Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/25/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/25/17


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Victoria: Billy told you everything you needed to know about sex?

Reed: I had some questions. But he answered them for me.

Victoria: Here's what you need to know about sex. You're too young.

Reed: Of course you think that. That's why I went to Billy.

Victoria: Oh, so he just told you to go for it? He gave you tips on how to pick up girls?

Billy: Wow, mom, just calm down, okay?

Victoria: No, I'm calm! I'm talking to Reed.

Reed: Talking at me.

Billy: All right, let's everybody just take a breath here and count to 10.

Victoria: No, Billy, you said more than enough. It's my turn.

Lauren: Are you sure we're just not misinterpreting a series of coincidences?

Phyllis: No, it all adds up. Michael saw Gloria cozying up to Craig, then I saw her with Jack, and they acted as if I caught them in the middle of a fling.

Lauren: I bet this goes all the way back to Hochman. She conspired with Jack to wreck both deals so I'd have to let him invest in Fenmore's.

Phyllis: She's quite possibly the worst mother-in-law ever.

Lauren: Oh, speak of the devil. I got to go.

Gloria: [Sighs]

Lauren: Gloria!

Gloria: Hmm? Oh!

Lauren: Come have a drink with me.

Gloria: Well, absolutely. Never turn down a glass of wine with you. So, Lauren... what are we drinking to?

Lauren: Your specialty -- backstabbing.

Gloria: Huh.

Jack: I better call pest control.

Phyllis: Please don't. I've done so much to move on. I can't live without you.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: I can't live without you getting what you deserve for sabotaging Lauren's deals.

Mariah: Well, so much for my plan of trying to cheer you up by bringing you out to dinner.

Sharon: I'm just not gonna have much of an appetite unless I know that Dylan is okay.

Mariah: If you pass out from not eating, you're gonna miss Dylan's call.

Sharon: Paul did tell me that I didn't blow Dylan's cover when I tried to call him, but he also said that Dylan is dealing with very dangerous and violent people.

Mariah: Sharon, stop assuming the worst. Torturing yourself isn't accomplishing anything.

Sharon: If Dylan is suffering because of something that I did, I would never be able to forgive myself.

Kevin: That's half of what we wanted to hear. As for the rest, I'm choosing to believe that, uh, no news is good news. Thanks.

Christine: Hey, was that Paul?

Kevin: Uh, no. The feds. Fisk is in custody. Mission accomplished.

Christine: Oh, my God. After all these years, he will finally be brought to justice. But I-I really can't celebrate until I know Dylan's safe.

Kevin: He's not answering any of the burner phones. I'm trying to remain calm, but he's not making it easy.

Christine: Well, we can't panic. Dylan probably went underground. He knows he'll be safe there until the rest of the crew's arrested.

Kevin: Going incognito makes sense, but Dylan would want us -- he would want Sharon to know that he's safe.

Paul: Torres, I want to look at those shell casings. Thanks. [Sighs] You know, it just doesn't add up. I mean, we got bloodspatter, we got bullets. We don't have any bodies. I mean, if the victim escaped, we'd have a trail of blood and footprints and...

This is all the physical evidence we found.

Paul: Okay. Call your supervisor. We need more officers down here. I want to go over this place inch by inch. And in the meantime, get a scraping of this blood.

A small sample is gonna take awhile to get a DNA match.

Paul: Well, then get a blood type! I have to find out what happened to my son, okay?! [Sighs]

Lauren: Give you this -- you got chutzpah. Sleeping under my roof while sabotaging my business deals.

Gloria: Come on. These unfounded accusations are very hurtful, Lauren. We are family.

Lauren: Oh, are you denying that you're conspiring with Jack?

Gloria: Conspiring? He asked me about Fenmore's. He wants to make a deal with you.

Lauren: [Scoffs] He's plotting a hostile takeover.

Gloria: Oh, stop. He's trying to save your company. I understand why you wouldn't want to work with him. [Scoffs]

Lauren: Even though you're doing everything you can to force my hand.

Gloria: You say all the horrible things about me that you want. I love you, and that is never going to change.

Lauren: Oh, I am not falling for that! Because I don't think it's a coincidence that all my potential partners bailed after I refused to give you a job. What did Jack promise you? VP of schemes and scams?

