Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/24/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/24/17


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Cane: You really hate carbs, don't you?

Lily: What? Oh. [Sighs] Uh, yeah. I guess I'm taking my anger out on the bread. This is for Hilary. And this is for my dad.

Cane: Okay, I know what Hilary did, but what did your dad do?

Lily: Couldn't keep his mouth shut. That's what he did.

Cane: About?

Lily: Devon remembers everything that happened the night of new year's eve.

Cane: Wait. Just stop for a second. You're -- you're talking about what Hilary did to Mariah and the fact they had a fight here at the benefit?

Lily: Yes, the accident, everything. And he was finally ready to kick Hilary to the curb. And my dad has to come in and urge him to not make a decision. Can you believe that?

Cane: Well, I don't know. Maybe your dad thought he was doing Devon a favor or something.

Lily: No, he needs to realize the more time Devon takes to make a decision, the more time Hilary has to put her claws back into him.

Cane: Hmm. There you go.

Lily: Thank you.

Hilary: You don't deserve somebody like me in your life. So whatever I have to do to erase all of those bad memories, whatever I have to do to erase me from your life, I'll leave today, and I won't contest the divorce. Just tell me what you want me to do, Devon, and I'll do it, okay? You want me to leave? Because I will. And we don't have to talk if you don't want to.

Devon: You really think after everything that's gone down, you can still play me, don't you?

Victoria: I'm gonna be working late tonight, so Hannah's be babysitting. Reed. Are you listening to me? Hello! Please put that thing down and look me in the eyes!

Reed: Leftovers in the fridge, uh, you're working late, Hannah's babysitting. Did I miss anything?

Victoria: Homework.

Reed: I'll finish it. I will!

Victoria: Okay, thank you.

Reed: I still don't totally get why Hannah's here, anyway. I mean, you can always just pay me to watch Johnny and Katie.

Victoria: Hannah's job is to watch out for the kids. Yours is to go to school, something you haven't been following through with recently.

Reed: Okay, I missed a couple classes. Who cares? I mean, everyone skips.

Victoria: You were supposed to be somewhere, and you weren't, okay? What if there had been an emergency or something?

Reed: How many times do you want me to say I'm sorry?

Victoria: I want you to show me you're sorry by doing the right thing and learning from your mistakes.

Reed: How could I show you if you won't even let me babysit for a couple hours?

Victoria: Reed.

Reed: Whatever.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Jill: That one.

Billy: Agree.

Jill: Not that one.

Billy: Disagree. Look at the lighting.

Jill: Yeah, exactly. So dark you can't even see the product.

Billy: Agree to disagree.

Jill: Well, I'll tell you one thing we can agree on. Lily looks fantastic.

Billy: Yeah, she does. How's her contract coming, by the way? Victoria wants to start pushing for some social media spots ASAP.

Jill: Except for a few minor details.

Billy: What details?

Jill: All of them.

Billy: Mom, this product launches in three weeks. She is our new spokesperson. We don't have her under contract? Do I have to remind you what we have riding on this?

Jill: No, darling, I do understand. I just want to run it by Cane to make sure there's no issues.

Billy: Okay, Cane's gonna be married to a supermodel, all right? I don't see him having a problem with this.

Jill: I do not want to put a strain on their marriage.

Billy: Ah, right. 'Cause at brash & sassy, we're all about bringing couples together, not tearing them apart. That is your mission statement, isn't it?

Jill: That's not amusing, Billy.

Billy: Look, their relationship is rock solid, okay? Our financial outlook will not be if this body spray doesn't take off. So I will call legal and handle it myself.

[Cell phone chimes]

Billy: [Chuckles]

Jill: What are you laughing at?

Billy: Reed. "Judge mom drops the hammer. Gavel emoji, jail cell emoji, hammer emoji."

Jill: [Chuckling] Wow. Victoria blew a gasket when she found out that Reed wanted you to help him with his paper. What's she gonna do now that she knows he's texting you about her?

