Y&R Transcript Friday 1/27/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/27/17


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[Knock on door]

Jack: Come in!

Ashley: Hey. I have some marketing questions. Are you busy?

Jack: Nope. Actually, your timing is perfect. I was going over this contract, and I was about to call you.

Ashley: What contract? Baker deal?

Jack: No. The Fenmore deal. I asked legal to draw up a merger agreement.

Ashley: Wait a minute. Didn't you tell me she had another potential investor?

Jack: That's the thing. I don't think there is an investor. I think the whole thing is a ruse. I think it's a desperate attempt to build her case in the negotiation, which tells me it's time to close this deal.

Ashley: Really? It tells me that you're wasting your time.

Jack: It's my time to waste.

Ashley: Excuse me. How could you say that? It's your responsibility to be in charge of this company. Would you please just shred that contract, Jack, and move on?

Jack: You know me better than that. When I want something, I fight for it.

Eric: Is this seat taken?

Lauren: Eric.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Lauren: [Laughs]

Eric: Hello.

Lauren: Hi! Oh! How are you?

Eric: I'm fine.

Lauren: How was your flight?

Eric: Uneventful.

Lauren: My kind of flight.

[Both laugh]

Eric: Wow. Look at you. You look fantastic.

Lauren: Thank you. I was gonna say the same of you.

Eric: Thanks.

Lauren: I took the liberty of ordering some wine.

Eric: Ah, I see you've remembered my favorites.

Lauren: Of course. Would you like me to pour you a glass?

Eric: I would love that. Thank you.

Lauren: Perfect. Here you go.

Eric: Very nice.

Lauren: To dear friends.

Eric: And fond memories.

[Glasses clink]

Lauren: Yes. [Chuckles] Hmm?

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: I can't thank you enough for flying out here on such short notice.

Eric: I know how much your company means to you, much the same as Forrester means to me, so...

Lauren: It's so amazing to be able to talk to somebody who truly understands family business.

Eric: After all the speculation in the fashion press about what's been going on at Fenmore's, uh, I'm surprised it took you so long to call me. In fact, what did take you so long?

Sharon: I am your wife. If you have to go away, I'm going with you.

Dylan: You can't.

Sharon: Why not?

Dylan: Because your life is here, your kids. Faith needs her mother.

Sharon: Faith is in good hands. Her grandparents are taking wonderful care of her. She has a lot of people to love her, who will look out for her while we're away.

Dylan: Okay, what -- what about Mariah and Noah?

Sharon: They're both adults. They'll be all right for a little while. Look, I know you're in a precarious situation. You just took down a dangerous drug ring. These people, they could still be looking for you, but once the authorities arrest them all and their boss is in prison, we can just come right back here. We'll pick up right where we left off.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Do we answer it?

Paul: It's Paul! Open up! Oh, thank God you made it out of there.

Ashley: The last thing Jabot needs is to acquire a retail chain that's on shaky ground, Jack.

Jack: Quite the contrary. Fenmore's is a wonderful addition, particularly at the bargain price I'll be getting. As for the shaky part, I think you know I have the expertise to turn that around.

Ashley: But Lauren's been fighting us every step of the way, Jack. She doesn't want to be a subsidiary of Jabot. She wants a silent partner.

Jack: Given the choice of that or watching her company slowly go under, I think she will see reason.

Ashley: Or considering she knows you've been trying to undermine her investors, she's not even gonna meet you for coffee let alone go into business with you. Are you kidding?

Jack: Lauren can take a meeting with whomever she wants, fake investors, real investors. No one is going to make a better offer for Fenmore's than I am, and there is no better match for Fenmore's than Jabot.

Ashley: Okay, hear me out. Hear me out. You've been wasting a lot of time trying to make this happen with Gloria, right? You should be focusing your attention on this business, JabotGo. Come on! Let's devise a plan that builds on our existing assets, Jack!

Jack: You will be singing a different tune once Lauren signs the dotted line. And she will sign, ash. Once she sees the terms of this deal, she won't be able to turn it down.

Lauren: Michael and I are doing great.

Eric: Good. I'm glad to hear that. And Scott and fen?

Lauren: Well, Scott, in my opinion, works too much.

Eric: Gee, I wonder where he gets that.

Lauren: I have no idea.

[Both laugh] And fen is gonna follow in Michael's footsteps. After he graduates at Arizona state, he's going to law school.

Eric: You must be so proud of both of them.

Lauren: I am. And then you -- I read about your marriage. Congratulations.