Gloria: That's not true.

Lauren: Well, your plan worked. Take credit for it. Say it loud! Say it proud! You are a master manipulator.

Jack: Well, congratulations, Nancy drew. You figured it out. I've been working with Gloria.

Phyllis: You do realize your plan was underhanded and deceptive?

Jack: Coming from you, I take that as a compliment. All along I have been quite clear about my plan to buy a controlling interest in Fenmore's. Gloria was merely sharing her insights with me.

Phyllis: Now that she knows what you've done, Lauren is not gonna sign any deal with you.

Jack: I guess we'll see about that. I am surprised, though, that you of all people are clutching your pearls over my tactics. This is right out of your playbook.

Phyllis: Your plan was lame. Did you really expect me to believe that you were dating Gloria?

Jack: What? Did you think I'd spend the rest of my life pining away for you? Sorry to disappoint. I've moved along.

Phyllis: With Gloria? That's like going from filet mignon to barbecued roadkill. You got Gloria to spread bogus rumors! You got her to throw herself at two potential buyers!

Jack: That's right! I did! And I enjoyed every second of it.

Phyllis: This is not a game. This is Lauren's family legacy. You of all people should respect that.

Jack: Why do you think I'm working so hard on this? Six months from now when Fenmore's is back in the black, Lauren will be thanking me.

Phyllis: And why would she want to partner with someone who is clearly not trustworthy?

Jack: I guess you have a point there. That is how I felt when you were begging me to take you back after you'd slept with my brother.

Billy: Obviously you don't want to hear what I have to say.

Victoria: No, I don't. I'm not even sure why you're here.

Billy: Because my kids live here and I came to say good night to Johnny and Katie. But if it's a problem for you, then I can leave.

Victoria: Yeah, I think that'd be for the best.

Billy: Okay. Please tell them I'll see them in the morning.

Reed: Wait, Billy, I want you here.

Victoria: Reed, this is a family matter.

Reed: Yeah, and I've grown up with Billy as my stepdad. He's family to me.

Billy: Reed, if your mother doesn't want me here, I need to respect her wishes.

Reed: What about my wishes? You've been a father figure to me most of my life. You've always been there for me, and now I'm just supposed to kick you to the curb because you and mom can't get along?

Billy: Listen to me, okay? You're not gonna be able to kick me to the curb. I'm gonna be around for you. I promise you that.

Reed: Then why can't you be here for me now? Help me convince mom that I shouldn't be in trouble for what happened. I know you're on my side.

Victoria: What I understand is that part of the problem here and the reason you're in trouble is Billy.

Billy: Okay, I'll stay.

[Cell phone rings]

Christine: Hey, it's Paul. I'm gonna take it in his office.

Kevin: Okay.

Christine: Paul? Any news?

Paul: I have a team searching for him.

Christine: Okay, just don't assume the worst.

Paul: Chris, you and I both know every minute that passes, the odds get worse.

Christine: Don't say that. Don't even think it.

Paul: You know, I didn't call for a pep talk. I just want you to know that the feds are gonna let me question Fisk.

Christine: Okay, great. Um, just don't cross the line. I need this case to be clean.

Paul: I know exactly how to handle him. There's something more delicate that I need you to handle for me. Sharon's got to be a wreck. I mean, she has no idea what's going on. You know, when you're isolated and you're helpless, your mind will take you to some very dark places. I'm in that place now.

Christine: Honey, you're not alone. I can be on the next flight to Miami.

Paul: Listen, I have an investigation to run. Just find Sharon, will you, and tell her what happened. It's better if she hears it from you.

Christine: You want me to tell Sharon that her husband might be dead?

Paul: We have an obligation to tell Sharon the truth about Dylan.

Christine: I'll tell her the same thing I'm telling you. We can't pinpoint Dylan's location yet, but that -- that is no reason to give up hope.

Paul: My gut instinct tells me that something went wrong. I never should have let him go undercover.

Christine: He got hard evidence on Fisk, something that no one else has been able to get. So stop second-guessing yourself and be proud of your son.

Paul: I am proud of my son! And right now, I really don't care about the case. I just want to find Dylan.

The guest of honor.

