Y&R Transcript Friday 2/3/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/3/17


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Hillary: You're impressed with me? I never thought that you would compliment me ever again.

Devon: Well, Hillary, I know how hard it is for someone as proud as you to admit when you've made a mistake. Especially on live TV.

Hillary: Well, it was the right thing to do. For Mariah, for the show's credibility, and for me.

Devon: Yeah, I haven't seen this side of you for a long time. And it was nice. I kinda missed it.

Hillary: Sometimes the right words can save a relationship that seemed unsalvageable.

Devon: You know, coming clean may have cost you a few fans.

Hillary: Devon, the only opinion that matters to me is yours.

Billy: Why do you want to sell Brash & Sassy! to us?

Jill: Because I have accomplished all my goals.

Cane: Now, hang on, hang on. Billy & Victoria haven't gotten back together yet.

Jill: I acquired this company so that the three of you could turn it around, and you have surpassed my expectations.

Victoria: My questions is, what made you decide to sell now?

Jill: I realized you don't need me standing over your shoulder anymore.

Cane: Okay, well, a deal like this could take months, so what's your timeline?

Jill: I have a very simple plan. The company will be offered at a fair but competitive rate, you each get 1/3, and as soon as your deposits clear, it's all yours.

Billy: My mother seems to be in a hurry, which means you already know what you want to do with the money.

Jill: Oh, you're damn right I do. I am gonna reclaim what's been stolen from me.

Jack: Why are you still here, Gloria? Our business is done.

Gloria: I am not leaving until you hold up your end of the bargain.

Jack: I don't owe you a damn thing.

Gloria: Promises were made, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, based on my getting controlling interest of Fenmore's. That didn't happen.

Gloria: You got 49%. That's worth something.

Jack: Not enough.

Gloria: [Scoffs] Then I say our one night together more than makes up for the 2% you're missing. Because you sure didn't want me to leave your bed.

Phyllis: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell big brother that you don't want to share pet engineer?

Ashley: You know what, I discovered Ravi, and we've worked months trying to develop an effective working relationship. Can you try to respect that?

Phyllis: Well, now that Jabot and Fenmore's have merged, it's about to become a threesome.

Ashley: [Groans]

Gloria: I have the right to talk about whatever I want to!

Ashley: What the hell am I interrupting?

Nick: Dylan bailed? After standing by Sharon when everyone else turned their back on her? That doesn't make any sense.

Noah: Look, I'm as shocked as you are.

Nick: I mean, divorcing her is one thing, but... I mean, why would he leave Genoa city? Why would he leave his family?

Noah: I have no idea what's going on in his mind.

Nick: [Exhales sharply] We had our issues... ...but he is my brother. I don't get how he could leave without telling anyone.

Noah: Look, my concern is mom. I mean, Dylan was her rock. Without him, I'm afraid that she'll fall apart again.

Mariah: You and Dylan were my relationship role models. I thought you were gonna be together forever.

Sharon: So did I.

Mariah: Was it Christian?

Sharon: You know, he said all the right things, but, you know, he never really got over the loss, and, um...and then he couldn't trust me.

Mariah: That's no reason to abandon you. You know what, I should find him and I should give him a piece of my mind.

Sharon: No, no. You can't do that.

Mariah: Why?

Sharon: Because... he wanted a clean break, and I promised him that I would give him that.

Mariah: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, mom. If you need somebody to talk to or you need ice cream, I'M... I've got your back, okay?

Sharon: I can't wallow. I have to be strong. For faith's sake. It's going to break her heart when I tell her that he's gone.

Mariah: Do you want me to talk to her?

Sharon: No. It's my responsibility. I'm her mom. I just have to try to find the right words to tell her that she's losing someone she loves because of my mistakes.

Jack: Gloria is here to share her concern that I might have too much influence in her daughter-in-law's company, which is of no consequence because she doesn't work at Fenmore's.

Gloria: Lauren is vulnerable. She was scared she was going to lose everything, and you tried to take advantage of that.