Billy: Don't go there, all right? She is doing the best that she can. Reed showed up at her doorstep, and he's being a typical teenager, hating everyone and hating everything. She is a fantastic mother who actually cares and is involved in her kids' upbringing.

Jill: Wow. Unlike me. You want to tell me one more time what a rotten mother I was, Billy?

Billy: What? [Sighs] You have the concentration of a lion hunting its prey.

Jill: [Chuckles] And the parental instincts of a harp seal, huh? You know about the harp seal? She gives birth, she feeds her young for 12 days, and then she abandons them to go look for another mate. Nature channel.

Billy: I don't think of you that way.

Jill: Well, nobody could blame you if you did, darling. I know I wasn't as attentive a mother as I could have been. But, boy, if you think that means you weren't wanted, you would be so wrong. I really, really wanted you, honey. I think I wanted to make up for the mistakes I made with Phillip, you know, but... well, your dad -- john just thought he was too old. He had three grown children. He didn't think he had the stamina to raise another one. But I didn't let that stop me. Basically I tricked him into getting me pregnant.

Billy: I didn't know that.

Jill: Well, it's not exactly the kind of story you tell your kid at bedtime, is it? I think there's a part of me that's blamed john all these years for our disjointed relationship, you know, 'cause he moved you off to new York. He put -- he put all that distance between us. The ugly truth is, though, that even when you came home, I wasn't there for you very much. You know, I liked being a mother. I just -- I don't think I ever made it a priority. I-I would look at other women and how present they were in their children's lives, and I would think, "What is wrong with you?" [Scoffs]

Billy: I wasn't exactly easy on you.

Jill: No, darling, you weren't, but the truth is, there was just something missing in me. It was missing with Phillip. It was missing with you. But here's the good news. It skipped a generation, because you are a wonderful father. And I would think that Victoria would be thrilled that you want to be a strong male presence in Reed's life.

Billy: Yeah, she just wants to make sure there's boundaries, you know? Which I understand.

Jill: Well, yeah. I mean, given your track record, [Chuckling] She has a point there, doesn't she?

Billy: Wait, didn't you just say that I was a good father?

Jill: Yes, darling, and I did mean it. But, you know, visions of Billy Abbott, teenage hellion, just came rushing back at me. [Laughs] These are not the stories that an impressionable young man should be subjected to. I think he might be able to have a better role model than you.

Billy: Gee, thank you for that.

Jill: But the truth is, he could do a hell of a lot worse. Considering everything, you've turned out pretty damn good.

Billy: That's funny. I was gonna say the same thing about you.

Cane: I think I'm going to have the chicken carbonara. And...your dad has a point.

Lily: Are you serious?

Cane: About the chicken? Sweetheart, your brother's dealing with the fact he almost died in that accident. That is a lot for anybody to process.

Lily: They wouldn't have released him from the hospital if he wasn't strong enough physically and mentally.

Cane: And the doctors told us how upsetting it's gonna be for Devon if he finds out the truth, so your dad probably just made a decision that considering what's going on, it is not the right time for Devon to make life-altering choices.

Lily: Well, now that he knows the truth, there's no reason for him to keep Hilary in his life any longer than he has to.

Cane: Really? 'Cause, you see, I can think of about 2.4 billion and 1 reasons that he's doing this.

Lily: Oh, and one?

Cane: He doesn't have a prenup with this woman.

Lily: Look, I'm the one who made the argument before that he should wait to divorce her.

Cane: Right.

Lily: But this time it's different. He could have died because of her. She is toxic. He needs to get her out of his life as soon as possible.

Cane: Okay, but she's all about the status that comes with being Mrs. Devon Hamilton. That comes with a lot of perks, all right? And she's not gonna give up with at least half of his assets, if not all of them. What are you talking about?

Lily: Then you know what? He can hire an army of lawyers to make sure that she doesn't see a cent.