Eric: Thank you.

Lauren: From the looks of you, it's going very well?

Eric: The marriage is going very well. It's the rest of it that's sort of a work in progress, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Lauren: I have no doubt about that.

Eric: The kids are all up in arms. They think I'm an old codger that's being manipulated by Quinn.

Lauren: Hmm. I don't believe there's a woman who's been born who could do that.

Eric: There have been a few.

Lauren: Oh!

Eric: But thank you for the vote of confidence.

Lauren: You haven't lost one ounce of charm.

Eric: Well, it can't have been that potent, or you wouldn't have broken it off. Here. To what might have been.

Lauren: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone vibrates]

Lauren: Oh.

Eric: Saved by the buzz.

Lauren: Yes. Uh, it's Jack. He wants to meet with me.

Eric: Wow. You were right about the timing.

Lauren: And here it is. The moment of truth.

Eric: Don't worry about a thing. I can handle it.

Victor: Well, there you are.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: How was Victoria, my sweetheart?

Nikki: Oh.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: She and Reed are butting heads.

Victor: Oh?

Nikki: You remember what that's like.

Victor: I certainly do. But, you know, now that my grandson is back in town, I mean, I'd love to have my family close.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: I hadn't noticed that.

Victor: You hadn't? I know you share my feeling.

Nikki: Well, yes, of course I do, otherwise I wouldn't have been so agreeable when Faith wanted to live with us.

Victor: I think it's been wonderful having her here.

Nikki: Well, you have been spending a lot of time with her.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: So it just makes me wonder if you're using that as an excuse to avoid the office.

Victor: Sweetheart, I have been very productive working from home.

Nikki: And believe me, I love having you here.

Victor: Do you?

Nikki: Of course. But I also know you're at a crossroads. You're looking for the next big thing that you're going to do with your life. Have you made any decisions?

Victor: Mnh-mnh. But whatever the decision will be, I promise you it will not take my away from either you or my family. How's that?

Nikki: I'll hold you to it.

Victor: You like that?

Paul: I want to hear more about what happened, but we don't have much time. Kevin is making the arrangements...so you'll be able to leave tonight. I wish I could give you more time, but unfortunately, that's just the way it has to be.

Dylan: Do you mind? Can you get Nikki? I'd love to see her before I go.

Sharon: Of course.

Dylan: [Sighs] We have a few minutes. Let's sit down. Oh, man. Sharon is rattled enough. She doesn't need to know all the details about what went down.

Paul: Right, but you can tell me.

Dylan: Yeah. After I uploaded the evidence to Christine, I didn't get rid of the phone fast enough, and Stan got ahold of it.

Paul: Stan?

Dylan: He was an enforcer pretty high up in the ranks. He drove me to a place where Alex was waiting, and then they accused me of being undercover. They wanted me to go into this room, but I stood my ground. You know, I figured if they're gonna kill me, they might as well do it right then and there and just leave the evidence out in the open. And that's when I spun around. I grabbed his arm. We had a struggle. And then the gun went off. And the bullet grazed me right here. And then Stan and I were -- were fighting on the ground for the gun. And I managed to knock the weapon away. But we both scrambled, and I shot him in self-defense. Got back up, and that's when I realized that Alex was long gone.

Paul: Just so damn glad you're the one that walked away.

Dylan: You and me both. The feds pick Alex up yet?

Paul: No. We have no intel on where she is.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, if the system works the way it's supposed to, Fisk will go away for life. But that doesn't mean his crew's gonna stop trying to look for me. I have to go off the grid. But still I have to ask. Is there a chance that someday the threat will be gone and I'll be able to come home?

Paul: You cut the head off a snake. Things went south, and there are consequences. Fisk has a large network. His people are relentless. They won't stop looking for you.

Dylan: That's what I tried to tell Sharon, but she thinks we can just go away until this blows over. But it won't.

Paul: Listen. The only way I can protect you is to put you in witness protection. Sharon was a Newman. She was a spokesmodel. Her face is very recognizable. The only way she could stay with you is if she seriously changes her entire appearance and she agrees never to see or even speak with her children again. I can't imagine her agreeing to that, can you?

Dylan: It would be wrong of me to expect that. After tonight, I can't contact Sharon...or the kids or Nikki or you?

Paul: Once you walk out that door, you become someone else.

Dylan: Dylan McAvoy is dead.

Sharon: Nikki! Nikki! Are you here?! Answer me!