Paul: I got to go. All right, Fisk. You know this is all over right now. You're going away for a very long time. And the only way you're gonna get out of prison upright is to tell me where I can find my... my officer.

Gloria: We're on the same team. We both want to save Fenmore's. And it may not be ideal, but if Jack is the only investor that's interested, you're going to have to join forces with him.

Lauren: [Chuckles] I have other options. So all your subterfuge was a waste of time.

Gloria: Really? So you have potential partners. Wonderful. Who?

Lauren: Nice try. You can read it in the business section like everyone else.

Phyllis: We were talking about business. Why do you have to drag our personal life into this?

Jack: Because you didn't come here to talk business. You came here to tell me how smart you are and to act morally superior. This from a woman who slept with my brother behind my back repeatedly for months.

Phyllis: I have apologized to you a dozen times. I have tried to explain it to you. You will not listen!

Jack: I'm the bad guy because I didn't let you off the hook, and that gives you the right to trash me for trying to close this deal. Would you rather the company that's signing your checks now go under?

Phyllis: Oh, come on. If you were gonna try to save Fenmore's, you wouldn't have wrecked things for Lauren's other potential investors!

Jack: I could go after any number of companies, business opportunities that would not require my dealing with my cheating ex-wife. I have agreed to put up with you so that I can help Lauren.

Phyllis: You're a saint.

Jack: This is gonna happen whether you like it or not, Phyllis. Now, I suggest for everyone's sake you stop being such a hypocrite. [Sighs]

Reed: You and dad always told me that I could ask any question and I wouldn't get in trouble.

Victoria: We meant that you could ask us anything, Reed. We're your parents, not Billy.

Reed: Yeah, but Dad's on the other side of the world. When I'm awake, he's asleep.

Victoria: I'm here, Reed! According to you, I'm constantly in your face.

Reed: But I can't talk to you about this! I mean, you're treating me like a criminal for even thinking about sex!

Victoria: Oh, that's not true.

Billy: That's a slight exaggeration. Slight exaggeration.

Reed: Plus it's way easier to talk to another guy about it. I mean, Billy gave me really specific detailed advice.

Victoria: Oh, really? What did he say? That -- that's really interesting.

Billy: Reed, can you give me a moment with your mom, please, in private?

Victoria: Reed, sit down. We're not finished talking.

Billy: No, Vick, your beef is with me, so why don't you let me have it, then you can have a constructive conversation with your son?

Victoria: Fine. Just go upstairs and do your homework.

Billy: Okay, listen. If you let me explain myself, I'm pretty sure you'll understand.

Victoria: You know what? You are so incredibly arrogant. You're not gonna charm your way out of this one.

Billy: Come on, Vick. I didn't tell him how to have sex with a girl, okay? He wanted to know about condoms, being safe. So instead of ripping into him, you should congratulate him for at least being responsible for himself --

Victoria: I am not gonna congratulate a teen for planning to have sex.

Billy: Okay, maybe "congratulate" is not the right word, but that is not what happened. He just wanted to have the facts.

Victoria: You know what really bothers me here, Billy, is that you didn't tell me about this. I wouldn't have known about your little talk if Reed hadn't have blurted it out.

Billy: Hey, we promised to respect his privacy, okay, unless it was illegal or dangerous.

Victoria: Sex at 15 is dangerous! You should have told me, Billy.

Billy: Reed isn't having sex, okay? Not even close after the conversation I had with him.

Victoria: Billy, we walked in on him making out with some girl on the couch I'd never even met before. What if we had come home later? They'd probably be having sex.

Billy: No, more likely they'd still be kissing on the couch. They're not animals. They're teenagers.

Victoria: He was supposed to be babysitting.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: What if the kids came down and saw them?

Billy: Then they would have giggled that their older brother was making out on the couch. Come on. When did you become such a prude?

Victoria: It's not uptight of me to want Reed to wait until he's older.

Billy: Okay, but it's not realistic to you to think that you can stop him, either.

Victoria: Yeah, but it's my job to make sure that my kids don't wreck their lives.

Billy: I really hope that Reed waits, okay? I do. But at least he's protecting himself from disastrous consequences.

Victoria: Billy, pregnancy and STDs are not the only dangerous thing about teenagers having sex. I mean, being intimate too soon causes self-esteem issues. It can wreck future relationships.

