ material. I mean, I expected you to, I don't know, snort beer out of your nose or something. You okay?

Billy: Airport bar with a St. Patrick's day theme, green beer, and a dog.

Victoria: Yeah. It was great.

Billy: Halloween. Your little playboy bunny ears and me in my Hef robe.

Victoria: [Sighs] Greater.

Billy: Hmm?

Victoria: Kicking your ass at a video game. The photo booth.

Billy: Great. The trailer. Getting locked in the bathroom and having to be rescued by firemen.

Victoria: [Chuckling] That was the greatest.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Jamaica.

Billy: Oh. Jamaica. The beach. The rum. The limbo. The...hammock sex. The greatest.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Billy: What do you mean?

Victoria: You. What are you doing?

Billy: I was gonna kiss you and make another great memory right here on the table.

Victoria: This is just what Billy always does. He flashes his smile, he thinks I'm gonna jump right back into his arms. Well, it's not gonna happen this time.

Billy: We were -- we were doing good there. We were doing good things there.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: You were being a little brash. I was being a little sassy.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Well, it was just a temporary lapse in judgment.

Billy: Well, why don't we make it a permanent one? Come on. Would it really be that bad?

Reed: Inmate 385-274 reporting for lockdown. [Sighs]

Billy: So what's going on?

Reed: Mom didn't tell you? I figured she would have announced it to the whole world by now.

Victoria: Drop the attitude, Reed.

Reed: Give me my computer back and I will -- happily.

Victoria: [Sighs] It's not gonna happen.

Reed: Fine. Then I guess I can't do my homework, so I'll be seeing you.

Victoria: Oh, no, no, no. You wait a second. I told you how this is gonna work. There's a computer in the conference room. You're gonna download your homework, you're gonna print it out. No surfing, no posting, no social media sites.

Reed: God, I might as well be living in a cave.

Billy: Oh, come on. Social media break is a good thing.

Reed: Yeah, but she's making me take a break from my whole life. No phone, no TV, no guitar.

Billy: That sounds a little bit --

Reed: Harsh? Yeah!

Billy: I'm sure you gave her a really good reason, though.

Reed: No, she just wants to ruin my life!

Victoria: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Billy: Should we pick up where we left off?

Victoria: I'm already dealing with one immature boy. I don't need another in my life, Billy.

Billy: You're right. You're right. That was a major buzz kill. Rain check?

Reed: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Seeing the pictures and talking about Adam, you know...

Nick: Yeah, I do.

Chelsea: So much for all those long talks we had, huh? About moving on with our lives and... [Sighs] I don't know. But like we said, sage and Adam wouldn't want us to sit around being depressed all day.

Nick: Well, saying is a lot easier than doing.

Chelsea: You know, Connor -- he has this set of pillows. They're basically like -- like stuffed emojis. There's a happy one, there's a sad face, there's an angry one. I read online that it's a good way to teach children about emotions. So I ordered them after Adam died, and I thought it would be a good way for us to communicate how we're feeling, you know, about losing his dad. During the holidays, so many times Connor came over to me with the sad pillow, and he just said, "Sad Mommy." [Sighs] It's crazy, you know. You think that you can hide things from them, but...

Nick: Not a chance. I mean, you've met faith. She has, like, ESP when it comes to picking up on my moods.

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, there must be something I can do. My son needs to start bringing me the happy pillow more often.

Nick: I felt the same way.

Chelsea: Past tense. You find a way to get yourself out of it?

Nick: I hope so. I haven't tried it out yet. Maybe that's something we could do together.

Nikki: Regardless of what we think, we have to put faith's needs first. I mean, she's already lost so many parental figures. She can't lose Sharon, too.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Faith: Were you guys talking about mom?

Nikki: Well, yes. As a matter of fact, we were.

Faith: I saw her yesterday.

Victor: You did? Well, that's nice.

Faith: I told her I want to move back home with her. But she didn't want me to.