Nikki: There is no need to shout. I'm right here. What on earth is going on?

Sharon: It's Dylan.

Nikki: What about him? What's happened?

Sharon: He's at the house. He needs to see you right away.

[Door opens]

Paul: I never should have assigned you this case. I really shouldn't. You had a-a wife, a family.

Dylan: I chose to go. And I knew the risk. And reward.

Paul: You accomplished your goal. You went way above and beyond, like you always do.

Dylan: I was just, uh, following your example... dad. In our short time together... I've learned a lot from you. I'll always be grateful. And I'm gonna miss working with you. I'm just gonna miss spending time with you.

Paul: I'm gonna miss you, too, son. I wish there was a different way. I really do.

Dylan: Yeah.

Paul: But I need you safe. I already have had one son die way too young. I can't lose you, too. So when I think about you every day, I'll remind myself of saying goodbye now, sending you out of harm's way, knowing it was the right thing to do, no matter how much it hurts.

[Door opens]

Nikki: Oh! Dylan! What's going on?

Dylan: I have to leave town.

Nikki: But you just got home. How long you gonna be gone this time?

Dylan: It's for good.

Nikki: No. No. Dylan, you can't.

Paul: Nikki, when you hear the reason, you will understand why we have to let him go.

Nikki: No.

Ashley: Hey.

Lauren: Hello. I got your summons.

Jack: Thank you for coming by, Lauren.

Lauren: Hi, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi.

Lauren: So did Jack enlist you to help with the arm-twisting?

Ashley: Absolutely not. I had nothing to do with this. It's between the two of you, believe me.

Jack: I realize the two of us parted on, uh, a rough note, so you asked me to put my proposal in writing. That's exactly what I've done.

Lauren: Hmm.

Jack: The fact that you're here tells me that you're at least willing to consider my proposal. Once you see how generous the terms how, I think it'll put all of your fears to rest.

Lauren: I'm sorry if I got your hopes up, but, uh, I'm not gonna sign this.

Jack: Why not?

Lauren: I got a better offer.

Ashley: From who?

Jack: Yes, who is this mystery investor we're all hearing so much about?

Eric: That would be me.

Ashley: Hi.

Eric: I am so glad to see you. Hi.

Ashley: Good to see you.

Eric: Thank you.

Jack: I didn't realize Eric was a potential investor.

Lauren: Well, maybe your spy wasn't as thorough as you thought.

Jack: You've barely looked at that contract. It's a very generous offer.

Lauren: Not as generous as the one that Eric has on the table.

Eric: I've always admired Lauren's business leadership. But I've been most particularly interested in her plans to modernize Fenmore's, to increase her digital customer base and to move it into the future. I see the potential for great profit. That's why the two of us have been discussing a possible merger with Forrester. I think it would be a perfect fit for both of our companies.

Jack: As it would be for Fenmore and Jabot.

Lauren: But unless you're willing to up your bid significantly from Eric's, my choice is clear.

Victor: Well, this is good news. I mean, Nikki has been rather anxious about Dylan's whereabouts.

Sharon: Um, as long as I'm here, I would like to see Faith.

Victor: Oh. Well, she went to a birthday party, okay?

Sharon: Yes, that's right. Okay, um, then I will have to see her afterward.

Victor: If that is all...

Sharon: You know, Faith seems very happy staying here with you and Nikki.

Victor: Yeah, well, Faith is doing very well. In fact, I think she is thriving being here, you know? She can stay as long as she wants.

Sharon: I guess I better be going. Good night.

Victor: All right. Good night.

Nikki: After hearing everything you've been through, I'm just so glad that you're still alive. Paul, I came to you and said I was worried. How could you keep this from me?

Dylan: Paul was protecting the investigation and me. Can we please not argue about this?

Nikki: I-I just thought that you were on some routine assignment and -- and that you would come home and we'd go to dinner and talk the way that I've been wanting to, and we could get our relationship back on track, because I know the situation with Nicholas and Christian put distance between us.

Dylan: Do not worry about that another second, okay? I understand the position you were in. No regrets, okay?

Nikki: [Voice breaking] I just have so many things to say to you. [Sniffles] Important things.

Dylan: Like what?

Nikki: I just want you to know how very proud I am of you [Sniffles] For always striving to be the best man that you can be and for all the sacrifices you're willing to make for the sake of other people. I mean, that's what -- that's why drove you to be a soldier and -- and then a detective. You're just such a good man. [Sniffles] And I wish I could take some credit for that, but I can't.