Cane: Okay. And she's gonna hire an army of lawyers to keep him in court for years.

Lily: Fine, then give her -- give her a big settlement. Make her go away. It'll be a small price to pay for his freedom.

Devon: You're still here?

Hilary: Uh, yeah. I wasn't sure. You didn't -- you didn't tell me to go, so I...thought maybe I could answer your question.

Devon: Did I give you enough time to come up with a lie to tell me? 'Cause I can get some more water.

Hilary: Devon, I understand why you're skeptical, okay? I lied. I've lied a lot. But I'm telling the truth this time. I am.

Devon: I've seen that "plead for forgiveness" look in your eyes before, and I'll bet you anything you're gonna start crying next, then making a bunch of promises that you never intend to keep.

Hilary: Not this time, Devon.

Devon: No?

Hilary: No. I want to do right by you.

Devon: Well, to do that, you have to give up everything.

Hilary: Okay.

Devon: You're gonna give up everything?

Hilary: If that's what's gonna bring you peace, yeah, absolutely.

Devon: Oh, please. I give that all of half a day before you start sniffing around, hoping that I change my mind. And then if that doesn't work, you'll probably do what you threatened before and take me to court to get as much as you can out of me.

Hilary: Devon --

Devon: So let's skip that. And I'll tell you what. I will make a generous deposit into your account today. And then... I don't want to see you again. We'll both get what we want. You'll be set for life. And you'll be out of mine.

Hilary: No.

Devon: That's not enough money? [Laughs]

Hilary: Devon, you're not understanding what I'm trying to --

Devon: No, I do understand. I do understand. You just never cease to amaze me. I mean, so much for giving up everything to make me happy.

Hilary: I don't want your money. Any of it.

Devon: What are you doing?

Hilary: Well, telling you hasn't worked, so I'm gonna show you. Credit cards -- one, two, three. Oh, and this was an anniversary gift.

Devon: Hilary.

Hilary: Valentine's day present. Oh, this was just because. And this dress. I saw it at fashion week. I had to have it, so you -- you bought it for me, so...

Devon: Hilary, that's enough. Stop it, okay? I get your point.

Hilary: I just want you to be happy, Devon.

Devon: And why now? Why are you so willing to give up everything this time?

Hilary: Because loving me can kill you. You ran as far and as fast as you could to get away from me, and you ended up in the hospital, all because I lied. And come on, we both know I'm gonna do it again, [Voice breaking] Because that's who I am. That's what I do. I don't want you to be collateral damage, so I am walking away. And I'm not holding on, because you -- you deserve someone great. You deserve someone who could truly make you happy.

Devon: Yeah, you're right. I do. You know what else you're right about? That you're not gonna change. Not for me, not for this relationship, or for love, 'cause you are who you are. And you know something? That night on new year's eve when I stormed off, I said that you are my weakness. And that is something I haven't been able to change. And I hate myself for it.

[Computer keys clacking]

Hannah: Need help with your homework?

Reed: Nope. And, uh, nothing personal, Hannah, but I don't need a babysitter.

Hannah: Your mom asked me to check in with you.

Reed: All right, well, you did. We're good. Shouldn't you be upstairs with Johnny and Katie?

Hannah: Got to get supplies for story and snack time.

Reed: [Sighs deeply] You know, it's pretty hard to concentrate with you just hovering. I'll tell mom you did your job, okay? Can you just give me a little space?

Cane: So, I'm thinking this Saturday we should go to Milwaukee and go see the admirals game with the kids, and then Sunday we can hit the kids museum.

Lily: Uh, well, why don't you double-check your schedule before we tell them?

Cane: No need. I'm already clear.

Lily: Yeah, but I don't want to get their hopes up and we have to disappoint them.

Cane: Hey. You and my kids are my priority and your happiness. That's all that matters.

Lily: [Chuckles] Well, not that I'm complaining, but I'm curious.