Nikki: Oh, no, honey. You must have misunderstood. Your mother loves you very much. I know she would jump at the chance to have you move back in with her.

Faith: Mom said I shouldn't move back home just because I felt sorry for her. She wants me to move back when I'm really ready.

Victor: Well, you know, what your mother said is very wise.

Faith: I mean, I really love living here.

Victor: Yeah?

Faith: But I miss my mom and dad.

Victor: Of course. [Sighs] It looks like you might have a solution.

Faith: I was just thinking about what you always say, grandpa. Family stands by family. And it gave me the best idea ever.

Victor: Good.

Sharon: What are you doing here anyway, Paul?

Paul: I brought the deed to crimson lights. Dylan signed it over to you.

Sharon: Well, I don't want it.

Paul: He knows how much it means to you. And it is a constant source of income, so why don't you give it just a little time before you make a decision?

Sharon: Dylan didn't have a lot of time -- maybe a few hours -- to get all of his affairs in order. [Sniffles] Which means...

Paul: Sharon, what are you doing? What are you looking for?

Sharon: Divorce papers.

Sharon: I don't see them.

Paul: There are no divorce papers, Sharon.

Sharon: Why not?

Paul: Well, there's no rush. Dylan wanted you to have the deed so you could take ownership right away.

Sharon: Wouldn't it be more convincing? I mean, the world's supposed to believe that I wrecked my marriage and that Dylan hates me so badly that he had to suddenly run out of town. So divorce would be the next logical step. We could even call the GC buzz and give them a tip. [Scoffs] The crazy baby-napper claims another victim, that way we can tell everybody all at the same time. I'm used to being the town pariah.

Paul: Sharon, you don't have to explain why. Marriages end. That's all you have to say. The less details, the better it is for Dylan.

Sharon: Are you worried that I'll crack and that I'll risk my husband's life and his safety?

Paul: No, no, no. Sharon. Listen, you don't have to shoulder this yourself. I'm one of the few people you can -- you can open up to about this. I want to make you a promise right now today. That if ever you need to talk, if ever you need anything -- and I mean anything at all -- I am here for you.

Sharon: Okay. You can start right now. [Sniffles] Get rid of Dylan's things. The tool belt that he used when he first fixed the kitchen, [Voice breaking] The plans for the treehouse that he was gonna build for faith in the spring, the camping equipment, fishing, all of it!

Paul: Okay, do you want me to put it in storage?

Sharon: I don't care! Give it away. Let somebody else maybe live the life that Dylan can't!

Paul: Sharon.

Sharon: All of Dylan's belongings, get them out of my house. Now.

[Door closes]

Paul: [Sighs]

Victor: Good morning.

Abby: Dad, um, oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. I had no idea you were coming in to the office today. Let me just clean up and, um... just give me a minute.

Victor: Come here.

Abby: Hi.

Victor: Come here. Sit back down.

Abby: [Sighs]

Victor: You know... chair's kind of big, but I think it suits you.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Billy: Let me guess. Kissed another girl on the couch?

Victoria: No.

Billy: He fail his class?

Victoria: No.

Billy: Played "stairway to heaven" too loud too many times?

Victoria: I don't want to get into it, Billy.

Billy: Okay. Fine. Racked up his usage on his cell phone, left you with a huge bill? I mean...

Victoria: He stole my credit card.

Billy: That is a, uh, major offense, one punishable by death of social life.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you for agreeing with me.

Billy: Okay. Is there any way it was a misunderstanding?

Victoria: How is theft a misunderstanding?

Billy: I mean, you have your card back, right? Did he actually steal it?

Victoria: No, but he used it without my permission.

Billy: All right, well, I mean, what if J.T. Let him use his card when he thought that he needed to buy something and he figured it was the same in your household?

Victoria: I don't think that a membership to a porn site is something that he needed, do you?

Reed: Hey, it's -- it's Reed. I'm on a different phone. No, look, I know it's late there, but I need your help, dad.

Victor: This is very impressive, sweetheart.