Dylan: Hey. [Sighs] Let's, uh, let's not focus on the years we didn't have together and just focus on the ones that we did.

Nikki: I'm sorry it took me so long to find you.

Dylan: It's okay.

Nikki: We haven't had enough time.

Dylan: It's okay. It's okay. Just know that I love you, and I know you love me. [Voice breaking] And I'm gonna carry that with me wherever I go.

Nikki: Oh, Dylan.

Kevin: Okay, this is your new birth certificate, driver's license, and passport. [Sighs] And this is your new identity. This is who you are now, all the information you need to memorize.

Paul: You're gonna be staying in a safe house for a few days before relocating. And the witness protection folks are gonna be debriefing you. And Kevin's gonna go with you to help with the transition. But once he gets back to Genoa city, it never happened. He was never there.

[Door opens]

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Sharon: Are you here with Paul, police business?

Kevin: Uh, yeah.

Sharon: I went for a walk. I knew that you would need some time with both of your parents before we take off. I'm gonna go upstairs and pack a bag.

Kevin: "We"? She thinks you're both going?

Victor: I always knew that Dylan had exceptional courage, you know? But this time, my baby, what a price he's paying.

Nikki: [Sighs] After he lost his adoptive parents... I know it meant so much to him to get to know Paul and me... and then become part of a big, extended family where everybody cared about him. And now he's all alone again. He just has to start over. He can't even call us if he needs help. He's always been so strong. And so I've tried to be strong for him. [Voice breaking] But he must be in agony, because I know I am.

Victor: Come here, my baby.

Nikki: I don't know if my heart will ever heal from this.

Victor: Come here.

Jack: Let's rewind here for a second. If you really wanted to sign with Forrester, you would have done it by now.

Eric: I have the contract right here. I flew in so that Lauren and I could sign the papers in person. This is a momentous day for her, Jack. She felt that she owed you some kind of an explanation.

Jack: And that explanation was?

Eric: Well, apparently she's not happy with your terms. She wants to retain some control of her family business. I'm happy to let her do that. Can you match that, Jack?

Lauren: Or better yet, beat it?

Jack: Would you sign with Jabot if I did?

Lauren: Only if you'll be happy with 49% of the company and, say, a 25% increase of your proposed buy-in?

Jack: Fine, but you accept my offer right now or I take it off the table.

Lauren: Well... my corporate offices are in Genoa city. I have always wanted to work with Ashley --

Jack: Do we or do we not have a deal here?

Lauren: Let me know when the new paperwork has been drawn up. I'm sorry, Eric.

Eric: It's all right. It's just business. I'll get over it.

Lauren: Let me at least buy you a drink, then.

Eric: You can buy me several. It's the only thing that's gonna work.

Lauren: [Chuckles]

Eric: Ashley, I was go glad I got to see you.

Ashley: Me, too.

Eric: Goodbye.

Ashley: Give my best to ridge.

Eric: And so I will. Jack.

Jack: Eric, have a safe trip.

Lauren: Oh, one more thing, Jack.

Jack: And what's that?

Lauren: Never underestimate me again.

Jack: [Sighs]

Jack: Yes, I said 49%. And plug in the new figure I told you. Yes, I'm sure. Handle the revisions and get it up to me A.S.A.P.

Ashley: Well, you were absolutely right, Jack. Lauren's mystery investor was just a sad and desperate ploy to gain negotiation leverage. How beautifully did it work.

Jack: What the hell was I supposed to do? Watch Eric Forrester gloat to the trades about his latest acquisition, how he bested Jack Abbott to pull it off?

Ashley: And there it is. It all makes perfect sense now. It was always about your ego.

Jack: [Sighs]

Lauren: You were absolutely brilliant in that meeting. I actually thought you wanted to buy in. [Chuckles]

Eric: Well, it wasn't a complete ruse, you know.

Lauren: It wasn't?

Eric: No. Every compliment I paid you I absolutely meant. I admire the vision you have for the company. I would have made that deal.

Lauren: That's very flattering.

Eric: Just good business. Jack gives you any trouble...

Lauren: Oh, you will be my first phone call.

Eric: [Laughs] Good. I'm glad to hear.

Lauren: [Laughs]

Eric: Hmm. Well...

Lauren: Um, do you have to leave?

Eric: Yes, I do. The jet is at the airport. It's all gassed up. I need to go now.

Lauren: Okay, well, then, let me drive you. It's the least I can do.