Billy: You sound like a propaganda film from the '50s, Vick.

Victoria: I was only one year older than Reed when I had sex for the first time, and it was one of the worst mistakes I've ever made in my life, Billy.

Billy: Yes, you told me what happened with Ryan.

Victoria: I wasn't ready, and that bad decision led to dozens of other bad decisions.

Billy: Okay, but you were pressured by an older man, and you didn't use birth control. The only way that we can get Reed to not go that direction is to have the conversation with him, to give him the information. I mean, don't you wish that somebody talked to you about it?

Victoria: Don't presume to know my life better than I do. Those weren't the only reasons why it was so traumatic for me.

Billy: I apologize for assuming. But you're doing the same thing with Reed, okay? You're assuming that sex is going to ruin his life.

Victoria: So you think it's a rite of passage, like learning how to drive or something?

Billy: No, no, statistically, teenage driving is much more dangerous.

Victoria: Billy, this is important. It's not funny. Stop trying to always be funny.

Billy: I'm not trying to be funny. I'm just being me and --

Victoria: Well, then stop being you! You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm still making bad choices with men because of what happened to me as a teenager.

Billy: And I would be one of those men?

Victoria: You know what's the scariest thing about this cavalier attitude of yours? Down the road, I don't know if I can trust you with Johnny and Katherine.

Billy: You're crossing the line, Vick.

Victoria: No, it's a preview, Billy. 10 years from now, you're gonna be handing them condoms and telling them to go have a great time. And you know what? I can't let that happen.

Mariah: So it seems dinner was a bust. How about a plan b? I recorded that cheesy romantic movie that neither of us would have admitted we wanted to see. How about we go home and watch it? Except you can't tell anybody that I did, okay?

Sharon: Stop trying to distract me.

Mariah: Look, this feeling of wanting to take care of somebody, it's not exactly a natural instinct for me. So don't waste it. Take advantage of it. Let me help you feel better.

Sharon: I love you.

Mariah: [Chuckles] I know. And that's terrific. I love you, too. But I want you to know that everything is gonna be okay.

Sharon: You know, it's really sweet of you to say that, but I'm -- I'm really not gonna feel any better until I hear Dylan's voice.

Mariah: And you will. Maybe not tonight, but you will soon. This is Dylan we're talking about. He's tough. He's practically indestructible. And he always comes home.

Sharon: Christine's here.

Mariah: Maybe she has some news.

Sharon: Maybe.

Christine: Hi. How are you holding up?

Sharon: I've been better.

Christine: Mariah, could you give us a minute?

Sharon: Uh, no, anything that you have to tell me, you can say in front of my daughter.

Christine: That's nice that you have someone to lean on.

Sharon: Have you heard from Dylan?

Christine: No.

Sharon: How is that possible? You're in charge.

Christine: There have been some complications with the operation, so Paul wanted me to come by and talk to you.

Sharon: Is he okay?

Christine: I don't know.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Mariah: Sharon, Sharon. Remember what I said. Remember what I said. Everything is gonna be okay.

Sharon: Is Dylan dead?

Christine: We have no reason to believe that.

Sharon: And you have no reason to believe he's okay, either?

Paul: So this is your only opportunity you're gonna get to have a reduced sentence. It expires in three minutes, so start talking.

Fisk: About what?

Paul: Tell me where Derek young is.

Fisk: Who?

Paul: He came to the warehouse to make a deal. And you thought he was a lowlife scum like you, but he wasn't. He was working for us. Where the hell is my...

Fisk: Your what? Your mole? Your rat?

Paul: My officer.

Fisk: I never saw him. I'd like to cut a deal, but, uh, I can't help you.

Paul: You know... maybe you and I can be a bit more candid without an audience.

Fisk: Can you get my lawyer on the phone, please? [Sniffs]

Paul: I suggest you start talking. Or you're not even gonna make it to court.

Fisk: You're willing to do whatever it takes. I respect that.

Paul: Quit stalling. Where's Derek?

Fisk: Yeah, he was here. You're right about that. And I can usually spot an undercover cop right from the get-go, but, uh, he was good. I had no idea till they were reading me my rights.

Paul: Well, you must have had some doubts. I mean, uh, you'd never met him before, and he was here to make a huge buy.