Abby: Really?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I-I know you don't give compliments unless they're earned.

Victor: But what are these notes in red?

Abby: Research on the Jabot/Fenmore's deal.

Victor: But you don't have to mention that during your presentation.

Abby: The reps from Higgins were curious about it, so I wanted to be prepared in case they asked me any questions.

Victor: Well, let me teach you something, okay? When you make a deal, don't ever mention the competition. Ever. Because then the people you're making a deal with think that you think the competition is comparable. I mean, Jabot cosmetics wants to expand. But Newman enterprises is a multinational corporation. We make more in one week than Jack Abbott hopes to make in a year. You got that?

Abby: [Chuckles] I didn't even think about it like that. Excellent advice.

Victor: Good.

Abby: Thank you, dad, for being my mentor. I'm learning so much from you.

Victor: That's because you are a good student, you know?

Abby: You know, the Pittsfield deal, they didn't make it easy.

Victor: I know they didn't make it easy. And that was an example of how much you have learned.

Abby: Made a huge profit. [Laughs]

Victor: You're beginning to talk my language now. That's what it's all about.

Abby: You know, it's just so weird hearing these words come out of your mouth.

Victor: In what way?

Abby: You've been complimentary in the past, but this -- I don't know. It just seems different.

Victor: How?

Abby: Typically it's more gruff, and it comes with some stern lecture on Newman versus Abbott family loyalty. But now it -- it just seems like you're eager to teach me.

Victor: Well, maybe that's because I found the perfect student.

Abby: Maybe.

Victor: You know what else you might find weird? I'll admit that I've been wrong.

Billy: Yes, Lily is very excited, and trust me, the customers are gonna love the new product. Okay, thanks, Joyce. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. That was Joyce in new York letting us know that the rollout is all set.

Victoria: Sounds good.

Billy: Should I turn up the heat and thaw out that cold shoulder of yours?

Victoria: You know, your reaction earlier is exactly why I have reservations about you hanging out with Reed. Y-you -- this is no laughing matter, Billy.

Billy: No, it's not a laughing matter. And technically, I did not laugh. I just smiled.

Victoria: God, you're such a manchild. Do you not see what a big issue this is? He stole my credit card, and he lied about it.

Billy: Yeah, no, I understand that. And that's not a good thing. But come on. He's 15 years old. He's gonna be going online and looking at these things. He's gonna be curious.

Victoria: I just don't want him to think that it's okay to objectify women. And it can be very addictive.

Billy: I agree with you. And we both know the warning signs of that. If it starts to go down that path, we stop it. But honestly, I mean, once he gets a girlfriend, he's not gonna be looking at the websites.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Fantastic. Because then he'll just actually be having sex. But oh, hey, wait a minute. He's got the condoms that you gave him, so he's good to go, isn't he?

Billy: No, no, no, no, no. I did not give him the condoms. He had those condoms. I just gave him a little pep talk about sex education.

Victoria: You're not helping.

Billy: Look, Vick, come on. He's 15. I know you want him sitting around the fireplace in his pajamas reading Elizabethan novels, but that's not realistic, okay? You know, he's gonna be curious about sex. He's a boy.

Victoria: Aren't we supposed to be protecting our children from making the same mistakes that we did, Billy?

Billy: Well, now, that is a lot of mistakes. We can't protect him from everything.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: It's J.T. Hi. He did what?!

Billy: Hey, cowboy. You really screwed up things this time.

Nick: Well, what do you think?

Chelsea: Oh. [Chuckles] I was not expecting to see that today.

Nick: Yep, this is what taking a step forward looks like. Drink it in. Be envious. I can tell you're a little jealous you didn't design it.

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: You want to try it on?

Chelsea: No, no. [Laughing] You -- hold on. Actually, though, I do need to get a picture because it's pretty fantastic.

Nick: Well, of course.

Chelsea: It's kind of amazing. All right. Oh, yeah. Just like that. Perfect. Okay, so, what, um, what is this? What's -- what's happening here?