Jack: She got 51% of the company. I am an investor. I have nothing to do with marketing or strategy or personnel. Do you understand that?

Gloria: You have made your position crystal-clear, Jack.

Ashley: What the hell was that about?

Jill: All right, I'm gonna buy back Jack's shares of Fenmore's. Lauren went behind my back and sold them to him, and she was under a legal obligation to consult me. Big mistake!

Billy: Jack fought hard for that, so what makes you think that he's willing to part with it so quickly?

Cane: Hey, this is perfect. You can go and help your mom battle your big brother, and Victoria and I can now run brash & sassy!

Billy: Oh, no, I don't want to break up the band, Cane. But, of course, if you want to go solo, you have all my support.

Cane: Yeah, but who's gonna do all the heavy lifting now, Billy?

Victoria: You know, I founded this company, so you all are gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Jill: Enough, enough, enough! I'm glad you're all on board, okay? I will get my legal team working on the paperwork immediately. I only have one condition.

Cane: Oh, I know what that is. I know, I know! They've got to get married, right? Huh? Am I right?

Jill: Don't be so stupid, Cane. I would never put them under that kind of pressure.

Billy: Ha! Since when?

Jill: Here is my condition -- that we all three keep this a secret among us until the deal closes because I want to maintain the element of surprise.

Victoria: That sounds fair.

Cane: Sure.

Billy: Well, looks like the three musketeers are sticking together.

Cane: Yeah, all for one, and one for all.

Hilary: Ugh, it's a really slow news day.

Fingers crossed for a late-breaking story.

Hilary: Devon.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: Since you saw me make things right with Mariah, I... I can't help hoping that, eventually, I will be able to do the same with you.

Devon: Is that why you did what you did? For my benefit? Not Mariah's?

Hilary: Devon, this wasn't a scheme to get you back.

Devon: You don't brush your teeth without an ulterior motive.

Hilary: I didn't bare my soul to thousands of people for you.

Devon: You kind of just said you did. You thought it would convince me that you've changed and I would follow in Mariah's forgiving footsteps, right?

Hilary: This is not an act.

Devon: You've been pulling this kind of thing since we met.

Hilary: You want to break the cycle? Fine. Let's make some real changes.

Sharon: Have you talked to faith yet?

Nikki: We're getting ready to do it now.

Sharon: All right, I think she should hear it from me.

Faith: Hi! I am done with my homework!

Victor: All right, come in.

Sharon: Hi, sweetie.

Faith: Hi.

Sharon: There's something I need to talk to you about.

Faith: What's wrong?

Hilary: Devon, I own every mistake that I've made. I was selfish, I was careless, I was cruel, and I paid the ultimate price -- I lost you.

Devon: Yes, you did.

Hilary: When you said that I impressed you, it was... it was just more than I expected.

Devon: And now you plan on using it to wear me down, right?

Hilary: I had a fleeting moment of hope that you would be willing to try again, but clearly it was irrational.

Devon: Well, Hilary, I complimented your work, not you, because all you are to me now is an employee. You're no different than anybody else on the payroll.

Hilary: Wow. Well, you're a lot more than that to me. Our marriage was the most important thing in my life, and I would have fought till the end of my days to get you back. But I love you too much to put you through that. So I am willing to accept that our marriage is over.

Devon: I'm sure you are, and I'm also sure you're gonna punish me for giving up by making our divorce as messy as possible.

Hilary: If you are determined to think the worst of me all of the time, then there is no point in having this conversation.

Ashley: Gloria did permanent damage to this company's reputation. If she's part of the Fenmore package, I want to know.

Jack: Believe me, Lauren won't let Gloria anywhere near her company.

Ashley: Why was she standing here interrogating you, Jack?

Jack: Why does Gloria do anything? She's from another planet.

Ashley: She was acting like a scorned woman! Is this something of a personal nature?

Jack: Why would ask that?

Ashley: I don't know, maybe it's because your stupid ex-wife is trying to get her claws into Ravi. I want you to tell her to back off.

Jack: Wait, Phyllis is after Ravi now?