Fisk: It happens all the time.

Paul: It does? Well, if you're so certain that he was legit, then why is he missing?

Fisk: No clue. Maybe my associates figured it out. They've been known to exterminate rats.

Paul: Maybe this will jog your memory! We also found shell casings! So, did you shoot him or did you order your associates to pull the trigger?

Fisk: I know Derek's the only leverage I've got. But if he's missing, I had nothing to do with it.

Paul: Get him the hell out of here. I'm sick of looking at him. [Sighs] [Sighs]

Christine: Last night Dylan sent us the evidence we needed to make an arrest.

Mariah: That's great news. Way to go, Dylan.

Sharon: I don't understand. I mean, if he sent you the evidence, then why don't you know where he is? Why didn't he come home?

Christine: He sent it electronically. We haven't heard from him since.

Sharon: So he's missing. He -- or worse.

Christine: Sharon, you have to understand it is standard practice for an undercover agent to lay low after a bust.

Sharon: For how long?

Christine: I can't give you a precise time. I-I don't think very long. Paul is on a plane. He got to Miami. He is gonna oversee the last phase of this case.

Sharon: Wait. What? No, that -- that was not part of the plan. Something must have gone very wrong.

Mariah: Don't jump to conclusions, okay?

Sharon: Paul sent Christine here to talk to me. Obviously he's very concerned.

Christine: Paul just wanted you to know. He is doing everything he can to wrap this up and get Dylan home.

Sharon: What does Paul think happened to Dylan? Just level with me, Christine. If it were Paul, you would want to know.

Christine: He would have felt better if we had heard from Dylan. I mean, we all would.

Mariah: Sharon. Sharon, please.

Gloria: Lauren figured everything out. Maybe we went too far. She's furious.

Jack: Well, she's not the only one. Phyllis just gave me an earful.

Gloria: Well, I never admitted anything. I said you asked me some questions. That's it.

Jack: It doesn't matter who knows we're working together. I confessed everything to Phyllis.

Gloria: Why would you do that?! Now you don't have any leverage!

Jack: We've eliminated all of their options. What's Lauren going to do? The clock is ticking. Soon she'll be begging me to rescue her.

Gloria: Don't get too cocky, Jack. She told me she's got other options.

Jack: Who?

Gloria: She didn't really divulge that information.

Jack: That's because that person doesn't exist. She's just trying to Jack up the price. No, I've seen this before. We have Lauren right where we want her.

Lauren: Gloria's strategy was deny, deny, deny.

Phyllis: Jack admitted everything. It's like he was proud of all the ways he was screwing us over.

Lauren: [Scoffs] Guess they didn't have time to get their stories straight. But you know what? It doesn't matter. I have another potential investor, and it's a good one. It's my only one, but good.

Phyllis: Who is it?

Lauren: I'm afraid I'm gonna jinx it if I say anything else.

Phyllis: Okay, all right. After everything that's happened, I understand. I just want it to go well because working with Jack will be the worst possible thing to happen to Fenmore's. He is not gonna be a partner. He will be a conqueror. And I'd rather go into business with Genghis khan.

Lauren: Honey, you seem angrier than before you talked to Jack. Is this about Fenmore's or the two of you?

Phyllis: It's -- it's not worth discussing. Let's just focus on how we can make sure we do not work with him. Tell me how I can help you.

Billy: You can question whether I'm capable of being a good husband, but don't question my ability to be a good parent to Johnny and Katie, okay? They are the reason that I wake up in the morning.

Victoria: A good father sets limits. He cares about his kids' wellbeing, not whether or not they think he's cool, Billy.

Billy: Vick, did I give Reed advice? Yes, I did. But I also told him that he should wait until he's in a serious relationship and that it doesn't matter if he's inexperienced. It doesn't matter what the kids at school say.

Victoria: Well, it's obvious which part of that conversation registered with him.

Billy: Yeah, it is, because he and his girl were sitting on the couch fully clothed, so the good part registered, okay? And I understand walking in and seeing them was a shock, but it could have been a lot worse.

Victoria: Oh, well, that's a pretty low bar you've set, Billy.