Nick: Well, you know, I can, uh, I can make a mean bowl of cereal. My chocolate chip pancakes are legendary. I can grill a steak, you know, when it's not the dead of winter and somebody else prepares it, you know. But I figured if I was measuring or chopping, dicing, or... parboiling? -- Parboiling, you know, then maybe I wouldn't be thinking about all the things that are bringing me down.

Chelsea: I like that plan a lot.

Nick: Well, you know, we could get you your own apron. I might let you be my sous chef after weighing all the other candidates.

Chelsea: Really? I mean, I could learn a thing or two in the kitchen. That could be fun.

Nick: Well, let's see what we can whip up. Come on.

Chelsea: What's it got in here?

Nick: Well, there's like a million options. I mean, there's, uh... here you go. "Mad skillz meatloaf"?

Chelsea: Oh, "skills" with a "Z." That sounds like fun. What else we got?

Nick: Uh, "kickin' it quesadillas."

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, look. Look, they use little cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. How clever.

Nick: That's looking solid. I mean... oh, here we go, here we go. "Groovy goulash."

Chelsea: How old is this book?

[Both laugh]

Faith: Dad!

Nick: Yeah! Faith! In here!

Faith: I need to talk to you. It's important.

Chelsea: I will go check on the boys.

Nick: Well, what's going on?

Faith: I'm really worried about mom.

Reed: I don't know what your problem is, dude.

Billy: Oh, you don't? Playing your parents against each other? I'm actually embarrassed by you, Reed. I thought you'd be more original than that. That was a rookie move.

Reed: Dude, I just called to check in with my dad. Big deal.

Billy: You grassed your mother because you're acting like a baby and crying because you got grounded?

Reed: She overreacted like she always does.

Billy: Right.

Reed: I just figured dad could calm her down a bit.

Billy: Oh, you think calling J.T. And getting her to question her parenting skills is gonna make things better for you? Come on, man. You were freaking out when you were in quicksand up to your waist? It's gonna be up to your eyeballs, and you're gonna be sinking fast.

Reed: Why can't she just leave me alone?!

Billy: Because you keep doing stupid stuff! Stealing her credit card and getting online?

Reed: I knew she'd tell you!

Billy: No, she told me because I nagged her to. Reed, she wants you to respect women. There's a lot of stuff online that sends the opposite message of that, and she's worried that you're gonna get sucked up into that.

Reed: She shouldn't be worried.

Billy: Oh, well, you know what? That's what parents do, man, forever and ever. Trust me.

Reed: [Sighs] It's gonna be bad, huh?

Billy: My guess? Mount St. Helens level eruption.

Victoria: Reed!

Abby: Uh-oh. Victor Newman is admitting that he's wrong. Is the sky gonna turn red and birds start dropping?

[Both laugh]

Victor: Ah, sweetheart. I have been, uh, reevaluating things lately, you know, taking stock of my life, my family.

Abby: Since Adam died.

Victor: I've been knocked on my ass more than I can remember. And I always fought back, and I wanted to imbue all of you with a sense of ambition and drive and a sense that you have to fight for things, you know?

Abby: And you did that. Victoria runs brash & sassy, nick has his own club, and I went from naked heiress to business-savvy heiress.

Victor: You certainly did. And I'm proud of all of you, you know? But it's a little different. You have a family to fall back on. I had nothing. I fought hard and I fought dirty, you know? I admit it. And I've come to the realization that my children don't need to do that. They don't need that hard way of doing things. You don't need to be as ruthless as I was. And I got to tell you something. I realize more and more that I've made a lot of mistakes. But I'm willing to learn from my mistakes. Isn't that a miracle?

Nick: So you want to move back in with your mom.

Faith: I thought it would help her. She's so sad now that Dylan's gone.

Nick: But she said no?

Faith: Mom thought I was doing it for the wrong reasons. She wanted me to be extra sure it's what I wanted.