Ashley: Not like that, Jack. She wants his brain. I want you to tell her to get the hell away from him.

Jack: You didn't have a problem with this when I first made the announcement.

Ashley: You said we would be sharing resources, not monopolizing Ravi's time. That's exactly what she's doing now.

Jack: Right now, Phyllis needs Ravi more than you do. With Jabot and Fenmore's one and the same, he needs to build an integrated digital platform. Look, I know Phyllis is difficult to work with, but we're all on the same team now. You got to trust me on this.

Ashley: Yeah. Look, Ravi's time is not an infinite resource, okay? And for the record, neither is my trust, Jack.

Ravi: Hey. Is -- is Jack in? I need to speak with him about something.

Ashley: Um, do you mind if I ask about what?

Ravi: He needs to understand JabotGo is my priority. If Phyllis wants my help, she should hire her own developer.

Ashley: Yeah, you know what, Ravi, actually, um, you work for both Phyllis and me, and I'm so sorry if I made you think you had to choose sides because Phyllis and I are actually on the same team.

Ravi: Doesn't give her the right to make demands. She was downright rude to you.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Ravi: Um, yeah, I heard you guys fighting over me. So...

Ashley: I apologize. That's incredibly unprofessional.

Ravi: It was actually kind of flattering.

Ashley: [Laughs]

Ravi: But, uh, I've never seen someone get so upset over a product management issue. What is the deal with you guys?

Ashley: You know what, let's go someplace more fun and I'll fill you in. Come on.

Cane: Jill's offer was a real game changer, huh?

Billy: You know, it's gonna require each of us to make a huge investment, Cane, and no offense, but do you have that kind of capital?

Cane: Oh, Billy, you don't have to be an Abbott or a Newman to be financially solvent.

Billy: Yeah, I guess you could always get a loan from Devon, right?

Cane: Oh, I don't need his help. I got the money.

Billy: Really?

Cane: Yeah.

Billy: Where?

Cane: Well, let me tell you what's gonna happen. I'm gonna give Jill a check for 1/3 of brash & sassy! And then a year from now, I'm gonna buy you out.

Billy: Oh, boy, I wish I was still gambling. I would bet everything I have against that.

Cane: [Chuckles]

Sharon: I have some news about Dylan.

Faith: Is he hurt? Did something go wrong when he was arresting somebody?

Victor: No, sweetheart. Don't you worry, okay? He's not hurt.

Sharon: But he's not in Genoa city right now.

Faith: How long will he be gone?

Sharon: Forever. He moved away.

Faith: What? [Voice breaking] Why?

Sharon: Because he decided that he didn't want to be married to me anymore.

Faith: He left to get away from you? What did you do this time?

Sharon: There are a lot of reasons why Dylan left.

Faith: Because you messed up so many times!

Sharon: You know... sometimes even though people love each other a lot, they still can't make it work.

Faith: So why didn't Dylan just move to another house in town like daddy? Did he want to get away from me, too?

Sharon: No. Baby, he loves you. He wanted to make sure that you knew that.

Faith: Then why didn't he tell me himself?

Sharon: Because he knows that that's my job, and Dylan wanted to make a fresh start.

Victor: Faith, my sweetheart, none of this is your fault.

Faith: No. It's mom's. We were a family. But you ruined it. You ruin everything!

Sharon: I'm so sorry you're hurting.

Faith: Daddy left, and now you've made Dylan so mad that he moved away. Forever. Everything is your fault!

Sharon: She hates me.

Nikki: She doesn't understand what you just sacrificed for Dylan, but I do.

Sharon: You know, the worst part about this is she's right. This is my fault, and I have to live with that. I'm gonna give faith some space.

[Door closes]

Victor: We have to convince her to forgive Sharon. Faith needs her.

Nikki: It's gonna take a delicate touch.

Victor: Are you politely saying you want to handle it on your own?

Nikki: I think so. Thank you for understanding.

Victoria: Oh. Phyllis. I take it that Jack's investment in Fenmore's means you'll be working here again.