Billy: Okay, listen to me. Reed showing up on your doorstep unannounced, you taking all that on, that's a lot for you. You don't like flying by the seat of your pants, but this has turned into a referendum of whether I can be trusted to raise our children. I resent that, okay? That is wrong. Just like I think it's wrong the way you're handling Reed.

Victoria: You have no right to be in my house telling me how to raise my son.

Billy: Well, this was our house, and my children still live here.

Victoria: Do you know how glad I am that we didn't get back together? I'm so glad, 'cause I can't imagine if you lived under the same roof with Reed what he would be doing -- gambling at school, maybe he would be breaking up one of our relative's marriages, huh?

Billy: Believe me, I will do everything that I can to make sure that Reed doesn't make the same mistakes I did, and that includes falling for a woman who blames everybody else for her mistakes.

Victoria: Reed is my problem, not yours. So get out of my house and let me deal with my problem, Billy.

Billy: That's fine. Then when you wake up in the morning, you're gonna realize that you were blowing everything out of proportion. And when you need help with Reed, don't come to me, okay?

Victoria: It's cold.

Reed: Mom? I'm sorry I'm such a problem.

Victoria: You're not a problem, all right? Billy and I, we lost our tempers and we said things that we shouldn't have said.

Reed: Well, I screwed up, so don't be mad at Billy. Be mad at me, because, I mean, I don't want Johnny and Katie to suffer. It always sucks when your parents are fighting.

Victoria: Okay. All right, but can we talk about you for a minute? You -- you let me down, you know. I was really disappointed.

Reed: I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to like girls.

Victoria: Come on, Reed. You know that's not why I'm upset.

Reed: Look, I-I just invited Zoey over to hang out. I didn't think anything was gonna happen.

Victoria: Well, how much more would have happened if I hadn't come home?

Reed: It wouldn't have gone any further, I swear. I mean, I just met her. We're just getting to know each other.

Victoria: You seemed pretty close on the couch.

Reed: Look, even if I am as desperate as you think I am to hook up, do you think she'd be into that? I mean, this is the first time we've even seen each other outside of school.

Victoria: Okay. This is what I know. I can't leave you in charge. You know, you think you're too old for a babysitter, but you're definitely not mature enough to keep an eye on your brother and sister.

Reed: I guess not.

Victoria: From now on, would you just come to me if you have any questions about sex or girls or anything? I mean, please come to me and not Billy. I'm your parent, Reed.

Reed: If I stop asking Billy, will you forgive him?

Victoria: [Scoffs] That's between Billy and me.

Reed: Maybe, but it affects all of us. Especially Johnny and Katie. And whenever you guys are around each other, it just feels like there's this weird tension, like -- like you guys aren't being straight with each other. Whatever it is, I wish you'd just come out and say it.

Phyllis: You look like I feel.

Billy: Angry with a dash of frustration?

Phyllis: Would your misery like some company?

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: So, what's got you ticked off?

Billy: [Scoffs] Victoria, as usual. You?

Phyllis: Work. I keep telling myself it's just business, but that's not really helping.

Billy: You and Lauren not getting along?

Phyllis: No, she's not the problem. It's Jack. He wants to invest in Fenmore's.

Billy: Really? That doesn't sound like Jack's kind of investment.

Phyllis: No, he's claiming that his genius is gonna save Fenmore's, and all he demands in return is controlling interest.

Billy: Well, I don't think there's a doubt that Jack has been more aggressive with Jabot the last few months. Brash & sassy has felt the brunt of that. I guess he wants to add more stores to his empire.

Phyllis: Yeah. He's definitely got a fire in his belly. It's like he's determined to prove to everyone that he is in charge.

Paul: [Sighs] Every road we go down is a dead end. The evidence is telling us nothing.

Kevin: We might have something. I just got an e-mail from the Miami pd forensics team. They analyzed the bloodspatter.

Paul: Whatever it is, just tell me.

Kevin: The blood is o positive.

Paul: That's not his! Dylan is AB negative!

Kevin: Okay, so if it's not his blood, maybe he's the one who fired the shot.

Paul: Well, yeah, I mean, if he shot one of Fisk's men, that would be a very good reason to go underground.

Good call on the perimeter search. We found this.

Paul: Listen, Kevin, is -- is Chris with you?

Kevin: No, she went to talk to Sharon.

Paul: Track her down. Now.