Nick: Well, she's right, you know. You should be out having fun with your friends, not worrying about your mom, trying to fix her problems.

Faith: That's what she said. And that's why I'm here -- so you can fix everything.

Nick: Well, what is it you think I can do?

Faith: Make mom happy again.

Nikki: Sharon. Sharon, are you okay?

Sharon: No, I'm not, Nikki. My husband left me! What do you think?

Nikki: Okay, all right. No need to raise your voice. I was just concerned.

Sharon: You? Concerned? I don't think so.

Nikki: All right, believe what you want.

Sharon: What I can't believe is that you're not leading a parade down main street because I'm not your daughter-in-law anymore.

Nikki: Well, I am trying to be polite, Sharon. And given the circumstances, I would think that you could do the same.

Sharon: Hmm. After all the years of hell you've given me, hmm, no, I actually don't think I can.

Nikki: Okay, well, I'm just gonna order my coffee and give you some space, 'cause that's obviously what you need.

Sharon: Wait. No, you won't. Now that Dylan's gone, I own crimson lights. Which means... I can have you thrown out if I want to.

Nikki: Sharon, what the hell was that?

Sharon: I am just tired of people asking me how I'm doing. I want to be left alone.

Nikki: Is that why you told faith she couldn't move back in with you?

Sharon: She told you?

Nikki: Yeah, she told me.

Sharon: It's not that I don't want faith living with me. It took every ounce of my strength to tell her no. It's just I need to be 100% present for faith. And right now, I can't be.

Nikki: Well, Victor and I have assured her that you love her very much and what you're doing is the right thing.

Sharon: Thank you. Truly. And thank you for talking to her when she was upset with me. She later apologized for her behavior.

Nikki: It's bad enough that you can't tell her the truth about why Dylan has left town, but it's not fair that you should be the target of her anger, either.

Sharon: Well, I should take an example from faith and go apologize to Paul. He stopped by my house to drop off the deed to crimson lights, and I blew up at him.

Nikki: Well, he's not one to hold a grudge. He knows this has been a very stressful time for you.

Sharon: It's why I asked him to remove all of Dylan's belongings. Being around his things has just added to my stress.

Nikki: What do you mean? You -- you're getting rid of everything?

Sharon: I don't want to be around any reminders of the life that Dylan and I shared together. That's over now.

Paul: [Inhales deeply] [Sighs]

Victoria: Did you honestly think that calling your father was a good idea? No, don't answer that, because I don't even want you defending yourself. [Sighs] He told J.T. that he's basically being held hostage and that I took away everything that matters to him in life. Which is true, but you failed to mention why. But don't worry -- I filled your father in. And don't bother trying to play us against each other again, because I'll be sending him updates so he knows exactly what you're up to. And your father's gonna be calling you tomorrow to discuss you stealing my credit card and going to that site. So... get your homework assignments and go home, and I'll check them when I get there.

Reed: Can I at least tell you why I called --

Victoria: No! And if I hear another word out of your mouth, you'll be grounded for another month. Go! [Sighs]

Faith: You can make each other feel better. Mom's alone, you're alone. If you spend time together, you'll be a lot happier. You can start tonight. Have dinner together.

Nick: Well, Christian and Connor are having a play date, and Chelsea and I have dinner plans.

Faith: Oh, you don't mind rescheduling, do you, Chelsea? My mom could really use the company. And you have Connor, and mom doesn't have anybody. Noah and Mariah are working, and I have to get to a birthday party. She'll probably just eat a microwave dinner all by herself if dad doesn't go over there.

Nick: Faith.

Chelsea: No, you know what, nick? It's totally fine. We can just try one of the recipes a different time.

Nick: No, no, you -- you don't have to go.

Chelsea: Honestly, I should work on some designs, anyway.

Faith: Oh, thank you so much, Chelsea! You're the best! I'll help you get Connor's stuff, that way dad can get ready to go over to mom's!

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: [Sighs]

Abby: You have been an amazing father, especially after everything we've put you through.