Phyllis: Some of the time, yeah.

Victoria: Hmm, well, turning Fenmore's around is gonna be very difficult.

Phyllis: Well, it is good that I enjoy a challenge.

Victoria: Yes, well, working with one's ex certainly is that. I know firsthand.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Hi. Huh? No. Look, you know you're not allowed out on a school night. No, I'm -- I'm not gonna make an exception. Bye.

Phyllis: Teenage boys don't like rules.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Phyllis: Reed. He moved in with you, I heard.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, he did.

Phyllis: Well, I -- I just mean that, you know, it's not easy having a teenage boy that you barely know move in with you. Daniel and I used to butt heads all the time.

Victoria: Oh, that's interesting, but this is a completely different situation.

Phyllis: I didn't mean to offend you. I just want you to know...

Victoria: How is it exactly that you know so much about my family?

Phyllis: Billy mentioned it.

Victoria: Oh. Right. Of course. Yeah. Because you two share everything.

Phyllis: Not really. Last time I ran into Billy, he mentioned he was helping you out.

Victoria: Yeah, well, he left out a few details.

Phyllis: His heart's in the right place, Victoria. He cares about Reed.

Victoria: Phyllis, if I want advice on rearing children or Billy, I'll ask you. But, for now, I'd prefer it if you mind your own business.

Ashley: I shouldn't have let my issues with Phyllis color my judgment.

Ravi: In a family business, there's a thin line between the professional and personal.

Ashley: Well, I plan on making mine as thick as I can. I don't like sharing you!

Ravi: It may not be ethical, but your needs will always be my top priority.

Ashley: Thanks. Just learn from my mistakes, okay? Build a firewall between your personal and your professional life, especially when it comes to romance.

Ravi: A disproportionately high percentage of people find their significant others at work.

Ashley: Isn't that great? I was talking about my personal experience, though.

Ravi: Dated a colleague?

Ashley: Colleagues. The last one ended in divorce court, kind of messy.

Ravi: Oh. I'm really sorry.

Ashley: Mm. You know how some people are lactose-intolerant and gluten-intolerant? I think I'm marriage-intolerant.

Ravi: [Scoffs] Lots of divorced people get it right the second time.

Ashley: Not me! And the third time wasn't a charm, either.

Ravi: How many times have you been married?

Ashley: Still in the single digits, okay? [Chuckles]

Noah: White wine.

Ashley: Hey.

Noah: Microbrew.

Ashley: Thank you. Noah, this is my friend, Ravi. Ravi, this is Noah.

Noah: Ravi.

Ashley: Noah is my... Noah is my... Noah is my daughter's nephew.

Noah: Never been described that way. [Laughs] Enjoy.

Ashley: Thanks.

Noah: Yeah.

Ashley: See, when you have a checkered love life like mine, it makes for a very interesting family tree.

Ravi: [Sighs] This is so depressing. I mean, if someone as gor-- as smart as you can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Ashley: Okay, well, cheers to that.

Ravi: Cheers.

Gloria: Mariah? Hi.

Mariah: Hi.

Gloria: I'm, uh... I'm Gloria Bardwell. I'm Kevin's mother.

Mariah: Oh! Hi. Uh, Kevin has told me a lot about you.

Gloria: [Chuckles] He speaks very highly of you, too. Says he can tell you anything. You're the soul of discretion.

Mariah: [Laughs] That's very sweet.

Gloria: Is there some place we could speak privately?

Mariah: Mrs. Bardwell, I'm so sorry, but I'm very, very busy. I don't have time for whatever's going on with Kevin and Chloe.

Gloria: It's not about my son. It's about something that happened to me. People need to hear my story.

Mariah: Story, as in for "GC Buzz?"

Gloria: Your show exposes the ugly truths about the so-called elite of the city, yes?

Mariah: Yeah. Uh, let's talk more.

Gloria: It's not easy to talk about. It's about sexual harassment and personal intimidation in one of the biggest corporations based right here in Genoa city.