Mariah: Look, all Christine told you is there's nothing to tell. There are a million reasons why Dylan could have gone AWOL.

Sharon: This is my punishment for pretending that Christian was mine. Now the universe is taking Dylan away from me.

Mariah: Sharon, that's not how it works. Life is a series of random events. It doesn't mean anything. Oh, man. I am, um, I'm really bad at comforting you.

Sharon: No. No, you're not. I-I needed a reminder that this isn't about me, okay? All I can control is my own reaction, and maybe Dylan is all right. So I'm just gonna hope for the best and I'm gonna stay strong.

Mariah: Good.

Sharon: I know that you have to get to work, right? So you're handling the night shift?

Mariah: No, no, I'm not gonna leave you alone.

Sharon: No, I'm fine, honestly. Just, um, make sure that nothing about Dylan gets on the GC buzz, okay?

Mariah: Are you sure?

Sharon: I'm positive. I'm just gonna watch that movie that you recorded.

Mariah: Okay. Bye.

Lauren: You're flying in tomorrow? Okay, I will send you a car. I'm ready to make this happen. I think the synergy and the cross-marketing opportunities are endless. We are gonna be an unstoppable team. I'll see you tomorrow.

Jack: I can almost see that grin on the back of your head. I take it that was good news?

Lauren: You've gotten rid of Gloria and started spying on me yourself?

Jack: Didn't hear a word. Scout's honor. Though I am intrigued.

Lauren: Just catching up with an old friend. Have a good night, Jack. I recommend the special. Oh, in fact, why don't you put it on my tab?

Victoria: Things are very complicated between Billy and me. It's really all you need to know. I want to talk about you.

Reed: All right, I'm not allowed to have girls over. I got it. But why were you so mad at Billy? What's going on, mom?

Victoria: Many, many things have happened between Billy and me, and very few of them are appropriate for me to discuss with you, Reed. Let's just say that our relationship is a little bit strained.

Reed: I know, but you guys used to be married. Doesn't that count for anything? You're always such an ice queen with him.

Victoria: Well, if I am, it's because he drove me to it.

Reed: He was just trying to help me, and you won't even cut him any slack.

Victoria: Someday you'll understand, Reed.

Reed: I understand now. You're just cold and mean.

Billy: Nothing good will come of the two of us talking about Jack.

Phyllis: That is true. What about Victoria? Is she neutral territory enough? Can we talk about her?

Billy: Do we have to? I feel like I can't get away. Not only are we coworkers for 12 hours of the day, we're co-parents.

Phyllis: What's the problem? Are you butting heads over Johnny and Katie?

Billy: It ended up that way, but it started with Reed. I don't know if you've heard, but, uh, he moved back to Genoa City. Trying to help out because the kid and I get along, but, you know, no good deed goes unpunished.

Phyllis: If it's creating drama, why don't you let Victoria deal with Reed on her own?

Billy: 'Cause that's what a sensible person would do, Phyllis. And I would end up with so much more free time. Any suggestions how I occupy myself?

Phyllis: I'm sure you'll figure something out. It was good to see you.

Christine: What's going on?

Paul: You picked out what Dylan wore when he went undercover.

Christine: Uh, well, the -- the feds did that. I was more of a liaison.

Paul: Okay, but you saw what he was wearing, right?

Christine: Yes.

Paul: Describe it.

Christine: Nothing out of the ordinary. Jeans, shirt. I'm not really sure what you're asking.

Paul: Was he wearing any jewelry? Did -- did he have a bracelet?

Christine: Yes.

Paul: Do you remember what it looked like?

Christine: It was black. Uh, something a biker would wear.

Paul: Any other details?

Christine: Yeah, it -- it had a gold eagle charm on it.

Paul: All right, Chris. I'm holding it in my hand. They just handed it to me. They found it by the door of the warehouse. It means that Dylan was here.

Christine: Paul?

Paul: Something must have happened to him, Chris.

[Door closes]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: I am so proud of you.

Lily: There is just one little problem.

Billy: Like a guy who doesn't want his wife to succeed?

Cane: I'm not like that, and you know that. You blindsided me, and you did deliberately.

Paul: I'll just catch the first plane I can.

Christine: Just be careful. Fisk's people are still out there.

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