Victor: Well, that goes both ways, you know.

Abby: No. See, most fathers, they would have turned their backs on their kids. They would have never forgiven them. But you, no matter how angry you were, you never, ever closed off your heart.

Victor: I appreciate you saying that. It's because I love my family more than anything.

Abby: And you knew that we'd come around, didn't you?

Victor: And I knew, certainly was hoping, that you would see the error of your ways.

Abby: [Laughs]

Victor: Now, I'll leave you to your presentation, my darling.

Abby: You know, dad, um, I'm not gonna need luck.

Victor: Really?

Abby: No. Because I have the values, the skills, and the strong work ethic that you and mom taught me. And I know that someday when I'm a mom, I'm gonna be an awesome one because I have had the best role models in my life. And I'm gonna teach my kids to always fight for what matters most -- family, always.

Victor: You know, I never thought that my youngest daughter, my beautiful Abby, would most likely follow in my footsteps. Makes me very happy. Goodbye, sweetheart. Knock them dead.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Billy: How many times you gonna read that memo?

Victoria: It's the fourth time.

Billy: Why don't you take the rest of the day off?

Victoria: No. I don't feel I can go another 10 rounds with Reed.

Billy: Well, then go the club, get a massage. Just try and relax.

Victoria: Why, Billy? Why? Because I'm uptight? Because I was too hard on my son? I'm sorry, maybe I should be a little more like you and not meet a responsibility that I didn't shirk.

Billy: Hey, hold on a second. I wasn't criticizing you --

Victoria: Maybe I'd be a better parent then.

Billy: Listen. I think you did a wonderful job with Reed. I think you handled yourself perfectly. If you had backed off when J.T. called, then he would have thought you were a pushover. And you are not. You're a strong, smart, caring, wonderful mother. Reed doesn't realize that yet. One day he will.

Nick: Bye, Chels. See you, con!

Faith: Oh, mom always steals my tater tots when we go to Eddie's. You should make her the "tasty tot casserole."

Nick: All right, Blondie, couch.

Faith: What's up?

Nick: You were pretty rude to Chelsea back there.

Faith: She had to work.

Nick: She just said that to be polite.

Faith: I'm sorry, dad. I'll text her an apology later.

Nick: Nope, you're not gonna do that. You're gonna talk to her in person.

Faith: Okay.

Nick: All right.

Faith: So, are you gonna text or call mom about tonight?

Nick: Neither.

Faith: Oh, you're gonna surprise her? I like that.

Nick: I'm not going over there, either.

Faith: But, dad --

Nick: Sweetheart, people have their own way of dealing with emotions. Now, you can't force it. Your mom wants to be alone right now. You have to respect that.

Nikki: Didn't you even consider faith's feelings? I mean, if she were to go home and see that every trace of Dylan is missing, she'll be devastated.

Sharon: Faith will come home to me.

Nikki: All right, Sharon, I didn't mean to imply that --

Sharon: You still don't think that I'm good enough, do you? I'm not good enough for your sons! I'm not good enough to be a mother to my own daughter! I'm not good enough to be a part of your family!

Nikki: You know, I'm not sure here if this sudden erratic behavior is part of your act or if you truly are teetering on the edge. But you know what? In any case, I would make sure that the fire insurance is paid on this building.

Sharon: Oh, and there we go. From courteous to catty in record time.

Nikki: Hey, I was taking your...manic lead.

Sharon: You are one vicious --

Nikki: I was willing to be civil with you. You don't make it easy, Sharon!

Sharon: Oh, is that so? Hmm. Well, how's this for easy?

Nikki: Oh!

Sharon: Now you have a reason to go back to hating me like you always did! Happy now?

Nikki: Oh!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: If you really want to help me, take me to Dylan.

Jordan: You're making me want to memorize the periodic table. Yeah.

Victoria: What the hell's going on?

Nick: How about tonight?

Chelsea: I don't think that that would be such a good idea. Don't you know what today is? It's Valentine's Day.

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