Eric: That's a lovely offer, but actually there's a car waiting for me. It's probably downstairs now.

Lauren: Listen. I owe you. Big time.

Eric: Now, here, it was the least I could do.

Lauren: You helped me save my family's business. And I don't think I can ever thank you enough.

Eric: The look on your face is thanks enough. I'm thrilled everything worked out for you.

Lauren: Yeah. Me, too. Thank you.

Eric: My best to Michael.

Lauren: Okay. And next time, I meet Quinn.

Eric: It's a deal, okay?

Lauren: [Laughs]

Eric: Bye, honey.

Lauren: Bye.

Eric: Don't finish that champagne.

Lauren: [Laughs] [Sighs]

Kevin: I know you don't want to be rushed, but the clock is ticking. We have to get you to the airport.

Dylan: I understand. Can you hang on to these for a second?

Paul: Sure. Um, we'll wait for you in the car.

Dylan: Okay.

Sharon: Okay. Um, Faith should be back at the ranch soon, and somehow I'll have to track down Mariah and Noah.

Dylan: Uh, that's -- that's not necessary.

Sharon: Well, obviously I have to say bye to the kids before we leave.

Dylan: No, you don't need to do any of that because you're not coming with me.

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: You can't.

Sharon: Dylan, we've already been through this. We are staying together!

Dylan: Sharon, this is way bigger than the two of us want right now.

Sharon: What does that even mean?

Dylan: I have to into the federal witness protection program.

Sharon: The witness protection? For how long? No, Dylan. No. No, I refuse to accept this. There has got to be another way! There is always another way!

Dylan: Not this time. I talked to Paul. I was hoping there was another way... ...that there might still be a chance.

Sharon: So that's what you wanted to tell me earlier?

Dylan: If I stay... I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life, [Voice breaking] Fearing every day for your life and Faith and Nikki and Paul and everybody else that I love. This nightmare would never end. Dylan McAvoy can no longer exist.

Sharon: [Sighs] This is really happening? You're not coming back?

Dylan: It's the only way.

Sharon: This is the last time I'm gonna see you, isn't it?

Nikki: Dylan's gone. And I'm never gonna see him again. I'm never gonna see his beautiful eyes... or hear his voice. [Sobs] Oh, God, Victor, how am I supposed to get over this?

Victor: My sweet baby.

Nikki: [Sobs]

Victor: You know...

Nikki: [Sniffles]

Victor: [Sighs] I know what it's like to have a son suddenly disappear, never to come back. It's a terrible loss. I understand. But, you know, he wouldn't want you to just fall apart just because he is gone. He would want you to find a way to pick yourself up, okay? That's what he would want.

Nikki: Yeah, I know he would.

Victor: Come here. It'll be all right.

Sharon: Car is running. They're waiting. Dylan, please. Put a stop to this, please. This -- this can't be happening!

Dylan: It wasn't supposed to... it wasn't supposed to be this way. My job was to get in and get the evidence and get -- and get home so we can get on with our life

together. This is my fault. I did this. I knew the risk. It just never occurred to me that I might fail.

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: I did, Sharon. I'm sorry. I screwed up. We were solid. We were building a future together.

Sharon: [Sighs] There's not a lot of time left. I know -- I know that you didn't -- you didn't mean for this to happen.

Dylan: Can you... can you please forgive me?

Sharon: I love you. That's what love means. You've forgiven me for so many things.

Dylan: You're too good to me. Now I'm leaving you alone.

Sharon: [Sighs] [Sighs] I guess I should be used to that, right? Everybody leaves. Nobody stays. It's been that way my whole life. First with my father and then every man that I met after that. Until I met you. You know, you were the one person I could always count on, the one person who was always there for me, even when I lied about sully. If you had left me then, no one could have blamed you. I couldn't have. But you didn't leave. You didn't even waver. You supported me when everyone else rejected me, and no one's ever done that for me, Dylan. You didn't abandon me.

Dylan: [Sighs] I'm not abandoning you.

Sharon: I know.

Dylan: You are everything to me. And, uh, tell Mariah and Noah goodbye for me, and hopefully they'll understand. And then, uh, Faith... [Sighs] Tell her that she was the best helper anybody could ever have and the best daughter any dad could ever have.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Dylan: Hey.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Dylan: Until the day I die, I will always...remember you.

Sharon: Always.

Dylan: I got to go.

Sharon: No. Wait, wait. Wait.

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Jack: In a word, yes.

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