Cane: About what changed?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, you've been working a lot lately. You haven't had much free time.

Cane: You know, I think Devon's accident made me started thinking that we should treat every day like it could be our last.

Lily: Because things can change so fast.

Cane: Mm-hmm. And don't let the daily grind of work get you down, so...

Lily: No, like leaky toilets and running out of kale and customer complaints.

Cane: Oh, it sounds like there's troubles at the club.

Lily: [Chuckles] No, it's fine.

Cane: Hey. What's the matter?

Lily: Nothing. Really.

Cane: Lily Ashby. Tell me what is the matter. Talk to me.

Lily: I don't know. I guess after I did that photo shoot for brash & sassy, I've just been feeling a little... restless. I just forgot how much fun modeling can be, you know, working with creative people and the clothes and the shoes and the location shoots. Did I mention the clothes and the shoes?

Cane: Hmm. Only twice.

Lily: Yeah, it also brought up a lot of emotions for me, too.

Cane: About your mom?

Lily: Yeah, it was just one of the few shared experiences that we had.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: So, after the shoot, I went home and I went through her portfolio, and I could just imagine what she was feeling and what she was thinking, and it made me feel close to her again. So, even if I don't model again, I'm glad I got to feel that one more time.

[Cell phones chime]

Cane: It's Jill.

Lily: Jill.

Cane: "Need you at the office now," and it's all caps.

Lily: Yeah, she texted me the same thing. What do you think she wants?

Cane: I don't know, but let's not keep her waiting.

Victoria: So we release teaser images across all platforms.

Billy: And in order to see the entire ad before it goes national, you need to sign into the app as a V.I.P.

Victoria: Right.

Cane: Hey, guys.

Jill: [Gasps] Oh, here she is! What do you think?

Lily: [Chuckles] It's...

Jill: It's sensational, isn't it?

Victoria: We love how the campaign turned out.

Billy: You did a wonderful job.

Lily: I'm glad it worked out. I had an amazing time.

Billy: Good. We're glad you feel that way.

Victoria: Yeah, because we'd like to expand your role.

Lily: What? Really?

Jill: Brand ambassador of the whole men's line. You're gonna be the face of brash & sassy.

Lily: Well, I-I don't know what to say.

Victoria: So say yes.

Billy: And soon, please, 'cause we're on a deadline.

Lily: I-I mean -- yes! [Laughing] Yes! Well, we have to discuss it first. Sorry.

Cane: No, it's your decision.

Lily: Oh, okay. Then yes!

Jill: Wonderful! Wonderful! Yes!

Billy: Lily, your face is gonna put this campaign on the map.

Victoria: Yes, congratulations.

Billy: I have a contract for you to review if you have a second.

Victoria: Yeah, we'll give you an overview of the campaign and answer any questions you might have, so...

Lily: Oh, you weren't kidding about moving right away.

Victoria: Oh, it's too much, too soon?

Lily: No, not at all. No.

Billy: Please. Step into my office.

Jill: You know, sweetie, Lily's excitement is contagious, but you don't seem very thrilled.

Cane: No, I'm happy for her.

Jill: There's still time for you to discuss this with her.

Cane: No, no need. She's made her choice, you know, and I...I support her 100%.

Billy: It's a standard contract, terms of agreement, compensation, mortality clause. Yes, I understand how ironic it is that I'm the one to point that out.

Lily: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Hello? Hi, Hannah.

Hannah: I'm sorry, miss Newman, but I need to leave. Family emergency.

Billy: Is it Johnny and Katie? Are they all right?

Victoria: It's okay. Uh, I'm sorry to hear that. Is everyone okay, I hope? Um, put -- put Reed on the phone, please.

Reed: Yeah?

Victoria: Hi, honey. Um, would you be okay watching your brother and sister until I get home?

Reed: Yeah, it's fine, mom.

Victoria: All right, I'll be home as soon as I can. I just have a few issues that I need to deal with here.