Ravi: Hope I'm not breaking your firewall by discussing your personal life.

Ashley: [Laughs] I'm not worried about you crossing any lines, Ravi.

Ravi: You know, in college, I interned at this old-fashioned dating site where people composed long profiles.

Ashley: Old-fashioned dating site? Mm, it was a simpler time.

Ravi: Right. Now people just look at photos and swipe. You know, it's unfortunate because the algorithm matched people based on factors like hobbies, mutual social media friends, keywords they'd use to describe their ideal partners. It was very accurate.

Ashley: I'm still skeptical.

Ravi: Okay, well, indulge me. How would you describe your ideal partner?

Ashley: I haven't been asked that in a while.

Ravi: Since you've been in so many relationships, surely there are some commonalities.

Ashley: Ow.

Ravi: And please don't someone who makes you laugh. Everybody says that. Just, you know, be completely real.

Ashley: Okay. I have to admit it. I think I go for an alpha male. You know, the, uh, arrogant, kind of obnoxious confident guy, the one that's take-charge -- it kind of works for me.

Ravi: Huh. I would not have guessed that.

Ashley: Well, I mean, you know, I don't want a cave man. But it's not easy out there. I mean, men are intimidated if you're too successful or ambitious, and they're threatened if you make as much money or more money than they do.

Ravi: Why would anyone view that as a negative?

Ashley: Exactly. And I have opinions, very valid opinions that I'm not afraid to share or to argue about.

Ravi: It would be impossible to have a stimulating...

Ashley: I need somebody who can give as good as he gets, and it can't be a wimp.

Ravi: [Scoffs] You're convinced these qualities are found only in a macho, aggressive man.

Ashley: Yeah, actually. From my experience. Although, I have to say, in the long haul, they haven't turned out to be such great partners. I mean, that's why I have this jewelry box full of expired wedding rings.

Ravi: The algorithm would tell you you need to expand your horizons. There are plenty of men out there who are strong and respectful who don't, you know, pound their chests and start fights. The thing is, a truly confident person doesn't have to prove anything.

Ashley: You make a very compelling argument.

Ravi: I'm just analyzing the data you gave me.

Ashley: Mm. Well, I'll tell you what -- if you happen to meet a guy who meets that criteria, please, just kind of point him in my general direction.

Ravi: I'll do that. You deserve someone great.

Colin: Yeah, I'm gonna get you the money. Soon. You know, I'm moving around assets and, um...

[Door opens]

Colin: Yeah, I got to go.

[Door closes]

Jill: Hi, sweetie.

Colin: Hi.

Esther: Jill, let me take that for you.

Jill: Thank you. It's really nice to have you back, Esther.

Esther: Oh.

Colin: It is?

Esther: I am glad to be back. I have missed this house so much. And feeling closer to Mrs. C. Is worth having to put up with some people who live here.

Jill: [Chuckles] Why is it so hot in here?

Colin: You could have at least given me fair warning.

Jill: [Scoffs]

Colin: And why are you so tense? This Fenmore business is stressing you out.

Jill: Darling, I am not gonna relax until I get what's mine. And it will not be long now, 'cause I got my lawyers working on a deal memo as we speak. [Sighs]

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: Hey there, co-owner.

Victoria: Yeah, there's a problem right there. You think you're the co-owner of my life!

Billy: Okay, you're gonna need to give me a little context so I can defend myself.

Victoria: Phyllis wanted to give me tips about Reed.

Billy: Look, I briefly ran into Phyllis. I mentioned Reed, but it wasn't a big deal.

Victoria: I don't want you to talking to her about my son or any other aspect of my life, Billy.

Billy: Vick, you're blowing this out of proportion.

Victoria: Really? Am I? Exactly how upset am I allowed to be?

Billy: All right, you're gonna need to give me a little benefit of the doubt if we're gonna be working together, okay?

Victoria: And you're gonna need to stop talking about me behind my back.

Billy: It doesn't matter what I do, I'm gonna get berated. So I might as well just live down to your expectations. At least I'll have a lot more fun that way.