Reed: Take your time. We'll be fine.

Victoria: Thank you, honey. I love you.

Reed: Same.

Devon: I see a fool in this picture... who just gave and gave and gave, and it was never enough. And everybody around me knew the truth. They could see it, that, to you, I was just a means to an end. It was always about money and power and fame, and you did horrible things to try and achieve that. And I really can't help but think if you would have just devoted a little bit of that energy into our marriage, we'd probably be in a much better place right now.

Hilary: Devon, you know what? You need to rest. I'll -- I'll go. I'll -- I'll come back when you're not here to get my things.

Devon: No, no, no, no. You need to get your stuff right now, and I'll leave.

Hilary: Devon, just stay, okay? You shouldn't overdo it.

Devon: It shouldn't take you very long since you don't want anything, right?

[Door opens, keys jingle]

Hilary: [Sobbing]

Zoey: You sure this is cool?

Reed: Yeah, no, my mom won't be here for a while, and, um, my brother and sister are upstairs with junk food and vids, so they won't be bothering us. Um, do you want a drink or something?

Zoey: Oh, no, I'm good.

Reed: Uh, want to watch some TV?

Zoey: 'Kay.

[TV plays]

Reed: Um, hey, you like twenty one pilots, right? There's this one article, um... right here.

Jill: All right, so Billy has sent the photos we chose to graphics.

Cane: You mean the photos that you two chose.

Jill: Yes, Cane. What is it, darling?

Cane: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Lily: So, it's official. [Laughs]

Jill: Excellent.

Lily: [Chuckles] Aww. Let's celebrate.

Cane: I'm proud. I'm happy for you.

Lily: Thank you. Jill, do you want to join us?

Jill: Uh, no, no, no, no. You two go on. I've got a meeting.

Lily: Well, we can wait till after you're done.

Jill: No, you two enjoy this moment, okay? I am so glad to have you on board.

Lily: Aww. Thank you. [Chuckles]

Jill: And you I will see later.

Cane: Sure.

Lily: [Chuckles] Bye.

Jill: Bye.

Lily: So, how should we celebrate? Should we get drinks? Should we go dancing? Maybe a suite for the night, hmm?

Cane: Whatever you want, sweetie. You know what? Actually I have some work I have to do here first, so...

Lily: Um, okay. Should I hang out here or...?

Cane: Whatever you want, honey. Whatever makes you happy.

Lily: Cane, are you sure that you're okay? 'Cause I'm getting the feeling that you're not happy about me modeling again.

Chelsea: Hey, neighbor. Is everything all right?

Hilary: Hey, Chelsea. Um, I'm sorry about the boxes in the hallway. Somebody's gonna come and take them away really soon.

Chelsea: You're moving out already? Huh. I hope it's not my fault. I know I tend to sing really loud, but I didn't think that anybody could hear me. Did -- did something happen to Devon?

Hilary: Yeah. Me.

Chelsea: Hilary, couples have trouble all the time. I'm sure it can be fixed.

Hilary: Yeah, well, not this time. The wounds are too deep. Scars are permanent.

Jill: Well, well, well. It's good to see you out and about. You're looking well.

Devon: Thank you, Jill.

Jill: I take it this is not a celebration, huh?

Devon: No, it's actually a, uh, more like a funeral for my marriage. All that's left is to shovel the dirt on top of the grave.

Jill: Oh, sweetie. I would offer you my condolences, but the truth is, I really never liked your wife.

Devon: [Chuckles] I do appreciate your honesty, Jill.

Jill: But I am sorry that you have to deal with the aftermath.

Devon: I'm trying not to. That's why I'm here. She's back at home packing and won't be there when I get back.

Jill: Good. Smart way to handle it.

Devon: To be honest, not even the breakup is the worst part. It's the realizing how we got to this place and the person that I've become in the process. Can't help think about how disappointed Katherine would be. She left me most of her money, and all I've done is try and spend it on keeping someone that she'd never approve of.