Victoria: [Groans]

Mariah: The woman you're about to hear from has decided to speak with "GC Buzz" on the condition that we protect her identity. We're calling her Clarissa, but that is not her real name. Welcome to the show.

Gloria: Thank you for letting me tell my story. I'm coming forward for the sake of all women in the workplace who are being victimized.

Mariah: So, Clarissa, how did your business dream become a nightmare?

Gloria: I'd recently returned to town and I was looking for work. It's hard. Most people want to hire millennials. And I am little more mature.

Mariah: How did you first come in contact with your alleged harasser?

Gloria: He asked me to consult on a major deal he was putting together, and he promised that if successful, he would hire me for a permanent role.

Mariah: What happened then?

Gloria: The deal went through, and my contributions were vital to its success. But he never let me forget that he was the boss. And then he made it very clear that he wanted sexual favors.

Mariah: That must have come as a huge shock to you.

Gloria: I wanted to cuss him out and walk away. But I needed the job. And, yes, I am ashamed to say... [Sighs] I gave him what he wanted.

Mariah: So you're -- you're telling us that you had sex with this man.

Gloria: Yes. All night. He was insatiable. And when it was over, he told me that he had no further use for my services and said he never wanted to see my face again.

Mariah: I am so, so sorry.

Gloria: But what is so disgusting -- this man made his fortune from a business that makes products for women. He has no respect for his customers.

Mariah: Clarissa, would you be willing to reveal the identity of this man?

Gloria: Oh! He's very powerful. He could ruin me. He could shut down "GC Buzz."

Mariah: Well, here, we are not afraid of the truth.

Gloria: [Sighs] It was the C.E.O. of Jabot cosmetics -- Jack Abbott.

Nick: Noah told me that Dylan left.

Sharon: Well, if you're here to gloat about how I've driven another man out of my life, our daughter already did that.

Nick: That's not why I'm here. I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Sharon: I'm taking my meds. I'm not going to have a nervous breakdown, make a spectacle out of myself, so don't worry.

Nick: I'm always gonna worry about you. Dylan shouldn't have just taken off and left you to pick up the pieces alone.

Sharon: I can accept responsibility for damaging my marriage beyond repair. It's -- it's losing faith that's tough. She blames me that Dylan left, and I don't know if she'll ever forgive me.

Nick: She's just a kid. She doesn't totally understand.

Sharon: Well, she's watched me bounce from relationship to relationship, screwing up each and every one, so... you know, she's right. I, uh... I chased them all away. Including you.

Nick: Look, nobody was rooting for you and Dylan more than me, Sharon. You were... I mean, you were happy. You were secure. I really thought Dylan had moved on with his feelings for Christian and was ready to start the next chapter of his life.

Sharon: He was. It just didn't include me.

Faith: [Sniffles]

Nikki: Faith? Honey? I know you said some terrible things to your mother.

Faith: I was just telling her the truth. I'm not a liar like she is.

Nikki: Wait, wait, wait. Come here. Come back. Come sit down with me, please. Sit down. [Sighs] Sharon made some mistakes, but it's not that simple.

Faith: She lied about Christian. That's what made Dylan mad.

Nikki: Sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reason. Sharon knew how much Dylan loved Christian, and...that's why she didn't tell him the truth. But, faith, you have to understand, sometimes it isn't anybody's fault when a marriage ends. People grow apart and they want different things in life.

Faith: There's got to be a reason why he left.

Nikki: Angel, it's just not that simple. I wish I had a simple answer for you. Believe me, I am as hurt and sad as you are. And I know your mom is, too. But what you said to her made her feel a whole lot worse.

Colin: Dealing with Fenmore's, it's gonna be a massive pain. I mean, you're gonna be going to places in the middle of nowhere, dealing with these egomaniacal idiots in fashion.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Colin: And shoplifters.

Jill: [Scoffs] I know it will be a huge commitment, okay? That's why I'm selling brash & sassy! To Victoria and Cane and Billy.

Colin: Why the hell would you do that?