Jill: Yeah, what I wouldn't give to see a faceoff between Katherine and Hilary. I'm sorry.

Devon: I'm just really glad that she's not here to see how irresponsible and reckless I've become.

Jill: Are you talking about the accident, honey?

Devon: I sure am. I spent an absurd amount of money on a car that I don't need and wreck it in the same night. And if somebody else had been on the road, I could have killed them, being stupid. What do you think Katherine would say about something like that?

Jill: I think she would have said you made a mistake. And I don't think she would have judged you, because trust me, Katherine chancellor was no saint. That old fossil made plenty of mistakes of her own.

Jill: Devon, you can't spend your life worrying about what Katherine would think of you, honey. And she certainly wouldn't want you comparing yourself to her. Things are gonna go wrong. You're gonna mess up. She did. Hmm. And most of the time, it was thanks to this.

Jill: And you do realize that there's a difference between getting sober and staying sober?

Kay: I am aware of that! Yes, yes, yes!

Jill: Good luck, Katherine. Godspeed.

Kay: I'm not doing this for you, you know, or anybody else. I'm doing it for me. Katherine chancellor.

Jill: Look, your world is upside down right now. But here's the good news. You have Katherine's blood in you. And that means that you're a fighter. It also means you're a survivor. And let's not forget what she used to say. She used to say that how a person deals with adversity is the measure of that person. So you take those words to heart.

Chelsea: I've been in your shoes before, Hilary. Adam and I, we had ups and downs in our marriage. Some I thought were insurmountable. But we always found our way back to one another.

Hilary: I want Devon to be happy. And it's pretty clear that that can't happen if he's with me.

Chelsea: Devon loves you. And you love him. Obviously you wouldn't be this upset if you didn't love him.

Hilary: Every single problem in our marriage is because of me. I've manipulated, I've lied, I've schemed my way back into his heart time and time again, and I don't want to do that anymore. [Sighs] He... he's given me so much. And not just possessions. He believed in me. I've never had that before. But now it's gone, because he's never gonna trust me again, so, um... I'm sorry, but I need to finish packing before he gets back, so...

Chelsea: Okay, um, if you need any help...

Hilary: No, no, it's okay. I need time to think. You know, what I'm gonna do next, where I'm gonna go.

Chelsea: I know. The uncertainties, they can be daunting. I had a -- I had a perfect vision for my family's future, and then...Adam died. And it was all just...gone.

Hilary: How did you cope?

Chelsea: You know, I'm still coping. You know, you just have to look forward. Step by step, piece by piece. You have to face every challenge one at a time, because if you take a step back and look at the full, big picture, it can be paralyzing. And I can't do that because I have a son to take care of and I need to be strong for Connor. You know, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm not saying this to upset you.

Hilary: Oh, no, it's -- it's... [Chuckles] Before everything came crashing down, Devon said that he wanted to have a baby. [Voice breaking] And it was a shock because I wanted to have one, too. Having a baby with a man that you love can only make your bond stronger, so I didn't have to think twice. It was one of the few times that I was actually telling the truth. And, you know, for a brief moment there, I...actually thought that I could have it all. Perfect husband, career, a happy family.

Lily: Look, I-I said yes before I had a chance to talk to you about it, and that was wrong. We didn't even discuss how it's gonna change our lives or affect Mattie and Charlie, so I understand why you're upset with me.

Cane: I'm not upset with you for taking this job. I'm not. I really do have some work I have to do, so it's okay, you know.

Lily: Are you sure?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure. I'm just kind of irritated I got left out in the, uh, decision-making process again.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: I know how much this job means to you. I do. And you're gonna be great. You'll be great for this brand, you know, and, um... look at you. Look how beautiful you are. You know that? You're a natural at this. And the world -- the world should see you.

Lily: But?

Cane: Okay, all right. There is -- there's something that's kind of bugging me.

Lily: What is it?

Cane: I don't know if I want to share you with the world. There you go.

Lily: Oh, Cane. I was gonna rip up my contract for you.

Cane: Well, see, this is a very legitimate concern.

Lily: [Chuckles] Well, anything I can do to ease your mind?

Cane: Hmm. Let me think.

Lily: What about this?

Cane: See, this is a very good start. Oh, and I'm definitely starting to come around. My mind's at ease now.

Lily: Well, I'll let you get to work, then.

Cane: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[Both chuckle]

Cane: Work can wait. We need to go and celebrate your new job. That's what we need to do.

Lily: Hmm.

Cane: Hmm?

Lily: Well, it looks like everyone is gone for the day. We could celebrate right now. What do you think?

Cane: I think it's a very good idea.

Lily: [Chuckles]

[Door opens]

Victoria: Reed! What is going on?

Reed: Nothing. Uh...

Victoria: You're supposed to be babysitting your brother and sister, not...that. I didn't give you permission to have a friend over.

Reed: You didn't not give me permission.

Victoria: Stop it right now. This is totally unacceptable.

Billy: Hey, maybe we should just take a breath here.

Reed: Mom, just calm down.

Victoria: No, you just stop with the attitude!

Reed: Johnny and Katie are fine! I mean, I didn't do anything wrong.

Billy: Come on, Vick, not in front of...

Victoria: Who's your friend here, huh?

Reed: Zoey.

Victoria: Oh, hi, Zoey. I'm Reed's mom.

Zoey: Uh, nice to meet you.

Victoria: Yeah, nice to meet you. I guess I should call your parents and have them come pick you up? Do they know where you are and what you're doing?

Reed: Oh, God, you are the worst.

Devon: You know something, Jill? My whole life has been a whole pile of lies. Start with my mom lying about being able to take care of me. I ended up in foster care. My wife Hilary lied when she said her vows. She never loved or honored me. Hell, Katherine even lied when she kept the truth about my biological father from me. Fast-forward a couple years, and I inherit most of her fortune. And I'll tell you, sometimes I wish I hadn't 'cause it's not like I earned it.

Jill: Well, she wanted to give it to you. She must have had her reasons.

Devon: If she'd just left me her vinyl collection like I had hoped for, life would be two billion times easier.

Jill: I don't think she believed in making any of our lives easier. That's why she didn't leave you instructions on how to deal with your newfound wealth.

Devon: Yeah.

Jill: But I'll tell you one thing.

Devon: What's that?

Jill: I think she had faith in you. I think she knew that you would figure it out.

Devon: Maybe one day I will.

Hilary: So I am all alone, no family, no place to live, and I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna be out of a job real soon.

Chelsea: Listen, I know right now it feels like it's the end of the world, but I've learned that even after the hardest, most painful loss, good things can happen again. Once the shock wears off and, you know, you feel all the hurt, you realize that you still have yourself. You realize there are possibilities that you never even considered. So starting over and reinventing yourself can sometimes be a blessing.

Reed: Sorry. I'll see you later.

Zoey: See you around, then. Good luck.

Victoria: Unh-unh.

Billy: Hey, Vick, just let him go.

Victoria: Come back here.

Reed: What?

Victoria: Inviting a girl over here, making out with her is the opposite of being responsible. What if your brother or sister had come downstairs?

Reed: [Scoffs] So what? We're -- we're kissing. It's not like we're having sex in the middle of the living room.

Victoria: Sex?! You're 15!

Reed: That's something you're totally missing. I mean, that's what kids do at my age.

Victoria: No, there's no way you're ready for sex.

Reed: Yes, I am. I mean, Billy told me everything I need to know about it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: What are we drinking to?

Lauren: Your specialty -- backstabbing.

Gloria: Huh.

Sharon: If Dylan is suffering because of something that I did, I would never be able to forgive myself.

Small samples. It's gonna take awhile to get a DNA match.

Paul: I have to find out what happened to my son!

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