Jill: Free up some time for chancellor, plus, with the profits, I can buy back Jack's share of Fenmore's.

Colin: Could be a clever plan. There should be a nice profit in that place, given what you've accomplished with brash & sassy!

Jill: Yeah, I know, a very nice -- [Groans] God! Losing my rightful share of Fenmore's is making me sick. My jaw is killing me. Have I been grinding my teeth?

Colin: Listen, I've been telling you this -- you're way too tense. Uh, why -- why don't we go on a cruise, get out of town for a week, get away from Genoa city and the corporate ledgers?

Jill: Oh, my God.

Colin: Guaranteed to fix whatever's ailing you, huh?

Jill: I love it. Sounds fantastic.

Colin: Yeah? I'll make the arrangements. You're gonna come back all tanned and refreshed.

Jill: And ready to fight Jack and Lauren.

Colin: And ready to -- well... I kind of pity them.

Jill: No. They deserve it. I'm telling you, nobody screws me over and gets away with it. Nobody!

Cane: Well, actually, I want to sell all my holdings. Yes. Everything. Because I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I'm going to buy a cosmetics company.

Gloria: He was insatiable.

And when it was over...

Mariah: Hey. I got a juicy story. I just did an interview with the source.

Hilary: Great.

Mariah: But I'm torn between running it as a straight q&a or cutting it with b-roll and selling it as a package.

Hilary: Why don't you just do what you think is best, okay?

Mariah: Really? You don't want any input on this?

Hilary: Mariah, you've been doing this for months now. I trust you.

Mariah: Wow. Okay. I guess you really did mean all those nice things you said about me.

Hilary: [Sighs] Read it and weep.

Devon: Great. What have you done now?

Nick: I get it now, why you were so upset when Dylan took that case.

Sharon: That assignment was his first step away from me.

[Door unlocks]

Sharon: [Sighs] Honey, I know that you're upset and I am so sorry.

Faith: I'm sorry, too. I really shouldn't have said all of those nasty things to you.

Sharon: Oh! It's okay.

Faith: Grandma made me realize how sad you are about Dylan leaving. I don't want to make you feel worse.

Victoria: You have to promise me that what I'm about to tell you stays between us.

Victor: Zip!

Victoria: Okay. Jill's selling brash & sassy!, Which means Cane, Billy, and I are each going to own 1/3.

Victor: Sweetheart, what's the matter with you? You're gonna own 1/3. The rest will belong to a grifter and a gambler.

Victoria: So let me get this straight -- in less than 30 seconds, you've managed to turn something that I'm very excited about...

Victoria: Sweetheart.

Victoria: ...Into a critique of my business acumen.

Victoria: What's the matter with you? You built this company from the ground up. You should own the whole damn thing! Buy it!

Hilary: Go ahead. Open it. Then tell me I haven't changed. That's right. They're divorce papers. I had my lawyer draft them up. Since you are so desperate to get away from me, just sign on the dotted line. Then you'll be rid of your manipulative, calculating wife forever.

Mariah: Hilary approved the segment.


Mariah: I think we should put it first because this is really going to get people talking.

Gloria: Ahh! [Giggles]

Jack: Day drinking. I suppose that's one way to wile away the hours when you're unemployed.

Gloria: Oh, don't worry about it, Jack. I've seen firsthand how alcohol can make you lose control. So I won't ask you to join me in a toast.

Jack: What exactly is it you're celebrating?

Gloria: Your demise.

Phyllis: What'd the elevator ever do to you?

Billy: I'm trying to get out of here as soon as possible before this day gets any worse. I don't even know why I try. Even when I do something right, it feels like I get kicked in the teeth. Makes me want to say the hell with it all.

Phyllis: That's always been my motto. What the hell are you doing?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: I doubt that Johnny and Katherine are interested in "live cam shows of the world's naughtiest nymphs."

Gloria: You really should be watching this show, Jack. If you're out of the loop, you're gonna feel like a real idiot.

Hilary: ...an exclusive story that you won't want to miss.

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